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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and your name is brad, right? and thanks to stewart copeland, because it is always great to see you. and camille foster, and kat and andr andrea, and i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. ♪ >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue, and let's check in at the desk to see what exciting stories we will be discussing, andy. >> coming up, ted cruz refuses to wear a wisconsin cheesehead ov or any other silly hat. someone doesn't want to make america great again. and there was a quote by hillary clinton, i can't believe that is how they get rid of people on "game of thrones." and we will find out what there is to be said about the tom
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shillue "red eye" staff. back to you, andy. >> let's welcome in the guests. i'm here with joanne and no clever introduction, right? i know what happened, joe app. we usual are will i have something clever to say about you. you are fantastic. i know what you are thinking, this guy is not your high school gym teacher, it is comedian greg stone. welcome back. and according to the "morning bistro" moynahan is known for breaking the stories on fabrication, or otherwise, he is better known as unknown. and his punchlines hit harder than christian bale at a family reunion, sitting next to me is comedian joe di veto. and read his hats "no funny
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hats." ted cruz was the big winner wisconsin tuesday regardless that he would not put on a cheesehead hat. cruz's daughter did something completely unscripted in keno a kenosha. >> that is a cheesehead. >> well, that is awesome, and this is is spicy and you may not like it. [ laughter ] >> perfect size for you. >> oh, so, would you like to try some cheese. >> well, she does not like jalapenos. >> yes, she doesn't, and he does not like funny hats. >> someone asked the question on everyone's mind -- >> why not? >> there is an iron clad rule of politics which is no funny hat, and any hat is defined funny hat. and michael dukakis demonstrated it powerfully when he put on that helmet and rode in a tank, a and so i will cheerfully cheer on other hat wearers. >> if this cheesehead video had
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gone out before the election, he would have been doomed. >> yes. and i mean, what if they remove the mask that he is wearing to reveal the alien that lives within? >> oh, that is it. >> i understand the alien reference, but where do they live? >> well, that is the best work. >> i didn't see it, but i know it is a good film. joanne, should the man have let his daughter put a hat on the head? >> no rules in the family? no rules before hatting somebody. it is hard bringing a small child on the campaign trail. i have to give that to ted cruz. we don't see trump's kid, great. leave him behind, and then, the twin daughters are teenagers of kasich, and they are not like it. but this kid, cheese and ice cream, fine. i want to go to this campaign stop. so apparently wearing the hats
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is not cool, but doing the impersonations of the "simpson's" and "princess bride" is good, so keep doing it cruz. >> he is loose in a lot of ways, but apparently something about the hats. what do you think, joe, about comedians who wear hats? >> well, i don't go anywhere without any propeller beenie, and going in and out of the clubs. >> if he put it on, there goes the lactose intolerant moments. >> yes, that is right. >> and i think that it is a john travolta moment, like, hey, don't touch my hair. >> oh. >> and he did miss an opportunity to show support for the curds. >> and i don't know what he is afraid of, because it is not masculine. >> i can't follow the kcurd jok
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by the washg and what aabit for joanne to is have a verb. in my house we do hatting. but i thought that he was totally right about the dukakis thing, but then i realized it is not a hat but a helmet, and he was like a midget in a tank, and so it is not an appropriate comparison, but no, you don't want to be walking around with a cheesehead at this point in the election, because it is close. >> but he is in wisconsin, and you have to go local when you are there. >> like a packers' jersey or something, but not an idiot. >> well, they love those cheesehead, they do. and many leaders have worn interesting hats, and nobody cared. look at churchill. he loved that hat as joe di veto sa said. and mandela, and thatt hat was for special occasions. >> easter. >> and don't forget fdr, and of
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course, that is on the birthday. and the last onings, take a look at abraham lincoln, and just kidding, nobody would wear a hat like that. and plenty of leaders have worn funny hats. okay. it looks like the cruz campaign is going to use the message that won them wisconsin for the rest of the campaign. take a look at the new ad. >> america is at a crossroads. it needs a leader, and that leader is not trump. not trump grew up in america, the son of mr. and mrs. not t m trump. he had the whole family of not trumps, and ends everyday the same way, thank god we are not trumps. here he is speaking to the crowd, because what he is saying is not going to matter, but what is important is who is not saying it. america feeds a leader to deliver, and that leader is not trump. i'm not donald trump and he did
