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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  April 11, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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e-mail. also read you will your questions on twitter under howard kurtz. back next sunday, 11:00 and 5:00 new york, the state republican and democrat presidential candidates want next. the battle for broadway. packed with political drama today. first gop frontrunner donald trump back on the campaign trail after being away for a few days. he spent time adding new staff and reworking his team following some setbacks, including that loss in wisconsin. he campaigned today in rochester. a city hit hard by outsourcing and a decline in manufacturing. he told the crowd the political primary system for collecting delegates, in his words, is essentially a sham. in which the establishment politicians will always be the favorites. >> so i watch bernie, he wins. he wince. he keeps winning. and then i see he's got no
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chance. they always say he has no chance. why doesn't he have a chance? because the system is corrupt. and it's worse on the republican side. i say this to the rnc and i say it to the republican party. you're going to have a big problem, folks. there are people that don't like what's going on. >> even though he lags behind trump in the deg glegate count,d cruz says he will win the republican nomination. john kasich proving it will be a contested convention, where no one shows up with the requisite 1,237 delegates to clinch it. kasich says he's the only republican who can beat hillary clinton in november. >> at the end of the day, i'm the only person who consistently beats hillary clinton in the fall. when are we going to pick somebody who can't win? that would be nuts. >> and there's more brand-new fox polling shows donald trump holding a commanding lead in new york. john kasich is actually in
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second place but more than 40 points back. ted cruz trails in third. the new fox polling shows something similar happening in pennsylvania. we have fox team political coverage. let's start with molly line in upstate new york. >> reporter: hi, harris. this was the second big event for donald trump in the run-up to the new york primary, which was next tuesday. the airport hangar was packed to overflowing. an enthusiastic and passionate crowd there. many made up their mind about the candidate that they'll be supporting. the space filled with those supporters wearing their hats and sweatshirts. the businessmen kicked off the speech with a promise to working class voters to make better trade deals. but he soon shifted to engaging the crowd in the ongoing delegate battle. and his beef with the establishment, which he believes will try to swipe the election at the convention. >> they're taking your vote away. they're disenfranchising people that want to see america be great again.
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and politicians will never do it. they don't want to do it. they can't do it because their lobbyists and special interests are saying we're not going to let you do it. it's no good. and we've got to change the system. and it's got to change fast. so i think we're going to be fine. we're doing really well. but we've got to have a system where voting means something. >> senator ted cruz has been racking up wins and delegate. he's hoping for a victory and gearing up to do battle for delegates. >> it means the odds of going to a contested convention in cleveland have been much, much higher. if we go into a contested convention, we're going to have a ton of delegates. donnell is going to have a ton of delegates and it's going to be a battle in cleveland to see who can earn a majority of the delegates that were elected by the people. and let me tell you, in that scenario, i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage.
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>> reporter: governor john kasich also sees the convention as the place where he will see his big win. >> well, meanwhile, you heard donald trump looking ahead and feeling good about some things. if you look at some of the new polling, he has reason to feel good at least for some immediate days ahead. >> absolutely. as you mentioned, the new york poll where he's way up in this contest coming up next week, the week after is pennsylvania and some other states. he's up 48%, 22 for kasich. cruz trail20%. so the big goal here on the trump team's part is to win here in new york, to carry that momentum into these further contests later in the month on april 26th. that's when a slew of northern states begin their voting. so these northern states, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland, and some states in trump's own backyard, connecticut and rhode island, places that may very well favor him. so the map is looking good for him in the upcoming couple of weeks. >> molly line, thank you very
