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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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this is a fox news alert. a man suspected of being involved in both the paris terrorist attacks and the bombings in brussels is in custody tonight in belgium. mohammed abrini is the last known suspect from november's terror massacre in france. he also may be the mysterious man in the hat seen leaving the brussels airport after the attack. the latest from london. hello. >> just in the past few hours, we've got confirmation of some major terror arrests in brussels tied to some very deadly isis
3:01 pm
backed terror attacks. belgian officials are saying five people were arrested in a raid today across the city. one of those said to be seen in an amateur video. in association with the paris terrorist three which left 130 people dead as well as the recent attacks in brussels. 32 people killed. under arrest, 31-year-old belgian moroccan mohammed abrini. he was trained by isis in years. i can't he was smuggled in. he is on the european most wanted list for his role in the paris terror attacks. he was seen with the arrested paris suspects two days before the french carnage. it is believed he played several roles in that operation. what police are looking to verify in brussels is that he was the third suspect at the arpt bombing. the one seen with two suicide bombers. the one that got away. new video of that suspect was just released yesterday.
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police tonight say his dna, his finger prints were found in two different apartments used by terrorists. also arrested, the man authorities called osama k. they are looking to see this suspect helping another bomber at the metro station, as well as organizing the ugly suitcase bombs used throughout brussels on that deadly day. we know he too had contact with him. belgian authorities yesterday said they had more questions for salau an december lamb. now we know why. >> why the kind of horror brussels faced last month, katherine talks with one of the officials charged with keeping you safe, before, during and after you fly. >> reporter: the brussels
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airport attack where two suicide bombers killed 16 with suitcases packed with explosives has already affected security at american airports. tsa explains the changes to fox news. >> you can expect to see even more visible law enforcement presence in the airports. >> reporter: he wants bomb sniffing dogs at all major u.s. airports and plans to double the number of especially trained be canines. >> some of the best technology we have for decking explosives. they allow me to move the line very effectively through. >> and expect more random security checks arriving at the airport. >> think of it as an environment of security that gets increasingly more secure as you get closer and closer to the aircraft. expect to have people paying attention to you. paying attention to the, your behaviors, and they think that you're moving through the airport. >> based on the intelligence, major terrorist groups are tasking to develop a plot aimed at planes and airports.
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>> there are sub groups ofisil specifically focused on the aviation sector. >> and there are other changes to address the threats. last october, isis claimed the bombing of a russian passenger jet in egypt, killing 224 passengers and crew using the device. reportedly planted by an airport mechanic. >> in the wake of the metrojet incident last fall, we brought what we, what i like to call the perimeter around the aircraft a little closer in. we check cargo facilities. we check caterers and the like. we're doing many more checks at the airport, of things going into the aircraft. >> they're predicting record traffic at the airport this summer and looking for ways to reduce the legislation that could pass as early as next week. would it and fastball tsa pre check program. >> thank you. >> and now to politics.
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ted cruz is adding to his delegate count tonight but not in new york where his past comments about new york values are still coming back to haunt him. even though donald trump is leading handily in the empire state polls, there are new questions about money. senior correspondent john robertson is covering the gop race from new york. >> reporter: good evening. ted cruz continued his winning ways with delegates today, picking up another 12 in district could not vaengss in colorado raising his total to 18. so far donald trump has been shut out in colorado. after today's success, ted cruz himself heads to colorado tomorrow. hoping to pick up the remaining 13 delegates up for grabs at the state convention. monday he is off to california where he hopes to end donald trump's chances of getting the majority of delegates before the july convention. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city -- >> for its part. the trump campaign is attempting to end any home it has of
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picking up delegates in new york state, replaying again and again this exchange from january south carolina's debate. while cruz clearly linked new york values to money and media, he now insists he was talking about liberal politics. >> i think people across new york and across the country know exactly what new york values means. those are the values of liberal democratic politicians who have been hammering this state. they're the ones suffering for it. and as you noted, donald trump has been funding it year after year after year. >> reporter: it is one reason cruz isn't particularly popular in new york, though he is gaining friends across the country. time of the candidates are backing him. big republican donors are taking a second look at cruz. >> cruz is the last man standing. in many instances, he was their second, third or fourth choice.
