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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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bill likes peanut or almond m&m. >> lewis wants to know how county tell huh you thrown a bunch in your mouth at one time. impossible to tell. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. have a great day. >> now "shepard smith reporting." >> look at the polls. winning, winning, winning. that's been one of the primary instructions from the front-runner for the republican nomination for the white house. look at the polls. i'm winning everywhere. we just got some new poll results. they came from the "associated press" in the last hour, and this poll donald trump is decidedly not winning at all. in fact he is losing more spectacularly than any republican front-runner has been losing ever. it's a simple favorability poll. in this case unfavorablability and for trump it's a disaster. his unfavorability rating is now at 69%. that is quite a number.
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almost seven in ten morns and almost half of all republicans have an unfavorable view of donald trump. as the "associated press" just put it, for americans of nearly every race, gender, political persuasion and location, disdain for donald trump runs deep. even among his most loyal block bloc. whites, without a college education, 55% have a negative opinion of the front-runner from manhattan, and the polls show he is dragging the republican party into the abyss with him. indicating a large majority of americans now view the party unfavorably. two out of three americans. a 67% negative rating for the g.o.p. up from 58% in october of 2014. in fact, just 30 percent of us have a favorable view of the g.o.p. the newest news about a campaign dogged be insider infighting, disorganization, and especially a lack of people to get out and work the delegates you have to have to get the nomination.
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that delegate wrangling is part of the insane election season we rarely see but while decide the race if trump cannot earn enough delegates toern the nomination on the first ballot. the truth is cruz's campaign is better equipped, has been and everybody knows it. cruz is a complete long shot to win the nomination outright but is the front-runner when it comes to preparing for what happens after the first ballot is cost. when people who really vote, the delegates, can go rogue and vote for anyone they want depending on the circumstances. if it comes to that looks like ted cruz, not donald trump, is winning, winning, winning. now donald trump is make something big changes. he is giving his campaign a cycle of steroids, pulling out the big guns to help run his campaign and prepare for a possible contested convention. that's what good courses close to the trump can pain are telling fox news. they say as people announce the hiring of some sewned political
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veterans to beef up the separation. already hired paul manford, who heaped gord ford win the convention fight in 1976. he has an apartment in trump tower but looks leak he is taking over trump's operations in d.c. and working on delegate gathering. fox news now confirm trump campaign staffers are manning meetings in washington next week, coming together to try to get more support from lawmakers. ted cruz is stepping up his ground game out west, quietly picking up del tellings in colorado and north dakota, where party insiders play a bigger role in the selection process. ted cruz has been campaigning in new york and donald trump is doing the same after cran -- canceling a trip to california. a new poll shows donald trump boating ted cruz in california, 39-32. also has john kashich with 17%. but california's republican
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primary isn't until june and new york's contest is weeks away and recent polls show trump is winning, more than half the vote in the empire state. john roberts is on fox's top story. live in brooklyn. >> reporter: brighton beach where ted cruz will be visiting a jewish center. back to donald trump. a source told me that the moves that trump is making in term oz adding staff and changing a few things around shows that an unconventional campaign, the type that trump has been running, will only take you so far in this election campaign and now needs to bring in some washington muscle to beat ted cruz at his own game of wrangling delegates but you have to win states, which is why trump canceled a trip to los angeles tomorrow. not going to california now. is going to stay here in the empire state and barnstorm the state with his two sons, eric, donald, jr., hitting rochester,
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buffalo, long island, trying to make sure he can get all of the 95 delegates available on tuesday, the 19th. telling voters that ted cruz just doesn't understand what new york is all about. listen. >> he started lecturing me on new york values, like we're no good. like we're no good. and i started talking to him about the world trade center, the bravery, the incredible bravery of everybody, our police, our firemen, our everybody. >> reporter: you can see at least in long island what cruz did in south carolina did not meet with a good reception in new york. john kashich's campaign releasing a new ad this afternoon that shows what ted cruz said during the debate in south carolina, finishing with the tag line that ted cruz wants to divide america. john kashich wants to unite america. >> looks like cruz's big goal is
