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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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unfortunately that is all the time we have this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> together, we will win a majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. [cheers and applause] >> this campaign is giving energy and enthusiasm to millions of americans. [cheers and applause] >> cruz and sanders big winners last night. but does that change anything? talking points will address that question to make a bold prediction. >> planned parenthood has been involved with selling the baby parts that they abort for a deck said at this point. >> are you saying they are doing something illegal. >> absolutely. >> the man spearheading the drive against planned parenthood has his home raided in california. we will tell you about this very troubling situation.
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also ahead, miller gives me cuba as well as gutfeld and mcguirk misbehaving. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. who wants to be president. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. both ted cruz and bernie sanders have new -1q77(u5 tonight. after beating their opposition by wide margins in wisconsin. the media running wild with speculation about what the vote really means. but, let's all calm down. first of all, bernie sanders will not defeat hillary clinton for the presidential nomination. wisconsin is largely a white state. minority voters are breaking for mrs. clinton who will win big in the new york
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primary and that is coming up in about, what, 10 days? 11 days? senator sanders is waging a spirited campaign though. but the fix is in. the super delegates who can vote for anyoneuz-w are large for hillary. end of that story. on the republican side it's a bit different. donald trump remains the frontrunner and will also do well in new york, his home state. that might recharge his campaign but maybe: not. last night, after losing in wisconsin, mr. trump issued a statement calling ted cruz names. not presidential, not a smart move. seems that the trump campaign is confused. we were hoping the candidate would appear on the factor this evening. we negotiated with his team for days, but he declined. that, of course, is his prerogative. apparently there is angst in the campaign because charles krauthammer, in parcular, sometimes hammers the candidate on the factor. each time charles addresses mr. trump, i make sure i put on someone like newt gingrich who has been kind
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to donald trump to balance the presentation. we have been very fair, very fair to donald trump on this program. but that does not mean we'll not criticize him or cancel guests who have a dim view of him. we will not do that.ld we provide balance and charles krauthammer is challenged as are all the guests. it's ironic because just last night i stuck up for donald trump on the race issue. >> it took mr. trump too long to come around to denouncing one david duke and others. >> you make mistakes and so do i. that doesn't mean -- >> -- bill, that's not a mistake. that's not a mistake. >> all i can tell you is i have known the man a long time and i have never seen him cast aspersions at any group at all. >> now, i have said over and over that you do not call someone a racist based on a rhetorical mistake. trump has defined his position on david duke and we should accept the explanak
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direct evidence of racism on trump's part, which there is not. as talking points has stated, it is not racest to support a wall on the border. or stringent vetting of muslims entering the u.s.a. from terrorist precincts. i would hope that the trump campaign would notice how fair we have been and stop the nonsense. perhaps, they will after tonight because the more tough questions mr. trump faces directly, the more voters may be persuade to do back him. his current level of support not nearly enough to secure the white house. to be completely fair, donald trump is right to be cautious with the media. here's a vivid example.te >> you don't feel i will-served for example to go on a very popular radio show and you did not know they had been leading a anti-trump show. >> i don't know that you go into the enemy camp sometimes. you have to take on the enemy. is he not a very smart guy and bright guy. if you listen to the entire
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show, you would have said donald trump totally won that debate. so, i mean, sometimes you go into unfriendly territory. that's part of the game. >> and that's what you consider wisconsin to be? >> no. you said about a radio talk show host. see, that's what i mean about the dishonest media. >> i'm asking you a question allowing you to answer it? >> excuse me. you are asking me about a show host and i said he was unfriendly territory and then you say is that wisconsin? >> you also talked about the governor. >> that's so dishonest. do you know what's that called? dishonest media. >> trump is correct. >> that would never happen on this program and he knows it now, on the other side, we are awaiting bernie sanders entering the no spin zone. he used to chat with us all the time before he became famous. last night i closely watched the senator's victory speech. >> i am not naive. i know the power of wall street and their endless supplies of money. i know that corporate
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america will shut down plants in america and move to mexico or china if they can make another $5 in profit. i know that billionaires are funding candidates whose job it is to represent the wealthy and the powerful. >> sanders basically gives the same speech every time, but he gives it passionately. he really believes what he is doing in the campaign is noble. that is listing a litany of(pq imperfections that working class folks face in america. sanders isu tapping into the same anger trump is tapping into, only from a different place. he promises to make life better for working people by slapping around corporations and wealthy americans. he promises an endless series of entitlements, most of which would be free for those making not much money. the problem is bernie sanders does not have solutions to vexing problems
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that are far more important than give aways. islamic terrorism, bernie says sunni muslims should take care of it. putin, bernie has nothing. iran, nothing. illegal immigration looks like bernie supports the open border policy espoused by many on the far left. anyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of america without restraint.y>vfi crime? bernie laments that so many criminals are in prison. even though violent crime in the u.s.a. has dramatically faen, once tough felony sentencing was put into place. a national debt of $20 trillion, bernie has no problem adding to that. ederal government to wants+tq mandate salaries and provide jobs for everybody. taxation through the roof for american corporations and the wealthy. of course, that would lead to a huge contraction in the private sector as business would stop expanding.
