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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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crunch time in colorado. a little less than an hour left for that day to reward its remaining republican delegates. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> happy saturday. >> good to see you. >> i'm greg gutfeld in for eric -- i'm gregg jarrett in for eric shawn. ted cruz, the only candidate to attend that event and he has scooped up 21 delegates so far in colorado at the district level. now he's looking for more at the state convention. the other gop candidates are focusing on their next stop, the
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new york primary, april 19. donald trump is leading there with a little more than 50% in recent polls. john kasich all over the empire state today. also appearing to have put the colorado contest in the books. he was a no show. alicia acuna has more where senator cruz is the only got to show up. what's up with that? >> reporter: that's right. only one out of the three and senator cruz really sealing the deal on all of the support he's seen here so far. when he landed in the centennial state, he already had a majority of the delegates. 21 delivered out of 21 available. today is about the 13 at large delegates who will head to the national convention. in his speech at the world arena in colorado springs, senator cruz talks about jobs. his hard line on illegal immigration, and something very near and dear to the folks of colorado.
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gun rights. >> let me be very, very clear to the men and women of colorado. i will not compromise away your religious liberty. and i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep and bear arms! >> reporter: 600 people are vying for a spot on the colorado delegation. they each get ten seconds to make their case to a crowd of 6,000 that they are it. and some people will sign a pledge for a specific candidate, but they really don't have to. >> trump and kasich as we're talking here, they're not there. but they're not giving up on colorado entirely, are they? >> reporter: no, not in the least. that's because the way that the rules work here, even if someone is a pledged delegate to a specific candidate, that only lasts as far as the first round
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of ballots at the national convention. once it moves to the second or third ballot and beyond if that happens, those delegates become uncommitted. sapote campaigns here are having conversations with potential cruz supporters about that. in talking to the kasich campaign today, they made a point to say that they understand the rules of the caucus system. that's a direct hit on trump and criticism that it has struggled in caucus states because they don't understand the way it works. >> we understand the rules. we understood them so well, it didn't make sense to be here. we've done a lot better than the kasich campaign, so maybe we understand them better than they have. >> reporter: i should point out, our producer, dan, did find two mistakes on the trump slate, which could lead people to inadvertently vote for a cruz delegate. so this is so far from over. gregg? >> i'm sure trump will blame cruz for that. we'll wait and see.
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alicia, thanks. >> fox news alert as our coverage continues with the democrats. bernie sanders winning today's caucuses in wyoming, defeating hillary clinton 56% to 44%. meanwhile, the candidates rallying support on their home turf in new york ahead of the primary, april 19. bernie sanders holding a community conversation at the apollo theater in harlem. hillary clinton holding an organizing event at the landing cafe and community in brooklyn. recent polls show clinton ahead by double digits as the contest in the empire state inches closer. bryan llenas is live from our new york city news room with nor details. so first, let's start here. how does sanders winning wyoming affect the race? >> reporter: hi. it impacts it less mat mathiccally and more that it continues to fuel his momentum. the vermont senator's wife interrupted his speech in long island a little over an hour ago
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to let him know he won wyoming. let's take a look at this moment. >> you just won wyoming. >> all right. news bulletin. we just won wyoming. [ cheering ] >> reporter: bernie sanders was supposed to win wyoming. it's mostly white and rural and the west he's had success there and it was a caucus. he collects seven of those 14 delegates and hillary clinton wins six, which means at the very most, bernie will be able to say two delegates on clinton's 200 something lead. what it means is it continues the momentum narrative for the sanders campaign. they have now won eight of the last nine election contests against clinton. it's a fact that could only help the sanders camp gain more support in new york where it 291
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delegates are in new york. sanders was down by 20 points plus in december. polls show he's at least cut that to about half. >> you got to love jane sanders. she's a good egg. no endorsement here. just for jane. that's all i'm saying. but let's talk about the candidates, clinton and senator sanders. both holding events in new york today. talk to us more about that. >> reporter: yeah, they were both here in new york. let me come up with a quick point. it's important to understand that the sanders camp is banking if they can keep clinton from winning the delegates needed by the convention. so at that point it's their belief, if they can keep the pledge delegate race close, they can persuade those super delegates. here in new york, bernie sanders has been visiting all the -- a lot of boroubhs. he was at the bronks and washington heights and he was in queens. he's speaking directly to lots of hispanic and black voters and he went to washington heights. hillary is hosting an event in