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to keep trump under 50% in new jersey right? >> reporter: it is. as you mentioned yesterday, if he does keep him below 50% in the 27 congressional districts trump only gets two delegates instead of three. he is trying to paint trump to new yorkers as a guy who is more in touch with liberal values than conservative values, reminding people of his support for marrow cuomo, hillary clinton, charlie wrangle and courting religious voters. at the jewish center this afternoon. at a christian school upset, reminding -- upstate reminding voters he is firmly in support of israel and in support of religious freedoms. >> we will protect your constitutional right to live according to your faith and your conscious without government getting in the way. >> certainly that goes over well in a place like brighton beach,
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which is very, very conservative. heavy jewish population. the problem, across the state, only eight percent of new york voters consider themselves to be evangelical. big difference from wisconsin where is was 22% and iowa, north of 60%. >> ron roberts, thank you. let's break in jackie, the senior politics writer for daily beast. how is a person with 69% unfavorability rating ever expect to win a national election? a general election? >> it's a great question. not only that, i mean, whatever the opposite of coattails are donald trump might have that, too. you hear republicans here in washington and elsewhere start to worry about downballot senate races, even the house flipping, and that would be a bigger task but flipping because donald trump because voters are so disgusted with them would turn their back on the party. >> i wonder how the party is
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reacting to this. the pollsters suggest that he is dragging the party down with him. two-thirds of americans find the republican party unfavorable. that is an awful number. >> yeah. it's actually -- but it's also kind of juxtaposed with the fact that no one likes the democratic party and hillary clinton has high negatives as well. but at the end of the day when they cast a vote, it's who they want to hold their nose less with. so it's going to be fascinating. i can't remember the last time this happened. >> what do you make of the new moves be the trump campaign to try to get in there and shake things up on the delegate front? he's not been doing well there. right? >> well, he had to do this. ted cruz has been playing the long game this entire time, with this delegate strategy. ted cruz knows the rules and how this works. seems leak the -- trump was running a surface-level campaign for the majority of this race thus far, and now they had this
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meeting with the rnc a week or two ago and now starting to put the tools in place to actually try to win this thing, because right now there are probably a lot of delegates who have to vote for trump on the first ballot but are in actuality double agents for ted cruz when they have a choice who to vote for and will cast their vet for cruz. >> too you wonder how effective that will given that ted cruz has had people in these states for a year. wrangled delegates to vote for him on the second ballot. and trump doesn't have any of that. >> itself is. it's a problem. there's people in florida who have been let go, so what ted cruz has done is left people behind to sort of talk to these party leaders and get his people in place, whether they're selected or elect, depending on the state's rules. so if you don't have people there are who are local to cajole the party leaders you'll have an issue when you have the
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other side so sophisticated. >> if your candidate has a seven in ten unfavorability rating, how would you begin to try to turn that around? you have to turn that around for november. >> i'm no strategist but you have to get him to stop saying the stuff he says. some of the negativity. and the kind of gloom and doom that trump puts out there about the country not being that great, about -- just a lot of the thinks he says and he doesn't have any policy chops, and we can debate whether that's important but let's talk about abortion. the fact he -- this answer to kris matthews was so gash belled -- garbled and thing healed and has to give a lot of people in the evangelical community, who are passionate voters, some pause. so he needs to sort of reset and get his message straight as we go into a general election if he is the nominee. that's when people really start
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paying attention. >> jackie, great to see you, the. word governor john kashich believes he can win new york. the polls show he cannot win new york. well behind donald trump. in fact he has half the support of donald trump. but because of the tricky rules in the state of new york, john kashich could keep his rivals from picking up delegates. that could be a very big deal indeed. we're live with the kashich campaign next, and coming up, rule 40b. careful what you wish for, establishment. it comes back hungry.
