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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 10, 2016 9:30am-11:01am PDT

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go gator. visit your john deere dealer to experience the new gator xuv590i, starting at just $9,799. bernie sanders tops hillary clinton with democrats winning in wyoming. ted cruz snapsz up more dmgts colorado. and get this, donald trump lays low this weekend. >> plus for the first time as president, president obama sits doesn't with chris wallace on fox news sunday. we have all the highlights. plus, the controversy over so-called bathroom bills. new laws that guy rights groups call hate but supporters say protect they are religious liberties. good sunday to you. nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home.
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i'm leland have it senator i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to mark's election headquarters from washington wash. voters this weekend expanding the winning streaks of ted cruz and bernie sanders instead of delegate front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton n. colorado, ted cruz completed his sweep by lock up 13 delegates at the state convention late saturday, adding him to the 21 pledged on friday. in a statement, senator cruz says, utah, north dakota, wisconsin and tonight's incredible results in colorado have proven this. republicans are uniting behind our campaign because they want a leader with real solutions who will bring back jobs, freedom, and security. one of donald trump's surrogates responded to the win today. >> we weren't playing in colorado and they did. i acknowledge they have taken eight an approach to some of the county conventions where they can get the scorched earth policy and they don't care about the party. they don't get what they want,
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they blow it up, that's not going to work. >> more with the panel on the democrats side. bernie sanders talks hillary clinton in the wyoming caucuses yesterday. sanders pd where up 56% of caucus votes, hillary clinton 44%. giving him the victory but no delegate bump. both candidates spock out earlier this morning. >> what is the path to the nomination is we have cut secretary clinton's lead by one third in the last month. we have won eight out of nine contests. national polling in the last three polls, two of them have us ahead. we are running stronger against donald trump and other republicans. >> i expect to be the nominee. and i will hope to have a unified democratic party so that we can turn our attention to the republican nominee, either donald trump or ted cruz would be a terrible choice for america. >> so the victory went to bernie sanders in wyoming. but do the party rules, the delegate race came out as a
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draw. both sanders and clinton picked up seven delegates, bringing sanders no closer to closing the gachlt he has 1068 delegates compared to clinton's 1756. on the gop side, ted cruz's colorado win brings his total to 545 delegates. though he still trails trump, who has 743. john kasich has 143. >> looking towards the next round of delegates up for grabs in new york come april 19th, new fox news polls out in the past few hours show donald trump and hillary clinton with commanding leads. on the republican side, 95 delegates up for grabs. donald trump leads by more than 30 points, 54%, kasich, 22. ted cruz down to 15%. on the democratic side, 291 delegates up for grabs. hillary clinton doesn't have quite as large of a lead but
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still beats sanders by double digits, 53-27. joining us, evan buy, and cal thomas. gentlemen, appreciate you you being here. good sunday to you. >> thank you. >> senator, first to you. lots of buzz surrounding sanders. he has won seven of the past eight contests. "saturday night live" lampooned senator clinton on that point. his rallies in new york are these big raucous affairs with a lot of energy and those types of things. but does all the buzz cut through that nearly 20 point lead that hillary clinton has? >> leland, as you alluded in your introduction to the segment, it's the delegates that ultimately decide the nomination. and secretary clinton is ahead among the delegates. your poll that you just put up shows she is in a strong position in the large states of new york and pennsylvania. and i have a tremendous sense of deja vu about all of this because eight years ago barack obama had an early lead and
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secretary clinton won ohio, texas, pennsylvania a lot of the big states but his lead was enough that that carried him over the threshold. that looks like the same thing is going to happen in her favor this time. sanders, credit to him for winning these states renl recently but the big states and the delegates are still going for her and that ultimately will decide the nomination. >> it seems as though the conversation surrounding hig has changed so much. you know, it was six or eight months ago she was the inevitable democratic nominee. now we've got a real race on our hands as perhaps best shown by "saturday night live" last night. >> it's true, i have not been winning as of late. in fact, i have not won a state in almost three weeks because that was the plan. i didn't want to win those. and so i didn't. who can remember how many states i've lost in a row? is it two? or is it three? >> i think they later cleared up that it's seven. does it matter at some point? or as the senator points out, is she still inevitable here?
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>> it reminds me of the scene in the first "matrix" where agent smith has neoon the tracks and the subway car is coming down. and he says do you hear that sound, mr. anderson? that's the sound of inevitability. well, of course we know how that turned out. it didn't turn out to be inevitable after all. hanging over hillary clinton -- and evan buy is right. if there was not the prospect of an indictment which he told mat lawyer is absolutely not going to happen, although it appears that director comey will be interviewing hillary clinton about her e-mails possibly as early as next month. if there wasn't that hanging over her head it would probably be a slam dunk because she certainly has the super delegates. but we are three months away from both conventions. anything can happen. no matter how many delegates mrs. clinton wins or the super delegates, if an indictment comes down all bets are off on the democratic side to that point, senator, buy, the super delegates can change their vote as they see fit?
