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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ >> have to tell you later about my adventure earlier in the week, down at augusta national, watching pros getting ready to play the masters. >> that's where you were. how did you do? teach them a thing? >> not yet. >> we'll see you here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, political and legal analyst, fox news contributor eboni williams, #oneluckyguy, associate professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center and fox news medical a-teamer, dr. marc siegel is here on the couch. he is outnumbered. >> great to see you. >> at the end of this we may need a little prescription. there is a lot of heavy subjects we're handling today. harris: oh, my goodness. >> we can handle it by holding
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hands. andrea: hand sanitizer after. >> before and after. andrea: i can't get rid of my cold either. can we talk after the show? >> absolutely. sandra: let's get right to it, donald trump in "new york state of mind" as republican front-runner looking to rebound in his home state, following his disappointing showing in wisconsin. as a new monmouth university poll shows trump topping 50% mark. cruz well back in third. the poll is significant because a majority of the vote in new york suggests trump could win nearly everyone of the 95 delegates awarded by the people state. at his first new york rally, the crowd, 10,000 strong, trump tearing into cruz for his criticism of new york values during a debate earlier this year. >> you remember during the debate, when he started lecturing me on new york values, like we're no good. [booing]
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like we're no good. i started talking to him about the world trade center, the bravery, the incredible bravery of everybody, our police, our firemen, our everybody. [cheering] the worst attack in the history of the united states, the bravery that was shown was incredible. we all lived through it. we all know people that died. and i've got this guy standing over there, looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred, with hatred of new york. sandra: speaking of cruz, the texas senator getting a bronx cheer when he ventured into the new york city borough yesterday. [shouting] >> i'm thrilled to be here. >> we love you, cruz. god bless you. >> get out of the bronx. >> this is immigrant community, cruz. you're not welcome here!
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we're the forefront of climate change here. sandra: that's not all. a bronx high school canceling cruz's appearance after students threatened a walkout, saying that his values were not in line with theirs. you know a little bit about this, dr. siegel. you were born and raised in queens, new york. new york values. >> and i was in the emergency rooms after 9/11, helping survivors. and i was down there. i have to tell you i think that donald trump has plugged into something from the beginning with this, post-9/11 courage, people coming together. i think that is why mayor giuliani endorsed him. why ray kelly is packing him. but i'll tell you something, i want to issue a word of caution. i think cruz is way off on this and i think trump will win new york and on to it with new york values. one word of caution, when he criticized president bush of handling of 9/11 and pre9/11, president bush stood on a car
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and held a megaphone, he galvanized new york and you will hear from all of us soon. let's not go back there. sandra: is this big moment for donald trump coming off the big loss last week? andrea: i think he has to do very well. looks like he will. this state is uniquely tailored to the home son, donald trump. there is new york city, and rest of the states. people mistake new york being ultraliberal. i done a number of campaigns. there is the down state but pockets of red up state. this is state hillary clinton was center of. she promised 200,000 jobs to upstate new york. she went on her listening tour. she failed people of new york. donald trump has real opportunity here. he is doing very, very well. i think you're right, dr. siegel, he has to go out and continue the message to cops, firefighters. he should tie in immigration here. and also, if you look at other states coming down the pike, pennsylvania, california, pennsylvania, donald trump. donald trump doing very well. i think that this is a good next
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couple weeks for donald trump. but he has to play a perfect game. sandra: last week was not a perfect game for him. i think his big loss last week. tuesday, wisconsin. it was last week, eboni, where he made a lot of those controversial remarks, most notably the one that did not sit well with women on abortion. >> yes, certainly. i think he really had some missteps there, sandra, absolutely. he recognized that. his team recognized that. he is back on message, talking about the wall and things that made him so popular over summer. i'm from the south. been in new york less than two years. i love new york values. i think they are great. everyone is warm and friendly. look at ted cruz for a minute, we see him in the bronx, not friendly, warm and welcome. he is being smart, andrea right, pockets of red zones. bronx is not one of them. that's not one of them. he is chipping away, to get any part of that delegate slice from donald trump that is a win for
