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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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donor money and not enough empowerment of common voters. a lot of go thoughts there. i suspect if we did that poll today that number would be even lower. hope you have a fantastic weekend. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's gregg in for shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon out west. a big test for donald trump's new um -- new and improved campaign teen, ted cruz is winning the latest fight for the people who really pick the nominee, the delegates. we'll break down the battle. bernie sanders now says of course hillary clinton is qualified to be president but some democrats say they are deeply worried the recent sniping could hurt the party come november. and an arrest in the murder of a student at the university of texas. the first killing on campus in almost half a century. you'll hear what cops have to say about the suspect and a possible motive, all ahead on the fox news deck.
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>> hello, i'm egg gregg jarrett in for shep this afternoon. it doesn't matter that most americans don't like donald trump because, well, they'll come to love him. in the end. that's the word from the republican front-runner's new political guru. he is reacting to the "associated press" poll that shows nearly 70% of voters, '70% viewing trump unfavorly, and he predicts come convention time the democrats will be bitterly divided and the republican convention will be a trump lovefest. >> opposite the convention process moves towards unifying, which it will, and after the convention, when he is the nominee of the party, we'll have the summer to put the campaign together. the democrats are not going to have the summer to put the campaign together. they have a convention with the
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fracture dish you think they're the one if the the fractured convention. >> yes. >> skin take -- skeptical? a panel of platal insider toy, 90 possessor of them predict a floor fight at the convention, in cleveland in july, up from half predicting an open convention only a month ago. tomorrow, donald donald trump'st rival, ted cruz, is set to permanently appeal to delegates in colorado as republicans select their representatives for the convention. up like in most states, colorado delegates can back any candidate they want. even john kashich is sending somebody to recruit delegates there tomorrow but not donald trump. he is saying in new york to campaign, his campaign manager says recruiting delegates is meaningless, suggesting trump
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will win all the delegates he needs and then there's this. you heard the talk about house speaker paul ryan, word that some republican big wigs and donors are hoping that ryan could be a unifying candidate, winning a convention floor fight. speaker ryan says that is not happening. but a new video put out, he put out, is not helping to end the speculation. >> what really bothers me the most with politics is this notion of identity politics. that we're going to win an election by dividing people. rather than inspiring people on our commune humanity and common ideas and common culture on the things that shoot unify us. >> if that looks like a campaign ad, stop it. it's not. paul ryan says he absolutely does not want to be the republican nominee, and you can trust him. of course that's the same thing he said about becoming house speaker and then he took the job. john roberts, and i'm being extremely facetious, john, but you're with us on the news deck.
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paul ryan, really? >> he was saying in that video is exactly the same thing he said as he was preparing to take over as speaker, tighter of identity politics and certainly if you're after somebody who looked like a president, paul ripe come out of central casting and it is within the realm of possibility his name could rise at the republican convention. it would all depend on how much the republican party really had an appetite to declare war donald trump and ted cruz. ted cruz was in las vegas for a fundraise racer, donald trump in new york. both going at each other trying to get the 95 delegates in new york state. donald trump continuing to remind voters what ted cruz said about new york values during that debate in south carolina in january, and what donald trump said about new yorkers. watch. >> every understands the values in new york city focus around money and the media.
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>> i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> ted cruz is spinning it, saying i wasn't talking about media money in new york, wasn't talking about new yorkers. i was talking about liberal new york politics, which conservatives in new york state dope like particularly but the tape says what the tape says. >> everybody has their interpretation of what he meant. john kashich is only one on the campaign trail? >> he was in fairfield, connecticut. they vote a week after new york. he insists this route is through a contested convention and something he is openly embracing, ted cruz says he can get 1237 delegates before the convening that that's a herculean task. but kashich is saying this is all going to work out. listen to what he told us. >> i think these guys -- are they open or for close?
