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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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you think he's going to stick around? >> here and there. >> 10 days before the next primary so we will see. thanks for being with us. eric: the race for president moves to the east coast, to your new york state where a war of words is heating up and some candidates claim their own visions of home-court advantage. hello and welcome to happening now, i jon scott and we welcome heather now. heather: great to have you back. i'm heather in for jenna lee. those primaries less than two weeks from today. the latest poll of republican voters showing donald trump with a commanding lead in his home state, more than 50 percent after he was walloped by ted cruz in wisconsin. trump has little room to
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maneuver if he is to collect enough delegates to prevent a war at the republican convention. for the democrats, bernie sanders highlighting his roots in brooklyn while hillary clinton claims her new yorker status after serving as senator in living in the state. jon: blake berman from our sister channel is following the races for us. blake? reporter: good morning to you. home sweet home it is for donald trump. his campaign announcing today they are rescheduling a stop tomorrow in california and looking forward instead to campaigning in new york. fresh off trump's wisconsin defeat the new yorker held his first rally in his home state last night. there trump went directly after ted cruz for the comments cruz made in the lead up to the iowa caucuses about new york values. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values with hatred. with hatred of new york. so folks, i think you can forget about him.
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reporter: cruz was forced to defend those comments yesterday while he was campaigning in the bronx. >> the people of new york know what exactly what those values are. there are the values of liberal democratic politicians like andrew cuomo, like anthony weiner, like eliot spitzer. reporter: despite the polling showing trump with a major lead in his home state, both cruz and john kasich continue to campaign in new york. cruz right now set to hold an event outside albany, kasich focusing his efforts today on brooklyn and the bronx. john, heather, back to you. jon: thanks very much. with that kind of turmoil among the republicans running for president, what's the impact on down ballot races like senator and governor? it does not bode well for republicans according to a summer toes crystal ball. he's revising six senate ratings in a democratic direction. those are colorado's michael
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bennett, i was chuck grassley, miseries wave ones, north carolina's richard burr, ohio's rob portman and pennsylvania's pat toomey. among among republican governors he thinks my pen and north carolina's pat mccrory are vulnerable democrats. let's bring in the publisher of the crystal ball and directors of the center for politics university of virginia, larry sato. larry, thanks for being here. you call this an intertwined election with your crystal ball meaning what? that the senate, the face of the senate candidates are intertwined more than usual with the candidates for president?>> yes, that's true john and in any election when you have very strong feelings about the candidates, when voters become very polarized, then people vote for president and they tend to stay in the party column. for senate, for house, for governor. for that matter all the way
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down to state legislature so the stakes are really high top to bottom and i think people in both parties need to remember this as the rhetoric gets superheated. i understand this isn't a battle, this is in a game of tiddlywinks. it's for all the marbles. the presidency, but when you escalate the rhetoric and the democrats are doing this to, you make it more difficult for the parties to reunite in the fall. jon: so you're not necessarily saying that of those six senators we just mentioned that their seats are guaranteed to godemocratic. you just say they are leaning , that the voters in those states are leaning in a more democraticdirection . >> yes in factwe still have senator roy blunt of missouri ahead . richard burr of north carolina, a republican is still ahead and the others are in tossup battles. the democrat michael bennett from colorado is doing better and has a good chance to win reelection but it's early, it's april.
