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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the austin police moments ago saying they have indeed arrested a suspect in the death of a universitystudent. we mention this earlier, haruka weiser. she was last seen sunday. her body later found in a creek , the victim of assault is all they would say about the condition. police released this video of a person of interest pushing a bicycle. we don't know if this is the person they took into custody but we know things are moving in that direction. bill: our colleagues that happening now start right now. jon: breaking news in many places, many quarters of the world but we want to take you first to san antonio where there were reports of an active shooter. that appears to be a situation under control now, report of a murder suicide at lackland air force base. joining us on the phone, roseann hughes, they are county sheriff public information officer. roseann, what can you tell us about what transpired there this morning? >> approximately 8:30 we received a call about an active shooter at lackland air force
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base. at that time it was not confirmed. we didn'thave confirmation that the report was accurate but when we arrived we discovered there was indeed an active shooter and at this time we know that we have two dead . jon: reports are that this was a murder suicide. can you confirm that? >> i'm not able to at this time. this is an active and ongoing criminal investigation. jon: but no further casualties reported, no further shots fired? >>this is a developing story so that's the information we have at this time. >> . jon: it sounds like we are not going to get a lot more information, roseann hughes from the bear county sheriff's office outside san antonio where again, reports of shots fired this morning at lackland air force base grid to casualties. early indications are that it's a murder suicide but when we get more information about what has transpired there we will bring it to you live.
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in the meantime, donald trump attempts a new strategy to try to clinch the republican nomination for president as a new poll shows most americans have an unfavorable view of the billionaire businessman. a new associated press jfk should poll shows seven in 10 voters have a negative opinion ofdonald trump. good morning. welcome to this friday edition of happening now, i'm jon scott . heather: m i'm heather noller in for jenna lee. a lot of breaking news so you don't want to miss is not just donald trump facing those negative numbers, there are huge unfavorable ratings for three candidates now. donald trump six at 69 percent, ted cruz at 59 and hillary clinton at 55. let's check in with john roberts who joins us now with more. >> that new ap poll not good for trump as supporters love him of course but if he hopes to win a majority of the
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delegates between now and the convention or a contested convention, needs to get those numbers back in manageable territory. the good news his chief rival isn't doing particularly well either. back in october trumps unfavorable's were lower by about six points then what cruises are right now. trump is working hard to increase unfavorable opinions of cruise in new york state , putting up an ad on instagram reminding cruise what crew set about new york back in january. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city focus around money and the media. >> i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. jon: john kasich has jumped on that bandwagon, putting up an
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ad in new york saying the same things about ted cruz. at the debate, cruz said as you saw new york values wereall about money and media and now trying to spin his way out of that saying , i was talking about liberal values in new york city. here's cruise from a rally last night. >> bill, i think people across new york and across the country know exactly what new york values mean and those are the values of liberal democratic politicians who have been hammering this state. they're the ones suffering for it and as you noted, donald trump has been funding it year after year. jon: new york state is much more than new york city. cruz does have support elsewhere but the memory of 9/11 is still powerful here and trump will do everythinghe can to contrast cruises remarks to the incredible response to that horrible tragedy and a little update on another piece of campaign news, cruz picked up colorado last night , reporting to the cruise campaign. trump didn't even have anyone there fighting for the