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brooklyn right now and this is where her campaign is headquarters is based. brooklyn will host the last debate before the primary on thursday night. now, it's gotten more testy and aggressive between those two candidates. it's person. bernie spent the last 18 years of his life and clinton was senator. they battled over when and where it have the dewait and sparred over if either one is qualified to be president. and clinton implied sanders isn't because he hasn't done his homework and has been campaigning on issues that he doesn't understand, and sanders says well, clinton is not qualified because she voted for the iraq war and is supported by super pacs. a little more testier and negative than what we've seen. a very personal, personal race coming up here on tuesday. 291 delegates. 247 are at stake on that day. >> it seems like both the democratic candidates have now decided to put the word,
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unclassified or who is not qualified, put that aside for now. we'll see how they move forward. bryan llenas, thank you very much. >> no problem. and another fox news alert. terror suspect arrested in belgium now admits to being the man with the hat, according to prosecutors. police arrested mohammed abrini yesterday. he has ties to the terrorist attacks there and in paris. the man in the hat was caught on surveillance tape at the brussels airport right before the bombings. the prosecutor's office says abrini threw his vest away and sold his hat. he's one of four charged with participating in terrorist attacks linked to the deadly brussels bombings. two other suspects arrested have been released. gregg? for the first time in more than two decades, the united states is deploying b-52 bombers to the middle east. the air force using the war
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planes to strike isis-held territories in iraq and syria. the b-52s will replace b 1 bombers which were pulled back in february. american officials promised no lull in activity at the time. but statistics show the number of bombs dropped on isis fell to an eight-month low in february. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, gregg. these b-52s from barksdale air force base in louisiana, but now operating out of qatar, are long-range, heavy bombers that the air force says will help, quote, apply persistent pressure on the islamic state, or isis. the air force pulled its b 1 bombers out of the middle east two months ago to bring them back home for maintenance. after that, bombing operations against isis fell to an eight-months low in february. the pentagon said the b 52 bombers would be sent to the middle east in april. the first time they've been stationed there in 26 years. they're going for operations
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against isis in iraq and syria. the air force says the b 52 can perform, quote, strategic attacks, air interdiction. the b 52s arrived in the region one day after secretary of state john kerry was in iraq. >> we will not be complacent at any point in this campaign. in the coming weeks and months, the coalition will work with iraq to turn up the pressure even further. >> reporter: earlier this week, a senior military officer said the u.s. may add extra outposts in northern iraq. also to help with the battle for mosul. u.s. military leaders do not think mosul will be retain this year. gregg? >> molly henneberg in washington, thanks. and now to the fox extreme weather center.
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snow is blanketing parts of the united states bringing a cold and miserable beginning to springtime. areas in northern ohio got several inches of snow, as much as eight inches in toledo overnight. holy toledo. >> i was gog say that. >> i beat to you it. it's making a mess of the roadways. many roadways near whiteout conditions. slow traffic on i-75. more wet weather in the forecast. say it ain't so, for the great lakes and ohio valley senior meteorologist janis dean has the latest. >> ten to 20 degrees below average across the eastern half of the country, whereas over the west, we are dealing with above average temperatures. same deal on sunday. the warmer than average temperatures move into the central u.s. where we're still dealing with cooler than average temperatures across the northeast and the great lakes. your lowest tonight, it's chilly. doesn't feel like april.
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30 in chicago. 19 in cleveland. 32 in raleigh. we have hard freeze warnings as far south as the deep south. again, warm across the central u.s. and we will warm up again tomorrow across the west. future radar. we saw snow. we saw a mixture of rain and snow across the northeast. that will continue as this low moves offshore and then we're going to deal with another storm system sunday into monday and that's going to be a missy day for areas across the interior northeast as well as the ohio and the tennessee river valley. mainly a rain event, although we are going to see accumulating snow across the great lakes. look at michigan, interior northeast sections as well as the appalachians could see several inches of snow. across the west, much needed rainfall for southern california as we have an area of low pressure that's going to move inland toward the southwest. flash flooding is going to be a concern. we're also going to see higher elevations snow as we head into sunday and monday. ultimately a good news situation, but in the short-term, we could see some
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flooding concerns. there are your highs for sunday. again, warm temperatures across the central u.s. still cooler than average across the midwest, great lakes and the northeast. back to you. >> all right. you know where it's really nice? >> tell me. >> augusta national golf course, the masters. 's always nice there. they're playing it down there. i think it's like in the high 60s or something. a little windy for augusta. >> i'm ready to slash my winter coat and burn my boots. >> burn your boots. >> yeah. >> it's a little aggressive. we move on. >> well, you got the dress for it. that's a very springtime dress. >> that's what i'm trying for. thank you very much. moving on, donald trump topping the polls in new york. ten days out from the republican primary there. but what happens if he doesn't pull out a win? how a previous primary win may give trump a leg up in a contested convention. >> plus, president obama not
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backing down in his support of the supreme court nominee, explaining his reasoning exclusively to chris wallace at fox news sunday. we got a sneak peek at that interview with chris coming up. and some parents go on the offensive after they say their kids are victims of violence in school. they are launching a big-time lawsuit. but not against the bullies. we'll explain.