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things change and a lot of this is going to be determined by the conduct of the parties and the delegates at their conventions. this is where the candidates really matter . are they going to think about the party first and the other candidates on the party ballot or is it going to be all about them to mark. jo out what youcall a doomsday political scenario for the republicans . what would that involve? >> well, it would involve a deeply split party that can't reunite around donald trump or a ted cruz or john kasich or some other person who is promoted of invention, as difficult at that as that scenario is going to be. at a certain point people have to think more broadly and they have to think about november and we haven't seen a lot of that yet . it is april but it is something that people ought to at least put in the back of their minds if not the front of their minds
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even at this early stage. >> so their polarization within the party you are saying where if a favored candidate doesn't get nominated for instance, many of his supporters might stay home from the polls completely in november. >> john, i can't tell you how many twitter comments i've had from cruise supporters, from trump supporters, from others saying it so and so gets it i absolutely will not go. i will even vote for hillary clinton. it just goes on and on and again, i know it's early. i know it's not november. some of that will fade but if it's as intense as i've seen in any recent presidential election year. jon: you mentioned hillary clinton, it's getting hot on the democratic side also. there are a lot of sanders voters who say they could never vote for her and vice versa. does the same thing affect the senate races on the democratic side? >> it doesn't yet but if things
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get really nasty at their convention it could. i saw a survey this morning saying that 25 percent of the sanders voters say they will not vote for hillary clinton in the fall. i don't think it will be that high come november but suppose this goes to a convention in philadelphia and the sanders delegates walk out or make nonnegotiable demands about the platform or insist that bernie sanders be added to the democratic ticket as vice president? you can imagine what would happen. >> more on that ahead. larry sabato of the university of virginia. thank you. jon: now this news alert. the infighting not limited to the republicans. bernie sanders and hillary clinton stepping up their attacks this morning. clinton questioning sanders knowledge of the issues and sanders calling her unqualified to be president. >> you have headlines on the washington post quote, clinton
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questions whether sanders is qualified to be president. my response is well, if you want to question my qualifications let me suggest this. maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications madame secretary. >> that's a silly thing to say that i'm going to rely on the voters of new york to know me and they have voted for me three times, twice for senate, one for the presidential primary.look, i don't know why he saying that but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time so let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election. jon: more on this with our political panel later this hour. heather: new information to tell you about on how the feds unlocked the iphone in the san bernardino terror investigation. the fbi director revealing the government purchased the technology to break the encryption from a third party. our chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris life for us in washington.
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do you know what's on that iphone? >> good morning. speaking at kenyon college in ohio the fbi director did provide new details on how the bureau unlock the iphone used by the san bernardino shooters telling students that the bureau had no way to access the phone until they found this new technology. >> is simply not the case that if apple wrote software for the killers phone it would inevitably be a catastrophic risk. any more than we are all at catastrophic risk now that the government has purchased the tool that allows court authorized access to the phone. >> purchasing the tool is new information. the director emphasized the new technology that opened syed farook's iphone will be shared with law enforcement facing the same kind of problem but added the technology was only good for a limited number of iphones. meantime, reuters is reporting this morning that the white house appears to be backing
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away from legislation to deal with the x encryption issue, citing burns and feinstein who lead the intelligence committee have drafted legislation that would require judges to allow tech companies to help law enforcement crack the encrypted data. earlier this year the white house was skeptical that congress could tackle the issue. >> we have previously been quite skeptical of legislative handling of this particular matter. but i'm confident that we will engage constructively with those not members of the senate on this issue. i don't know at this point whether or not this will result in a piece of legislation that we will embrace. >> this new report from the middle east media research institute includes that isis has intensified its online outreach, launching several android transcends and running a several websites to increase its network and while there's argument in washington over the best way forward with encryption, isis is wasting no time to broaden its reach.
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heather: catherine, thanks. jon: a man hunt is on in washington state as two men break free from the site racket facility. why officials say they are so dangerous. plus, security along our borders. donald trump wants to build a wall. we get a firsthand account of what it's like from border patrol agents themselves. also, we want to hear from you. you think bernie sanders calling hillary clinton unqualified is unfair? i live chat is up and running. go to and join the conversation. (boy) ma, pa - why do we settle for cable?
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(mom) because we're settlers and that's what we do.
