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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thamgs for joining us. the real story starts right now. >> bye bye. >> we'll start with this fox news alert. brand new polls out of the state of new york as the underdogs ted cruz and bernie sanders pulled off pretty impressive victories over both front runners last night. welcome to the real story. i'm martha. gretchen is off today. ted cruz putting a stop in wisconsin to the trump train. the victory many see as one step closer to a contested convention this summer in cleveland. ed henry following the democratic candidate in pennsylvania. first we go to jeff in wisconsin. jeff, last night was constant
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vote trance late into a change in momentum in all of this for ted cruz? >> well, it's a win he had to have but i don't know it means much going forward. you only look at that poll you just mentioned released within the last hour. take a look at the numbers. donald trump over 50% in his home state of new york and ted cruz as the very bottom. very different electorate in wisconsin. they got behind cruz here not because they like him but because they say anybody but trump. >> fascinating battle between the talk radio folks and the talks in wisconsin. when you look at new york, does it look like anybody else has a shot at picking up the congressional districts because you have to get over 50% to get either one of them, right. >> that's right. some people could tick things off. john kasich looks like he has
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that possibility. if you're talking about a general election, who would stick with donald trump if he were the nominee verses who would stick with john kasich. fully a quarter if donald trump was the nominee would not vote for him. it's 12% that would vote for a third party candidate if there was one. almost 10% would switch and vote for hillary clinton and abunch would say to heck with it, i'm not going to vote. if john kasich were the vote on the other hand, 80% would stick with him. >> good to see you, jeff, in wisconsin. i want to take you to a wlooliv event as we keep tabs on them and see what they're up to. here's senator cruz in new york. >> i'm so encouraged after what was a terrific victory yesterday in wisconsin. it was a turning point, i believe, in this entire
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election. it come by nated four states in a row in the last two weeks where we've beaten donald trump over and over and over again. just three weeks ago in wisconsin we were behind 10 points. the need i can't was saying we couldn't win wisconsin. wisconsin was a perfect state we were told for donald trump to win. if you look at the election results last night, we won across the state. we won women, men, young people, we won every income group. what we saw is wesaw republicans come together and unite. stand united and that's really what this election is all about. it's about unity. if we come together, we're going to win. if we remain divided we would not and i could not be more encouraged and for the first question i'll turn to the birthday girl. happy birthday. >> thank you. donald trump reacting to the results in wisconsin last night called you a trojan horse being
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used by the party bosses. >> donald can always be counted on to take the high road and demonstrate class. if he wants to engage in insults, he's welcome to do so. he gets very angry when the voters reject him. he has now last in four states in a row. he lost a land slide election in utah. he lost all six delegates that were elected in colorado. he lost badly in north dakota and yesterday in wisconsin, a state that he bragged the day before. the day before yesterday donald trump promised a quote big victory in wisconsin. not only did he not get a big victory but the men and women of wisconsin resoundingly rejected his campaign and the reason is simple. donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing. he likes to yell and scream and insult and curse.
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in his statement last night was consistent with that. he has no real solutions bringing jobs back to america. my top priority is bringing jobs back and expanding economic opportunity. people in small businesses, you know, today for the first time since they've been keeping track of the data, more small businesses go out of business than are formed. two-thirds of all new jobs come from small businesses. when my dad came from cuba in 1957, he was just 18-years-old. he was pen aniless and had a hundred dollars in his underwear and got a job washing dishes making $0.50 an hour. why did he wash dishes? he couldn't speak english. you didn't have to speak english to take a dish and put it under hot water and scrub it. it's the people struggling that's been hurt so badly. those are the people i'm fighting for and the reason
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donald lost so resoundingly in wisconsin is he has no solutions, no answers for bringing jobs back and raising wages and we are running a campaign based on a positive optimistic forward looking conservative agenda to bring jobs and opportunity back to america. [ inaudible ] >> look, our community, the hispanic community, i have the problem of the second generation immigrant. learned spanish same time i did english. when i was a little kid, to be honest, what i really spoke at home was spanguish.
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as you know in our community, that's true with everyone and our kids. i heard the question. i understood the question and i will say listen, in the hispanic community, we have shared values in our community. the values that resinate in our communi community are fate, family, patriotism and a lot of people don't know the rate of military enlistment is higher than any demographic in this country and i think the most powerful value in the hispanic community is the american dream. we're a community who we're filled with optimism. when my dad came to america from cuba, when he couldn't speak english and was washing dishes, he was filled with hopes and dreams for the future for his kids, for his grand kids and my message to hispanic community is the very same as my message is to every community which is we can get back t community.