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>>ly land, that's correct. eight years ago some did. some were for mrs. clinton early on. when barack obama got a head of steam going, some of them changed sides, particularly in the african-american community because of the natural affinity for then senator obama. it can happen f. call is right, if there is an indictment, that obviously changes everything. but that looks like it's not a likelihood at this point. and so she is in a strong position to win the nomination. the convention will be about the platform and the speeches and all of that. unless there is an outside event of some kind she is looking very strong. quickly on the republican side, the president has gone after donald trump pretty hard over the past couple of weeks or so n. his exclusive interview with chris wallace, he then went after ted cruz. listen. >> finally, we've seen in this campaign i think both on the --
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among some trump voters and amongst some sanders voters, anger about washington, about wall street. do you feel any personal responsibility that eight years after you came into office, there are millions of people out there who still feel cut out from the decisions that affect their lives? >> there is no doubt that i feel frustrated about it. my whole operating assumption in terms of our democracy is the more people that are involved, the more they know, the more they are involved, the more responsive our government is. >> we saw the president talk about that. we saw him talk about how ted cruz's policies or donald trump's policies don't work as well. in some sense, no disrespect to the president but is the generic republican voter really care all that much about what president obama says about the republican primary process? >> no more than they should care what the new york times editorial page says about them.
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but the president didn't really answer chris's question. here is a man who came in full of hope. i was proud of this country for electing the first african-american president. i grew up with segregation in washington, d.c. this was a great moment. and i said he had a tremendous opportunity to heal the racial divide, to get young african-american children out of these failing government schools, to allow them to have a real education and a ticket to prosperity and a sufficient sustaining life. but none of these things happened. and chris wallace properly asked him do you feel any responsibility for this? and he punted. >> well, he punted. senator buy, would you like to not punt and say, does the president have any responsibility for the anger that americans feel for the past seven years? >> leland, when you are the chief executive of anything, whether it's the united states of america, a state, as when i was governor of indiana, a mayor, a leader of a company of course you bear some responsibility for things that happen. in fairness, i remember george
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w. bush running and promising to be a uniter and not a divider. we had divisions back then and unfortunately he wasn't able to ambiguous a dent in these things. this is longer trend of polarization in our country. people need to decide we are foers and foremost americans and we should focus on trying to reconcile our differences rather than the campaigns that divide the country and tear us apart. >> agree. maybe you should be running. >> if you would like to make any announce meant. >> don't scare the viewers like that. >> gentlemen, appreciate you both being here. north carolina's so-called bathroom bill ignites a firestorm of criticism. it's just one of several religious liberty laws coming out of state houses. do they promote discrimination or protect religious freedoms? we'll talk to family research council tony perkins about this. and it's bringing down the
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among state houses across the nation with a concentration in the south regarding religious liberty legislation. north carolina is part of that trend. it passed a new bill centered on which bathrooms transgender people are allowed to use and raised questions about how that is enforced. other states such as florida tennessee, georgia mississippi and others have similar debates centered around not only public safety buthe definition of faith based organizations and if their needs to be local laws to protect their believes. what are the consequence was these types of laws? what is fact? what is fiction? joining us, tony perkins from the family research council. tony, thank you so much for joining us and helping us get a better understanding of a lot of these bills that we're seeing. i want to start in north carolina. what do you find unique about this bill? and what would the consequences be? >> elizabeth, what the legislators in north carolina did was simply say for public
9:47 am
safety purposes we're not going to allow an ordinance in charlotte which would require private businesses others to open up their rest room facilities locker rooms so a man could go into a women's bathroom or where girls are at. they said it was a public safety issue. that was simply saying that government cannot force businesses to do that. doesn't prohibit businesses if they want to do it on their answer. you see business like paypal weighing in saying they are not going to do business in north carolina when they don't have these policies within their private businesses that they are free to do. >> their 16 bills relating to bathroom usage. they are the same, but different, they are a plaid if that makes sense of reasonings behind, some of them public safety, and other religion u.s. liberty. how do you clarify that and why is there such a misunderstanding of the laws being presented?