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delegates. the trump campaign, a big problem. >> this was in which state? jon: colorado. >> and their primary is coming up. jon: what happens is a city series of many conventions, cruz 16 delegates a few weeks ago, there was another allocation of delegates and crews got more of those and there are still more to be doled out. jon: that goes along with the storyline that he's been picking up. jon: trump has to up his game on that front or cruise is going to sneak up behind him and beat him. >> he's brought on to new people so that's the goal to help that out. john roberts, thanks so much. this weekend, fox news reporting that donald trump the disruptor, that's what we are calling it. john roberts traveled with the candidates to chicago and in the windy city trump's campaign ran into a fight. take a look. >> we want trump. reporter: the qualities in canada trump that inspires such enthusiasm in hissupporters also stirred hostility in equal measures. among those who oppose them ,
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at all-star chicago leftist activist no errors. >> trump has galvanized the feeling that there's something loose in the land and that something ischanging . it's absolutely anti-american and that has to be opposed. >> in chicago trump post testers were so well-organized, so determined to disrupt that trump did something unique for him. he backed off and canceled the event. heather: fox news reporting donald trump the disruptor anchored by brett behr airs
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saturday and 8 pm and also 10 pm eastern time. sunday, you won't want to miss it. brett's been a busy guy. jon: it is the political season like no other so let's take a look at the democratic side of things. the candidates are escalating their attacks in the battle for the democratic nomination. things got heated when hillary clinton suggested bernie sanders was unprepared to be president. sanders fired back calling clinton unqualified to be president. how serious is this war of words and an editorial in today's wall street journal reads the pillow fight that has been the democratic nomination contest took a savage turn this week as hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded up for water balloons. their little scuffle probably won't leave any marks but it sure is entertaining and indeed, last night sanders said he would support hillary clinton if she were the nominee. let's bring in christopher bedford, editor in chief at the daily caller news foundation and also betsy woodruff, political reporter with the daily beast. actually, a lot of their campaign revolves around money, doesn't it and the ability to raise it? >> without a doubt and of what i think is fascinating about the way this cycle has played out is how essential the reality of online fundraising has been for for bernie sanders. it's going to be incredibly
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challenging for bernie to get the delegates necessary to be the nominee. in almost any other cycle he would have had to drop out by now because he would have run out of cash but because it's so easy for bernie sanders toget information about him and so easy for them to make those tiny contributions , he's been able to stay in for so much longer than expected and it's getting under hillary's skin. last month, bernie raised $44 million, about 15 million more than hillary clinton raised herself. that's unprecedented and it means going to be a problem for her for a long time. jon: what is she trying to do list for, what's he running for? >> if you are bernie sanders and you're trying to remake the democratic party into some sort of american socialist party and hillary clinton probably isn't qualified. she's a candidate who supports tpp, who voted for the iraq war, the patriot act. she's back by wall street and private lobbyists.bernie
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sanders voters don't care for that. they don't want her as part of the democratic party and you can see that. this past week in wisconsin 15 percent of bernie supporters didn't vote at all down ballot and democrats got wiped out as opposed to 96 percent of hillary voters who voted democrat, democrat, democrat. this is going to be a civil war. jon: sticking with you christopher, if you are one of the democratic party establishment if you will, a terms often used on the republican side i suppose you want hillary on the top of the ticket because that brings more reliable down ticket democratic votes. >> absolutely. hillary clinton is a party machine and that's them fanning the outrage that bernie sanders is naming them, they help the clinton supporters say it's some kind of conspiracy but they run a tight ship and a vicious political machine. they have for decades and if you're a democrat wants to make sure you have the highest chances of winning, you're going to back hillary. she won't rock the boat too much and she will keep everyone in favor in the white house. jon: elizabeth, you said hillary is having, i called you