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(girl) but with directv and at&t, you can get your tv and wireless service from one provider. (dad) are not we your providers? do we not provide you with this succulent jackrabbit pie? this delicious graywater soup? and a single lick of the family lolli every harvest moon? (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv. jon: right now some crime stories we are following. the woman allegedly behind the plot to murder a dallas dentist is now on the fbi's 10 most wanted list. authorities say a love triangle
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prompted brenda delgado to hire a man to kill kendra asher. the man who fired the shot is in custody.a man hunt in washington state for two men considered dangerous who escaped from a psychiatric hospital. both have been put there after being found incompetent to stand trial. one arrested for first-degree murder, the other for assault and domestic violence. offer challenging the verdict inthe holt hogan invasion of privacy case. the website asking for a new trial or for damages to be eliminated or reduced . the jury awarded the former pro wrestler more than $140 million for the website posted a video of him having sex with a friend's wife. heather: donald trump with the issue of border security front and center the day he entered the race for the white house and he's there with his pledge to build a border wall and then have mexico pay for it. the agency that works at the border are telling fox news whether the believe the systems in place are working and what more needs to be done. william's life for us in los angeles with more on the story. what are they saying? reporter: well, we spoke to agents across the border and they said we asked the
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question, would a wall or big steel fence work? yes, no question but because the people are always going to get through but yes, it would deter, it would make more difficult and slow down illegal immigrants. across deserts, mountains, even reverence. over, under and through a steel fence, nothing has stop illegal immigration. >> one person makes the stand that we need a wall. you never bothered asking the agents what do we need? >> we did. >> it doesn't make sense to wall the entire border. to build on wall may not be suitable just because of the environmental conditions that we face. >> because of topography, wildlife and floods, agents say a wall is unrealistic but installing a steel fence where you can is a good start. >> this essentially protects the agents, gives them, lowers their risk and gives us time to respond to illegal activity. >> brown sensors camera camera and radar towers help agents
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arrest immigrants but even these failed. >> they walkthrough the country and people can't see their tracks . >> jim chilton selected these shoes on his ranch on the arizona mexico border. some areas are fence, some not. >> smugglers have taken advantage of the situation. >> officials only document apprehension keeping secret another statistic . those turned back and those who got away. >> we have the evidence they got away. there's no got a ways, remove it and we were forced to remove it. >> the agents say our current apprehension numbers are misleading because we don't include the term back to got away. it's always been a question of money. by and large in the urban areas we have offense but in the rural areas we do not. they use cameras as the best bang for the buck. congress wanted 700 miles of that double fencing, we never got it. you have about 36 miles. heather: i hear what you said about the environmental is coming in and they have concerns about the wildlife there and that could throw a
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wrench in the works. william. reporter: they have a point. heather: we will talk to you again soon. jon: high school senior dies after a minor fender bender. who's being blamed for her death, details on the way. plus, a battle for new york. donald trump's home state and how ted cruises comments about the values there might hurt him even though he's being trying hard to clarify what he said. our panel weighs in. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers.
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jon: right now a new death link to the taconic airbag recall. a texas teen is the latest victim. the high school senior died
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after what eyewitnesses say was a minor accident. they describe what happened when she got out of her 2002 honda civic after that fender bender. >> she actually got out of the car, took a step and fell. collapsed. she should have walked away from it. she had a laceration on the side of her throat, it looked like it was debris from the airbag. >> they should definitely be trying harder to get those cars back. jon: honda confirms a defective airbag was to blame for her death. the company says its records show recall notices were sent out but repairs were never made. heather: america's election headquarters focusing on the next big contest. the newer primary and that's less than two weeks away. donald trump in his home state hitting ted cruz hard over that new york values comment, remember that one? comments the senator is trying to clarify. >> you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we are no good. like we're no good. and i started talking to him about the world trade center,
8:23 am
the bravery, the incredible bravery of everybody. our beliefs, our environment, our everybody. >> i will always stand with the police officers and firefighters and first responders and everyone who risked their lives to keep us safe and those values are american values. there the values of the people of new york were frustrated with liberal democratic politicians who keep hammering the people of this great state. heather: joining us now, associate editor and columnist weinstein, daily editor at the daily caller. ted cruz could never recover from that one and that's not earning him any fans here in new york. >> that's right. ted cruz is going to have a lot of trouble walking back to new york values comment in the days to come even as his answer was not very good but also this is a different culture clash. we don't do cowboy boots in new york city, i'm a native.
