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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 11, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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alarm didn't sound. the ugly. a new meaning to thigh gap. some say this photo of victoria beckham is a major fail and point out she's missing the top connecting her upper thigh to her body. heather, you wonder how they look and say, that looks good. >> might be the way she's bent. "fox & friends" starts now. have a great day. >> bye. good monday morning to you. it is april 11th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, a fox news alert. the shocking death of a super bowl champion. this morning, the suspect, a semi pro football player is in custody with bond set at $1 million. was it an act of revenge or simply road rage? donald trump lost in new york and speaks out. >> i couldn't care bernie. i couldn't care less, i couldn't care less about bernie.
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but he wins and wins like me. >> is donald trump right, and could the system be helping ted cruz scoop up delegates? we'll talk to donald trump live this show. then, the hunt is on for the real-life hamburglar. this thief went into a restaurant for cash but couldn't help leaving without before first firing up the grill. he's his mug shot. police need -- >> that's not him. >> that's not him -- >> sure is. he's on the loose. mornings are better with friends. ♪ hi, everybody, welcome to studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan. nice day. hope you had a nice weekend. pete hegseth in for brian. >> thanks for having me. >> you were up watching masters yesterday. >> ainsley was at the masters. >> it was great. we couldn't see much golf because the crowds are pretty thick. it was a great experience. >> a heck of a masters. a meltdown. >> it was.
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>> you weren't distracting jordan spieth, were you? >> i did get to see him. i like him a lot. hate that he didn't win. we've got a very busy program and start with this. >> a fox news alert. road range or resflenchlg new clues in the murder -- revenge? new clues in the murder of former new orleans saint will smith. >> disbelief and shock hit the nfl. >> "fox & friends first" had breaking developments. heather? >> reporter: good morning. it is being described as a senseless act of violence, leaving nfl fans stunned and saddened, and worse, a wife without her husband, and three children without a father. a former new orleans saints player and super bowl champion, will smith, seen here in this picture with his wife, right before his death. the caption, "having fun in the french quarter." hours later, the couple's good time turned to tragedy. now the burning question -- was his death random or revenge? police say that the suspect, cardel hayes, rear-ended smith and his wife while they were
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driving how. hayes and smith got -- driving home. hayes and smith got into an argument and hayes pulled a gun and killed smith. his wife shot in the right leg. >> obviously being in new orleans, we all are aware of will smith as we are of every other saints football player. but were they friends, did they hang out in the same circles, things like that, the answer is no. >> and here's the bizarre twist -- hayes' father was killed during a standoff with police back in 2005. hayes' family sued. and just before smith's death, he was having dinner with an officer named in the civil suit. now police are trying to figure out when this coincidence relates to the investigation. >> it is interesting, and right now we're investigating the homicide. all of those facts. perhaps we'll ask questions about those and maybe see if there's any correlation. >> reactions to smith's death are pouring in this morning.
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former saint deuce mcallister, "pray for my friend's family. pray for his teammates. so senseless. rest in peace." and lebron james, "prayers and condolences sent out to will smith and his beautiful family." hayes is charged with second-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bond. a lot of questions remain. back to you. >> yep. a lot of questions. we just need more answers. thank you very much. >> thanks. three beautiful children he leaves behind. >> what happened? what happened? all right. four minutes after the top of the hour. the first time of the week, we welcome heather. >> hi. good morning. hope you had a great weekend. great to see you back, pete. and hope you had a great weekend, as well. an ohio police officer fighting for his life this morning after being shot by an arson suspect, columbus police were serving a warrant on 44-year-old lincoln rutledge when he shot the veteran police officer. rutledge set fire to his apartment building during the standoff. huge flames captured by a drone
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camera. he's now charged with attempted murder. the officer has not been identified. we'll keep you post. secretary of state john kerry visiting the memorial at hiroshima seven decades after the u.s. became the first down ever drop atomic bombs. his message was one of hope for a nuclear-free world and not an apology. this as we learn the taliban says that they targeted kerry in a rocket attack in kabul, afghanistan. two explosions rocking the afghan capital just one hour after his surprise visit yesterday. a top democrat in the benghazi committee now endorsing hillary clinton for president. maryland congressman elijah cummings says he was originally waiting until the investigation was finished to endorse a candidate, but it was simply taking too long. while he's endorsing hillary, he's advising mrs. clinton to embrace some of the issues that bernie sanders has been standing behind, including what they call income equality and college tuition. sanders and clinton spent the weekend in new york campaigning. sanders stopping in coney island
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yesterday to chow down on hot dogs at the iconic nathan's restaurant. the masters, it turns into a shocker after a meltdown by defending champion jordan spieth. he was holding a 65 lead before dropping six shots in three holes. check it out. >> between the bunkers. oh, my goodness. >> england's danny willet capitalizing on the mistakes, shooting a five under 67 to win the iconic green jacket. three strokes over spieth and lee westwood. willet also had no bogeys on his card to match the best score of the weekend. he's the first englishman to win masters since 1996. after that painful defeat, social media exploded with all kinds of memes. the most possible was crying jordan, where you see a tearful michael jordan in the place of
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spieth's head. fans also captured spieth's stone expression in the background at the augusta -- as the augusta national chairman welcomed willet. ainsley, did you catch the end of it? >> no, i didn't catch the end. we well to catch the last flight out of atlanta. we had to head back. it was a two-hour drive from augusta. >> were you shocked? >> yes, we were -- >> everybody was shocked! we were talking in the newsroom about how they won't allow you to take in a camera or your phone. ainsley doesn't have any selfies. she doesn't have pictures. >> i know. hated that. >> in the spirit of what you see people on the internet do, why doesn't somebody photoshop ainsley's face -- >> i can't wait to see this -- >> into pictures. >> there i was. will and i are on the side, watching. got an up-close, personal look. >> fascinating. >> right at the tee box. >> i love that. >> e-mail them, or tweet us or facebook. hold on, i do have a present for you guys. >> whoa!