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depends what day is it. if it suits them, they're for closed. if not, they're to open. >> so everybody is looking at new york. here's the contest to watch. june 7th, california. ted cruz is playing really hard in california. the pollers narrowing a little bit. later poll had him seven points ahead. if he can stop donald trump in california it would be impossible for trump to get the number of delegates he needs in order to get 1237 before the convention, and then all bets are off. >> could be 103 ballots as it was in 1924, for the democrats. >> or 1880 when it was 36 and the event all winners name didn't come up until the 34th 34th ballot. >> is that right? good work. late bring in paul singer, a washington correspondent for "usa today." you write about the delegate battle that's going on. you say there's actually two delegate races happening
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simultaneously. what are they? >> that's right. well, there's the delegate race we all expected, which is people go to the polls and vote in primaries or go to caucuses and pick tellings to award to the candidate. the second part of the delegate battle is where ted cruz is winning now, once the delegates' slots are pick they're not people. ted cruz is getting the people named to the slots who favor him. which means that on a second ballot, they might be able to void their responsibility to vote for whoever it was that won that estate and vote for ted crews on a later ballot. so two different campaigns here. one for the actual vote and one for the delegate in the convention hall. >> there's 17 states left in the primary contest, and trump, as i understand it, has to win roughly two-thirds of the remaining 17 states, two-thirds of the delegates, and so far to dade he was won 46% of the delegates. so he has a long way to go, and
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the climb is getting steeper and steeper, isn't it? >> that's right. it's even beyond that because the new york primary, for instance, is not really one primary. it's 28 separate primaries. those of delegates are being awarded in each congressional district, three per congressional district, and then one batch of i think it's 14 statewide. so, trump has to win in each of those congressional districts by more than 50% to capture all of those delegates help doesn't just win the whole state by doing well all across the state. so it's a very steep climb for him. >> let's talk about the very unique styles of donald trump. never seen anything like it in american politics, at least modern american politics. he routinely speaks off the cuff. his determine is described at boorish, and he is accused of being shallow on substance and policy, but it's been a formula that's worked until now. has it reached its apex and now
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it's proving to be a liability? >> we don't know. we have been asking that question since last summer. well, trump surely after this announcement, after he said this about megyn kelly or said that -- surely he top out at 20% 30%, 35%. well now he is at 40%. he keeps not hitting a wall. keep in mind that particularly for grassroots republicans there is this thing about him being real, is extraordinarily powerful they've hate politics who are using tell prompters giving you the pack range statement. there's something native about donald trump's feelings, his -- the way he speaks, that really does speak to the heart of american voters who want something unvarnished. let's see if that hits the wall. wisconsin was bad but new york might be good. >> gingrich says trump has to be more presidential has to begin to mend fences. has trump's rhetoric been so
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causic, there's no glue that can mend the broken phoenixes and appease people he as offended, and he has a 70% disapproval rating, historic high. >> i saw your segment earlier, and you have a question that at a republican convention, after donald trump and marco rubio went after each other, rubio saying he has tiny hands, and trump calling him little marco, can you see them standing together on the unity platform, standing at the convention, holding hands? hard to imagine and that's the problem for donald trump. never mind the general election. starting with his own party, how does he heal those kind of wounds and bring people together? it can be very challenging. keep in mind ted cruz has she's problems himself particularly with the establish independent washington. hard to see how they can build a unified front to go out with big smiles on their faces fighting
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in the general election. >> paul singer, go to see you. >> thank you. >> we have a fox news reporting special this weekend, donald trump the disrupter, john roberts traveling with the candidate to chicago and witnessed one of the most explosive clashes between trump supporters and protesters. [shouting] >> the qualities and candidate trump that inspired such enthusiasm among his supporters also stirred hostility in almost equal measure. among those who opposed him, an sister chicago liftist activism, bill ayers. >> trump galvanized a feeling there's something loose in the land and that something is dangerous, and it's anti-american. >> in chicago, trump protesters were so well-organized so determined to disrupt, that trump did something unique for him. he backed off and cancelled the event.
