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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 10, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. right now on "justice" she thought she breezed right through but hillary got stuck. >> i love it because it's so convenient. it is just the best way to get around. >> don't get too comfortable, hillary. the republicans may be going after each other but they've got you in their sights. >> hillary is looking to move back in to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i've kind of got different government housing in mind for her. >> but not so fast, senator. there's still a leader in this gop race and it's not you. i've had it with the establishment's not-so-secret plan for a convention coup. and my anger is the subject of tonight's opening statement.
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"justice" starts now. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine piro. donald trump will be joining me in a minute, but first my opening statement. do we really need to go through this again? the republican establishment desperate to stop trump and cruz still working to nullify our vote. if ever there were a time to not take away our vote, it's now. at a time when more people than ever are invested and voting. you want to keep your status quo, the one where one hand washes the other and we pay for the soap. now, i have said this before and the establishment is not listening. the lobbyists keep their offices on k-street, the pharmaceutical companies keep paying them. the unions keep adding to their
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pensions. and the lawmakers get their re-election bribes. i mean, contributions. while we, the other class, have to work two and three jobs, rack up a debt our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for generations. this week reince priebus and carl rove not directly answering questions and say they didn't intentionally disrespect us and nullify our vote. rove says this -- >> donald trump excites a lot of enthusiasm. but he also excites a lot of anger within the republican party and outside of the republican party. and a fresh face might be the thing to give us a chance to turn this election and win in november against hillary. >> fresh face? you want a fresh face? aren't you the guy who kept bringing us one bush after another? and rnc chair reince priebus
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refuses to say whether the presidential nominee for republicans will be one of the top vote getters, trump or cruz. he says the republican nominee is going to be someone who is running. now what does that tell you? that the party chair is not willing to say the nominee will be one of the two top vote getters, the top two delegate winners. instead, he quotes rule 40. that a candidate needs a majority of eight states. okay. trump has won far more. then after he's pretty much continuing to rule out trump and cruz, he says or nominee is going to be someone who is running. now, if you rule out trump and cruz, unless the republicans are looking to nominate hillary or bernie, he's signaling that john kasich will be their nominee. the operative word, their nominee, not our nominee. but more important is rule 42.
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it calls rules 26 to 42 the standing rules. standing as in temporary. temporary as in they can be changed. now, if they can change rule 40 and give the nomination to someone who does not have eight states, and if they can change rule 42, then even if trump gets to that number, 1,237, then they can move the goalpost to wherever they want. they then maneuver to a brokered convention and give it to kasich or whomever. now, these rnc rules are teed up for the convention rigging. they can nullify whatever occurs before the convention. and the 2012 rules that are now in place don't necessarily apply to this convention. the rnc and rules committee has the power to change the rules and there's no way to challenge the result. no opportunity to go to court. .
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you know, i've lambasted barack obama for his con defense and belief that only he knows what is good for us. and i have lambasted the democrats for their superdelegates committed to hillary before the state even votes. you know what? the republicans actually take the cake. they are not even hiding what they plan to do. they are about to change the rules, ignore the votes of people who waited in line for hours and invalidate the votes of people who have never voted before and put in a candidate they think is good for them. whatever happened to your vote matters? not only is that infuriating, it is un-american. now look, i get it, i ran for office, i get it when senators and governors endorse their pals and try to convince you that their friend is best for you. but not sense the american
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revolution has the ruling class tried so hard and so blatantly to take away our vote. do you not recall when we dissolved the political ties that bound us to the monarchy when they strayed from all ideals of ek withquity and fair? we don't get our rights from government. government derives its power from the consent of the governed. we institute government to secure our rights, not to allow them to be taken away. honestly, i don't care what you think of our choice or whether you like our favorites or not. like everyone else, i will not be a puppet on a string. so stop trying to pull our strings. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter, #judgejeanine. and joining me now is republican presidential
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front-runner donald trump. hello, donald. >> hello, jeanine. that was quite amazing. that was great. >> thank you. >> it was -- it was -- you sound like somebody that likes democracy, when you think of it. good job. >> well, yeah. i mean, that's how we were founded, you know? one man, that kind of thing. let me ask you this, donald. we're so thrilled to have you on tonight. so i want to get right to it. >> okay. >> look, the handwriting is on the wall. they're not even being subtle about it. you hired a veteran of republican convention forefights. i mean, are you expecting a floor fight? >> well, i think we're going to get it in two ways. number one, we think we'll get to 1,237 and we feel pretty good about that. but you never know, certainly there are chances you may not. it looks like new york is doing great. i love the people of new york and they seem to like me based on all of the polls. but you have other places, and we'll see how it all comes out.