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>> we had to wait in this long, long line. they actually -- it was amazing the way they had the stuff working. i wanted to get you green hats, but they were sold out. i'm sorry. >> thank you. that is so -- >> we stood in line. we went through the whole thing. we got all this memorabilia to bring back to y'all, then we put it in a locker. you couldn't walk around with. the lady says, come over if you want to ship it to new york. we're like, we don't have room in our luggage, we ship it to new york, and i real eyes to end, i don't have anything to bring back to you on the set. we went back through and got more hats. enjoy those. >> i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> now people are going to think i know how to golf if i wear that thing. let's talk politics. in colorado, exactly what happened at the republican state convention where ted cruz, as you see from the delegate count, shut out donald trump? the delegate count, 34 for cruz, 0 for trump. i was trying to figure out what happened. i was reading the "denver post"
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to figure out how they chose their delegates. you know, they didn't have a statewide election where everybody goes to vote. >> right. >> apparently month ago they had the chance for people to have a straw poll but decided not to do it this year because they didn't want the delegates chosen months ago to be supporting marco rubio or somebody who's no longer running. the republicans selected delegates through the caucus process. then they describe it this way, "the denver post." they put the election of the delegates in the hands of party insiders and activists leaving 90% of a million republican voters on the sidelines. to pick the delegates to represent them, they lined them up and said, okay, give a speech. ten seconds. ten seconds. make it fast. >> that's exactly how it works. it's similar to minnesota. i ran for office once, was a part of the caucus process. on march 1st was when they first had the actual initial caucuses. then there were county caucuses, state, the state district convention. state convention. anyone can be involved in the process. the onus is being involved early and organizing.
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that's what cruz did. by the end, it doesn't matter how much support you have overall, it's all the delegates at the convention. and cruz was extremely organized. >> donald trump was complaining, saying it's not fair that people should go to the polls and vote and not these party insiders. he tweeted this, he says, "how is it possible that the people of the great state of colorado never got to vote in the republican primary? great anger, totally unfair!" >> it will feel unfair. but what cruz did was play by the rules. >> right. the system is in place and played by the rules. >> to a candidate, it feels unfair. if you actually look at the rules and the system, it's how they've been doing it. >> the way they set up the rules. if you're sitting in colorado and a republican going, i didn't get to vote, i would have liked to have voted for somebody. paul manifort said this yesterday with chuck todd -- >> he's threatening -- you go to these county conventions and see the gestapo tactics, scorched earth -- >> gestapo tactics?
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that's a strong word. >> we're going to be filing several protests. the reality is, they are not playing by the rules. >> one of the things that was curious was after ted cruz won all the delegates, the official republican party of the great state of colorado tweeted out, we did it #nevertrump. and within a couple of second, the republican party ran into the press room and said, hey, we're not responsible for that. and they have an investigation. nonetheless, a -- a little ocean their face. >> i want to ask donald trump about the tactics. he and this individual, paul manafort, that you saw, sang harsh words for ted cruz and his tactics. i'm going ask him about that at 7:00 a.m. we'll talk to him. >> you've got to be more precise about words. gestapo, the nazi secret police, murders, torture, terrorism, a little much on that. >> we've got a busy three hours. we'll talk politics all morning long. and this, also politics. "the boston globe" making real headlines with their fake cover
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about donald trump. what does the donald think about that? >> how about that stupid "boston globe," it's worthless. sold for did you see the story? >> we saw it, and so did howie karr. he says, this is beyond parodpa. and in high school, could medical marijuana be coming to the classroom? >> what? no longer snack day? ♪ (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds
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media bias alert. the "boston globe" coming up with this. a fake front page taking aim at donald trump, as you see. here are some of the phony headlines that they came up with. if trump were to be president. one of the headlines says, "deportations to begin." another says, "markets sink as trade war looms." "u.s. soldiers refuse orders to kill isis families." joining us now with his reaction is syndicated radio talk show host howie karr. good to see you again. >> my pleasure. >> what did you make of this when you read this? >> it -- it is truly beyond parody that the "boston globe" would do this. this paper has a -- a sordid
3:17 am
reputation in american journalism for fake stories, fabricated columnists, people like mike barnacle, you know, jason blair, "the new york times" pipe artist got his start at the "boston globe." they've had all kinds of problems over the years with stories, bad polling, being a tool of the kennedy family for generations. and the thought that they would put out something like this is ridiculous. i mean, it's like an april fool's parody that was late. most journalistic organizations don't do april fool's jokes anymore for obvious reasons. the other thing is, what's the timing here beyond the -- week late for april fools' day. donald trump appears to be losing at least a little bit of steam here. and they had a -- an overheated editorial on the second page of the opinion section where this phony front page appeared. once again, demanding that the republican party stop donald trump. it was almost an exact copy of
3:18 am
the editorial that they ran before the massachusetts primary on march 1st. and that had such a great effect that donald trump got half the votes in this state. it's -- massachusetts is where he got his largest plurality so far. and they had absolutely no impact. he won the state by 31 points. now they're demanding it again when all the primaries in our area are over. none of it made any sense. and the headlines, deportations to begin. i mean, how about you play it like this and just say u.s. immigration laws to be enforced again after eight years of border chaos? >> yeah. >> you could play it that way, too. they also blamed him for, you know, trying to sue journalists for libel. i mean, talk about irony here. i mean, hillary clinton, "the globe's" candidate, she went to the supreme court to shut down a documentary film about herself. >> that's the question -- >> donald trump was just -- daydream being taking out journalists. she went to court to do it. that's what citizens usnietd all about. >> how is the outrage on the other side? why aren't they saying, why
3:19 am
isn't this about hillary clinton? do you think they'll run something about hillary and what the headlines might read and make it as negative as they have for donald trump coming up? >> of course they're not going to do that. you know, i wrote in my column, in "the boston herald" today that they could do for hillary, they could just do a headline, new documents reveal hillary lied about, and fill in the blank for, you know, anything. and for bernie sanders, he's crazy, too. what about -- you remember he went on cnbc and said americans have too many deodorant choices. remember that? >> i do, yeah. >> you could write a headline for sanders and say, new president inaugurated directs federal trade commission to shut down production of aerosols, rollers and creams, also effective. >> we'll keep that a secret. howie, great to see you. thank you very much for weighing in. >> my pleasure. >> have a good one. the brutal murder of super bowl champion will smith sending shock waves throughout the nfl and throughout america.