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not pay for this. >> that beautiful and inspiring, isn't it? >> yes, good. >> he will take it national. >> who was doing the ted cruz voice? it is good. >> you? >> i think it is ted cruz. >> well, it was not donald tr trump. >> that is all that matters. >> the most compelling message he can put forward is that he is not donald trump, and when the wisconsin returns were coming in, and i was happy that ted cruz won shows you everything that i need to tell you about the election. i am happy that ted cruz won. i am not really happy that he won. >> yes, the establishment people, and obviously, the guys like romney and everyone, like wa walker. >> yeah. >> but didn't walker say, and i think that walker had a comment to someone off of the record that he is, he would support someone else, and support paul rye ian. >> well, he was there at the cheese-related, well, in wisconsin, everything is cheese-related, but he won out when cruz would not put it on
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the head, and he said nobody would vote for anybody who put something on their head, and this is foreshadowing. >> and now, if you don't believe me this is the new headline, hillary wants to move him out of the way so she can focus on donald trump. she questioned in politico if he is even a democrat. yes, bernie, it is time for you the bow out. look, all he has done in the last seven contests is win 78% of the vote in idaho, and 79% in utah, and lose in arizona, and win 81% of the vote in alaska and 68% in ha and 72% in washington and 56% in wisconsin, and with the scant support, bernie should go back to the mayor of vermont. but in the meantime, bill clinton does not think highly of the republican candidate. >> i like our primary a lot
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better than theirs. we never had a spectacle like they had. and remember in florida when they were calling each other liar over each other's voice, and it sounded like a rap tune on mtv, you are a liar, and no, you are a liar. >> wow. the great thing about bill clinton, he has the finger on the pulse of what young people are doing, right? >> well, that is a bill clinton impersonator and like somebody let the air out of him. he is like 1,000 years old and he looks horrible. >> and he has a young spirit, and he watches rap music. >> and b.e.t., but he is way off on that one. >> and remember when he was hip and played the saxophone on arsenio hall. >> and yes. >> that is like saying the dinosaur bone comment there. >> did they digitally remove his
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overalls in that? it seems that he is not -- he is like the larry the cable guy impers onator. >> he may bring it. >> look, we are laughing at bill clinton, but hillary is going to need her, because nobody likes her, greg. >> yes, she is a robot that i unplugged a new months ago and i reprogrammed -- i don't know where to go with that, but whatever he is, he is -- i lo him. he is a great guy. and he is shooting it around. >> and joanne, doesn't this tell you something about hillary, how entitled that she says, i'm sick and tired of him, and he is beating her? >> and that is why she is sick and tired of him. and like, with welcome to the club, hillary, you realize now that bernie is a little left of left? i mean, we have known it for quite some time, and the fact that she or even politico is trying to say it is so tense between the two of them, and the sparks are flying, the comments she is making, and it is like
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they are trying to the create some excitement on the left that we have on the right. but, it is just not there. it is like faux-excitement. >> and why is that? for everybody that he has done, and he has really been giving it to hillary, he has not gone after her. >> no, i don't think it is going to work. i think that there is stuff to go after her and you sound like a republican, because it is a republican talking, and the e-mail server and benghazi is not something that you want to go after. >> and very important topics. >> i guess. but if you put up the number, and bernie is doing amazing, and those are all like super white states seems to be the problem. like she is capturing african-american votes, and he is not. >> why? >> well, it is -- just the clinton history which is totally crazy and totally wrong, and it has not done anything for the black communities during his presidency, i wouldn't say so anyway, and the other thing is that is really interesting about this is that, it is a news story
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are for her to say that he is not a democrat. he has not been a democrat since he has been in the house or the senateer or the mayor of burlington, vermont, but always an independent, because there was not a strong socialist party, and she is right in that way. but it is the demand nor loyal i, and criticizing him by saying that you don't like president obama enough. >>le with, she has the show that she really wants it, but not going to earn it, but entitled to it. >> and the gap kids are not all right. a new gap kids advertisement have sparked racism because there is a gender-neutral line with the partnership of ellen e degeneres and now, there is a tweet that yeah, girls can do anything long they are black and bear the weight of white girls.
