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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the wrong news. or no news at all. >> go, hildy! >> that was interesting. >> do i have time to make a phrase? i hear you. when someone says i hear you, that means i can't help you. "special report." wins in wisconsin reinvig trait presidential hopes of ted cruz and bernie sanders. we'll do the delegate math and tell you what comes next. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. donald trump is looking to new york to prove and provide him a bounceback in the gop race. and hillary clinton is battling much hard he than she or her campaign expected at this point in the campaign. those are the dligs after big wins in wis wigs last night by ted cruz and sanders.
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james rosen shows us what's going on behind the scenes in the all too important battle for delegates. the wisconsin primary in cruz control. >> a big one for him. no question about it. ted cruz came out with the wind at his back. he was quickly reminded today that new york can be a tough place. >> ted cruz got a less than friendly welcome to the bronx from some protesters at a local restaurant. just a warm-up for what donald trump is expected to say about cruz in the next two weeks. >> donald can always be counted on to take high road and to demonstrate class. if he wants to engage in insults, he is welcome to do so. he gets very angry when the voters reject him. >> cruz buried trump among very
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seventh voters. beat him handily among evangelicals. and voters thought he was electable. trump won people who were looking for the outsider despite cruz' claims that she is the ant-establishment candidate. trump warned, cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. it is the building where nasa used to assemble the lienar module. 18 pours people have requested tickets. rumblings that they are not fully prepared for the battle lies ahead. in big states like california. sources say some insiders are urging trump to quickly beef up the organization or risk losing any chances at achieving the number of delegates before july. that is exactly what john kasich is counting on. after finishing third in wisconsin, came was off the
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trail today to deliver ohio's state of the state address. the chief campaign strategist insisted, no candidate will reach cleveland with 1237 bound delegates. the nomination contest is now wide open. >> cruz called his wisconsin victory a turning point if the campaign. if a new monmouth poll is any indication, trump at 52%. cruz at 17. america's election headquarters in depth. while milons of votes have been cast in the primary season so far, the number that really count are the hundreds of delegates being fought over, sometime one at a time, ahead of what could be a pair of messy conventions. the shadow primary few people ever see? >> the texas senator will return this weekend to colorado.
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site of the gop convention and where cruz peeled off six delegates. further evidence of the cruz operation's superior ground game in the so-called shadow primary. >> two days ago in north dakota, we had another tremendous win. they elected their delegates. of the delegates who specified their support, 18 are supporting our campaign. one is supporting donald trump. >> of the men and women who will serve this summer, the billionaire front-runner is playing catch-up. trump sees the state delegations playing ted cruz. >> what makes you think when it gets to the third or fourth ballot, they will not be on paul ryan or whoever it is. they'll be welcome, ted who? >> they want to jump start and
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point to successes of its own. >> we've had 12 of them who are currently running on the ballot for somebody else. >> oh the arcane state by state rules. >> then you see the dishonesty. you see where i won louisiana and then i find out i'm not supposed to get as many delegates as the person that i beat. what is that? well, there is a rule and another rule. >> only 5% of the delegates in cleveland will be unbound on the first ballot. that figure surgeries. >> they're their own individual person who will decide straight on who they want to support. >> the campaign summit on tuesday, official with the
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republican national commitio explained how multiple rounds of balloting could play out. recommending the cruz campaign was the former attorney general. the cruz surrogate who we were told asked numerous questions. they decide which delegates even get seated. >> we will continue to instruct here on "special report." thank you. so what do you think? do you think the delegate system fair? you can use the #"special report." the defense minister in south korea has said that north korea developed a rocket system that could strike the south as soon as this year. south korean officials say the north can mount a nuclear warhead on a medium range missile. the penalty spokesman says the u.s. does not share that assessment but is taking the threat seriously. a top u.s. military official says the u.s. may open or reopen
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some small outposts in iraq to provide support. rear admiral lewis says any such bases would be behind the front lines. u.s. troops are finding themselves vulnerable to the threat from isis at a base many people have forgotten. the u.s. occupies in the middle east. fox news recently traveled to the sign eye peninsula and shot exclusive video of the threat. jennifer griffin explains from the pentagon. >> reporter: concerned that american forces are sitting ducks surrounded by an isis affiliate and unable to carry out offensive operations, the pentagon has added artillery and sensors mounted on blimps to help. they said the troops will not be withdrawn. >> we remajor fully committed so no change in policy, no change
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in our structure. >> reporter: but truman safety has u.s. commanders weighing what to do next. >> my focus is making sure that they have the this protection measures in place. and we have increased those measures. >> 725 american troops, part of monitoring peace between just a minute and israel. he visit in the december shortly after four u.s. service members were injured by a roadside bomb claimed by isis. the base was hit by incoming fire once a day. it is an issue that keeps u.s. commanders up at night. in december, jeffrey got the pentagon's attention writing u.s. forces in sinai. ripe pickings for islamic state. case in point, in november a group claiming allegiance to isis sent down a russian airliner killing all 24 people on board.