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>> this comes in the wake of the supreme court redefining marriage and opening the door to all kinds of public policy problems. in he is miss last week sign into law a religious liberty bill different than north carolina. what it does is it says the government -- and contrary to what people are saying, it allows discrimination -- it actually prohibits discrimination. it prohibits the government from discriminating against a religious organization or an individual based upon their religious beliefs. >> paypal says it is. the governor of georgia says it is. what do you say to them? >> for instance, you have got a number of non-profit fais-based adoption agencies for instance that work with the state to place children in homes. but they have a faith statement. they believe that marriage, as the president did just a few years ago is the union of a man and a woman. what this does is prohibits the state from taking away their tax exemption or not working with them to place children into a
9:49 am
position -- into a home, or it would prohibit the state from taking away the tax exemption of a church because the church believes that marriage is the union of a unanimous and a woman. it keeps the state from being used as a club to beat people into submission and to abandon their deeply held believes. >> mississippi, you brought up, has certainly more of a sweeping law. can you explain to me why mississippi has probably a larger consequences? and where do we draw the line? where do state lawmakers draw the line? >> again, what mississippi does is it does not take away any rights from someone who believes in same sex marriage, doesn't take anything away from them. what it does is keeps the state from punishing someone because they believe that marriage is still the union of a unanimous and a woman. it would prohibit the state from affecting their tax status or from denying them -- say they are in the business of helping drug addicts and they are a faith based organization because
9:50 am
they believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman they couldn't be deny a state contract to help teenagers. it's simply taking the state out of this so that the state bludgeon people. this is all about our first freedom, the freedom to believe and live according to your beliefs. that's fundamental. that's what made america work is we've given people that space. this, i believe what mississippi has done is that compromise that will give us that space so that we can have a civil society. >> i wish we can have you on nor talk about it. tony perkins. thank you for talking about a complicated issue. coming up we all know about spring showers. but no one wants spring showers. janice dean in our weather center on when spring might actually arrive. >> i promise it's going to be here. we just have to wait until next week. i'll talk about the snow showers and where you can expect them when we return after the break. i have asthma...
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the fox extreme weather center. is there an end in sight or are we going right into the winter of 2017. >> i have some explaining to do. the good news is it depends where you look on the map. across the central u.s. it feels like springtime. but we're going to see temperatures go on the rise this week. for now, though, 10 to 20 degrees below average, the great lakes, midwest, northeast where it's in the 30s and 40s towards the i-95 corridor. with the wind chill it feels colder than that in the teens and 20s. that cold air will retreat and warmer air this week. watching the snow still fly across michigan and great lakes region but then we'll see rain and showers and thunderstorms start to fire up across the south today and tomorrow. so very spring-like set up with potential for severe weather, including large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes not just today but tomorrow, leland
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and we'll see those temperatures on the rise this week. want to make mention the severe threat today and tomorrow for the mississippi river valley and the deep south. back to you. >> through all that i waited for some good news. hopefully next weekend. thanks. coming up the delegate counts have changed after wyoming but it hasn't actually helped bernie sanders narrow the gap. we'll bring the latest details from the campaign trail coming up. and usually when you bundle up you hit the slopes, right? but we'll take you to the mountain where it's all about beach bodies. stay tuned. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. victory for bernie sanders and ted cruz out west this weekend but as the candidates turn their focus to the treasure trove of delegates in new york, the frunont-runners with double digit leads. new information from the terror suspect known as the man in the hat. they are learning a lot including the belgian city was not the original target. plus one organization that's fairly close to our hearts. it's dedicated to reuniting families with their wounded warriors. the annual heroes gala was last night and i was honored to be there. we'll have that story up ahead.
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good sunday to you, nice to be with you after last night especially. good to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann in for shannon bream. this weekend ted cruz swept colorado with his delegate first strategy and bernie sanders won wyoming. it does not change who is leading overall in delegates but does give both second place candidates the all-important momentum heading in to new york's primary next week. we have fox team coverage, or shall we say team molly coverage. molly in is new york with the latest on the republicans and molly in baltimore, hillary clinton is expected in a couple of hours. hi, molly. >> hillary clinton says she has nothing negative to say about bernie sanders, and what kind of president he might be. still sanders is not completely backing down from his assertion
10:02 am
last week that hillary clinton is not quote qualified to be president. >> enormous experience, everybody who knows her knows she's very intelligent. but i think her judgment, for example on foreign policy, let's be clear, the war in iraq was the worse foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. i helped lead the opposition to that war. she supported that war. >> reporter: sanders won the wyoming caucuses last night. his eighth win in the past nine contest. next up is new york, clinton is leading the polls there and leading in the delegate counts. clinton or sanders would need 2383 delegates to win the nomination. here's how clinton assesses the race now. >> leading him with about 2.5 million votes in the popular vote. i'm leading him in pledge delegates with a larger margin
10:03 am
than senator obama ever had over me. i feel good about the upcoming contest. and i expect to be the nominee. and i will hope to have a unified democratic party. >> reporter: clinton will speak here in baltimore later this afternoon. the maryland primary is not until april 26th but earl early voting starts this week. wyoming ended up in bernie sanders win column but under party rules delegates are awarded in proportion to the vote. even the loser gets some. in terms of pledge delegates it was a draw. they both snagged seven. the wyoming four super delegates who can back whoever they choose are committed to clinton. she now has 1756 total delegates, sanders has 1068. as you can see very few of his
10:04 am
are super delegates. donald trump cancelled a number of campaign appearances this week, including a california swing. but this weekend he's back at it in upstate new york given the state's unusual delegate allocation. the empire state's primary there's 27 individual primaries broken up by congressional districts. molly is awaiting trump in rochester which is a republican voter stronghold. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi. you're absolutely right. here we are at this big event. the airport hangar where the event is being held. this is his second big event into the lead off to win empire state voters and he's leading here in the recent polling and also in states that are just around the concern. let's start with the new york polling. latest fox news poll shows trump has 54% to kasich's 22% and cruz 15%. cruz really lagging.