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he seems to be the best hope of winning in november and getting the nomination. >> john kasich, the only candidate on the campaign trail today is urging the party to rally around him. suggesting trump and cruz need to accept whatever happens at the convention. >> at the end, you have to come together. you can't be a baby, you know? if you don't get enough votes, you go on. >> trump's campaign insists even with the losses in colorado, they can still get enough delegates beginning new york state where they hope to win the lion's share of the delegates. america's election headquarters in demts. this is becoming the major focus of both campaigns. james rosen tell you what you need to know about a complicated and largely hidden process.
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it is in political particleance winner take most. it will reflect the delegates. clearing 50% in a given district delivers all three delegates. otherwise it is two for the top finisher, one for the runner up. of the remaining 14 delegates, 11 will be on may 24. a candidate can sweep all four teams. if no one meets the threshold, the delegates. >> ted cruz is concentrate on conservative districts, trying to figure out ways to collect delegates by winning congressional districts. >> a week after new york will see the penultimate super tuesday when races are held in five states. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. they add up to 172 delegates.
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all awarded in winner take most. all the mountain states, 34 delegates could conceivably wind up unbound. then the final super tuesday when republicans cast ballots in new jersey, new mexico, california. 302 delegates up for grabs all awarded by a winner take most process. >> this will reward the candidate who is best organized. and you can't do it from washington or new york. you have to do it on the ground in the individual states. working with local and state party leaders. and gss what, that favors ted cruz. >> he caution that had when delegates become unbound on second and subsequent ballots, they will not entirely be free agents but rather looking to receive guidance from their own bosses meaning congressional district chairs, members of congress and sometimes even governors.
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>> thank you. hillary clinton is sounding very confident that she will not be indicted over her e-mail scandal. she said republican who's are hoping she'll be taken out are living in a fantasy world. in the real world, clinton and sanders are going after each other. albeit more gently. senator sanders reversed course saying hillary clinton is qualified to be president. >> of course. the media likes these attacks vex. >> except the attacks were launched by the candidates, not the media. and within a couple hours, sanders reversed himself again. >> are you ready? in between bites of pizza on the view, showing he knows not to use a fork and knife.
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he suggested he is ready to slash clinton again if necessary ahead of the i am a 19 new york primary. >> yes, i come from the nice little state of vermont. but if we're hit, we can hit back. >> and clinton could not quite say she thinks sanders is qualified to be president, instead focusing on how she never. he was not qualified. >> i'm asking. >> i never said that. >> as if there's not enough controversy, enter pope francis and questions about the visit to the vatican next friday. one person said sanders broke protocol and invited himself. in an interview with fox, another vatican official backed sanders' account that he was invited to the conference. though the sharp difference with the pope on other issues, another meeting is unlikely. >> i would be enthusiastic about that. >> clinton is still waiting on her possible meeting with the
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fbi about that e-mail investigation. and she laughed off a question from inning's matt law better republicans wanting to see her get arrested. they say this. that they will get to see hillary clinton in hand cuffs. that there will be a -- >> there is not even the remo remotest chance that will happen. >> today bill clinton apologized for that verbal clash we had black lives matter. hillary clinton said we agrees we all need to listen. pope france sis making some changes with how the catholic church deals with issues. we have breaking news tonight on operation fast and furious. president obama is turning over some documents related to the failed gun trafficking operation. in january, a federal judge
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ruled the administration cannot use executive privilege to keep the records from congress. it led to a rare confrontation. breaking news between the justice department and apple over encryption. a federal judge is ordering apple to assist the fbi in unlocking an iphone in a criminal case in massachusetts. the d.o.j. said it will appeal. apple says that case is about setting a precedent. not about preventing terrorism. on capitol hill, it would force them to unlock felonies to. digital stake holders said they are prepared to fight that bill. coming up next, president obama on fox news sunday. we'll have a preview.
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first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. in seattle the imagine continues for an accused murderer who escaped from a psychiatric hospital. his son stopped by his spokane valley home for a very short time on thursday and then fled. will fox 29 in san antonio with two dead at a major air force training facility. authorities at the base said he shot his commander and then himself in an apparently murder-suicide. and this is a live look at philadelphia from fox 29. one of the big stories there, a big parade for ncaa champion villanova. they defeated them monday night on a last-second basket. it is the first time phillies sports fans have had a clip to celebrate since 2008.
