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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  April 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is a nice job. jack is going to do a lot for us. thank you, greg. bye-bye. >> the presidential candidates going east and west today in the quest for delegates. each and everyone of those delegates will count. good evening. i am julie banderas. colorado's party wrapping up the convention. ted cruz only presidential candidate to stand and speak. his supporters wore special shirts. state officials should be supporting. and he is also already locked up 21 of the 37 delegates. the next primary is less than two weeks from now in new york.
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that's where ohio governor kasich is today. and they are part of the campaign so far. and here is the race for the republican nomination stands today. donald trump remains the front runner and had no campaign. ted cruz second and john kasich. and that is 1237. and we begin with hillary clinton. and what is the latest from where you are? >> reporter: the process for picking delegates just upon
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wrapped up here in colorado springs and we are waiting to see how things went for each of the candidates. senator ted cruz came in colorado with a partial victory. they had 21 delegates. and cruz thanked them for the overwhelming report. >> collectively they have elected 21 delegates and together we won all 21. >> and the credit for that goes to each one of you. and they are looking for all of the delegates. and if it goes that is first
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round uncommitted. and that is making their way to cleveland. >> and john kasich. he had a town hall in new rochelle today. it will likely be contested if none of the candidates can secure the nomination on the first ballet. >> i went and worked directly for governor reagan on that convention. they are picking the next president potentially. and they don't take it likely. i am the only one who beats hillary clinton and the other ones lose. >> reporter: the governor from ohio is bringing out emotion.
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and the 17 year old became overwhelmed when she met the republican candidate. >> i am pleased to meet you. oh, my god. >> donald trump visited the memorial in manhattan. and he was back here in colorado and as son as they go in cleveland can. in the meantime bernie sanders. he celebrated his wind for here in new york. and today massive crowds in for
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sanders rally. and that is in the primary. and a good turn out. and that is looking toward the general election. and that is closing the gap with secretary clinton. they put bernie sanders and hillary clinton up against donald trump we do better. >> hillary clinton setting her sights on the adoptive state in new york. they have been out on the trail today. and brian sanders, another wind for him. that is a mathematical benefit. it is fuelling the momentum.
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and they interrupted their speech. take a listen. that is. >> we just won wyoming. >> reporter: bernie sanders was supposed to win wyoming. it was white and rural and get the 17 delegates and hillary clinton wins six. bernie will be able to say he gained two delegates on clinton, 250 delegate lead. on the face it doesn't mean much. but it continues the momentum narrative for the sanders' campaign. they have won eight of the last nine. it could help the sanders gain more support in new york which
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holds a prize of 270 delegates. he has cut the deficit to ten percent. the sanders believe if they can come within a point or two it will impact races in pennsylvania and california. the sanders' campaign is banking on a contested convention and that they don't get the delegates to clinch. he can get them to love hill -- leave hillary clinton and support him. >> what is the latest today. >> bernie sanders speaking in the different boroughs and addressing latino and black voters and went to washington heights and bronx and queens and end in harlem.
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hillary clinton speak nothing brooklyn where her campaign h d head -- headquarters are based. >> we are better off if we embrace them and support them which is exactly what i would do. >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. >> reporter: bernie sanders spent 18 years in brooklyn and they will have a debate thursday night and a big primary. >> thank you very much. the interview you don't want to miss. chris wallace sitting down with president obama. they will talk about the final months in office and the supreme court nominee.
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>> have you made a commitment to garland that you will stick by him or perhaps hillary clinton is the newly elected president and let her make the pick. >> we can't have a situation in which the republican senate said because it is a democratic president, we are not going to do our job, have hearings and a vote. >> are you sticking with him through the end of the term? >> yes. >> there is a the lot more. the full interview airs tomorrow. check your local listings. right now a major development in the investigation in the terrorist attacks in brussels. they have the third man. he is known as the man in the hat. he is escorting two attackers to
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their deaths. and then he threw the west in the trash and made his attempt. a breni is one of four suspects arrested and charged with participating in terrorist attacks. these could give them new insight in the isis cell believed to have carried out the belgian attacks we should also mention he confessed to being in the scene of the brussels' terror scene but not confessing to anything in paris or behind the attacks. >> so tell us the very latest. the latest this morning, raids were carried out. and that is a house search.