10:05 am
in pennsylvania just around the corner a week beyond new york, trump leading there with 48% over kasich and cruz. showing some good numbers in new york, at the rally last week in long island, stark contrast to less than the warm welcome that ted cruz has received and trump has been more than happy to play up cruz's problems. reminding that texas senator has mokds new yo mocked new york values in the place. >> he talked about new york as if he hates the place. he won't give anything to new york. >> reporter: the onslaught cruz does plan to stick around in the state. he heads to upstate new york. he had multiple wins beating trump and gaining confidence and looking ahead for that convention. >> we go into a contested convention we'll have a ton of
10:06 am
delegates, donald will have a ton of delegates and it will be a battle in cleveland to see who can earn a majority of the delegates that were elected by the people. and let me tell you in that scenario, i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. >> reporter: all right. trump aims to win here in new york and he wants to take on momentum in those contests that pennsylvania following. leading in the polls. on the same day we'll see connecticut and rhode island head to the polls and those are in trump's backyard. a slew of states could be very good for donald trump. elizabeth, back to you. >> thank you so much. ted cruz walks away as the big winner in colorado where a long and complicated path to nominating a republican presidential candidate wraps up yesterday. cruz swept the state's delegates pushing his total tally up to 545. he still trails trump who has
10:07 am
743 delegates. john kasich has 143. as a reminder and we don't have to tell you, 1237 is the magic number needed to win the nomination outright. as we've been showing you a brand new fox poll out this morning shows donald trump with a comfortable 30-point lead in new york. in places like colorado, louisiana and north dakota, cruz's political machine has out maneuvered trump. will that happen next tuesday in new york. congressman, appreciate you being here. >> good to be with you. >> as we learn how things work in your state, seems like these 27 individual primaries, each congressional district serves as a microprimary. is trump political machine now ready and able to kind of fight these individual battles or are we going to see what's happened in these other states where ted cruz's organization in places like arizona has bested trump? >> i think, leland, the best
10:08 am
comparison is to south carolina which was by congressional districts with extra delegates for the overall. really south carolina where trump carried 100% of the delegates is the same basic situation as new york. we have 27 congressional districts spread from long island to the district i represent on lake erie which is new york 27. trump is with solid support of the local committee, the 27 local gop committee. he's been officially endorsed by over half of the committee chairmen. out here in erie county, the full committee also endorsed donald. the ground troops that are out, that are turning the vote out are the committee men and women of all these 62 different counties throughout western new york. >> hold on. i want to get to your comparison of south carolina and new york being similar. in the south carolina race you had a whole lot more republicans in that race. jeb bush, marco rubio among
10:09 am
others. is that really a fair comparison now that it's just a three way race? >> i was talking more about it was by congressional districts. again, new york is by congressional districts. three delegates for each of the 27 congressional districts spread across 62 counties of new york. clearly out here, erie county where i'm a resident largest upstate new york home to 26 and 27 -- no i think donald trump will, has a very good chance to carry all 27 congressional districts, get over 50% of the vote and in doing that he'll sweep all 95 delegates, which is a huge number to push him towards the magic 1237. >> it will be a huge number in terms of the math and momentum. i'm sure you've seen this. i don't know how many viewers have. the front page of the boston globe opinion section, if you will, it was a mock front page of what they said could look like in 2017 in the "boston
10:10 am
globe," deportations to begin, mocking donald trump, saying president trump calls for tripling of ice force, riots continue. markets sink as trade war looms. all things that could happen under a trump presidency. some criticized, others ridiculed. your thoughts to respond >> the liberal media doesn't like any part of what donald trump is talking about, bringing our jobs back, making sure we have fair trade which is something we haven't had in a long while. deal with illegal immigrants to get them work papers not shipz so we can hand tell need for some of these workers, the farming, dairy industry and hotels anticipate restaurants and we all know donald trump will stand up to the ayatollah. he'll stand up to putin. defeat isis. we have a leader in donald trump. some of these liberal newspapers
10:11 am
who really lean more towards bernie sanders socialistic outlook of life. of course they are going to do everything they can to try to paint donald trump as someone that americans should be afraid of which is just the opposite. he's the leader that will secure our borders and get our jobs back. >> very quickly. in some ways do things like this only help donald trump sort of play into his narrative that the media is dishonest among others things? >> there's no question, leland. the supporters of donald trump the more this liberal press or the republican establishment attack donald trump his supporters dig in all the morey with energy next tuesday. you'll see a massive turn out in the republican primary, which is a closed primary. only republicans will be voting. you're going to see trump sweep all 95 delegates. >> to your point new york's 26th, new york's 27th and north and west part of upstate new york very critical to see how
10:12 am
conservatives break. appreciate you being here with us. all the best. coming up, cast weighs stranded on a desert island. sounds like a tv plot but this time it's for real. we'll have that story. a former nfl player gunned down. we'll tell you what sparked a fatal shooting in new orleans. plus we'll have highlights from chris wallace's sit down interview with president obama. >> your saying you'll stick with merritt garland through the end of your term? >> yes. >> not pulling him -- >> absolutely not. it's more than a network.