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u.s. israeli and egyptian officials are discussing what to do. >> the israelis and the egyptians do not want them to do that. they don't want to appear to be giving into isis. and they're pushing the americans hard not to redeploy. >> u.s. troops have been in the sinai since the camp david accords were signed in 1979. the defense secretary rumsfeld faced pushback had he tried to pull the u.s. troops out. >> thank you. there is a growing sense the, we have receive an overwhelming response to rising threats, shrinking military. so we thought we would go back in and look at some of the interviews to air some of what did not make it into the hour. i talked with three of president obama's four defense secretaries. >> while each shared with us specific concerns about the president's you 52 of the u.s.
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military, and its role in the world. all of them shared one particular criticism. an inexperienced white house staff running wars and international affairs from inside the white house. >> it was the operational micromanagement that drove me nuts. áuá1!)v7&?rós+#gç2r
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you get a call from the president, that's one thing. that's the chain of command. you get a call from some white house or national security council staffer. you tell them to call me instead. and then say go to hell. and that's directly from the secretary of defense. >> what led to you say this about president obama and the military? president obama was, quote, deeply suspicious of their actions. >> i think there were people in the white house who were constantly goading him and saying the military is trying to box you in. the military is trying to trap you. the military is trying to make you do something you don't want to do and i 97 believed any of that. >> that was the environment he was making decisions in. >> i think so, yes.
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in private. and i would tell him. mr. president. they are really truly loyal to you. they're giving you their best professional military advice. they're not trying to trick you or box you in. but there were clearly a number of people at the white house who believed that. >> the national security council has grown enormously. which means you have a lot more staff people running around at the white house on these foreign policy issues. and proximity is everything when you're at the white house. the person closest to the president has greater influence than even a cabinet member who may be located elsewhere. >> staff people tried to read, what is it the president wants? then through back door,
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influence the direction of policy. what that does is it undermines the very process that a president needs in order to get the best discussion and information possible to be able to make the right decision. too often, people are kind of worried or second-guessing where the president wants to go. and they try to then shave their views to please the president. what i've seen in the last four years is this cautiousness and over correction. which makes it appear that the united states is hesitant to take action. and that sends i think a message of weakness. >> the president is one of the youngest presidents we'vever had. one of the most inexperienced presidents we've ever had. he has a staff around him that is very inexperienced. i don't think there's one veteran on his senior staff of
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the white house. i don't think there's one business person. i don't believe there's one person who has ever run anything other than vice president biden. none have ever been elected to anything. you must leaven the loaf. you must leaven your advisers where you get a lot of experience with different things where he, the president himself, is so inexperienced. i'm not sure he ever did understand, nor the people around him, the tremendous responsibility of the united states has. not to be the world's policeman. but to lead. and we're the only ones who can. the world becomes more dangerous. not less dangerous. when america gets less involved. i don't mean invading and occupying and imposing. but leading. engaging, ambassador rice would often start with, this is what the president wants. i never thought that is the way our national security adviser