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welcome back. the race for president may come down to which candidate americans dislike the least. that according to the latest poll from the "associated press." it shows more than half of americans, 55%, have a negative view of democratic front-runner hillary clinton, just 39% said they had a negative view of bernie sanders, and the same survey puts donald trump's unfavorability rating at 69%. that is ten points worse than ted cruz. john kashich did the best out of all of the candidates with just 31% negatives. hillary clinton may be winning the democratic race right now but bernie sanders has predicted it will likely come down to a contested convention and he will become the nominee. well, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman shut shut that down today. >> no there won't be a contested
12:16 pm
convention. suspect when we again to the end of our primary nominating produce we've have a presumptive nominee before we get to the convention. who will be the presumptive nominee based on pledged delegates selected by voters. >> this all comes after hillary clinton and bernie sanders got into quite the back and forth over presidential qualifications. ed henry is live in washington. ed, bernie sanders isn't just toning down some of his rhetoric, right? he is actually -- >> he is back pedaling and a number of things going on you. have a lot of senior democrats hand wringing in the last 24 hours, is the democratic battle devolving into something like the republican side. a lot of nastiness. so bernie sanders today, after himself raising the idea that hillary clinton, in his words, was not qualified to be
12:17 pm
president because of wall street donations and her vote in favor of the were in iraq, today said just the opposite. >> does she have the experience? obviously she does. she was secretary of state, a u.s. senator. i thought an outstanding first laidy, breaking the mold, but what i meant by that, what thought i made clear, is you pull into question the judgment of somebody, i believe, who voted for the war in iraq, which turns out to be one of the more disastrous foreign policy blunders. >> when you're saying what i meant by that, you're back-pedaling and hillary clinton live in buffalo is having an event, and just said a moment ago that she finds this back and forth silly and that she has been called a lot of things in her political career but not qualified is certainly not something she had been called before. she said, what is interesting, big picture, she had hoped to have this race wrapped up a long time ago, and today she was pressed on whether maybe she underestimated bernie sanders and his able to potentially even
12:18 pm
win in new york. >> i said to everybody, new york is going to be a place where i'm going to fight hard because i feel so strongly about it. never expected anything else. >> so maybe everyone is trying to lower the temperature on. on the other hand bernie sanders did another interview today in which he said, look, if he is attacked he will hit back hard. >> there is some controversy here now over bernie sanders plans to visit the vatican? >> he is going next friday, which is interesting because it's the day after their last debate, going to happen in brooklyn. a few days before the primary there in new york, and one vatican official told bloomberg that bernie sandersed had breached protocol and invited him to this economic conference at the vatican. i spoke to a senior vatican official who says that's not true and sanders was invited but not directly by the pope, and so it's highly unlikely he'll get a one-on-one with pope francis. we're in the mid of a
12:19 pm
presidential campaign. while they agree on the economy, pope doesn't agree with sanders on abortion, same-sex marriage. a whole lot of other issues. >> ed, thank you very much. more on the democrats in just a moment. stick around for that. we'll look at the battle near new york and the big hurdle that bernie sanders could still face no matter how many contests he wins before the convention. that's next on the fox news deck.
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more now on the democratic race for president. the battle for new york and beyond. both candidates now say they want to focus on the issues and get past in the whole dustup over who is qualified to be president. shelby holiday is a senior video reporter for "the wall street journal" good to see you.