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we're going to talk about some polls -- >> they weren't stranded with ginger and mary ann but three men got a taste of the gill gas igan's island when their tiny ship was tossed and they ended up on a small island near micronesia. they spilled out help with palm froms. their time on tiled didn't last three seasons, just three days,
10:17 am
actually. a u.s. navy swans plane was flying around, spotted the message and then sent out a crew to rescue them. so so much for the three hour tour there on that deserted island. let's get back to politics. and to states which for first time in recent history becoming critical contests for the nominations and seemingly on both sides of the aisle. donald trump has his eye on the empire state and pennsylvania. he's ahead 743 to ted cruz's 545 and kasich's 143. the democrats, the gap isn't closing too much. sanders has 1037 and clinton has 1756 delegates not including super delegates. any chance we can make some predictions here. let's bring in former presidential adviser and former
10:18 am
campaign manager for martin o'malley. i want to start with some fox news polls and i'll flip from one to the other. first next. trump 54%. kasich 22, cruz 15. you look at pennsylvania, 48% donald trump, 22% kasich and 20% cruz. the reason i put these up is because you see trump in the lead here but i want to start with you. looking ahead to not only new york but pennsylvania, is pennsylvania a little bit of a sleeper here? people haven't considered pennsylvania in the past. and we keep talking about new york but there are 71 delegates who are unbound in pennsylvania. why is that important? >> understand that it's actually 54 unbounded, 17 are bound. donald trump will win the state of pennsylvania, he's going to take home those 17. here's the problem. he's behind the gun of getting to 1237. only one who can get to 1237 from now to the convention. in new york he'll get 50%. he'll get the 14 statewide
10:19 am
delegates. his problem there are 27 congressional districts in new york with 81 delegates, he has to get 50% in each of those congressional districts to take home 95. >> what's your reaction to that? we just talked about how it is very diverse. it's not an easy state to conquer, if you will. how does he do that? >> look, i think trump has this bo bombbastic, resilient, lashinger than life personality which is why he's doing well in new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, new jersey, maryland. he'll do well. he'll probably win all of them. you know, for new york in particular, having grown-up in new york and cut my teeth on new york city politics the further you get away from new york city, the more conservative it is, especially in the suburbs and the rural area and i think he'll do well there and those are the areas that's going to be interesting to see how they break. >> the key for him he'll get around 81 delegates.
10:20 am
he wants to get as close to 95 as possible because he's behind this mark. if i'm cruz and kasich the key is, kasich has 22% and cruz has 15. they want to play a two man game. with can i get 20% and those are the congressional districts i should focus on. if i do my goal is not to win my goal is to pull delegates away from donald trump and make sure he doesn't get to 1237. >> cruz is hated in, not well-liked. he has an amazing grassroots organization that we've seen. look what happened in colorado. he was able to sweep all those delegates there. most definitely. but, you know, it's going to be tough like ford said there are three delegates in each of the 27 cds. >> mainstream media was laughing at ted cruz when he went to the bronx and got the bronx cheer. a lot of people on the realize that's the most liberal district in the country and all he has to
10:21 am
do is get 20%. we're talking about 20% of republican voters. you can convince one or two to do that. that's what ted cruz has been a lot better at right now. this is a situation where the message and fact that ted cruz calls new york essentially a godless corrupt cesspool. >> you saw him step back because he made the initial comment about new york values and then over time he changed that narrative to say and hit the liberal democrats in that state. was he able to turn that around or did that hurt him? designee didn't turn it around. all he's looking for is one delegate here and there. the goal at the end of the day to stop donald trump and keep him away from 95. >> i'll give you the last word on this. it sounds more like cruz's ground game. >> it's about the grassroots organization that he's been able to successfully execute. that's what he's doing. we made fun of him being in the
10:22 am
bronx. he's trying to get those three delegation and getting 20%. he's so good at it. that's the thing to watch. >> certainly going to be very interesting in cleveland? >> absolutely. never a boring moment on the republican side. >> i was planning to talk about the democratic side but we didn't get to it. so i'll have you both back. thank you both for joining us. still to come the interview seven years in the making. highlights of chris wallace's one on one with president obama. angry protests continue across the globe following the release of the panama papers. this time in england. you'll hear live from one of the lead reporters on the project about what they are uncovering.
