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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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they're all in alphabetical order. >> they are. except for the engine cover has the winning covers and my godfather is a.j. foyt. took a while to get him to sign the car. >> but you got him. >> but he's actually moved to the front. four-time winner. >> if you want more information we'll have it on the website, bill: the vast majority of americans spanning religion and income have a negative view of the republican frontrunner. so what do you do with that? martha: i'm martha maccallum. this new poll underscores some troubles for donald trump if he's the nominee. 70% of voters say they have a negative view of donald trump. the candidate is barnstorming
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across the new york state. john kasich hitting cruz for hitting on new york. >> if you are a new yorker who doesn't like the failed liberal policies of andrew cuomo and chuck schumer and hillary clinton. then you should consider that in voting in this primary because donald trump has been funding those failed liberal policies and failed liberal politicians for 40 years, giving tens of thousands of dollars to the politicians who have done so much harm to the state of new york. bill: that's a pretty good answer right there. 9 -- 95 delegates up for grabs
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at the new york primary for republicans. this poll, what does the campaign say about that? >> the numbers are bad. you have got to try to get that number back down. it was down in october. he was at 53%. there are thing they could probably do to reduce those numbers. 83% say he's not civil. 80% say he's not honest. 55% say he's decisive. he has a narrow window of time to turn that back. if he gets into the convention with those up ins the delegates on the floor will say is this the guy we want to put in? bill: there i more time hiring people and doing what? >> they are working on two
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parallel tracks. you will have the new york part of the campaign that will look at the campaigning. you will have an office in d.c. headed up by paul rankleford. they will handle the delegates. you have got to hang on to what you win. the big question is, you get this gritty team in new york, how will they get along with the folk in washington? >> that campaign has 5 people central to all of it. >> they have got to beef up. bill: the wall treat journal has questions about the charity money and what has come of that. >> remember the famous military charity event that happened in
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$2.4 million of the approximately $6 million that was raised has been distributed. you have got to remember a lot of this came directly from the donors to the foundations or charities. fisher house, full disclosure. my wife sit on the board of. received $115,000. but the trump campaign now pushing back to get to the very notion that something untoward may be going on. they said if the media sent as much time trying to help the veterans rather than trying to disparage mr. trump's generosity
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for and you unsolicited gesture, we would be better off. martha: those numbers reflect donald trump may be disliked at this point by a large group of voter. but the rest of the presidential field doesn't do much better. look at ted cruz. nearly 6 in 10 have a negative view of him. he's at 59%. hillary clinton also pretty high. chris stirewalt, i know why when i'm out and about, people say, this is all we get? this is a choice? >> 320 million americans and these are the three we are ending up with? there has been a frustration among the electric rapt among this whole cycle.
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what's interesting for trump is the frustration with what seems to be the failure, the breakdown of the system that produces a situation where you have all of the potential nominees who are still running on the republican side, all unpopular. she less than them, but as you point out, she is not that much better off than cruz. you have these people, trump's voters and this core group of supporters. % of the republican electorate has been there with donald trump because they do believe the system hayes failed and it's broken. martha: you heard bill and john
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talk about turning some of these numbers around. you didn't sounds like you had a lot of faith in him the last time we talked. maniford. >> you know how he got smoked in colorado. he got shut out again. they didn't get any delegates there. you can have as many meetings you want. but it is the grassroots on the ground organization day in and day out that is having people marching for you in these states and picking up a delegate here and delegate there. we are talking about missing out on three delegates in colorado could matter. that's how close this could be. if you can't get your people on the ground to do it. you can have all the conference calls on k street you want and it won't make beans difference.
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martha: trump would say i'm still ahead. i'm going into the convention with the largest number. you are going to tell me that we don't matter when our guy has the most votes? our numbers are the biggest. >> if he does not get a majority plus one delegate, he can't be the nominee. the republicans can't say 1,230, the rules say 1,237. you can't do it unless you have the actual number. the anger against donald trump by many especially in the cruz camp and those who supported marco rubio. if trump doesn't win this on the first ballot. he needs to go in there with 1,237, or just short enough so
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unbound delegates, and he don't win on the first ballot, he won't win it. martha: you look at the kasich block and the rubio block and cruz block. can they put those together and get numbers somewhere in positive territory? bill: hillary clinton critics say they are looking forward to seeing her in handcuffs as a result of her server investigation. >> they live in that world of fantasy and hope because they have a mess on the republican side. there is not the remotest chance that will happen. they have been after me for 25 years. bill: james comey said just
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yesterday there is no rush to wrap up this investigation. james comey, we are not going to rush, we are going to do it well. martha: the nasty back and forth not just for republicans, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been going at it big time the last several days. >> maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madame secretary. martha: the reports are democrats are getting worried about the hostility on their side. the war of words between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, is it destructive for their party? >> the values of new york city focus around money and the media. >> i saw something no place on
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earth could have handled more bully. bill: donald trump is going after ted cruz and ted cruz is returning serve on the new york values. >> it's off the ground. oh, my god. trouble for one truck driver all caught on video. we'll show you. i'm terrible at golf.