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betsy. you are saying hillary is having way more fun than bernie sanders in this campaign. >> actually vice versa. bernie seems to be enjoying the process of going after her. he has very few qualms about criticizing her in a pointed way so hillary seems to be cautious in a way that almost visibly seems to make her uncomfortable. went to see suggested after being prodded almost 4 times by a host where she suggested bernie maybe he was unprepared it was obvious it wasn't territory she wanted to delve into and bernie of course immediately fired back by saying how dare hillary suggest i'm unqualified. she's the one who's unqualified and and last month we saw what was a really telling moment where hillary accepted someone in a rope line, a person who attended one of her events brought up that she has taken money from lobbyists who have
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fossil us as their client and she says i'm so tired of bernie sanders lying about me. haven't seen a moment like that with bernie. he has woodland animals of birds showing up at his events. meanwhile, hillary is having these tense, weird interactions. she's still the likely nominee but he's dragging it out and making it what appears to be a joyless process for her. jon: and he's raising more money than her. >> without a doubt. these numbers are mind-boggling. over the past few months and not only is he raising more money but he's using it in an effective strategic way. he's on six of the last seven democratic primary contests. he's in a really good place like right now. the fact of the superdelegates are all lined up behind hillary is a big problem but things are going so much better than expected and just covering his
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events, talking to his supporters it seems like there's a lot of good spirits going around. jon: christopher, is hillary becoming the victim of a giant left-wing conspiracy? >> hillary clinton is always a victim of some kind of conspiracy and it may now be some kind of populist uprising. bernie is a fantastically good politician. it's amazing to watch and give the speeches where the entire time is railing against money and politics and if you take a step back his whole speech is a fundraising appeal. it seems like the democrats are going through what the republicans went through with ron paul where there's a bunch of voters who are angry with the party and they're going to rebel and they're not loyal to the party except this is like ron paul on steroids for the democrats. jon: interesting. christopher bedford from the daily caller, betsy woodruff from the daily beast, thank you both. heather: a fox news alert on reports that police may have arrested a prime suspect wanted in the paris terror attacks. mohammed renee now in custody according to belgian public grande broadcasting in the attacks that left 130 people dead. our senior foreign affairs correspondent greg powell got is live in london with more on this story. greg, there are quite a few
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people at large not just from what happened in belgium but also in paris so clarify which guy this is believed to be quite this could be very significant. breaking news in the past 45 minutes, we are still putting it all together but we know for a fact that belgian authorities have made what they say are several arrests, we think two arrests today and they could be according to the brussels authorities they could be, they definitely are in connection with the brussels attacks from last month. that is the attack on the airport and the metro station. we believe they could also be linked to the paris attacks, the brutal attacks last november in the french capital. the man that it is reported has been arrested but we don't have this confirmed is a man named mohammed and renee. as you mentioned again he is 30 years old, he has a record. he is a direct suspect in those attacks and he might have played a significant role in the carnage in belgium last month.
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let's go through what we know right now. the belgian prosecutor saying they have made several arrests today. it has been reported they made those arrests in the under liked suburb of brussels. no report of any injuries, no report of any casualties. several people they say are in custody. we believe it is to people and yes, prosecutors are saying it is in connection with last month's attack there. if it is mohammed of renee, just remember who he is. we saw him in surveillance video at a gas station just about two weeks before the paris attacks helping salah abdeslam, the arrested suspect that we were reporting on the past couple weeks but most significant and i must get this in, it had been reported immediately after the brussels attacks that renee was also the man in the hat. the third suspect at the airport , the one we saw, the
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new video of yesterday. that could make a direct correction connection there. he was with the two suicide bombers, blew their bombs up. his did go up. the second suspect is reported in connection with the metro bombers so it's important to connect these. heather: we will bring you the latest as we get it. thank you so much, we will break be right back. stick around.