10:23 am
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new details coming out of
10:27 am
belgium. prosecutors say the terrorist who carried out the brussels attack initially were targeting another city, a second attack on paris. these details come one day after the arrest of mohamed abrini who admits being the man in the hat in footage from the brussels airport. we go freelance reporter in brussels for the very latest on the case. hi. >> reporter: hi. >> can you tell us the latest there on the ground and the developments that we have overnight? >> reporter: the latest that we have is six men were arrested on friday, four were finally charged on saturday morning for plotting terrorist attacks. mohamed abrini most particularly admitted being the man in the hat. third suspect from the 22nd of march. he's also admitted which the prosecutors have come out with today that the initial attacks were planned for paris and not brussels. however this is all going by the
10:28 am
word of mohamed abrini. so very little is known in terms of actual concrete evidence. >> tell us a little bit about the feeling there in brussels. when we spoke yesterday there were some raids overnight. you had said yes there are certainly, there certainly was some tension there in the city. what is the mood today? >> reporter: i have to say the raids have been ongoing. they have been ongoing ever since the attacks on the 2nd of march. even beforehand after the november attacks in paris. so this is something that we're getting used to in brussels. in terms of how it is on the street, a beautiful weekend in brussels and the cafes are packed so i wouldn't call it a concern. >> along with the concession the information about the initially planned second attack on paris did come from mohamed abrini. what are authorities trickling out, releasing to the public? what else are you learning that
10:29 am
they are getting not only from mohamed abrini but the other men who have been arrested? >> reporter: what we know, obviously, the minister made a statement saying it's a very good day for brussels and a very good day in terms of yesterday in term of the prosecution for the inquest in terms of the finding the potential suspect. however, still more has to come. very questionable if they find any cracks in the network of international terrorists. so a lot more has to come. and also the raids that were carried out yesterday were not man searches per se but house searches in terms of finding explosive or potential weapons of which the official or allegedly they had not found that in the raid that happened yesterday, a residential area of brussels. very much more to come and there are big questions whether or not we're scratching the surface
10:30 am
with the arrests yesterday or is this the cull of the network. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate your insight and facts on the ground. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. for the first time since he took office in 2009 president barack obama talked one on one with our own chris wallace on this fox news sunday. s you might imagine with chris doing the interview no stone was left unturned. he talked about the war on terror, supreme court nomination and at times unbelievable 2016 presidential race. we have a look at some of the highlights and there were a lot from that exclusive interview. >> reporter: biggest takeaway is president obama's personal guarantee he wouldn't exert any political influence over the justice department as it cosmopolitans to investigate hillary clinton's e-mail. >> i guarantee that there's no political influence in any investigation conducted by the
10:31 am
justice department or the fbi, not just in this case but in any case. >> reporter: in this case president obama said he does not believe his former secretary of state jeopardized national security with the use of a private e-mail server but showed a certain degree of carelessly. another takeaway was a personal guarantee by the president he'll stand by merritt garland as his nominee to the supreme court even if a democrat wins in november. >> are you saying you'll stick with merritt garland through the end of your term? >> yes. >> no pulling him -- >> absolutely not. >> reporter: one final takeaway is the way that president obama defended himself against criticism that he perhaps acted too cavalier after a terror attract. the most example what he did after the bombings in brussels he went to a pre-scheduled baseball game in cuba. today the president defended his actions and said he'll keep going to things at baseball games after terror attacks
10:32 am
because he believes it send as clear message to terrorists. >> you have nothing to offer. that's the message of resilience that we don't panic, we don't fear, we'll hunts you down and get you. it took our chris wallace and fox news sunday eight years to get this interview. president obama said better late than never. >> a lot more on it coming up. thanks. you can catch the entire interview with president obama immediately following america's election headquarters which is 2:00 p.m. but also catch it at 6:00 and 9:00 eastern tonight. also make sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 eastern for fox news reporting. donald trump the disrupter. bret baier hosts an hour long at the improbable campaign that's changing american politics as we know it. >> i should have handled this better. i could have handled this better. i know there are lessons to learn and i will learn them. don't blame number 10 downing street or nameless adviser,
10:33 am
blame me. and i will learn the lessons. british prime minister david cameron taking humble tone little bit earlier today after releasing his tax records. cameron's move is in response to mounting pressure brought on by information revealed in the so-called panama papers. that's what they are calling millions of documents leaked from a panamian law firm that ties him to the most powerful people in the world to offshore tax havens. if i'm sitting at home in iowa or north carolina or anywhere else why do i care about the panama papers? what do they mean to the conversation? >> anyone who pays taxes anywhere around the world should care about this. what you're seeing, the most comprehensive evidence ever that there's a parallel universe out there where some people go to
10:34 am
play. these people are not paying taxes. then you're paying more. >> we saw david cameron up there one of a number of world leaders from those in ukraine to vladimir putin, all across the world who have been implicated in this. is there any evidence so far of real wrongdoing by any of these people or guilt by association, it sounds bad therefore they must be avoiding taxes. >> not so much they are avoiding taxes that they are hiding things from public. if you're elected and keeping secrets then you'll get in trouble. we saw it with the prime minister of iceland and announcing david cameron who is changing his story. he's changed his story four tim times, given five different statements on this money. >> seems he has some explaining to do. he just released his tax return. vladimir putin came out in a much different way than david cameron. sort of swinging. we have the president of russia now. >> translator: he is a minority shareholder in one of our
10:35 am
companies and earns money there but of course not billions of dollars. it's nonsense, nothing of the kind but he earns something. that's interesting. i'm proud of such people like sergei among my friends. almost all the money he earned there to buy rare musical instruments and brought the home russia. >> hard to imagine someone could make hundreds of millions of dollars buying and selling musical instruments. the kremlin acted very strangely. a week before we publish this story acting on questions we sent to them they called a press conference and denounce this. they said it's a plot of the u.s. to discredit russia. we knew it would be a much bigger story. >> where do you think this is headed? >> hard to know. we're working on 370 journalists in more than 100 countries. they have eyes on the documents. millions of secrets here.