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senator sanders says free healthcare is a human right, and many corporations provide generous health benefits right now to their employees. but they would stop doing that if the government is going to provide healthcare and demand higher corporate taxes to fund it. on the plus side, senator sanders is perhaps the most sincere politician in the presidential race. he walks the walk. the problem is the walk leads nowhere as serious69co problems mount if we havefx to depend on the sunnies to protect us from terror killers, if we are willing to double the national debt and risk an economic collapse if we say to the entire world hey, come on over and get free stuff from american taxpayers, if we are aiming for all of that we are doomed. finally, the bold prediction i promised in the open.
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ted cruz will offer john kasich the;l8fç vice president slot before"/ the republican convention begins. it's a delegate in ohio play. that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction, later miller on my trip to cuba. gutfeld, mcguirk on covering trump. the factor is coming right back. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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impact segment tonight. what now after cruz and sanders won big in wisconsin. with us the deputy editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page bret stevens. let's take the trump campaign first. damaged? >> damaged but not broken. and we have had supposed inflection points in this election before. remember when marco rubio did well in south carolina,
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for instance, he is going to be very strong in new york. it's going to be very clear even after two really bad weeks for him, he still manages to get about 35% of the republican electorate. >> so you don't see the race tightening in new york? you don't see kasich and cruz, you know, getting the doubters who come over? >> the race can change in new york. f. kasich comes in second place because the new york rules will allot delegates to second place finish finishers in a great many of the districts. i see trump coming out very strong in new york. cruz continuesdy to be weak places like pennsylvania. and i don't know if wisconsin -- what we have learned from this race is that no one state has been indicative of any other. >> all right. so, if trump does well in new york. and i believe he will, too, pennsylvania, i don't know. that's narrowing up a little bit. if he does well, it doesn't assure that he will have the 1274 that he needs for the nomination.
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i mean, almost everybody says he is not going to have that by the convention in cleveland in july. and, as you know, the party poobahs don't want him. and as i said in the talking points memo, i believe cruz is going to make a deal with kasich. >> well, that's very likely. look, it's not just the party pooh becauses that don't want him. something like 37%. >> folks don't matter in the convention. it's the party pooh bas pooh p#@ pubic -- >> let's go over to the democratic side. hillary clinton also expected to do well in new york sure about that. >> no? >> look, the fact of the matter is bernie defied huge expectations in wisconsin. the last poll before wisconsin had him up by 2.6%. he won by a much wider margin. this is new york. this is his home state. he speaks broke --
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brooklynese. hillary has been consistently weakner all states outside. >> it won't happen here because of the minority vote. so, if you look at the minority precincts, like trump's white angry guys are loyal to him. hillary's -- what is >> african-americans are loyal to her. but it doesn't matter because the overwhelming number of votes are here in new york city, which is 50% minority now. i think hillary is going to win by 15 here in new york. >> i place a small bet that it's very narrow or bernie could pull it out. >> if bernie pulls it and i don't like speculative questions, but this is an interesting one. if sanders were to beat hillary clinton, remember, she was a senator from new york. new york, then he might have. >> carpet bagging senator. >> all right. so was bobby kennedy. really upset her at the convention. no? >> and he might have a chance to effect who the vp choice is if not be the vp choice himself.