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heather: now to another california car chase. this one really for the record books. the suspects driving a ford mustang convertible with the top down that led police on a miles long chase that included the driver doing donuts in the street and waving to nearby motorists and it ended in true california fashion with cell fees. high five and hugs. our chiefcorrespondent jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with the details and we know folks in california love nothing more than a good car chase . >> really, and this one is you say was one for the all began heather with a
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burglary south and east of downtown la. the two suspects in that burglary then took off in that blue mustang convertible. driving crazy speeds with the roof down in the rain i might add.they traveled some 30 milesin all , straight to the heart of hollywood . at the famed walk of fame and then they decided it was time to stop for donuts and we are not talking about the dunkin' donuts kind of donuts, take a look at them above the hollywood freeway. that's what they were doing, entertaining and frightening other drivers in pretty much equal measure. the cops at that point nowhere
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in sight. then they decided to get back on the 101 freeway. it was very busy as you will see in a moment. still no cops in sight. in fact the only thing that nearly stopped them was a t nz tour bus. that's one of those buses that takes tourists around la that took these liberty spots such as where o.j. simpson murder to people before he was found not guilty of murdering two people. anyway, they got away from that bus having thrown a burger at the bus driver, took off again. eventuallythey ended up south of downtown la. that's where they were greeted by a crowd who were giving them hugs, high-fives. they calmly sat around until the cops eventually showed up , arrested the two. thankfully with no further incidents. they are both now being held but heather, we've seen oj in the white bronco, we've seen guys driving at high speed chase by the cops while throwing wads of cash out of the car, i'm not sure any of us have ever seen anything quite like this. as the "l.a. times" put it, this was perhaps the most la car chase of all time. heather: and you are saying this was on the 101. anybody knows that area, this is a long section of highway that goes from the valley over
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the hills and into los angeles. this is a crowded roadway system. >> it was all extremely entertaining to watch but also extremely dangerous. thankfully nobody got hurt. heather: can you imagine driving and seeing that? jonathan, thank you for bringing that to us, only in la . jon: let's hope they get a lot of jail time. the suspects arrested in a murder at the university of texas after the body of a young student was discovered in a creek there. we have the latest from austin. donald trump apparently trying to hit the reset button after a tough couple of weeks for his campaign. we will talk about his new strategy to woo delegates who
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could hold his presidential hopes in their hands. you shouldn't have to go far
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to get the help you're looking for. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. heather: a suspect has now been
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arrested in the murder of a young student at the university of texas in austin this week. 18-year-old haruka weiser's body was discovered in a creek on tuesday near the alumni center on campus. she was a dance student and was last seen by a friend three days earlier sometime between nine and 9:30 p.m. as she left the drama building. at 11:30 that night a man was seen on surveillance video. he was considered a suspect in the case. the next day a friend reported her missing around 11:30 a.m. after haruka weiser didn't make it through a dorm all night and tuesday her body found in waller creek and although no attacks had been reported is it it is a dark pathwayand they
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are asking students to now report any suspicious activity. the university added more than 50 officers to patrol the campus . officers have not released the identity of the person in custody but we will bring you more details. we are awaiting a news conference being held by police in the area and we will bring you any news that comes out of that. john? jon: boxes america's election headquarters and donald trump appears to be reuniting his campaign after losing the wisconsin primaries to ted cruz. the changes include an expanded team and a greater role for his new convention manager, paul manafort. a forty-year political veteran. trump has one more delegates than any other candidate but he could fall short of the magic number of 1237 needed to clinch the nomination and that leads to a convention battle should it occur. meanwhile trump could be engineering a new media
8:27 am
strategy. let's talk about it with judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and fox news contributor. lynn sweet, washington bureau chief at the chicago sun times. they are talking about a new media strategy judy. what has been the strategy of donald trump's campaign to this point? >> rely on us to be totally addicted to him and to give him an unlimited amount of free air time without having to spend any of his own money and i would say that's been a good strategy. it has worked well for him. he had 14 hours of airtime in the march on cable news and according to one outlet he had hundred 46 minutes of free airtime on the nightly newscast versus 26 minutes for hillary and bernie combined. jon: he has bragged, lynn about running a different kind of campaign and his campaign manager says we are breaking
8:28 am
the mold here. we are losing a lot of social media but he lost wisconsin and that seems to have caused some rethinking of how you run a campaign. >> what he is running against are the laws of gravity and that is this. that as you get closer to the republican convention and you only are running against two people , the rules mean a lot and he now realizes he's in danger of losing some of the delegates he won and because of the rules, he may not be able to keep everyone together to the convention and in the races ahead. and that means you just have to have a different kind of operation. he has to do more retail, not wholesale in his targeting of
8:29 am
the delegates. it's great to fill a colosseum with 18,000 people but he needs just a few dozen to clinch the nomination. that's why he needs more strategy, more targeting at this stage he's also been railing against the so-called establishment republicans. the folks who run the committee but he had a meeting with them. what's that all about? >> according to the newsreports it was to discuss how things were going to be handled at a convention if he did not get to that magic number you referred to earlier . the problem is as lynn just mentioned, he has to run a different kind of campaign and that means not having your campaign manager be the news by being accused of manhandling a female reporter. it means not having side issues diverse you from your mission which is getting those delegates. this is where ground game as lynn mentioned it becomes absolutely crucial and trump hasn't had to worry about that until now.