10:36 am
as we look at this and the bigger picture in terms of what this means for somebody like the kremlin i don't think anyone had any idea that put wasn't corrupt. i think that's a well-known fact most of eastern europe is corrupt. is there a chance we'll learn how corrupt or how they are doing it, how they are moving money. those kinds of things? >> we're seeing for the very first time -- it's always been rumored he's very wealthy. his name is not on these documents. but people close to him but the godfather of his child is in here. and ski resorts where putin's daughter got married. so we're seeing a paper trail. >> when you find the end of the paper trail come back and tell us about it. after the break, in new orleans people are mourning the loss of saints will smith after a tragic accidents took a violent turn.
10:37 am
we'll update you on that story. last night, they got into some fun featuring one brave service member. best place to experience the city is by foot. does that hold true for north korea? that story ahead. ♪ in the last two years, quicken loans has paid a year's worth of mortgage payments to 48 lucky winners, thanks to the quicken loans hole-in-one sweepstakes. this year, you could be next. enter today at
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when you think of the big marathons you think boston, new york not pyongyang. north korea's annual 26 mile run has become something as an attraction for international runners. hundreds come to run the race understand the watchful eyes of a lot of soldiers. for these runners it's a rare chance to see north korea on foot. for native north korean runners the race is not necessarily
10:42 am
about them. >> translator: i will run at the olympics with the same spirit i won this race with. to meet the expectations of our grand marshal, kim jong-un, newark supreme leader. >> always about kim jong-un. the race doesn't get professional acridation because north korea doesn't invite professional runners from outside of the country to run in their race. professional sports community is mourning the loss of former new orleans saints team captain and super bowl champion will smith. authorities say smith was shot and killed following a car crash in new orleans last night. will carr has been following the investigation and joins us now. >> reporter: this is a particularly hard blow for the city of new orleans, that's because will smith was not only a great football player for a decade for this city but also on the saints team that played the year after hurricane katrina where the saints represented so much more than football for the
10:43 am
city. authorities say smith and his wife were driving in new orleans lower garden district around 11:30 last night when a hummer h2 rear ended smith's mercedes. both drivers exchanged words and then the driver of the hummer pulled out a gun and started shooting. witnesses say there were between six and eight shots. smith died at the scene. his wife was shot twice in the leg and rushed to the hospital. we just learned police have charged the driver of the hummer, his name, kordell hayes. he's 28 and charged with second-degree murder. smith played for the saints for ten years. he helped bring new orleans its first super bowl in 2009. local sports anchor fletcher mackeel tweeting this picture of smith. saints coach sean payton taking to twitter tweeting heavy hearts with a senseless passing of our
10:44 am
team captain will smith. pray for his wife's recovery and third children. smith leaves three kids behind. he was 34 years old. >> wow so young. will carr reporting live. thank you so much. coming up, as one of america's bravest is on the road to recovery after what was a horrific attack and injury in combat one group making sure her family is never too far away. that soldier, her mom and more how you can help coming up after the break. the nissan rogue with intuitive all-wheel drive. take on the unexpected.