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always be you. >> if you want to question my qualifications, let me suggest this. maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications. we you voted for the war in iraq, are you qualm fired to be president of the united states, and you are raising millions of dollars from wall street? >> it's kinds of. voters ofhing to say. new york who know me and have voted for me twice, tbhons the presidential primary. i don't know why he's saying that. bill: bernie sanders and hillary clinton engaging in a series of testy exchanges. what does that do to the
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democratic race. with me is debbie wasserman-shultz. there are democrats openly considering that this battle will do lasting damage to the eventual democratic nominee. what do you think about that? >> every campaign as it gets towards a heated, high stakes primary like the new york one will be, we are getting towards the end of the last couple months of our primary, it will get more tense and more points. but feisty is the best way to describe it. it's totally understandable this has gotten a little more tense and the exchanges might be a little more heated. but when you compare the tenor of our debates and our candidates have engaged in substantive, clear-eyed
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discussions, and the civil war that continues to rage on the republican side, i'm not worried about us coming back together. bill: bernie sanders insists he will not take back his comment that he believes she is not qualified, and he lists the issues, wall street, iraq war, trade deals. that's bernie sanders' campaign in a nutshell. how can it not do damage to hillary clinton. >> i think it's understandable things will get tossed around. words tossed around in an increasingly tense political environment. both campaigns need to be careful about making sure that we don't do lasting damage. i don't think we are at that point. i think it is important to be careful that at the end of the primary process when we have a
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presumptive nominee we are able to easily reunify. we were in the same place eight years ago between senator obama and hillary clinton and we came back together. bill: there were a lot of head lines in 2008 that seemed to be running parallel to what we are watching today. why has he won six of the last seven contests. >> it's not my job to be handicapping each of the candidates. bill: she is defending home turf now. she is fighting for victory in a state where she served as u.s. senator. why is that? >> if you look at the enthusiasm
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level coming out of wisconsin, 7 in 10 wisconsin voters when they came out of the polls said they were enthusiastic about voting for either one of our candidates compared to 4 in 10. you have in new york and the subsequent contests coming up. bernie sanders campaign is to be commended for igniting the grassroots support and appeal together youth which will be a critical vote when it comes to who wins this presidential election. and hillary clinton has 9.1 million votes. far more votes than donald trump. and bernie sanders has a little more than 7 million votes, more than cruz and kasich. bill: she cannot shake him, and that is clear. and if she were sitting here today, she would argue, i have got 2 million more votes than he does. but you have got the whole issue
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of superdelegates. will there be the possibility now of a contested democratic convention in philadelphia at the end of july? >> no, there won't be a contested convention. i expect when we get to the end of our primary nominating contest, we'll have a presumptive nominee before we get to the convention who will be the presumptive nominee based on pledge delegates selected by voters. that's how i expect it to be. >> i have got a lot more questions. i'll better super jealous of reince priebus right now. >> i think he's super jealous of me given what's going on. martha: they both have tough jobs in election years.
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they are busy people. as the va is back on the hot seat. supervisors accused of telling workers they need to lie about the wait times for patients. this is still happening and we are on it. donald trump bulking up the campaign team to face the fight for delegates. he has always said he will win, and now he means to do it. what about this guy. >> what bothers me the most is this notion of identity politics that we are going to win an election by dividing people rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common culture. this clean was like, pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white.
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bill: scary strong winds nearly blowing a truck off a bridge. watch. >> oh, my god! stop! stop! stop! bill: that truck swaying around before toppling and taking down a lightpost. that bridge was closed for a bit. but no one was injured. martha: you get that feeling sometimes when you go over a bridge. you feel the wind is pushing you, but you never manage it will knock them over. the veterans affairs department potentially back in hot water again. va supervisors accused of telling workers they need to falsify the information on how
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long the veterans need to wait on a list before they get medical care. mike, i think a lot of people thought this problem was solved. this is incredible. >> schedulers were told to falsify wait times in seven states. that suggests va facility in arkansas, california, delaware, texas and vermont. the investigations first reported on by "usa today" showed employees at 40va facility in 19 states regularly zeroed out veteran wait times. senator john mccain blasted the bureaucracy at the agency. >> i refuse to send our veterans
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back to the nonexistent waitlist. every member of song and official at the va, should too. reporter: shorter wait times received emails of praise while longer wait times at a facility in texas were blasted. the va said it has retrained thousands of schedulers and updating software to make it easier to book appointments. 29 employees have been disciplined with actions ranging from discipline to removing. some whistle blowers say schedulers are still
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manipulating wait times. martha: thanks, mike. bill: donald trump shifting his strategy ahead of a likely contested convention. we'll talk to a trump surrogate and get the campaigns response. martha: a new day in the hunt for a man accused of a brutal murder. police warning this escaped mental patient is very, very dangerous. >> that's what's making us nervous it's serious crime, the worst you can imagine, and he's got mental illness. we don't know what he's thinking.
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bill: the search is under way for two inmates who escaped from a mental hospital in washington state. he was spotted buying a bus
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ticket but he is still in the area. he's accused of torturing a woman to death but he was found not mentally competent to stand trial. reporter: 20 thundershowers after he escaped from the state hospital. police got a tip he was spotted at his parents' house in spokane. that touched off a massive search using helicopters, dogs and local and federal cops. he was caught on camera buying a bus ticket to spokane. garver is extremely dangerous. he was found incompetent to stand trial for the brutal murder of a woman in 2015.