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decision. tonight, the house select committee on benghazi is going over a new release of about 1,100 pages of documents that it has been seeking for more than a year now. the committee says the state department turned over files stored on network folders used by senior employees for then secretary of state hillary clinton including e-mails from cheryl mills, jake sullivan. sunday will be a very big day on fox news. chris wallace goes one-on-one with president obama. that is his first fox news interview since taking office. one of the topics, the push for supreme court nominee, judge garland. >> have you made a commitment that you will stick by garland through the end of your term or perhaps, hillary clinton. and let her make the pick.
3:20 pm
>> what we can't have is a situation in which the republican senate says because it is a democratic president, we are not going to do our job, have hearings and have a vote. >> just to button this up. >> are you saying you will stick with merrick garland through the end of your term? >> yes. >> check your local listings on fox. wells fargo has formally reached a $1.2 billion settlement to end a justice department haute. the bank was accused of knowingly ensuring thousands of recollecti risky mortgages. the dow gained 35. the s&p 500 finished ahead 6. nasdaq was up 2 but stocks posted their worst week since february. the dow was down 3 percentage points. nasdaq dropped, i should say, lo
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lost. the unconventional campaign of donald trump. congressional republicans have been slow to join the trump team. the first one to do so, chris collins of upstate new york who first endorsed jeb bush. bret baier talked with him about the reason for the endorsement and the considerable caveats inherent in it. >> when i hear them talk about the securing the borders and fair trade, i said this is my guy. >> you're against mass deportation. you're against banning muslims. even temporarily. it sounls like even though you're endorsing mr. trump, you are distancing yourself in some aspects. >> i think it is safe to say we can agree at the top level. i don't think i'm that far away from mr. trump. >> he wants to deport. >> well, i could deport out one door and have them walk back in the next door with the paperwork
3:22 pm
and it could be a figure of speech to say deport. identify yourself. now we know who you are. now go to the next desk. let's process your payment work. >> that sounds like political speak to me. >> i would not support actually trying to round folks up sending them back across the border. >> knowing what you know now, you know what's realistic. is it realistic to build a wall along the southern border? >> there are parts of it which we have to do. whether it is a physical wall or a rhetorical wall, it starts with immigration reform. making sure the folks that need the workers where they can't get the americans to do the work, like the dairy farmers, they have visas to do the jobs. >> that sounds different than mexico will build a wall. >> a different sounding answer. ban on muslims?
3:23 pm
>> we need to keep america safe. if we don't know who is coming across the borders, they can't come. in i wouldn't ban muslims for being muslims. >> he did say a temporary ban on muslims entering. there is a difference between deportation and the ban and where he is in painting it black and white. and you think the nuance will come when he becomes president? >> i absolutely do. i don't think it is practical. in fact, i know it is not practical to deport, as in put people in buses. 12 million people and take them across the border. so once mr. trump is president, or nominee, we can clarify. this we can have nuance differences. at the 30,000 foot level we agree. >> there's not a lot of nuance in donald trump when he talks about things. as jeb bush, he was a completely
3:24 pm
different candidate on immigration reform and the muslim ban. and you went from jeb bush to mr. trump. your hope is that he'll be more nuanced. people supporting him say they want the black and white version of mr. trump. when reality is reality and we can't take 12 million people in a bus across the bored he. as chief executor, you sit down with folks and you talk to them. so i think donald trump is setting the top level 30,000 foot direction he wants to go in vision and the team he ultimately puts together will help put that into play. >> so is it fair to say people who support donald trump see in him what they want to see in him?
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the state department says an american citizen has been freed by syrian authorities. a u.s. official says he is 33-year-old freelance photographer kevin patrick dawes. he was abducted in 2012. the state department said russia helped secure his release. the message from the u.s. to iraq is it is time to put internal political differences aside and come together against isis. president obama's top diplomat came to baghdad today on deliver that message personally.