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cruz at this point. sandra: donald trump truly looked happy to be home making that speech at bethpage, harris, i remember the moment when he said, these are my people. and he had a very warm reception. harris: this part of new york which is warm and friendly for him and he is on a golf course. bethpage, he will be happy anyway. to andrea's point, for the red districts up state there is now a lot of time between now and new york. ted cruz may want to do that. if donald trump uses that he can shore up those areas too. he has got to win 50% of the vote in each district in order to take those delegates. if he really wants to make it a wide sweep, he has enough time to get up there. the question is will he want to leave confines and comforts of manhattan to go do that? we'll watch and see. sandra: as race the white house shifts to new york, we're learning trump campaign is planning monthly meetings with lawmakers on capitol hill who
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endorsed gop front-runner. he is not scheduled to attend the next week's kickoff, one described it as the natural growth of the campaign leasing into the general election. we're learning that trump is planning to hire seasoned operatives to navigate a looming contested convention in cleveland in july. the burst of new hires, amid reports of disarray of trump campaign and depart you are of key staffers. what do you make of all of this, andrea? andrea: i have trouble with this story because i think it is overblown. typically campaigns hire staff in key states and then, once the state primary is over, they let the staff go. why would you need to keep staff in ohio right now? it is a cost-cutting measure but it is smart. there is a little bit of hyperbole talking about implosion of a campaign. as far as reaching out on capitol hill, i think it is smart, sandra. even though the establishment is radioactive i think trump needs to show that he can sit down
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with lawmakers, that he is serious, that he is going to be able to work with congress and not act alone and i think it is pretty smart. the demise of his campaign story is completely overblown. harris: one thing i would add to that. this is what fox news confirmed, the trump campaign is planning series of meetings to sit down with those that already support him. within that group on capitol hill, they will try to come up with a way to court some of these other people. what is it? it is delegates. i was talking about upstate new york. it isn't just winning and winning big. he will need the delegate count to go up. who will help him? paulmann a for the. 40 year lobbiest. he helped dix tate tore of philippines, marcos. helped bahamian prime minister accused of drug traffickers.
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he is a brad blank, right? this guy manafort has reputation for getting people to change minds. this is a interesting choice. sandra: the way donald trump run his campaign so far, if he is bringing more people on board, he has been known to micromanage a few things is best way to put it, does he lose some control how he runs his campaign so successfully? >> that would be a good thing. one of the things he is doing wrong in my opinion. he doesn't have the second answer. he has the first big blustery answer. when greta the other night came back to him, how will woman with breast cancer get cared for? didn't have the answer. he needs people to help support him. i like what melania said on "hannity" last night he has a big heart. everyone believed that. if he himself says i have a big heart, that doesn't sound like the same thing coming from her. use people more but use them judiciously. sandra: a lot of his supporters are calling on him to do this
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more, eboni. >> absolutely. to andrea's point he needs to do that. at rick of going establishment he has to do this because there is a dual campaign going on here. there is the one we're all talking about, this primary and what will happen in july at that convention. he has to make sure he has insiders connecting him and endeared him to people that haven't pledged delegates at this point but will make those selections in july. sandra: how much do you think, andrea, you say it is overbrown blown how much is reactive to his loss on ted cruz tuesday. andrea: he realizes he needs someone to help him whip votes which is why he brought in manafort. he has experience this country. i don't think controversial ties, they have lobbyists all around him. that is game they all do. i think it is important he does show he can put the ground game together at convention because he will need it. he didn't get the big win he needed in wisconsin. he needs to bring in heavy hitters.
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most are from the establishment. but again, the story about an imploding campaign i don't agree with it. he brought ivanka out. that was so smart, brought his daughter out. genius move. use her as much as possible and his wife. he is making all the right moves he is making. no more foot in mouth moments. [laughter] no more talking about your hands and your manhood and female journalists. enough of that stuff. enough. sandra: no more missteps. all right. no more mr. and mrs. nice guy. bernie sanders and hillary clinton taking swipes at each other ahead of new york primary. how ugly could this get? a former victoria secret angel hung up her wings after being told to lose weight repeatedly. the message being sent to women. catch more from the couch on "outnumbered overtime." click on overtime tab. anything bothering you?