6:33 am
he has talked about blowing up buildings. he may have hidden weapons in the woods where he was caught hiding. by far the most dangerous of the two is still at large. bill: this hospital had security problems before. what do we know about that? >> western state hospital has had so many safety violations, the federal government has threatened to pull furnltding from it. the worst case in 2009 and 2011, both times the men were caught quickly. he has some experience so it might be a while before they catch him. >> we all want to be prosperous
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and healthy. we want people to succeed and reach the potential in their lives. liberals and conservatives will disagree on that. no problem, this is what it's all about. let's have a contest of whose ideas are bert and why our ideas are better? >> that was a clip from a newly released web video put out by house speaker paul ryan's office. it's raising eyebrows around washington because it kind of has the feel of a campaign ad. they say that's not the case at all. but it does have some wondering whether speaker ryan might be positioning himself to jump into the presidential fray just in case this thing that has been messy all along gets messier. joining me is senator scott brown, a trump supporter. he's clear live addressing the issue of the presidential
6:35 am
election in the beginning of that campaign -- not campaign, that web released video. what do you think about that? >> it's a little unusual. obviously if it was done by anybody else other than speaker ryan it would not raise any eyebrows. but the fact that it's the speaker of the house where there are rumors that he will be inserted into the convention. you have to pay attention. he says he's not running an doesn't want the job, and i'll take him at his word. if he thinks he's going to be parachute into the convention and people will support him, he's wrong. martha: the numbers are rough in this a.p. poll. people say they definitely would vote for and it has hillary clinton, donald trump and ted cruz. they range 10% for ted cruz and
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24% for hillary clinton and 16% for trump. let's go definitely would not vote for. 49% hillary clinton. donald trump 63%. ted cruz 55%. these numbers are abysmal. >> i'm surprised you didn't put kasich in there whose numbers are similar. i'm not sure what bernies numbers are. the rallying cry for republicans when you talk about unity and the name is hillary clinton. if she is the nominee, she'll be very damaged and for somebody who is not trustworthy and people don't like and is out of touch with the average american, the rallying cry for unifying the republican party will be hillary clinton. martha: when you look at the
6:37 am
convention scenario, when ronald reagan put his name in and wanted to be if the nominee, gerald ford was the sitting president at the time. we know how that turned out. ronald reagan did not secure the nomination. but he had a concession speech that running in everyone's minds. do you think that paul ryan might be thinking, with those kind of numbers, if i show up, either i can get it this time round or i can plant my flag and make my case. if hillary clinton wins i come out of it looking pretty good. >> i would be shocked if that happens. i hosted a radio show and had reince priebus on. we talked about the rules, talked about the numbers, talked about the process. the rules will be brian by cruz and trump supporters.
6:38 am
if trump has the majority he will have the majority of people in the session writing the rules. they won't allow for stearn outsider to come in and hijack the convention. i believe we'll have one of those two people will be the nominee. if in fact one does not win, they don't want to unite, then you are giving up the ambassadors, the cabinet positions, the judicial positions, the deciding vote in senate when the vice president comes in to stop the tie vote. if you want to reestablish who we are at americans and push back is what this president does, then you have to unite. it's pretty simple. martha: you think donald trump is the best person to do that. what does he need to do to get this campaign in a place where he's going to start to increase his numbers and unify the party.
6:39 am
>> i said i'll support anybody who is the nominee. that's who i am as an american. if it's ted cruz, i'm with him. right now i'm supporting donald trump. he brings the best option. he's hiring extra staff members to secure the delegates at the convention who know the baseball stuff of the convention. putting up policy speeches is very important whether it's on supreme court, foreign policy, immigration, border security, addressing the things he commented on during this process. this process while kind of there is a lot of vitriol and people are battling, maybe i'm naive. i hope not. i'm a glass half full guy, but i believe they will ultimately get together. it will start with the rallying cry. hillary clinton is the nominee,
6:40 am
here is your choice, get together. they will ultimately see we need to move forward united. bill: from yesterday at augusta, this is a back breaker. this is ernie els from 3 feet away. missed it high. missed it low. come on, let's throw the thing in the drink. i'm putting six times on the first hole. he took it -- class act, ernie.
6:41 am
jordan spieth finished 6 under 66. his history as short as it is for a young guy in competition like this in the really big tournaments once he has the lead in the first round, he usually wins. martha: he's so cool. did it feel like spring just watching that on tv? martha: one more week. hang in there, spring is coming. ted cruz taking some hits in the new york state. >> new york isn't side. after we were hit. we rebuilt, but remembered. we tell it like it is, and that's who we are. martha: trump and kasich making the most they can out of the new york values line cruz used which has hurt him in new york state while donald trump pick up
6:42 am
support from a major new york figure as the battle for the empire state and the big apple on a lovely spring day. he's up. we'll be back with more. my school reunion's coming fast.
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won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at martha: former new york city mayor giuliani says he plans to vote for donald trump. he said it's new york city. we are family. i can make fun of new york, but you can't. i know ted cruz was attacking new york values. i fought to change welfare and policing as did mike bloomberg.