12:23 pm
>> great to be here. >> so, it is sort of getting increasingly testy and a little bit nasty, she says sanders is unprepared to be president. he fires back you're unqualified. it's a far cry from the profanity and insults leveled on the republican side, but could it do harm to the eventual nominee? >> i think what you just mexed, the republican side, does play a role here but a politics is about optics and the democrats look like they're having an awkward by polite dinner party and the runs are engagees in a full-on food fight. sanders is criticized for being negative. he doesn't look that negative right now compared to what is happening on the run side. what it could do damage for in november, though, it could hurt hillary clinton because she needs sanders supporters to get john board, needs all the young millenials to get behind her, and the more negative his campaign becomes the more it could hurt her in the general. >> i remember vividly after new
12:24 pm
hampshire the clinton campaign says this will be over by march. here it is april, it is not over, not by a long shot. did they underestimate what a good and attractive candidate bernie sanders might be to democrats in the primaries? did they over -- were they overconfident how good a candidate she was? >> hillary clinton has said she planned on fighting for new york all along. she is saying now that she planned on this being a tight race. whatever the case, i think with some of the comments from bernie and -- they are ramping up the rem rhetoric because it's a tight race, he has pulled off upsets. it's not crazy to think he might do well in new york. for the clinton campaign, it's a tough -- a double-edged sword. if she wins new york, she was expected to win new york. she doesn't win new york by a lot, that's still sort of --
12:25 pm
>> sanders has won six of the last seven primary contests and if he gets a sizable share of the new york delegates, and then does well in the next five northeastern primaries, you go into june and he does well, let's say in california and oregon, could this be a contested convention? >> right. his campaigning is saying they're planning for a contested convention. it's hard to say they'll go this. the dnc chair saying it oil -- it will not go here this, race is just as tight on the republican race. clinton is leading by 250 pledged delegates and the tricky thing, is this clinton's fire wall -- are thunder super delegates. that have jobs at stake, they know clinton would be a stronger candidate on a general elect ballot and they're worried about their own jobs. >> and ted kennedy -- wish bernie sanders could paul ted
12:26 pm
kennedy, go to the floor and say i want you to change the rules and let bound delegate be unbound. >> he could do that and also trying to sway the delegates to his camp. it could come down to his concession. if he concedes clinton be the obvious nominee. if he doesn't, we could be gearing up for an ugly fight. >> could get nasty. >> nastier, yes. >> thank you. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> an intense manhunt underway for the accused murderer who broke out of a psychiatric hospital. the latest on the search for the suspect which has shifted hundreds of miles east of sales -- east of seattle to an area around his parents' home. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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12:29 pm
dad died in a car crash. according to the judge washinger's friend was partly to blame. the friend died. the settlement will come from his estate. a helicopter had to rescue map after he popped the question on top of a cliff in california. the map says he proposed to his girlfriend on facetime and then he had trouble getting back down. it was all worth it because she said yes. a former cuban leader fidel castro making a rare appearance publicly. government tv reporting these pictures of him speaking to school children in havana. the last time castro appeared in public was july last year. the news continues right after this.
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a desperate manhunt continuing for the accused murderer on the run from police in washington state. we're learning the suspect was in one of the psychiatric hospitals' lower security units
12:32 pm
when he suddenly broke free. even though investigators say this isn't the first time he escaped from custody, and they say he has reportedly threatened to go on a shooting spree in the past. s.w.a.t. officers, dogs, helicopters, searching in the woods for the signs of anthony garver in spokane after they say he stop at his parents' home in the area. investigators say they consider garver to be armed and dangerous. back in 2013, police say he tied a 20-year-old woman to a bed with electrical cords before stabbing her 24 times in the chest, and then slashing her throat. a judge ruled him unfit to stand trial. dan springer is live in seattle with more. any sign of this guy today? >> reporter: greg no sighting of garver yet today and that's especially frustrating because they really should have had him when he showed up at his parents' house yesterday. they knew he was heading that way. they had his picture in seattle. this picture of him buying a bus
12:33 pm
ticket to spokane, that's five hours away. garver went to his parents' house but police were not watching it. his father called the cops and by the time they arrived garver had escaped into the woods. two helicopters, tracking dogs and several s.w.a.t. teams couldn't find him. it's deja vu. in 2009 garver evaded a manhunt in the same woods for a month. he got food, breaking into summer cabins, even stole a car, left for montana, then came back. the last time he was arrested was after that brute intentional you mentioned. he had been on the run then, too, but instead of being tried and likely put away for life a judge said his schizophrenia prevented him from knowing right from wrong, charges dismissed and he was committed to the state psychiatric hospital. in the last five months he and one of his roommates loosened a bolt or their room window. ed a dynamics was arrested but garver is still out there. >> and, dan, this is not the first time somebody has escaped