3:20 am
a former nfl player and friend of smith's is going to join us coming up next. then, a real-life hamburglar. this thief went into a restaurant for cash but couldn't leave without firing up the grill? look at that. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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time now on this monday to look at your headlines. first up, hundreds of refugees bombarded with teargas and rubber bullets after trying to break through a fence on the greece border. the refugees stranded since
3:24 am
february were told the gate would open up, but when it didn't, they tried to break through. meanwhile, a taiwan-born u.s. navy officer is facing espionage charges in a highly secretive case. lieutenant commander edward linn who served on some of the navy's most sensitive intelligence-gathering skraft accused of passing -- aircraft is accused of passing secrets to china. he could face the death penalty. pete? >> shouldn't be passing secrets. here, the nfl rocked by news of the sudden and senseless road rage killing of former saints defensive end and super bowl champion will smith. many in the league expressing grief on social media. one message going viral from former saints lineman mike mcguinn. he tweeted, "a man loses his life over a collision? a wife becomes a widow over an argument? three children lose their daddy over nothing!" a powerful tweet. joining me, former saint offensive lineman, mike mcglynn. thanks for join us.
3:25 am
>> thanks for having me on. >> this is obviously a distressing, terrible, tragic story. you didn't know will very well. he was a former teammates. he was an acquaintance, a friend. you got to know him. tell me a little about him, first of all, who you knew him to be. >> well, i was a member of the new orleans saints last year. and will was not on the team obviously. but being a pillar of the franchise and being on the super bowl team that the saints had and one of the sons of new orleans, has been such a big guy when it comes to communities relations in that city, i -- i knew him as that, and i knew him as obviously a competitor that i competed against. >> you know, you didn't -- you were in the same organization, an acquaintance. you didn't play with him. but you were impacted by this. why are -- why are you and others who -- maybe even knew him briefly so impacted by this
3:26 am
senseless violence? >> living in new orleans for with b s-- for about six months i grew accustomed to the city. it's a great city. it has a lot of things going on right now that needs to change. gun violence is a big reason and a big issue in the city right now. and when i woke up yesterday morning and saw the killing and murder of will smith, it hit me hard. it just made me think about the problems and things that are happening in the city of new orleans now, and something needs to change. >> you -- you talked to a lot of folks in new orleans. how is the community as a whole there reacting to this? >> well, right now, they're really questioning why. and i think that's a question that's never going to be answered completely. >> you know, you talk, you talked about the football being
3:27 am
a fraternity, fellow players of yours, you're always in touch. there's an ethos together. is this something you ever talked about in the locker room, otherwise fear of confrontation in public from someone and how to handle it? it seems senseless. could folks like you be prepared for that? >> yeah. in my short time in new orleans, there was a bunch of instances where there was violence in the community. guys having problems while out having a drink. and so that was a thing where you had to be smart about where you were attending and it was definitely an issue. >> sure. mike mcglynn, former saints player, friend of will smith, we appreciate you honoring his memory this morning. obviously a lot more details on this. you're channeling the feelings of many this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. the cia director says no more water boarding. even if the next president gives him a direct order. the controversial comment and
3:28 am
donald trump's response straight ahead. plus, what better way to celebrate national barber shop quartet day? ainsley's warming up with the quartet for their all-female performance next. ♪ it's more than a network. it's how you stay connected. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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"i had an old coat, a pair of shoes, maybe 20 rubles. that's it." "the door to america was open, for our whole family." don't miss your chance to relive your ancestors' journeys, with free access to our entire collection of immigration records. ends monday. you know what my favorite part of new york is? the subway. i love to ride it, and i am comfortable riding it. in fact, here's me using it earlier today. the new york city subway is the best way to get around. ow. sorry -- it's been a while. is this a working metro card? is this? i'll just go in the old-fashioned way. [ laughter ]
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i'll take a cab. cab is the best way to get around. [ laughter ] >> just walk. >> take a cab. >> get exercise. >> that was so funny. >> it is funny because it's true. >> i know. >> and that was a p.r. stunt that went horribly wrong. >> horribly wrong. i know. we've been dvrth "saturday night live." this is -- when it gets good. laughing so hard. >> funny stuff. donald trump's going to join us within the half hour. he's going to talk about hillary clinton. now, we turn to heather with the news. we start with water boarding. yes, good morning. good morning to all of you. a couple of serious news headlines now. tact or torture? the cia director, john brennan, saying his agriculture will never again use enhanced interrogation method odds including that against terrorists even if ordered to do so by the president. listen -- >> i would not agree to having any cia officer carrying out
3:33 am
water boarding again. >> and brennan may be in for a bit of a fight. both donald trump and senator ted cruz say that they would authorize it. trump saying the restrictions make america seem weak. the cia used water boarding after 9/11. it was considered perfectly legal, but president obama banned it in 2009 under pressure from critics who called it torture. in his final year in the white house, president obama now reflecting on what went wrong during his time in office. listen to this -- >> probably failing to plan for the day after what i think was the right thing to do in intervening in libya. >> president obama says he still believes that the u.s. was right to intervene. it resulted in the death of libyan dictator muammar gadhafi. he regrets not preparing for the aftermath that resulted in the country descending into chaos, and it enabled isis to gain a
3:34 am
foothold. it's not the first time he's expressed this regret. earlier this month, obama telling "the atlantic" that even though the plan went as well as could be expected, libya is still a mess. he previously stated his biggest regret was not helping to end divisiveness in congress. a new colorado law allowing pot in public schools now heads before a house committee. the current law also allows students who need medical marijuana to use edible pot at school as long as the school districts agree with it. no school districts currently allow it, so patient advocates are pushing the bill to make colorado the second state to require nurses and patients to administer medical marijuana. what do you think of that? and a real-life hamburglar on the loose in washington, d.c., after security cameras captured this guy at a really bizarre crime. he breaks into a five guys burger joint by following a delivery driver inside. it was not to steal the cash but to steal some burgers. you see him spark the grill, throw on a couple of patties, of course.