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welcome back. after a loss in wisconsin, the donald trump camp is taking a break from heading into new york -- before heading into new york's pivotal primary. the polls are putting donald trump as the frontrunner there. he is well ahead of number two john kasich by more than 30 points. and if trump hangs on to that lead in new york, he may improve his chances at snagging a majority of delegates going into the gop convention. if not, trump's winner take all victory in florida could actually give him a boost at a contested convention. a rule unique to that state requires that all 99 florida delegates to vote for trump through the first three rounds at the convention. let's talk about that and a
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whole lot more with white house correspondent for the "wall street journal." colleen, good to see you. let's start with new york. trump is clearly refocusing his campaign on new york. he canceled a bunch of out of state appearances. i guess he's trying to hit that sort of 50% level in new york, but this state has kind of a different primary system in a way there is 27 separate primaries, aren't there, because most of the delegates are picked by each of the congressional district. >> that's right. it's a complicated primary in new york. but a very important one for donald trump because there are 95 delegates up for grabs and he needs to win in every congressional district to win delegates across the state. he also needs to win more than 50% to kind of have a chance at taking all or most of the delegates. so there are a lot of complicated rules in play in new york. but for donald trump, this is kind of his best chance to run up the score. he's playing on his home turf.
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you see him in the poll that you showed that ted cruz is running a distant third in new york. so this is donald trump's best opportunity to really put more distance between himself and ted cruz and get closer to that magic number of 1237 delegates. >> he can run up the score all he wants in terms of votes in new york, but he has to capture roughly 70% of the remaining bound delegates in the 17 states that are left. and to date he's only been winning about 46% of the delegates. so just do the math. his path to the nomination seems to be getting steeper and steeper. >> right. it got a lot narrower this week with the double digit loss in wisconsin. and it also got a little bit narrower this weekend at the colorado state convention. this was another example of ted cruz' very organized campaign machine coming through at the
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state convention in colorado. ted cruz spoke at the convention. he had a very organized group of people on the ground. and he scooped up the bulk of the delegates in colorado. meantime, you see team trump stumbling again at the state convention in colorado. they weren't very organized. it appeared they made some mistakes in the material that they distributed to their supporters. they didn't necessarily understand all the processes that they needed to abide by. and so you see this kind of lack of organization in the trump campaign coming back to hurt them at a moment when they need every single delegate they can get. >> it's fine and good to hold big rallies and cheering crowds, but you got to be organized to win the presidency and the nomination. so let's talk about florida. trump got 99 delegates in that state and under the state rules, as we pointed out i introduction, they're bound to him beyond just the first or second ballot all the way to the third, right? >> right. it's a fascinating state.
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and as we stare down the possibility of a prospect of a contested convention, we're all learn ago lot more about all the quirks of each state and the rules vary significantly from one state to the next. and florida may become donald trump's new favorite state. it's his adopted home state and he was able to win there, win all 99 delegates. and most states require delegates to vote for the winner of their primary, the winner of their caucus on the first ballot at the convention. florida requires all 99 delegates to vote for the winner of the primary, donald trump, on three ballots. so that means there can't be any defection. there won't be free agents until after the third ballot. so that's very good news for donald trump. again, as he tries to get to that threshold of 1237. >> colleen mccain nelson, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> and tune in tonight for an appearance by donald trump on "justice" with judge jeanine.