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but despite the backlash, the gap says, we appreciate the conversation taking play, and sorry to anyone we have offended, and we are replacing the image with a different shot from the campaign. well, i guess that they could have been a little bit tiny firmer. and meantime, a former nfler turned captionist says, is it right? it is a black girl putting the elbow on the white girl? >> well, it is funny when you pair tall child next to the short child and you are trying to create levels and interesting images, and you know, with the filling the space, you do things like that, but my main issue with this entire campaign is the fact that none of the children are smiling. they are kids. you should be happy, and what is the model mugging.
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i don't want to see that. you are children. >> and you think sha the model look, but you have to be grown up? >> i am disgusted with gap. not really. >> and she is right, greg. these kids should be being fun and not using other children as armrests. >> this is upsetting the picture, because my brother has done that to me my entire life and now i am finding out that he hates me, which i thought that we had a great relationshipk but no, he is a bully and giant. and dude, he is 7'2". >> he is a racist, too. >> and very big racist. but look, is there anything to -- obviously, do we have, and you think that i know where i stand on it as ridiculous, but the issue is that the gap immediately caved. >> it is motive. has this photographer done anything racist in his life, and if it is not, who cares? you can look at any picture, and say, why does the girl upside down, and the australians are upside down people, and you can find anything. you have to like get over it, and not say they have to get
8:15 pm
over it. >> who is they, greg? >> exactly. >> it is not harmful unless you make it harmful. >> moynihan, do we want to go back to the days when the white people used black people as armrests? >> i don't know what happened in those days, and maybe i would have thought about it if it were a time, but it fwhutz time. this is sort of a solomon strange thing going on here. and the two girls are sisters, and nobody pointed it out except for the photographer who said that they are sisters. >> which two? >> the racist, the tall raisist, and the adorable black girl, they are sisters. >> you don't mean sistahs. >> no, that would be horrible. no, no. they are actual sisters. >> that solves it. they can't be racist, because they are e reare lated. >> because they could be i suppose. >> this is racist against the
8:16 pm
short people and i think that i am offended because of that, and earlier today, you put your foot on my head to tie your shoes, and i took it to heart. >> but we had to get the show moving. >> sorry i am at a convenient height for shoe tying. >> i am glad they caved, because it their own fault for playing the political politics of identities, and they are like, girls can do anything, and so we are so politically correct, and they were hoisted upon their own sword when this child is used as piece of furniture. they should know better if you are politically correct in the ad, you can't have the black child doing anything that is not on the comparable level of the other kids. she is not smiling, and wearing a different-colored shirt. they set themselves up. >> and you are saying that ad campaign was gender neutral clothing, but girls only? >> yes, and showing that girls can do anything, but it is their own fault. >> i love when this happen, and
8:17 pm
i see it once a week when they are like, this is gender neutral and for anyone, and we will get ellen, and you know at the end you are a racist. you can never win. you can never win and you should always apologize and if not, you will go out back and be shot. >> and anything is gender neutral if you have the balls to win. >> this is a female on the show? >> and yes, to have balls. >> he is sexist even off of the cuff, and he didn't know how sexist he was. >> and you know when the whole world was standing with charlie hebdo? well, we will see how times have changed next. sfx: climbing sounds
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and i'm jackie e ibanez with the latest news. ted cruz has added to the latest totals by winning 13 delegates in the state gop contest in colorado and this is on top of the 21 delegates he won yesterday. and meanwhile, vermont senator bernie sanders picking up his delegates in wisconsin and he and hillary clinton splitting the delegates from wyoming each winning 7-7. and this is new man under arrest in the attacks on the airport. meantime, brussels is going the remain at the second highest terror alert tonight. police are charging four more people with terrorist activities arrested in a raid today. police were hitting a safehouse used by is suspects connect fod paris and brussels attacks.
