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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  April 10, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

12:30 pm i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. ♪ this week on "the journal editorial report," after bruising losses in wisconsin tuesday, donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to regain their momentum. what that stake in new york for donald trump and hillary clinton. plus, with a contested convention now more likely for the gop, a look at how it would work and just who would be making the rules. and the trump campaign releases its plan to make mexico pay for that wall. the details after these headlines. live from america's election headquarters, a suspect is now in custody following the shooting death of a super bowl champion. will smith, a former new orleans
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saint, was killed yesterday in an apparent incident of road rage stemming from a traffic accident. he was 34 years old. police identifying the suspect as this man, 28-year-old cardale hayes charged with second-degree murder. the price of mailing a letter is going down. starting today stamps will drop from 49 cents to 47. a 2 cent charge helping the postal service make up for losses has now expired. it is the first time stamp prices have been lowered in nearly 100 years. the postal service saying it is still in bad financial shape. i'm arthel neville. back to "editorial journal." welcome to "the editorial journal report." i'm paul gigot. after bruising losses, donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to regain their momentum.
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campaigning this week in the state they both call home. here with a look at what's at stake for both of them in new york's april 19 primary and beyond is "wall street journal" columnist, assistant editorial page editor, james freeman, and columnist mary o'grady. dan, hillary clinton has lost seven of the last eight state contests to bernie sanders. what does that tell us about her candidacy? >> well, before commenting on that, let's preface any comment about the candidate by saying by and large, democrats say they would be happy with either candidate. that's not true on the republican side. >> and the democrats are going to unify eventually, i think. the most interesting exit poll fact out of wisconsin that i couldn't get over was the fact that when they asked democrats in wisconsin who would you prefer as commander in chief, 50% said bernie sanders and 47% said hillary clinton. bernie sanders could not be commander in chief of a deli, so what's going on?
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>> he barely wants a military to be commander in chief of. >> she has clear vulnerabilities and obviously democratic voters are not buying the argument she keeps makinging that she has experience. she's vulnerable on the honesty and trustworthy and freshness aspect. and bernie is beat iing her tim after time. man, if he does it in new york, it would be really embarrassing. >> the democratic have been the powder puff bowl. using nerf bats and now they're getting meaner. saying you're not a democrat as hillary says about sanders. you're not qualified to be president. is it going to escalate further? >> he lost a great opportunity to go after her on e-mail issue from the state department. he said i'm not going to deal with that. that was really his great chance to sort of undermine her credibility and so forth, so, now he has to depend on moving
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harder and harder left. blaming you know, the panama free trade agreement for the panama papers this week. and just basically trying to link her with something that's more related to the establishment. big banks and so forth. you know, really her big vulnerability is authenticity. people just don't believe her when she talks and it was funny this week, when she tried to get on the subway, oh, i love the subway, and then couldn't get on the subway. then she paid $2.75, which no new yorker would do for one stop. >> we'll see how it works. turn to the republicans, james, and john, donald trump's setback in wisconsin. i think the big question is, you see him in the polls now leading in new york. leading in most of the eastern states that are coming up later this month. how big a setback was wisconsin or will that just be seen as an anomaly? >> i think it's a sign of things to come. not in new york. he probably wins new york. they all win their home states essentially.
