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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 9, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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don't forget to vote on twitter every night. all for now. see you again monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to go to my facebook page/greta and like it. good night from washington, d.c. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, republicans debate the idea of leaving the convention with a clean slate, nominating someone not in the race. it is like the old saying if at first you don't succeed, try 17 more times and then use an air cane rules process. plus a pennsylvania lawmaker wants to stop giving grants to poetry majors. if the state doesn't pay for poetry, who will? and the new anti-prostitution law punishes the clients and not the ladies. find out why tom shillue
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seemed agitated in the pitch meeting next. back to you, white devil. >> thanks, andy. she killed so much wine we call her american sipper. joanne nosuchunsky. he is puerto rican. i will see if his ancestors are dancing are the jets. and comedian luis j gomez. some are growers and some are showers. co-host of fox and friends weekend tucker carlson. and he claims to love free speech, but he charge -- charges money to listen to his pod cast. it is gavin mcginnis. let's start the show. >> endorsements for ted cruz are starting to roll in. this week one senate colleague
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is talking about why cruz should be the republican nominee. >> cruz is so far behind it is hard to get the numbers. by process of elimination -- >> you want ted cruz to get the nomination? >> at this point there is no choice. >> 100% behind him. cruz has the backing of lyndsay graham who told cbs if he can support cruz, quote, anybody can do it. graham listed cruz's qualities. >> he is a real republican from the more i'd logical spectrum than i am. he would to the destroy our party. >> vote cruz. at least he will not destroy our party. look, tucker, of course, they have come kicking and screaming, but they have to endorse, right? >> trump will endorse the party. that's the best thing i can say about him. i am struck by the fact they
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defined support for trump as a moral crime. it is not we disagree, but you are out to destroy our party and destroy america. there is no room for honest america in the eyes of the radical anti-trump people. and it makes it impossible and they do things like supporting ted cruz. >> but i guess they have to support cruz, gavin, because if they don't, then who is left but hillary, right? >> i agree with them. i think we have to support cruz if trump isn't making it. i am still on the trump train. it is like bailey and lonnie anderson. i'll take them both. >> they don't like them. >> it is not about like. that's what the guys were saying. they were saying i know politics has become fashion and it is who is cool and who would you want to have a beer with? but take cruz. you are gonna like it. >> take your medicine? >> take your medicine. there is nothing wrong with that. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> there is a bunch wrong with
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that. >> there is a bunch wrong with both. >> it reminds me of batman versus superman. cruz is like super man and he looks like an alien and he is super weird. >> they both keep us safe and they both protect us. >> there is no winning and watching this race in general. >> i am crossing my fingers it is good. >> we will have aqua man. >> isn't paul ryan aqua man? >> i am thinking about how kasich is pip pea long stocking. >> that is so perfect. >> freckle faced. >> he is there and we didn't mention him at all. >> i think we are seeing like there is not very men options and my -- vea -- very many options. you don't need a man. it is okay to be alone. you don't have to settle for one of them who are there. he said this is all we've got.
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i guess i am going to have to go with cruz. no, it doesn't have to be that way. just be alone. don't define yourself. >> don't let your ovaries dry up. don't become a spinster. you need a man. >> now let's look at the people who endorsed trump. on thursday ben carson revealed in a radio interview that trump has been approached by family members and others about his free wheeling use of twitter. >> he knows it is a problem. the first part of solving the problem is recognizing that it exists. >> in another interview carson defended cory liewendowski and charged with grabbing a female reporter. he doesn't see a reason to demonize liewendowski. >> he is charged with misdemeanor assault.
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>> a lot of people were charged with various things. that doesn't mean you immunize them. maybe it is a misdemeanor or something. it doesn't mean you are an evil, horrible person. >> the look on that female reporter's face is what haven't you told me? who am i sitting next to? >> why did they look at each other like that? >> they know something we don't. >> there is something there. >> carson needs to keep doing these shows every time. it is amazing. >> he went after his mom with a hatchet and tried to stab his friend in the gut with a knife. >> his mom who was a [bleep] and his friend was a jerk. >> i am not saying it wasn't deserved. a person never breaks character. it is totally real. there is something awesomely authentic about it. if trump can't deal with that, he is a lesser man.