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she will ask his effort to lock down enough delegates to lock up the nomination. tonight. "justice" at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. very good. coming up, a key suspect in both the paris and brussels attacks now in custody. what authorities are now learning about the terror cell they say he belonged to. plus, president obama standing by his supreme court choice, but what if hillary clinton becomes president in november? hear what mr. obama has to say our own chris wallace in the president's first ever interview on fox news sunday this weekend, discover your family's immigration stories at "we sailed on the aquitania. i can still picture the smokestacks." "i had an old coat, a pair of shoes, maybe 20 rubles. that's it." "the door to america was open, for our whole family."
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fox news is america's election headquarters. so time for a quick checkup of political headlines. ted cruz on the ground in colorado addressing that state's gop convention. the only republican candidate to do so. cruz hoping to win there can help him catch the frontrunner,
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donald trump. in the meantime, trump has a cushion of more than 200 delegates. trump now looking ahead to new york where he is ahead in the polls 95 delegates at stake there. and a win could help trump in his goal to claim the party's nomination outright. in the meantime, bernie sanders is ex tapped ago hot streak with a win in wyoming. 14 delegates on the line in that state's democratic caucuses. and sanders will add more than half of them to his ranks. he's chipping away hillary clinton's lead. she's still way out in front heading into new york where she served as a u.s. senator. both are in the big apple today. that's a live look in brooklyn at hillary clinton. we'll keep tabs. belgian authorities confirming the arrest of a third man who was at the brussels airport during those deadly attacks. mohammed abreeny admitting he was the, quote, man in the hat
3:29 pm
captured in surveillance video alongside two bombers. as investigators learn more about the attacks, more questions are surfacing about the bomb maker. he blew himself up at the airport on march 22. we're learning about his skills that could have led to a bright future instead of terror. and also the question is how did he slip under the radar? let's talk about it with mark, the executive director of the foundation for defense of democracy. good to see you and thanks for being here. >> thanks, arthel. >> so are you certain that mohammed abrini is the man in the hat? if you believe it is him, is there anything about this arrest or the handling of this case in general that seems a bit off to you? >> that's what authorities are confirming, that this is the man. in fact, he was initially picked um in surveillance footage in december. he's been europe's most wanted man because he was caught in
3:30 pm
footage with a gentleman who was responsible for the paris attacks and they were caught on their way to paris. what makes me concerned about this arrest is that it's taken so long to roll up this network and that reportedly there is still 20 people at large who are part of this network. so by no means have they actually found everybody and i'm very concerned that there is going to be another attack. >> what does that say to you about this network? and going back to the bomb maker, why would a bomb maker kill himself as the suicide bomber? >> suggests to me that there are many other bomb makers in europe, that there is probably a master bomb maker. in fact, french and belgian authorities have been talking on television there about a palestinian member of isis who has infiltrated into europe and maybe the master bomb maker who is training other bomb makers. otherwise there is no way they
3:31 pm
would be risking a sole bomb maker for a suicide attack for one terrorist attack. so it suggests the network is deeper. their skills are very sophisticated. and european authorities have an enormous problem on their hands. >> here is a question for authorities, or do you think authorities will ever be able to answer why? why would somebody like him, an educated european, who according to a knock times article, was radicalized in, quote, the classrooms of good schools and universities study groups. why and how? how does this happen? >> it's true. he was born in morocco. grew up in belgium. went to a catholic school. educated as an electrical engineer. no outward signs as a jihaddist. his brother was a belgian taekwondo champion. again, it suggests that these muslim men, whether they are religious or devoutly secular
3:32 pm
are increasingly attracted to isis and jihaddism. and it suggests an enormous security problem, again, not just for the europeans, but we can not be complacent in the united states. we may face this problem our self. >> let's hope not. but you understand your point there. we talked about -- you mentioned that he was seen in surveillance video in december. with the surveillance video released of him tracking this guy for a couple of hours immediately following the bombings at the brussels airport. yet it has taken 2 1/2 weeks to find and arrest him. you also mentioned the video in december. are authorities in places like belgium and paris, i mean, sort of off the mark for creating areas, neighborhoods where they kind of stay away from for various reasons? in effect, creating hideout havens for terrorists? >> what's remarkable is with all
3:33 pm
of these men, they are being sheltered by some members of their community. there is some evidence that they're involved in being sheltered again by organized crime. so again, they were not on the run in remote areas of belgium or france. they were actually in the heart of brussels. >> that's my point exactly. >> that's right. in neighborhoods that are very close to european union and european parliament. so it is deeply troubling that the security services are having this kind of trouble. but it suggests they are completely overwhelmed by the thousands and thousands of foreign fighters who have gone to syria and iraq, who have come back radicalized and well trained, hundreds of thousands migrants who have come to those country. >> to that point, and i have to run, but short answer, to that point, do you think that european union, as well as neighboring nations and countries would perhaps consider
3:34 pm
closing their borders, not keeping people out, but making it so they can't roam freely from country to country as they do now? >> you're starting to see that backlash in europe right now. angela merkel in germany led in hundreds of thousands of migrants, refugees. but you're starting to see that backlash in germany and france and belgium. and people are now talking about closing those borders and negotiating with the turks to try and take many of those migrants back into turkey. and it suggests to all of us that again, we need to be a haven for peaceful people and refugees who want to come here. but we have to be very, very careful about the significant security challenges that poses. >> mark, i have to leave it there. thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> supreme court nominee merritt garland meeting with senate republicans and hoping to change their minds about a hearing. with the senator majority leader holding very firm, what are his chances of getting the hearing or even a vote?