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republicans trying to stop donald trump say they're hoping john kashich can take advantage of new york's primary system. the polls in new york show that the ohio governor is pretty far behind there, but john kashich is ahead ahead of ted cruz and analysts say kashich could benefit the way the state hands outout delegates. new york has 27 congressional districts three-quarters delegates up for grabs in each district but if a candidate gets a majority of the vote. more 50% of the vote in an individual district. that candidate gets all three delegates but if there is no majority, if the winner gets less than 50%, the winner gets to delegates and the runner up gets one. so even if john kashich cannot win new york -- and looks like he cannot -- he may be able to deny trump the delegates he
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needs to get to that magical 1237 number. the one he must have to win on the first ballot in july in cleveland. the fox business network's colin mcshane is live in the bronx here. what's kashich saying about the strategy here in new york? >> reporter: well, they think they can do well, the kashich campaign in the new york city suburbs, westchester county to the north, long island, he was there earlier in the week and going back from what we understand next week, so i they like westchester and like long island. talked to him about what you were going over ex-the idea of passing cruz and defeating donald trump in these friendly districts. here's what he told me. >> we don't predict but we're running second in new york and second in maryland and starting to get to a place where i can perform pretty well, and we'll see. we're going to -- everybody needs to get delegates. i've been saying for weeks were headed to an open convention.
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a lot of people question that. and that's what is going to happen and it's going to be exciting. >> reporter: going to be exciting. that's the only hope. the contested convention for governor kashich. now the strategy is show up in places like this, little italy in the bronx, get a lot of attention, speak to voters, get yourself on tv and get a good bite to eat, which is what he did earlier todayment had pretty good sandwich. >> i saw that picture. looks like he loves the bronx. trump says he is 1-33. only won ohio. what makes him think he's going to get any better? >> reporter: well, i tried to pin him down on that. you heard him say he likes maryland. think april 26th will be a big day for kashich after we get through new york. pennsylvania also votes on the 26th. they like that state. 71 delegates and 54 out of the 71 are not bound to any candidate going into the convention. that would be a few examples. but they know and everybody node
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it's an uphill climb for kashich. >> that's for sure. thank you. like to gamble? what do you think the odds are that republicans will nominate somebody besides one of the three current candidates? could come down to the rule 40b. sometime wes need to turn to the kids for advice on things like this. know a nine-year-old who screwed up like this and it bit her. it matters. hang on. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it.
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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when she fell extreme the tag you're it she made a rule change you. have to get tagged twice to be it. worked to her advantage at that moment but eventually tagged a girlfriend-didn't get their twice and the rule put her back in her place and it backfired. wasn't pretty. might have been some yelling, definitely some large pouting. a little funny to us adults but annoying, too. that's the scenario that is about to play out for the republican establishment. four years ago they made a rule change, change rule 40b. and that rule reads each candidate for nomination of the presidency of the just and vice-president of the united statesshell shall enemy stranded the support of majority of delegates from each of eight or more states. that was a brand new rule. it was the ron paul rule. the republicans tide not want his delegates speaking up and squashed him with rule 40b. the establishment changed the rules of the game to outsider opposition could not win. like my niece did with the double tag rule.
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she'd only been tagged once, and under the new rules is not it. now for the republican convention coming up in july, rule 40b rules out everybody but donald trump for the moment. the outer is -- outsider is the on one eligible. on trump have the majority of the delegates. nobody else does. ted cruz says he plans to meet the requirement by july but won't be ease even if john kashich stayeds in the race, but could happen. that would leave two qualified, neither of the establishment. republican officials point out they could change rule 40b to allow more competition. while my niece could change the rule of tag unilaterally, it's her house, doug weed says don't count on that working for the republicans and writes, any change in the rules must be ratified on the floor of the convention, where trump and cruz delegates will shut it down. ron paul's people tried to do that four years ago. his campaign rounded up delegates to go to the
12:23 pm
conventions' speak for them, and they were photo be tied when the then-house speaker john boehner went ahead with the rule change, over loud opposition from ron paul delegates on the floor. >> all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed, no. >> no. >> the ayes have it. the resolution is adopted. without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> certainly, certainly without objection. heard no quicks. the ohios clearly had it. didn't they? didn't sound like it to the ron paul people. they had no power. they were outsiders wanting in and the establishment stopped them. this time it's the establishment on the outside looking in. if the establishment wants somebody eligible besides the billionaire outsider and the hated by the establishment senator from texas it can't get past 40b.