8:16 pm
>ñ vp, bernie. >>-t a bernieite might be. >> either ben or jerry, they would be. that would be good for the country because we would have ice cream for everyone because bernie would demand it be given out free. what i say is the fix is in for hillary clinton. on the super delegates because they are already pledged to her. and they are not going to go to bernie no matter what happens. am i wrong? >> no. because the4 democratic party is the corrupt oligarchy. >> speaks out against. >> he thinks it's on wall street it's actually in the democratic party. the really interesting story is the republican party which remains small d the most democratic party. i think at the convention it's not going to be party pooh pooh ba. you have to nominate a candidate going to win. i'm not sure we have one yet. >> well, kasich makes the argument that the only reason he is staying in is because can beat hillary clinton and that he is going to stay in because maybe that will be recognized at the convention.
8:17 pm
>> i think that's truex september he has a weak case. >> he gets his butt kicked every state. why do you think that is? john is really well-qualified and did a great job in ohio. why do you think he is not getting traction? >> he got traction late. i think part of it is tactical voting. one of the reasons cruz won by as large a margin as he did in wisconsin was the sense that he was the candidate who could stop trump. it wasn't a pro-cruz vote. it was anti- >> anti-trump vote? >> right. >> mr. stephens, as always, thank you, we appreciate it directly ahead, the clinton campaign had little to say after getting hammered in wisconsin. we will talk with ed henry about that later, it could get grizzly. get grizzly. miller, gutfeld,there's a more o get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'.
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>> this dude has no business being in the community. we deal with climate change every day. he says it doesn't,çh/ñ exist. poorest congressional distinct in the. to receive this right wing bigot is an insult. >> that was the scene in the bronx this morning where ted cruz was campaigning. global warming in the bronx. interesting. in fact, two of the candidates were in new york today as that vital primary comes up on april 19th. donald trump and hillary clinton are heading the polls and joining us from pittsburgh ed henry is covering the clinton campaign. secretary clinton didn't say much about wisconsin, right? >> this is the first primary night where she didn't give a big speech instead she sent out a little tweet congratulating bernie sanders. she realizes she has a lot of work to do in new york and here in pennsylvania. almost 250 delegates at stake in new york on the 19th. á have over 200 delegates as well. those are a lot of the delegates that could help sanders catch up a little bit.
8:22 pm
look, there is a new quinnipiac poll out today here in pennsylvania it shows that clinton is up but only by 6 points. we have seen a pattern in a lot of battle ground states where clinton has a double digit lead and then single digit like 6 points and then bernie sanders closes. you are right that the math is such and with the super delegates especially, that hillary clinton is in the lead, bernie sanders has won six in a row. and yet has put little dent into the numbers. >> sure. >> she is still in command. >> okay. in new york, as i said to stephens, i expect hillary clinton to win fairly big because of the minority vote. in pennsylvania, you raise an interesting point both not only in the democratic vote but in the republican vote. that thing is tightening up. allz york, people that don't live here this is a machine state. a lot like chicago. the machine in both parties and the republicans don't really have many numbers here, except upstate. but the machine really,
8:23 pm
really turns out. de blasio, the mayor of new york city is already pounding the pavement for hillary clinton and you know all his precincts are going to come out for her i almost don't even count it here. trump is overwhelmingly the favorite on long island and the populated places in new york. pennsylvania, that state, there could be upsettles on both sides there. >> that's right. look, here is the bigger issue for hillary clinton coming out of wisconsin. if you look at the fox exit polls, you have a situation where among men, for example, bernie sanders won by about 30 7 points. and then among women, bernie sanders won by 1 point. this is potentially the first female president in american history and, yet, she lost by a point in the exit polls anyway. it's a dead heat. among female voters. the point is, there are real problems here for her in a general election. yes, she may beat bernie sanders. she still has this big lead despite this recent momentum