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we have a doctor on the couch. >> i have got a pain. >> wash your hands. sandra: any comments you want to hear more b.
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♪ andrea: well the war of words is getting more intense between hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders. both taking shot as the other one. clinton was asked if she thinks sanders is qualified to be president after he gave interview with "new york daily news" which he appeared to stumble. sheer is how she answered. >> well, i don't think he has done his homework and talking more for a year about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or understood. and that does raise a lot of questions. really what it goes to is for voters to ask themselves, can he deliver what he's talking about? can he really help people? >> what do you think? >> can he help our economy? can he keep our country strong? obviously i think by far i'm the better choice. andrea: sanders fired back at a rally in philly. >> let me just say in response to secretary clinton. i don't believe that she is qualified if she is -- [cheering]
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if she is, through other super-pac taking tens of millions of dollars in special interests -- andrea: he went on to list other factors that he said disqualify her including how she voted for the war in iraq. he said in separate interview she should apologize to families that lost loved ones in the war. it went on with morphinger pointing and denials on both sides. okay, let's talk about the fake campaign like we do every day. like you guys have a real race on the democratic side. you're laughing because you know i'm right. is there a good chance that bernie sanders could take new york, a state that she was a senator? what do you think? >> i think yeah. i think right now she is up by 10 percentage points. we've seen bernie sanders throughout this primary, i agree it is fake. i hate it is fake, the dems as much as anybody deserve a real race but anyway, he overcome that type of deficit before.
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absolutely bernie sanders could win. she is trying to hone in up state where she is more popular, probably, less students, less young audiences but look, one in four bernie sanders, andrea say they will not support hillary clinton. never clinton thing is a real clinton thing. we're not talking much about it. sandra: look at numbers on the bernie sanders side, just 14% of, sorry, clinton supporters say they would never vote for bernie sanders. >> right. sandra: those are telling numbers. andrea: i want to ask you about the economics of this. clinton seemed at a loss why she had a record and should represent voters. i bring in upstate new york again. this is a place she targeted. to kodak factory, you lost 200,000 jobs. i will bring 200,000 jobs upstate. people of new york are saying, whoa, whoa, not just bernie sanders asking what you have done for us, what did you do for
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us as senator? sandra: right now she has the ability, which she is already showing signs she will stay with this running on president obama's record with the economy, because how did he start out that speech we took live at top. hour the other day? job, unemployment rate is cut in half the past couple years. so she is going to run on president obama's record, on the economy, whether you think that the situation in the economy is or not. harris: that is interesting. when we were watching that on "outnumbered," president obama with his comments he wrote her talking points for her. 73 straight months what he called growth in terms of jobs sector, 14.4 million jobs. but i want you to note that red state section of new york and particularly why it is important for donald trump on other side. he has opportunity to set this up in case they go against each other. look how dicey it is. she has to focus that. not just because of bernie sanders. if she is watching across the political aisle, she has
9:20 am
different fight if it turns out to be donald trump she is facing. are they already telegraphing the general election. with bernie sanders like apology tour yesterday. she wanted him to apologize for what happened in sandy hook. you should apologize for what happened voting for iraq and around and around she went. andrea: bernie sanders should say, dr. siegel, you will steal this election for me. you should say you're sorry making me go through all this that's why we call it fake campaign. she has superdelegates. she will have her superdelegates at convention. doesn't matter if he wins new york. speak to what eboni said, dr. siegel, how the voters if they feel they were not heard, sanders voters doesn't that hurt hillary in a general? >> absolutely. sanders is exposing her underbelly. what do i mean by that? all young voters who believe she is insincere. she couldn't dom across at sincere. my son, 18, bernie supporter,
9:21 am
hate to tell him what it will cost. socialized medicine, are you kidding? you can't get in to have hip replacement, but everybody is paying out the taxpayer pocket. bernie will not win but not exposing she is not connect with young voters. he should have gone through the throat. you can run as long as you're not indicted. andrea: he can't go for the throat. i'm a women, i'm a victim. don't reach for my throat. flight to freedom on the fast track. first syrian family arriving in the u.s. as part of an accelerated process that shortens the time to wait to just three months. why are we rushing to bring people in, given security concerns? are u.s. officials aware what is going on in europe with their refugee crisis? pro-trump chalk hysteria spreads a new campus. it could cost a student leader her position. hey
9:22 am
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♪ harris: first syrian refugee family is now arriving in kansas city, missouri. they got here under a program which brings them into the united states in a very fast time. a husband, who is being resettled with his wife and five children, says he is thankful to jordan for taking them in for three years when they fled syria's civil war. since october, 1000 refugees have moved to the united states from jordan. that number could grow dramatic i with president obama setting target to bring in 10,000 syrian refugees by end of the september. this is important. a spokesperson for the u.s. refugee in jordan, the number is a floor, not a ceiling. adding while the resettlement process usually takes up to two years, this so-called surge operation will reduce the time to three months. so, doctor, i want to start with you, with this idea, you know, we don't really have a firm grasp what the exact numbers are