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the president's pick for the supreme court vacancy making the rounds on capitol hill. it looks like he may have swayed some republican senators. several lawmakers taking time to meet with judge merritt garland. at least two senators now say hearings should be held on his nomination. but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley are sticking to their guns. president obama addressing their stance in his very first interview on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. >> some republican senators say look, if a democrat wins in november, maybe we'll consider garland in a lame duck hearing. have you made a commitment to garland that you're going to stick by him through the end of your term, or perhaps let's say hillary clinton is the newly elected president, would you pull him and let her make the
3:40 pm
pick? >> as more senators meet with him, i think the recognize the qualities of this individual. i think we can't have is a situation in which the republican senate simply says, because it's a democratic president, we are not going to do our job, have hearings and have a vote. >> joining me now to talk about this is chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. hi. >> hi. >> let's start with the hypothetical that chris wallace posed. what will congress do if hillary clinton becomes the democratic nominee and wins the white house in november? i want to talk about what you're hearing and also while you're at it, tell me if you have any information as to whether some republicans are meeting with judge garland for optics without any plans to move forward with hearings. >> that's a great question.
3:41 pm
the lame duck session begins after the election. we'll know whether or not a democrat or a republican will be in the white house. depending on who wins the senate and who wins the white house, that, i think, will dictate whether or not they'll even consider taking garland's nomination up before the congress adjourns for the year. i know at this point they're saying there is going to be no consideration even in a lame duck congress. but i would leave open the possibility of his nomination coming up if the white house becomes democratic and hillary clinton wins or another democrat, and if the republicans lose control in 2017, they may see this last window of opportunity as their chance to move garland, who in their minds would be a more moderate choice than perhaps somebody that hillary clinton would choose if she becomes president or if bernie sanders wins. and i think that will dictate
3:42 pm
what republicans even think about doing, although at this point they say even in a lame duck, they're not going to take up garland's nomination. >> but you say stay tuned. >> yeah. >> any chance president obama will withdraw his nomination? >> i don't think so. boy, that -- i see president obama sticking with his nominee. and it would surprise me if he didn't. look, it's his nominee. it's the last year of his presidency. once he leaves office, again, if it is a democrat in the white house, there will be pressure on that person, be it bernie sanders or hillary clinton to decide what to do with merritt garland. to say i'm going to stick with garland and i'm going to renominate him or i'm going to pick somebody -- there will be pressure to pick somebody more liberal. you can guarantee that. i think it's going to be one of the most interesting scenarios that plays out, arthel. but to your earlier question, i do think more republicans are going to meet with garland. the white house is calling and requesting that they meet with
3:43 pm
him. they're doing so mostly as a courtesy. they're telling him, i'm told, that -- they're telling merritt garland we're not going to take up your nomination because we think it should be left to the next president and that the voters in this election should have a say in it. now, there are a couple who disagree with that. and they are more moderate. and so that's to be expected. i think you may even have one or two more get on board and say be a little bit more ambiguous about whether the senate should at least have a hearing. but i don't think it's gonna move the ball very much in terms of really a serious move to take up garland's nomination. i think it will be a lot of chatter, lot of optics and more courtesy meetings. but at this point, nothing is going to happen. he's not going -- there is not going to be a hearing or vote. >> no doubt the president is still gonna maintain the full court press. just wondering if that perhaps is why mr. obama has decided to sit down with chris wallace for the first time during his
3:44 pm
presidency. >> right. i think you're absolutely right. i think the messaging here is so important for democrats in the congress and especially the president. he wants to push as hard as he can on the idea that republicans are not doing their job, because it's their job to take up a nominee and decide whether or not to confirm that nominee. republicans, of course, think that's really not the case, that they can choose not to take up the nomination. that's their prerogative. but it's all in the messaging. i think at this point, we've got an election coming up and it really behooves democrats and the president to make it look like the republicans are simply being obstructionists and not doing their job. and they're going to try to have that play in in terms of trying to get voters to side with them on it. but it's not high on the list of things voters are worried about. they're worried about the economy and terrorism and other things. so they're gonna have to keep that message going. >> okay. of course, our chris wallace is a first rate journalist, as he should be interviewing our president of the united states.