8:24 pm
from sanders. but there are danger signs in those exit polls and the question is going to be can the republicans capitalize it? if their numbers continue to crater with women, the republicans, hillary clinton's' problems with women won't matter, bill. >> it's there is a debate, right, tomorrow between bernie sanders and hillary clinton? they are debating. >> next week april 14th. and i know you have been nervous but,lv["é look, i know you said you would move to ireland if bernie sanders wins. look, i checked with air lingus. there are three flights a day. this is a true story between jfkened london. leaves every day at noon. leave the factor and get on the plane. >> if bernie is elected i'm not going to be alone moving to ireland or a lot of other countries but i am going to ireland actually this summer to -- looking at little cottages andç see what the situation is but i tell you what, i'm right, i'm going
8:25 pm
to be proven correct that without an indictment, if that doesn't happen, hillary convention in july with the nomination. i'm interested in the debate only because i think sanders has got to open up on her now. this is his big shot. because she is not going to do a lot more debates. this is it. >> he pressed hard for this debate. this is his last-- chance, you are absolutely right. he has been consistent about saying no on the emails. the fbi is handling that. the wall street is the same refrain again and again. and to your point in the talking points, you made a very important point which is that bernie sanders is now struggling to explain his own plans. and whether or not he can really. >> she could go after him -- if she gets my talking points and i'm sure mary ann marsh will give it to her. >> oh, yeah. >> hey, you know, that's where i would go. the sunnies are going to protect us from isis?
8:26 pm
that's how are going -- that's what's going to happen? >>? he had editorial board meeting with the new york daily news and asked do you have the power to break up the big banks and3n basically said i don't know. that's his whole plan and he doesn't know if it's going to work. that's a problem. by the way in terms of waltzing in, maybe when you are in ireland maybe i could waltz into your seat. >> you want to take my place here on the factor? >> yeah. maybe just for a night. one night. >> we don't have pocket hankies here. it's for the regular folks. >> one night. >> can i give win night. but no pocket hankies. ed-/ >> all right. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller wants to give me some jazz about going to cuba. that should be interesting. and gutfeld/mcguirk on how donald trump is driving the conservative media crazy. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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factor follow-up segment tonight. raided the home of david yesterday seizing documents and personal items. he exposed planned parenthood executives discussing the sale of baby body parts. he has been charged in houston with a low level beef involving a fake drivers license used in that undercover sting. here now to explain further eboni williams and monica crowley. ebb ben, you practiced law in california. >> i do. >> this comes from the california attorney general. why? why was his house raided?
8:31 pm
>> yeah. the ag disposed of 11 agents which was pretty aggressive for the nature of the crime. >> 11 california agents went into the home to confiscate primarily they wanted evidence. they wanted hard drives, computers and information and, of course, those ids you talked about. rather low level felonies but felonies indeed. what was interesting to me, bill, i'm looking at the search warrant right%n here. i went through it with a fine tooth comb. they were log for very low level stuff, so the 11 agents seem as bit aggressive. normally whether you have 11 agents, drugs, arms, millions of dollars worth of property. >> so what are they after him for doing? portraying himself -- >> -- yeah. fraudulent identification. fake drivers licenses. >> if that were the case all of "60 minutes" would be in jail because they did stings all the time. i have done them. >> yeah. >> so we would all be in prison. >> certainly. >> this looks to me, this tamela harris is running for the senate in california, right? >> she. >> she is still attorney general while she is running.