3:35 am
he also stole a bottle of water on his way out. no word if he got a happy meal. those are your headlines. >> when you're hungry, you're hungry. >> that didn't happen in colorado? >> yeah. exactly. >> yeah. a little hungry. >> he had some munchies. >> thank you. >> see you soon. >> you've got to know what you're doing. >> so crazy. he's taking his time, too. >> looking for the burger. >> the five guys to the one guy. all right. meanwhile to the weather. >> extreme weather to talk about. is that more spring snowfall? no, a massive snow system dropping huge hailstones across oklahoma and in texas. >> check out this good-bye of stones from the sooner state. some damaging obviously cars and whatnot. reportedly the size of golf balls. those are about the same of quarters. >> yeah. >> in time for the masters. >> we'll ask the expert. maria molina watching the storms stretching across the great plains. >> reporter: that's right. severe weather yesterday across texas and oklahoma. now the storm system is going to continue moving eastward and will bring another round of
3:36 am
severe storms across parts of the southern plains. taking a look at the wider picture, you see we're getting precipitation across a wide swath of the nation. anywhere from the northeast through the midwest and also across the plains in parts of new england. temperatures cold enough that some of the precipitation is coming down in the form of winter weather with a wintry mix in areas of snow showers moving through the region. otherwise, severe weather possible today across eastern texas, oklahoma, louisiana, and also into arkansas. we have the concern for some very large hail today with some of these storms that develop. and also the threat for isolated tornadoes. we'll keep watching the threat again from areas across eastern texas through arkansas. temperatures now already very warm across southern plains. that's a sign that we are expecting to see some storms later on. we have very warm temperatures already in place. high humidity. temperatures already in the 70s early this morning. and they will be climbing out there into the 90s across some regions of texas. as we head farther north into the plains, a chilly one.
3:37 am
only expecting to see temperatures reaching the 40s in minneapolis and farther east in chicago. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. it is national barber shop quartet day. and we invited the class ring quartet to perform with us today. >> that's right. with us, mary duncan, heather crohn's, haley -- i butchered it -- myett, and elena slinkin. they'll be singing. but first -- >> good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> first of all, barber shot quartet. aren't you supposed to have striped jackets? >> well, i know traditionally that's -- that's what people think of. but both the men's and women's organization have come a long way. >> you and traditionally, i think of men in barber shop quartets also. is this a new concept for women to do it, as well? >> well, it depends on your definition of new. sweet adelines international is the name of the women's
3:38 am
nonprofit organization. that has about 23,000 members -- >> wow! >> yeah. and -- >> from all over the world. >> yeah. it started around 1945. >> and you ladies are from all over the country. you are from -- >> from kansas. >> you're from? >> maryland. >> nashville, tennessee. >> florida. so -- >> you're all over. how do you practice? skype? >> sometimes. >> we do our business meetings over skype. and we have to fly to rehearse. >> how did you find each other? >> just through the barber shop connections. kayla and i have known each other for practically our whole life. >> they've been in sweet adelines for a long time. >> just got a big award with sweet adelines, right? rising stars? your parents -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, the rising star is the youths contest that we won in 2014. the international contest for like all ages, we came in eighth place. >> good for you. >> because it is national barber shop quartet day and -- that would explain why the banks could be closed in your town,
3:39 am
right now we have the ladies. we'll have the gentleman sing later on throughout the program. what number are you going do for us this morning? >> "i can give you anything but love." >> take it away, ladies. >> class ring! ♪ l is for the many loves we've had o is cuz i need uh-oh so bad ♪ ♪ v for valentine baby oh please be mine ♪ ♪ e is for everything you do that makes my little heart sing ♪ ♪ and love is all that i can give to you ♪ ♪ love is more than just a game for two ♪ ♪ lot of loving too and love can make it take my heart and please don't break it ♪ ♪ love was made for you and me ♪ yes siree baby ♪ gee i'd like to see you
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looking so fine baby ♪ ♪ armani gucci calvin klein baby ♪ ♪ to that lucky day i'll say one more time baby ♪ ♪ i can't give you anything but l-o-v-e love ♪ ♪ until that lucky day you know i am here to stay yeah ♪ ♪ i can't give you anything but love l-o-v-e nothing but love oh love ♪ >> whoa! >> that was fantastic! >> amazing. beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> and your parents also sing? >> yes. >> three of you -- >> three of ours. >> she's first generation. >> beautiful voice. how do you like it? you loving it? >> oh, this is my passion. yeah, i got started in high school and being a sweet adeline
3:41 am
has been the best. >> you're going to continue to perform in today's show. thank you very much for coming from all across the country to be with us. >> thank you very much. >> barber shop quartet, very well done. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> beautiful. up next, one of nasa's most expensive telescopes is in major trouble, 75 million miles away from the earth. wait until you hear this. mr. goodwrench, please report to nasa. and president obama guarantees there won't be any political influence in hillary's e-mail probe. really? hasn't he already made it political? illinois congressman adam kin singer sat on the committee and is here next. first, sing us out, class ring. ♪ nothing wrong in this old world some little song won't cure ♪ ♪ when you're rich or poor of this little fact i'm sure ♪ ♪ it's a pretty good old world when josh atkins books at
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3:45 am
some quick tech headlines. one of nasa's probes could be lost in space. the kepler spacecraft went into emergency mode last week. scientist aren't sure why. mission engineers say figuring out what's wrong is complicated because kepler is now almost 75 million miles from the planet earth. >> that might do it. >> yep. read all about. it listen to this. "the daily mail" reportedly in talks to bid on struggling yahoo! which is under increased pressure to turn itself around because of the sales plummeting. "daily mail" and other interested parties have until april 18th to submit their offers. steve, want to make an offer? >> i don't think so. i already work for a news outfit. the president has one guarantee when it comes to the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail -- listen. >> i guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi, not just in this case but in any case. >> she will be -- >> full stop, period. >> and she will be treated no
3:46 am
differently -- >> guaranteed, full stop. nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the justice department because nobody is above the law. >> hasn't the president already made it political? congressman adam kensinger sat on the foreign affairs committee investigating clinton and joins us live now. what did you make of what the president said yesterday with chris wallace in his first sit down as president? >> that was a great interview, by the way. it was about time. but look, it -- i hope he's telling the truth that it's not going to be political. you know, if history's any indication, it will be. i mean, if you think about everything, when it was this specific issue or when it's been issues about even isis, when there's an attack that happens in europe, the president's overseas. instead of standing up and attacking isis, he's talking about republicans. everything in his sedan political. the idea that -- his dna is political. the idea that it's not -- it's hard to believe him.