8:22 pm
secretary of state john kerry spent the day in afghanistan meeting with rival leaders, looking to promote cooperation of the leaders of the unity government. and the meeting was similar to one friday in iraq. meanwhile, the u.s. deployed b-52 bombers to join the air campaign against isis. it is a long-range bomber that has not thrown in the middle east since the 1991 gulf war, and the planes are will be based in qatar. and still no claim for responsibility of the bombing in istanb istanbul. the small roadside bomb injured tli people, and the bombing came a few ours after the u.s. consulate issued a warning of credible threat in turkey and especially in tourist areas. i'm jackie ibanez, and now back to the "red eye." you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox channel. . the french satirist just
8:23 pm
published a new article about "what is charlie hebdo" and he claimed that people who want to report wrongdoings won't do so because of fear. the fear of aversion of causing controversy, and the dread of being treated asn islam phobe or being called a racist. and of course, the press in europe and the u.s. went on the beautifully prof their point. the observer announced that charlie hebdo is shocked with the anti-islamic headline, and this one from the french magazine is finding its catharsis in bigotry, and charlie hebdo finally admits its racist prejudices. and come on, you would almost
8:24 pm
excuse them if somebody ran into their office and murdered them for writing cartoons. but that kind of thing never happens, so when people say, charlie hebdo, stop being so racist, i mean, the ones that are still alive. moynihan, i feel like europe is worse than the u.s. with this stuff. >> well, most of the backlash has been in the u.s. and not france. in drove me crazy, and to their point by the way, i thought about writing about this, because i have written a lot about it. >> and you said, i am going to write about this. >> well, no, to charlie hebdo's point, i didn't, because i did not want to deal with, and i wanted to defend them, and not the deal with the backlash to be honest, and i'm being a wimp and i don't have time for it at the moment, and the editorial is not a great editorial, but the premise of the editorial is that when we back away from the criticism, the if it is, you know, this person wearing a head scarff or this person is a iinge won't serve bacon in the restaurant, fine, fine, and we will adjust to it, but it ultimately e lead lly to being
8:25 pm
everything, but the idea that it is an islamicphobe thing is absurd. because when you asked if anything changed, no, nothing has changed, and there has been a concerted attack since there were bodies on the floor. >> you were saying it is worse? >> yes, it is worse. and one guy at ta "new yorker" natasian cole said, i'm vindicated and the first thing i want to point out is that, you are not vindicated because you called charlie hebdo racist and islam islamic-phobe before the staff was murdered. so you can criticize this one, but not the previous staff, because they are all dead. >> and skroe, the idea of this is that look at what we can't say, and we can't bring this up or talk about islam at all, or we are calling islamic phobic,
8:26 pm
and i feel like they proved the point, because everybody jumped on them. >> and first of all, islam is not a race, but it is a belief system, and something that you can choose to believe in or not, and islam-phobia, i refuse to use the term, because it is a fear of, and if anybody should have a fear of islamist behavior, it is the editorial board of charlie hebdo. and we should have a dialogue, but you are not allowed to criticize, so it is nonsense. it is true if you look at what happened in cologne and in other countries with the immigrant gangs, and the police are actually covering them up. it is proven and happening, because they are afraid to be called racists. >> and they see it? >> they see it and betray their people they are supposed to be portraying because they don't want to come can off as the the
8:27 pm
wrong way, and they allow the criminal behavior to happen. >> and so, greg, moynahan wans s to disagree, and he wants to talkb ate, but he can't write about it, because he is going to get the backlash, and isn't that what they want? >> well, i mean, man, say what you believe. if you believe it, say it, and don't back away, because you are afraid of being called someth g something. do i believe that muslims are terrorist, and most poor people have crime, but are poor people criminals, no. i don't like this idea that you can -- look, it is like ted cruz and most people i know who look like ted cruz are sexual deviants, but is he a sexual deviant? no, i would not say that. but you know what i mean. >> just asking the question. >> only for dialogue. >> and joanne that is the point, some of the panelists read and disagreed with the editorial, but isn't that what the "new york times" and the "guardian" should say, we agree with this
8:28 pm
rather than saying that you are racist. >> yes, provide a compelling a argument for the other side, and charlie hebdo should get a forever pass really the fact that they are still like the target of so much not even criticism, but vitriol is a more appropriate word, but my one criticism is that they use the phrase "all muslims" at one point, and you have to understand that if you say that, people are going to freak out. >> and they actually said that everybody is complicit in in and not all muslims, but everybody, everybody who allows the slow chipping away of the phrfrench secularism is responsible, and that is taken to mean all muslims, and technically it is, because they are saying everybody, and the secularism, and there was an article of is sek secularism versus religion, and anyway, please read the article. >> and it is tv time with andy,