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america has enjoyed it for centuries. we can get back to the nation we've been where everybody can start with nothing and achieve everything. the hispanic community has been hurt and hurt horribly by the failed obama economy. i realize they try to portray any democrat as a champion of the hispanic community. seems to me people ought to ask why is it under barack obama the rich have gotten richer. the top 1% in this country earn a greater share of our income since 1928. those with money and power have gotten fat and happy under the obama administration. i'll tell you something i say often which is an unusual thing to hear a republican say. i agree with bernie sanders. in wisconsin just the other day, i visited with a young lady that was a bernie sanders supporter.
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i said i agree with bernie. washington is corrupted and bthy help the rich and powerful, i agree with that. but the question i ask her is i said listen, where i disagree with bernie is on a solution. if the problem is that washington is corrupt and government is corrupt, why would you want more government? why would you want to expand government's power. what i want to do is take the message back. my message is we can have gra greater opportunity and have higher wages by taking the burdens off of small businesses and i'll give you one other message that's kricritically important and that's school choice. that's the civil rights issue of the 21st century. because they are in hock to the union bosses and the teacher's yu unions, they fight against school choice at every turn and
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yet in the hispanic community and african american community, there are generations of kids trapped. education is the gateway to the american dream and i believe every child in america has a right to have access to a quality education and has a right to learn and to develop and education is how you achieve the american dream and as president, i'll be the first president we've ever had who fights for school choice for every child regardless of race or ethnicity or wealth or zip code every child has a right to quality of education. >> last question. >> new polling shows you're dead last here in new york. two and a half months ago you railed against new york values. how do you expect to do well in this state? >> the interesting thing about polling is it can change and change quickly. three weeks ago in wisconsin we were 10 points down. we just won a land slide victory winning by 13 points sweeping the state. here in the state of new york,
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you know, when i talked about new york values, it was interesting. just a minute ago i was meeting with a significant number of hispanic pastors of african american pastors here in the bronx and one of those pastors, senator reuben diaz who hosted gatherings said i know exactly what you mean by new york values, we fight them every day in our community. they're the values that led, for example, mayor bill deblos owe. because he is captive to the union bosses who control him so one of his first actions was to try to throw african american hispanic kids out of school. those are the values. it's the values of the liberal democratic politicians that have been hammering the people of new york for a long time. they have been suffering.
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>> let's speak clear. the people of new york know what the values are. they're the values of liberal democratic politicians like andrew, anthony weiner and elliott spitser, all of whom donald trump has supported given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are follow donald trump's checkbook. he's been funding these policies. for people in western new york who would like to have jobs, they are still there. in pennsylvania we're seeing jobs, we're seeing economic opportunity because they're developing those. liberal democratic politicians won't allow new yorkers to develop those resources. apparently, they don't think new yorkers won jobs. donald trump has been funding those liberal democratic
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politicians. let me give you one more example of the values of the liberal democrats that's been so hurting to new york. the actions of people like major bill deblash owe in whoever time there's a confrontation between criminals and police officers, the liberal democrat side with the criminals and lewders and rioters rather than the police officers, i'll tell you the moment when the brave women and men of the n.y.p.d. stood up and turned their backs on deblash owe. i cheered for those new york cops. that spoke to the entire country that when you have politicians that will not stand with police officers and firefighters and first responders and for that matter soldiers and sailers and airmen and marines, that's an example of how these liberal politicians forgot who we are. i'll tell you as president i'll always stand with the police officers and the firefighters and the first responders and everyone who risks their lives to keep us safe and those values
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are american values. they are the values of the people of new york who are frustrated with liberal democratic politicians who keep hammering the people of this great state. >> there you have it. ted cruz speaking in the bronx today and he talked about new york values. an issue that worked well for him in iowa when he tried to label donald trump with new york values. now he's got to handle that a little bit differently when he speaks to the crowd in the bronx. we saw some different things in that conference. chris, it was interesting. at the beginning of the part we dipped in, he was asked a question in spanish and i'm sure that's happened before in the campaign trail. i haven't seen him handle it live like we just saw and
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obviously, big hispanic population in new york city. i remember a while back marco rubio accusing him of not being very baffled with the spanish language on the debate stage. what did you make of how he handled that? >> i suspect he didn't want to have the sound bites in spanish, perhaps he knew he was carried lye a live and wanted to give the answer in english. that's one possibility. secondly, a second possibility, maybe his spanish isn't as good. he said it was good. he grew up speaking spanish and i believe that to be the case. he wasn't eager to answer the question in spanish, though, which might have been a good idea because of the large spanish population in the area. >> in new york, it might have been a good idea to answer it in very fluent spanish.