3:47 am
it's hard. >> the full stop. >> the full stop. yeah. >> look, nobody's above the law -- >> what is going to be a backstop is i think if the fbi does recommend charges, if the justice department blocks it, i can almost guarantee that the fbi is going to go public in some capacity with that they recommended charges. the president may understand that and realize that there's no way to stop this if in fact that's the condition -- >> how long are we talking? >> it could be any amount of time. you could hear about, it the rumor is that she's going to be interviewed in the next week or so. you would expect sometime after that. look, if it happens before the democratic convention, they could literally pull hillary clinton out and throw in jonesboro or john kerry as -- joe biden or john kerry as the presidential nominee. i have a hard time believing they'd put bernie sanders in. you'd have an upset base if they did that. >> let's talk about something you know a lot about, flying airplane. over mideast for the first time in years, the b-52s flying there which are, what, 60, 65 years
3:48 am
sold in. >> way older than me. >> way old. >> older than me. >> significantly older. this is a fantastic aircraft, as pete knows. these things -- there's the impression that they overfly and do the carpet bombing. they carry a number of gps and laser-guided bombs. if there's, for instance, a column of isis, they can drop 20 of these things -- >> what took them so long? >> you know, look, this is where the president's been. he's been slow incrementalism instead of doing what's necessary. >> you know about air power and the use of air power. can this change the practical adding the b-52 to the fight? >> i think it won't change the game. i think it will be effective. i think it will be good in taking out more columns of isis. we all know there's going to have to be a ground component. largely, we're going to have to involve sunni allies and partners in this. the problem is, we don't have a strategy for syria. syria goes beyond just isis. there has to be an end game like the president talked it his regret on libya. he's doing the same thing in
3:49 am
syria which is no end game. >> yeah. >> congressman, thank you very much for being with us. >> you bet. >> great to see you as always. thank you. a professor is banned from campus for a year and stripped of his tenure over a blog post defending freedom of speech. now that professor is fighting for free speech. he joins us next. then, ted cruz celebrates a win in colorado even though nobody voted. trump says the system is rigged. the donald joins us live at the top of the hour. everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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3:53 am
>> we have told you about this professor at marquette stripped of his tenure, suspended and banned from campus for more than a year all because of a blog post. back in 2014 marquette university professor john mcadams defended a student who was censored by another professor for opposing gay rights in an open class discussion. naming the professor in his post. the university says it will reinstate adams if he apologizes, but he says he's not backing down. professor john adams joins us right now from chicago. good morning, professor. >> good morning. >> so, the university gave you until april 4th to apologize. and you did not. and you have since come back and said unless they rescind the suspension by april 14th, something else is going to happen. you're probably going to sue them. right? >> maybe. that's a matter of speculation. my lawyers might not want me to exactly necessarily what will happen, but let's just say it
3:54 am
will not be good for marquette. >> this all comes down to political correctness, doesn't it? >> yes, it comes down to an instructor who told an undergraduate student that he's not allowed to oppose gay marriage because if he did that would be homophobic, and would offend any gay students in class. it was about shutting up a particular viewpoint that was politically incorrect. >> right. and the suggestion that the class -- the professor said the suggestion during the class that the same-sex marriage is not open for debate and everybody agrees on that. the ironic part, professor, is you're at marquette university. a catholic university. where the pope, in the last week, has said no to same-sex marriage. >> yes, it is a highly ironic that the actual catholic position in this class at marquette, and probably in a bunch of others, this is not a typical, is simply silenced. it's not allowed to be
3:55 am
expressed. >> so the student involved came to you, told you the story, you wrote about it in your blog. next thing you know, the university is trying to clamp down on you, asking you to apologize to this professor who has since apparently left the university. but you're not backing down. why? >> it's a matter of principle. number one, i don't like the idea of compelled speech. forcing me to apologize for something that i didn't do anything wrong. i mean, it reminds one of the stalinist show trials of the 1930s, of the maoist cultural revolution. although i don't think the people in marquette hisry want tomb to know about those things. it's simply unacceptable. it would be a defeat for academic freedom if i backed down. this is really about academic freedom, and about marquette needs to learn one way or another that it has to respect academic freedom.
3:56 am
>> absolutely. and so for people looking in, who are thinking, okay, i'm with that guy, he should stand up for what he believes, you are so -- they've given you -- you've given the university until the 14th of april. and then who knows what's going to happen. but absolutely no chance you're ever going to apologize for this, right? >> no. i absolutely won't apologize for simply engaging in an act of whistleblowing, and an act of journalism outing exposing intolerance at marquette. >> so, is that ultimately are you saying that marquette univerty at the academic level is simply intolerant? >> yes. or at least there are -- there's a lot of intolerance at marquette university. as with most universities, it is more the case in humanities department. some social science departments. i think engineering is probably benign enough, those folks teach engineering. but yes, there's a lot of intolerance.
3:57 am
and the administration seems to be going along with the intolerant people at marquette. >> all right. well thank you very much for coming on, telling your story. we're going to follow it. professor good luck. >> thank you. >> we're going to take a time-out. donald trump joins us live next.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good monday morning to you. it's april 11th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert on the shocking death of a super bowl champion. this morning the suspect a semi-pro football player is in custody with bond set at $1 million. so was it an act of revenge? or was it simply road rage? then donald trump loses the state of colorado, with their state caucuses, and even compares himself to bernie sanders? >> this is a crooked system, folks. this is a crooked -- i'm not a fan of bernie. i couldn't care less. as far as i'm concerned, i couldn't care less about bernie. but he wins. and he wins, like me.