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should start the meeting with the national security council. that sets right away an immediate expectation. this is what he wants. and there are always too many meetings and too many people talking. and you know, especially young smart 35-year-old phds love to talk because that's the way you let everybody know how smart you are. how much you talk. so there were a lot of reasons those meetings descended into nonsense and the hard time we had making a decision as a result of that. coming up, what's next for hillary clinton after losing six straight primary season contests? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox five in new york where the nypd is reportedly under investigation by the fbi. the new york post is accused of lavish gifts, such a super bowl tickets and vacations in
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exchange for providing security and escorts. they said it focuses on high rank person we will decision making authority. fox 13 in memphis where a woman is charged with embezzling more than $100,000 from a local adoption agency. police say she took check from donors and put the money in her own account. she has allegedly created fake invoices to balance the books. and this is a live look at a foggy detroit. i think it is there. one of the big stories, a michigan foundation is supporting efforts to make sure detroit students have clean drinking water. the children's hospital has secured a $135,000 grand to pay for the testing. that's the live look outside the beltway. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car
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senator bernie sanders is on a winning streak. he is making the race exponentially more difficult than hillary clinton could have imagined. in pittsburgh where the democrats are and where they're going from here.
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>> while hillary clinton has been trying to jump ahead to the general election, today she was forced to turn her attention back again to bernie sanders. questioning the socialist loyalties. >> he is a relatively new democrat. and in fact i'm not even sure he is one. >> and charging sanders is not doing his homework on policy ideas that are not realistic. >> like a lot of people, i am concerned that some of his ideas won't work because the number don't add up. >> sanders helped clinton make her point in a board meeting with the new york daily news where he appeared to be unprepared. not knowing the details of the core of his campaign. whether he would have the power to break up big banks. >> i don't know. >> clinton may be lashing out. because there are some real danger signs. . to news exit polls show he again crushed her among young people.
3:22 pm
with people under 45. he carried men by nearly 30 points and he edged women by 1 point. >> momentum within the last couple weeks, there have been national polls have had us 1 point up or down. >> and momentum for sanders in pennsylvania where both are campaigning ahead of the primary. clinton has a slim 6-point lead. her frustration is boiling over. days after she accused sanders of lying about her record. >> i know that senator sanders spends a lot of time attack my husband, attack president obama. i rarely hear him say anything negative about george w. bush who i think wrecked our economy. >> what clinton has going for her is before pennsylvania. the race runs through new york where sanders is getting pounded. he was in the daily news for other comments. >> he would place gun
3:23 pm
manufacturers' rights and immunity from liability against the par of the children killed at sandy hook is unimaginable to me. >> now, on the bank, sanders' aides are saying that he would work with regulators to try to break up the big banks. not quite as revolutionary as originally advertised. >> live in pittsburgh. thanks. during the last four years, you and your fellow taxpayers have paid 116 federal workers almost $20 million not to work. a new government report outlines use and misuse of administrative leave. congress is considering legislation to severely limit the use of administrative leave. the obama administration plans to use the leftover money from the fight against ebola to deal with the growing threat of the zika virus.
3:24 pm
most of the money would be devoted to the cbc for research on zika. and its related birth defects. they are asking but the request has stalled in congress. when we come back, new obama administration rules on financial advisers that could end up costing you money. more money. but first. country music legend merle haggard died today on his birthday. he suffered from pneumonia. he was 79.