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much. i mentioned drama. here's a little bit of it. judging by supporters on social media, people think this is offensive and unprofessional. "the boston globe" ed -- decided to make fun of what would happen a year out. take a peek. it features fake headlines like mass deportations to begin. u.s. soldiers refuse orders to kill isis families. and markets sync as trade war looms. "what you read on this page is what might happen if the gop frontrunner can put his ideas into practice." his words into action. donald trump responding today calling that newspaper worthless and totally dishonest. fox news looks closely at the trump phenomena and how it has changed politics. fox news reporting "donald trump: the disrupter" right after "the fox report." hillary clinton speaking earlier at a cathedral in queens. she called for unity, saying
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voters are even heartsick. bernie sanders stopping by a rally in cocney island grabbinga hot dog. a new poll showing -- and this is more of that new fox news polling showing clinton with a double digit lead in the empire state. let's bring in molly, despite the talk, clinton has some pushback today against a hit on her foreign policy credentials. >> reporter: yes, harris. specifically she responded to a statement by bernie sanders' campaign manager. he said that clinton's very hawkish foreign policy led to the rise of isis. by the way, here you see clinton picking up a key endorsement in maryland today from elijah cummings. clinton dismissed that hit on her foreign policy. >> well, that is beyond absurd. and they're saying a lot of things these days and i'm just
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going to let them say whatever they choose to say. but isis was primarily the result of the vacuum in syria caused by assad, first and foremost, aided and abetted by assad in russia. >> early voting starts this week. clinton has a significant lead in the polls. >> we've talked about contested convention. but they're also talking about that on the democrats' side. >> slult. hillary clinton says she intends to win the nomination outright. but bernie sanders says that's not clear yet. >> if either candidate finds the votes they need, i think there will be some discussion. i'm not really thinking about that too much. >> sanders won the wyoming
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caucuses last night, his eighth win out of the last nine contests. >> but she's still leading. >> we'll talk about that delegate count. some of what we'll get into, what the new fox news polling shows about any potential trump-clinton match-up. and we'll talk about the conventions, contested or otherwise, specifically on the gop side. what does the new manager bring to the game? and for democrats, you heard it. can sanders court enough of clinton's super delegates to make this a faux fight? the insiders tell me they're all ready to debate chris wallace's interview as well with president obama. chris covered a wide range of issues, from terrorism to the clinton e-mail investigation, to the president's view of the future. here's a bit. watch. >> this can be our century, just like the 20th century was, as long as we don't tear each other
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apart because our politics value sensationalism or conflict over cooperation and we don't have the ability to compromise. if we get that part right, nobody can stop us. >> kristin fisher has more from washington. >> harris, the biggest takeaway is probably president obama's personal guarantee that he would not exert any political influence over the justice department as it continues to investigate hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi. not just in this case, but in any case. >> in this case, president obama again said he does not believe his former secretary of state jeopardized national security with the use of a private e-mail server. but he did say it shows a certain degree of carelessness. the other big takeaway is another personal guarantee from the president that he will stand by judge merrick garland as his nominee to the supreme court.
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even if a democrat wins in november. >> are you saying you will stick with merrick garland through the end of your term? >> yes. >> no pulling him after -- >> absolutely not. >> one final takeaway is the way president obama defended himself against criticism that he possibly acts too cavalier after a terror attack. the most recent example is what he did right after the bombings in brussels. he went to a pre-scheduled baseball game in cuba. but today, the president defended his actions and said he'll keep going to things like baseball games after terror attacks because he believes it sends a clear message to terrorists. >> you have nothing to offer. that's the message of resilience, that we don't panic, we don't fear, we will hunt you down and get you. >> it took our chris wallace and fox news sunday eight years to get this interview. to that, president obama said, better late than never. harris? >> perseverance. thank you very much. catch his full interview tonight when "fox news sunday" rehairs at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel.
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right now, hunting down islamic state terror suspects in a suburban neighborhood in one of europe's most prestigious cities. it seems hour by hour investigators are connecting the dots between two men you see here, both wanted in the blood bath in paris and the vicious attacks in brussels last month. and a former super bowl star and his wife gunned down. he's dead. she's injured. and the national football league in shock and mourning. this is "the fox report." i'm harris faulkner.