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>> hey, welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and missed with andy levi at the "red eye news desk." >> i have to correct something i said sunday or monday i mean, how rule 40, the republicans' rule 40 means that the candidate has to have won a majorative to delegates to win, and i said that no candidate has done that yet, but i miscounted, because
8:33 pm
tr trump has won the majority of the delegates in ten states. >> oh. >> well, you needed to correct that. >> and ap di is a trump supporter. >> well, now, cruz is up to 60 after he won in wisconsin. that is assuming that the math is bet ter today than monday, bt entirely possible it ist no. and speaking of cruz, he won't war the funny hat, and you have said that you won't see "they live" but it is a good film, and how have you not seen "les mis"? >> one of the classics of american cinema? >> well, andy, i kwuzed to work in a theater and we showed double fetures and that film came through the theater, and i heard it is good. >> please, tell us more. >> and have you seen "the godfather"? >> yes. >> very similar films. >> that is good to know. >> and joanne, you brought up the fact that cruz will do the "princess bride" scenes, but
8:34 pm
won't wear a hat which a fair point, but it is one of the thi things where the image is worse. and you can imagine the peoples if there were a picture of him with the cheesehead. >> and yeah, it is easier to retweet a people than to upload a video, i guess. >> yes, exactly, i guess. >> i don't do either. >> yeah, me either. and moynahan, you thought that cruz was right about dukakis, but then you said it is a e helmet. cruz did say that >> he did? >> yeah, he said that we saw what happened when dukakis put the helmet on, so it is similar. >> and we were looking at the picture in the break, he is, he looks so stupid, because he is a compact greek guy sitting in the gun turret looking like he is going to fall out of it. >> but the ethnicity does not have anything to do with it. >> oh, sure. >> i have served in the army with many fine people of greek decent. >> i haven't, but i want to point out that in the break, we
8:35 pm
also pointed it out that you can talk about people that way, so i am clinging to whatever i have, and like, i also hate albanian, and bring it albanian twitter. >> fair and balanced, i guess. and the worst thing about the dukakis thing, you can see the shirt and tie. >> yes, that is really bad. >> doesn't really work. all right. yeah, i love that nobody has talked about, th this, but one g that cruz said that you said, "i will cheer on the hats of others." and there something kennediesque about that, and maybe ch churchillian. and you said that we laughed at bernie, but hillary clinton is going to need bill clinton. >> and i think that we need to stop thinking of bill clinton, because he screwed up in south carolina and hurt hillary and a bunch of gaffes already, and he
8:36 pm
is not the wily campaigner that he used to be. >> i didn't love him in the 1990s, andy. >> i know, but whether you liked him or not, he was the master of campaigning. >> but at least he going to lighten it up, and adds some life and silliness. >> not anymore. and now, you said that, moynahan, if he goes after hillary, he is is going to sound like a republican. and she alluded to that and bring bringing up, well, he criticizes me and president obama a lot. i think that she is trying to make that connection. >> and she is doing the obama thing like the loyalty oath, and can you believe that this guy is criticizing obama, and then nobody for gets that they don't really like each other, obama and hillary. >> there and she keeps saying that he is relatively a new democrat and i'm not sure that he is one, and she thinks it is a bug, but for the people who like him, this is a feature. >> yes, they like the socialism thing. >> yes. >> oh. >> i left this old graph in from
8:37 pm
monday that i forgot to delete, and talking about how bad the controls were for the game. >> what? >> there were clunky controls, and stopped me from replaying through the trilogy again. >> i can understand. >> twitter is blowing u after tha that. >> well, i am going to be hearing about it from twitter. don't get me wrong. and the racist gap kids' ad we are calling it. and joanne, you said that the issue with the campaign is that they are not smiling. but they are fierce. >> yes, children are not supposed to be fierce. okay. we fight their battles for them. >> agree the disagree. >> okay. >> and greg, you said that your brother has been doing this to you your whole life. >> hmm. >> and that leads to the point that moinman brought up that the two girls in the picture are is sisters, and does that make a difference? >> yes. you can't be racist against your
8:38 pm
s sister. >> all right. >> i mean, you can be horrible. >> my brother put me in a hamper and kick med down the stair, and i was okay with him putting his hand on my head. and kick the brother down the stairs in a hamper. what a great game. >> yes. >> and you are lucky that he didn't have access to the trash co co compactor. >> and so you said that the young girl was not smiling. >> yes, and the young black girl -- and the person who shot it -- >> the mom again. >> and she is real i shy, and not racist. and they were saying, you can't talk, but she is super shy. >> and you know, in america, you can't tell the fee mails to smile anymore, because it is against the law. >> well, they are kids. >> it is a child labor issue.