9:27 am
going to be but this family coming in, demographics, 45-year-old dad, five children. he and his wife coming here. they came through on this fast, fast, program. we know something about them. they have been vetted but we've been told vetting them is going to be problem. >> harris i want to look at it from health point of view. i have to tell you i worry we wouldn't be equipped to handle their health care needs here. having said that, i want you to know before i came here i gave a talk coincidentally with a chinese-american woman over there with "doctors without borders" had refugee camps. because she was a woman and chinese, she was completely mistreated by the muslim community. couldn't swim in same swimming pool. couldn't sit at same tables. there is a cultural issue. medical issue inside of refugee camps, people are having heart attacks, people with diabetes, people with rampant infections. they don't have facilities to take care of them. all they have is their stethoscope. there is a real health care emergency over there. my heart goes out to them.
9:28 am
i don't think we're the solution but maybe we could send more aid. harris: interesting where you start with the medical, not just because you're a doctor, but part of the vetting process i'm meet reading about, matching up who they are, not necessarily what they are bringing to the country and what they have been through. that is a excellent question to point to. >> we don't want to bring tuberculosis here and other resistant diseases into this country. i want to know anyone coming into this country what they have. sandra: process to clear refugee coming to the united states, we know 18 to 24 months it typically takes. following the paris terror attacks last november, we heard from many gop governors, presidential candidates on the trail, saying let's reconsider this plan. let's at least slow things down or halt the refugee program for now. the president pretty much mocked them for that. his exact words, following their calls to do something different with the plan, apparently
9:29 am
they're scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america as part of our tradition of compassion. he reiterated, it takes 18 to 24 months to clear a refugee to come into this country. we have rigorous process. that is being now pushed to just three months. and you wonder how vulnerable that makes us or what is put at risk by shortening the process to just three months? >> taking narrow view of public health emergencies but community emergencies that a community wouldn't be prepared to take them in yet. harris: double that with the idea, andrea, states are not allowed legally to deny them benefits based on anything. when you talk about them coming here we pray and hope everybody is healthy but everybody gets sick eventually. that will put pressure on existing systems from people coming in outside. andrea: there are medical concerns, security concerns and economic concerns. president obama says women and children, over 70% of the population refugees are muslim, military-aged men. all you have to do is look at
9:30 am
europe. his own administration, president as you point out, sandra, 18 to 24 months. so my question is, why the rush? why a surge of refugees that we can't vet when there is all these concerns? not just that, there is a cease-fire in syria currently that happens to be working. looks like president obama's goal getting assad out isn't going to happen. if we can't set up camps there, rely on saudi arabia? we gave them $89 million, excellent question. andrea: $89 million. we pumped over 100 million to refugee crisis. we given enough money in aid. we helped enough. there are things we help them stay in their home countries close to their families since we can't vet them. harris: the number president obama said will come into the country total refugees next couple years, 45,000. 10,000 syrians fall within the number. you heard this official with the administration say that is not necessarily a cap. it is more the floor. so within that 45,000, demographics of where they're
9:31 am
coming from could easily change. >> and they could go higher, exactly right, harris. my concern is this, generally i've been supportive of the president but this is where i have been most critical. i really despies priority on speed and quantity of refugees in this country versus ability to properly vet them, concerned with safety and economic implications. i think that is simple. that is easy and that is plain. we can see what is going on in europe. why are we not taking lessons from that and making proper adjustments? nobody is saying not to be compassionate. i'm certainly not ad vote indicating for us not to be sympathetic to what is going on over there. we could be broader in our ways to help. i don't think this is the right answer to be so concerned with speed. sandra: yep. hysteria over pro-donald trump chalking in college campuses is spreading yet to another school. student government leader at university of tennessee at chattanooga, after she posted these photos of herself making
9:32 am
chalk drawings in support of the gop front-runner. her student organization later calling for her resignation on twitter. quote, we do not support bigotry or hatred or messages spread by donald trump's ignorance. we do not support those who bask in that ignorance. over 100 campuses took part in a pro-trump chalking event this past weekend as part of a movement, calling itself, #thechalk ening. in response to emory university students proclaiming pro-trump chalk marks threatened their security. harris: we talked about it here. andrea: writing in chalk hurt their feelings. they need safe space and some tissues. harris: what is interesting on those college campuses they elect so-called senators to represent their views on campus. these are not u.s. senators but obviously other members of the faculty or the students there. so they're supposed to represent views that should be challenged or talked about.