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the world watching closely. new details unfolding into the terror attacks in belgium. officials there are saying brussels was not the original target. investigators say the terrorists were planning a second assault in france. like that carnage we saw last november. but they say they were closing in and the terrorists reportedly moved up their plot, bombing the
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brussels airport and a subway station instead, killing 32 people, as you know. that was last month. the new details coming after a recent series of raids. authorities arrested the so-called man in the hat. remember him in that airport video? mohammed abrini seen before the airport attack. he's reportedly admitted to being at that crime scene. other evidence also puts him with the paris attackers. and he was a childhood friend with salah abdeslam, the most wanted fugitive after what happened in paris. you'll recall, abdeslam was arrested in brussels only days before the bombings there. they're trying to connect the dots. now to a shocking case of apparent road rage, which left a celebrated former nfl player dead. police say the former saints defensive end will smith was driving when someone rear ended his vehicle. an apparent argument broke out between the two drivers and that's when police say the
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suspect began shooting. smith dead at the scene. his wife hospitalized still with gunshot wounds. a former teammate says senseless and tragic don't even come close to describing this. will carr is following the story from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: police say there is no evidence that these two men knew each other, but they also say that is all under investigation. so here's what we know at this point. police say that car dell hayes was in a hummer when he rear ended smith's mercedes suv. the two men exchanged words. authorities say that hayes started firing. there is one bizarre connection between the two men. take a look at this picture. it was taken just an hour before the shooting. in the picture, you can see will smith, the saints' player on the right. his former -- his friend, former new orleans police commander billy seravalo. we mentioned him on the left there, because he was sued by hayes, the alleged shooter,
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along with several other officers and the city of new orleans back in 2006 after a number of officers shot and killed hayes's father. that case was settled in 2011. here's what the police superintendent had to say about that connection. >> that is interesting. and right now, we're investigating the homicide, all of those facts. perhaps we'll ask questions about those and maybe see if there's any correlation. >> reporter: the attorney says it was hayes who actually stayed at the scene and called 911. today, that came out in court as the judge set his bond for $1 million. >> and i know will smith was just named to the saints' hall of fame. >> that's right. that actually was a unanimous decision that hadn't come out yet until the wake of his death. a economy that decided that announced he would become a part of the saints' hall of fame. he played for the team for a decade. he was a team captain. helped the team win the super
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bowl in 2009. saints' coach sean payton taking to twitter, saying heavy hearts with a senseless passing of our team captain will smith. pray for his wife's recovery and their children. he leaves behind three kids. he was 34 years old. >> so sad. will, thank you very much. the audacity. iran is telling the united states to back off. the iranian government says its missile program is not up for negotiation. no wonder president obama is saying he doesn't think they're following the spirit of that nuclear deal. a lot of critics said they never would. and did you see it today? the perfect play at the masters. a hole in one. but this year for the first time ever, it happened three times. i can do that. of course, there are windmills involved. stay close for the video.
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we have learned the name of an american naval officer charged with espionage. we're being told that lieutenant commander edward lynn was spying for china. the story first reported by u.s. in i news. lin was arrested last year on allegations of handing over sensitive information on national defense. the fbi and the navy are now investigating. if he is found guilty of the most severe espionage charges, he could face the death penalty. and the iranian government apparently is not happy with our secretary of state. secretary john kerry said the u.s. is prepared to find new solutions as iran continues to carry out missile testing, despite whatever is in that nuclear deal. iran's foreign minister taking a hard line should be taking a closer look at regional issues instead of making accusations against teheran. >> both john kerry and the u.s. department of state are aware that iran's missile program and
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defense capabilities are not negotiable. >> i wonder what was in those side deals on that iran deal? connor power has more from our middle east bureau now. connor? >> harris, signing the international nuclear agreement with iran was no easy task, but enforcing it is proving to be even more difficult for the obama administration and its european, russian, and chinese allies. last month, teheran conducted several ballistic missile tests, which were marked with a statement in hebrew reading israel must be wiped off the earth. both the u.n. security council and the eu criticized the test, saying they were violations of the comprehensive nuclear agreement. on thursday, secretary of state john kerry said the international coalition was open to a new arrangement with iran to find a peaceful solution to the disagreement over the missile test. but iran's foreign minister said sunday the country's missile program is not up for
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negotiation. adding that if the u.s. was serious about the middle east, washington should stop supplying weapons to its allies saudi arabia and israel. >> if the u.s. government is serious about defense issues, it should decrease selling arms to the region that slaughters innocent people in yemen every day, or arms that the zionist regime officially uses against civilians. >> despite iran's recent missile test, the obama administration and its international partners showed no signs of willing to walk away from this nuclear agreement. but there is pressure to respond. right now, it isn't clear how the white house will. harris? >> connor powell, thank you very much. the masters, four grand days of golf, is in the history books. this year's winner, british golfer, there he is. ending a nearly 20-year drought for europeans at augusta national. he won after a late collapse by reigning masters champ jordan spieth this afternoon. boy, it's tough to close, isn't
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it? no way! oh, it goes in. that only happens for me in miniature golf. but the biggest masters moment had nothing to do with who won. it was all the holes in one. the 16th hole, three of them just today. this was the first time this has ever happened in masters history. look at this. one more. boom! only in my dreams. wait for it. nothing but plastic cups. hillary clinton and donald trump both ahead of their respective party rivals in the latest new york polling. but what happens if they go head-to-head? in new york. plus -- >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy.