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>> the thing is carson is real. he comes from a rough neighborhood. you probably did too. >> that is very racist. >> i drew up in the suburbs of new york and i was raised by irish italians. >> i am chasing people around with knives, but never charged. >> never charged with a misdemeanor? >> i have been charged with plenty of misdemeanors. >> that's what carson was getting at. >> i was guilty every time, tom of the. >> he was saying innocent until proven guilty. the host was acting like he was a crazy person. >> i think in this country especially if you are a man and somebody accuses you of something, you are immediately guilty in the public's mind. >> isn't that true? well is that fair? >> yes, it is totally fair. >> yes.
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i learned in domestic abuse charges a neighbor can charge you and then she said no, we were having sex and it is okay that goes over like an indiana jones boulder. >> how do you know so much about domestic abuse charges? >> it happens all-around me. >> you live in a rough part of brooklyn. >> my boss is going through hairy times. bubbles from trailer park boys is going through it right now. and then of course there is cory . >> and it is who ever call the cops first. >> instead of trump or cruz should there be a clean slate. he endorses the idea of the gop con veption and picking a nominee who was not a candidate and uh sooming trump ends up with around a 1100 delegates. graham says compared to gop nominee donald trump
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everything sound good. and he asks if polls show trump losing head to head against hillary in every state except idaho and mississippi is dumping trump a crazy idea? not so fast says hot air jazz shaw who calls it a wile e coyote scheme. it would be a slap in the face to the armies of people who have voted in the primaries and it means telling tens of millions of republican voters that they wasted their time. i guess tucker they are both right to some extent. they can ignore the voters, but should they? >> just because it is allowed doesn't mean it is wise. the point of the primary is not to choose the most viable candidate. it is the candidate most want and voted for. it is a democratic process. how reckless is that? if they did this, they would ratify that. they would prove it.
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>> the whole idea of political parties, is that really true? what you just said it makes sense and it touches my heart. but the purpose. >> that's what these primaries are paid for. >> they are acting as if nine donors make the decisions. this is a federally over seen process. you can't just say these three donor want this guy and we are putting him in there. how about try it and see what happens. not a good idea at all. dumber than anything trump has ever said. >> obviously they will be able to do whatever they want. we know that. what do you think the voters will do and what should they do? >> i think the gop are wimp's and they remind me of the dummies who are always on the phone checking their stock. oh no, it is down today. that's not how it works, you woos. you check it it every five years at the very most. these people are saying oh no,
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we are having a bad week. let's demolish the whole entire thing. stay the course, and when it comes time get off the couch and vote for either strum -- trump or cruz. >> i like your investment strategy. >> isn't that the idea? >> i don't have investments. i have four kids. >> what's the deal? >> give me an answer. >> the whole thing is confusing. i thought the electoral college was confusing enough. now our votes don't count and the delegate votes don't count. it is leak a russian egg doll and they keep pulling them out. >> we made you read. >> it was awful. please never make me read again. >> now all of a sudden people say what is this process again? what is a super delegate? >> all of a sudden america cares.
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>> you can do anything you want. the parties can do what they want. trump can run for a third party. >> people are concerned about the health of the party. the voters will leave your party because they don't like your house rules. they will go to trump's loft apartment which will be like his independent run and then your party is screwed because you have no one showing up. >> i think there is -- we are long past the time when we should have more than two parties, tucker, why not? >> look, your policies get more radical the more parties you have. look at any system in the country. it is much less moderate and crazier than the one we have. the problem will not help the party. tell the country you want a stable country with boring politics. thanks to a lot of factors including entrenched interest in washington you are about to get radical, unpredictable volatile politics and that is not good for the country. >> radical and unpredictable.
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or fun. >> we don't need more than two parties because there are two types of people. there are people who want to annoy other people, and there are people who want to be left the [bleep] alone. >> nicely put. >> moving on to a controversial mascot. on thursday the sports journalist -- bomani jones caused a stir on twitter after he appeared 0espn -- on espn mocking the cleveland indians. >> it is just like the cleveland indian shirt. it is just one small change. that's it. >> i like the money sign. >> i think the money sign is helpful because people still buy this stuff. the reason they won't get rid of chief wahoo is because they can still sell stuff. >> for wreers -- for years people called on the indians to drop the chief wahoo. he said it is the same thing. >> it is the same thing for the cleveland indians.