4:01 am
>> and then she winds up with more delegates than bernie. bernie sayings it's rigged. donald trump is going to be live with us in moments. and it's a story that will inspire you. the body of a world war ii hero went unclaimed at a morgue with no family for instructions. but instead of leaving him there, his neighbors gave him a hero's send-off. those neighbors are going to join us live this hour. very cool. mornings better with neighbors like that and better with friends. well, welcome aboard folks. our monday telecast. we got pete in today for brian who is out and about. >> glad to have you here, pete. how was your weekend? >> it was good. not as good as yours, though. >> actually had a chance to go to the masters. it was absolutely wonderful -- >> and she distracted jordan spieth! >> i did get to see him. i hated that he didn't win. it was a shame. i like him a lot. >> speaking of golf, a guy who owns a whole bunch of golf clubs is donald trump. he's running for president. he joins us live from somewhere
4:02 am
in his empire. mr. trump, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, you know what? what'd you think of the masters yesterday? >> well, i thought it was great to watch. i thought -- and i know jordan, he's a wonderful young guy. he's had a very life altering experience. it looked like he was just going to sail right through. that's golf. it's a tough sport. that's life. that's golf. that's sports. that's everything. i mean it can happen. but he's a great young guy and he'll be fine and he'll be back. >> he is such a great guy. just a good role model for the young kids. >> absolutely. >> all right so yesterday or over the weekend you lost the state of colorado and you tweeted about this. you said you were angry and you said it was unfair. why do you think that? >> well, it really started with colorado. and the people out there are going crazy. you know, in the denver area, in colorado itself. they're going absolutely crazy. because they weren't given a vote. this was given by politicians. it's a crooked deal. and i see it. and i see it honestly i see it with bernie, too. you know, i've gotten millions more votes.
4:03 am
millions. not just a couple, millions of more votes than cruz. and i've gotten hundreds of delegates more and we keep fighting, fighting, fighting, then you have colorado where they frankly, where they you know, just get all of these delegates, and it's not a system. there was no voting. i didn't go out there to make a speech or anything. there's no voting. i heard pete say that's the way it is. that really shouldn't be the way it is. this was changed in the summer to help a guy like cruz and it's not right. now, as an example, south carolina. i won it by a landslide. like a massive landslide and now they're trying to pick off those delegates one by one. that's not the way democracy is supposed to work. and you know, they offer them trips, all sorts of things. and you're allowed to do that. i mean you're allowed to offer trips and you can buy all these votes. what kind of a system is this? now i'm an outsider and i came into the system and i'm winning the votes by millions of votes. but the system is rigged. it's crooked. when you look even at bernie, i'm not a fan of bernie, but every time i turn on your show, bernie wins, bernie wins.
4:04 am
and yet bernie's not winning. i mean it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. >> mr. trump, i've been a part of the caucus system in minnesota. it is a difficult system, and i was steamrolled by and organized by a ron paul movement. isn't it just fair to say that these are the rules, ted cruz is organized and you're just flat-out being outorganized? >> no, because i've got millions more votes. you could say he's out-organized because i've got millions of more votes, pete, and i happen to have more delegates than he does, by a lot. when you go in to colorado where the people of colorado are complaining that they're not allowed to vote, that's the best of all, because they're not even allowed to vote. or when i go in to louisiana and i win louisiana by a lot, i get thousands of more votes than cruz, and then i find out that i get less delegates, you know, hey, i'm somebody coming in to make america great again. i'm coming in to do something positive. i'm an outsider. the system is rigged. i see it. i see it now, 100%. and by the way, not just on our side. i think it's worse on the republican side, when you can have a colorado where the people
4:05 am
don't get a chance to vote, and the people out in colorado are going nuts. they're marching, they're having a lot of problems out there, because of this. this was a political hack deal like so much of our country. this is what our country is all about i guess. >> well, speaking of the hack deal, i'm sure you saw over the weekend the boston globe was just trying to start a conversation about what it would be like a year from now if you were president. and some of the headlines are, the big one there, deportations to begin. then on the side it says markets sink as trade war looms. trump on nobel prize short list. u.s. soldiers refuse orders to kill isis families. right there. mr. trump, they said they wanted to start a conversation, but you know, we've had the conversation, and americans do want our border securitied. >> well you know, massachusetts, i won massachusetts with almost 50% of the vote. and there were many candidates running. so when you get 50% and i had many, many candidates. that was awhile ago, month ago, month and a half.
4:06 am
and it's just shows you the power that paper has, because they were just very hemmently against. they don't want to see strong borders. they don't want to see all of the things that you talk about over there. they want to see bad trade deals because that's all we have in our country is bad -- we have the worst trade deals now that i've really gotten into it, we have the most deals, the most incompetent deals i've ever seen. our country is going to go bust. we lose with every single country we make a deal with, we lose tremendous amounts of money and jobs. and factories. and it will all change. but, you know, just shows you, here's a paper that was sold for $1 a little while ago. $1. and that's what it's worth. >> what's your message to the paper this morning? a lot of people are saying, what about the other side of this? why aren't they doing this for hillary clinton? and if they did, would there be outrage? .> well, they wouldn't do it on they want to do it on this side. it's a very sad thing. and it's sad for the paper. you know, it used to be considered a major paper. and now, it's -- it's like a supermarket throwout. you know, you take a look at it.