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we're supposed to be -- we're supposed to be you vote and the vote means something. >> donald trump says cruz is not playing by the rules. but is there anything his team can do to change the game at this point when it comes to rounding up all those delegates he'll need? and remember, we love it when you chime in and tune in, so hit us up on our fox news social page twitter and facebook. the fox news political insiders are next.
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let's bring in the fox news political insiders. john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york. pat caddell, former pollster for president jimmy carter. and doug shoan, fox news contributor as well. they are all here at the same time, ladies and gentlemen. let's talk about the brand-new fox polling. first we'll look at the republicans in the state of new york as we roll into this next primary here. trump on top 54%. i don't know that that's necessarily a shocker, john. what are your thoughts? >> trump's going to be above 50. he wants to be above all 50 in congressional districts. he can sweep almost all the delegates. he would get them all and i think that's what he's aiming for. his two opponents don't seem to be getting any traction here at all. >> ted cruz in third place. although he is tightening up. >> in other states. let's pop up how the democrats
1:31 am
are doing in new york as well. i don't know that this is a huge shocker either. >> here's what's going on. with sanders having won eight of the nine most recent democratic caucuses and primaries, the real question was would this provide momentum in the key state of new york for senator sanders. so far, the answer is absolutely not. there were polls before last week that had the race ten points. so this is very good news for the former secretary of state. >> eight of nine contests would normally make you sit up and think. is it a real fight? is it a faux fight? >> so far to me it looks like a faux fight. because senator sanders is not using the issues and themes on which he can beat hillary. to attack her for not being
1:32 am
qualified is a bad mistake. to not use ethics, trust, and transparency is a profound mistake. >>pat? >> yeah, i agree with that. first of all, it's an important primary because he keeps winning primaries, but he keeps not getting the delegates because the system is so rigged with super delegates. >> you know who you sound like. >> who? >> donald trump. he says the same thing. >> i'm a democrat. i can tell you -- >> rigged on both sides? >> it's rigged on both sides. >> it's rigged to deny the voters a choice. and it's especially egregious in the democratic party, the part of the people, that we start with a system that gives whoever the establishment candidate is, a lead before it ever starts. but let me just say something about sanders. i agree entirely with what doug just said. calling her unqualified just a misuse of the word. she called him everything under
1:33 am
the suchbl n. it's like if i said to doug, you're really an idiot and a terrible pollster. >> you're finally being honest. >> you know what? it's up to the voters to decide whether or not you're qualified. really? this is the kind of stuff, this media bending over backwards to support her. and it's all to push the voters out. and the voters on both sides -- >> i want to throw in i think there's a big debate thursday night here in brooklyn. and i think sanders will take it to her. i think this thing will tighten up again to single digits. i think she's got trouble with african-american turnout in this primary. >> but even if that's true, and it may well be, but how can sanders leave new york after the debate, go to rome, italy, to
1:34 am
the vatican. how can he do that? >> he's getting a pseudo endorsement by being there from a very left wing hope. >> would you rather be in brooklyn campaigning? >> i'm not bernie sanders. i don't want to be any part of it. >> i don't grasp how you have a debate, and if you have what you say, i think a debate where he can really put her on the defensive. particularly on the money. particularly on the transcripts of the goldman sachs speeches and her disingenuousness about all of that and character. and then get up and leave as opposed to following up that debate over three or four days. >> it's an interesting question. so you're making a point of why this really smelled -- it kind of looks like a faux fight for the democrats' side. do you think he can scoop up super delegates? >> here's what i think could happen.