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to have a problem with the logo, with this is having a problem with the indians. if you are quiet about the indians and now you have something to say about my shirt it is time for introspection. >> espn told him to cover up and he halfway complied. i think he looks like a good guy and he is smiling and friendly. remind me of one of the guys in my all male acapela group, white noise. a great group. they could really sing. sitting on the dock of the yacht club was great. is this shirt offensive? anyone? >> no, the world is falling apart. it is not at all offensive. i can't imagine any caucasian -- i am actually caucasian and i can say i am
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not offended. and i am not offend #ed by the vikings. there are bigger problems to worry about. he is making the opposite case for the one he intended to make. >> why is he making the opposite case than the one he intended. >> he says you think we are lame, well try it on for size, caucasian. i am stereo typing you as looking nordic and financially smart. what do you think of that? you say, yeah. that's stupid. that's [bleep] to be offended by that. can't use that word. >> we'll take it out, gavin. >> my point is that we see that shirt and we go that means absolutely nothing. we are absolutely so unoffended we are hoping you can gleam something from our reaction and stop being offended by this stupidity. >> we say when we see that, go uh he, everyone. wear the shirt they want. >> i say make them more racist. make the indian face reder and come up with a pennsylvania puerto rican and put a baby over his head or
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something. >> baby above his head? here is the thing. the more we desensitize people to this bs, the better it is. native american, i never heard a native american complain about anything, period. they went through the whole movement on "snl" to diversify " snl. where are the native americans there? >> i think some of them may -- >> well, we are all a little cherokee, but 4%. >> that's all it takes is 4%. we know that, joanne. high hope for the kay kay sheen. >> i commend him. i too like to air my social justice grievances on espn. that's where i go. there was a whole bunch of people and people were protesting.
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>> should they told him to zip up or let it go. >> you have to let it go. >> i say yes. >> i appreciated that. >> coming up, should the government pay for your poetry? we debate next.
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presidential candidate ted cruz adding 21 more delegates to his total tonight. cruz sweeping the republican contest in all seven colorado congressional districts. he could tally 13 more tomorrow during the state's republican convention. gop front runner donald trump with two alternate delegates, but he is still well ahead in the count beating cruz by some 200 delegates. belgian authorities arresting what could be the last suspect linked to the terror attacks. the suspect could be the so-called man in white who escaped from the airport moments after the twin bombings. he was detained with four others following a raid connected to last month's attack that killed 32 people and injured hundreds more. north korea announcing the successful test of a ballistic rocket engine. they claim the ground test means they could stage a nuclear strike on the u.s. south korean leaders say the north doesn't have a rely believe a missal or a way to arm one. it is the latest in a series of threats aimed at the u.s.
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and its allies. the north carried out a medium range missal launch earlier this year. officers catch up to the accused killer who escaped from a psychiatric hospital in washington state. a police k9 found anthony garver hiding in spokane last night. authorities were searching for him since he crawled out of a window in the hospital. he was deemed too mentally ill to face charges for torturing a woman to death. and the price of a stamp going down for the first time in nearly a hundred years. a two-cent charge that was helping the postal service make up for losses has expired. starting sunday the stamps will drop from 49 to 47 cents. i'm patricia stark and now back to the show everybody is tweeting about, "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox >> how does the media create phony narratives? let's go through a little
12:23 am
example step by step. the headline was stark. pennsylvania republican waging a midevil crusade against the art, culture and learning. the article described the state rep 's plan to eliminate grants for students who study. quote, poetry and some other pre-wal-mart major. it was another dumb republican who plays into the narrative is anti-art and culture and all that's good. why would he make such a dumb proposal? >> i looked into it and of course he didn't. there was no proposal. the line was a sarcastic comment that came from a brainstorming session that they were having with other republicans on how to battle with tax hungry democrats. it is full of suggestions on how tack payers can save money anyway possible. even cutting the representative's own per diems. they acquired the linked e-mail and the midevil crusade
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was born. and it was reported all over the internet. i can't describe how offensive i found it. a world without poetry isn't much of a world. i would appreciate a world mott taking my money from my paycheck to give to someone to write poems i will never read. i could live in that world. tucker how much news like this is essentially false? >> i would say overwhelming majority of cultural news is designed to make a larger point that the person writing it for sure. there is an infinite amount of stories out there. and there is a chosen story line with how the world should be. the one thing i can say is true is they are pushing a story line. >> yes, and it starts -- >> and it never change.