6:46 am
there was a better way to say it. >> everyone understands the values in new york city focus around money and the media. >> i saw something no place on earth could have handled more bully, more humanely than new york. >> new yorkers aren't stupid, ted. after we were hit, we rebuilt. but remembered. we tell it like it i. so when you smear new york values in iowa for votes, we remember that, too. bill: that from the trump team. juan williams the author of "we the people," congratulations on the book. mercedes schlapp. here we go. mercedes. what is the effect of this line that was dropped in january on a
6:47 am
race of 11 days that everybody is watching now. >> it's a phrase they are not forgetting in new york. it's haunting cruz in the new york primary. and it was the perfect line for these other candidate to make an ad about it. it was one thing that it worked in iowa at the time and cruz was referring to the fact there are liberal new york politicians negatively impacting the economy. but he could have just said that. it was unfortunate he used the phrase new york values. you never want to go after a state especially given the fact you want to try to win that very important state. bill: this is the thing that hangs on you like a name tag for the next 11 days. >> if there was a way, i think
6:48 am
his strategy, this team would have done it. he has what trump is trying to get now which is a political structure around him, people who can run the ground game, and ted cruz was running a ground game in iowa, appealing to evangelical voters when he said this. he was not talking about politic or liberal politicians. he said money and media. that caused some people to think it what you anti-semitic. bill: cruz said i'm talking about the mainstream media that come out of new york city and the liberal -- >> on the left wall street i not seen as the liberal elite. everybody is beating up on wall
6:49 am
street. when he said money and media, then he follows up with his attitude about we should have special patrols through muslim neighborhood which the police commissioner said was evidence cruz doesn't know what he's talking about. when he went out to the bronx, people said we are a community of immigrants. we come here to hustle and appeal to american values. ted cruz get out. bill: he was all talking about climate change in the bronx. is that something i think about when i go to a yankees game? it's fine for us to debate this. but what are voters thinking? we are not in albany, upstate syracuse. the question is will it work there for cruz? >> i think it's an uphill battle for cruz in new york.
6:50 am
obviously trump is able to break into what would be his base, into the working class voters. the christians that are there in the upstate new york area as well as rochester and buffalo. that would be the natural areas for cruz and trump to duke it out. it will be difficult for cruz. it's not a natural fit. it will be difficult for crew to break through for this primary. bill: mercedes, thanks. juan, i'll see you in the bronx. i'll buy the pizza. martha: what crazy situation in lax? a police chase like you have never seen. watch this. out in the middle of the road. very, very tense situation this became. a bizarre moment with onlookers and hugs and selfies of course because that's how we do thing, folks when we come back.
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>> this is sam. he was sent into the stratosphere. they attached sam to a helium balloon and fitted him with a gopro camera. but somewhere during this journey sam became detached from the began ets. so the kid created this to find sam. martha: can't you watch sam in the sky all day long in i love
6:55 am
that. that is fantastic. now to something -- two burglary suspects are in custody after leading police on an unbelievable chase. the suspects taking time at the end to hug the onlookers and congratulate each other before they turn themselves into the cops. tell us about what happened. >> this may have been the best thing i have ever seen. it was truly bizarre. we had o.j. throwing cash from a car during a high speed chase. but nothing as bizarre as this one. it started with a suspected burglary, and the suspect took off in the blue convertible mustang, roof down in what was pretty heavy rain yesterday. they headed past downtown l.a. then of course into hollywood
6:56 am
right past the walk of fame, then they stopped for donuts and i don't mean dunkin donuts. cops nowhere near them at this point. they went back on to the freeway. it was a veryiesy freeway. the only thing about to stop them was a tmz bus. the driver said he was inadvertently changing lanes but it looks like he was trying to block him in. there were hugs and high fives and selfies before the cops turned up and arrested those two. a tmz bus convertible top down in the rain. high five. might have been the best l.a. car chase we have ever seen.
6:57 am
luckily no one got hurt. bill: president obama sits down with an exclusive interview with chris wallace.
6:59 am
7:00 am
president obama making the case for his supreme court nominee in a must-see interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday warning republicans they are putting the integrity of the federal court system in jeopardy by refusing to consider judge merrick garland for the supreme court as is the president's wish. a brand-new map hour of america's newsroom. bill: sitting down with chris wallace to promote his choice for the us supreme court. the president making his case for speedy hearing and a vote on judge garland.
7:01 am
>> reporter: the republican senators say if a democrat wins in november maybe we will consider garland in a lame-duck hearing. have you made a commitment that you will stick by him through the end of your term? or perhaps hillary clinton is the newly elected president which will let her make it. >> as more senators meet with him they will recognize the qualities of this individual. what we can't have is a situation in which the republican senate simply says because it is a democratic president, we are not going to do our job, have hearing that have a vote. because if that happens, chris, then it is almost impossible to expect the democrats, let's say a republican president, say the same thing. let's wait four years and take our chances on the next
7:02 am
president. >> are you saying you would stick with merrick garland through the end of your term? >> yes. >> no pulling him after? >> absolutely not. martha: chris wallace joins us now, good morning. we are looking forward to seeing the rest of this. i will see what i can get out of you in terms of what has been here. >> very tough guest. martha: you would ask about the gop presidential race. give some thoughts about that. >> let me explain the ground rules when you interview the president for a sunday show. the white house says you are doing a sunday show, this is embargoed until 9:00 sunday morning. it is not me being a pain in the neck. you can argue with them. we had to negotiate to allow that to be played but it is a wide-ranging interview, ask him
7:03 am
about terror, and the fact that some people think he is not sufficiently engaged, brussels and san bernardino, and he takes a shot at ted cruz and donald trump in some of the ideas he thinks are not very serious about terrorism. what you are talking about on monday morning is hillary clinton. in october he said he did not feel her use of the private email server had endangered national security. since then we found out 2,000 of the emails have top-secret information. she did not endanger national security and more importantly
7:04 am
when it gets to the fbi investigation can he ensure the american public and instruct the people of the fbi and the justice department this has to be a legal decision, not a political citizen -- decision. and among trump supporters and sanders supporters both sides of the aisle. after eight years of president obama people feel the game is rigged and they are cut out and does he take personal responsibility for that. a very interesting answer. this is a can't miss interview on sunday. martha: i want to put on screen, from the president's remarks yesterday, it kind of goes to what you are talking about. mister trump has done a service, as mister cruz is doing a
7:05 am
service, laying bare, unvarnished some of the nonsense we have been dealing with, people act as if these folks are outliers but they are not, using their candidacy as a way to say this is what i have been dealing with, things that haven't gotten done. here is why. what do you think? >> he talks about the fact that he feels the republican party is cannibalizing itself and yes, there are splits among democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, he feels that is nothing, and i agree with him as compared to the splits in the republican party when you see john bain or forced out of office bhis own party because they feel the is too moderate, the same problems with paul ryan, does he feel that is
7:06 am
carried over into this campaign, absolutely does. martha: sometimes we see him looking down, a little defensive, in general how was he? >> he is in an exceedingly good mood. it may have had something to do with the fact he was at the university of chicago law school is where he taught for a number of years. and a little office at the size of a broom closet where he wrote his first book dreams from my father and i ask him, ask him a sentimental journey. and what you're going to miss, he was quite engaged and chatty.