3:30 pm
correspondent kevin corke has more from the white house. >> reporter: it was a much needed show of support. however, john kerry's surprise visit to baghdad, his first in almost two years, comes as the country's embattled leader faces fierce political head winds at home. >> i want to reiterate the support of president obama, vice president biden, myself as secretary and the entire administration in the united states for prime minister abadi who has commend straight critical leadership in the face of economic and political challenges. >> reporter: the trip come as they continual to make head way in the fight against in iraq. this is economic turmoil engulfs the government, thanks to facilitiering oil revenue inch in turn led to calls for the prime's removal including by his predecessor. and while they continue to
3:31 pm
reclaim areas of iraq previously overrun by isis, a now report suggests iraqis are deeply skeptical of u.s. intentions when it come to fighting the terror group. according to the report in the counter isis messaging, about half of iraqis, sunnis and shiites, say they completely oppose it. about 40% of iraqis believe the u.s. is working to destabilize iraq and control the natural resources. nearly a third of iraqis meanwhile think the u.s. supports terrorism in general and isis specifically. a sobering revelation considering the announcement of $150 u.s. aid package aimed at helping the iraqis. >> the leaders have claimed the u.s. backs isis. and i think this really underscores the weakness of the administration's policy in trying to cooperate with iran and iraq and in syria. >> reporter: a fundamental
3:32 pm
complication. the iranians like the u.s. are actually backing the abadi government in iraq although you can make the argument, the motives couldn't be more dissimilar. we heard from secretary kerry today. he said he did not discuss with the prime minister this notion of sending more american troops into iraq as the coalition tries to make the move on mosul. we know the pentagon has made it clear them feel like there should be a lot more. >> thank you. some changes tonight in the catholic church potentially affecting millions of americans. pope france i is modifying the spirit of the rules if not the rules themselves. here's religion correspondent lauren green. >> reporter: pope francis is calling for a more welcoming church. one that won't condemn but would steer the faithful toward living out its truths. the more than 250 page document is the culmination of two controversial gatherings of bishops from around the world
3:33 pm
where they grappled with a wide array of challenges. divorce, sex outside of marriage and homosexuality. >> translator: we must have mercy and patience when we accompany the people and the possibility of growth. this is work carried out day by day. giving way to the mercy of the lord who inspires us to do good. >> reporter: generally the pope's major theme is discernment. the process of being open to the word of god and the concrete reality of every day life. his most compassionate outreach seem to be behinding at a possible path way for the divorced to receive holy communicate. the pope said no one can be condemned forever. that's not the logic of the gospel. he talks about priests to help people in all family configurations to find a place in the church community without feeling weighed down by rules. he said a pastor can't feel that it is enough to apply moral laws to those living in irregular
3:34 pm
situations as if they were stones to throw at people's lives. >> the pope himself has talked about his desire not to change doctrine. his focus is more on encouraging a different approach, a more pastoral merciful approach to people who are living in situations that is incompatible with the catholic teaching marriage. >> reporter: the pope called the position wrote that same sex unions may not be equated with marriage. >> thank you. bernie and hillary ease up a little while donald trump continues to pound ted cruz in new york. we'll talk about the presidential races with the panel. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving.
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i'm aware of the romney rule. >> there's no romney rule. that's so yesterday. >> the issue, just have an open system. i think they will. i don't think they'll be having to make some rule that existed four years ago. at the end you have to come together. you can't be a baby. that's the way it has to be. >> john kasich, the only one of the gop candidates to actively campaign today, outlining his path to a potential nomination. it centers around the abolition of the 40 b romney rule which requires the nominee to have a majority of votes in eight of the states. let's bring in the panel. senior writer for the weekly standard. amy stoddard, and we welcome for the first time tonight, ben. we'll start with you. >> we've seen so many of these
3:40 pm
quote/unquo quote/unquote coronations. we are unused to any kind of contested convention. and i think those who voted in the primaries are unused to this and will be angry about it. >> they'll be angry but they'll be a lot more angry if you see what plays out in cleveland. we saw it play out in the minds of people, writing fan fiction this week where we had all these people talking about an openre someone who had not ever run for president before to fill that role. that has only happened once in the 160-year history of the party. i think if that f that's the outcome, peel would be a lot more furious than the two front-runners. while they may be in washington for different reasons rrgs getting voters behind them. and that support is as the nominee. not just as the vehicle for someone else to take that job.
3:41 pm
>> let's talk about another person parachuting in. >> i'm trying to get us the most viable nominee for 2016 that could win without destroying the party. i think trump destroys the party. if you parachute somebody in and try to ignore millions of votes, you're going to destroy this party. so we're right back to ted. >> and charles krauthammer addressed this today. he called it imprudent to the point of suicide. >> there is a fantasy and it is fertile and alive that you get someone like paul ryan to come in at the last minute. but it is stupid for the republican party to talk that way. the best thing is it is someone who ran. there is a scenario where cruz's and trump's match-up numbers against hillary are a disaster at the end of june. that the party faithful, the people who serve as delegates, come wanting to win.