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kasich won his home state and is trailing rubio in the delegate count. i think with trump beyond that, what wisconsin showed is that cruz is starting, unlike trump, to pull other parts of the republican constituency into his coalition. cruz did better than he has before outside of the very conservative group. he did better with people who are thinking about electability versus hillary clinton. doing better with people who see him as a chain -- >> with experience. >> here's the question. he doesn't seem to be doing that in the polls in new york or even in maryland. he's trailing kasich in third in both of those. in both of those states. and in pennsylvania, it's very close between cruz and kasich, so, the question is, is he really uniting the republican party as he says to the anti-trump vote or was this just a one-off in wisconsin where it wasn't a pro-cruz vote, and i'm asking this question, but it was an anti-trump vote. >> i think it was an anti-trump vote and i think we're
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back to the same ball game we've been in for a long time. the polls any way suggest that in pennsylvania and maryland, trump has 35% or 40% of the vote and maryland, kasich and cruz have about 24% between them and in new york, it's over 50%, so, essentially, the same set of dynamics. you combine the other two, they beat trump. but trump has a solid 35%. >> respond to that, james. i don't see cruz consolidating that anti-trump vote. >> the votes in wisconsin, trump has been basically locked in to 35% to 40% of the republican party. that's been consistent for months and months. even as people have dropped out. cruz is a candidate who showing he has upside potential. donald trump you see more and more downside with these negative ratings going up. so, pennsylvania, for example, this is another midwest certainly the western part of
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the state, pennsylvanians thinking of themselves as midwesterners. this is another place where john kasich is not doing as well as he should. in terms of his case on ability to appeal to that midwestern blue collar vote. >> well, what does cruz need to do to seal the deal and persuade more people? the problem in new york, in iowa, he said he disdained new york values to get iowa votes. now, he's coming to new york and saying i love new york. that's not the best sales line. i hated new york values then. now, i love you, baby. >> he's not going to do well in new york, but i think what we have to keep this mind here is that this is about collecting delegates. it's not about winning states, as it were. and so that means that what he has to do is go around and convince delegates who are going to be at the convention, who are going to be charged with choosing a candidate who can win in the general election, that's what the convention is about. and so, he has to convince delegates who are not bound to any candidate to come over to
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his side and that's what he's going to be working on as much as he's going to be campaigning in these states. he's working on these delegates. >> briefly, james. >> i just think new yorker, republicans, conservatives, should forgive him for the new york values comment. >> because he didn't mean it. >> a lot of us here talk about the crazy people who run this city, this state. it doesn't, it bears some criticism. >> he really meant new jersey. when we come back, ted cruz's wisconsin win making a contested gop convention more likely, so just who would be making the rules in cleveland? you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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donald trump's loss in wisconsin tuesday makes it more likely than ever that republicans will arrive in cleveland this july without a nominee. so just how would a contested convention work? here with a look at the rules and who's making them is "wall street journal" editorial board member, joe, and kate.
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kate, let's try to, you've been looking into the rules. let's try to demystify this for viewers. so, who writes these rules and does this happen every four years? >> yes, it happens every four years. so every four years a committee is formed of state delegates. 112 state delegates, two from each state and territories. this committee meets before the convention and they pass a pack angel of rules that will govern what will happen over the following few days. this has not happened yet. >> this traditionally happens a week before the convention and you can't have a convention if you don't write rules. >> absolutely. there is no convention if there are no rules on how it works. >> the committee makes the vote, these are the rules to recommend to the floor and the delegates have to approve or amend them or whatever they do. >> absolutely. >> so, we're hearing a lot about rule 40. and it's important to mention that this rule has not been adopted. >> what does that say? >> this is the one that says you must get a majority of the delegates in eight states to be nominated on the floor. >> correct. right.
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so, we're hearing a lot about this rule. frankly, way too much because first of all, this rule has not been adopted. it is in no force of anything. >> the last convention, which doesn't apply to this one unless the rules committee writes it that way. >> right. and ted cruz and donald trump are presenting this as a fait accompli because it's in their best interests to be the only ones on the ballot. basically, if the rules committee recommends a package and it goes to the floor, they can do whatever they want and make the rules committee meet again. they can adopt them, so if the majority of delegates that must approve and do anything at the convention. and not a small committee of people. >> but if trump delegates and cruz delegates are on the committee and they want to write that rule from 2012 that says you must have a majority of eight states, they could do so. >> they could do that, but this won't matter after the first ballot. >> but these will be the rules in place to start, then we go to the first ballot and say and donald trump's name is put in
12:44 pm
and he doesn't get a majority. what happens? >> and that's the only question on the first ballot, if donald trump can win a majority. then you go to a second. this will be mostly about can ted cruz assemble a majority. >> after that first ballot, something like 60% to 70% of the delegates would be freed up depending on the state and how people interpret them however they want. >> and that makes it very hard for trump. he will lose all of his delegates so you go to a second ballot and say ted cruz can't get a majority and so, you go to a third. at this point, a majority of delegates can say, we want to change the rules. no matter what the rules committee has come up with. >> and they can suspend and send is it back to the committee to rewrite them. >> correct. they can suspend the rules. the way to think about this, you need a majority of delegates, but once you have a majority, you can change the rules and nominate anybody you want. >> and i think the thing to keep in mind is that this is not going to be a secret kabal.