12:25 am
it is always the same. >> it follows the same formula. this one started in the philadelphia inquirer. it is a legitimate newspaper. she reported the line and then it was taken by the cultural magazines and all they talked about -- >> he is a low grade mussolini. you don't know anything about him, but you know who he is. >> gavin, people say be careful with what you read. i think we should change it to don't read. >> every time you read one of these lines like the dude from "snl" that said black people aren't funny. you read that and you say i don't think he said that. you look it up and he didn't say anything close to that. it max you say why were you so excited to get this line? why did they say finally someone hates poetry interest grab it, run! >> this world they want to have with evil men justifying the horrible stereo typeses. they want america to be a racist hell hole and i am not sure why.
12:26 am
>> this guy said i can't believe how angry it made me to read that. do you think it made him angry or was he salivating on a line about a thought piece. >> it is something provocative. it is an easier day at work for him. in philadelphia how many poets are in philadelphia? that's the grimiest town i have been to in my life. and i like that wall. i love that wall. we shouldn't be making it easier for people to be in the art. every person wants to be a musician and they want to be a rock star or an actor. no. starving artist exists for a reason. we shouldn't be enabling people to study and get real jobs. >> joanne, you are in the arts. >> i am. and i am on a diet so i am hungry often. artists are emotional. art programs are always cut for funding first.
12:27 am
what a lot of people don't realize is these government grants that are given to the program limit what people can do. sometimes it is not even a blessing being given money. i work with a nonprofit that is art and performance-based. they want no government money. it is donation based. they said it will limit what we can do. you can't do what you want because the government doesn't gef you money. if mom and dad don't support my career i won't do it? no. you find another way. in a perfect world everyone would support the arts. you can still support it without tax dollars going to it. >> tucker con sick us withly ab -- conspicuously absent. >> they are the fill law steens we were hoping to educate. when we write enough poetry they will understand how important they are.
12:28 am
i am not against poetry. much i am against, but good poetry i like. it is the entitlement of the people creating crap that has no redeeming quality at all. it is trite. and it is not elevating any conversation or enlightening anybody about anything. those people demand a claim on your money. you can't send your kid to summer camp or go to dinner with your wife. >> you send your kids to summer camp? that's nice. >> you are paying their grants. coming up, we journey to the "red eye" news deck. andy levy and half time next.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> you started by saying i will ask if they had dance battles with the jets. that's racist. >> that's american history. >> i do not apologize for myself because i did not say it. i apologize after tom. >> you are a jet all the way.
12:33 am
>> you said cruz won't destroy the party of lyndsay graham saying that trump will destroy lyndsay graham's party. that is why as much as i don't like trump i don't feel bad about the gop being in full panic mode. >> if they don't, they get blown up. >> and it is about that time. >> do you think the trump supporters agree with you? >> no, that's the problem. what will happen to their votes if trump doesn't make it. the entire right wing is the most fractured political group. i love them all. i am a hipy on the right. >> libertarians, i want to smooch them. >> you said this race reminds you of batman versus superman. there is no winner here and you can't wait for justice
12:34 am
league. is hillary clinton cyborg? >> i think hillary clinton is the incredible hulk. >> i don't know if we can do that. >> you asked if paul ryan is uh uh -- aqua man. he needs to grow the beard back first. >> that's why he shared it so he can be aqua man. >> aqua man has a beard? >> what's her name? >> i'm sorry. i suspected it it. >> aqua man is happily married. you said ben carson went after his mom with a hatchet. it was a hammer. >> it was some sort of tool he was employing as a weapon. >> and i remember the best part of the story is he said he didn't really do that and carson accused him of trying to smear him. >> i am a psycho path. i am crazy. i am dangerous. >> he literally used the words it is a smear campaign.