8:30 am
now it's really serious and if he wants to really be not just front-runner but the actual nominee he's got to get the delegates and you're right, you have to switch not only the way in which you approach the general public but the delegates who say. >>. jon: there are questions about exactly what happened in that case which has resulted in a simple battery charge being filed against his campaign manager corey lewandowski. trump stands solidly behind him, has been tweeting his support but you have to wonder how that is flying with women voters and 70 percent of them say they don't like donald trump . >> that's just one of the problems he will face if he ever gets to the nomination. but the problem he has right now i think is even bigger than just winning and keeping female voters. it's being able to navigate all the rules. these rules are made by the establishment just to address ways that they could kind of
8:31 am
keep their hands into what happens. these are not rules and there will be a new set of rules when you get to theconvention . this is not a pathway that was created just because of. it's the navigation system everyone has to go through and if a campaign has a controversial figure and in this case it's corey lewandowski with that charge facing him, in campaigns it's always something and in a small campaign without a lot of bandwidth it's harder to figure out what to do. and if on them i may quickly say, the trump brand is being able to deliver, deliver service in a lavish hotel. he has a lot of people that work at hotels. he needs to do that same level of staffing in a national campaign. jon: we will see whether this
8:32 am
recalibration brings is a kinder gentler or some other kind of donald trump. we will see. judy miller, lynn sweet, thank you both. heather: speaking of politics bill clinton out campaigning for his wife. instead he ends up yelling at a black lives matter protester. we will talk about whether the former president is helping or hurting his wife's campaign.
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jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] jon: authorities are giving an update now on the murder of
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that university of texas student, a suspect they say has been arrested. his name, mikhail kreiner. what more we know about him? the authorities not giving a lot of information there out of austin texas but there was a person of interest seen pushing a bicycle on the night the student was murdered. whether mikhail kreiner is that person we don't know but we will continue to monitor this news conference from austin police and when we get more information we will bring it to you live. heather: bill clinton sparring with black lives matter protester's while he was campaigning for his wife in philadelphia. it was a heated exchange and it came after demonstrators interrupted clinton and lambasted him for his crime control act of 1994 which they believe is simply too tough on criminals and black man in particular.
8:37 am
here is the former president's response to that.>> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids and send them out onto the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. tell the truth. heather: you know when he starts finger wagging he is serious. let's talk to blake lachman, a former deputy assistant to george w. bush and julian applegate, former house judiciary committee. brad let's start with you. does this kind of thing help or hurt hillary when he gets all fired up and mad. >> it's going to hurt hillary clinton because bill clinton was saying what no democrat running for president could say.