3:42 pm
they see the end of the republican party and they say, we don't care. we're going to pick john kasich who still matches up well against her. or we'll call on someone like paul ryan. it is not out of the realm or the possible but it is terrible to talk about it now. and they would have to be running around the country now, assuring the delegates, don't worry. there will be a chance that paul ryan will come around. you have to have a campaign that puts cruz and trump and kasich will hang on because he is the most electable. and the real party operators still believe he is the most electable. he might have to drop out at some point. but you can't focus on anyone but the three. >> you keep saying that in the polls, came is the most electable. i wonder if that might change dramatically once he were become the nominee. why say democrat like. >> i think it is inconceivable that john kasich would be the choice of the delegates after
3:43 pm
hand won for the entire presidential campaign other than his own state. if you don't get enough votes, you go on, said kasich. actually, most people if you don't get enough votes, you don't go on. but this is kasich's plan. what i final baffling, john kasich is training all of his fire on ted cruz in new york. that makes no sense. john kasich's entire play, if you think he has a play, is to keep donald trump from getting to 1237. every vote, every vote for john kasich or ted cruz is the same vote. you need to be attack donald trump and keep him from getting the requisite number of delegates. the fact that kasich is doing it. i've been somewhat skeptical of people who said that he is just a blocking back for donald trump order wants a part of trump/kasich ticket. it is hard to explain what he's doing here other than with that explanation. >> i want to turn to the
3:44 pm
democrats. we've been telling you yesterday how they took gloves off. put the gloves back on a little bit today. at least bernie sanders did. listen up. >> certainly. does she have the experience? obviously she does. she was secretary of state. a u.s. senator. i thought an outstanding first lady in many respects, breaking the mold. what i men by that, what i thought i made clear. you call into question the judgment of somebody, i believe, who voted for the war in iraq which turns out to be one of the more disastrous foreign policy blunders. >> i've been called a lot of thing over the years but unqualified has not been one of them. this morning he finally acknowledged that of course he doesn't really believe that. this is all pretty silly. >> despite all this, bernie sanders refuses to attack the he will fastball in the living room. the, the elephant in the living room. the fbi investigation. >> it is amazing the thickness of the bubble that has surrounded hillary throughout
3:45 pm
this entire process. even these modest attacks are interpreted by her allies as being something completely inappropriate. that's just a sign of how weak of a candidate she is. at the end of the day, bernie sanders is on track to win 40% of the popular vote. the only person in the history of the party of the modern era who had that happen and not become the nominee was hillary clinton in 2008. that shows her weakness. >> yeah. the e-mail thing is a tricky thing for bernie sanders. i do believe that he is staying in now because he is moving and he has a cause. he is having a wonderful time and it is raising an unbelievable amount of money. i think he thinks the fbi thing could help him. not even an indictment but enough to puncture her. but really, all roads lead back to donald trump. without donald trump taking up so much oxygen, the e-mail story would have been a wrap-around news event. the likes of which we have never seen. if it weren't for donald trump being the story of this year.
3:46 pm
>> what are your thoughts? about why he refuses? >> ted big moment in the debate and he said repeatedly. he's been asked several times. do you regret saying you don't want to talk about her e-mails? he repeatedly said no. he would look foolish if he started to. i don't agree with her. i think everybody would be covering the e-mails because hillary clinton has ability-in advantage. the main stream media doesn't want to report on it. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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in the coming weeks and months, the coalition will work with iraq to turn up the pressure even further. >> john kerry made a surprise trip to baghdad today at a very, very difficult time for that burgeoning nation that strife-strewn nation in the sense that they are trying to retake mostly which has been held for isis for the last two years now and not having a very good time of it, steve. >> yes. on the one hand i'm happy any time the obama administration is paying more attention to iraq. on the other i think john kerry going as mess messenger telling rearks to put together internal differences aside and solve their problems.
3:51 pm
interm differences in this country for a large part explain why iraq went to relative peace in security in 2009 to what it is today. >> i think he goes there to say he is there to support a stable and unified government but it's really beyond that it's probably what's going on with the iranians and their influence there our deal sort of falling apart a little bit now and our stepped up involvement we are creating these new military outpost. the pentagon is going to do this to help with the assault on mosul. that's' combat role there the one the administration denies. >> the complete lack of strategic foresight on the part of the clinton obama administration has put us in the position now we are now back into what is essentially a third ground war in iraq within a generation. this is an utter failure and it was the entire reason that he became president in the first place. >> the pope issued this new treatise on family life today which is getting a lot of attention.
