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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 7, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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i'll make a difference. >> so we'll talk more about this in the "after the show show." thumbs up, right? >> absolutely. >> hey, guys, steve will join me on the radio. ready for the unedited trump tape. bill: here we go. good morning. the race for the nomination waking up in the city that never sleeps. a recent poll shows donald trump cracking 50% in new york. when was the last time new york mattered in a republican primary. martha: it's exciting to have everybody paying attention to our i. donald trump got a hero's welcome on his home turf. watch this. that's the soundtrack when he runs these events.
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10,000 people packed that event. trump feeling the love and giving it right back. >> unbelievable. unbelievable! it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. we love new york and we are all together going to make america great again. lyin' ted cruz came and couldn't draw 100 people. remember when during the debate he started lecturing me on new york values like we are no good. i started talking to him about the world trade center, the bravery, the incredible bravery of our police, our firemen, our everybody. the worst attack in the history of the united states. the bravery that was showed, we
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all lived through it. i have this guy look at me talking about new york values with scorn in his face and hatred of new york. martha: ted cruz was in the bronx. he found out firsthand that new yorkers aren't shy. hecklers turned out to jeer him and they did not let up. >> get out of the bronx! >> this is an immigrant community. we feel the climate change every single day. this is the poorest conscious cal district in the country. to receive this right wing bigot is an insult. this an immigrant community. you are not welcome here. we are at the forefront of climate change here. people are dying.
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people are dying ted cruz. bill: climate change in the bronx. donald trump breaking 50%. that's important, we'll tell you why. take new york for a moment. it's trump to lose. what is the expectation? >> i think it i trump's to lose. the "new york times" had an interesting article saying trump may get above 50% in new york state. the question i how many delegates can trump and kasich peel off. does trump do the full sweep? i think that's obviously a good night for him. i would expect to hear him continue to talk about new york
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values. the best moment in his campaign was in that debate. bill: if he get on 95 he stays on track. if he doesn't get all 95 in 12 days it get even more difficult to thread that needle. >> i think it's a real challenge. depending on how you do the delegate count. trump need to win about 58% going forward in order to get 1237 before july. if he wins all of new york's delegates he would need 53%. so he would have to overperform. there are some ways in which i think the wisconsin primary he can posed weaknesses that he will have to make up for.
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bill: our projection has him 40% short in california. there is a field poll in california. >> it's a fascinating poll. they find that trump has a statewide lead of 39-32 over ted cruz. but ted cruz is leading in some of the state's most populist areas where most of the areas will be awarded including los angeles county. if cruz does well there, he could maintain that lead. he could split delegates coming out of california which wasn't something people expected when they looked forward to the june contest. bill: these are just
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projections, folks. martha: , wisconsin, they knew 10 days ago wisconsin wasn't looking good for them. the whole family was out there with him yesterday. bill: you have got new york on the calendar and the last tuesday of this month. five different states including the northeast. martha: it turns out the two democratic candidate are at each other's throats. senator bernie sanders stepping up attacks on hoik. talking about donors, fat cats, the voting record. now he's taking it further saying she doesn't have the resume, which i think is a tricky argument. >> i don't think you are qualified if you get $15 million
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from wall street through your super pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. martha: the clinton campaign firing back saying sanders is hitting below the belt. brian fallon firing back. bernie sanders did not say hillary clinton was not qualified. but he has now. they are basically in a dead heat. sanders about to hold a news conference. we'll bring you bits of that as news is made there. bill: if she were to lose that state, that would be a minor
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earthquake and that would make 7 of the last contests sanders won and she did not. martha: there are concerns about troops in egypt's sinai desert. the troops are staying put. the question is how to protect them. what is the risk? reporter: there is a big base in the sinai gets hit about incoming isis fire at least once a day. american troops have been hit by roadside bombs which isis claims they planted. they have sent more artillery. and officials are trying to figure out what else they can do
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to keep our people safe. >> operationally we have people committed to the mission. my focus is making sure that they have the force protection in place. and we increased the force protection measures. reporter: these american troops are there just as peacekeepers so they can't carry out an offensive mission against isis. they can't fight back. martha: the fact they are speaking out saying they feel vulnerable. are they hinting that they are going to change the strategy or how they are prepared in any way? reporter: they say they are not going to change the strategy. they are very clear saying they are not going to be run out of the region by isis. >> no change in policy, no
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change in our force structure. reporter: there are 725 american troops in sinai. any change to their position or mission would have to be approved by the egyptian and the israelis because this is part of the camp david accord that dates back to 1979, way before isis was around. >> there safety has to be a priority. jack keane on that next hour. ted cruz saying he can unify the republican party after wisconsin. newt gingrich not so sure of that claim. >> now that they are terrified of trump they are chief siding they don't like cruz. now you are seeing people dealing with cruz as sort of the acceptable, he's the normal candidate. bill: who is right on that. martha: donald trump setting up
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meetings with lawmakers. people who were at that contested convention say there were many similarities between 1976 and 2014. >> a great general said a few years ago, there is no substitute for victory. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto.
