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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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miss, be sure to tweet us to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. this is "america's election headquarters." >> i'm arthel neville. donald trump just moments arkansas wrapping up a rally in rochester, new york. this as his campaign is reportedly undertaking a new strategy. what is it and will it work? a beloved football player has been shot dead after a car accident last night. his wife seriously wounded. what we're learning about the suspect and how this horrible tragedy may have unfolded. prosecutors in belgium say the brussels terrorists initially planned a second attack in paris, but were concerned authorities there were
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gaining on them and decided to head back to brussels instead. so how were they allowed to go undetected for so long? but we begin with the battle for new york, the state with the second highest number of delegates still left in play. and the next one to head to the polls. in fact, so far, donald trump is ruling things on the republican side with more than 30-point lead in a brand-new fox news poll. again, we told you he just wrapped up a rally in rochester, new york. >> meanwhile, senator bernie sanders is also campaigning here today in the empire state and he's back in his old stomping ground, back in brooklyn, campaigning this afternoon in coney island. this while hillary clinton makes a mad dash for more delegates in maryland. we have live team fox coverage on the campaign trail. molly is standing by with a look
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at the democrats, but first, let's go to molly where donald trump just completed and finished up that rally and speech there. hi, molly. >> reporter: good afternoon, eric. you're absolutely right, donald trump is just behind me, still working the crowd. this is the second big rally that he has held ahead of next week's primary when new york voters will head to the polls. so he's working really what amounts to his hometown crowd. at this point in the race, people have made up their mind. they have the trump hats and the trump sweatshirts, and the businessman really focusing on the working class, on people here that have lost manufacturing jobs over the years, and made this promise to those working class voters. >> you know, if i get elected, rochester is going to boom again, okay? it's going to boom again. our whole country is going to boom again. >> trump also went after senator ted cruz. the crowd here meeting his
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mention with chants of "lying ted." trump expressed his concerns about corruption and the election process, noting that he is ahead in the delegate race with millions more voters casting more votes for him, slamming the establishment, and raising concerns about the people being disenfranchised about the establishment. cruz has been racking up some wins and delegates lately. he's looking ahead to the convention and hoping for victory there. >> if we go into a contested convention, we're going to have a ton of delegates. donald is going to have a ton of delegates. and it's going to be a battle in cleveland to see who can earn a majority of the delegates that were elected by the people. and let me tell you, in that scenario, i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. >> recent polling shows that trump may be in for some good days ahead now. the latest fox news poll looking at new york shows that trump is up with 54% of the vote, and looking ahead to pennsylvania just around the corner at the end of the month, trump ahead
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with 48% of the vote. the win here, the hope is from trump's team standpoint is to gain the momentum in new york and take that momentum into the upcoming contest. pennsylvania just around the corner, along with two states that are in his backyard, rhode island and connecticut. so there could be some friendly territory ahead for donald trump. eric? >> all right, molly. i guess since they have the rolling stones, you can't always get what you want playing at the trump rally, maybe that's about ted cruz, he can't get what he wants in the delegates. we'll see about that. thanks so much. for more, a big special tonight on fox news. fox news reporting "donald trump: the disrupter" anchored by bret baier, featuring interviews with the trump family, friends, supporters, and mr. trump himself. that's at 8:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. on the democratic side, now senator bernie sanders coming off a win in wyoming. the cowboy state giving him his seventh victory in the last eight contests. meanwhile, hillary clinton is
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already looking ahead to a contest that is still a couple of weeks ahead. molly is live in baltimore. hey, molly. >> hi, arthel. hillary clinton says she has "nothing negative to say about bernie sanders" and what kind of president he might be. sanders made a stop for a nathan's hot dog in brooklyn today isn't quickly backing away from his assertion that clinton is not qualified to be president. >> she has enormous experience. everybody who knows her knows that she is very intelligent. but i think her judgment -- for example, on foreign policy. let's be clear. the war in iraq was the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. i helped lead the opposition to that war. she supported that war. >> sanders won the wyoming caucuses last night. next up is new york where clinton is leading in the polls. she's also leading in the delegate count as both candidates try to get to 2,383
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delegates to win the democratic nomination. today in baltimore, where she picked up the endorsement of democratic congressman elijah cummings, clinton said she would make sure to try to create more jobs with rising income. >> i will do everything in my power to break down every barrier that stands in the way of any american getting ahead and staying ahead. and that starts with economic barriers. >> reporter: the maryland primary is april 26th, but early voting begins this week. clinton has a significant lead in the polls. arthel? >> thank you so much, molly. we have some new tragic information on the horrible shooting death of a former nfl player in new orleans. police are charging 28-year-old cardinal hayes with second-degree murder. this is the suspect. he is accused of shooting and killing former new orleans