4:07 am
there's almost nothing in it. there's no ads. >> you're the front-runner for the republicans, she's the front-runner for the democrats. they should do this for her and make it just as negative. >> they should. but i wouldn't hold my breath i must say. but they certainly should. >> all right. we know you are in a pitched battle right now over new york. although, you know, you look at the polls, and you're over 50%. the new york police department, sergeant benevolent association is calling for bill clinton to apologize for what he said about the death of eric garner, killed in 2014, what he said yesterday in harlem. listen to this, mr. trump. >> you can see these videos, these young african-american men, shot in the street by police officers, and new york [ inaudible ] who was caught in the chokehold for selling three illegal cigarettes. that is not a capital offense. >> garner died after the police chokehold, because he was
4:08 am
stopped for selling cigarettes but a grand jury eventually said you know, we're not going to press charges against the cop. the fellow who runs the sergeant's benevolent association ed mullen said of bill clinton, his facts once again are wrong. it's a fantasy video story that was fabricated to the american people about the attack in benghazi where four brave americans were left behind and murdered. his comments are not only wrong but divisive. slate magazine last week said that hillary should fire bill clinton. is he doing more harm than good to her campaign? >> well you never know until the election takes place, frankly. he said some things which a lot of people said, like last week where he was ranting and raving and a lot of people said what he did then was right. the next day he came out and apologized. you really never know. i would say he probably helps her. i don't think she's doing particularly well. look, she's another one. she loses every week, and yet she's winning, because the system's rigged, okay? she's got superdelegates, and
4:09 am
how did she get the superdelega superdelegates. they're appointed. i'm not a fan of bernie even a little bit. the guy is terrible. every time you turn on the television he wins. he wins a state. this one, this one, this one. then you listen to the so-called experts and they say bernie has no road to victory. okay. now you say, what kind of a system is this? so, i don't know. i can't tell you whether or not bill helps. probably he doesn't hurt, frankly. >> mr. trump on another story, the cia, the current cia chief says he won't allow waterboarding even if ordered by a future president. you've been very forceful and clear about the need to use harsher tactics against enemies that are ferocious against us. what do you think about his comments and what kind of person would you appoint to that position? >> i think his comments are ridiculous. they chop off heads and they drown people in cages with 50 in a cage and big, steel heavy cages, drop them right into the water, drown people. and we can't waterboard and we can't do anything, and you know,
4:10 am
we're playing on different fields. and we have a huge problem with isis which we can't beat and the reason we can't beat them is we won't use strong tactics, whether it's this or other things. so i think his comments are ridiculous. can you imagine these isis people sitting around eating, and talking about this country won't allow waterboarding and they just chopped off 50 heads. >> just a little crazy. let's talk a little bit about the state of the race right now. as i mentioned a little while ago here in new york, you're north of 50% against. john kasich is actually in second place. and then followed by ted cruz. also you have a gigantic lead, as well, in pennsylvania. what are your predictions for those two states? >> well, i think i'm doing very well. i was up in rochester which is having tremendous problems. it's losing all of its jobs. and i was there. we had a crowd of over 10,000 people. we had to send away 5,000 or 6,000 or 7,000 people. it was like a love fest. and i think we're doing really well in new york. you know, cruz came out with new
4:11 am
york values. he hates new york. he hates the people of new york. and what was really obvious, that was during the debate he brought that up, and i gave him a lecture on how great the people are in new york. and everybody understands that. i mean, you know, using the world trade center as a reference. the job they've done is incredible. the comeback is incredible. >> and you went down -- you toured the 9/11 memorial over the weekend. >> i did. i did. and they've done a fantastic job with it. a really fantastic job. but when you look at cruz, and you know, then he's trying to change it so that well he didn't mean that. well, when you watch his words, during the debate, there was hatred. and i will tell you, it showed hatred, and for him to get any votes in new york is hard for me to believe. if i were a new yorker i wouldn't even consider him to vote for him. because he's disgraceful. and he didn't help new york with sandy and he didn't help new york on other occasions when he could have helped new york in the past as a senator. he voted against anything having to do with new york. so, cruz should not be voted on. if you're a new yorker and assuming you love new york,
4:12 am
which we do as new yorkers, you shouldn't be voting for ted cruz. >> just one last question, there are two new yorkers who won't be able to vote for you or ted cruz ivanka and eric trump unable to register because of the rules. are the rules of new york unfair as well? >> no. they had a longtime register and they were, you know, unaware of the rules, and they didn't register in time. so they feel very, very guilty. they feel very guilty. but it's fine. i understand that. i think they have to register a year in advance and they didn't. so eric and ivanka, i guess, won't be voting. >> are you cutting off their allowance? >> yes. no more allowance. >> does that mean, what if you decided to choose ivanka to be your vp if you did get the nomination. does that mean she couldn't become a vice president? >> well, number one i wouldn't be doing that. although a lot of people would like to see that. >> we looked at the numbers. she's 34 right now but she will be 35 and the rules say she has to be 35. >> a lot of people would like that choice. but it won't happen, okay? that i will tell you, it won't happen. >> she has a lot going on.
4:13 am
she has three babies to raise. >> she's doing a good job. absolutely. >> thank you. >> donald trump, thank you very much. >> okay. thank you very much. >> all right. well, we can blow up all their banks, but isis keeps bringing in the cash. so how do we cut off the money flow? sebastian gorka kicks off our week long series the branches of isis. >> oh, and he's been a bad boy. >> bad. >> a goat walks into a starbucks, didn't even get us all coffees. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility.
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4:17 am
today we're starting a new week long series the branches of isis. we're taking a closer look at the terrorist organizations, breaking down the key elements that make up the islamic state. and for our first installment we're following the money. which is always critically important. isis funding coming in many forms. oil revenue, ransoms, and even donations. it has its own treasury, its own currency, and it reportedly rakes up to $4 million per day. the big question is, how do we
4:18 am
cut off the money flow? joining us is the major general matthew c. horner, distinguished chair of military theories dr. sebastian gorka. he is author of "defeating jihad: the winnable war" a great book that is on sale today. great time for you joining us today, and this entire week. dr. gorka let's jump right in to isis. what's the most effective funding stream? >> probably the sale of oil on the black market in the region. they've taken over numerous oil wells in iraq, and they're basically selling it under the market price to anybody in the region who wants oil. >> so who's buying isis oil and how are we not cutting it off? >> everybody. everybody in the region who wants it. and we're not cutting it off because we deployed our air assets into region. it's hard to believe, we're dropping leaflets on the oil convoys that isis is running saying we're going to come back and bomb you in an hour, so get out of the truck. that's not a way to run a war. that's the problem. >> it sure isn't. so they're extracting -- what
4:19 am
pressure are we putting on governments in the region to not accept that on the black market? >> not enough. because there are actually still nations or elements of national governments in the region that are not just buying things from isis, they're actually funding isis. and there's actually a donation, i think your viewers could work it out that has for months allowed freedom of movement across its border. so foreign fighters are flying to this country, walking across the border into syria, and they're not doing anything about it. there's a lot that could be done. >> duplicity in the middle east. got it. >> yes, surprise, surprise. >> i'm going to put up a full screen of their top revenue sources. the first one is oil. as you just mentioned. but also here we see taxing locals and kidnapping extortion. talk to me about their taxation system. >> we have this mantra coming out of the white house that the islamic state isn't islamic and it isn't a state. one of the things that states do is they control borders and tax their population. guess what? isis is doing both of them. they have 6 million people
4:20 am
living on territory under their control. and they've already instigated a taxation system on their territory. >> you talk about in your book that it's a winnable war. is it winnable if we don't cut off their funding though? >> not really. first we have to be honest about what it is. it does use religion. it is a quasi-state. we can't say this is about unemployment or lack of education. so finances are part of it. it's not everything. the big victory will come when we take down their ideology. but this is the richest threat group of its kind in human history. >> interesting dr. gorka thanks for joining us this morning. again his book "defeating jihad: the winnable war" is on sale today. we will continue our week long series on isis with dr. gorka. tuesday we talk recruitment. dr. gorka, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. the football world is still reeling from the murder of super bowl champion will smith and we just learned about a meeting smith had with a cop connected to his accused killer. those details just ahead.