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that is in the light of friday. and that is pull out of those and have subsequently been charged. and he is arrested and he's interrogated and questioned. and he held a wealth of information. and do we upon any more of your. and that is. and that is the brussels prosecutors. and that is on tv.
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just before the bombs went off. he sold the hat. and that is believed that they have admitted. respiratory that is in the paris. and here in brusselses. that is the reporter. thank you very much. that is live in brussels. and that is a credible threat. he is especially at risk.
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and the consulate is there by the way. and turkey has seen six major bombings. and turkey has in fact suffered the most terrorist attacks. that is one of the preimminent symbols. they are now deployed. and more on the new role on the war on terror. not 1 or 2 or 3 patients managed to escape within three days. 72% of women say they often
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>> one of our nation hitting the line in the fight against isis. he was in the middle east for the first time in two decades. he played a fact in the first gulf war. it was just after the secretary of state have on isis. and why is the pentagon setting it on the b-52. and the b, ones are out. and they pulled it out in february and brought them back home. they would be sent in april and now the b-52s. and that is stationed in quatar. and he was a long range heavy
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bomber. the b-52 continued resolve and pressure on isift. and that sufficiency was falling to an eight- month role. >> that is a battle there. and that is an uptake of operations. here's more. it will not be complacent in any point. it was in iraq and turned on the pressure even further.
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and they suggested that the b-52 bomber. the day after secretary kerry made those remarks. it was an extra outpost in iraq. and u.s. military leaders were cautious. >> thank you very much. don't miss the reporting. john roberts to open up. about politics and here's the watch. >> i have learned so much. >> it was enough to handle pressure. and that is coming at you.
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>> the only woman on the want wanted on the fbi list is captured. she is in custody. brenda delgaddo is accused of hiring two people to murder a rival. dr. hatcher was shot to death in september. she is now charge canned with capitol murder. >> more problems for a mental hospital in washington state. embarrassing problems you might say. both patients escaped but now captured. now the hunt is on for another patient that got away. any connection between the third
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and two that escaped earlier this week? >> reporter: authorities say there is not a connection with the third escapee. but they all broke out of the same facility on the the same day oned with. we learned that the dangerous patients had gotten through a loose window in the western state hospital. those men are in custody. one was found in the woods. no one was hurt while he was on the run. he has a history of running from law enforcement. back in 2013 when he was charged with tying up a woman with a electrical court and stabbing her 23 times. he was found too mentally ill to stand trial. here's what the sheriff saids. >> it is my hope that the
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department of corrections in the state of the washington find a way to make sure that this dangerous criminal does not escape again. >> reporter: mark alexander adams was picked up on thursday without incident. he and garvershared a room. the third escape tht e patient is not considered dangerous. >> they are still investigating how the people got out and it would be great to know so they can prevent a fourth person p. seems like the hospital has a lot of problems. >> reporter: absolutely, the hospital is under scrutiny. they had three patients escape in the same day. the associated press reported that a work place inspection showed that they had a series of
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missteps, including unattended items that could be used for weapons. hundreds of employees have had concussions over the years and the hospital has paid out 6 million in worker's comp claims. julie. >> a kid could escape from a los window in a bed room. that is scary stuff. >> reporter: obviously a history there. >> secretary of state john kerry meeting with troops today in afghanistan. what he told them about our future role in that country. plus, a three hour carouse goes wrong and stranded people on a deserted island. the creative way they get help when they need today most. and it doesn't involve a coconut radio. if you're going to make a statement...