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saints defensive end will smith. authorities believe that it was a road rage incident. will carr is live with the details. >> much of new orleans and saints fans are mourning the loss of will smith today. smith played for the saints for a decade. he was a team captain and he helped the saints win the super bowl in 2009. authorities say he was driving with his wife in the lower garden district around 11:30 last night when a hummer h2 rear ended his mercedes suv. according to police, the drivers exchanged words and then the driver of the hummer pulled out a gun and started shooting. smith died at the scene, his wife was shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital. according to court records, hayes pleaded guilty in 2014 to one count of possessing an illegal weapon and it turns out that hayes won a settlement from the city in 2011 over the fatal shooting of his father by police
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officers in the immediate aftermath of hurricane katrina. named in that lawsuit was former new orleans police commander billy saravolo. we mentioned that because he was with will smith last night before the shooting. you can see in that picture, saravolo on the left, smith on the right. what does this coincidence mean? authorities say they don't have any information that smith and hayes knew each other or if there's any connection between the death of hayes's father and the shooting last night. >> that is interesting. and right now, we're investigating the homicide, all of those facts. perhaps we'll ask questions about those and maybe see if there's any correlation. >> the investigation continues. players and fans are mourning. drew brees on twitter said mourning the loss of a great friend and teammate, will smith. such a senseless tragedy. please pray for racquel and his
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children. he was 34 years old and leaves behind three kids. >> just so senseless and sad. >> and prayers with his family for sure. >> absolutely. hundreds of refugees are hurt in a clash with police at the border between greece and macedonia. refugees ripping through a fence after macedonian police denied rumors that the border would open. officers using tear gas, stun grenades, and plastic bullets to push them back. around 300 people had to be treated for injuries. macedonia shut down its border last month, blocking the passage of more than 11,000 refugees trying to reach western europe. his greatest regret and failures. president obama addressing those questions with chris wallace in an interview on "fox news sunday." he discussed everything from the terrorist attacks to the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. kristin fisher has more from
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washington. >> the biggest takeaway is probably president obama's personal guarantee that he would not exert any political influence over the justice department as it continues to investigate hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi, not just in this case, but in any case. >> in this case, president obama again said that he does not believe his former secretary of state jeopardized national security with the use of a private e-mail server, but he did say that it shows a certain degree of carelessness. the other big takeaway from this interview is another personal guarantee from the president that he will stand by judge merrick garland as his nominee to the supreme court. even if a democrat wins in november. >> are you saying you will stick with merrick garland through the end of your term? >> yes. >> no pulling him after -- >> absolutely not. >> one final takeaway is the way president obama defended himself against criticism that he possibly acts too cavalier after a terror attack. and the most recent example is what he did right after the
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bombings in brussels. he went to a pre-scheduled baseball game in cuba. but today, the president defended his actions and said he'll keep going to things like baseball games after terror attacks because he believes it sends a clear message to terrorists. >> you have nothing to offer. that's the message of resilience that, that we don't panic, we will hunt you down and get you. >> it took our chris wallace and fox news sunday eight years to get this interview. to that, president obama said better late than never. eric? >> thanks. if you haven't seen chris wallace's entire interview with the president, or if you have and would like to watch it again, you can catch it right here, just under two hours from now at 6:00 p.m. and at 9:00 p.m. eastern, the interview, of course, right here in the fox news channel. the duke and duchess of cambridge making their main voyage to india, starting off by paying their respects at a memorial for the 2008 mumbai terror attack victims. the royal couple also visited
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mumbai's ancient water tank. after that, prince william and kate middleton visited a charity in mumbai, a slum, talking with and playing with the children there. it is just the first of their six-day trip to the country. >> we're going to show you something that looks like the real thing. but actually it's a phony. look at the boston globe today. the front page. it looks like the real thing, but it's an opinion statement. usually find that on the editorial page. but they took it much further. also, two patients back in custody after escaping from a psychiatric hospital. what officials are doing now to make sure something like this never happens again. and the presidential candidates not only campaign in front of the crowds, but they also go on those sunday public affairs programs. that's where they make some of the biggest headlines that we all talk about through the whole week. what they said today, and what it could mean for the campaign.