1:35 am
i am predicting if sanders does what other candidates have done in the past, they will demand that the rules change on super delegates and that they have to reflect the voters in their states. and if that fight -- remember, in this very poll we had, 54% of kasich voters said they were either going third party or not vote. and over 40% of sanders voters. >> what will happen if both political parties go to a contested convention, do you think it will affect the markets and the economy? >> it could well, and i'll tell you why. if donald trump comes up a bit short, which is entirely possible, and the republicans seek to deny him, the nomination which i think will happen. his people will be in the streets. bernie sanders's people, who i think will be frustrated with a result, which notwithstanding in
1:36 am
attempt to change the rules, will not work. >> the biggest thing i'm reading about is that people will just be so sour, they won't vote. i want to get to this. if it is hillary clinton and donald trump, how they both stack up right now in new york and pennsylvania. pop up those numbers. you'll see hillary clinton leading that. they're chiselling them backstage. let's fast forward to pennsylvania. is this an outlier? look at what's happening in pennsylvania. what's going on there? >> blue collar, the western pennsylvania -- remember the people that the president said oh, those people cling to their guns and their religion. those people are going to vote for trump, or cruz, or somebody against hillary clinton. >> let's talk quickly about where donald cruz is.
1:37 am
>> donald cruz? >> excuse me, ted cruz. >> it's like when you mix the celebrities together. brangelina. >> where are they now? well, trump is going to -- he had a disastrous -- as we discussed last week, showing in wisconsin. you ended up with a lot of people saying they won't vote for him. both these candidates have general election problems. the ap poll this week -- and there are some problems with it. it showed half the voters would not vote for hillary. and well over that would not vote for trump. and over half wouldn't vote for cruz either. we have an election where the candidates are managing to win primaries or collect delegates as crews are taking them out in different states. the majority of americans, they're not convincing them that that has anything to do with
1:38 am
them. >> a lot of people don't tune in yet. and those that are choosing to and vote, it seems like their votes don't count. we'll be right bac
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you go to these conventions, and you see the stoppo tactics -- >> that's a strong word. >> the reality is they are not playing by the rules. >> the fox news political insiders are back. john, why are you shaking your head? >> he's working for donald and he's going to say that. but it's really inaccurate what's going on in these state conventions every weekend. the hidden news we have to get to is each weekend cruz is picking up delegates that are loose, that are unbound, or for the second ballot.
1:42 am
>> should it go to a contested convention. >> before that is what's really going on is mayhem inside donald trump's campaign. there were factions, fighting. >> is he the right guy? >> he is one of the right guys. >> he's a very sharp guy. >> he's generated controversy, but far more important than that, is he is somebody who takes charge, who knows the d l delegate game, who is able to get to donald trump and say this is what we're going to do, donald, and donald is going to defer to him. it is the key to the trump candidacy, and any chance he has to win is based on paul mana fortuna fort. >> you hear that, but is this the guy who really can get it done? >> well, yes. they need somebody who is driving that bus. >> what about for ted cruz,
1:43 am
though? he's been picking them up. >> there are states, the republicans have that voters -- like in colorado, didn't even have a chance to participate. >> how do you think he's done it? >> because he's outorganized everybody. >> you asked in the commercial is he the smartest guy? on running this campaign, of the five candidates, cruz is by far ahead. he's the one who's got this thing figured out. on air and on tv, he's rather unattractive. >> to you. >> but he's very self-disciplined. >> he said he's against new york values in new york. >> he said it was a disaster publicly. his performance. he just didn't do well. he's gone basically dark. he's taken it back. >> he's in rochester this weekend. >> manafort is good for the