8:38 am
he's speaking the truth and pushing back on black lives matter but let me say this as a republican. we see the minority communities in urban areas as victims. democrats see them as constituents. they are the ones responsible for the despair, the dropout rates, the crime rates, the dependency on government. they have had generations of rule by democrats who have done nothing for them . >>. heather: day don't necessarily see it that way. >> that's the problem. >> a lot of people are saying gosh, it's about time that someone, a democrat called them out on this because it's been very dangerous in the black community has certainly been hurt as a result but julian, could this hurt hillary clinton? that's a prime constituency. >> i think this is a tempest in a teapot. hillary clinton has overwhelming support in the african-american community. heather: but how is it tempest in a teapot when her own husband is called out on this? >> i don't think this is going to change the level of support she has in the african-american community. i think president clinton happens to be right. as a result of the crime act we
8:39 am
saw, crime rates go down. you have things like the ban on assault weapons, background checks. criticism that incarceration rates went up as a result of the crime act is wrong for two reasons. one because crime is mostly estate. heather: they crackdown on crack and then we see his ministration late last year releasing those what they called nonviolent drug offenders and by the way one of them who was released as a result was indicted by a grand jury for killing his girlfriend and two young children so i think the real argument could be made this thing is not helping out people necessarily. >> there's three arguments before the politics. on the substantive arguments, the incarceration rates have actually been going down since 1993 and 2010 so the thought that that act increased incarceration rates or the incarceration of population is wrong. secondly, crime is overwhelmingly a state issue. the incarceration rate issue
8:40 am
is overwhelmingly determined by state law. the third matter is president clinton apologized for the laws that got tough on nonviolent offenders so the reason i say it's a political tempest in a teapot is i don't think there's much to go when you really look at the statistics, i don't think there's much for the critics to go on on the substance. >> they certainly don't see it that way. i want to bring bring bad back into this. thank you. i want to bring back brad back in and bill clinton was also talking about and this is fascinating, he was talking about basically america is seemingly in decline. i want to get your take on this. let's get your reaction on the backside. >> on my when i became president of lot of things are coming to park around the world now. we like to think about our economic issues but you've got to worry about a collapse in europe dragging back the american economy. you've got to worry about all this large number of refugees since world war ii. and all this stuff comes home. heather: brad, he also a few weeks ago called out an awful
8:41 am
legacy of the past eight years. is he forgetting his wife was a part of that administration? >> that was a stunning indictment on president obama. appeasement, leading from behind, doesn't work. and who spent a lot of time building relationships overseas. you've got to hand it to bill clinton in his attempts to reach out in foreign policy instead of retrench so this was not only a stunning indictment on obama but on his wife's legacy as secretary of state, amazing. >> sometimes i get the sense julian that there's a competing effort, a battle within that marriage. whose legacy comes first and it seems like at that point bill clinton was saying it's mine. >> i think clinton has made clear his support for the obama administration.
8:42 am
heather: awful legacy of the past eight years? >> i'm not sure the context, i didn't hear the context in which he said that. he's made it clear the economic record is far better under a democratic administration that it was under the previous administration and i think you can keep kind of trying to find these little disputes going on on the democratic side. the fact of the matter is all the data shows that bernie sanders supporters would support hillary clinton, all of clinton's supporters would support bernie sanders. on the republican side you are witnessing a civil war. you are witnessing candidates tweeting about each other's wives, talking about hand size, you are talking about a front-runner who has 40 percent of republican voters wouldn't vote for him.heather: let's bring you in for the last word brett. certainly a civil war many would argue on the republican side but the democrats are having a tough time as well. >> they sure are. the democrats are getting nasty, that's part of the political process. the republican side equally nasty and that's the rule of politics.
8:43 am
this is a tough business and selling yourself requires you to put the other person down and show the contrast. it'shappening on both sides but i would caution democrats that hillary clinton has an fbi investigation to overcome. that has yet to be played out . heather: thanks so much, we will have to leave it there. brett blakeman and julian epstein, have a terrific weekend. be on a guy proposes to his girlfriend in a most unique way. how it ended up leaving him stuck between a rock and a hard place. you're late for work.