8:39 pm
>> i do that on every show i perform in, and you have to laugh. what are we doing here? this joke is not that bad [ laughter ] >> joe, you brought up that the tag line for the ad is "girls can do anything" rather than kids can do anything, but it is an ad for the girl's clothing line. >> it is gender binary, and they should though them wearing old navy are's clothes where nobody can tell what body type that is for. >> and if it is gender-neutral what is that? >> well s, it is no dresses and stuff like that, but shirts and pants and things that either gender could wear, but they are made for girls. >> and cost more money, i am assumi assuming. >> and ties and spats. >> and you know how the rl religious plis goes after women wearing the slacks, and the kids with the louis vuittons. >> and it is a collection of words that they believe has cultural relevance, and they throw them in the mixer and hoping something comes out.
8:40 pm
>> it is like saying this food is allergy-free, but it has peanuts in it. like it is for women, but anybody can wear it. >> and on charlie hebdo being islam phobic, and charlie hebdo thanks you for proving their point. >> well, i want to thank myself for being the biggest carrot in america. i am old enough to remember the first death in iraq, and cindy sheehan had supreme authority. >> and shouldn't we extend it the to charlie hebdo? >> no, we don't extend it to sip di sheehan who now lives in c curauco because she is a lunatic. >> thank you, andy. went up the. down came the rain...
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is someone getting to know your credit? not without your say so. credit lock lets you lock and unlock your transunion credit report with the swipe of a finger. getting to know you. getting to know all about you... get one-touch credit lock, plus your score and report at get in the know. and from america's news h d headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. the texas senator winning 13 additional delegates today from colorado where they held their state gop convention, and this is on top of the 21 that he won yesterday. in wyoming, it is a win for vermont senator bernie sanders. he bested democratic frontrunner hillary clinton, and sanders has now won 7 of 8 contests, but the delegate win in the state will be split evenly among the two
8:45 pm
candidates. clinton still holds the total delegate lead. in europe, a terror suspect arrested friday as he is the so-called man, and he says that he is the so-called man in the hat, and that man was caught on surveillance cameras at the brussels apoirport before it wa attacked by suicide bomber, and four more arrests of suspects connected with the paris, and brussels attacks. >> and b-52 bombers are being deployed to qatar, and the planes have not been flown in the gulf since 1990. and john kerry promised to ramp up efforts in the region. >> and there is a shooting in lackland air force base was a murd murder-suicide. he and the squadron commander were found dead in the base room, and a motive has not been
8:46 pm
released. and supreme court justice sonia sew otao tomotomayor want diversity on the court. and this comes as the president is seeking garland merritt to the supreme court, and she did not mention him by name, but judge merritt is a graduate of harvard. i'm jackie ibanez for fox news. last week musician andrew w. kay said that he is starting a new political party called the party party. >> many of us have lost face in the political process and now it is time to restore the faith. over the last few years, i have worked closely with the voter to develop a platform that is inclusive and one that brings all americans together. >> many people wondered if the party party is real.