3:52 pm
the latin for the joy of love. in it he did reject calls for same sex marriage. let me quickly read this he said quote there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual grounds remotely consider for god's plan for family. he does welcome gays. >> this did have good deal of grace and openness toward catholics gone through divorce and things of that nature. it didn't go anywhere as near as far as some liberals were push for it to go within the context of accepting homosexuality. >> a.b., i want to quickly address for the third segment here obama's interview with chris wallace in which he said he will stick bymaker garland the supreme court nominee even if a democratic nominee is elected. we're look at a president elect who is a democrat in the lame duck term of the president. >> giving away leverage on garland they know they will get hi him if hillary is winning in november. if president obama is openly
3:53 pm
pledging to stick by him. they won't be stuck with someone more liberal that they can take this gamble and shut down the nomination process all year. the confirmation process. i thought that was pretty intense for -- i mean, obama knows this and he gave away >> at onec( on the one hand he e president, i might pull him in case hillary clinton wants to appoint somebody more liberal. i mean, look. >> fudge z >> he can fudge it but i think he has to stick by purposes that's one of the reasons he decide to do do the interview. he has to stand by nominee. making a losing case. republicans won't be bringing this up and look at what's happening in the presidential race. mitch mcconnell would be crucified if he brought upmaker. >> even if hillary clinton becomes president elect is he still hooking at that. >> at that point republicans would have to reconsider and republicans of the party would in such a meltdown they could come to the conclusion that there wouldn't be as much damage
3:54 pm
around to a.b.'s point, you could have a more liberal justice. could you see republicans supportingmaker garland? >> i could see it in the context of a lame duck as steve alluded to. but the reality is, the history here is very clear. you know, it's been since 1888 was the last time you had a senate that was led by the opposing party confirm a supreme court justice in the presidential election year of someone on the other side. that's just not going to happen. the president knows it. and i think that's why he was so willing to give up the leverage as a.b. said. >> we'll take a short break. winners and losers when we come back.
3:55 pm
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different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at and finally tonight, winners and losers. we will start with ben. >> my winner for this week is america because it's opening week in baseball season. we live in a time where when we are very disconnected but baseball brings us together. the worst person you have to think about is barry bonds you are reminded you are free. >> andoser? >> my loser for this week. >> mother nature? >> my loser for this week is hillary clinton. the clinton campaign has had this attitude that there is no fear in this dojo. i think in this week not only did you see the success of sanders in wisconsin but also saw the success of ted cruz which makes it much
3:59 pm
more likely that she'll not be going up against a political nominee more unpopular than she is. >> a.b.? >> my winner this week is a 12-year-old german shepherd named luka who lost her leg in afghanistan protecting troops. she has had not had any human die on her patrols sheriff's department received the dicken medal which is highest decoration for bravery that an animal can receive in the military. my loser this week is bernie sanders who won a great victory in wisconsin but went on to blow it by saying that hillary clinton was unqualified and then having to turn all the way back around today to say that she is qualified. and he even got into a back and forth with the vatican official who accused him of a monumental discourtesy by trying to make it sound like his invitation to a vatican sponsored conference was an invitation by the pope. >> loser? >> my loser is a.b. for going so long. wisconsin could be the winner every woke but god for america. god for wisconsin. stopping trump, conservative voice. my loser is jeffrey tuben
4:00 pm
for claiming that ted cruz's new york comment was anti-semitic. >> i'm doug mckelway. good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. tune in to "fox news sunday" for exclusive interview with president obama. the dash for delegates. tonight, "on the record," the 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidates are slugging it out for each and every delegate from each and every state. donald trump pushing hard to get that magic 1237 delegates. senator ted cruz and john kasich are pulling out all the stops to slow him down. >> trump appears to be taking more seriously the delegate and complicated task of winning delegates, not just votes. >> trump has been bleeding delegates to ted cruz and need to do stop the flow. >> i have just hired paul, the top guy. we're going to start looking at that we're doing it very carefully. >> for mr. trump to start hiring washington insiders is a sign that the type of


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