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bill: fox news alert. we are learning donald trump will make a stop down in washington, d.c. and emcancel his trip to california that was scheduled for friday. they are making audibles by the day that tells you what about the trump team. >> they are getting increasingly serious about this race. now the campaign has reached critical mass and entered a new phase which required new approaches. it means bringing on more seasoned operatives. what trump needs to understand
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is this is a sophisticated process. he has to protect the delegates he has. he has to wrangle unbound delegates. now this reality is starting to sink in which is why he's going to washington. >> if he wins more than 50% here in new york he gets all 95 delegates. it would be huge for him to do that. he's not going to california, he's going to washington next week. another reason. he has seen his delegates start to peel away around the country. and he's trying to say to lawmakers, i'm not the threat you think i am, i can work with you. bill: how is that going to go?
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>> i don't think it will go so well. this is numbers. i think most people agree he's probably not going to get to 1,237 through the process. i think the republican leaders telegraphs if he doesn't get to 1,237 they will do whatever they can to deny him the nomination. >> i think the reality now is that he could -- donald trump could be the republican nominee. you have more and more, i disagree, more and more of them reaching out to trump in case he does end up being the nominee. bill: up to this point it's been a campaign run by a sing out lahr force, and that's trump.
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does it suggest he's learning on the job and making changes when it's appropriate? >> what he's doing now hiring paul me -- ifor. the problem for donald trump is he's such an anti-establishment candidate, he runs the risk of being accused of going quote establishment if he's bringing some of these establishment operatives in. bill: do you think he cares about that? >> i think some of his supporters might. he starts bringing in insiders to help him. but it might damage him just a little bit. >> it's all about numbers. he's got to get to 1,237. if he doesn't get it on the
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first ballot, it ain't going to happen. bill: you see where you need to go. he's just shy of 500. have you done the math yourself? >> i come up with 100-150 short. we don't know obviously until people vote. but he's going to be between 53% and 58% of the declared delegates. california, that poll, steve hayes was saying is very, very problematic for trump when you look at the likely voters and population centers. he's not in great shape there. >> have you done the math? >> he could pull it off. but it look unlikely. senator ted cruz is giving him a real run for his money as we saw in wisconsin. he is a very smart and sophisticated operation that
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understands the byzantine delegate rules. they have ground operations in all of these state wrangling the delegates. it dawned on ted cruz th this is a delegate game. bill: i would just add the reason why it's important to get all the delegates in new york state is to stay on track. bill martha: people have been forced from their homes after a massive fire erupted in the middle of their neighborhood. it's bent signature focus of his campaign. he's going to build a wall. now he has border agents questioning that plan. >> he never bothered asking the agents what we need.
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bill: construction crews piercing a gas line in illinois. it caused several cars to explode. crews quickly able to isolate the gas line and turn it off, but the damage was done. a construction worker also injured in the state of illinois. >> we are going to have a strong border. we are going to build the wall. it will be a real wall, a real wall. who is going to pay for the
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wall? who? [mexico!] martha: he had an enthusiastic crowd on long island and they knew the script. donald trump is unwavering. but immigration agents say securing that border may not be so simple. the u.s.-mexican border is almost 2,000 miles long. we know the great wall of china is much, much longer, so he says this is a doable task. >> in areas, question. about 350 miles could stop a person from walking in. would a big steel fence or wall
6:26 am
help secure the border? can it be breached? yes. but agents say it doesn't mean it will work. across deserts, mountains, rivers, over and under a steel fence. it doesn't stop immigration. >> you never bothered to ask the agents what we need. >> does it make sense to wall the entire border? just because of the environmental conditions that we face. reporter: because of topography, wildlife and floods, agents say installing a steel fence where you can is a good start. >> it protects the agents, it loser their risk and gives us time to respond to illegal activity. reporter: radar towers and ground sensors help them but
6:27 am
they can fail. some areas are fenced on this ranch and others aren't. officials only document apprehensions. >> we have the evidence that they got away. they said no, there is no gotaways. and we were forced to remove it. reporter: every night they log the turnbacks and gotaways. if you want enforcement you still need the booth, the cam whereas, good roads and enforcement. a lot of it is dictated by budget and topography. bill: this woman added to the f.b.i.'s most wanted list. why the feds are so eager to get her behind bars today.
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martha: a contested convention of 1976. are we seeing echos of that battle this year? we'll talk to folks who were there and watched all of this unfold when we come back. >> there are season is who say that a partly platform is something nobody bothers to read and it doesn't often amount to much. whether it is different this time than it has ever been before, i believe the republican party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors with no pale shades. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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the candidates have invaded new york. hillary clinton at yankee stadium in a rare gal with reporters. this is live in the bronx.
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>> this is exciting. reporter: how does it feel to be back campaigning in the bronx. >> it feels great. when i first started running for the state in came to the bronx. and i came back many, many times and worked to support the great things going on in the bronx. i'm so proud of the progress that's been made. >> we have seen for many, many years in the bronx a friendship with hillary clinton. $9.5 million in investment, we have done that with real democratic values. we have done that by identifying problems and working together on the solutions. we have done that with someone who has been a leader in healthcare, the secretary has been by far the best person we have seen in terms of foreign policy.
6:33 am
someone said bernie is in the bronx. are you feeling the bern well, the bronx hasn't been burning in decade. she'll go ono win connecticut, and california, and take on donald trump. >> after what bernie sanders said last night and the fact his campaign manager -- are you still proud of the democratic race? >> i'm going to keep talking about the issues and drawing contrast because that's what elections are about. but i think it is important to tell people what you are going to do for therm and how you can get it done, how you can produce results that will make a positive difference in people's lives. that's why i like working with leaders like ruben.