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like the double tag rule came back to hurt my little niece ron paul rule is about to backfire on the establish. unless the establishmenting change -- can change the rules. tag, you're it. ed rollins is here. it worked last time. heard boehner without objection. >> boehner isn't there anymore and either is -- speaker ryan there is this time. >> they really try inned a week before the convention -- >> the rules committee sets the rules before the convention, the old rules were five states and paul had five states. well, paul wasn't going to be the nominee so the establish; the romney people, put the new rule, in said eight, which he didn't have. this time that rule is in effect. that's what everybody has run under and the majority of the tellings the rule -- delegates,
12:25 pm
the riles commit eare trump or cruz people. enif they change it goes to the full convention which, again, majority have to pass, which is still trump and cruz, and they certainly aren't going to allow other panel to have -- other people to have a chance. >> so thoses who think they want to slide in paul ryan or john kashich -- >> not going to happen. if they do that they will tear this party apart. that may happen because of the convention anyway but at this point in time, it's not the 40b rile that will make the difference. >> they're -- not going to try to change. >> i think the campaigns will say we have a majority of the delegates. we have a big majority and we're not going to let got through. >> the republican national committee will have to put all of its resources and cloud and push and all of is heft behind either ted cruz or donald trump. >> exactly. >> how are they going to stomach that? >> hey have. to one is the nominee, and if trump didn't gut it on the first
12:26 pm
ballot cruz will win over. >> this scheduled four four days. does that hold? >> it holds for a simple reason. everybody has to pay their own way there, a room rate. four days you can gate lot of votes -- get a lot of votes in. there's plenty of time to get it all done. >> that floor vote from john boehner, remember that. i was there for that. happened in the afternoon on day one. that's when you vote on the rules. >> the rules are the rules of the convention. promise you they will be 100% what they are presently and they'veing vote them through. >> if that's the case, and everybody kind of knows this, then john kashich is campaigning for donald trump. >> -- i mean for ted cruz. >> on john kashich doesn't have a snowball's chance in heck. think he is a very qualified guy but not the nominee of the
12:27 pm
party. >> he can be the stopper. >> he can if he gets enough delegates somewhere else. the reality is his delegates are up for grabs and probably split up. >> we talk about donald trump having to get to 1237. he doesn't haves to get close enough to use the unbound delegates. >> a state like pennsylvania, the delegates run at large. they're not pledged to anybody -- >> all 52. >> you as an individual run you get elects you don't say i'm for trump or anybody else. you get elected and you're a free agent. and there's several others like that, too. >> an agent for hire. >> an agent for rent. not for hire. for rent. >> and then they can give. the whatever they want. >> i told the story in 1976, the last contested delegation from mississippi had 30 delegates. a unit rule that. all had to vote the same way, reed prompt missed to ronald reagan.
12:28 pm
gerald ford took him to a state dipper and he sat next to the queen and ford won. >> i have to go black to mississippi and talk to people. not happy these. that's a great story. so there's no kashich no paul ryan. no one of these two guys. >> got it. thank you, ed. >> the. >> not round of attacks on the campaign trail, this time from democrats. bernie sanders and hillary clinton trading jabs over who is really qualified to be president. who is qualified? which of them is qualified? that was -- that one is, that one sit, nothing to see here, time to move on. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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headlines from the fox news deck. bad weather damaging homes in florida, georgia, and alabama. you can see the tree on the house there never good. also reported a lot of damage to a trailer park montgomery.
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more trouble for charlie sheen. cops in l.a. investigating the actor in a stalking case. what officers said members of an elite stalking unit are working the case and have a search warrant. in ohama, woman -- a mom got emotional while hearing her son's heart beating in a transplant recipients chest. >> lisa swanson's teenaged son died in a car crash in 2012. his heart went to a man named terry hooper. terry recently met lisa and gave her a -- played a recording of her son's heartbeat.