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♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. tonight, a new rule on financial advisers. the president says it will
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protect investors from conflicts of interest. opponents say the middle class is getting slammed. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house. >> reporter: a new rule aimed at trags forming the way the finances industry doles out retirement savings advice. follow along. i'll try to make it really simple for everybody out there. opportunity new fiduciary standard, if an adviser asks to you invest in a particular fund, he who is the inform you if he gets paid an extra fee or kickback for putting you into that punld. that will save small investors billions in fees. over the many years they've been unwit goly paying brokers for steering them in one direction or another for profit. >> the president believes that financial advisers who are offering people retirement advice should do a pretty common sense thing. which is that they should put the interests of their customer
3:30 pm
ahead of their own financial interests. >> now, of course, this is all part of an increasingly aggressive posture by the obama white house targeting the financial sector. you heard about the tax inversions. they're trying to crack down when companies try to move their headquarters overseas or do the mergers to legislationen the tax bill. well, pfizer saying they have backed away from their plans to merge. this is happening as the justice department has started an ann trust lawsuit. >> in some ways these companies almost have a fiduciary duty if they can cut their tax rate that much to go to the other countries. why don't we give them incentive to come back here? rather than use a club? >> that seems to be to consensus. by the way, they doubled it obamacare for financial planning. critics say this will cost investors even more money
3:31 pm
because the price of financial advising will go up. >> live on the north lawn. thank you. a good day for the markets. the dow jumped 113. the s&p 500 rose 21. the nasdaq was up 77. the just released minutes from the mid-march meeting indicates policy makers were split over how to respond to a slow growing economy. the fed decided not to raise interest rates. there are questions about whether it flat lined in the first three months of the year. good evening. >> yeah. there is a lot of concern that we flat lined. you look at for example what our trade deficit is. those numbers indicate that we're basically not bringing enough, or not producing enough stuff. but we are bringing enough stuff into the country. so in other words, that doesn't look so good. you get issues with wages. wages, they upticks a little
3:32 pm
bit. we have really remained at a pretty stagnant position over the next couple decades which adjusted for inflation. then you look at corporate profitability. how much money companies are making and that is. has declined. you have a number of people all coming up and saying they're concerned about a world wide slowdown. a up in of economists saying we'll see a global recession. that of course has a big impact us on. >> are not there some positive signs? lower gas prices? are they helping consumers at all? >> see. glass half full, right? >> might as well. >> yes. everybody likes the lower gas prices. here's what's strange about it. people aren't going out and spending that savings. think of the savings that you're getting on gas right now. you would think that would translate into buying a new outfit or going out for a movie
3:33 pm
and a dinner but you're not actually seeing that. so people are still worried. they're worried about their future, whether or not they'll have a job and they're hanging on to the money. it is a catch 22 problem. companies to go hire more applyees and pay higher wages, they need to feel like they're going to sell stuff and people don't want to buy stff if they're not confident in their job. >> thank you. be sure to check out the report weekdays on fox business network. big wins in wisconsin for bernie sanders and ted cruz. what do they mean for the presidential races going forward? my school reunion's coming fast.
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this campaign has won seven
3:38 pm
out of the last eight caucuses and primaries. with your help on saturday, we're going to win here in wyoming. we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. >> i will more and more convince that had our campaign will earn the 1237 delegates. either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland. >> okay. ted cruz, bernie sanders. big winners in wisconsin. as you look at the gop side. the results here. when all was said and done, cruz with 48.2%. that's 36 delegates from wisconsin. trump pulling six delegates. two congressional delegates. trump has been quiet but this is the statement that has been standing all day. put out last night. donald trump withstood the
3:39 pm
onslaught of the establishment yet again. not only was he pro polled by the super baghdads spending do you meanless millions of dollars. he is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. we have total confidence that mr. trump will go on to hold new york. ted cruz responding to that today. >> donald can always be counted on to take high road and demonstrate class. if he wants to engage in insults, he is welcome to do so. he gets very angry when the voters reject him.
3:40 pm
he has now lost in four states in a row. he likes to yell and scream and insult and curse and his statement last night was consistent. >> okay. let's bring in the panel. charles hurt, david, senior writer for u.s. news and world report. and charlie krauthammer. >> okay, charlie, it is rare not to hear from donald trump in a day. he didn't make a speech last night. what do you think the campaign is doing? the candidate is doing ahead of new york? >> well, i think that he's probably starting to get the message. the campaign is starting to get the message. a lot of it is owing to his unforced errors on his part where he's stepped in it. i think the campaign is starting to realize, people around him were starting to realize. he loves to not be a politician
3:41 pm
and he loves to rail against politicians. but he is running to be a politician. he acts more like a politician.. and he had a great opportunity when he gave that speech. it was a very thoughtful speech. a smart speech. and i thought quite frankly that would be the turning point and we would end, that would be the end of the nonsense. then he fell back into it. hopefully they'll try to be more serious. >> the question is, if this person was elected president, how do you feel? cruz first? excited, optimistic, 60%, concerned, scared. trump, excited, only miss particular, 41. you see 58.