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other places are also looking great. new jersey is looking phenomenal. pan pennsylvania is looking great, connecticut, you just don't know how it's going to turn out. what they're saying is they are all very nice, they call and say hello and how wonderful. but it's the world of republican politics and they can be somewhat deceiving. so we'll see what happens. i think we'll get it. the other thing, jeanine, we'll have the most votes by millions. we'll have the most votes and the delegates by hundreds. and if we don't get it, we're just going to be shy. and it seems awfully unfair to possibly take that away from someone when you're hundreds and hundreds of delegates -- because by the time it's over, at a minimum, i'll be hundreds of delegates, you know, ahead of cruz. and millions of -- people don't know, but millions and millions of votes ahead of cruz. >> donald, let me ask you why it is that, you know, there was a point when you only needed 56%
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going forward. and now with the results in wisconsin and some today, although it's not affirmed, cruz is moving. what's that about? >> well, it's a very archaic system. i mean, i thought it was a system when i started, you know, i've never done this before. i've been a politician for nine or ten months. and i was winning the states and i do win, i guess i have 22 states to perhaps 9 or 10 or something like that. and i've been winning by all the votes, i mean, the votes are like by millions over, and yet they go over in louisiana, i'll give you an example, i win louisiana in the vote. everybody says, great, great, great, television is on, everybody's happy. and then because of some underhanded or whatever you want to say rules, the one that lost gets some more delegates than the one who won. you tell me, is that fair? thinking about the rules of
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regulation, how fair is that? and they have these things, land mines all over the place, i think it is unfair. and i think people are starting to realize that it's not going to be -- it's not going to happen. so we'll see what happens. we're going to have hundreds of delegates more and we'll have millions more support. >> what's not going to happen? >> well, we'll see what happens at the convention. but i can't imagine that if i'm a little bit short -- and remember this, this wasn't one-on-one. this was one on 16. we had 17 people in this. so they would say, i would listen to this guy, karl rove who still thinks romney won, i listen to karl rove or fox, and he would say, donald trump got 44, he didn't get 50. but you have many people running so it is very hard to get 50 when you have many people. >> right. but donald, let me ask you this, if the convention doesn't go the way you expect it to be, and if they change the rule, and by the way, the rules can change the week before the convention when the committee meets and they can change it. there's no appeal.