8:24 am
he's going to have a better time in upstate but i'll tell you, it's just a world away fromtexas , new york. and donald trump is going to play up not only that new york values comment in new york city but in upstate new york he is going to be appealing to depressed republicans who seem economic downturns that are much more drastic than people in the city have seen. he's going to have an anti-trade message that's very powerful and it's going to be very hard for ted cruz.he's not going to win new york, he's going to try to keep those numbers under 50 percent so trump doesn't sweep delegates but this is going to be tough two weeks. heather: and the goal here is not necessarily to win, he just wants to keep trump under 50 percent. >> he's going to try to keep up under 50 percent statewide and each of the districts where actually most of the delegates are awarded. if they can keep him under 50 percent, they will take at least one delegate in each of those districts away from
8:25 am
donald trump and it seems like part of the strategy is , go to some districts that are very liberal. they don't have very many republicans meaning that a low turnout would, just a few supporters for ted cruz might be able to do that and pick off those districts. >> speaking of a low turnout, ted cruz went to the bronx yesterday and about a dozen or a handful of people basically showed up. i'm not sure why his staff pick that location.i got to give him credit for talking to pastors and folks from the faith community but it didn't work very well for him compared to what donald trump had on long island. >> this is donald trump's home. everyone in the state knows his name but everyone in the state knows him better than the rest of the country and this is, we're going to see rallies like this in the weeks to come. ted cruises organization, it probably doesn't understand new york and they're going to try to hard not to be embarrassed and jamie is right, they can try to stop them from getting over 50 percent and sweeping delegates and eating some targets here and there but believe me, moderate republicans in new york are
8:26 am
more likely to go for john kasich ben they are for ted cruz. heather: he's only 17 percent in one of the polls earlier. >> ted cruises hitting trump, he called it the state university but i wonder if these active guys are hitting each other so hard , larry sabato touched on this earlier today. is it going to hurt the republican party overall in november? >> look what happened last time in 2012. it is newt gingrich who started the attacks on mitt romney as being a patriot businessman. he was building the nation, that ultimately was picked up by the hillary clinton campaign.that hurt mitt romney in november because it put mitt romney as what the democrats tried to pitch him as. the same thing on the republican side, democrats are going to pickup in these attacks whoever their nominee is and try to hurt them going in november so i think it will hurt them . >> you got to love this one when you look at how sanders
8:27 am
and clinton are attacking each other. like with kid gloves basically. she says he's not qualified and then he goes after her for her voting record. he didn't even touch on the server scandal or ben ghazi or anything like that. heather: this is true and actually if it weren't for all the oxygen donald trump takes up it would be a news bombshell all the time but bernie sanders actually did go too far yesterday, and that she's unqualified because he's really signaling to his supporters that they shouldn't support her if she's the nominee in december and that will take for a lot of tension the rest of the year. >> we have to leave it there. thanks so much. have a great day. jon: new information on one of the suspects in the brussels terror attacks. what police are saying about the man in half. and the two candidates who claim new york is home on the attack just as we approach their state primary.>>
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8:32 am
in action but that is exactly what the belgian authorities say they have released today. he is as you mentioned the so-called man in the hat or man in white. last seen with two suicide bombers at the brussels airport before the attacks left dozens dead and belgian authorities revealing a sequence of new surveillance video of thesuspect leaving the airport at the attack. his mom hasn't gone off , he looks casually, at one point running. those around him looking stunned. also released detailed stills of the man. they are asking the public to help find him more than two weeks after the attack, this guy is still on the run. belgian authorities taking a lot of heat for their handling of this terror attack and other terror matters. they're asking if people have found his jacket, they have their own in the images of the guy, he even showed the roof
8:33 am
from the airport into the center of the city. they tracking for about two hours then loses trail not far from the start back area of brussels. that is the scene that the alleged bomb factory for those same terrorists. the bid the video does seem to mix a theory going around that in addition to being involved in the airport bombing this suspect was also part of the deadly metro bombing which happened about an hour after the airport attacks a couple miles away. which also means that there could be yet another suspect on the loose. one other related note, there was a brussels court hearing today for paris attack suspects salah abdeslam. it seems like his extradition to france might take a few more weeks. so folks in brussels still have a few more questions including perhaps what his role might have been in the latest carnage. heather: back to that video. we have any idea what took