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politics, the battle for their democratic nomination. bernie sanders says he doesn't think hillary clinton is qualified to be president. and clinton said sanders had not
12:34 pm
done his homework on how to deliver his campaign promises. >> let me just say in response to secretary clinton, don't believe she is qualified if she is -- [cheering] -- if she is through her super pac taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds. >> senator sanders says he doesn't believe clinton is qualified because she voted for the war in iraq, and for what he calls disastrous trade agreements. a clinton aide called the comments ridiculous and irresponsible and clinton herself responded earlier today. >> well, kind of a silly thing to say. i'm going to trust the votes over new york, who know me, and have voted for me three times. don't know why he is saying that but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. >> the democratic front-runner was here in new york today. she had some trouble swiping her
12:35 pm
way into the subway. i suppose that happens. i don't remember ever seeing this before. but i guess it does happen. ed henry was not owe on the subway and is live in washington. that was a moment. >> might not resonate for other people but it's all over the papers here today and just said, no. you know. just said no. >> well, they tried to go to the subway, various candidates, in this case hillary clinton to look like they can connect with average people, but you know deep down they're unlikely to actually use the subway and have trouble with the metro card. this back and forth is interesting, mostly because i've been on the trail of both candidates candidates and both of them like to boast about how the runs are having a food fight and it's a mess and negative and trump this and that, and then here we are with both sides going back and forth about who is qualified and not qualified. you mentioned bernie sanders talking about iraq. here he is saying because of hillary clinton's vote as a senator, she is simply not qualified to be president.
12:36 pm
watch. >> maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary, when you vote for the war in iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. >> interested in the last few moments the white house has weighed in on the whole controversy. telling reportes that the president believes that hillary clinton is in fact the most qualified person who is not a vice-president, most qualified nonvice-president to run for office at least in many, many years. so remember, the white house, which has said they're staying out of this race, is defending hillary clinton here and basically sayingber in the san -- saying bernie sanders is wrong. >> her critics say winning is one thing but unifying the party is a different challenge. >> that's the issue long-term because hillary clinton stick mathematically as we talked before is far ahead of bernie sanders despite his momentum, and is still likely to be the democratic nominee so she is
12:37 pm
going have to get bernie sanders and his supporter bas on board in order to win a general election and what happened in the last 24 hours won't help. barbara boxer said the attack on hillary clinton was beneath him. she is the most qualified person over to run for potus, mass president of the united states. there may be others who say george washington and abraham lincoln and others might have been also more qualified. in the long run the point is, yes, they need to come back together and there tway be hand-wringing they'll never come together inch 2008 people said the same thing about barack obama and hillary clinton but after a nasty primary they came tonight. >> let's bring in amy, political reporter for "the new york times." what would be nice? ted cruz or donald trump -- >> i was going to say trump? the great uniter. >> a lot of story lines for the democrats that make sense if you're antihillary or antihim.
12:38 pm
this is stupid. >> i think that's exactly what the clinton camp is banking on, all of these bernie people who dislike her right now, as soon as the nominee is ted cruz or donald trump, they'll vote for her. >> and there's no real strategy behind that? >> that's the hope right now. think they might underestimate how vehemently these sanders supporters dislike hillary. voters i talked to at rallies, not just that they're excited about bernie, they really dislike and distrust her, especially on wall street, fundraising practices. >> for a long time they've played nice. remember, i don't care about your damn e-mails. >> yeah. >> not like that anymore and you wonder if this d damage. >> this is a shift in tenor. you saw bernie sanders attacking her on her quallss and you look back to 2008 with the contentious primary between hillary and obama and they came together but it was rough period. >> much more contentious than
12:39 pm
this one. >> that said, hillary clinton thought she could spend april fundraising for the general election, laying the groundwork to take on the republicans, instead she is battling with bernie sanders and is raising money for the primary to comp pete in pennsylvania and california and beyond. this is not what they expected to be doing right now. >> did this cause any money issues, cause any messaging issue? >> both issue think. bernie sanders has proven to be a very defendant fundraiser, hillary clinton is spending a lot of time fundraising after her stop on the subway shoe flew to ohio to do some fundraising so takes up a lot of time, and buying these ads and these expensive media markets are expensive and also the message, contend with the challenge from the left and then how to win the independents in the general. >> i thought to the sound bite hillary clinton was telling, i'd rather have him then the two other clowns. >> he gave her the chance to take he high road.