12:45 pm
the world's attention is going to be on this and anything that happens will have to happen above board and everybody will know it's happening and the cruz and trump delegates will have a big say in this in addition to the other rank and file republicans who are delegates. >> it's a tote itally open and transparent process. it's a little bit funny to watch cruz and trump already come out and say well, there's a conspiracy brewing to steal the nomination from us. i mean, what are they so afraid of? if you can't get a majority of republican delegates, you're very unlikely to get a majority of the country. >> but they could, they could change, they could cut deals behind the scenes themselves. with each other or with some of the delegates. they could even in the beginning, kate, if i'm right, they could write the rules more restrictively than 2012 and have a majority. >> absolutely, but they'd have to get the majority of delegates to go along and then after a couple of ballots, they could make a different decision on a
12:46 pm
convention. >> here we are, on the floor, first ballot, third, fourth. nobody can get a majority, so, then, other names get thrown in and that's when we have the possibility unlikely as it probably is, that somebody else from outside the convention, who has never run before -- i mean, not run this year -- could get his anymore introduced on the ballot. >> it's certainly possible. i mean, i don't think it's very likely because because the convention is not only governed by majority rule, but by norms. it would be very unusual for the delegates, who are going to be dominated by cruz and trump partisans to say, well, we're just going to throw it to paul ryan, for example, the current conspiracy theory that's all over the internet and cable news. i don't think that's likely and i don't think paul ryan is likely to take a job where he's set up to fail. >> and the blow back would be enormous.
12:47 pm
look, you have to nominate somebody. and if trump or cruz can't get it, somebody's got to get the nomination. >> people are making it sound as though it's over once we have a nomination. no, it's over in november after the general election. those delegates want to win that election and that's what they're going to pick. the bottom line, the delegates can do what they want and nobody can do much about it. except the election in november. thank you all. when we come back, he's promised to build a wall along the southern border and this week, donald trump unveiled his plan to pay for it. >> who is going to pay for the wall? who? it's a good thing that you are working with humana and your doctor to maintain your health. because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain.