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there's no vehicle to challenge it. do you then run as a third-party candidate? >> well, i have to see what happens. and i have to see what happens in terms of the people that i have been so loyal, they are tired of being ripped off. they have gone 17 years without an effective pay raise. and these are hard-working incredible people. and i had 20,000 people, they reported it as 10,000, but as usual, they always report it low. we probably had 21,000 people. thousands unfortunately were unable to get into this massive hangar, this massive building. and, i mean, thousands weren't able to get in. and those are people that want to be heard. those are people that haven't been heard. they have been disenfranchised, jeanine. when you look, these people work hard and they're getting hit from every angle. their taxes are going up. the debt is going up in the country. we only make bad trade deals. we only make deals with money leaves, jobs leave, factories
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close. we are only going to make good trade deals if i get in. and i'm going to tell you, it will be a whole different thing. >> and this week president obama gets in the frey, and he says your idea about, you know, immigration and the remittance of money to mexico is half-baked. why is obama -- why is the president gunning for you? >> well, i was surprised to see that. but i guess he feels he has to. they all are. because they don't want to run against me. let me tell you, hillary, the last person hillary wants to run against is me. and it was interesting because the polls of ronald reagan when he was running against jimmy carter, the polls were so bad, much worse than my polls, and my polls, some of them are good, some of the fox polls i beat hillary clinton. but i haven't started on her yet. the one person she doesn't want to run against is me and that's why she's constantly bringing me up. she's not bringing up cruz, she brings me up. so it's sort of an interesting phenomena taking place. and i think once we get started, you know, the only time i really mentioned her was about two months ago and that was a bad
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week for her. that was a very bad week. >> yes, it was. yes, it was. so you think the president is carrying hillary's water? >> well, absolutely. i have heard you and others talking about the e-mail situation. and i've known -- don't forget, i say this to your audience, i have known you for a while before your television, your great television career, and you were an incredible lawyer in new york and an incredible d.a. you did an amazing job without difficulty. you were one of the greats in the whole country. you know what you're talking about. i have listened to you on the e-mails and listens to others i have respect for in the e-mail. and i've read -- and she's -- she seems to be as guilty as you can possibly be when you look at general petraeus and others absolutely destroyed over much less. and it looks to me like they're protecting her. >> well, there's no question. and i think what jim comey -- if he had access to a grand jury it
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would be different. but let's talk about new york. you are first in new york, people love you in new york. and i want to talk to you about the 9/11 memorial in a moment. but first, ted cruz, so this guy -- you know, he hates new york values and all that stuff. so he's stumping in upstate new york. i mean, what does he think that he's going to get in new york? and how can he convince people that he really didn't mean it when he said that basically our values were in the tank? >> well, i just saw the recent poll. he's actually in third place in new york now. and, you know, when he talked about new york values during the debate, that's when i defended new york and talked about the great firefighters and policemen that went up through the royal trade center knowing there was a real possibility that that was going to be it. but they had to do it. these were incredible people. i saw today because i went down to the september 11th museum, which is an incredible place, actually, but you know, these are unbelievable people. and when they talk about new york values, new york values are amazing values. and he didn't say that, you
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know, now he's got a liberal spin on it. he made that up. when you look at his face during the debate, he was talking of new york values as though he hates new yorkers, which is his real feeling. and if he ever got in, he would give nothing to new york. he would never help new york. they always need help. i mean -- places, states, cities, they need help. they need help from the federal government and need all sorts of money for all sorts of project. he will never give anything to new york. he has hatred for new york. and you could see it the way he expressed, and it was not the fact that he talked about new york values, it was the way he said it. the tone and the expression. and i just don't think that new yorkers are going to fall for it. >> you know, he voted against any funding for superstorm sandy relief and the medical benefits for the emergency workers that were sickened at ground zero. >> right. >> there was a history there. and i only bring it up because as a new yorker, i was in the city back on 9/11, but i want to
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talk about just for a moment, you and melania went to the memorial today, you made a huge contribution to the memorial. why did you do that today? >> i just felt like doing it. because i heard him disparaging new york. and i just thought it would be the thing to do. and i've seen it earlier, when it was under very early construction, and i wanted to see how it came out. they have done an amazing job. they have done an incredible job down there. and, you know, the whole group of people, they are so dedicated. they took me for a tour. and they are so dedicated. it's an incredible thing to see. people should go see it. >> it is. and the check, i understand was $100,000. but before i let you go, you, melania and now ivanka all coming together as a family before the american people. i mean, how is it that your kids are so invested in your campaign? it's almost as though, i mean,
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ivanka just had a baby. and it's an incredible story, your family close and all-for-one. >> well, i have wonderful children, absolutely. and i have a wonderful family, a wonderful wife. they see what's going on and understand that i do a really good job. you know, i talked about nato and i talk about different things, nato is costing this country a fortune. we can't afford this. and other people have to pay, we're carrying it. and we just can't continue to do it. and now it's all turning out that i was right and now all the geniuses that studied nato every day of their lives say, trump is right. you know, they just have -- there's no common sense. there's no -- there's no heart, there's no business, there's no nothing in this country. everything we do is lose. we never win anymore, jeanine. and we're going to start winning. >> donald, people -- the people who believe in you are rabid. and i want to thank you, donald
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trump, for being with us and much luck to you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, jeanine. i appreciate it. >> all right, thank you. and ted cruz isn't going away. and this week is on somewhat of a winning streak of his own. cruz's communications director alice stewart is standing by to answer my questions about the new york race and primary and just what could happen at the convention next. plus, what is all this rule 40 talk really about? i'll go one-on-one with the spokesperson for the republican national committee about all the craziness that could go down in cleveland when the gop nominates the candidate. "justice" rolls on.