3:42 pm
kasich, 48, 47. essentially split. what did you read from last night? >> it was ted cruz' best night since iowa. i did see the poll that said just as many republicans were ready to bolt the party if cruz was the nominee as if trump was the nominee. so this idea that cruz is more electable than trump, i'm not sure that holds. on the other hand, i don't know if trump has gotten the message. the statement put out by the campaign was full of insults. a lot of unsubstantial -- he couldn't lose. he can't lose graciously. that being. everything could film. this is his home base. he will probably win big. and we could be here two weeks from tonight talking about a completely filmed narrative again with donald trump in the driver's seat.
3:43 pm
>> as we look at the real clear politics, you can see that trump has a huge lead currently. where it stands now. realizing that some of these polls were done before the wisconsin result. it is a big lead. if trump gets over 50% in new york, he gets all the 95 delegates in that state. >> i think the trump people have to be encouraged by one fact. yes, they lost. they lost big. considering what he was up against. the popular governor, the state apparatus. the trump radio local, anti-trump. he had these awful two weeks. and still ended up with 35% of the vote. i think is remarkable. he obviously has to stretch that to 50. the one thing that i think was encouraging for cruz. if you look way inside the numbers. he did well with very conservative evangelicals and also about the ones who shared
3:44 pm
theal use with him. the best he's done in any primary debate. and that would indicate that something might ha happen. that would be the abortion statement. that's the constituency that could have been demoralized by trump's answer. specially punishment. he said he was pro-choice. i believe it. maybe i have to believe he either hasn't thought it through or it is not sincere. if you begin to shake that constituency, you get the results in wisconsin. is that it? i don't know. but it is possible. >> it was a big win for bernie sanders. as far as delegates, not a huge win for him. he picks up a net ten delegates. take a listen to talking to
3:45 pm
politico asking if he was a democrat. >> senator sanders spends a lot of time attack my husband, attacking president obama, calling him weak and disappointing. i rarely hear him say anything negative about george w. bush. he is a relatively new democrat. i'm not even sure he is one. he is running as one. >> so a different take now, charlie. as you look toward new york. she has about a 12-point lead there. >> her home state which is pretty indicative of her campaign eight years ago and today. it is kind of her adopted home state. not a true home state the way most people think of that that quote from her trying to question his loyalties and allegiances is sort of an underhanded way of reminding people, he is an avowed socialist. everybody knows that. and he is doing shockingly well in the democratic primary which should give democrats -- it
3:46 pm
should give democrats pause. 7% said he is not liberal enough. >> they're communists. it would take an absolute miracle forrer not to get the nomination. it is taking her this long to put it away is shocking. the new york daily news meeting with the editorial board kind of fell flat. and she has taken it on the chin. >> and this will be a brutal two weeks. hillary clinton cannot lose new york. no way. even today she is sharpening her line of tack. i think it will be a tough, tough run sanders campaign.
3:47 pm
he is going to draw some huge rallies. it is the new york media market which is unforgiving. >> and he speaks brooklynese. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. test test test test test test test test test test
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it was the operational micromanagement that drove me nuts, of white house and nsc staffers calling senior commanders out in the field and asking them questions of second guessing commanders. >> i think, you know what i have seen in these last four years is almost this cautiousness and overcorrection which makes it appear that the united states is hesitant to take action. and that sends, i think, a message of weakness. >> the world becomes more dangerous not less dangerous when america gets less involved in the world. i don't mean invading and occupying and imposing but leading, engaging. >> three of presidentu6 obama's four defense secretaries speaking out as part of our hour rising threats, shrinking military. got a lot of response. we're back with the panel.