12:40 pm
>> both of them claim new york and both needling tellings here. >> they do and i would say not only dot hillary need delegate but she needs the momentum back. it would be great for her to have a big win in her adopted state so bernie sanders can quit touting his standings. he has the momentum behind him. >> the tabloidses are loving it. start holding up the tabloids. you'll get a kick out of it. they're having a nice time stop good to see you. >> great to see you. thank you for having me. >> u.s. troops stationed in egypt could be sitting ducks for an isis attack. that's the word from u.s. officials who say they're worried about the safety of the soldiers there. separately, u.s. officials told fox news the nearby isis affiliate is trying to send a message by carrying out routine harassment attacks on the region, such that's small arms fire. hundreds of american troops are stationed in egypt's sinai
12:41 pm
peninsula. they're apparently -- they can go after isis. that's because of a peace agreement between egypt and israel that blocks the u.s. forces from carrying out any offensive operations. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. anywhere kind of a pickle. do officials have plans to get the troops out of there? >> shep, they say that treaty obligations to israel and egypt prevent them from doing so. the state department says there are no plans to withdraw. >> we remain fully committed so no change in policy no change in our force structure. >> u.s. troops have been in the sinai since the camp david accords were signed in 1979. 725 american troops, army chief general mark milly visited enemy dem, shortly after four u.s. service members were injured by a roadside bomb claimed by isis. fox' news accompanied him and shot this video inch september the pentagon add 75 troops.
12:42 pm
arm armored vehicles and other -- >> the seem unusually concerned here, jennifer. >> they're very concerned. i've had more than one top u.s. commander tell me that it keeps them up at night, fear those u.s. troops could be overrun. until recently they had very few weapons there because it is merely an observation force. u.s. troops make up more than half of the force there, 11 other countries contribute. >> my focus is making sure that they have the force protection measures in place and we have increased the force protection measures in the sinai, to ensure their maximum safety. >> right now there are concerns that the state department that egypt and israel would take offense if u.s. troops pulled out. >> jennifer, thank you.
12:43 pm
ahead, the manhunt for an accused murderer after the run after breaking out of a mental hospital. that's next.
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. prosecutes in be jump releasing new video, or new to us video -- that showed the man in the hat, the man in white, suspect in the bombings in brussels airport, and they're asking for help finding him. look at this video. the circumstancele there. walking after the blast. you can see him running at one point. prosecutors say they were able to follow his trail for eight minutes. after that no sign of him. but they point out that he took off his jacket, you'll notice here. see there? and they say they want to know if anybody found it. we have already seen this photo of the man in the hat, or the man in white. prosecutors say he was with the two bombers at the airport before they blew themselves up and killed 16 other people. a separate bombing at a umbrellases subway station killed more than a dozen people and wounded some 160 others.
12:47 pm
there's a man hunt underway in washington state now for an accused murdererrer who broke out of a psychiatric hospital. the man instance anthony garber. in 2013 police say he stabbed a woman 24 times and slashed her throat. he escaped last night with this man, marked alexander adams. he was charged with domestic violence. police say they captured adams today by garver, this guy on the left, is still on the loose. both men end up in the psych ward after court officials decided they were not fit to stand trial. police say they escaped from a window at their room in western state hospital in lakewood, washington, 30 miles outside of seattle. and dan springer is there. what do we know about how they caught the guy? >> reporter: well, shep, this is all over the local news, and frankly, police got lucky. they got a tip from a citizen who said he was looking right at one of the escapees.