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he basically said he doesn't speak spanish that well. he said he grew up listening to it and understood the question. any impact from that? >> i think he tried it very carefully. he wants to conveniently use his hispanic background when it works and others to distance themselves from that because he weighs into difficult topics like immigration reform and other things that don't play as friendly and his viewpoints. yes, he's trying to pander to an audience that's going to be right now be a tough one for him. the question, you're last in the polls, how are you going to recon this and speak to what new york values are and how to define those as progressive values. it was interesting to watch him. my favorite line is i agree with bernie sanders. we'll see how that plays. i didn't think i would hear that. >> i thought he hit on some strong points when he talked about new york values and mayor de blasio and charter schools which mayor deblash owe fought again
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against. he handled that fairly well. i want to take a look at some of these new polls. among new york g.o.p. primary voters, john kasich holds on to his voter, 81%. 3% of them if he were to go up against hillary clinton would migrate to her. then you got to 4% and 4% who say they would not vote. let's take a look at the next one. trump in the same scenario. 70% he would hold on to his vote if he were the candidate. 9% migration to hillary clinton as you can see there. let's take a look at the same situation for ted cruz. 66% if he were the nominee. 66% of the voters pick clinton over cruz and then you see those
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who would not vote and stay dependent in that scenario. let me go back to you. your thoughts on those numbers. >> a couple of them seem fishy to me. >> i think at this stage when people are being polled they are given answers. i think when the party settles on a candidate then donald trump's supporters are very loyal. i'm surprised by the kasich numbers and the loyalty express by those voters. it may be because it's a smaller sampling group because his support is limited. that's part of it too. honestly, a lot of these polls are going to shake out overtime and after the convention is when the parties settle on a candidate. i think a lot of this will sort itself out. >> what did you make of the
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numbers? >> actually they speak to the g.o.p. base in new york. that's what they're talking about. in the g.o.p. setting, if this was a candidate what would their chance be against hillary clinton. in those cases new york republicans are more moderate. that's where you would draw on the kasich voters. new yorkers are comfortable with clinton. she's been a state senator and had a long history in new york. she'll be a powerful opponent to the g.o.p. front runner in new york. >> isn't it fascinating to see these folks in different states and see how they do the dance of the place they are. it's natural to try to do that as a politician but it's really interesting to see ted cruz. >> i'm waiting for the new york accent. >> oh look, the democratic party is similarly fractured though. they have all kinds of problems with bernie camp and the hillary camp and will the bernie people some over and support hillary if
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the perception is the party stole it with the super delegates and gave it to hillary and bernie deserved more? there's a great schism taking place there too. >> bernie sanders has no problem with the new york accent. neither does donald trump. hillary clinton who was a senator for new york might have the toughest time. we'll see how that goes. good to see you both. thank you. >> thank you. >> a list of possible pennsylvania delegates. these are the people everybody's going to be courting, right. they want to pull these folks to their side. a whole list of them posted online including their names and contact information. why? we will explain how they could hold the key to this g.o.p. nomination plus there is this. a chilling encounter unfolding on this police officer's body camera. look at this guy. coming towards him but will he face charges for shooting a man
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. so as the republican race moves closer to the possibility of a contested convention, delegates from pennsylvania are shaping up to be a very powerful voting block and they could even decide the g.o.p. nomination because there's so many of them. here's how. the keystone state gets 71 delegates but only 17 of them have to be handed to the winner of the state primary which is going to happen on april 26th in a couple of weeks. the 54 remaining delegates will be elected separately. they are unbound.
11:25 am
they can throw support behind whomever they like on the first ballot in july. it's the largest block of delegates that are not tied to a candidate that are up for grabs. now, a list of 162 possible delegates has been posted online including their names and contact information and in some cases who they're supporting. joining me now is the man with the list, phil, president of american commitment. phil, welcome. good to have you here today. >> good to be here, martha. >> we're all getting a civics lesson even those of us who have covered several presidential elections because it's not been an issue in the past. explain to me why it's important to publish the names of these people who could be the ones everybody's trying to sway. >> this is public information. all these people have filed their candidacies publicly with the pennsylvania secretary of state. this information on who they're supporting for the most part i got from public source us.