9:33 am
i'm just not so sure where we're going here. do we want a campus full of people who only think one way? how did we get to the terms racist and about a process brought about by students voting for this person to lead, this person who is talking a part in chalkennings if she chooses? >> rejecting notion of actual democracy which is whole point. the whole point is to have intellectual dialogue. you remember this, being on college campuses at lsu -- harris: it exist the for us. >> existed for us at unc we use to do cosponsored events, part of our black movement student organization, we would have cosponsored events with organizations we have differences of position and solution focused this. is not solution focused thing you're describing. andrea: if i'm employer and look at kids resume' and find out they went -- chalk board behind me when i do the interview, who will hire these kids? sandra: wow, yeah. i don't know. you can chalk on campus.
9:34 am
we can all admit. we saw that that is nothing new. it was used for those that were running for student body. used for a lot of organizations or to say there is football game tonight. i just don't see why it is so different this time and why it is so different when somebody is using trump's name. >> i mean look, they're not saying anything controversial. they're saying make america great, right? it isn't racist or misogyniestic slogan. i wonder if liberals read the first amendment, andrea. first amendment says freedom of speech. liberals say freedom of speech unless you disagree with me. then you don't have freedom of speech. andrea: they like to cherry-pick the constitution. harris: write the constitution in talk. andrea: maybe that will be offensive. begin negotiate pal troy fesses up to a -- begin gwynneth paltrw
9:35 am
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♪ sandra: strong reaction from some in the medical community about celebrities who have children late into their 40s, giving women false hope about their motherhood. 50-year-old janet jackson announced on twitter that she and her third husband are taking the plunge. >> i thought it would be
9:40 am
important you be the first to know, my husband and i are planning our family. so i'm going to have to delay the tour. please, if you can try and understand it is important that do this now. i have to rest up. doctors orders. sandra: meantime here are a few other examples of celebrities delaying motherhood. halle berry, 46. geena davis, also 46. and kelly preston, 47. while natural pregnancy for women in their 40s is certainly possible, the odds are miniscule according to several studies. one expert telling "the daily mail," quote, if more celebrities were prepared to speak out it would do the world of fertility medicine a lot of good. dr. siegel is on the couch today. siegel, are celebrities giving false hope to women about fertility? >> the quote i say yes or no to. yes, they should be aware we
9:41 am
have ultrasounds before, we have other ways of testing, in vitro fertilization which makes it more likely you could get pregnant if you couldn't before. celebrities getting involved makes people easy. if you're 49, probably possible she could get pregnant at 49. it has happened. people over 50 gotten pregnant. so difficult. you have carried children you know it is difficult. older you get more difficult. so doctors would have to monitor you more closely and make sure you don't have health problems. sandra: eboni, seems like it is in the news every day. you read a woman in mid to late 40s, a celebrity is announcing she is pregnant. >> i'll tell you what my concern is. i'm in my 30s, right? my very best friend, one is early 30s. going through ivs. it is real struggle with her. many in our 30s, we don't have to think about it, for some of us that haven't educated themselves on the issue. i do think that is concern. i would appreciate celebrities,
9:42 am
having more full disclosure what this process entails so people are aware. sandra: we're in a world, harris, where women are having babies later and later. harris: we work in industry. i'm one of those moms who is older mom on spectrum we're talking about. we work in industry where you put your career first for a long time. i never wanted my kids to compete with that. so we waited. my question how much do we really want to know about the celebrities about the medical procedures they're going through? i don't know how much disclosure is necessary? why can't she just say she is starting her family. why does she have to say -- sandra: fair point. harris: a, b, c, d ways we're doing it? do we really want to get that specific and talking about turkey basters? how far do we want to go. >> sets her up as expert. harris: she is not a doctor. >> that's right. andrea: she is amazing dancer, one of my heroes. harris: love janet jackson.