12:34 pm
from this hospital. right? >> a lot of problems there western state hospital still has not answered our question, why was garver being housed in this nonsecure ward. not the most secure ward they've got, given his history. the federal government has threatened to pull millions of dollars in funding due to a host of problem. assaults on staff, safety and security violations and understaffing. there have been two escapes in the last seven years. those guys got caught quickly. anthony garver, much more dangerous person is still out there on the run. >> dan springer, we'll check back with you. >> police arrested a suspect in the murder of a university of texas freshman, haruka weiser was a dance student from oregon. he roommated reported her myselfing on when she did not return to the dorm the night before. the next day police found her mid-a creek near the football stadium, flight the heart of campus. an autopsy shows somebody assaulted weiser but officials
12:35 pm
have not released anymore details how she died. lea gabrielle has the latest. tell us about the suspect and how police found him. >> police say they're certain they have the man who killed haruka weiser. they say he is a 17-year-old homeless man named meechaiel criner. this is a picture of him being taken into custody. he was seen at a trash fire on monday. that's the day after weiser was killed. well, the tip that led police to him came from the woman who called in that fire, and then recognized him from this surveillance video that we're showing, as did local firefighters who responded. at a press conference today the police chief gave some words of caution to students. take a listen. >> let's take some lessons we can learn and always be vigilant no matter how safe an environment is. we need to be vigilant. young people love to be on their iphones or ipads. it's important to be victim
12:36 pm
plant. >> police say criner has some of weiser's belongings, with him when he was taken into custody, and that there are also some of her balloonings in the container the fire was lit, and criner is being charged with murder today. >> thank you very much. some breaking news right now out of brussels the belgian prosecutor giving an update on a series of terror arrests. let's listen in. speak speck. >> interpreter: the inquiry that salahed a deslamb -- and in that -- there were a number of suicide bombers just before the paris attacks. made the inquire still on the way. appears to be able to -- is or
12:37 pm
not the -- of the attacks at the national airport. in other words the man in the hat. and this inquire is still underway, trying to clarify all these points and in the inquiry at this stage they're not able to give you more details. more details will follow. probably tomorrow. [speaking in foreign language] [speaking in foreign language]
12:38 pm
[speaking in foreign language] >> we'll switch now to sky news which has a better fix on what is being said here. >> abrini is the man in the so-called man in the hat. he said investigationers ongoing to confirm whether or not he is the man in the hat. and also krayem whether he is the person they believe to be perhaps a second bomber who did detonate explosives at the metro station. they concerned a second man was spotted at another metro station
12:39 pm
with the man who blew himself up but they say that investigations are ongoing as to whether they are -- whether these links can be be drawn and they expect to give more information on that tomorrow. what is happening now is a prosecutor who is speaking flemish is giving the same information now in belgium's other official language, but confirmation there of the two arrests. i was struck, too they said with abrini, two other people were arrested. no details who those people are. but abrini would arrested in the middle of the afternoon today, arrested not far from here. a man who has been wanted for, well, many months now since the paris attacks. arrested here in brussels. we await confirmation whether he is the man in the hat or whether that man is still at large. >> what is interesting about this is the suspect, as those
12:40 pm
arrested previously, don't appear to be making a run for it. they are staying in the locality of paris and brussels where they i committed their crimes. >> yes. that is shocking. it's pretty fighten as well. if he this man in the hat he appears to be wanting to detonate a suicide bomb. he didn't but we know he carried one, the man in the hat, because that bomb was later detonated. there were three beens found at the airport two of them went off, one didn't. we know, too, that of those people who did detonate their bombs in brussels two and a half weeks ago there is a pretty firm suggestion that they brought their attack forward because sallah abdeslam, the paris attacker, was arrested just a couple of days before. there was a note left in the
12:41 pm
compartment from where the three airport bombers left. that note was described by some as a will. it was written by ibrahim -- he said he felt like he was on the run and was being cornered. the assumption is authorities believe the attack in brussel was was brought forward as a result of the arrest of abdeslam so some might be concerned that abrini 0 their others they arrested today were perhaps wanting to carry out further attacks. all this will come out as the investigations coin. but it is a surprise and a question blacker for the authorities, how do these men be still in brussels and move around the city unidentified. one reason, perhaps, belgium does not have very many cctv cameras, not as many as in the u.k. >> that could be a positive,
12:42 pm