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there's new fallout from the escape from the washington state psychiatric hospital last week, with officials there now tightening security. both of the patients who did escape have now been recaptured. these are them. the man on the left was accused
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of killing a woman. he was on the run for two days before a police dog found him hiding in the woods in spokane. the other patient on the right was captured shortly after. the pair climbed out of a window last wednesday. officials at the facility say they are now planning to boost security in what's called the civil commitment area. that's where the patients escaped from. they were recently transferred there from the criminal section. back to politics now. three of the five presidential candidates making appearances on the sunday shows this morning. some big headlines emerging as the new york primary inches closer. let's bring in our christopher bedford, the editor-in-chief of the daily caller news foundation. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about this one first. hillary clinton was on cnn, state of the union with jake tapper, responding to president clinton's dust-up with members of black lives matter over the
1:18 pm
1994 crime bill that president clinton signed into law. >> if we're going to talk about his eight years as president, we should talk about everything. he said last summer to the naacp that a lot of good things happened to try to lower crime, save lives, and all of that. but clearly, some things happened that were not foreseen, and need to be now addressed. and i think that's good leadership. >> does secretary clinton make a good point? also, does it clutter the campaign a bit when president clinton has to switch lanes, defend his leg circumstance and then switch back to campaign for his wife? >> i thought that bill clinton was completely on point this past week. it reminded americans of conservative and liberals, why he was such a popular president. art laffer says he loves principled conservatives and unprincipled liberals and bill clinton falls into that second category, where he was willing to do whatever it took to clean
1:19 pm
up the crime, and crime was out of control in the '80s and '90s in the united states. it's sad having to see hillary clinton back pedal. but one thing i'm interestied i seeing is hillary clinton has a very strong support from black voters. do black matters activists have too much of an impact on the black community in america, or are they just radical activists? we'll see over the next few weeks. >> i want to move on now to senator bernie sanders. he was on abc this week discussing secretary clinton having racked up more votes than the senator has. listen. >> she's getting more votes. a lot of that came from the south. but if you look at the polling out there, we do a lot better against trump and the other republicans almost every instance. not every one. than she does. and the reason is we both get a lot of democrats and i get a lot more independents than she does. so i think you're going to see a lot of democrats saying look, what's most important is making sure that we defeat trump or cruz or whoever. >> okay.
1:20 pm
christopher, is senator sanders spot-on or spinning? >> he's spot-on. and also spinning. he's like ron paul on steroids for the democratic party. he is probably the only candidate i've seen this entire election who's running for completely selfless reasons. i don't think he's correct on economic. i think history shows that easily. but he is running to change the message, to reshape the democratic pear, to make it an american socialist party, and hillary clinton, unfortunately, is going to have to deal with him until the very end. there's no reason for him to quit. and he's winning, winning, winning. >> okay. governor john kasich was on cbs "face the nation." john dickerson asked whether candidates with more delegates going into the republican convention should be given more consideration than others like, perhaps himself? listen. >> we'll see what happens in new york, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut. we'll see what happens there. so don't be trying to predict how many i'll have. because i'm not going to predict it. but i'm going to have more than
1:21 pm
i have right now. and we'll be viable. john, at the end of the day, i'm the only person who consistently beats hillary clinton in the fall. >> let me ask you this. >> are we going to pick somebody who can't win? that would be nuts. >> okay, governor kasich always points out that polls show him as the candidate who can beat hillary clinton. can the governor ride that into the convention come july? >> no. and he does make predictions. his team makes predictions. and almost anyone's known for weeks now that all he was going to win is his home state. he does do better than ted cruz. he does do better than donald trump in a theoretical match against hillary clinton. but unfortunately, that's just operating in some kind of dream scape, where john kasich is popular with republicans. he's not in line to win anything. and if republicans -- if the rnc rejects trump, rejects cruz, rejects all of their primary voters, they're still guaranteed to lose in 2016. >> okay. so before i go, any predictions?