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it's the signature issue of donald trump's presidential campaign, building a wall along the southern border, and making mexico pay for it. and in a memo this week, the trump campaign outlined how in a memo this week, trump campaign outlined how it would make that happen, by targeting billions of dollars in remittances sent back to mexico by immigrants living in the u.s. so, mary, remittances are these payments. who pays them? >> remittances are earned. they're income earned by people living in this country, and then they send it home to their families from where they migrated from. and in the case of mexico, there's about $24 billion that go from mexicans working in this country to mexico every year. >> each year. but we don't know -- some of those people are here legally. some of those people are here illegally. >> right. >> how do you tell the difference if the u.s. government is trying to stop those flows? >> well, donald trump proposes in this memo he wrote that he
12:52 pm
would force anybody who wants any -- any alien to prove that they're lawfully in the country. so that means companies, banks, financial institutions, but wire transfer companies. anybody like that would have to employ people who could certify that the documents that someone brings are valid. if i wanted to send a check to mexico, two million americans living in mexico. so if i wanted to send a check to mexico, i have to go to the bank, and they'd have to say let's see your birth certificate or some other proof of citizenship. otherwise, you can't send a wire transfer? >> or legal residency. >> okay. >> that would be the idea. >> wow. >> you know, paul, there's an aspect of king knut to trump's proposal. the king who went tdown, sat on the shore, and ordered the oceanic tides to reverse and recede. the world bank estimates that there are this year going to be
12:53 pm
250 million migrants in the world. their remittances will total 600 billion, $24 billion from mexico, as mary suggested. these flows are going overn all over the world. in latin america,a, for instanc between brazil and mexico, mexico and ecuador, all over africa. and the idea that you can stop that economic activity on that scale is simply feckless. >> you would think there would be black markets to go around this. >> for sure. there's a million different ways. when i go to mexico, i use the atm. i take pesos out of the atm machine from my bank. and certainly a lot of illegals living here have family members or families who are legal, so they can also use them to send the money. >> would this ultimately lead to capital controls on everybody, that somehow if you really wanted to stop this -- because dan points to the practical problems and so do you, that you'd have to basically say we're no longer going to allow the ease of capital transactions between mexico and the u.s.? >> that's exactly right.
12:54 pm
the only way you could do it is with capital controls and that's preposterous. the north american economy is so integrated right now in terms of manufacturing and commerce in general, that if you tried to put capital controls -- you mentioned americans living in mexico. there's something like 30 million american tourists who go to mexico every year. then there's auto manufacturing, where the different components of a car are made here or in canada. >> cash loose back and forth. >> supply chains are totally integrated. and if you tried to put capital on that, mexico is our second largest country that we export to. so if you put capital controls on, you would kill the economy. >> briefly, mary, you've known mexican presidents and finance ministers going back decades. how do you think they'd react to that kind of an ultimatum? >> they would not comply. they would simply say we will not do it. right now in mexico, one of the most popular things to do is buy a donald trump pinata and beat
12:55 pm
the stuffing out of it. so mexican politicians who are very populous themselves, are not going to comply. >> we have to take one more break. when we come back, our hits and misses of the week. trugreen presents the yardley's. sfx: leaf blower dad! sorry. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside. but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies,
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over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. time now for our hits & misses of the time now for our "hits and misses" of the week. kate, start us off. >> this is a miss for jerry brown, the democratic governor of california. this week, he signed a law that will increase the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour, and he said this may not make sense economically, but it's part of living in a moral community. and this homily from the apostle jerry will not resonate with people in the central valley who will lose their jobs. >> where they have really high unemployment in the central valley. all right, joe. >> i had to laugh this week, an e-mail from the consumer product safety commission, warning that a line of ivanka trump scarves
12:59 pm
had been recalled for posing a severe burn risk. naturally, these highly flammable products were made in china. and mr. trump doesn't apologize for outsourcing, even as he criticizes other companies for doing so. but the interesting thing is that the apparel industry is bringing jobs back to america because we have much better quality control here. so mr. trump, for the sake of public safety, bring those jobs home. >> all right, james. paul, this is a hit to merle haggard, who passed away this week. one of america's great singers, song writers, inspired millions of people, and was a patriot even when it wasn't cool. even when it was tough during the vietnam era. so we owe him a great debt. i think he has something to tell us now, which is the best of the free life is still yet to come. he never lost his optimism about the country. >> do you trust the consumer product safety commission, joe, on these judgments about scarves? >> they're 100% rayon. very dangerous. >> all right. if you have your own hit or
1:00 pm
miss, be sure to tweet us to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. this is "america's election headquarters." >> i'm arthel neville. donald trump just moments arkansas wrapping up a rally in rochester, new york. this as his campaign is reportedly undertaking a new strategy. what is it and will it work? a beloved football player has been shot dead after a car accident last night. his wife seriously wounded. what we're learning about the suspect and how this horrible tragedy may have unfolded. prosecutors in belgium say the brussels terrorists initially planned a second attack in paris, but were


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