explanation from a security viewpoint, which is that these people, if they are guilty, knowing they're wanted, simply feel that they can't risk trying to cross borders because they would be picked up. >> yes, but it's true to say that a number of the paris -- those linked to the paris attacks, not least the masterminds who was killed in a raid in france, he was wanted well, well before the paris attacks and yet he managed to move freely across europe, on a number of occasions. indeeds he boasted in islamic state propaganda he managed to do just that. that proves that prior to paris they had the ability to cross borders without being noticed, and even of the paris attacks, abdeslam was able to pass back into belgium without being picked up. so that knowledge would have
12:43 pm
been among the people accused of carrying out these attacks or attempted attacks. they knew they would be able to move across borders without being picked up. >> go back to the news conference. speaking english now. >> [inaudible] >> switched back into flemish. >> right, english now. >> if is anymore information we can give tomorrow, it will be done. press releases. >> the bottom line is the map in the hat seen worldwide in the videotape, who is believed to be responsible for both the paris attacks, that killed 130 and the
12:44 pm
more recent brusselled airport attack that killed 16, but injured a great many people. it is not being confirmed whether that suspect is in custody and whether he is mohammed abrini, believed to be the mysterious man in a hat. let's go to greg palkot live in london has been following the story. what do we know for sure? >> reporter: as always, greg, we didn't get quite as much information as we would have liked but the significant -- this is highly significant information -- that we are getting from the press conference, which hey have been watching -- is that the man arrest today -- one of the men arrested today -- there were four -- is mohammed abrini. belgian officials were reticent to say what exact role he played in the recent brussels attacks. there's a lot of speculation that he was perhaps one of the bombers or attempted bombers at the airport. they would not commit to that. no confirmation of that. but it is well-known,
12:45 pm
well-known, that muhammad abrini played a significant role in the paris attack last november. we have seen him the gas station surveillance video bringing sallah abdeslam to paris, from brussels just two days before the attacks. we know he made several runs back anding for between brussels and paris. again, he wasn't one of the attackers in paris but was a significant logistics man weapon know he had close contacts with abdel abbaud. the master mind of the paris attacks, on the most wanted list in europe. he trained with isis in 2014, 2015, he smuggled his way in win refugees, the refugee flow coming back into europe from syria. it he was a desperate man, a most suspected terrorist, and he is caught, and that is a significant find. whether he has a role in the brussels attacks, frankly, we don't know. but i have to believe he did.
12:46 pm
in the advance release that the belgian authorities put out they suggested they were connected with the brussels attack. we don't know anything about the second suspect arrested but it was believed he had a role. >> thank you very much. we apologize to our viewers. a little buzz in the audio. appearses belgian authorities have their so-called man in the hat who is believed to be principally responsible or a large participant in both the paris and the brussels attacks. more on this story as we get further information. president obama making his first fox news sunday appearance since taking office. we'll talk with chris wallace about his big interview coming up next. this is brad.
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president obama is sticking by his pick for the u.s. supreme court no matter what happens in november. telling our own chris wallace he will not go back on his choice, judge merrick garland and says senate republicans should do their jobs and hold hearings. >> have you made a commitment to garland you'll stick by him through the end of your term, or perhaps, let's say, hillary clinton is the newly elected president, would you pull him and let her make the pick? >> what we can't have a situation in which the republican senate simply says, because it's a democratic president, we are not going to do our job, have hearings and have a vote. >> just to button this up, are you saying you will stick with merrick garland for the end of
12:51 pm
your term? >> yes. >> president obama makeing first appearance on "fox news sunday," speaking to cries on a wide range of topics including the election and to president's legacy. you can catch the rest of the interview with president obama this weekend on "fox news sunday." check your tv listings, joining us now for a preview, "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. great to see you. i understand that there's an embargo agreement until sunday so you can't give away the farm here, but, for example, i know you did speak to him about hillary hillary clinton's controversial e-mail server, can you talk about that? >> yeah. fascinatingly he was asked on "60 minutes" in october about the e-mail server and he said he did not believe that clinton had jeopardized national security in any way. that that raised eyebrows because that's exactly what the fbi was investigating, and since
12:52 pm
then, we have learned that there were 2,000 e-mails that had classified information and 22 with top secret information. so i asked the president, can he still say flatly she did not jeopardize national security. i also asked him about the fbi investigation, and given the fact that he has at least at once given her a clean bill of health and his press secretary, josh earnest in january said that the information for the justice department is that she was not the target of a criminal investigation, could he assure the american people and would he direct his people at justice and the fbi that this is a decision on the clinton case that will be made on a lee basis north political basis. i promise you that on sunday afternoon, and on monday, everybody will be talking about his answer to both of those questions. >> you have done a great job of teeing up the questions you supposed but not revealing the answers.