1:22 pm
how do you think new york is going to turn out, both sides? >> it's going to go very well for donald trump and hillary clinton. i thought bernie sanders would be doing better in new york. he's a native of new york. whereas hillary clinton is not, although she was a senator. but it's definitely, definitely going for donald trump and almost certainly for hillary clinton. >> christopher bedford. we leave it there. we'll talk to you later and see how your predictions turn out. >> could be embarrassing. >> thank you. eric? >> a pundit who admits he's a pundit. have you seen this boston globe today? they really took a swipe at donald trump on the front page. look at this newspaper and look at that headline. it's satirical. it says "deportations to begin." a lot of other fake stories in this depicting how the editors view what a trump presidency would mean for our country. the issue is dated april 9th, as if mr. trump had already been elected president. the editorial board says republicans need to put up, they say, every roadblock to trump that they can.
1:23 pm
the trump campaign, though, has not yet responded to the globe's unique jab. >> watch for twitter monday morning. isis on the offensive. launching what may be its fiercest attack in a year. we'll tell you where and what troops are doing to counter the damage. plus, bernie sanders on a hot streak after a string of victories. can he keep it up, or will hillary clinton regain her footing in new york? >> i think that it is very fair to say that were way, way behind during the first half of this contest. but we are having, to say the least, a very strong second half.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the news. john kerry taking part at the g7
1:28 pm
meeting in japan. he's planning to go to hiroshima tomorrow, which was destroyed by the atomic bomb at the end of world war ii. the radical islamic terrorists of isis continuing on the attacks in syria, targeting more government forces. al qaeda's syrian affiliates have also joined in the battle against bashar al assad's military. and families who fleed ramadi are returning home. thousands have returned since they were driven out. all right, news bulletin. we just won wyoming. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's a devoted wife. interrupting the senator, saying he did win wyoming last night, which now makes seven of the last eight nominated contests won by bernie sanders.
1:29 pm
but could his hot streak end in jeopardy just two days from now? take a look at the latest fox news poll. it shows mrs. clinton beating senator sanders in the two upcoming primaries, both in new york where she leads by 16%, and also in pennsylvania, where her leads are a bit narrower, but she's ahead by 11%. will he rack up more wince or hit a wall come april 19th? with us now, a surrogate for the sanders campaign and joins us in the studio. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> what about wyoming? do you think it will last? >> it's just more of the momentum that we're building up in the sanders campaign. we're really excited. we hope to win new york, win a lot of other states, go to the white house eventually. but this is the momentum. this is the american people speaking. they want bernie sanders. >> well, not everybody wants bernie sanders. can they harness that with new york state? she's the adopted state, represented the new york state in last night. she came out to thunderous applause with mayor bill de blasio and the whole political stratus supporting mrs. clinton and not your guy.
1:30 pm
>> bernie had a huge rally about a week ago. 18,000 people. he filled up the apollo theatre yesterday. the kind of people he's bringing to the campaign is so unique. i have a christian dad, a muslim mom. i was at a muslim americans for bernie sanders event at a synagogue in queens. that is what this campaign is about. diversity, new voters, all this excitement. we're really pumped. and we think we can win new york. >> that's new york city. he didn't have a good day at the "new york daily news" editorial board. they had a scathing editorial about their meeting with senator sanders, basically saying, no specifics, "the results were not pretty. what we discovered was a candidate who was long on rhetoric, short on substance, who lacks policy chops, even on issues that are core to his campaign. sanders are is not only creating unrealistic expectations, but he's also making it more difficult to find practical solutions." you know the criticisms. it's pie in the sky socialist. he has no way to pay for any of
1:31 pm
this stuff. and all this stuff sounds good. free, free, free, free, free, but it's not realist ac iistic has no idea what he's talking about. >> i wouldn't characterize his campaign is free, free, free. but even as people have rehashed that meeting, they've gone back and seen that bernie was kind of right on most of the issues. he was factually correct on how breaking up banks works. >> but didn't have the facts, and today's editorial criticizes him heavily for not having more substance. >> the "new york daily news" is a tabloid newspaper. it's not, you know, necessarily "the new york times" or anything like that. not to be anything bad about the "new york daily news," but who knows what their leanings are. but bernie has put forward a lot of vision. john f. kennedy said one day let's get to the moon. he didn't tell us how we were going to do it, but he was a visionary. same thing with bernie. we believe in his campaign. we're proud to be part of the campaign and we think we're going to turn everything. >> what happens when you're up against that wall of super
1:32 pm
delegates? >> they don't cast their vote until the convention. the super delegates were not very clear what they were going to do in 2008 up until june or july. a lot of them switched. we just want to get the lead an. now they're saying he's 16 points down in new york, there's still ten days to go before the operation. >> how does that work? you think it's really realistic that you do that? >> the super delegates? >> yeah. >> i think they'll look at the end of the day, when the convention comes around, when bernie has more pledged delegates, and see that he's just a better candidate. he's more likely to beat any republican frontrunner in november. and we've seen that through polls. bernie beats trump by many more points. >> what happens if it's the opposite? do you see potentially him throwing it in and giving his support to mrs. clinton? >> he said as a candidate that he would support secretary clinton if she wins the nomination. i think it might be a little more mixed bag among the people who are supporting bernie now, because he's bringing in so many new people, people who felt kind of outside of the process before.