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away ♪ technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. secretary of state john kerry visiting troops stationed in afghanistan and saying no change in the works for the number of troops. there a top u.s. diplomat called on the taliban to reengage for the peace talks that have been stalled for a year. john has the latest. >> reporter: julie, secretary
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of state john kerry's visit was in large part to reassure the leaders that the u.s. stands committed to their governments. but the question is, will that be enough to keep the governments together. secretary of state kerry made a surprise visit in afghanistan and arrive nothing kabul and meeting with troops there before government leaders and meeting with the president and chief executive. they share pour in the unitty government that kerry brokered two years ago. afghanistan's government is dogged by divisiveness and corruption and insurgency. and many of the challenges facing afghanistan mirror those in iraq where kerry made a surprise visit to baghdad friday. his message was one of reassuranreassur
4:33 pm
reassurance for the government. >> the fact is in iraq dash fightings have not been on the offensive in months. they are losing ground, includeing 40 percent of the territory that they once controlled in iraq. >> reporter: u.s. troops continue to train forces in advance of a major attack on mosul. that is isis remaining strong hold. there is doubt they will be able to launch an attack this year particularly as their government struggles to stay together. >> it is important to have a stability and unified government to move forward. >> reporter: secretary kerry announced that the u.s. committed $155 million in humanitarian aid. >> thank you. congress in the meantime getting
4:34 pm
a good doves washington bureaucracy and they are not happy. the house select committee investigating the benghazi terrorist attacks. they are getting more than 1100 documents from the state department years after this happen. they requested the papers more than a year ago. the committee chairman trey gowdy slamming the state department for the slow response. but the agency said they are doing all they can to cooperate. >> reporter: julie, these were documented requested a year and half ago which is why the chairman tray gowdy said it is dimrorable it took over a year. our democratic colleagues never lifted a finger. and the state department said we made a good faith effort to get the information they requested.
4:35 pm
the e-mail provided to the committee yesterday do not change the essential facts or our understanding of the events before or during or after the attacks. the terror attacks in which the ambassador to libya and three other americans were killed. we don't know what was in the papers, but they included e-mails from secretary of state clinton's top aids. including humma a binine. they have provided the committee with 48 witnesses and documents. trey gowdy waiting to interview witnesses and missing records. gowdy will say they will be released as soon as possible. julie? >> an in- depth look at illegal immigration. it is a hot topic as politicians
4:36 pm
and experts debate how to strengthen our borders. you may be surprised to learn how the bulk of illegal immigrants are entering the country. william has more from california. >> reporter: not everyone in the u.s. illegally comes over a fence. 40 percent arrive in a airport and port of entry and they come face-to-face with an immigration officer. they handle more than 80000 visitors a day. some immigrants hide in a box door or seat or under a bench and multiple cans of pant. others travel on counterfeit documents and forcing agents to decide if they are who they claim to be. >> you have to determine if that is the actual person. >> they gave me a test. are they imposter ares.
4:37 pm
>> that is the same guy. >> wow, you are looking at the shape of the mouth and nose and face. >> my fail itture allowed ten illegal immigrants in ten minutes. >> how often dew find a person trying to pass themselves off. >> we find them doing on a daily basis. >> today we don't have that metric. it is an unknown for us. we catch 1.5 to 20 percent. >> reporter: others entering legally and never leave. the u.s. doesn't track the visitors. some offer e- verify for employers to assure a legal work force. >> that's where it takes place. >> he said that 15 years after the terrorist attacks in 9/11.
4:38 pm
the u.s. does not confirm the did depreponderature of students, businessment or visitors. why? it is because of the tourism industry. >> and a bus carrying people to vote plunges off the cliff and kills 23 people. it is our top story as we deputy around the world in 80 seconds. >> a bus careens off of the road. and it landed in a river. at least 32 people were badly hurt. dazed passengers looked on as rescue workers carried out the injured on armed stretchers. france, a labor protest turns violent as they clash with police. they are responding to quell the violence.