12:53 pm
that's -- >> look, i mean, part is that it's nice to tieles it but that this ground rule us. the white house, when you do an interview like this, they did allow to us run the one clip about merrick garland and otherwise it's embargoed until sunday at 9:00 a.m. also asked him about terror and the criticism he underreacts, for instance when you had the terrible brussel attack and he stayed in cuba and went to a baseball game. and we also -- because this is kind of a sentimental journey for him. he were at the university of chicago where he was a professor until 2004 so only 12 years ago. i asked him to look back over the least eight years, best day in the white house, worst day, biggest accomplishment, there we are in the library, worst mistake, and we go back to the little office that he worked in as law professor when he wrote his first book, "dreams for my
12:54 pm
father." it looks like a broom closet, and it's a heck of a journey from there to the oval office. >> you have interviewed him before, this is the first for "fox news sunday." how would you describe the tone of the conversation and how he was this time around as opposed to your discussions with him before? was he relaxed, defensive? how would you describe him? >> i would say he was quite relaxed. i asked him some pretty tough questions, as i say, about terror, about hillary clinton, about the anger in america we see not only in trump voters but sanders voters, and maybe it's the serenity he is not going to run for office ever again, eight months from thes of his presidency, i don't mean he doesn't have a good game but there was a kind of a sir reinity -- serenity about it. i'm going to answer these
12:55 pm
questions. i have to say even in the way he dealt with it. it's like i know you're going to ask me some tough questions. he said try not to interrupt me, and for the most part i didn't. occasionally i have to say i did. >> he can be loquacious to say the least. so you can still be sitting there -- >> or even long-winded. >> yes. real quick question. i know you asked him about this year's presidential election, and so -- did you ask him about the anger that some americans feel and whether he is responsible? >> yeah. i asked him exactly that question. i say, look, here you have been president for eight years, it's not just republicans. there are trump voters, there are sanders voters, they feel anger, disaffection with washington, with wall street do you take responsibility? the fact that eight years later there still are millions of americans who feel cut out of the decisioned that affect their lives and he takes that one on
12:56 pm
as well and admits to some personal responsibility, but then also shares the blame, if you will. >> it's must-see tv. and thank you very much, chris wallace, for sharing. you teed it up very, very nicely for us on this masters weekend coming up. take care. >> thank you. i hope i did it as well as jordan spieth. >> nobody does it that well. sorry. you can see the rest of the interview this weekend on "fox news sunday." check your local fox station and the tv listings and we'll be right back. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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on this day in 1879, folks could by milk in glass bottles for the very first time. before that themakeman would carry around a keg or bucket and folks like myself would fill up their own containers. scientists say the glass bottles were cleaner and took decades for the maybe cartons have today to catch on but you can still
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find a few farms that will bring bottles right to your doorstep after the milkman first delivered them 137 years ago today. go out to the barn and milk your company. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. neil is next. >> you know, gregg, i'm old enough to remember that. that's sad. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and this is "your world" and it's full throttle on for both parties now. crisscrossing the state of new york and surrounding states. for the democrats it's bernie sanders front and center, very confident not only can he rally the troops, in the end he can rally the party to him at the convention and all without a contested convention. just think about that. rebecca berg joins us, real clear politics of i want to bring your attention to something bernie sanders said on the be view "about this being inevitably hillary clinton's --