6:34 am
don't make promises you can't keep. know what you want to achieve and bring everybody together to get the results. bill: this has become the essential rub in the battle between hillary clinto bernie sanders. sanders is in philadelphia saying hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. here is sanders right now. >> when you have headlines from "the washington post," quote, clinton questions whether sanders is qualified to be president, my response is, if you want to question my qualifications, let me suggest this. maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications when you voted in the wain iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the history of modern america. people might want to wonder about your qualifications when you supported virtually every trade agreement that cost the
6:35 am
american worker millions of decent paying jobs. the american people might want to wonder about your qualifications when you are spending an enormous amount of time raising money from your super pac from some of the wealthiest people in this country and the most outrageous special interests. i don't think i have to explain to the american people what wall street did to this country. she raised $15 million from wall street. are you qualified to be president of the united states when you are raising money from wall street. bill: sanders is going after hillary clinton's support of the iraq war, her support of free trade and iraq. sanders has won five of the last
6:36 am
six contests. this again -- this rare. when hillary clinton goes and in sort of a freelance -- we'll see whether they ask about the server, maybe. at some point. we'll keep waiting. 36 minutes past the hour. it gets hot as they come to the empire state. >> this our challenge, and this is why here in this hall tonight, better than we have ever done before. we have got to quit talking to each other and about each other and go out and communicate to the world that we may be fewer in numbers than we have ever been, but we carry the message they are waiting for. we must go forth from here
6:37 am
united, determined, and what a great general said a few years ago is true. there is no substitute for victory. martha: a speech that would go down in political history. ronald reagan conceding at the convention where he almost took the nomination from gerald ford. it was a wild time, the party was split, it was reeling from the turmoil of nixon's resignation. going into the convention ford had fallen short of having enough delegates to clinch the nomination. that insured there would be a drawn-out battle from ronald reagan who thought he should take over that mantel.
6:38 am
gentlemen, good to have you here. i want to get right to it. we are short on time because of what we were watching happening in new york. give us some examples of what was the wrangling like that went on at that convention. thanks for reminding me i once set up a youth campaign. that was a long time ago. in a contested convention the trailing candidate wants to create i os. he need to develop a new narrative so the delegates don't think the candidate that's leading is necessarily going to be the nominee. the strategy of the reagan forces in 1976 is to pick a rules fight with president ford that required both presidential candidate to name their vice
6:39 am
president prior to the balloting. there were a lot of ford delegates it was thought that would vote for that. we came up a little short. came close but didn't win. had we won, the dynamic of the campaign might have changed at that point. i would expect for 2016, you might see the same tactics in place by the trailing candidate. martha: when nancy reagan came into the hall she got such a huge overwhelming response in that room that the ford people shuck signs into people jacket so when betty ford came out she could compete. this battle for delegates. what kind stuff was done? >> there was jim baker was head
6:40 am
of the ford operation. they were wooing delegates with ride on air force one to state dinners with queen elizabeth. an uncommitted delegate had a private meeting in the oval office with the president of the youth and came out with a federal our contract for his town and ford got his vote. but there was a lot of hand-to-hand combat. tempers flared on the floor of the convention. nelson rockefeller got into a famous confrontation with a utah delegate over his sign. there was the vice president of the news holding a phone over his head that was unattached to anything else after it was ripped out.
6:41 am
it might have cost ray began the mom nation. martha: phones don't rip out of the wall anymore. they are all over facebook and instagram. how does that change it if it happen this time around? >> communications will be much better. we have walkie-talkies which if you got into the wrong side of the convention hall. you couldn't day in communication with people. i do remember as craig remembers the secretary of state, henry cousinnier was under house arrest. he was very upset that the ford white house would not fight for the morality of foreign policy blanks. the ford people were so good about pick off individual delegates, one of the reagans'
6:42 am
famous lines is when president board comes to town you don't know if the band should play hail to the chief or santa claus is coming to town. >> he had been thrust into office after watergate. when you look at this for your party, what are the lessons. what would you say to them about a contested july con having? >> a contested convention can help a party provided it unifies at the end. the democrats were divided, they lost. the republicans were united, they won. i urge them to do war they can to unify at the convention. one story i remember and chronicled in my book.
6:43 am
as reagan is giving that he can telthat speech.reagan goes to te says what am i going to say. dever said you will think of something. when he's gig this address talking about lofty policies and goals. a florida delegate said, oh, my god, we nominated the wrong man. martha: good to see you both. thank you. bill: senator ted cruz says he believes they be unite the party. >> we saw republicans come together and unite. stand united. that's what this elect is all about. it's about unity.
6:44 am
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that. i would take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz. let's keep our eye on what's at stake in this elect. we have republican who value -- who are so antithetical to what's right for new york or america. bill: mark theisen's comments in "the washington post." a quick comment before i talk about ted cruz. do you see the democratic race shifting significantly? or is it just plowing along state by state. >> she lost sick in a row.