1:33 pm
and many of us might see secretary clinton as part of that process that we were criticizing so much before. so we need her to understand us and really, really see our concerns, and talk to them in a much less condescending way than she's been doing recently. >> and finally, she is now ahead 16%. that's going to tighten up in new york. i've been covering new york politics. it will tighten up somewhat. i don't know what's going to happen. but i know you're going to say you think he's going to win. but having said that. he is getting some traction. >> i'm from michigan. and i live in detroit. and we were down 20 points in michigan. she had a 99% chance of winning and we ended up winning michigan. and no small account because of the diversity that bernie was bringing to the campaign. so we think we can do it in new york, too. we don't see any reason why not. >> thank you. good luck in new york. >> thanks for having me. the terrorists who attacked brussels changing plans at the last minute. what authorities are revealing
1:34 pm
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officials say more than 100 people were killed and hundreds more were injured after a massive fire swept through a hindu temple in southern india. it happened last night. you can see it there. investigators say an unauthorized fireworks display exploded, sparking a series of those during a religious festival. witnesses describe the chaotic scene with thousands of people struggling to escape. firefighters now have those flames under control. crews, though, are continuing to work to try to recover and identify the bodies. startling revelations about the terrorists who carried out the bombings in brussels. belgian authorities saying the terrorists behind the bombings originally planned to launch a
1:39 pm
second attack on paris. they say a speedy investigation in paris possibly pushed the terrorists to change targets. it comes as mohammed arbrini confessed to being the man in the hat. retired navy captain bob wells, former national security adviser to vice president dick cheney is here to talk about it. captain wells, thanks for being here. >> you're welcome. >> let's start there. brussels was a last-minute plan. what does that speak to, and why did these terrorists think that they could pull off attacks in brussels and what does it say about this terror network in terms of size and organization? >> they're very agile. hat's off literally to the belgian authorities for breaking up, at least thinking through where the next attacks would
1:40 pm
occur. playing cat and mouse with regard to catching up to the terrorist intent. they've got capability. if you look at what's happened the last few months between paris and brussels, attacks that have been thwarted, the attacks that have been successful, that's really a new axis of terrorism intent throughout europe. and that has to be mitigated. so i'm thankful that the belgian authorities found some additional details. that laptop is going to be very important as well. >> meanwhile, belgium has emerged as a hot bed of extremism. exporting more foreign fighters per capita to syria than any other western european nation. that's according to the international center for the study of radicalization and political violence. it's a london-based think tank. they're adding that the brussels and paris attacks point to a broad network in belgium. i mean, first of all, why? and what can authorities do
1:41 pm
about this? >> i think information has a lot to do with it. in particular, you have, as this latest belgian group demonstrates, these are people that were home grown. these were people that grew up in that particular environment. they're influenced by what's happening in the arab world, in particular in syria and iraq. the only way to stop the foreign fighter, both the ones that come from europe back to the batt battlefielding as well as the foreign fighters that are inspired by what's happening in iraq and syria, is to continue to monitor the transportation, the networks on land, air, and sea that are going into these battlefields. more importantly, to defeat isis. you really have to continue to take away their territory. around raqqa, around iraq. also look at the broader picture with regard to their intent in libya. finally, there's other countries, including tunisia, morocco that are providing a significant number of these foreign fighters that are fighting in syria and they have access back to tunisia, back to libya, and also into europe. >> okay.