11:26 am
a lot of it came from a survey with the pittsburgh tribune. all of them also went through a number of media accounts. we've enhanced it with some original research some sent in as well. this information is absolutely usual for the reason you said in the introduction. these people could decide who the next republican nominee is. they're going to go into cleveland unbound and their intentions really ought to be known to voters before they go into the voting booth and the way the ballot appears it's just a name. unless they have another source of information they won't know who tends to vote for whom. >> these are the people, obviously, the campaigns are familiar with the names on this list and they've probably been working them. they're the ones who will be potentially wined and dined and pleased to talk with me. we want to introduce you to our candidate. how does it look the group leans now? >> six of them have already won.
11:27 am
first district of pennsylvania and three unopposed 14th district in pennsylvania which is pittsburgh city. three running unaposed. we know the pittsburgh three that have one are marco rubio loyalist. one of them said he's leaning kasich. he may pick up one delegate from pennsylvania. you back up with the competitive races and other districts. we've identified 22 candidates who say they support cruz. 19 support trump. that's a similar number. there's 70 candidates who say they'll go with whoever gets the most votes in their district and a lot of those are local elected officials who don't want to choose sides. i can tell you a lot of con tich wants are skeptical of that promise and these people would go with trump or cruz. so some of them are saying they'll only support people who publicly state it. >> so there's 162 on your list. in the end there will be 71 of
11:28 am
them. pennsylvania is a typical, you say, in terms of how many loose up for grab delegates there are speaking to the state's number, right. >> there's no place else like this that has a loophole primary where they elect the delegates separately and they're unbound. the big difference in illinois is they have the candidate name whom they support for president on the ballot right next to the delegate name which makes it easy for you to know who you're voting for. you can get this list on my twitter. if you know any information we're missing i would love to get the power of viewers in pennsylvania. contact these people so they can educate voters. >> what about you? >> do you have a personal leaning? >> i said i'll support whoever the republican nominee is and we'll see who that is. when it came to primary day in d.c. i voted for ted cruz. that's full disclosure.
11:29 am
>> okay. all right. thanks so much. interesting. good to talk with you today. so if no g.o.p. candidate gets the majority of the delegates, do voters want to nominate the candidate who has the most votes when things get to cleveland or do they want people to pick the one who the delegates think are the best choice for the party. that important number from last night is coming up next. plus. this is a tough line of work and what a per spebtive you get of it. a body camera catches the officer's handling of this. >> get down. stay down. stay down. >> research on a perfect car, smash it into a tree. an insurance accompany raises your rates. maybe you should have done more
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bernie sanders victorious over hillary clinton in wisconsin. both candidates focuses on delegate tates in the northeast. the campaign trail today runs through pennsylvania. ed henry is live in pittsburgh today. so ed, sanders has won six in a row. that's got to have the clinton people a little nervous. >> no doubt about it. he has the money, $44 million in march and now momentum. you know the exit polls better than anyone, martha. we watch you on primary night. look at the fox exit polling in wisconsin beyond the headlines. people under 45-years-old.
11:34 am
sanders 73-26. men, sanders almost by 20 points. here's the key one. sanders 50% and clinton 49%. dead heat among women. that's a huge problem. right here in pennsylvania new poll out. it shows that hillary clinton is up. winning by six points. we seen in state after state when it's that tight a couple of weeks out, bernie sanders has been pretty good about closing the deal. bottom line, new york coming up on the 19th. 210 delegates at stake here in pennsylvania. clinton has the delegate lead but sanders has the momentum to make up for some of that in these big states, martha. >> that is so true. things are heating up in new york. it's fascinating candidates are starting to pay a lot more attention to our own backyard
11:35 am
here. clinton jumping on that and then she did a political podcast where she questioned sanders loyalties as a socialist to the democratic party. listen. >> i can't answer that, glen because he's a relatively new democrat and in fact, i'm not even sure he is one. he's running as one. i don't know how to characterize him. >> she is fed up with bernie sanders being still in this race, martha. >> unbelievable. what a story.