6:48 am
now she is in her -- she los six id she lost six in a row. if thee were to lose her home state that would be a disaster. bill: polls are getting closer by the day. >> the problem with hoik is voters think she is the most electable candidate. the email scandals have hurt her. the majority of democratic voters say she is not trustworthy. but they are voting for her because they think she can win in november. bernie sanders need to put a dent in her electability. he's losing when it comes to electability and they want to win in november. bill: let me move to newt
6:49 am
gingrich, and unity in the republican party when he said this about ted cruz. >> if crew was running out trump, cruz would be the guy the establishment was opposed to. but now that they are terrified of trump they decided they don't like trump and now cruz is the acceptable normal candidate. bill: he's making the case, cruz, that he can unify the party after wisconsin. in washington where you live cruz is not well liked. >> the fact of the matter is the gop establishment need to wake up. 75% of the american primary voters are supporting the two outsider candidate. there is a message in that. in our country you govern with the consent of the govern, at
6:50 am
least on the gop side, 75% are withdrawing their consent from the establishment. if you don't like donald trump and you are part of the washington establishment, you have got to get behind ted cruz. the problem is, it's all personal. all the opposition to cruz is not about policy it's about personality. it's about tactics. they don't like him. they don't disagree with him on things. if you went down his policy positions they would agree with him on 90-95%. but they just don't like him and that's not a good reason. martha: critics are blasting the tsa says the agency poured tens of thousands of dollars into an
6:51 am
program that turned out to be a waste. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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martha: your tax dollars at work. the tsa under fire for spending $40,000 on an app that points to the right or the left. critics say it could have been created by an anonymous coder in a day. what's the story there. >> this is a doozy. this is called the randomizer. it points left or right to determine where passengers are going to stand in which line. the point of the app was to make the line go faster and it turns
6:55 am
out the tsa jeff paid for this app. it cost $47,000. a coder posted a video online of him creating this app in 10 minutes. so huge overpayment. martha: and they don't even use it. >> it was part of a larger program, the tsa paid for a larger program. but the app put a convicted felon in the precheck line. so not a good idea. martha: they can put that with the screeners that didn't work. not getting huge points for efficiency at the tsa. bill: it's officially on.
6:56 am
the battle for new york. and already donald trump is up big. how does john kasich eat into that lead? and how about that new york values comment. >> the worst attack in the history of the united states. the bravery that was shown was incredible. we all know people that died and i have this guy looking at me talking about new york values with scorn in his face. with hay trade. -- hatred.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> donald trump saying it is great to be back in new york as thefront runner hold a massive hometown rally, huge crowds turning out in long island for
7:00 am
him. bill: trump's first big rally in new york and he wasted no time going after ted cruz hitting him on comments about new york values which came out a month ago. trump has 743 delegates, 60 shy of those needed , shy of 500.ed ted cruz at 517, another 95 up for grabs on april 19th. trump telling a crowd on long island why he should get their votes. >> you have to spell it right. l-y-i-n-apostroph l-y-i-n-apostrophe. i am a straight shooter, i shoot straight. like new yorkers, we shoot straight. martha: fox news digital politics editor, good to see you this morning, taylor two campaigns in new york city was
7:01 am
something to watch. >> donald trump is back to himself. for a period he was trying something else, dignity, presidential repose, more mildness and conciliatory tone, we are back to the shouting, lying this, reminiscent of what you called ben carson, compared ben carson to a child molester, called marco rubio little marco, we are back to core trump. that is what he has got to do. if he tries to be somebody else, in normal candidate it will fall flat and they won't like it. martha: he is bulking up the forces, he will head the dc office, there has been in fighting in the trump campaign, it seems like he wants to have the other side of this soda up
7:02 am
as well. >> what a catastrophic mistake, potentially catastrophic mistake for donald trump to go dc, not even great k st.. the last time he did anything relevant in washington was 1996. i cannot imagine what he charges, what he does but taking his campaign away from the core group of individuals, donald trump's campaign was not supposed to work because it broke all the rules. if he tries to play by the rules now and by into washington. martha: watching what ted cruz is doing with delegates and realizing after what happened in wisconsin had to be a wake-up call because there 28 points ahead and they lost it. ted cruz didn't just win it, ted cruz lost it. they have to be a good businessman tries to figure out what do we need to tweak?
7:03 am
>> the fact that in wisconsin he never lost any vote share, it never went down. he consolidated the vote that was going to marco rubio and carson. martha: he said he was going to get those votes. >> he will win big in new york but among conservative voters and moderate voters needs to change that. martha: going back to the bronx, what happened? all the time -- when she was here more regularly what do you think of the press, questions at yankee stadium? what is going on? >> she makes mitt romney look like a natural person. so awkward and uncomfortable trying to be real, trying to be related. they don't particularly want her. they are going to take her because bernie sanders is an impossibility in many ways.