8:34 am
authorities so long to release that video? it's far more clear than the pictures we had previously seen. this really helps to find a guy. >> it looks like they assembled it from a lot of different sources. we saw the still initially, very soon after the attacks and a more detailed airport scene three or four days after. this was often assembled from literally seven or eight different cameras, some might have been public, some private it's taken them about two weeks to stitch it altogether. the larger question heather is, such good imagery in the airport itself, why this guy is still on the run. heather: you're absolutely right about that. the other guy was out for months but they got him. greg, thanks. jon: a war of words eating up as we approach the new york primary. hillary clinton attacking bernie sanders, questioning whether the independent was running as a democrat really is a democrat. sanders fires back with some harsh words of his own. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15
8:35 am
million from wall street through your super pacs. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. i don't think you are qualified if you have supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement which has cost us millions of decent paying jobs. i don't think you are qualified if you supported the panama free trade agreement. jon: for more on this list bring in jessica carlo, a democratic pollster and strategist and political strategist a chilling consultant and johnna caldwell, republican strategist. jessica, we will start with you because it's your party. what's going on here when you have the number two candidates suggesting that the number one candidate who is far ahead in the delegate count is unqualified to be president. >> she actually started earlier in the day. she dodged three questions
8:36 am
about whether she thought bernie sanders was qualified. the point of her doing that was the point out exactly the new york daily news interview that bernie sanders gave where he didn't clear on how he would break up the backs which is his signature issue. but what's going on is, new york, this primary is a big deal and it's not a big deal in terms of delegates. if anything it's going to be a close race. i think she's going to come out on top but his moment in, it's an issue and she needs this. she needs to say i won my home state and i win with diverse populations. bernie sanders is on a roll but he's on a roll with largely white constituencies and we are going into a series of states that really favor her and is going to get tougher. the next two weeks it looks like the republicans but it's not going to be pretty. jon: he was born in newark, still talks like he lives in new york, not necessarily vermont. could he win it? >> i think it's possible and i agree with jessica's
8:37 am
assessment. in this particular point for hillary clinton, she is being outraged by bernie sanders. he is in close margins withher in terms of possibly winning new york. i think what he's doing is showing he's unafraid to hit back at the clinton machine and i think he's exposing her for what she really is and that's a liar and a panderer . fact that she said things that honestly. >> we don't agree.>> but moving on, hillary clinton has been a person who will embrace a movement with the democratic base. for example calling herself a progressive. you can call yourself a progressive when you have goldman sachs in your bed so that's a problem.>> in her bed? >> big speeches. >> unfamiliar with them but the progressive charge, she handled it quite well saying, what's the main component of progressives? it's about progress and hillary clinton's career has shown she's brought about a large
8:38 am
amount of progress for america. you go back to beijing as first lady, women's rights or human rights, i don't see bernie sanders doing someing like that. the march of martin luther king, bernie sanders is a great guy. i have no problems with him. i just don't think he's ready to be president of the united states of america. >> and we agree on this be what hillary clinton obviously doesn't either because her remarks about him border on's what she had to say on morning joe. >> well, i think he hasn't done his homework and he's been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hasn't really studied or understood. that does rate a lot of questions and what it amounts to is for voters to ask themselves the can he deliver what he's talking about? can he really help people? jon: that after bernie sanders had interview with the editorial board of the new york daily news and couldn't describe how he would break up the banks. is that a effective
8:39 am
counterattack? >> i think it's usually effective and i think that we talk about how bernie sanders has gone at her with kid gloves, not really talking about email scandal. i don't care about your email. looking back, that was probably a mistake for him. that new york times article, his campaign was lamenting what could have been. i think this is very smart and hillary clinton wins every exit poll of voters who want someone with the right experience and that's what they feel about hillary clinton. he wins in trustworthiness and i think she needs to continue to strike him about how effective she can be as present and her qualifications. >> in heather's last segment, amy stoddard said if it were not for donald trump in the race, hillary clinton's emails would be a huge frontpage issue virtually every day. >> i agree with that and i think to some extent it has been and i think that some of the things bernie sanders could highlight. not necessarily about the emails but experienced his judgment.