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republican presidential candidate ted cruz poised to pick up more delegates in colorado this weekend as the battle for the gop nomination continues to heat up. with me now is ted cruz campaign communications director alice stewart. good evening, alice. >> hi there, judge. great to be here, thank you. >> thank you for being here. now, your candidate had a good week this week. why do you think that is? >> well, it's been a phenomenal couple of weeks, actually. we were in colorado earlier and the crowd at the convention was fiery and very enthusiastic
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because they appreciate his message of limited government and fiscal responsibility. they appreciate the fact that ted has stood up to washington, fighting obamacare and big government spending and gun control. what we're -- >> but the message has been out there. what do you say to people, alice, who say you've got the smarter ground operation? >> we do have a tremendous ground operation. that's why we're seeing a tremendous win in colorado today and recently in wisconsin as well as north dakota and utah. we have a great ground operation organization and we also have a great candidate with a message that people are connecting to. and he's a great retail politician. he works really hard out there on the campaign trail. and what we're seeing, as the field has narrowed and has win knowed down to virtually two candidates but there are three in the race, more people are coming to ted cruz. more -- we've seen five of his competitors who have come to our campaign because they realize ted is someone that can gavelize
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and coalesce the republican party and really take on donald trump and also hillary clinton come november. >> you know, i talked about in my open the fact that reince priebus wouldn't come out and say the rnc chairman wouldn't come out and say, you know, that the nominee is going to be trump or cruz. the top two vote getters. but it will be someone who's running. did that kind of irk you guys? did you say to yourselves, given that they can change the rules the week before the convention, are you worried? >> no. i think clearly we're going to have -- if we don't receive 1,237 before the convention, we expect to get it on the floor. the other thing you said in your opening statement, judge, that was spot on, as generally in your opening statement, was the government gets their right from the consent of the governed. that's exactly what we're having here in this process, to win the gop nomination you have to get majority plus one. and whether you get that out on
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the campaign trail prior to the convention, the 1,237, you take it to the convention floor. we have been working hard to get the majority of the delegates in each state. whipping states is fantastic, but in the states if you can't win the state outright, continue to rack up delegates. we have begun doing that by working with the people on the ground and talking with the delegates and having relationships with them. that's part of the process. it's whoever gets the majority plus one will be the nominee. you can't just get the ball down to the red zone and be given a touch down. you have to get majority plus one. and that's what we're going to see. in terms of the rules happening on the convention floor, the number one rule is majority plus one. >> right. okay, but you realize that even according to the numbers, you still have to win something like 80% of, you know, of the primaries and caucuses to get to 1,237. do you think you can do that? >> well -- that's possible. anything is possible. but here's the thing, we are --
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we have the momentum behind us. as we said, the last four contests we have won. we had a phenomenal today in colorado. this comes on the heels of four victories. not to mention our fund-raising is through the rough. we announced yesterday raising $12.5 million for the month of march which is the highest in this campaign. and we have a great grassroots organization. >> i want to ask you one question before we end. you know, do you at times worry that maybe your candidate is being used? because the longer that ted cruz is in the race, the better chance there is to prevent donald trump, the lead vote getter at this point, from getting to 1,237 and then requiring the brokered convention and then they go to kasich or, as karl rove said, a fresh face. are you worried about your