7:04 am
watching very rich people, this is a person who hasn't driven a car until her husband's second term, it is off. martha: john kasich, often complains that he doesn't get media coverage either candidate gets. he was in ohio yesterday, it is all ted cruz and donald trump and john kasich expected in new york. >> of ted cruz sincerely wants to stop donald trump he needs to step aside in new york. i looked at a couple places. one or two congressional districts, ted cruz makes an argument to get the delegates but it is not going to be him. if he wants to win and have a chance of the convention john kasich has a place, the number one goal with every republican who doesn't want donald trump to
7:05 am
be there party's nominee, if he gets 50% he gets all the delegates, if ted cruz needs to figure out what he has to do strategically to help john kasich or not heard his cases to hold trump down. bill: delegate numbers don't add up right now. john kasich's campaign says that will change at the convention. senior strategist telling folks to relax. >> people need to take a chill pill, get to cleveland, it will be exciting, it will be fun, at the end of the day they will pick a nominee who can win and can govern. bill: we will talk about the rules and the convention and what they are doing to get rid of that possibility. john kasich is playing for a
7:06 am
second or third ballot. martha: some kind of implosion with these other two candidates and he looks like the knight in shining armor. a lot of skepticism about that but anything could happen. bill: massive manhunt underway for two psychiatric patients, anthony garver and mark adams are described as dangerous, mentally incompetent to stand trial, they escaped overnight from a mental hospital 50 miles south of seattle. that is where dan springer is live. are they close to catching these guys? >> reporter: it doesn't appear they are. these two escaped, publicly got some help, they got picked up by a car and could be hours from the hospital by now. they went missing at 7:30, snuck out through a loose window in the room. western state hospital is next
7:07 am
to interstate 5, it goes all the way north into canada and south into mexico. both men were housed in the civil ward of the hospital because they were considered so dangerous, anthony garver was found in providence -- incompetent to stand trial in 2013 of a murder charge, his victim was a 20-year-old woman who was found tied up, stabbed 24 times, her throat was slit. garver is 5 foot 8, 250 pounds and was last seen wearing brown fated sweatshirt and orange flip-flops. alexander adams is 58 years old, 6 feet tall, 210 pounds, wearing a white t-shirt, send to western state hospital for treatment after assault two years ago. he was also found not competent to stand trial. they are asking public to be on the lookout, they have transportation hubs covered in case they are still in the area. bill: the manhunt continues and we will bring you that when we
7:08 am
get headlines. martha: breaking news, belgium's federal prosecutor's office has released new footage of the suspect wanted in connection with the deadly brussels attack. you saw the man in the hat, next to the two other individuals. this is new video that has been released. they want anyone who knows who this person is to help them track him down so they are using every bit of street surveillance from brussels that they have tracked down. >> all find point to it consisted convention, the republican party may have painted themselves into a corner. >> 80% of the delegates committed to trump or ted cruz, do you think they will sit there and go yes, why do we change rules? which ironically were imposed by the romney people for the
7:09 am
purpose of control? martha: there are a lot of questions about this. we will talk about that in a moment live. martha: in fighting? not just republicans, bernie sanders launching a new line of attacks against hillary clinton. >> i am, quote, not qualified to be president. let me just say in response to secretary clinton i don't believe that she is qualified. i. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn
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bill: we are learning more about how the fbi hacked an iphone, james comey revealing the government purchased the tool from a third party that allowed them to unlock the device adding the technology remains in safe hands. >> i know a fair amount about them and have a high degree of confidence that they are very good and their motivations align with hours. that doesn't mean we are having discussions about should we tell apple what the flaw is that was found? interesting conversation, they will fix it and we are back where we started from but as silly as that may sound we may end up there. we haven't decided yet. bill: interesting reversal. tim cook said they have another way. comey says the tool only works
7:14 am
on the iphone 5c. martha: the war of words is escalating on the democratic side in the race for president, started last night or went to a new level when bernie sanders questioned whether hillary clinton is qualified to serve as commander-in-chief. >> let me say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe she is qualified. [cheers and applause] >> she is, through her super pac, taking tens of millions of dollars in special-interest. martha: that kept the crowd going. the former deputy campaign manager for martin o'malley and
7:15 am
democratic strategist, ashley pratt, senior political reporter, welcome to both of you, great to have you with us this morning. let me start with you, you think bernie sanders is burning a bridge and that is a mistake. >> most definitely. bernie sanders is denying what hillary clinton gave barack obama in 2008 which was a graceful transition. when i was on the campaign for barack obama i remember being in the hall, we were waiting on pins and needles for hillary clinton to concede, to turn over her voters and it was a critical moment right before she spoke. i don't see -- it will be nearly impossible for sanders to do the same at the convention. he will be there and say now she is qualified? it undermines the party. >> he is not in a conciliatory mood. he won 7 of the last 8 states and is garnering enthusiasm in
7:16 am
these crowds that she is not seeing. >> he has momentum on his side and she doesn't. he was very conciliatory at first, didn't attack her for emails or go after her in that debate, he took a hit for that in that he didn't go after her by his supporters. that is something to be reckoned with, the fact that bernie sanders is stepping up to the plate and saying this is why i should be the next president and you shouldn't. it is not sexist, not a play on words, not because she is a woman. all these things they are coming out with. i find it hilarious that on twitter hillary is trending and the sanders campaign people have taken it over. it shows you the power of momentum and what his campaign can do because so many young people are behind him and are not rallying behind her and will not support her in the general election. martha: the clinton campaign says forget it, it is insurmountable was the word they
7:17 am