7:07 am
martha: thank you very much. >> new york, he is talking about a visit he will make to the vatican. talking about admiration for pope francis. ted cruz campaigning hard in new york for the primary, telling students, pointing out the front runner for democrats in new york for a long time. >> our friends in the media tell us that donald trump is unstoppable in new york state. oddly enough our friends in the
7:08 am
media are very comfortable with a new york liberal who has supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton and chuck schumer for decades. they want to see a general election between two new york liberals who agree on washington being the center of the universe. martha: that from ted cruz and john casey getting a taste of new york at an italian deli in the bronx discussing strategy to win the nomination at a contested convention this summer in cleveland, ohio. >> i have been saying for weeks that we were going to go to a convention and how that will work, not sure that will happen and guess what. everybody knows we are going to a convention. delegates are going to examine who can win in the fall. neil: polls put him ahead of ted cruz in new york telling voters his strongest days are in front
7:09 am
of him. bill: a surprise visit to baghdad by john kerry, arriving earlier today to meet with iraqi leaders to talk about isis which is becoming more difficult as the country grows increasingly unstable. john huddy live with this story. the secretary's visit signal any sort of change? >> it does. we are already seeing an increase in the number of us troops on the ground in iraq training iraqi military soldiers and kurdish fighters in an effort to get them ready, geared up in the fight to take mosul in northern iraq. isis is the remaining stronghold there and this will be a significant, bloodied and intense fight when that happens, secretary john kerry today also about an hour ago pledged more us humanitarian aid and support
7:10 am
to iraq, 1 $65 billion in humanitarian aid so clearly yes the us is ratcheting up its military and humanitarian support. john kerry landed a unannounced visit in baghdad earlier this morning. this was to shore up and build support for the embattled iraqi prime minister who john kerry met with today who is trying to reorganize the iraq government. there is a lot of instability as mentioned as we talked about and along with pledging more humanitarian aid, john kerry also reaffirmed the us's political and military support and as i said, the target at this point is mosul in northern iraq, questions about the timeframe if that happens this year or next year, when it does it will be the most significant,
7:11 am
bloodiest and intense fight so far that will have major regional consequences and ramifications. >> thank you. martha: ted cruz trying to unite the republican party against donald trump but will a come along for the ride? martha: under development in the server scandal, is bernie sanders a bigger threat to her campaign? the judge is on that. martha: surveillance video may have a clue to the brutal killing of a university of texas student, the person of interest in this case, that story next. >> this is a tragic day for the university of texas family as we mourn the loss of one of our own. law-enforcement is doing everything they can to bring the
7:12 am
perpetrator of this heinous crime to justice.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at bill: searching for a person of interest in the killing of anything-year-old woman at the university of austin. she was last seen leaving sunday, she was last seen in a creek, police releasing video showing this person of interest pushing a bicycle. hundred attending a vigil yesterday on campus, her family releasing a statement saying
7:16 am
they hope their daughter's death can prevent future tragedies. martha: ted cruz's sweeping victory has the attention of the republican establishment fighting to keep trump from the nomination, taking a second look at the texas senator. even gop leaders once criticized ted cruz are starting to grin and bear it. >> ted cruz is a republican, smart as hell, running an effective campaign, he is a real republican from the ideological perspective, he would not destroy our party. >> john kasich is more electable. >> ted cruz has become the primary alternative to donald trump. martha: the republican political analyst and campaign consultant and fox news contributor, director of the center for american progress action fund,
7:17 am
welcome to you both. who would have thought this was where the republicans would be, so much discussion about how deep the bench was, how many challenging people out there, now you have ted cruz, donald trump, john casey and the establishment trying to figure out which one of these is our guy. >> we had a talented bench but the reality is there was a complete schism between the large part of the conservative movement, we learned from trump, more populist and the ruling class in the political establishment in washington and look at the candidates that have the best chance of getting the nomination, both outside the ruling political class in washington. wisconsin elevated ted cruz in a way no contest has before. he can beat donald trump most
7:18 am
consistently. ted cruz is the more attractive candidate, number 2, the first time we saw a coordinated effort between the conservative movement and establishment political class and it worked. the ads, the actual campaign, the narrative against trump did culminate in a big way and you see donors, the washington establishment and the republican party beginning to warm up where they accept ted cruz as the nominee is the best alternative to donald trump. martha: people don't like any of the candidates and don't like him at 55% compared to donald trump at 69%. ted cruz was on with o'reilly last night, that he is a liberal. >> not a question of being more conservative or not. if you are fed up with the corruption in washington donald trump and hillary clinton are
7:19 am