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members of the british royal family are in india paying their respects to victims of the 2008 terror attack. the duke and duchess of cambridge also known as prince william and wife kate visited the taj mahal hotel in mumbai one of the targeted sites by gunmen. in condolence both royals deplord what they called senseless atrocities. brave story for you. on her second defloimt afghanistan u.s. army sergeant ok
10:49 am
cassandra davis suffered debby dating injuries. she's been at walter reed for traumatic brain injury and damage to her spinal cord. the organization our wounded heroes and their families flights so they can be together in their time of need. len executive director of luke's wings. i'll got it but i want to get to the star. if you could, could you tell me a little bit about your second deployment in 2013, bring us back to that date and what happened. >> yes. it was a long night. we had just gone out on air assault mission, a four ship mission. we had four aircraft and i flew on a chinook. we were coming in for a landing in an unknown territory. when we came down to land, the last thing i remember was
10:50 am
hearing 60 knots from the pilot and my flight engineer was in the cabin door and said you're clear down here and we hit the ground and i was standing in the back of the aircraft and i was tethered to the ground by what we call our monkey tail. lost consciousness for a little while but after that my muscle memory kicked in and got the troops off the aircraft and got back off the ground. when i realized everything that had happened, the pains kind of set in and i was a little out of it for a little bit. we got back to the base and i was in extreme pain and at that point in time we were medevac, which means we stand by for about an hour waiting to see if we have to go back out and pick anybody up. so i had fallen asleep for about an hour out on the tarmac just
10:51 am
waiting. and after that, they had realized we broke the aircraft. so we shut the aircraft down and -- >> you did make it home, though. you did make it home and have been recovering at walter reed ever since. you had a long period of recovery there, and i want to bring in your mother because as a mother, a caretaker, it's a very difficult time and you want to support your daughter as much as possible. and thank god for organizations such as luke's wings. how are you able to assist her in recovery, and how do they come in and help you with that? >> i've been here since july of 2013. thanks to luke's wings when we needed to go home in emergencies or -- we have a huge family back in wisconsin. we go home rather than have a lot of people go out. they've been wonderful. we have more than 100-plus family members, it's just -- we
10:52 am
wouldn't ask that of them to send people out. >> cassandra, as you're recovering, what's it like to have those family members? i understand young men and women told me there's ample free time, there's time to get into a fairly dark place, how does family release you of those dark places? >> it's incredible. i have been struggling with ptsd for a long time. when i have family members there to occupy my time, it makes it ten times easier especially through the surgeries and, like you said, the extra time you have when you have somebody there who wants to be there with you and helps to occupy your time, it is a lot easier. he especially when they're somebody who is very near and dear to your heart. i have siblings, one who is also military, and a father at home, also. >> i want to bring in lindsay. we only have about 30 second
10:53 am
left, but you did have your fifth hero's gala last night. i want to show our viewers the success. tell me about the turnout, the funds raise d and what that translates to for the members. >> thank you for emceeing and your "fox and family" was there. you want to walk away feeling like you raised substantial funds. we raised at least $250,000 in one night which is incredible. >> and that's moments for families to get together in the future. >> we'll use it all for flights. delta airlines, they all tributed. many individuals in the room, the goodwill and generosity has truly changed what we can do in 2016 so i thank them and you. >> thank you. thanks for coming on today and obviously thank you for your service and you as a caretaker, we thank you all very much. the event last night was a huge success and, of course, for more information on this great organization logon to
10:54 am
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♪ sochi, russia, a couple thousand people took to the slopes in their bikinis all to break a guinness world record. looks can be deceiving, though. despite all the snow there, it
10:58 am
was springlike weather. evidently the swimsuit was comfortable. remind me of pond skimming in the u.s. >> define comfortable. i grew up in colorado and skiing in bathing suits typically -- >> you have experience? >> no, no! experience skiing, not so much in a bikini. >> it sounded like you were speaking from experience. >> speaking of bikinis, in florida they're running for a cause, 1,500 joggers ranging in age from 6 to 85, hit the ground in the seven-mile bridge race running across that sand that connects the middle keys to the lower keys. it benefits youth programs in the keys. it is gorgeous down there. >> truly, truly beautiful. now for a taste of sticky fingers. sweet toothed bandits were, well, up to no good. when they swiped some delicious goodness from a vermont sugar house, where they keep maple syrup, put the modern day butterworth maker in, well, a bit of a sticky situation.
10:59 am
>> had is where the barrels were. you can see where they unloaded all the syrup and made the mess all over the floor. >> evidently, maple syrup is some seriously valuable stuff. the sugar daddy says the suspect made off with $2,500 to $3,000 of liquid gold. i don't know. someone comes around offering to sell you vermont maple syrup, beware. >> did you know it was that expensive? >> i didn't, no. you buy it in the store, it is quite expensive. we've been promoing this the past couple of days. once we leave, you'll want to turn off the tv but don't. chris wallace has an exclusive sitdown interview with president obama. they cover all sorts of stuff. most amazing the talk about hillary clinton's e-mail server in terms of what he can guarantee and not guarantee to the american people about that. you don't want to miss it. >> thank you for joining us. stay tuned to chris wallace's
11:00 am
"forecast ne "fox news sunday." >> see you next weekend. i'm chris wallace. barack obama sits down with "fox news sunday" for the first time since he became president. are you saying you'll stipulate with garland throughout the end of your term? he makes his nomination for supreme court. we asked about criticism he underreacts to attacks by isis. some people wonder if you worry about threatism and fear terrorism the way they do. and hillary clinton's private e-mail server. can you say flat ly she did not jeopardize american secrets?


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