8:32 pm
>> attorney general. lifetime prosecutor and now in politics like she has never been before. >>ñ currying favor with planned parenthood, correct? >> she is a liberal woman and centrist there was a very scathing "l.a. times" op-ed piece that talked about her lax on this case. >> so the "l.a. times" ymplets yes. >> wants him to be. >> they wanted member urgency. >> on what? is he a danger to society? >> i will point this last legal point out, bill. there was already a civil investigation going on that he was participating in. he has upcoming compliance dates april 8th and the 29th. >> about what what was the civil investigation. >> pretty much the same underlying charges. >> that he misrepresented himself? >> yes. but they were not criminal in nature. those were civil and he complied. >> i should point out that california is a two-party state so if you do undercover video. >> that is illegal. >> and the other party doesn't respect that law by the way. i think all states should be two parties. you talked to david daleiden
8:33 pm
right? >> i did.votqáápr" he was takins kitchen garbage out. 11 vehicles pulled up. agents got out and stayed in his private residence between two and three hours. rifled through all of his material, confiscated his laptop, thumb drives, paper files. he makes an important point here he said there are a number of documents that they didn't seize that, in his judgment, do implaintiff's exhibit planned parenthood in illegal activity in the handling of fetal tissue. >> but were not interested in that? >> i think the view is that this was a harassment move on the part of the attorney general's office. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. in warrant you have to have a specific thing you are looking for. it didn't have anything to do with planned parenthood because miss harris who had to okay the warrant is looking to hang this guy because he went after planned parenthood, right? >> yes. and ton" eboni's point she has the search warrant here. they presented that to him
8:34 pm
and he let them do what they need to doçñ do. >> he had to. >> she is running for barbara boxer's seat in a very liberal state. >> right. >> she has a primary challenge. this "l.a. times" op-ed comes out a couple of days ago putting enormous pressure on her. >> to do what? i should have read this thing but to do what? why the "l.a. times." >> ratchet up the investigation. it was a civil action now it's a criminal. >> why do they want this guy in jail? why? >> because, look, the "l.a. times" is the tool of the democrats, a tool of the left. planned parenthood is a crowned jewel of the leftist movement in this country. >> this newspaper embarrasses miss harris who then issues a warrant so 11 guys go out. >> the time something very suspicious. it appears there is something else here. >> it's a political thing. she is running for the u.s. senate. on her senate campaign website she is soliciting signatures to defend planned parenthood. over the course of her political career, bill, she has accepted over $21,000 from individuals and super pacs for planned parenthood. >> one more question, eboni,udú
8:35 pm
this looks very political. would you agree. >> i think the timing is very suspicious, i agree. >> we are not supposed to have political prosecutions in this country; is that correct? >> that's correct. what's disturbing is this is not -- >> if i were mr. daleiden and his attorneys i would file a federal lawsuit here. >> we spoke to his attorneys. they look valid defenses here fourth amendment search and seizure issues. >> i wouldn't bother with that you might want to do that in california. if a state is coming after you for political reasons, that's against the law. >> it looks like a conflict of interest at the least and at the worst abuse of her office. >> ladies, thanks very much and we will follow up on thatñ story. whenwhen we come right back, miller on my trip to cuba last week. can't wait. up next. the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, my trip last week to cuba and politics unusual. joining us from santa barbara, the sage of california dennis miller. the segment is on. you are on television. >> bill, sorry.
8:40 pm
>> it's all right, sure. what are you doing out there,x miller? >> let's see, i have to ask you right off the bat, was ed henry at a hillary rally or bernie rally. >> it was hillary. >> i thought it was bernie because i noticed the scoreboard and i noticed it was tied. another big night for john kasich. the poster boy for the triumphant loser. do you know, if kasich hadn't won ohio, he would probably be president right now using the inverse prism that he uses. hillary supporters i watch her speak, they must deaden down sympathetic nervous system to not blush when they are shoveling that i see where comey is going to interview her for the fbi. you better take a b.s. snorkel. you know something, jimmy, that has turned into the falcon and snowman and bad pants suit over there i have an idea. i think we ought to take the four people who are left and let them all run.