12:48 pm
cops were there within minutes and took mark adams into custody without incident. captured only 15 minutes from the mental hospital where he escaped. he is now back at the police station being questioned. we know the two escapees split up right away. a surveillance camera on a bus had a picture of adams. now the focus is on the more dangerous escapee, 28-year-old anthony garver. in addition to that brutal murder in 2013, he had already spent time in federal prison for theft and burglary with a deadly weapon. he is described as a survivalist who can use military style weapons and explosives in 2009, he threaten to blow up a state building in spokane and killed a judge and a federal prosecutor. >> now that it's kind of one-half of the equation is solved we're folk -- he's been the person we really want to get into custody, considered the most dangerous, hopefully we can get information from adams on
12:49 pm
what the discussed or if there was a plan. >> reporter: and we know that there was some plan in place that goes back five months. that's how long the two men were working on loosening the window in their room. >> dan springer is live in our pacific northwest news room. a fox urgent. tone tone taking part in a town hall on the supreme court at the university of chicago where the president used to teach constitutional law. we'ring anding him to call again for senate republicans to hold hearings on the supreme court nominee, judge garland. the g.o.p. lairds said the next president should replace antonin scalia, but some republican senators facing tough re-election fights have agreed to at least immediate with judge garland. one senator happens to be mark kirk of im. today senator kirk tweeted a photo a the note the president send him for meeting with judge garland. the senator respond his
12:50 pm
responsibility to the people of illinois is more important. and president obama sat down with chris wallace in chicago and that interview will air this weekend on "fox news sunday," the president's first appearance on "fox news sunday" since he took office. check your local listings.
12:51 pm
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it's time to take a closer look. just a fender bender. the cash that happens all the time. one car rear-ends another car. bumper depped and airbags went off and that's what investigators say killed a 17-year-old girl. this happen in houston. she died from the injuries she sustained not from the crash but from the exploding airbags. family members say she was just about to graduate from high
12:54 pm
school. hers is the tenth death now linked to a defect in a takata airbag. those prompted the re-call of millions of vehicles around the world. lea gabrielle is here. what are they saying? >> she sheriff's office in texas says a piece of metal shot through the airbag and into this woman's net, severing her jugular vein. she got out of the vehicle before collapsing. this is the worst of the damage and here's the side shot where you can see the inflated air bag, and now look at this. this is the car she hit right here. just a little damage to the bumper. police say that this is a piece of metal that killed her. it came from the air bag inflater that ruptured when it went off. her brother shared a little bit about her today. listen. >> for us she is the one who basically make us laugh, she is the one who keep us happy, even
12:55 pm
though she goes to school -- was going to school and work, but it's still -- at night when she always come home, we sit together, talk. >> he says the family did not know about the re-call and did not receive a letter. >> anything from people at honda? >> the company says it's been reaching out to owners of the cars that haveline re-called through social media, phone calls and letters, including a letter to the owner of the car that she was driving. in a statement saying, quote, multiple mailed re-call notes were sent to the registered owners of this vehicle, including the current registered owner. the re-call repair was never completed. the manufacturer of the airbag is takata and honda is not the only company affected. 14 automakers have re-called nearly 29 million u.s. vehicles for the problem. and less than a third have been fixed. part of the problem has been a
12:56 pm
lack of replacement parts and honda says the parts are available for cars before 2016. >> top of the hour, top of the news, right after this day in history. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up. but not his blood pressure. michael james! middle name. not good. get accident forgiveness from allstate and keep your rates from goingt. and it starts the day you sign up.
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her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. in 2001 on this day nasa launched the mars another dispacecraft and it's still out there. the odyssey is the longest serving pacecraft to work at mars, as the project manager put it. nasa shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars. scientist named it after the book and november have i "2001 space odyssey." experts say it observed ice, enough to philadelphia lake michigan twice and contains cave that could be hiding spots for ice.
1:00 pm
should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything here on fox news channel. annoyed with wall street today. i didn't have time to look up why this is happening so i figured i would just stick around and listen to neil. always a good idea. >> our friends in the media are very comfort able with the new york liberal who is supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton and chuck schumer for decades. and they really want to see a general election between two new york liberals who agree on washington being the center of the universe. >> what does that say about the best defense being a pretty good offense? the whole liberal value thing. well, ted cruz trying to turn it to his advantage today by saying it's the other guy, the other guy, who is the real liberal. and has no conservative values. or something like that. ted cruz is set


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