12:35 am
>> is a clean slate ticket a good idea. jazz shaw who wrote the article has a very cool name, but sound lobing a bad guy from oliver stone's gfk? jfk? >> did you ever go by jazz shaw? >> you will find yourself in huge trouble. if trump is close and they give the nomination to someone else they are asking for trouble jie. >> it is reckless and insane. >> i also feel like it would be easy for democrats to campaign against someone who didn't run in the primary. >> it last happened in 1968 when they gave it to hubert humphrey and he didn't win a single vote. >> he became president, right? >> after the riot. >> joanne, you suggested trump would run as an independent if
12:36 am
he doesn't get the nomination. i don't think he can get on the ballot in most states. >> i don't understand that. it is something i heard earlier on another show. >> i don't think he would be able to. >> great, i appreciate your input. >> glad to give it. by the way john kasich said the monday after super bowl should be a national holiday. i am now team kasich. gavin, you said we don't need more than two parties because there are only two types of people. the type that bother other people and the type that have to be left alone. neither party wants to leave other people alone. >> out of the two parties the goal of the right is to shrink the government and leave people alone. >> they say that, but they don't mean it. >> that's the one thing they have in common and that's the one thing we focus on. we all got here because we want to be left alone.
12:37 am
the caucasian shirt, tucker you are caucasian. >> i haven't checked. i haven't done i think i am part caw kay -- caucasian. >> this is weird to me. jones says to have a problem with the logo of this you would have to have a problem with the indians. if you are quiet about the indians and something to say about my shirt, then it is time for introspection. whatever. no white person would care about a shirt that said caucasian. and what jones left out is a possibility you could have no problem with his shirt, but have a problem with the indians logo which is the stander argument. >> he is a a moron. >> i don't know enough about him. >> he thought about this for nine seconds and then went looks good. >> pennsylvania republican wants to flat fund schools. you said the philadelphiaen enquirer printed a few choice
12:38 am
lines and the media was born. sort of, but not really. the headline was harrisburg gop starts budget strategizing. >> they printed it and a columnist in the same newspaper -- >> i don't think you can blame him. >> are you an am buds man. >> sbt -- isn't that what a paper is? >> i hate when people attack an entire organization for the actions of one. >> andy, i am saying this was the whole point. this is how it is done. it is a conspiracy. they write the article that is filled with facts. i can't stand facts and then the columnist has a think piece. they are all working together. >> this was by design. >> this is like watching your parents argue. i'm uncomfort believe a. are you? >> i'm uncomfortable and i agree.
12:39 am
>> by the way, this is literally one guy in a gop caucus of a hundred they are making this big deal about. the whole thing is stupid. luis, you asked how many poets there are in philadelphia. i found a 2015 philly voice headline that said seven poets keeping the tradition alive. i guess seven. >> that's six more than they should be. >> i blame the entire city. burn it to the ground. >> you sound leak you are from philly. >> i had an exroommate. >> i think we all do. >> do you want to give him a shout out by name? >> no. one of my had ins. >> i don't want to name my roommate, but i threatened to burn a city down. i am done. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break of the french prostitutes when we come back.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. belgian police arrest five suspected it terrorists in a series of raids in brussels on friday. they say one of the suspects may be mohamed abrini. he is the last remaining identified fugitive that
12:44 am
killed 130. they believe he is a mysterious man in white. they still need more verification. the texas senator, ted cruz, picking up all 21 available delegates from the party assemblies from the state's seven gop congressional districts. he can pick up 13 more at the state gop convention. he trails front runner done national trump by 200 delegates. paul ryan will have competition in wisconsin's republican primary on august 9th. the businessman once volunteered for ryan, but now he says ryan is an establishment politician who supports out of control spending and dangerous immigration policies. with new details emerging at the trial of dennis hastert, prosecutors confirming he agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to cover up sex abuse charges with a teen in the 70s. three other victims have also come forward. hastert will
12:45 am
face charges for the hush money. wells fargo will pay money for i'm p proker mortgage lending. they had thousands of riffingy mortgages. they are the largest mortgage lender and the third largest bank in assets. i'm patricia stark. now back to the show with the best fans, "red eye." for all of your headlines log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> prostitution is now legal in france, except for john. there are fines up to $4,000 and must attend mandatory classes while prostitutes may no longer be jailed.