1:44 am
behind the scenes delegate stuff. but the question is can trump recast himself as the candidate from last fall. less invective. >> let me speak to that. he's got two tasks. one is to secure the nomination and the fight for delegates when there's so many what i call trojan horse delegates. delegates who are -- you don't get to pick your own delegates. you were saying many rules that allowed the party leaders, the hacks to take over those roles as delegates, saying i'll be the trump delegate, but i'm really not. and then we have the other problem, which i keep addressing. donald trump has got to change his public persona, and he has got to become -- >> he says he can. >> well, he better, because here's the problem. he is being put on a new testing pattern of whether or not he is able to be presidential, and as i said, and also to have people
1:45 am
have confidence in him. that means a different campaign. >> king friday says what do you think of roger stone who works for the trump camp, threatening delegates in cleveland. >> roger stone is an effective operator. in the 2000 election, he brought people to florida and demonstrated outside radio stations to gin up support for george w. bush. he's a premium organizer. he is a partner and longtime friend of paul manafort. these are serious people who play to win. this is very important for trump. it's not something that's going to be reported. but trust me, they could make the difference for donald. >> you know hillary clinton very well. if it should turn out to be
1:46 am
donald trump versus hillary clinton, we talked about statistics and the numbers in new york and pennsylvania. but in a general election, does this kind of ground team now with these men that you just mentioned for donald trump make it tougher for hillary clinton? john is saying no. what do you think? >> i'll say yes, and i'll tell you why. donald trump's numbers have gotten very, very bad for the reasons pat suggested. if he's going to be a credible general election candidate, should he get the nomination, he's going to need to be very tough, very harsh, very negative. there's no one tougher, harsher, and more negative and effective than paul manafort and roger stone. >> we haven't yet seen the key here. not the staff. it's the candidate. and the candidate has driven himself to have a 70% disapproval rating among all voters, across all demographics, even in the south. >> who do you want it to be? >> it's not who i want. i'm analyzing race. and i'm saying he's crossed the point where i think he may not be able to return from. >> who in your party has not
1:47 am
crossed that point and could emerge? >> the other two theoretically. he could win a general election. and kasich definitely could win the general election. but he can't get nominated. he can't even win a primary other than his home state. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. and what i also know, because i handle a lot of classified information, is that there are -- there's classified, and then there's classified. there's stuff that is really top secret top secret, and there's stuff that is being presented to the president or the secretary of state that you might not want going out over the wire, but is basically stuff that you could
1:51 am
get an open source. >> you know, it makes people sore, including me, when the president talks to us like we're 6. my 6-year-old knows that when mommy says no, she's not saying no. there's classified -- what does that even mean? >> what the president is doing here is trying to buttress hillary clinton. in the beginning of the interview, he said there was no threat to national security, as he said before. even though he also said he was not going to get involved. by saying what he did about top secret and top, top secret, he was saying there might have been some inadvertent mistakes. >> are you trying to say he is checking around the fbi? >> he is. >> what? >> she and lynch -- no, they should do their job. the president of the united states is sending them signals, or trying to, to lay off, there's nothing here. >> is it ethical for him to do that? >> no, of course not.