8:40 am
she didn't have the judgment not to send out emails on the private server which you knows? it might have been secure with norton antivirus for all we know. we don't know so at the end of the day when it comes to this election race i think especially if it's a general election race between hillary clinton and donald trump he's got to highlight and expose a number of these issues which she had problems with and i think that's what it's going to come down to. jon: johnna caldwell, jessica carlisle, thank you. heather: more trouble for charlie sheen. his ex-fiancc thinks he wanted to kill her. police in california taking it very seriously and we have a legal panel coming in and they will take a closer look when we come back. this is lulu, our newest dog.
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8:44 am
pablo vasquez said he heard voices in his head before brutally killing a 12-year-old boy in 1998. vasquez was executed last night by lethal injection. in his final statement he told the victim's family he was sorry. heather: los angeles police confirming they have now opened a criminal investigation of troubled tv star charlie sheen. it centers on the alleged threats against his ex-fiancc, a porn star named brett rafe to have her killed over her recent lawsuit against him. her attorney says she was so afraid she got a protective order from the court and there is reportedly an audio recording of this threat which is what led to police to investigate. here's our legal panel. eric guster is a criminal defense attorney.
8:45 am
thank you for coming in. she's got this protective order, right? he will deal to come in contact with her. what do you see as being the central issue in this case? >> the issue everybody is focused on is the lapd is investigating and is charlie sheen ultimately going to be subject to felony charges? under california law it's a felony to threaten someone's life or threaten someone with great bodily harm is the term used in the statute. the whole thing is , with all this drama with charlie sheen, is the next thing coming down the pipe is possibly him her walking and facing a relatively serious felony charge. heather: this state is an audio recording sent to the national enquirer and another publication. we don't know what's on that tape. they know for a fact that charlie sheen? >> they believe they can prove its charlie sheen and one of the problems with the tape is authenticity. who had possession of it and if it is actually his voice. in addition they have to show his intent. was he talking flippantly about
8:46 am
killing her or was it an actual threat in domestic violence cases the courts have to be careful to make sure the person is protected as much as they can with protective orders and protective form of use . heather: what's his defense then? >> remember there's also the fact that it's not just the audio tape. the idea is the audiotape could corroborate the tracks. his defense i think it's going to be loved, even if you assume that its charlie sheen speaking his word, making the threat he didn't convey the threat to the person who was being threatened. remember, he's not ready rossi, he's threatening her ex-husband so charlie sheen's lawyer is going to say the way the law is written, the threat is going to be conveyed to the person who is threatened, not a third party. they will also say there's no specificity, it's all talk so it's going to come down to whether the person he's threatening is the person he's conveying to. heather: is this even can in admissible in court? >> it's difficult to get certain tapes and the problem with charlie sheen is, he has a title wave of problems. he's been on national television making threats and doing erratic things and that is what the court is also going to pay attention to.