1:42 pm
i want to go back to -- i believe it was the french authorities who thwarted another deadly attack on their soil. i mean, they must be doing something right. how do you see it? >> i think they are doing something right. they continue to look at this particular network, they're looking at trying to predict where some of the vulnerabilities are. the french as well as the united states are looking at the data that's available from all this intelligence that's been gleaned from both the paris attack in november as well as the belgian attacks that have occurred. this intelligence is informing a clearer picture of their actual network. that's going to provide additional pre-planned response capability for the intelligence and law enforcement communities to go after these areas. i think there also needs to be a greater outreach into the communities. i think belgian and french authorities are trying to do that to try to find out where the radicalization, the potential radicalization could occur. and finally, looking at the capability and capacity that is
1:43 pm
required on both the intelligence side and law enforcement side in france and in belgium in particular. needs to be bolstered, needs to be strengthened. i think the united states can help in that regard also. >> but what about this -- what should intel organizations take away from this? you mentioned how the u.s. intelligence agencies can help over there, but it has been reported that they're not always crossing their ts and dotting the is and they're not communicating with the european neighboring nations in the region. so, i mean, shouldn't this say something, the fact that this terror group was able to pull off a last-minute change of plans? >> absolutely. this is an intelligence information sharing gap. and that gap needs to be filled by greater intensity in the command centers to pull all this information together to try to predict where these next vulnerable targets are. trying to interdict them before they actually occur.
1:44 pm
the information sharing is a critical capability gap that needs to be resolved. a lot of that is in their own individual country legislation. they don't like to share as much information as we've learned here in the united states. we've done a better job actually in sharing information. i think they would have quite a bit more success if they had a better american type of model working with their new security situation there. but there is an information sharing gap that needs to be resolved. >> captain wells, i leave it there. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you very much, arthel. just in, there's a search and rescue mission under way right now for a sailor who's missing from the uss carter hall, a navy landing ship in the atlantic at this moment. the sailor's name is being withheld at the time. he or she was reported missing yesterday afternoon as that ship was conducting routine training operations supporting the dwight d. eisenhower carrier strike group, training off the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina. the sailor was said to be missing at about 4:20 yesterday
1:45 pm
afternoon. the ship immediately launched a search and rescue operation. we're told that several navy and coast guard units are assisting in that effort. are foreign workers taking our high-tech jobs? there was a rush for those foreign skilled workers' visas, so high that an entire year's mandated supply has been surpassed in less than a week. what's behind it and what does it mean for american workers? ♪ i got a job i got a job ♪ hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it.
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grappling with a growing demand for foreign skilled workers. it's the fourth year in a row that american companies have gobbled up an entire year's worth of visa applications in less than one week. it's triggering a lottery system to decide who gets them. why is there such a rush? and are these visas taking american jobs? joining us is the president of diversified financial consultants. always good to see you. >> how are you? >> this is the infamous h1b visa. how what is it, how does it work, and who gets it?