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in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. jon: back to austin texas. the news conference still going on regarding the murder of haruka weiser, a freshman at the university of texas. an arrest has been made in her murder. and the 17-year-old mikhail
8:47 am
kreiner is charged and now with first degree murder. we are getting more details about this terrible case. the first murder on the ut campus in decades. it has really terrified that campus, young haruka weiser was texting friends that she was leaving to head back to her dorm sunday night. she was walking apparently through the campus when she was cornered, assaulted and ultimately left dead in a creek. 17-year-old mikhail cryner under arrest in that case. heather: another news a to
8:48 am
bring you on a manhunt for an accused murderer who escaped from a psychiatric hospital in washington state. this is anthony carter. in 2013 police say he stabbed a woman 24 times and/or throat. he escaped from the mental hospital hospital two months ago with mark alexander adams was captured yesterday. let's check in with dan springer who joins us with the latest from seattle. dan, are they any closer to finding this guy? >> they were closed yesterday, anthony carver should have been arrested and captured yesterday along with his accomplice. for some reason police in spokane chose not to stake out his parents house even though they had solid information he was headed that way. carver was caught on camera in seattle buying a greyhound bus ticket bound for spokane. later he showed up at his parents house but police had come and gone. carver's far father called to say is shown showed up and by the time cops got there carver had escaped into a heavily wooded area. a manhunt with two helicopters, swat teams and dogs turned up nothing. carver has been on the run two other times, described as a survivalist who is very familiar with that area and police believe he may have hidden a cache of weapons in
8:49 am
the vicinity. the last time he was captured he was wanted for that brutal torture and murder of a 20-year-old woman . after three tends to prosecute him a judge finally dismissed the charges, ruling his schizophrenia was so severe he couldn't tell right from wrong. he was committed to western state hospital. he erased the skate wednesday evenings with one of his roommates. they had loosened the poll on their room window over the course of five months. adams was arrestednear a school after a citizen's tip. it's another black eye for western state hospital. this is a hospital that has had numerous problems over the years. in fact the federal government has threatened to take away a lot of its funding because of the problems involving host of issues including hundreds of assaults on employees and a
8:50 am
severe understaffing but now the immediate concern is capturing and anthony garver , a dangerous criminal. back to you. heather: thank you. police announced that there is an arrest in connection with the paris terror attacks. mohammed abrini has been arrested. he had been sought in connection with the paris terror attacks that killed 130 people. he was arrested in belgium where those terror attacks more recently took place at the airport and on the metro station line. mohammed abrini arrested in belgium according to the associated press. there also have been more arrests made in belgium.there is hope that perhaps one of them is the man in the white hat who has been sought in connection with the airport attacks but no confirmation of that yet. mohammed abrini was a wanted in connection with the paris terror attacks. busy morning. as we get more information we will bring it to you here live. >>
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jon: new jersey doesn't always get the credit it deserves. especially here on the east coast that it is the garden state, not hollywood where american cinema was born. william fox founded the fox film corporation, the precursor of 20th century fox studios in fort lee new jersey a century and other big names in the arts, sports, politics and business were inducted into the new jersey hall of fame. laura ingle was there joins us with highlights. >> there were lots of jersey girls and boys to cheer on the latest inductees, even new
8:55 am
jersey native and comedian joe piscopo was there to serve as emcee which offered plenty of jersey centric laughs for the night. the night was made tocelebrate those who hail from the garden state for their contribution to society and the world. soccer superstar and three-time olympic gold medalist kristi lamp own was honored along with former daily show host jon stewart and retired yankee derek jeter. one of the big highlights of the night waswatching family members of our company founder william fox pick up the honor. his great-granddaughter faith has helped to history of fox films alive. >> we are extremely honored . both my sister and i have been very much a part of trying to keep the knowledge of who williamfox really was , a forgotten mogul and for new jersey to have done this when the first studio was originally here is just a tremendous honor . >>the mix of talent honored also included home depot's founder , carla harris, us senator frank r lautenberg as well as basketball analyst nick patel and 70s pop legend cool and the gang. >> what does this mean to you
8:56 am
both personally? >> it means we must have done something right. it's truly an honor to be inducted into anything. you know that's good but new jersey is our home. >> last night inductees join previous inductees likealbert einstein, meryl streep, thomas edison, jack nicholson and of course bruce springsteen . the boss. heather: we've got fantastic memorabilia the fox family was kind enough to share with us. he has posted all of this and i think you are even featured on it because you were on, were you on the very first broadcast here? >> day one of the fox news channel, i was here. heather: it's a nice little pop-up museum at fox news. hopefully they will make it available to all for someday.
8:57 am
lauren, thank you so much. good story. we've got breaking news we've been following all morning long and we will tell you about it in the next hour of happening now. we took a look at airport security here in the wake of the terror attacks in brussels and pope francis delivers new guidelines on family life, saying the catholic church should mow show more of an understanding of the modern realities that people face. we will tell you about that when we come back. ady. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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attacks in brussels. maybe also a break in the probe into the last november's carnage into the last november's carnage


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