flip sides of the same coin, hillary clinton made millions of dollars selling power and access in washington and donald trump is billions of dollars buying power and access like hillary clinton. but he is part of the corruption. martha: he was not portraying as a liberal in that soundbite but talking about the fact that he thinks donald trump is on the inside of the back-and-forth between special interests, people who want the side of the wheel. does he have a point? >> a fascinating tap dance to watch the evolution of ted cruz and where his positions are felt but he wanted to run as the outsider. he is positioning himself as the outsider. he could never anticipated trump would be so far outside and so much more appealing to him. he is trying to own the establishment as an outsider but
7:20 am
there is a big downside because as you deccaed out the grassroots don't like it but he does need the money. as much money goes into super pacs candidates need to hire field organizing and appeal to them so it is a tough position for him here. what i am hearing about the conversation in washington is they would rather have ted cruz nominated and loose with ted cruz. they don't think either trump or ted cruz could win but they think trump is so embarrassing to the party but also if trump -- there would be a lot of drop off. voters show up for trump would not show up for anybody else who is running at the same time, the senate, house, locally, republicans are close to losing control of the senate to pile on the fact they won't here the supreme court and people hate
7:21 am
it. martha: john kasich is saying i am the alternatives. i am the guy everyone will like in the end and that is the plan. more on that later. thank you. see you next time. bill: brand-new video by police of the suspect, leaving the brussels airport as bombs go off behind him. by surveillance camera they traced him walking six miles and still can't find him. martha: bill clinton taking on demonstrators for black lives matter telling them off essentially as they interrupted a campaign rally. watch this. >> let's tell the whole story. when i became president the headlines in the newspapers were full of -- i listened to you, you listen to me.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
bill: the air force base in san antonio, texas, there are reports of an active shooting there. we are watching the bear county sheriff's department saying responding reports of an active shooter, no confirmation, that was 30 minutes ago. since that time deputies have been on base and are reporting that there are victims and the scene is still active. we are trying to piece it together and figure out what has happened and what is yet to be resolved. just getting pieces of the story so we will bring you back in a moment. in the meantime there has been a twist in the paris terror attack investigation, belgian police delaying extradition of a suspect held in brussels so he can be questioned about a deadly police raid several days before that.
7:26 am
chief intelligence correspondent catherine heritage live on that story. what are french officials saying about the extradition delay. >> the networks behind the paris attack last fall. on the brussels attack. and the extradition of the terrorist suspect has been suspended because he is a material witness in a criminal investigation. and he is connected to a raid in brussels, belgian police finally captured him four days before the brussels attack and one of the bombers donned the computer for the attack where he indicated the plot was moved up because their colleague had been arrested and feared he would talk and reveal their identity.
7:27 am
a possibility of requesting his transfer to france for questioning but no word when that will happen. bill: belgian official releasing video of the suspect. can you tell us what they have been able to track or not? >> reporter: what stands out about the new video that shows the suspect wearing the hat leaving the airport and if you watch the video closely you see as the bombs detonate he does not look back which would be a natural instinct because he already knows what is going down in the brussels airport terminal and seems to be moving very casually away from the scenes when others are clearly stunned. the timing is important. the subway attack went down an hour after the airport blast and there were reports of a man scene with a suicide bomber at the subway but the surveillance video goes past an hour after the subway attack, simply could not be the same person. this again is more evidence of a broader conspiracy and two suspects central to the plots
7:28 am
are unaccounted for. martha: hillary clinton may be fending off attacks from bernie sanders but the freedom of information act may pose a bigger threat to her campaign. we will explain. bill: a near record-breaking supermassive black hole. wait until you hear about this? mike massimino is standing by to tell us.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
martha: we will tell you what we know at this point. there has been a shooting at the base near san antonio and you can see these pictures of the live scene, reports that there are victims and the scene is still active. we will stay on this obviously as we get more information, we will bring it to you but there
7:32 am
is the scene in bear county at the lockland air force base where there is an active shooter seen underway. bill: back to that when we have more information. \were hillary clinton over the email and server scandal that continues to dog her campaign. two federal judges allow watchdog group to conduct its own investigation under the freedom of information act. that raises questions which is the bigger threat on her campaign. bernie sanders or the fbi? judge andrew napolitano, senior judicial analyst, good day for you. we may get interrupted but we will stand by on that. what do you make of two investigations granted by judges, what is the effect of that? judge napolitano: it is a perfect storm of legal misery. two judges authorized an organization that is a watchdog to ask her inner circle of aides any questions they want under oath about what judges say.