9:43 am
rythym, babe. andrea: eboni, you hit on important point. women achieve in lot of success. harris, you mentioned in the news industry women are waiting to have kids. something they never told us growing up. you can go for the gold, you can get that job and corner office and salary, but they didn't tell us by waiting there would be fertility risks. there is argument for talk about fertility, cost, procedures, yet younger women know if you wait you will have to deal with consequences. harris: i love what you're saying. my mom told me, i didn't believe her, that clock will stop ticking and not because it is going digital. [laughter]. andrea: it is in my book. i wrote all about it, miss faulkner. harris: the clock, ticking, whatever. >> clock ticks longer than it used to. harris: have you heard the buzz about gwyneth paltrow? she is revealing she gets stung by bees on purpose as part of
9:44 am
her beauty routine. actress and founder of goop, the skin care company, tells "new york times" she copes open mind trying news things. paltrow vouches for bee stings valid treatment that goes become a thousand years. people use it to get rid of inflammation and scarring. it is pretty incredible if you research it, but man, it is painful, end quote. fy bro my al -- fibromyalgia. a lot of conditions bee venom. arthritis. bee venom therapy, kate middleton use it for her skin like a mask so i read that camilla told her. >> harris, sandra i will surprise you. there is medicinal, bee venom. sandra: don't run from the bees this summer, it happen? >> it does thin your blood. it is useful against inflammation. if you sit there getting stung by bees you could get in the
9:45 am
hospital. people have anaphylaxis from bee stings. dangerous as celebrity to go out and do it. people will get hurt as a result of that. eat a little honey or bee venom. try eating it. go to qualified physician who is expert. i'm not against it. i'm against way she is doing it. harris: there are skin care lines, kate middleton. >> absolutely. harris: skin care lines have bee venom in it. this is different. getting stung over and over and over. price of beauty is painful. andrea: are they stinging areas for fullness? i have to say. i mean -- harris: i know where i don't want to get stung if it causes fullness. andrea: i will sacrifice for beauty. give me a couple buzzing bees. i put them to work. harris: is this like botox shot? thought of how much it hurts. >> for me, harris, i'm not for this at all. i won't be that beautiful. i'm sorry. just not that serious to me.