11:36 am
ed, thank you very much. more wisconsin exit polls on the g.o.p. side. 60% of voters would be excited or optimistic if ted cruz became president. this goes to the sentiment and enthusiasm behind the candidate. 37% say they would be concerned if the candidate were ted cruz. take a look how that shapes up for donald trump. 41% says yes, i would be excited and optimistic about america. in this scenario 58% said they would been concerned and scared. a lot of emotions out there. joining me now monica crowley. up for grabs, i want to get your decision. she's switching out the guy she's running against is a socialist. >> she thinks that's going to help her by pointing out that distinction. she's not running in bill
11:37 am
clinton's democratic party. she's running in barack obama's democratic party. he's moved that party back to the radical left where somebody like bernie sanders is totally comfortable. that's where the energy and enthusiasm is. >> it's like someone saying he's not emp a republican. >> it's a badge of honor. what's interesting is if you have the two front runners, mrs. clinton and donald trump with negatives in different ways, neither one of them have locked down their base. you have front runners who have not locked up the nomination and quailed to their bases and can rely on them. in neither case is that true. >> fascinating. we got new polls from the
11:38 am
university tracking this is based on the comments donald trump made. people called it the worst couple of weeks in his campaign. they said the comments about abortion and the comments about nuclear weapons, did testify an impact an your vote and new yorkers say not really. 57% say none of the comments have an impact on their vote. they're still with donald trump. about a third say it would make them less likely to vote for him. 7% say it would make them more likely to vote for him. >> this is new york. i'm not sure we can extrapolate to the rest of the country based on what we're seeing among new york republican voters. those numbers tell me the anti establishment pro trump movement in the country is so solid and passion nate you can make the mistakes or say something and it doesn't hurt him much with his
11:39 am
base and support. again, what's interesting is his state of support has stayed the same. when you see a win like ted cruz what's happened is the field has narrowed. trump's support is saying is that even and the others are gaining. donald trump has to figure out a way to broaden his support. >> kasich is in second in the current new york polling so he would be the one who might be able to erode some of donald trump's better than 50% right now and ted cruz is trying to do that as well. he's got over 50% and if he can do that, he has all of 95. we'll see. monica, thank you. good to see you. so an ohio officer will not
11:40 am
face charges for shooting a man who came after him with a knife. watch the live video. >> stay down! stay down! drop the knife! drop the [ bleep ] knife! >> can you imagine? boy, what a tough line of work this is and these body cameras are good enough to look at it like we've not seen before. trace joins us now with more on that. >> hey, martha. this happened in glendale, ohio just outside of kins kins. the police officer sees a man walking along interstate 75 with a backpack. the officer pulls over the help to man, maybe give him a lift. you can hear the officer say i'm going to pat you down for officer safety. he says it again and that's when the suspect pulls out a knife and charges the officer who in turn fires one shot knocking the suspect down but it does not end
11:41 am
there. watch. >> shot fired! shot fired! i shot one. he has a knife. sir, get down! sir, get down! get down! get down! stay down! >> in fact, the suspect with a bullet in his and keeps threatening to stab the officer and keeps begging the officer to kill him. he says kill me more than 40 times. the county prosecutor said the officer showed great restraint and because he was able to keep distance between himself and the man with the knife it gave him more time to negotiate. the incident ended when an officer from a nearby town sh showed up and tazed the man with a knife. this man was wanted for
11:42 am
murdering his room meat in baltimore. police believed he may have killed his roommate with the very same knife he was threatening to stab the officer with. the officer will not be charged. he's being praised. >> that's intense. thank you, trace. we've been telling you donald trump is back in his home state today ahead of the republican primary april 19th. we are live at a rally with a preview of what he might have to say today when we come back.
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11:45 am
shepard smith fresh off his turn around tuesday win in wisconsin. ted cruz in trump territory in new york. opening to a political reporter saying last night was a major turning point for cruz and for the not trump crowd as a whole. but it all comes down to delegates. we'll look closely at where things stand now and how new
11:46 am
york has a big surprise. what do you mean i voted for trump making votes for somebody else? we'll explain what i mean by that coming up on shepard smith reporting. >> so, it is true donald trump is back in new york today after a loss to ted cruz in wisconsin. he's holding a rally today in long island which is where we find fox news' networks connel. what do you see out there? >> well, the authorities certainly have told us, martha, to be ready for protesters that could number into the thousands. they expect 10-12,000 people to attend this event that will be inside the studios out here on long island. it's still early. donald trump don't speak until 7:00 tonight. i'm standing in the middle of the road where beth page meets hicksville on long island. usually a busy intersection.