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candidate being used? >> no. no one can take advantage of ted cruz. you can take that to the bank. look, we have a strategy in place to work hard and win as many states as we possibly can, acquire the necessary delegates. but here's another thing, our ground game is at work in all of these states, but we also have a plan of how to win at the convention. and working with the delegates on the convention floor. and -- people are -- what we saw today in colorado, these people want someone who has been a part of the republican party, fought against washington establishment and will work with them and continue to do business as usual. >> alice -- alice -- look, i want to ask you a question. do you think he can win new york after what he said about new yorkers? >> well, it's donald's home state. it's expected for donald to win new york. but, at the same time, the delegates are awarded proportionally. there are some conservative districts in new york where we do expect to pick up delegates. sure, we can win some delegates
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there. >> all right. alice stewart, thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge. have a great night. all right. thank you. still ahead, i'll talk live with a democrat who will tell me why he's not backing hillary clinton for president. you'll get some unique insight on hillary's record as a senator from the great state of new york. don't miss it. and next, my political panel is here to talk live about the race on both sides of the aisle. and whether hillary and donald can hold on. "justice" is back in a moment.
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placed in qatar. now back to "justice." bernie sanders is a big winner in wyoming today. that's wins in the last 7 out of 8 for sanders. but now all eyes are on new york on that primary just a little over a week away. donald trump holds a commanding lead in the state for republicans while hillary clinton is the head of bernie
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sanders. but that race is a bit tighter. with me now to break it all down, democratic stategist maryann amar a. how are you? >> well, i can assure you, judge, no one that has been with you for more than ten seconds thinks you're a puppet. i heard your opening. >> yeah, puppet on a string. yeah, let's talk about the republican convention. we'll go right to the open. now, these guys, and david, i'm going to you, these guys can change the rules. they meet a week before the convention in cleveland. they can change the number of states, they can say you've got to win 25 states, nobody wins it, they can say you've got to get to 1,600, and then they can do what it seems they're already suggesting, which is bringing in a fresh face or getting in someone who is running other
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than trump and cruz and the only other one is kasich. what's going on, david? >> well, judge, no rule can be adopted without 50-plus 1% of the delegates. and currently donald trump has majority of the delegates. he has great influence on what the ultimate rules are going to be unless his supporters start going against him and voting against the rules that ultimately would be harmful to him. just as, i would offer to you, senator cruz is in no position nor want his delegates to do anything to hurt him. so they are not going to allow rules to be put in place that put them at a disadvantage. and let me just also add one other thing. we're in the middle of the game right now. and to say, oh, all the rules are going to get changed is like going to watch the yankees and saying that the officials and the umpire are going to cheat us out of the game after it's over
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when we still have the contest to see if donald trump or ted cruz can get to 1,237. let's have the primaries and caucuses play out. >> you're right, david, you're rig right, david, but i have to stop you there. reince priebus said it will not be trump or cruz. so by his refusing to say trump or cruz -- no, you come on, that's the chairman. what do you think? >> he said it's somebody who's running. last time i checked, donald trump and ted cruz are running. >> he would not say trump or cruz. he would always say someone one's running. what's wrong with saying the top to go-getters. mary anne, what is your take on? >> there are two points here, judge. the fact is donald trump, to control his destiny, needs to get to 1,237 delegates on june 7th. if he does that and the republicans try to move the goalpost, there will be an
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apocalypse in cleveland, number one. number two, reince priebus won't say that because there's a little wisconsin bubble going on trying to deny trump the nomination. it started with governor walker when he endorsed the him in wisconsin, he doesn't want cruz but wants to stop trump. reince priebus oversees the rnc. but who overseas the republicans? paul ryan. paul ryan is frank underwood. i don't want to be speaker but i'm speaker. i don't want to be president but he could be the republican nominee in cleveland if they change those rules. >> and the truth is that they really can. and i even asked alice stewart, cruz's communications director, do you feel used like all these people now coming out for cruz who were running for president just want to keep him in there so that they can stop trump from getting to 1,237. all right. let talk about hillary. hillary ain't having a good week, mary anne, is she? >> well, bernie sanders beat her today by 11 or 12 points and