have been using in terms of delegates, and superdelegates as we know, and tapping into a bit of what he has and the feel the burn magic that has worked for him and she seems to be doing it by taking questions, open and loose outside yankee stadium, riding the subway, keep it real, is it going to work? >> i think it will. at the end of the day on april 19th at the end of the election she will win and it we very close, she will win new york and a senator for eight years and very well-liked and did a good job. new york politics is so different from any state we have seen in the past so you have to be out there, she has to -- this is an important important state, a must win state and the line has been drawn so they are both clearly as we have seen in the last 24 hours it is going to get
7:18 am
very hot and contested and they are going to go for it but at the end of the day she will win. martha: who would have ever thought this would turn into a slugfest the tween bernie sanders and hillary clinton? she has to be thinking i went through this last time around when barack obama, now bernie sanders who is obviously a very different person, very different political character is giving her a run for her money they never could have imagined. >> certainly, that is what is interesting about this race, the amount of momentum he has had. people thought he would slow down when bringing 30,000 people at the rallies, he pulled in 18,000 people in the bronx and now it is a 10 point race in new york and on her own home turf and that scares her and trying to go after her for being out of touch which she is with a majority of americans. a candidate who is anti-wall street, the candidate who is out there saying this is why trade is hurting people and taking away jobs and she supported
7:19 am
this. i think right now it is smart for him to play that strategy. martha: the country has proven in terms of primary races that someone who speaks to them in an honest authentic way is what is working. >> you see those that turn up, before we let you go, the latest head to head national poll with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. sanders at 49%, hillary clinton at 47 in a national matchup. don't tell the sanders folks this is not theirs to win. >> if i were the sanders folks i would be pushing hard as well. like ashley said he has the momentum and it has been behind him, he won the last six contests and he has the money, he is out raising her as well. this is it. they have to go hard, take it to
7:20 am
new york and this is what is happening. the numbers, that whole is interesting and if i were the clinton campaign i would be very concerned. martha: great talking with you both. bill: are american troops in danger of trying to keep the peace in the middle east? some suggest they could be sitting ducks for the threat of isis. general jack keane on how we keep our forces safe today. martha: you are hired, donald trump bringing in new team members. what does this say about his campaign and what their next move is? interesting stuff. >> we have had tremendous success, look at the crowd we have tonight, 17, 18,000 people showed up on three days notice and it will be amazing. you have probably not seen a crowd like this. if you have medicare
7:21 am
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martha: fresh off of villanova's win for the national championship we are hearing resident obama's congratulation call went in to jay right. take a listen. >> it was a great game because it was not like north carolina gave it away. they had big shots and you guys came back but your team showed grit. really high character throughout this thing. it was a pleasure to watch and congratulate all of them, he looked pretty cool out there taking that shot. i am looking forward to welcoming you guys to the white house. congratulations, coach, goodbye. martha: sounds like they are going to the white house. president obama will be one of the lucky ones to get a response, he has been getting
7:25 am
tons of calls and texts, we asked him to come here but he has only answered a few so far. >> i try to pick ones that i can publicly say i apologize, i did not return to something i know -- i appreciate it. martha: a great moment for a small catholic school in pennsylvania, not one of the big powerhouse sports programs. it is their moment in the sun to enjoy. anything jay right should come back to? >> the invitation is always there and mccallum is still glowing. >> a four star general said moments ago it only happens once every 31 years. we can change that. bill: the growing threat from isis in egypt might pl. american
7:26 am
troops in danger. we have 700 military members operating in outpost in the sinai peninsula. concern is mounting they might be vulnerable to attack. our guys are not allowed to hit first. general jack keane, fox news military analyst. how are you? >> good day to you. bill: they are there to keep the peace between egyptians and israelis. why now is this suddenly about protection? >> the reality is they are there as observers to see if there are any peace treaty and they report, they are not there to conduct combat operations, they had a right to defend themselves. there have been very few violations, we tried to get out of this thing ten years ago. and we are one of the 12.
7:27 am
isis is a growing menace in the sinai, and the egyptian government, this force is well armed, they have surface to air missiles, the most advanced rpgs the russians produced and the normal assemblage of other kinds of weapons. they brought down the russian airliner, this is a dead serious force and a growing threat to our force. what makes our guys vulnerable so viewers can understand we are not sitting at a big base, we have one of those, a major resort area within a mile of it but most soldiers are on isolated outpost separated miles from each other in desert terrain, that makes our guys vulnerable. and the isolated base itself, 15 to 20 increases the threat.
7:28 am
bill: jeffrey says us forces in sinai, ground in the ongoing insurgency against the egyptian government led by isis. why is it the case we can't at first? >> these guys, they attack against us and those rules have to be changed. i know our commanders are going through what we call threat assessment, very experienced combat veterans and understanding what do we need to do to help protect our forces, increase balance, armored vehicles, increase number of troops on the ground, consolidate isolated base to a certain degree, make certain people have the capability to defend themselves, going through all of that. i would add do it one of the things i have always done his worst-case scenario, what do we
7:29 am
do if we lost one of those isolated bases, what would our actions be after that? that is what we are going to do. martha: what concerns you have in a nutshell? do they have what they need? >> the threat profile is going to increase, they will likely take one of these bases, i don't know the details about what folks are doing to make certain they are properly defended, we should take care of our cells. bill: keep an eye on it. thank you. martha: a contested convention, they are talking a lot about it, what does the party chief think they should do about that? bill: looks like a scene from a blockbuster movie, smothered a massive chunk of land downtown. this wall of dust goes flying through the air.