1:50 pm
>> it's designed for typically higher graduated, masters degree. but these are typically visas that are utilized by students, foreign students that have graduated american schools and they want to stay here. they want to work here and american companies desperately want them to stay here. >> how come americans don't have a take on these jobs? >> to the that they can, they definitely want, and they get hired by americans. we've almost doubled the amount of minorities. we've done a pretty good job of getting women to apply for we've done a good job of getting women to apply. still, there's a huge, huge demand. we are doing a great job of attracting the best talent from around the world to come into the country and get educated. once we educate them, get them degrees, we send them away. we don't keep the talent in this country. >> that sounds opposite of what
1:51 pm
people are saying. people are saying this is being booze abu abused by american companies. replacing american with foreign workers. you say we train them, educate them, then kick them out of the country. >> let's look at statistics. we basically bring a million students a year into the country. gha to the finest universities in california, new york, illinois. they literally get into -- some of the higher education programs, especially computer sciences and engineering, they represent 50%, 60% of the people in the classroom. they get advanced degrees. by the way, china being by a wide margin, being the leading country that sends its kids over here. so we educate them, and once we educate them, they have no recourse to stay and work in this country other than these visas. we send them back, and either they get one of these visas and can come and work here, or they go to hong kong or europe and work for our competitors. >> what about those who say we shouldn't give so many in the
1:52 pm
first place? look, our kids, american men and women, at their expense, they're getting gypped by having all these other students from other countries come? >> we simply are not educating enough of our own students, children to take the jobs. we've done a better job putting emphasis on science and education so that some of these positions in the universities, in the colleges, can be taken on by our own children. but we clearly don't have enough of an emphasis on engineering and science in this country to take those positions. >> what about the abuse? the alleged abuse, disney, for example, being accused of bringing in foreign workers on these visas and firing americans? the story is that disney had their own workers train replacements from other countries who took their jobs. that's not fair. >> look, in any program there's also going to be abuses. this specific program is designed for higher education or very specific skill set jobs. >> if we didn't have it, what would happen? >> well, at the very least, we'd
1:53 pm
lose 65, if you look at the advanced degree, 20,000, 85,000, 95,000 kids, students that wouldn't come back and work in this country. so what does s an american company going to do? they're going to try to find replacements here which they say don't exist, those replacements positions don't -- or they'll hire the companies abroad to do the job. and now you're hiring companies in china and india to do the technology work, and guess what, they're going to get -- these people are going to get paid infinitely less there than here in the united states. >> not outsourcing because they don't have the source. just moving it over there. >> you don't have a choice. if we're going to educate these kids, we're going to educate these students in this country, why don't we keep them here? >> all right. dominic tavelah on the h1-b. hillary clinton making a surprise appearance at a new york charity roast last night. and the democratic front-runner doing a little roasting of her own during the inner circle dinner. all at the expense of one of her high-profile supporters.
1:54 pm
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1:58 pm
square okay, bringing it here on stage here in studio j. anyway, washington reporters have the white house correspondents dinner and the gridiron. in new york city, we are funnier and better looking. the inner circle show, we're talking about the 94th annual inner circle show, was held last night where reporters lampoon the politicians. we cover playing those newsmakers on the stage and saying lines, well, that could never happen on air. >> yep. >> i've been a long-time member of the inner circle, there was last night. after we got our digs in, it was mayor bill de blasio's turn. one of the surprise guests there, he introduced her as his home girl, hillary clinton. she joked about that recent snafu on the campaign trail. >> bill, do me a favor, will you? >> anything. >> okay. there are a lot of things i could ask you of international, national, state, and city importance. >> uh-huh. >> will you just fix these metro
1:59 pm
card slots in the subway? [ applause ] >> that's funny. >> the inner circle raises money for a slew of worthwhile charities, even big bill o'reilly made a cameo appearance on video, razzing the mayor last night. by the way, i played a central part course because the mayor wants to ban the horses of central park which all the new yorkers are against. i also played majority leader mitch mcconnell in a skit about the outsupreme court nomination. most importantly, we raised money for the inner circle charities, going since 1923. quite a night. they always get to get back at us when the mayor comes on the stage. >> how was it playing a horse? >> it -- it was pretty good. i had a costume. then i came out as a boxer, mitch mcconnell, boxing with jim harny, president obama, that character. we had trump, cruz, bernie, hillary. we had everybody in the show. >> and a good time was had by all. a fun evening.
2:00 pm
>> it is. >> i'm glad you do it every year. see you next year. >> all for a good cause. >> absolutely. it's does it for us, "media buzz" is up next. >> have a great afternoon. stay with fox newschannel as we cover this election. take care. orrow on the fox business network 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern. join us. back in a moment on fox. on our buzz on the buzz meter, the campaign runs smack into the new york press corps as donald trump tries to bounce back in his home state after losing wisconsin. and ted cruz gets a bronx cheer. >> you know, lying ted cruz came today, he couldn't draw 100 people. you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values, like we're no good. >> ted, this obviously -- shouldn't have stead. we know what you meant, but new yorkers are taking it a different way. deal with it head on. when you saw this, what did you make of that? >> i laughed out loud. look, i have never been popular with left-wing journalists or tabloids. and frankly, that's


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