9:46 am
i appreciate doing maintenance, i really do. i'm not saying that i wouldn't be above that, but bee stings, no, ma'am. sandra: hand it to again anything paltrow. i may shock you here. she is businesswoman. goop is lifestyle blog. she tries all the things, takes pictures of them, takes her crew out there. writes about them putting them on the website where she is making a lot of money. this isn't just about keeping her skin pretty. harris: i put mayonnaise on my skin. >> it works. [laughter]. harris: former victoria secret model is hanging up her wings. >> roll the video. harris: after she was told she had to lose weight, please. lawmakers in one state, lawmakers, considering a bill that would require health standards for models as more women speak out what they went through to be ready for the runway. i'm hungry. >> it was impossible to maintain this diet but, my agency
9:47 am
continued to place pressure on me to maintain my slim physique. we searched billions of flight combinations
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first with jon scott what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." jon? >> hey, andrea. in the next hour bernie sanders doubles down on comment he made calling hillary clinton not
9:51 am
qualified to be president. he held an event in pennsylvania where hopes to cut into her lead in the polls. hillary clinton doing events in new york city today, including taking a ride on a subway. she doesn't know why sanders is attacking her and called ted cruz and donald trump. the real problem. john kasich also in new york city today holding a meet-and-greet right now at a deli in the bronx. he is running second in recent polls of new york republicans. he has had trouble closing the deal in states outside of ohio. we'll explore it. "happening now." andrea: hillary clinton on subway. just like us. >> takes the subway straight home to chappaqua. harris: i don't think it goes there. metro-north. >> modeling industry in the spotlight after former victoria secret model told why she decided to hang up her wings. erin heather ton told "time"
9:52 am
magazine she walked away after being told to lose weight. exercising twice a day was not enough to lose the specified weight. in california, lawmakers consider legislation that will require state health standards for mod tells to address work place issues like eating disorders. promoting healthy images bill cleared the first hurdle yesterday after three former models shared their experiences in the industry. >> was pressured to lose so much weight i eventually developed an recollection yow! nervosa had to exit the industry in 2012 due to my illness. >> engaging in risky behavior are all too real. by risky behavior, starvation dieting. >> my only fuel up to 22 hours a day, hard boiled egg and yogurt. my body gave in. after sleeping only three hours, i fainted on set. >> opponents say the bill doesn't resolve real issues and is unworkable. dr. siegel, i have to start with you here, my concern, let's say
9:53 am
they create a standard. does that work for every individual or how does that affect certain individuals healthwise? >> that's a great question. by the way i'm more interested in hearing what you all have to say about this topic. i have a number of models as patients and i worry about this all the time. it isn't just they get dehydrated like that or problems with eating disorders, they also develop anxiety disorders, psychiatric orders, depression. "us weekly" used to call me time to guess weights on models. you wouldn't believe how thin people are. started way back with twiggy. and thank god for oversized models. it's a huge problem. >> harris, to the point where a supermodel is being fat shamed where are we on the issue in this country? harris: we're cruel to each other on a whole host of topics way we look. women can be particularly tough on each other. industry, while victoria secret models, they are marketing
9:54 am
because they want us to buy the products no matter how much the guys like watching. idea of seriousness with the health, some of these are mental challenges. >> absolutely. harris: i don't know that legislation is, i mean because we've seen it woefully underserviced in terms of guns in this country. argument is the guns -- nobody wants to talk about mental issues around people who might have picked up the gun. this is another case of that. i don't know that you can target legislation to hit helping people before they get the to point where they're not eating because there are some other things going on before you decide you will not have that piece of whatever. >> eboni's point they're not all the same. everybody is different. completely agree wslation won't. >> sandra, nodding your head in agreement as well. want to talk about, we're all in agreement on the issue but are you electing or opting into that as one of your work place challenges when you pursue the modeling industry? sandra: yes. my answer will always be let the
9:55 am
market work itself out, right? let, reason why these brands and designers are demanding these stick-thin models because it makes their clothes look better but is that selling? i keep looking at these stick-thin models, you look at victoria secret ad, i wish i could see this on real woman to see what it really looks like. you wonder how long this trend, which i do believe it is a trend, will continue? we go in and out of the stick-thin model. healthier more voluptuous model and we go back again. >> how about that, andrea is that on trend? this skinny and state legislatures we're talking about women's body sizes or is this indicator with age of instagram and snapchat and visual medium are we on worst place? andrea: no question social media puts pressure on women to be more perfect. it ebbs and flows. victoria secret models are boo, already thin, 5'8", is --
9:56 am
105 pounds, doc? that isn't healthy. >> they're not wearing any clouds. andrea: my days as model i'm so glad they're over. did their homework and sweated every detail. carefully choosing the right mortgage with the right terms, from the right mortgage company. but none of that matters very much to cody. all that matters to him, is that this is home. buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power.
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10:00 am
live web show. >> can't wait. harris: i'm looking at live chat. has thousands of people. they want a little free health advise. >> i'll give it. i'll give it. harris: click on overtime tab. we have live chat. have your voice heard. "happening now" starts now. database access. dangerous storms and a possible tornado wreaking ha voc in the south. where is the severe weather heading now? plus, a daring escape from a mental institution. now the manhunt under way for two men that police say are very dangerous. how did the two break out? and a


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