1:52 am
>> don't sugar coat it, pat. i want to make a prediction. >> he is as bad or worse than richard nixon. >> i want to make a prediction. the fbi primary is in full force. >> this happened today on fox. by wednesday, the intelligence community is going to leak something out to counteract that. because what he said today has driven those men and women -- >> it's a taunt? >> oh, yeah. >> and they are furious about it. he's minimizing what they do. minimizing the security stuff. >> he's minimizing the american voter as well. he's minimizing the ability to understand what's going on. if any of us were under investigation by the fbi, can you imagine your boss, or your co-worker or your friend standing up and offering a statement to the fbi? >> this is an attempt to influence loretta lynch and the
1:53 am
justice department. i'm a hillary clinton supporter, but i would tell you, she does face a serious risk. more likely than not given this interview, that risk has been left -- >> it goes hand in hand now. >> if they send up a criminal referral and don't act on it, i'm going to tell you this is going to be like the saturday night massacre. i've lived long enough to know what happens when the country sees justice being overturned in the federal government. this president sounded like he was defending h.r. halderman. >> matt lauer interviewed hillary in a diner in the bronx and asked her -- he said, you know, a lot of republicans say they won't be happy until they see you marched off in handcuffs. and he said oh, that will never happen. >> i don't think it will. maybe you're the same way. you kind of know that the fix is in. >> it is. that the fbi is not going to nail her. >> what kind of country has this
1:54 am
become? >> don't chortle about it, doug. >> you know, stop it. we have no democracy in this country. we have rigged rules. the people who are the owners of this country are having it snatched from them. we have a class that says we are kings and screw you all. it is getting out of control. where you're becoming, as i said before, a banana republic, and the american people, if they don't get it this election, you wait. >> when you say you don't think it will happen, it's not that you don't think there's evidence that she could have committed a crime. >> there's potential evidence. >> so why can't that trump politics? >> politics gets in the way. and frankly, the obama administration is protecting her. you know it, i know it. what the president did today is say he's redoubling. the irs and everything else -- as i said, worse than richard nixon. and i'm just amazed how chris
1:55 am
wallace rolled over on that one today. >> it's interesting, because as you are watching this, and chris wallace did his job. >> he half did his job. i think he did his job, he did a good job. >> he's asking the questions. and we're reacting to something that -- when i first watched this, i thought to myself, is he really offering information sort of out there for the nib to snack on? it's like a taunt, right? the question now is how do they react. >> i predict to you, they're going to react in a very harsh way by leaking something to turn this back in their direction by wednesday. >> this is a clear message to loretta lynch and the prosecutors in the criminal division not to indict. chris wallace goes after everybody like he is god. >> easy, easy, easy. >> and he let the president off, and didn't say aren't you right now signaling loretta lynch? >> i've seen you get mad at a lot of people because they don't
1:56 am
ask the next question. we've got to go. we'l you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
1:57 am
final thought. go, doug. >> hillary clinton, new york, and pennsylvania consolidating, closing things out. donald trump getting much stronger will win new york and pennsylvania. double digits. >> john? >> he may win those states, but he's in much more trouble getting to 1,237 than he was even two weeks ago. >> delegates? >> my comment is very quick. bill clinton is trying to defend
1:58 am
his legacy. hillary is abandoning his legacy. and if there was a real press corps in this country as opposed to people who are on her team, they would question this. >> lap dogs. >> that was the shortest thing you've ever said. this week on "outnumbered", tune in noon eastern. tomorrow, congressman peter king of new york, former chairman of the homeland security committee will join us in the middle seat. don't miss it. gentlemen, always love having you on the set. >> great pleasure. >> so spirited. that's going to do it for us on "fox report." i'm harris faulkner. thanks a lot for watching. noon eastern tomorrow for "outnumbered" and all during the it is monday, april 11th, and this is a fox news alert. road rage or revenge? brand-new investigation about the murder of a former super
1:59 am
bowl champion as the accused killer is about to face a judge. >> lucky to be alive. frantic moments after a plane falls out of a sky landing in a residential neighborhood and bursts into flames. then the investigation into what happens. and chasing delegates. as colorado has no primary or caucus and ted cruz celebrates a victory. up next, new york, the brand-new fox news poll shows who's ahead in the empire state. "fox & friends first" starts right now. good morning, hope you had a nice weekend. >> i'm abby huntsman. >> i'm heather childers. let's do get straight to the fox news alert. road rage or revenge? brand-new clues in the murder of
2:00 am
will smith. the accused killer about to face a judge. following breaking live from washington, d.c. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning, abbey and heather. good to see you as well. this is being described as a senseless act of view owelines and it is leaving nfl fans stunned, saddened, worse, worse, a wife without her husband and three children now without a father. former new orleans saints player and super bowl champion will smith with his wife posting this picture right before his death. the message having fun in the french quarter, 2016. hours later the couple's good time turned into tragedy. now the burning question, was it road rage or revenge. cardell hays rear ended his wife while they were driving home.


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