12:46 am
they came to the decision that sexual intercourse for money is by its nature an act of coercion. it is therefore suggested that the prostitution constitutes violence and that it makes sense for the culprit of these imposed sexual relations, the client, to be penalized. you heard him, french man. no more renting women in the 90s. it reminds me i still got to return hudson hawk. panel, let's talk about this. gavin, you probably have an opinion on this. >> i actually ran a shame the johns campaign in my hometown and i do not recommend it. a lot of the time they are creeps, and a lot of the time you say pig, get out of the car. and you said get out. and he has no legs and a stub and then you go, oh. that group. sorry. >> wow. >> sometimes the free market
12:47 am
helps people who wouldn't normally acquire the love making ability. >> i understand. >> welcome to the panel. >> you are replacing tuck you -- tucker carlson. he had to run and do some television? >> real television. did >> did you read the story? >> i glanced at it. enough to know it is a stinking pile of crap. this is insane. they are saying because you are exchanging sex for money, that means it is coercion. that is the exact opposite of coercion. when you give money to someone in exchange for goods and services, that is legitimately and literally the opposite of coercion. that's how you get things. that's how the world works. it is an advanced system of the barter system. you have money or credit card
12:48 am
in your pocket and you don't have to carry the chickens with you. >> sound that way in the real rerld. don't we hear uh the lo of these young women are being -- a lot of these young women are being controlled? >> i learned this from "law and order svu." it is not the johns, it is the pimps. we need regulation up in there. like in nevada these bunny ranches and things, i had a friend who did a documentary and it is a lot of widows. they will come. >> he he was doing a documentary. >> i said i will not star in this. no, but widows and people who have physical issues. they need a little help. it is the pimps that are the problem. >> but, i think luis, in andy's idealized world if you
12:49 am
let the free market take over eventually it works out and if it if it is all unregulated they don't need the johns. >> or the pimps. that did you bt exist and i have been to the bunny ranch. we did interviews with the prostitutes out there. >> all of you journalist. >> hard the a work. >> i was busy that weekend. >> here is the deal. it has to be black and white. you are looking at the nuance. anytime i take a girl out and buy her dinner isn't that coercion? >> absolutely. >> you need to say if one adult is consenting and another adult is consenting and they decide to exchange sex for goods and for money, we are all good. i think prostitution should be legal across the board. >> what about up to the line of money. these women are starving and they have to pay their rent.
12:50 am
nobody wants to be a prostitute, right? >> no, you are not right. you don't know that. the problem is a lot of pundits and academics and lawmakers are using a 1970s version of prostitution. in modern america it is escorts who have their own thing going. there is a guy who will beat the crap out of you if you don't pay her, but the free market has, woulded it out. in france they have a lot of eastern europeans and sex slaves. >> blame it on eastern europe. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. ♪
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♪ it was always just a hobby.
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something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. eye" jimmy falla and jason stewart and andy levy and couples therapy with bonnie mcfarland and rich voss. headlines on the internet i have to click on like this one. woman takes uber to fist fight with twitter nemesis. get her ass kicked and takes uber home. the has details. two women from chicago have been engaged since 2013.
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it is unclear how their beef started, but they typically accuse each other of being disrespectful in someway. that crossed the line. they took an uber to the house to fight her. she lost and then used the car service to take her home. mila may have lost the fight, but she hasn't lost her spirit. this is what she tweeted later. >> we did an awful job of blurring that. >> so, andy, what do you make of this? >> anybody who has been in a twitter fight for three years is going to -- this sound cruel, but they should be forcibly sterilized. >> i don't think they are going to -- >> this is insane. if you have a twitter fight --
12:56 am
first of all, don't have a twitter fight if you are not 14 years old. certainly don't have one for three years. i don't -- like i guess -- why is uber a part of the story? >> i know why. they both worked for uber and this is the best marketing ploy they have ever been. how do you know where the woman lives? you had to have the exact crease crease -- address. if you are feuding i doubt she will give you her home address. >> they are friends that are feuding. >> it is almost like -- >> almost. >> it is the marketing. take uber to your next crime? >> it is $10 to get anywhere in the city. >> quick, gavin. >> violence is under rated.
12:57 am
>> they are arctic let and smart women who made a decision and solved it. that's what we need. >> andy levy and gavin mcginnis and tucker carlson. that does it for me. see you next time.
12:58 am
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this is a fox news alert. a man suspected of being involved in both the paris terrorist attacks and the bombings in brussels is in custody tonight in belgium. mohammed abrini is the last known suspect from november's terror massacre in france. he also may be the mysterious man in the hat seen leaving the brussels airport after the attack. the latest from london. hello. >> just in the past few hours, we've got confirmation of some major terror arrests in brussels tied to


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