1:38 am
only got one more delegate. he beat her the other day -- right, but she still has over 249 pledged delegates ahead of him. 437 in superdelegates. there is no way bernie sanders can get the nomination either on pledged delegates or superdelegates. and she's got 2.4 million more votes than he does. so on any measure, the math doesn't add up for bernie sanders just like it doesn't add up for cruz or kasich. the only one on the republican side that can get to 1,237 is donald trump. the only one who can get the nomination right now on the democratic side is hillary clinton. the math tells you everything. >> so david, i will give you an opportunity to speak about the superdelegates that are, i believe, part of the rigged democrat convention. and that is that they are already committeded to her before the state votes. can they be turned against her? because i'll tell you, bernie sanders, winning 7 out of the last 8 tells me it ain't going in the right direction for hillary. >> it requires a suspension of
1:39 am
reality by my friend, mary anne, and her democratic operatives who think that winning doesn't impact superdelegates' thinking. in fact, today in minnesota, a superdelegate switched from hillary clinton to bernie sanders. americans, even democrats, love winners. and if bernie sanders continues to get these victories, superdelegates are going to switch to him. now, if she's still favored, there's no question she's still favored. why? because the democrats want to go against their founder, thomas jefferson, who quite frankly argued for a primary like the republicans, which is rough and tumble and goes all the way till the end. they are very hamiltonian in their belief that only, only the insiders, only the establishment should have who gets to pick who their nominee is. >> no. david -- even if -- one last
1:40 am
point, judge. >> mary anne, i want to give you the last word, absolutely. >> yeah. one last point here, even if there were no superdelegates, hillary clinton has 249 more pledged delegates than bernie sanders. ask ted cruz what it's like trying to catch up to trump. no, not the pledged delegates, they can't -- the fact is -- we don't have winner-take-all. we have proportional. the republicans have winner-take-all. that's why donald trump can still get $1,237. bernie sanders can't catch up to hillary clinton by math alone. there's not enough contest left. >> mary anne, you never change your opinion. i can't wait to see how this ends. mary anne, david, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thanks, judge. next i go one-on-one with the rnc on what could be a chaotic convention. don't miss it. we'll be back in a moment. talking about a lot of numbers again.
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welcome back. the magic number for gop delegates is 1,237. 1,237. but if no one gets there, will the establishment call for a brokered convention? even if trump is short only a couple of delegates? with me now republican national committee spokesman lindsey walters. lindsey, thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> great to be with you tonight. >> thank you. a lot of talk tonight about the rules and the meeting of the committee a week before the convention. so there's no question that there are two people from each state who will meet and can change any of the standing rules from 26 to 42, which includes the number of states she has to
1:46 am
win and the 1,237 threshold. yes or no? >> the rules committee will meet the week prior to the convention. the rules committee is comprised of 112 delegates. one man and one woman from each state. >> okay. one man and one woman from each state. now, those one man and one woman, they are appointed by the individual state committee, correct? >> these are delegates who are elected at the most grassroots level and then appointed to one of the four committees. one of which being the rules committee. and the rules committee will essentially present a report to the entire convention who will then have to vote on a majority. >> no, that's not what i'm asking. no. so many people are not clear on this. and i just want to -- i just want to try to understand this. there's a man and a woman from each state. the man and the woman from each state that make the recommendations a week before the convention are not necessarily the man and the woman from the trump and the
1:47 am