8:47 am
is this the type of person who would carry out a threat and with the type of behavior that he's participated in the last few years, the court has to decide on the side of caution. make sure this person has a protective order to protect them against sheen. heather: that's the problem the lapd served a search warrant and the media companies popped up that day, do they have to do it? >> the media companies need to get this stuff up because of course they want their sources to feel like there have the privilege of journalistic shield. it's a real thing however, i think they probably lose that battle. this is a situation where reporters being asked to reveal information from a confidential source or being asked to reveal
8:48 am
that source. they're going to say this isan actual tangible evidence arguably in the public domain already, published on the website and so forth and maybe the company doesn't have to give up who they gotthe tape for, who the other speaker is on the tape but the actual evidence itself is an important part of the criminal investigation. >> once they publish it online it's not their private property anymore. they put it on blogs and it's been re-shared millions of times so it's not necessarily a private recording . heather: charlie sheen this is simply another attempt at extortion.>> he's already paid her over $1 million . heather: and other people as well to keep his secret safe. >> he paid people several million dollars to keep his diagnosis secret and that's one of his defenses. he saying this will fight get more money from me. she's making his breath, this is not true and that's why. if he can showhe paid her to be quiet and now he's breaking that and possibly using this as leverage, he could get out of . heather: a crazy case. >> its charlie sheen, of course it's crazy. heather: thanks for breaking it down and keeping it clean. john, let's send it over to you. jon: while the bride and groom's were saying there i do's, she was doing some dirty work. now the woman known as the bridal burglar has learned her
8:49 am
fate after pleading guilty to stealing a wallet from the bridal parties while the ceremonies were underway. how she did it. and new fallout from the revelations in the so-called panama papers. were the names of world leaders, american businessmen even celebrities have surfaced in the late documents about offshore accounts. reaction from around the world and what our government is doing about it. >> these revelations lead me outraged. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should have done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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8:53 am
adding their sites on the empire state and the battle between donald trump and ted cruz over so-called new york values is back on. ted cruz getting quite the bronx cheer. we will show you that and on the democrat side the tone is getting pretty testy. hillary clinton, bernie sanders each saying the other is not qualified to be president. plus janet jackson has lots of folks wondering if she's pregnant. at almost 50 years old. we will tell you why doctors say older celebrities having babies is giving some women false hope about fertility in their 40s. all that plus a hashtag one lucky guy which, you know what you need in the system? you need a doctor. outnumbered, top of the hour. back to you steve . jon: i don't have a medical degree so i can help you. heather: and you can fly a plane as well. more fallout and more bombshell revelations in the so-called panama papers as us treasury department gets set to launch a new crackdown on offshore shell
8:54 am
companies and more high profile names surfacing in the documents from one of the world biggest offshore law firms. in addition to international politicians names include american businessmen and even some celebrities. elizabeth donald from fox news is here to tell us about the latest in this drama. >> the latest high-profile means to emerge in the panama papers data leak include a number of celebrities who have had offshore dealings set up by the firm must act fonseca. the names include simon cowell, movie director pedro on bolivar, sarah ferguson, actor jackie chan, chess master bobby fischer, all use offshore services from the firm. while there is no suggestions that and any of them broke laws, we do have uk's prime ministerdavid cameron whose father used the panama law firm .
8:55 am
he is due to hold an international conference on offshore shells next month as president barack obama continues to argue that the problem is that a lot of this stuff is legal, not illegal. meantime the print treasury department once to do more to nail down the identities of shell owners and panama is now creating a new commission to improve transparency in the offshore industry and just within the past two hours russian president vladimir putin put out this statement. he is saying his name is not found anywhere in the panama papers, saying there is no corruption whatsoever connected to the office of the presidency in russia. back to you. >> but some of his cronies were. jon: the story is going to get bigger. new info on the fate of a woman known as the bridal burglar. police say denise burns dress-up at the wedding guest and waited to the ceremony began and then she would steal wallets from the members of the bridal parties.
8:56 am
she was identified through surveillance tape and recently pled guilty to the charges. her crime spree stretching across student to state with incidents in las vegas and san diego. now a judge just sentenced her to seven years behind bars. burns is also known as denise gunderson, she's got a long rap sheet with prior convictions for burglary and receiving stolen property. >> so bad. >> all kinds of creative ways. heather: i guess they do. you in the next hour happening now, massive fireball erupts on an illinois highway. take a look at that. a construction worker critically injured. what caused that blast. and severe storms slamming the south, downing trees and caring through homes. residents cleaning up and assessing the damage. we want to hear from you. you think bernie sanders coloring hillary clinton on
8:57 am
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♪ >> have to tell you later about my adventure earlier in the week, down at augusta national, watching pros getting ready to play the masters. >> that's where you were. how did you do? teach them a thing? >> not yet. >> we'll see you here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, political and legal analyst, fox news contributor eboni williams, #oneluckyguy, associate professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center and fox news medical a-teamer, dr. marc siegel is here on the couch. he is outnumbered. >> great to see you. >> at the end of this we may need a little prescription. there is a lot of heavy subjects we're handling today. harris: oh, my goodness.


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