8:47 pm
it is. and andrew is here to tell us more about it. andrew w. kay, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, john. i want to ask you about the party party because people are, you know, on line, they are acting line it is a joke, but i want to read a quote from you when you launched the party. you reached out the to some people in the political world who worked in government or some of the surrounding industries. can you tell us who you reached out to? >> no. i'd rather not for both my own sake and theirs. they would not be happy about that. i want to say that i'm not mad at them. i completely understand who would want to necessarily be associated with me? only perhaps a crazy person or fox news. but in this case, partying is about coming together and if someone does not want to come to your party, that is okay, they can go off on their own. >> and you said, again, and i'm going are from the video that when you announced the party party, and you said that you
8:48 pm
want ta avoid the us-versus-them mentality, but by starting the party, aren't you saying that there is a them, and they are doing something wrong. >> not this case, and the world's first party is where everyone is invited and that challenging, and a lot the ask for and people there that you might not like necessarily, and we are trying to find the one thing that we have in common which is hopefully a desire to be alive. a desire to express happiness to have some fun. we are going to be disagreeing about the issues, but try to approach it in a good mood with the hopes that the good mood will help us to solve these problems best. >> okay. i want to the website, and i want to address the cynics here, and we have full screens of the website here. the -- i looked under the party platform and it says coming soon, and then we have -- >> yes. >> and i clicked on the projects and again coming soon. >> okay. >> and what do you -- what are you thinking? what is going to go in there and the one thing that is working is
8:49 pm
sign here. is this kind of the you just trying to get some signatures for maybe, i mean, your musician mailing list? >> well, the people that have signed up, i didn't expect the numbers that we have gotten, but the whole idea of coming soon is that this like all good parties is a team effort and a collaborate effort. so we will make it up as we go along. the members of the party party get to design it, and create and collaborate it with me and that is the beautiful thing. the website, the video, and this is launched as an invitation, and now the party has start and we get to decide what happens. >> and now, again, there are some people who, i am reading a party tip here, and this is off of the twitter 2350ed. party tip, pee in your pants and it feels good and shower and put on fresh clothes. are your personal views going to be the view of the party? >> no, not necessarily, because i would not inflict my own views, because it is going a inst the core value of the party which is the freedom and libber the toy be yourself. and tom, if you don't want to
8:50 pm
wet your pants, i would not force you to do that. >> thank you so much for joining us, andrew w.k. and we will close out with more stories. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (whispers rocket)
8:51 pm
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next "red eye" matt welsh and nick mullin and nick lowry. george mason university was going to rename their law
8:54 pm
school antonin scalia school of law in honor of the late supreme justice, but after twitter realized the law school's acronym would be lsasla. this is not the first time it has ruined a tribute. we remember the steve tyler financial union? that's not something you want to tell clients. and then the allen iverson day school. i can't believe they kept that one. >> he is so good to the kids though. >> that's why it is worth it. michael, a.s.s. law is on the books in tks text. >> the -- dash it is not even
8:55 pm
a gap ad. people are changing it because of idiots on twitter. it spells ass. i mean scalia noticed that sometime in his life. this is the weirdest thing in the world. george mason just like the gap they caved. this is political correctness gone mad. >> you can solve this. you can hire a comedian before doing it. they will look through it. >> and we go for the butt humor. i think they should have left it ass law, but they should only deal with cases regarding ass law. you are hearing a trans vaginal case? you are on the other side of the building. >> you noah lot about a.s.s. law? >> i live by one law. >> i think they should have kept it, but don't use the acronym. >> no, keep it. use the acronym.
8:56 pm
change your life. become the ass man with the ass law. >> joanne, you look a little disgusted. >> i am. do we not care about george mason? he will no longer have the name of the school. does no one care about the bill of rights? do you not care about your personal freedoms? i get scalia was a great guy, but george was wonderful. >> joanne nosuchunsky, greg stone, michael moynihan. i'm tom shillue and i'll see you next time. you know we said we'd take a look
8:57 pm
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right now on "justice" she thought she breezed right through but hillary got stuck. >> i love it because it's so convenient. it is just the best way to get around. >> don't get too comfortable, hillary. the republicans may be going after each other but they've got you in their sights. >> hillary is looking to move back in to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i've kind of got different government housing in mind for her. >> but not so fast, senator. there's still a leader in this gop race and it's not you. i've had it with the establishment's not-so-secret plan for a convention coup. and my anger is the subject of


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