cruz campaign or candidates or delegates if trump and cruz are the biggest vote getters. they are part of the state committee appointees, whether or not they make a recommendation to the whole convention is not the question. it's who puts them there. >> these delegates will be delegates from each one of the campaigns. you will have -- all three of the candidates will have rerp representation in the rules committee. there are four methods in which you can be elected as a delegate and are appointeded to the committee. >> listen, i want to ask you something quickly. you said of all three candidates. so if i've got two people from each state, how can i have three candidates picking their own delegate? >> you have 112 members on the rules committee. and so that -- 112 is going to be a breakdown of different rerp resensation of all the candidates, as is -- >> how many states are there? how many states are there? how many states are there? >> there are 50 states and six
1:48 am
territories, so you get to 56. that's how you get to 112. >> okay. so you're saying each of the candidates gets to appoint somebody to the committee that decides the rules. that can't be because there are three candidates and three times 50 is 150. and then you add the six times three, which is 18. which is 168. so 112 doesn't represent all three. >> i never said that the candidates were appointing. i said these were delegates elected at the most grassroots level who represent all of the candidates. the delegate operation takes a a tremendous amount of organization on behalf of the campaigns to ensure they have representation. and that is mo mawho makes up t rules committee. >> in 2012 is it not a fact they changed rule 40 from five states from 2008 to eight states as being the threshhold to keep ron paul out. they changed it a week before the convention! so you've got this operation out
1:49 am
there nationally. and they decide, the insiders decide to change the threshhold, right? >> rule 40b was created by the 2012 romney delegates. the 2012 rules are simply a temporary placeholder. the 2016 rules that will govern this convention will be written by the 2016 rules committee. the convention rules committee. and look, you don't want romney delegates determining what the rules will be for kasich, cruz or trump delegates. they should have a say in that. and that is why the 2016 delegates will be the ones to present the report that goes to the floor, the majority then has to vote on. >> lindsay, got to go. thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. all right. all right. we'll be back in a moment.p?p?h
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches
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on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. back when she was senator from new york, hillary lynn on the promised to bring 200,000 jobs to upstate new york. that didn't quite work out. joining me by phone is the former democratic mayor of new york. good evening. >> how are you? >> i'm terrific. you have been a hillary clinton
1:54 am
supporter. you recall when she ran as first lady and everybody thought she was going to do it. she promised 200,000 jobs to upstate new york. it's something i was very sbents on listening to. by the end of her first term, we lost 26,000 jobs. so, you supported her. are you supporting her now? is she the kind of senator that new york needed? >> well, let me just state this. i do remember, i had met carry clinton around the year 2000. that was before the 9/11 and the war in iraq. a lot of things we didn't know were going to happen, happened. that could have impacted that. >> whoa, whoa. are you saying that 9/11 affected her promise to bring jobs to upstate new york? >> no. it impacted the entire economy of the country not just upstate
1:55 am
new york. we didn't create the job. >> are you supporting her now for president? >> i decided to support senator sanders. >> why? >> i think that they have a lot in common. i'm a democrat. i agree with them on a lot of their issues. i think senator sanders is a more progressive alternative to senator clinton. i agree with a lot of his formations. i've known hillary and met her several times. i've talked to her on many occasions. i think hillary is the right guy -- i'm sorry. bernie. >> okay. go ahead. >> no, go ahead. >> okay. quickly, because she didn't deliver any jobs, are you
1:56 am
concerned that a lot of this is all talk. you're finding bernie more credible? >> i like what interknee has to stay on specific issues in terms of health care. he stands for things i think the people of upstate new york are interested in. >> all right. tom we're running out of time. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> tak
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that's it for us tonight. i'm still here in sunny l.a. where it's raining. thanks so much for a lot for us. thank you, greg. bye-bye. >> the presidential candidates going east and west today in the quest for delegates. each and everyone of those delegates will count. good evening. i am julie banderas. colorado's party wrapping up the convention. ted cruz only presidential candidate to stand and speak. his supporters wore special shirts. state officials should be supporting. and he is also already locked up 21 of the 37 delegates. the next primary is less than


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