7:33 am
it is a conspiracy in the office of secretary of state to avoid federal transparency laws. at the same time these two proceedings are going on, the same aids are being forced to answer the same questions under oath from different lawyers, the fbi to be interviewed by the fbi and hired lawyers and plan to go with it. what they say under oath in a freedom of information act case will be transferred immediately and can be used as ammunition from the fbi to interrogate. bill: make sure your story is the same and nothing changes. otherwise here is the problem. judge napolitano: their stories have not been the same. the state department stories in the two cases have not been the same up to this point. that is why these two federal judges of personally and gun that has gotten involved where judges never get involved, the
7:34 am
gathering of evidence pretrial. that is done lawyer against lawyer without a judge involved, you have two cases, a federal judge by ronald reagan, federal judge and bill clinton, both saying the same thing, too much deception here, mrs. clinton needs to speak to me, you will certify under penalty of perjury you are telling the truth. is that the way to talk to the former first lady. bill: handcuffs during the campaign. judge napolitano: they are clinging to the hope they will deal with that by at some point between now and the election and they say this, that they will get to see hillary clinton in handcuffs. some kind of political purpose based on your private email server. >> they live in that world of fantasy. they have a mess on their hand on the republican side. that is not going to happen.
7:35 am
bill: she went on to say this is a security review and there are lots of those. judge napolitano: for the umpteenth time in public send a dog whistle to the fbi, she forgot they were watching, she knows it is a criminal investigation, she is the target of a criminal investigation, she knows the government has resources investigating her and she is laughing at them. not a good thing. bill: james comey said the urgency is to do it well and do it promptly and well comes first. judge napolitano: they are at the end of their investigation. the second to last thing they do is crawl on the aids which they did last night and the last thing they do is call in mrs. clinton which they will do in may. bill: it is july 24th with the
7:36 am
convention. judge napolitano: democrats should know and should want to know whether the person they may nominate could become a criminal defendant. bill: you think they are thinking about that? judge napolitano: yes. bill: have a good weekend, judge andrew napolitano. martha: breaking news at lackmouth air force base in san antonio, part of the largest joint base in the department of defense, joint base san antonio is what you are looking at on the left-hand side of your screen where the latest word we have, ap is reporting that the sheriff has said they have at least one dead in a shooting at lackland air force base and the gunman is still active. that is according to the ap. it looks like an active scene. you can see an increased number of vehicles that have arrived at that area. this is also the home of the
7:37 am
u.s. air force boot camp for the united states military for the air force. it is a very vital base for the us military. we do not know the nature of the violence being carried out on this campus on the space at this moment but we will keep a close eye on this and get you more details as soon as they coming. the left side is the active scene in san antonio. lackland air force base where there is according to reports by the apn active shooter and one person dead. more when we come back. you're late for work.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. bill: lackland air force base, an active scene, reports of one dead. this is about -- when you think of texas and you are on base, and air force base, fort hood several years ago, a 2 hour
7:41 am
drive from here, unfortunately authorities have gotten too used in this. i was wondering what they do right now in order to get things under control and lockdown the facility. >> an excellent question. i can tell you they actually conduct active shooter drills several times throughout the year. i can tell looking at the video on the fox news channel i can tell by their response this is a planned response, and this is a very fluid situation. there are various reports, following this closely on twitter. there is one fatality that has not been confirmed yet, the police are saying from the sheriff's department that they
7:42 am
have an individual down there that they have not been able to secure in terms of this guy is still running around somewhere so this is a very fluid situation. they have dozens of officers on the scene. the other thing they are trying to determine if this individual is affiliated with the military or not, they don't know that quite yet because they haven't identified who this person is. and from what i understand the joint terrorism task force has been notified. and the protocol we do these days. anytime there is a shooting situation on a military base the joint terrorism task force is immediately notified. bill: was that in place before fort hood? >> in a way. we make these notifications but now, because of fort hood, all
7:43 am
these things are automatic protocol, not necessarily automatic protocol a while back but they are now. bill: the bear county sheriff last week went out one minute ago. we have two that at lackland air force base, deputies are still inside the building whether this was domestic or more than that we do not know. back live to texas in a moment on america's newsroom. martha: former president bill clinton confronting black lives matter protesters when they interrupted a campaign rally he was speaking get for hillary clinton. watch. >> she was the first person who really talked about that. but in order to do it, in order to do it they talked about this yesterday. in order to do it. [shouting] >> wait a minute. wait a minute. okay, i heard it, can i answer?
7:44 am
here is the thing. i like protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. very very afraid. martha: he later told them tell the truth. they were protesting about the three strikes you are out policy he instituted in 1994 that they felt was unfair. david goodfriend joined me now, secretary to bill clinton and hillary clinton, good to have you with us today. people have different takes on this. when you listen to what bill clinton said to these protesters i think a lot of people would say they wish more people would say the same thing. he is talking about people are being killed in your own neighborhood and looking at where the problem is coming from, he may have been speaking the truth.