7:30 am
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bill: ted cruz holding a rally near albany, thousands backing into the christian academy but he is facing a steep hill when it comes to getting enough delegates to win the nomination. it comes with contested convention in cleveland. rewriting the rules could change the landscape. the chairman of the republican national committee with me here. >> i haven't started pouring baileys into serial yet. bill: some of these details are particular for a reason. john sununu was with us monday
7:34 am
saying he was on the rules committee four years ago and this rule was born out of the fact that a hurricane hit the convention so they had to condense the time of prime time talk so the limited amount of time to enter name the nomination is why you came up with this idea you had to win a minimum of 5 or even eight states with the majority of delegates and your name is in the nomination. that is the rule as it stands now, correct? eight is the minimum. >> that is the rule now. that may have been one of the reasons but this is what the romney delegates decided to do on the rules committee and ultimately on the floor of the convention. bill: ted cruz has four states to his name. of the rule stand it would be not enough for him to enter his name into the nomination. he has to win four more states, correct? >> he might have more than that, but he has to have a majority of
7:35 am
eight states, delegates, on the nomination, in order to be nominated on the floor of the convention. that is correct. bill: still has time to make up for that. nebraska, montana, south dakota, he may or may not get there. if he does not get there and the rule does not change, the drama is over. donald trump is your nominee. >> it depends what happens. these are hypotheticals i'm not in position to get into but i understand the rules completely and if the hypothetical -- if candidate x doesn't have eight states majority in the nomination form and they are not able to get the nomination, going to be nominated on the floor and present four nominations. we keep the votes, you know in tampa the tally sheet took the
7:36 am
votes for the people that were bound to vote for a particular candidate. michelle bachman got a vote, ron paul got a vote, the votes are recorded. when delegates are bound to candidate they are bound to vote for that candidate. it is not like they don't get to vote. they vote for the person they bound to. bill: they have too soon but the rules committee could change the rules any time. newt gingrich was talking about this. think of what he said and make the case. >> the very people who designed these rules are getting bit by the rules they set up and there is zero possibility trump and ted cruz are dumb enough to let them change it. it is not going to happen. we will plan to the rules as they are. >> is he right?
7:37 am
playing by the rules as they stand? >> it is up to the rules committee. the majority of -- here is how it is going to work, the majority of delegates on the rules committee are going to review the rules and the majority will make recommendations to the delegates on the floor. the delegates on the floor by majority will adopt or reject recommendations of the rules committee. and no states, all of the recommendations to the convention and the majority of delegates accept it. bill: the last contested convention was four years before cable news was born. that with a lifetime before donald trump sent his first tweet.
7:38 am
would you televise the rules committee for everyone to watch in a transparent way. >> i don't know. no one ever asked me that, don't know they weren't. and it was free-flowing the week before. that would be the outcome, everybody would be able to watch. >> i'm not against it. i always thought because there were so many people in and out of the meeting saying there was press everywhere. i always assume that. bill: we will talk again, appreciate you coming back. thanks. >> gloves coming off for bernie sanders and hillary clinton, sanders with a path to the nomination after wisconsin's big
7:39 am
night in the badger state, clinton tries to slow his momentum down as she campaigned hard in new york. there is a battle over qualifications to be president, not talking about age or where you are born, what is going on? >> where this all started his bernie sanders did an editorial board meeting a few days ago at the new york daily news and really fumbled a lot of questions including how would you break up the big banks which you talk about as the core of your campaign? didn't know whether the president or treasury secretary had that power so hillary clinton was asked yesterday whether or not he is qualified to be president she didn't answer directly. she did not say he is not qualified but would not answer that he is, he is not doing his homework, not able to answer a lot of these questions and that is why sanders got fired up and said she is the one not qualified to be president. here he is.
7:40 am
>> secretary clinton, just because i am from a small state of vermont and we are going to come to new york and they are going to beat us up and go after us in a really uncalled for way we are not going to fight back, they can guess again. bill: he said she is not qualified to be president because of her role in the iraq war, taking millions of dollars in super pac from wall street, so the big picture is both these candidates like to say with donald trump and the republicans all mean and nasty and negative and they have a high-minded campaign on the left, it is downed to be better. >> when you look at the seven wins he has racked up in the money he has which is an enormous amount of money the clinton camp has to be concerned. bill: new york you mentioned before is becoming a must win for hillary clinton on april 19th.
7:41 am
that is why she is on the subway trying to look like i am an average person, i understand new yorkers, she served in the senate eight years from new york obviously and she keeps trying to say i am not getting in the gutter with bernie sanders, trying to take the high road, here she is. >> don't know why he is saying that but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. let's keep our eye on what is really at stake in this election. bill: the clinton camp is outraged bernie sanders would suggest she is not qualified to be president as the former senator, former secretary of state, former first lady, we are taking couple stories from 2008 where it turns out clinton advises back then were saying barack obama was not qualified to be president. it depends on where you are sitting at any given time whether you think your opponent is qualified or not. >> everybody sounds like they are from new york all of a sudden. thank you very much. bill: i am. you never know who you are going to bump into on the subway
7:42 am
today. i run into bill hammer on the subway. bill: down there all the time. good to see you. donald trump beefing up his staff bringing seasons campaign professionals on board seeking to build political support on capitol hill, he will be in washington to do that in a moment, doctor ben carson, a trump supporter, will talk about that. bill: terrifying ordeal as a renovation project causes homes to collapse with a man inside. >> a house collapse is very rare. looking at that house you would think injuries would be extensive but only have a few injuries, remarkable. @e@8ñúñ÷
7:43 am
7:44 am
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7:46 am
>> when you start thinking about 35 major championship wins -- [applause] >> a lot of really good players. >> yes! bill: he will never forget that. gary player, 880, hole in one, playing today and augusta. that was the contest yesterday, gary player, jack nicholas, tom watson, the heat is underway in the battle for the green jacket, the golfers can bring their kids or their grandkids and dress them in the white caddy outfits, a cool site.