8:41 pm
all right? we get cruz, we get trump. we get bernie, we get hillary. let them all run and let the chips fall where they may. that sounds like a good idea to me. >> falcon and snowman with the movie sean penn i recall vaguely. not a&j big blockbuster. just want to put that into perspective. >> bill, you have to give your audience more credit, my friend. i'm sure they remember that stuff. >> miller, i usually do. in this case i think there may be three people, sean penn and his parents know who the falcon and the snowman is. okay. >> all right. >> now, miller, i went to havana to check out -- >> -- went to cuba. >> check out venues to see -- >> -- billy, one second, department of justice just kicked the door. in guys, i will be done in a second. i'm doing "the o'reilly factor." the laptop and the drugs are over there. we will see. sorry, billy, i'm being gang audited out there. >> they went from daleiden's house to the studio to get you. anyway, i went to havana to see this if there was a
8:42 pm
suitable venue for the miller, o'reilly live show and it was hard to find, you have to take watters to that one i won't play there until frick and frac croak. i won't it go there until the castro brothers die. it's bad on my list. i heard had you a bad hotel experience there you should have stayed over in the prison quarters ofí gitmo. i heard that's the last posh place on the island. >> i have been to gitmo twice. that's a new facility down. >> there where the prisoners are muslim sandals and i don't mean the foot wear. >> you can react to this. some of the guards told me that in every cell, and i saw this with my own eyes, they have an arrow pointing to mecca, all right? so that the prisoners there can pray in the direction of mecca. but, some of the guards to point to las vegas,
8:43 pm
unbeknownst to the prisoners and i thought that was cruel. but that is absolutely a true -- that happened. >> all i know, billy, is i just read that not only is obama going to get you will the remaining detainees out, is he going to turn them into democratic super delegates. kind of an interesting exchange program. now, when i heard you were down in cuba, bill, i had an image of you like highman roth up on the roof with all yourmd÷éñ friends saying show everybody the cake before you cut it. and there we had the iconic iconic -- sanders is pushing socialism over here, billy. i just don't know if sanders has the same eickenography. i would ask the art department to come up. it doesn't quite work. it's not as exciting when he does it. >> i know, listen, the shirt was a piece of garbage and theyja wanted 35 bucks for it and i wasn't going to do that. >> guess what, it was a
8:44 pm
photograph because che was a piece of garbage. >> he is everywhere though. and i hate to say, this miller, but your beard looks like fidel. it's the same kind of fidel thing going on. >> the only thing can i tell you, billy is my beard would never play in cuba because dissidents don't live long enough to have it turn white on them. >> you would be in some camp far, far away. >> dennis miller, everybody. if you would like to see the d man and your humble correspondent me in person who wants to be president shows for the rest of the year. fairfax virginia may 7th going to be a blast. mohican sun june 7th. mass taken show at 3. seats make dad and granddad happy. reno,ly ned, denver, colorado my old stomping ground. biloxi, mississippi, georgia. bill o' shows make great gifts for
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father's day. donald trump and the conservative media right back with it.
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8:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened. here now the featured players in this often incomprehensible segment, person northward mcguirk and greg gutfeld. what is with you and trump? is this a vendetta? you don't like him? what's the problem? >> if you must know we were lovers in the 90's. >> this is the 18th time you have used that line. >> i know. let's be -- i will be serious. friends criticize people they like, correct? criticism is the engine,h of truth and if you say, for exame, that oh you are bashing somebody.
8:49 pm
their incompetence. yes men and sickofance. >> what are is that line. >> my memory is gone, bill. >> you are basically trying to help mr. trump, right? >> you never insult people you don't like. >> i do. >> you insult everybody. but, no, it's something that if you want somebody to do well, that's the only thing you canfu do. >> are you buying this, mcguirk? >> i'm not sure if imi'm buying it. there is a loticn!%f animosity toward mr. trump and republican party and some people on the right. i don't know where my friend greg stands. can i only guess. but i love the guy. >> you love him, still? >> i love his attitude, everything. of course a nation of suckers, no more mr. nice guy. smash mouth politically incorrect. opponent and to our enemies. i love all of that stuff. >> do you know what you are hearing? >> what? >> trump is like a rope
8:50 pm
bridge inhñ4ñ a hurricane. people are scared to cross him. bernie is terrified of him. >> absolutely not. i have nothing to lose. >> he wants trump to go on his radio show. >> that's not true. >> you scratch his back he -- >> remember the kid who was a -- gave a finger, double remee double fingers to the audience and got an elbow to the face? the fact that trump is paying that old man's legal bill, i love that. >> you're a trump guy and you're skeptical. >> i'm worried about the general election. he's less popular among women than leaving the seat up. >> no gender gap in wisconsin by the way. that may be a falsehood or a myth. >> the general election, once they get into that, is a whole different story. but you have to admit that there is concern on the part of the republican party that if mr. trump does get the nomination, not only will he lose the general, but he'll lose the senate and the house. >> that's what everybody thought back in june when he was running