7:45 am
>> i am biased. i love president clinton. i worked for him and am loyal to him but i will also tell you i witnessed working for him, such a degree of honesty and give and take between him and leaders of the african-american community and individuals in the african american community you never heard bill clinton say in this exchange that black lives matter is somehow illegitimate. he honors them and recognizes them. what you saw was an honest exchange of views. president clinton pointed the out his bill included assault weapons ban, community police funding, the african-american community and other communities have been calling for. in this case i go back to the words of justice sonia sotomayor or who wrote in her autobiography that minority communities are often victims of violent crime and growing up in a puerto rican community in new
7:46 am
york city, witnessed a lot of violent crime. it is true in african-american communities as well. you can think of them as monolithic. they have a wide range of views. bill: we have limited time. martha: in the course of this campaign when this happens when black lives matter protesters show up what you generally hear from candidates is they sympathize with their perspective, they don't stick up for law enforcement in this country which bill clinton did during his administration. the question in terms of these candidate in the democratic party some people look at what bill clinton it says and say it makes sense, he is making sense and they feel the democratic pa make a lot of sense anymore in a lot of ways. i want to put up a quote from dan henninger in a piece he wrote yesterday based on the
7:47 am
panama letter situation, talking about how democrats approach the economy. he says in the now extinct democratic party the party of hubert humphrey, jimmy carter and bill clinton, room existed for the private sector to breathe. completely from economics democrats understood the symbiosis between healthy private production and public revenues, presidents carter and clinton deregulated economic life. no longer. the party of barack obama, bernie sanders and ted cruz and hillary clinton says keep squeezing them. look at what bill clinton did yesterday and are reminded of another time when the democratic party was perhaps more pro-economic forces. >> let me respond. first of all, if you want to live like a republican you vote like a democrat. that is an old saying. if you look at the economy under barack obama it has grown in employment, gdp, stock value. every single month over the last -- 67 months.
7:48 am
i dispute this notion that somehow the current democratic party is that for the economy. quite the opposite. martha: you can dispute it but you have to talk to supporters of donald trump and supporters of bernie sanders who in different ways are extremely unsatisfied with the way the economy has functioned over the last 7 years. you can debate what those people feel. >> introduce something different which is not whether regulation if treatment of corporations is good or bad but whether enough people in the economy are benefiting from growth. that is a legitimate, critical issue this campaign season. economic inequality and wage stagnation are top-of-the-line. martha: deregulated in order to improve the economy. this president look at the front page of the paper this morning, talking about further regulation. he is happy in terms of increasing regulations to prevent inversion. there is a reason those companies are leaving the united states. >> everybody wants to dodge us
7:49 am
taxes where others are hung up by their toenails. i think bill clinton has a mixed approach. he advocated a foreign policy to the left of what barack obama did. he advocated a lot of things you would classify as regulatory but the longest economic expansion in american history since the end of world war ii. i dispute the notion that somehow bill clinton and barack obama and hillary clinton have any daylight between them when it comes to growth of government and business in the us economy. martha: there are people who voted for bill clinton who may be looking for different alternatives and hillary clinton in this election. some are looking at bernie sanders and some are looking at donald trump. >> that is true. the feelings of trump supporters and bernie sanders supporters are legitimate. we can grow our way and do it collectively in a way that serves everybody well and that is why i am a hillary clinton supported.
7:50 am
martha: good to talk to you. me 13 three different stories, news out of brussels, news out of texas on the manhunt for a killer and there is this. in lackland air force base, san antonio, bear county, the sheriff saying two are dead. details are few and far between. we will try to get you live in a moment, a quick break here and we will update you on san antonio and what we are learning from brussels as well. this is new video, you will see more of that. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. martha: a number of raids and arrests as they look to shut
7:54 am
down the circle of terrorists who carried out attacks in belgium and at the airport and in paris. we cannot confirm whether they having custody the man seen in the white hat. the new video was released yesterday. he walked six miles when he left that airport. we got confirmation from catherine heritage that there are two members of that terrorist attack team still missing who the police want to take into custody. we don't know if those two people have been taken into custody or if either one of them is the man you saw in that video. more details as we get them. clearly things are afoot. of the 13 back to texas south of san antonio, lackland air force base, casey siegel working the story, confirming the bear county sheriff's department, two dead in an apparent murder/suicide. this is not an active shooter situation. many of the buildings have been cleared as a precaution as you can well understand.
7:55 am
deputy still inside the building and looking at small details on that. they are categorizing this as a murder/suicide which seems to suggest that this may be over at the lackland air force base in san antonio. more details on that in a moment. some other stuff happening in texas. martha: a breaking news story going on, this from texas where austin police say they have arrested a suspect in the death of a university of texas student. we mentioned this story to you earlier, this young woman's name was wiser, 18 years old, last seen on sunday. her body was found in a creek. this video showing a person of interest walking with a bicycle. we don't know if that is the present they arrested but that was the most recent information they put out on that case. more news on that as well.
7:56 am
bill: donald trump said to be recalibrating his campaign. the race is heating up in new york state, he canceled his trip to the coast to stay home and we are starting to hear the trump strategy. so stand by for that. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation.
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7:59 am
to learn more. go long. there could be progress now in the investigation in brussels. we can report that several people have been arrested, after what appeared to be a story that had fallen quiet, deservedly so. we are working on more information from that and the man wearing that hat is still said to be on the run. we will see whether he is one of them so stay tuned for updates out of brussels. heather: also breaking news in
8:00 am
texas. the austin police moments ago saying they have indeed arrested a suspect in the death of a universitystudent. we mention this earlier, haruka weiser. she was last seen sunday. her body later found in a creek , the victim of assault is all they would say about the condition. police released this video of a person of interest pushing a bicycle. we don't know if this is the person they took into custody but we know things are moving in that direction. bill: our colleagues that happening now start right now. jon: breaking news in many places, many quarters of the world but we want to take you first to san antonio where there were reports of an active shooter. that appears to be a situation under control now, report of a murder suicide at lackland air force base. joining us on the phone, roseann hughes, they are county sheriff public information officer. roseann, what can you tell us about what transpired there this morning? >> approximately 8:30 we received a call about an active shooter at lac


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