3:45 pm
susan, i have to leave it there. it's always good to talk to you. thank you. >> thanks. >> by the way, everyone, you can catch more of chris wallace' interview with president obama tomorrow at 2 and 6 and 9. 2, 6 and 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. it is the president's first ever interview on fox news sunday. you can also watch it on your local fox station tomorrow morning. check your local listings for channel and time. >> i talked to chris about it yesterday on air and he said it really is sort of a must see event because he really broaches some pretty tough subjects with the president and the president was very candid. and relaxed. >> because from what i can see, first of all, i think chris is phenomenal, and it seems that the president respects when he's sitting with a journalist who is of that caliber. >> right. tune in tomorrow. you got a bunch of chances to watch it. scuffles in the school yard bringing in connection with a court of law. a group of parents say they're so fed up with violence in their
3:46 pm
kids' schools, they're suing. we're going to tell you how it case could play out with our legal panel next.
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>> new york city schools coming under fire. a charter school support group is now launching a lawsuit
3:50 pm
against the city's department of education, along with some parents, they say the school system is not doing enough to combat rising rates of violence and especiallydoing... enough to combat violence and bullying. he was punched and kicked by two boys in the school. instead of helping me, they blame my son. >> our kids are subject to violence. we are seeing the tragic results almost daily. >> we'll deputy to our fox news legal analysis. and we'll be good to see him both. and it is mandatory. doesn't that impose a duty on the part of students.
3:51 pm
and a breach of that duty is negligence in a court of law. and that is as well as the students and teachers. and we have everything in place. and that is a class action. and that is a individual that came forward. the u.s. supreme court has never addressed the issue. we do not suggest that public schools have a degrieve control as to give rise to a constitutional duty to protect. is the supreme court right or
3:52 pm
wrong about that. it is the u.s. constitution and new york constitution. there is a duty to protect under the constitution. >> say the supreme court is wrong. >> and that is a safe education. and this is a legitimate lawsuit. and they have not protected these students. that is why we have laws to protect the students. >> we also have criminal statutes. and they are not claiming they were in physical harm.
3:53 pm
and they are claiming that the students are deprived in a safe argument. and that is how it is to determine for the judge. there are so many safe guards. and that is the safe guards. this lawsuit is very important. they were are are important. we'll not say these. we have to do more work to do. they will continue to drive bla,
3:54 pm
bla, blachlt and he is sort of admitting roaching the property standard. crime is absolutely down. you have the kids called bullying. that's the argument. and that is ten places. i was part of the lawsuit. and hundreds of thousands. and that is a fractions. and it starts with eight. it is thousands and thousands.
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but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptomserate to severecrohn's . and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira.
3:59 pm
with humira, remission is possible. >> so it remains a mystery why two junior pygmy whales stand on the coast of the mississippi one year later they are still alive. >> they are being cared for in the marine institute. and they are giving them antibiotics and iv fluids. >> this is a very rare animal. they are more playful. and that is at the surface.
4:00 pm
this is a nice job. jack is going to do a lot for us. thank you, greg. bye-bye. >> the presidential candidates going east and west today in the quest for delegates. each and everyone of those delegates will count. good evening. i am julie banderas. colorado's party wrapping up the convention. ted cruz only presidential candidate to stand and speak. his supporters wore special shirts. state officials should be supporting. and he is also already locked up 21 of the 37 delegates. the next primary is less than


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