3:52 pm
we'll start there charles, it's interesting to hear the defense secretaries speak like that. >> it's remarkable and what the critics have been saying without(?these last seven years. i'm sure when ash carter is out of office we will hear the samear thing. i don't imagine he would say anything like that while is he still in office. >> we have invited the defense secretary on "special report." >> it will hard to get anything like this out of him because he obviously is serving the president right now. but this is sort of the weakness of the obama years. he came in as gates said inexperienced but arrogant. i mean, that's the combination that i think did such damage. he thought i know stuff. i have unique relationship of the muslim worqtñ because the way i grew up. he said it in the cairo speech and therefore he overruled over people, particularly in the military. the ones he was suspicious of that they were locking him. in the worst is as we heard his staff, who are all as inexperienced with him with no credentials other than academic ones supporting him
3:53 pm
in that and producing a foreign policy that was removed from reality and the results of what we see today, seven years later. >> now you have the fight against isis and the military saying that things are shifting momentum with the coalition has shifted. so a year ago, 18 months ago, the area in which was isil control was much larger. i would not come to a percentage decrease but it is significant. soub they can't move freely around the battlefield. >> so painting a better picture, dave. >> yes. but, you know, historically, when you see -- you see power struggles between the bureaucratic heads of government and what's going on in the white house. the white house always has more of the power, i think. even in the bush administration you have some people argue that and colin powell might argue that that last sound bite shows why it's so much more important
3:54 pm
because we're in this fight against isis and it is powerfully striking to see the secretary of defenses making remarks oneáñ(#uju another mirroring each other. this is also why donald trump is saying is he going to ask his cabinet members to sign nondisclosure forms so they can't talk about him. >> donald trump creeped into the second panel. okay, charlie. >> i'm afraid he is probably going to creep in again a second time here. you$ know, in dealing with this problem in the middle east he o. you can go all in or stay out. this with the obama administration one foot, in one foot out the amount of territory that we havejó? since the george bush years, i think it has attribute to do a deep cynicism and disbelief not necessarily that president bush didn't do a good job with the war in iraq or accomplish a lot with the more in iraq but that it can't be trusted to -- the baton can't be the next administration and i think that what we are
3:55 pm
seeing with the rise of donald trump is this creeping isolationism where he went to south carolina and campaigned against the war. campaigned against george w. primary. >> i will give you a trumpless 30 seconds in which obama assumed, as you heard from the secretaries that nonaction was the prudent way to go, especially after what he saw as the overreaction of the bush years. but what all of them are saying is that the nonaction, the indivisiveness indecisiveness caused much of the trouble we see today a president who believed in himself and did not have advice of people with experience. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned to hear the results from the fox news contend ders -- contender's app. 72% of women say they often
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it's time to check out this week's reports from contender's app. the statement about are the war on terror that was most agreed with was. this quote: imagineo says we l stand up and defeat radical islamic terrorism and we will call it by its name. we will defend the united states of america. that statement belongs to the winner of last night's wisconsin primary ted cruz. a couple of you took the quiz. first, charlie? >> bernie sanders apparently i'm a trump-sanders supporter. >> what a combination. all right. charles? >> i(f picked cruz you picked
4:00 pm
that commented? >> i was anticipating wisconsin. >> how about it. contender's appear. check it out online. that's it for "special report" tonight fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes greta. tonight "on the record" is donald trump launching a new strategy? just hours after a stinging defeat to senator ted cruz in wisconsin, trump is back up on the horse. trump is storming long island for a huge rally in beth page. "on the record" has live team coverage both inside and outside this massive trump event. plus, we have new information developing about the possibility of of a contested convention. we begin with our own griff jenkins live outside be grummond studios, grif? >> that's right. we are here in beth page, new york, where a few hundred protesters have turned out here, heckling some of the supporters coming. there are 10,000 inside the


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