4:39 pm
tens of thousands of people mostly students are demstating for the cut in overtime pay. in the philippines a prison or is now freechlt he was found on a boat by regional police at a port. six gunman walked in the pizzarian and took him by force. something out of gilligans island. they had spent days on a remote island and spotted by a plan after scrawling help in sea weed. they are expected to be okay. >> a thief is caught on camera breaking in to a restaurant. you will not believe what he was
4:40 pm
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>> iranian alreadies dismissing the comments about secretary of state john kerry about the nuclear program. secretary sder said the u.s. and allies are working to find a solution to the missile test. >> the pressure is mounting over the exat the present time of the concessions that iran got. >> the republican from kansas is leading a probe into whether the obama administration misled congress on the terms of the jcp oa. >> we need to look into whether or not it is the case we were deceived by those commitments. >> reporter: case in point how
4:45 pm
the u.s. would treat. >> if they launched the type of missiles, is it or not a violation of the agreement. >> it is a violation of the agreement. >> reporter: yet the state department hasn't called the recent test a violation. instead the tests are inconsistent with 2231. did the administration mislead the congress. >> no. >> reporter: treasury secretary jack l. ew assured. with limitation they will access the market. >> reporter: they will allow it dollars. >> they got everything they wanted from the west, particularly from the united states. money and credibility and
4:46 pm
international rebbing fligz. >> i have to look back. >> reporter: you don't recall it? i don't recall it. >> reporter: the pentagon said the navy patrol ship intercepted a vessel with thousands of rocket launchers and ak 47s bound from iran to yemen. >> i don't think our picture of iran changed. >> reporter: the probe will start off informal and wrap up to include subpeonas if the obama administration proves uncooperative. >> more back lash in north carolina over a new controversial law that was passed this past week that stopped local governments from extending civil rights to gays and transgender people. supporters say it protects
4:47 pm
privacy. but it prohibits transgendered individuals from using the bathroom of their transgender identity. bruce sfring stin cancelled. some things are more important than a rock show and the prejudice is one of them. i raise my voice in opposition for those of us who push us back wards instead of forwards. the congressman from north carolina called it a bully tactic. >> a massive fire leaves six firefighterses injured. it is our top story as we go across america. new jersey, the fire spreading quickly through the complex in key port. crews pumping water to put out
4:48 pm
flames. one building collapses and injured a firefighter. >> the wall is collapsing and business owners are crying. that was someone's house or livelihood. >> one firefighter suffered smoke inhalation. no injuries are life threatening. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> massachusetts, a worker suffers two broken legs. he and a co-worker from a home maintenance company were pulling something out of the window when the whole structure gave away. it is unclear what caused the collapse. >> colorado, up to $7,000 worth of cheese stolen from a place. and the owner installed security
4:49 pm
cameras and bin go. the owner wonder what to do with the cheese. >> i don't think one person can eat that much. i don't think they can make that much pizza. >> he could be selling the chose at a discounted price. >> mississippi, two young whales nearly fully recovered after being stranded in shallow waters. they were near death. marine biologists have been nursing them back to health and said they are thriving. >> they are rare animals and very little is known about them and these two are only two in the captivity. >> they live in very deep waters and unclear how they got so sick or released.
4:50 pm
that is the fox watch in america. >> group of world war ii survivors reaching out to those fleeing syria. >> we have a lot in common. i know what it is like to it lose your home and be a refugee. >> how they are giving hope to those forced from their homes, next. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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>> a grouch world war ii survivors are paying it forward. they were the first refugees to receive packages in war- torn europe. greetings to you from the mountains of colorado.
4:54 pm
this is the letter that she wrote to a syrian refugee living in jordan. >> we know what it is like to lose your home and become a refugee. elga was 16 when she and her mother fled and took refudge in bavaria. she received supplies from an american soldier. >> you would open it and oh, my goodness. it was unbelievable treasures inside. we had several pounds of flour and sugar. >> reporter: these were part of the original care packages that americans sent to survivors in europe. >> those packages were a symbol of generosity and the spirit of america. >> reporter: the effort grew in a global humanitarian
4:55 pm
organization. >> the moment in time is different but the shared experience of loss and suffering and generosity and recognition and it is real. >> helga moved to the u.s. and she married the soldier. they are still together. >> i made it a point of reassuring her that she there will be better days ahead and she should look forward to the future. care recorded the young woman's reaction. when she received the letter. 70 years after the first care packages. logistics have changed instead of a box of military surplus food. they will likely see a mail
4:56 pm
delivered electronically. but the impact of sustaining lives remains the same. >> a happy tale of a dog whose future has a rough start. chlorred
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> a puppy getting's new lease on life after being left for dead. the owner is a 911 dispatcher after answering a man's cry for help. he had a weight wrapped around his neck and his mouth taped shut. investigators are looking for a suspect that deserves to be behind bars. he is getting help and now settled in his new home. fox news reporting donald trump:
5:00 pm
the disrupter and then an interview with donald trump on justice janine. we'll see you next saturday same time >> they are bringing crime and they are rapist. donald trump is rewriting the rule book. >> i don't know what i said. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> they would be carried outa a stretcher. >> and people are punching back as well. could he be the future president? >> i hope he can save my job. >> i have a hard time imagining that the establishment would have the


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