8:51 pm
for the nomination. they thought he would get nowhere near it. >> you know who was most skeptical? donald trump. he never thought this was going to happen. >> i do not buy that for a minute. >> he's like a guy that -- in high school that decides to go out for a play to impress a girl and he gets the lead. and he's like, i don't know what i'm doing. i hate pippen. >> i will tell you, that is so wrong. >> you have no proof. >> of course i do. i've known this guy for 30 years. i've been to ball games with him. he doesn't do stuff -- >> there you go, a little personal friendship there, hey, bill? >> let me resolve this. keep laughing. >> what is wrong with you? how much time do you have? i know the guy pretty well, but
8:52 pm
what you're saying is a bunch of crap. go ahead. >> i forgot. >> he'll take aggressive attitude to hillary clinton during the general election. >> and that's going to soothe women? >> look what he did for bernie sanders, he attacked bill clinton and bernie sanders' numbers went up. >> if we goes in to batter a woman -- >> she is an equal. she's not -- >> there's a way to do it. there's issues and there's personal, right? he can't use the same stuff -- he can't call her little hillary like little marco. >> when she goes after him for misogyny and sexism like she did with sanders, he just turns around and brings up bill
8:53 pm
clinton and she loses. >> this sounds like a great presidential campaign that the world can admire. >> i will compliment donald trump. his bullheadedness is what crushed the p.c. movement. but it's the bullheadedness that he has to overcome in order to change his patterns to win over the weather. >> all right. that's swell. >> no more half measures on the war on terror. >> look, i hope trump comes on your radio program. "factor tip of the day," some of the polls got it very wrong last night in wisconsin. we'll pile on the losing polls. the tip moments away. i've been on my feel all day.
8:54 pm
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i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. "factor tip of the day." some bad polling out of wisconsin in a moment. but first, one week from tonight, we will announce the next killing book out on
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september 13th. i want to thank you for making the sereries so successful. it's very gratifying. "killing reagan" has been on the best seller's list for more than six months. if you buy "killing reagan" you can choose another killing book in a set pack and a free copy of the constitution. if you become a premium member, get any of the books free of charge. now the mail. >> let's hope so. >> senator sanders, as we said in the talking points memo,
8:57 pm
would install a huge central government in washington to run health care, the public education system and forcibly redistribute money by using the irs to monitor the income of all americans. and if you didn't comply with his redistribution mandate, you would be prosecuted. sanders would also confiscate assets from the affluent through draconian taxation after death. that's just a smidgen of what the senator wants to do. i reported accurately.
8:58 pm
>> they say they have the science down in the polling industry. we're going to address that in the "tip of the day." and i would like to wish a very happy birthday to pauline. 100 years old on easter sunday. way to go, pauline. having fun in tallahassee, florida. finally, "factor tip of the day," bad polling. last night, ted cruz defeated donald trump by 13% in wisconsin, more than any poll predicted. the absolute worst was the arg poll which had trump winning by ten points. on the democrat side, sanders beat hillary also by 13%. the worst poll once again arg, which actually had mrs. clinton ahead. that arg outfit needs to retool. we're never going to use them here. the best polling of the dems came from emerson college in
8:59 pm
boston which had sanders ahead by eight but no outfit nailed the race perfectly. "factor tip of the day," be very skeptical of political polling. butsome outfits are accurate. check out the fox news factor website, which is different from spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be nefarious when writing to "the factor." we have two stories coming out of the south. the first story by the democrats is that the border is secure. there's no problem. everything's fine. the second story by the border patrol itself is things are chaos and it's a sith. so we have a factor investigation about the southern
9:00 pm
border tomorrow. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. new fallout from last night's gop primary, which is significantly increasing the chances of a historic fight to claim the mantle of the republican party. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the final tally from wisconsin's gop primary shows senator ted cruz winning by double digits. earning 48% of the vote to donald trump's 35%. governor kasich came in third with 14%. senator cruz had been up in the last poll before wisconsin by ten. he exceeded that margin last night with a 13-point victory over donald trump. the delegate count now stands