11:47 am
at this time of day they've closed the intersection down to the main intersection peter is showing you down the line here. the local police tell us they could fit thousands of protesters inside these barricades a couple of hours for now if they have to. they're pretty much ready for anything. local immigrant groups and local progressive groups. a number of union groups have been telling us online they'll be here to protest. as for trump himself, there's a lot of political entry as for the loss in wisconsin last night, trump has been uncharacteristically quiet. no morning tv, just the one tweet saying he's happy to be home. we'll see what he says tonight. we've been told to expect something of a campaign in transition, more serious policy oriented speeches. it looks like that will start another day. this is expected to be a class rancic large trump rally. protesters and all. >> all right. they've worked well in the past
11:48 am
and they're going back to that for the time being. thank you very much. we'll see what develops out there throughout the afternoon if the protest turns into anything. and the university of northern new jersey, sounds legit, right. even as a website. it turns out its actually fake. it costs some real problems if you went there, the feds would like to speak with you when we come back. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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>> how about this one, a federal investigation becoming a matter of national security, when it exposes a problem with a student visa program. the feds nabbing 21 people for
11:52 am
trying to enroll people in an institution that didn't exist. they're charged with scheming to exploit the country's immigration laws. they unlawfully obtained fraudulently visas for people from 26 countries. >> the fact that they did not attend school, the fact that they had no work done that is associated with college work, to me, makes clear their involvement. their goal was to exploit the visa system by entering and remaining in the united states under false pretenses. >> confusing, isn't it? david bruno, criminal defense attorney, joining me now. the feds set this up. it's a sting operation, and how did it happen?
11:53 am
>> oh how overt operations have changed. this is very creative on behalf of the fbi and attorney fishman. they're trying to influence and trying to get people that are going to pay to get visas and that's what they did. it resulted in 21 individuals being arrested today and charged with some very serious crimes. >> donna, what's your take? >> not only am i not impressed. i'm actually mad at the feds. and here's why. three-year investigation, 21 measly people they bust. congratulations, that's a good start, i'm not going to roll out the parade for that. but what about the almost 1100 fake students that they're not going to arrest. they're going to send them back to wherever they came from. and as we know, it's very easy to get back into this country once you're deported. so what good is is that going to do us? focus on the 21 and let the 1100 go? what are we doing? >> so you feel like it's sort of
11:54 am
a lot, a machination to encircle all of these people that really didn't give them much fruit? >> sure. they're charging and prosecuting the 21 individuals that were really involved in getting these students here. >> and who do they think they were working on behalf of? what did they think they were doing? >> sure, that's a good point. and it goes to resources, how the federal government is going to use their resources. to prosecute a thousand-plus students will take a tremendous amount of court time and government time. so they're going to file immigration actions, deport the individuals and prosecute the 21 that were the main participants in the scheme. >> big deal. obviously we have a huge hole in this wall that hasn't been built yet. the feds said to them, there are no classes, there are no
11:55 am
teachers, there's nothing. they signed up and said, great, where do i pay? >> tells you a lot about -- you talk about a wall, but this is how most people get into the country. >> and what are they doing here if they're not going to school? what are they doing? isis maybe? >> it just further highlights the security risk in our immigration process. again, something has to be done. and this is a first step that the government has taken here. >> so when they prosecute them, who is your mascot, how was your history class? they would fail that. thanks, good to see you both. we'll take a quick break and be right back. stay with us. we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send! if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain,
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this is my retirement. retiring retired tires.
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and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. >> so it is the big question that remains. will anybody get to the 1,237 to become the nominee? donald trump has 743. ted cruz has 517.
11:59 am
kasich has 143. what do they need to get the nomination? trump needs 56% of all the remaining delegates. cruz needs 82% of the remaining delegat delegates. kasich needs 124%, which is pretty hard to do. if it didn't happen, we could see a contested republican convention in july. stay tuned. and watch out, speedy gonzalez may be coming to steal your cheese. the rodent, a popular icon in mexico. and the popular messaging service whatsapp enables end-to-end encryption. and ninja turtles score the best seats in the house for 25 cents a piece thanks to hbo funny man john oliver. a wild win sparked a
12:00 pm
dramatic accident on the road. the police cruiser just missing a tree as it crashed to the ground. that was on the dash cam and the other lady saw it going airborne. nobody was hurt. thank you for joining us today, everybody, and being part of the real story. i'm martha mccown. here's shep. now, shepard smith reporting, live from the fox news deck. >> that was fascinating, wasn't it? us news people say that a lot. that and "it's interesting." we say that way too much. but last night is fascinating. at least for me. what happened in wisconsin, it really did tell us a lot and give us a sort of new narrative going towards the next big primary right here in new york. cruz won. trump lost. we wondered what would happen at the shout fest that came to be. trump can't say, winning, winning, winning, because he did not win. so what happened last night at the big rally that happens every night somebody somewhere


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