7:47 am
martha: back to business, donald trump moving to build support in washington following the wisconsin primary, the hired d lobbyist and consultant paul metaphor to head up his washington campaign and do work on the convention floor and delegates, plans are in the works for donald trump to hold the first in a series of weekly meetings with supporters on capitol hill and that will get underway according to early reports that we have. doctor ben carson is a supporter, former gop presidential candidate and retired pediatric neurosurgeon. good to see you back on the program. he is going to the hill, everything he has run on is he wants to be the opposite of the washington insider so he hired washington insiders to help them out and that is getting some criticism. why not stick to what he is doing? that is what works for him.
7:48 am
what do you think? >> one of the things that has not worked in recent years is the current president doesn't talk to the people on capitol hill. there is no relationship even with the democrats. in order to get something done you have to be able to communicate and have a meaningful relationship. before people get divorced what do they do? they stop communicating with each other and next thing you know their spouse is the devil incarnate. the same works with other kinds of relationships. i think it is the right move to make. >> everyone's policies are under a microscope which is should be as everyone tries to figure out if the things they are suggesting would work and he is getting some pushback from border agents whether or not the wall is the way to go. also got a little pushback from the president, here he is. >> people expect the president of the united states and the
7:49 am
elected officials in this country to treat these problems seriously, they don't expect half-baked notions coming out of the white house. martha: your reaction? >> maybe i missed something along the way but i haven't noticed a lot of very effective policies coming out of the current administration that stopped the flood of people from south of the border. what we need to do again is be logical. what has worked? what has not worked? if you look at yuma county, arizona, they put a double fence with an asphalt road for quick access, prosecuted first-time offenders and put border guards on the border, imagine that, and stopped 90% of the traffic coming through. something that can be done along the entire stretch without much difficulty. we can do it. we have the ability. it is the will. martha: newt gingrich assessing
7:50 am
the rise of ted cruz as the alternative candidate, john kasich would argue he is also an alternative candidate but newt gingrich is arguing republicans who would have been in favor of establishment candidates are doing so with their noses held supporting ted cruz. what do you make of that? >> there is no question that he has been a polarizing figure and it is ironic, a lot of people who were so critical of him are jumping on the bandwagon. what people need to do is take the long-range view. the long-range view is if we lose, when i say we i am talking republicans, conservatives and logical people. if we lose this and we allow somebody to get in who has this progressive mentality and they get the supreme court picks our children and grandchildren and all our posterity for a long time to come will be affected in
7:51 am
a very negative way. people have to get over there little personal likes and dislikes and recognize that we have to fight for those coming behind us. look at all the people who fought for us so we could have freedom and prosperity. martha: thank you, we will be right back. you shouldn't have to go far
7:52 am
7:53 am
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. bill: getting ugly as we are six weeks until the new york primary, what some call the other subway series, bernie sanders calling hillary clinton unqualified to be president doubling down on comments this morning as hillary clinton launches a major offensive against the vermont senator questioning his credentials as a democrat, all ahead, "happening now". bill: a massive wall of dust sweeping through texas and oklahoma, roaring wind carrying dirt from colorado to 2,000 feet
7:55 am
in the water. maria molina, meteorologist at the fox weather center. what caused this? maria: incredible stuff. this is so insane, like you mentioned, these towers are as tall as 2,000 feet. we had a cold front pushing eastward, there is a lot of dry conditions across parts of the planes so winds of 60 miles an hour picked up a lot of the dust on the ground and produced this dust storm. it is not too uncommon across parts of the desert southwest or even the high plains particularly during dry periods of time. that is what we have been seeing across portions of the planes. it is estimated this dust storm was numb 100 miles wide. i want to show you evidence of it on radar. that is what is particularly interesting, you can see a dust storm on radar. the cold front pushing eastward rolling through part of the
7:56 am
planes and across colorado and a lot of dust being picked up, you can see rain in advance of the cold front and the outflow from storms and showers picked up the dust and it starts to show up across texas and oklahoma. very significant that you can see the dust being picked up on radar. the massive storm system pushing eastward bringing a lot of heavy rain across portions of the northeast and parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania and because we will be seeing areas of heavy rain there is a concern for localized flash flooding. heads up on that. behind the system it will get cold again across the northeast and we could see some snow this weekend. bill: come on! martha: you got to deal with it. some storms possible out here across the midwest as we head into coastal areas of the carolinas. keep an eye on that. the empire state looms large in the race for the white house and
7:57 am
the gloves are coming out with candidates going on attack around here. a look at how that is shaping up when we come back. >> . >> .
7:58 am
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8:00 am
around? >> here and there. >> 10 days before the next primary so we will see. thanks for being with us. eric: the race for president moves to the east coast, to your new york state where a war of words is heating up and some candidates claim their own visions of home-court advantage. hello and welcome to happening now, i jon scott and we welcome heather now. heather: great to have you back. i'm heather in for jenna lee. those primaries less than two weeks from today. the latest poll of republican voters showing donald trump with a commanding lead in his home state, more than 50 percent after he was walloped by ted cruz in wisconsin. trump has little room to


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