4:21 am
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4:25 am
that's how win manies the golden state warriors need to make nba history. the team tying the record at 72 set by their coach from the 1995-1996 chicago bulls. golden state has one more game against memphis on wednesday and they won last night against the san antonio spurs in a tough win. the spurs' first loss on their home court last night. >> great. >> all right. well, you know her as the award-winning tv host who took home the gold in "celebrity apprentice" versus geraldo. >> weak links doesn't apply to our team. on this particular task we had some shining stars but no weak links. i'm leeza gibbons, i'm the project manager for team vortex and so are so thrilled for you to see our jingle, which is nice over ice. hit it. ♪ ♪ nice over ice >> leeza gibbons.
4:26 am
>> donald trump said you're hired. leeza gibbons beat the competition by staying true to herself and now leeza is sharing her secrets to success in a brand-new book called "fierce optimism." she joins us right now live here on the curvy couch. >> thank you so much. >> what a treat for all of us. >> and for me, too. so great to see you. >> thank you. we both graduated from the university of south carolina and you are just such a role model in my life and in our community. you do a lot for jdrf. my mother has diabetes. i know your niece does. she was one of the speakers for the events -- >> isn't she the reason you got into tv? >> i think i tried to hire her as like a 12-year-old. come work for me. >> i just couldn't -- i had to work, and so you said come work with me. be an internship. it was not a paid internship, because my university didn't allow that at the time and i couldn't afford to live in california so i ended up going to charleston and live with my sister >> she did fine. >> and waitress at night. thank you for the offer. i will tell you i was a premed
4:27 am
major down at florida state university, and my sister called and she said, i'm watching tv right now, leeza's talking about the university of south carolina and how great our journalism program is, so turn it on. i turned on the tv, i'd been praying should i transfer schools, should i change my major, i wasn't really happy. i watched your interview and i felt like that was god telling me, ainsley, you need to go and apply to this school. i went to the university, i met with some of the professors and it changed my life. so thank you. >> wow. look at that. >> there you go. >> there are no accidents. >> you were the reason. i really appreciate it. >> you are exactly what i write about in "fierce optimism." because people who are optimistic and have that mental style, because that's really what it is, an emotional competence, make a decision and know that you're going to be fine. you're going to rebound, recover, from whatever happens. >> mm-hmm. >> whether you pick the wrong school, whether you pick the wrong guy, whether you blew the presentation, messed up with your kids, whatever. >> right. >> optimists have that resilience that keeps them at it. and we just recover and get back
4:28 am
on track. >> in your book you talk about how the golden rule in not only business, but life, should be empathy. >> i think empathy, especially in our business, too, is really important. if you seek first to say what can i give, before i look at what i need to get from an interview, or any situation, you know, you do get the best out of people if you give the best of yourself first. so i mean, you're always empathetic. >> and optimistic, though. like you. >> plus you also talk about the importance of loyalty. and where would you be if you weren't loyal to somebody? >> well, these are what i call the seven secrets for playing nice and winning big. but really, there's no secrets to it. it's showing up for your life. and for me it's kind of really falling back on the old-fashioned values that i was raised with in south carolina. you know, and nice girls really can finish first in life and i thought let's rehab what that word nice really means. great strengths in nice. >> right. >> and i think that optimism needs a better seat at the power
4:29 am
table. >> someone said to me once you don't get the corner office if you're nice. nice girls don't get the corner office. i said i guess i won't ever get a corner office. i'd rather be nice. i try at least. >> you said you can be nice and get the corner office. >> look at sheryl sandberg and countless others. look at self-described optimists who are some of the most powerful people you know like warren buffett and bill gates. there's a world view, you either make your thoughts your ally, or your enemy. >> hmm. >> sure. >> speaking of your enemies, during this last season, last year of "celebrity apprentice" your sworn enemy was geraldo rivera. and you were right there at the conclusion. trump was looking at you and geraldo rivera. how good does it feel to know that you kicked geraldo's butt? >> i relive it every day. >> we remind him every day, too. >> so funny. he has such great support here. i'm such a fan of his. and he's tough. there's no question. he'll tell you. >> right. >> no, he would. >> you know what though, you know this, it was so dramatic for me, because i wanted to get to that finish line.
4:30 am
people underestimate passion. and you know, when you have a driving force, you really have your eye on the prize, and you're just playing your own game by your rules, to get there, i wanted to be able to get to that finish line to talk about leeza's care connection, and the support that we do for family care givers. so that's what -- and so geraldo, great work that he does, too. >> absolutely. >> check out her brand-new book you can pick it up on amazon and every place else called "fierce optimism." >> i wish you all the best with this book. thank you for everything that you've done. >> thanks for bringing us this one right here. >> i'll tell you what, she is going wherever she wants, right? >> thank you. >> all right. >> well, look at this. stunning video at terrified passengers try desperately to escape a bus as it is swept away. could you imagine? see how this whole thing ends. and one of the world's most dangerous roads. >> no kidding. plus, we're tracking a storm front but it's not the weather. it's part of our barber shop quartet celebration today. take it away, guys. ♪ red roses too
4:31 am
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4:34 am
developments now. a story that's rocking the nfl the cold-blooded murder of former new orleans saint will smith. >> the accused killer about to face a judge today, as new clues indicate smith may have been targeted. >> "fox & friends" first co-host heather childers is here to explain why. >> this really is a senseless act of violence leaving nfl fans stunned and saddened and worse, a wife without her husband and three children without a father. former new orleans saints player and super bowl champion will smith murdered hours after this picture was taken. you see he and his wife here. they were spending an afternoon
4:35 am
in the french quarter. the couple's good time turned to tragedy, and now the burning question, was his death random? or was it revenge? police say the suspect, cardell hayes, rear ended smith and his wife. hayes and smith then got into some sort of argument, and then hayes allegedly pulled out a gun and opened fire, killing smith. smith's wife shot in the right leg. and in a bizarre twist, here's the thing, hayes' father was killed during a standoff with police back in 2005. the family sued. and just before smith's death, he was having dinner with an officer named in that civil suit. >> that is interesting, and we right now we're investigating the homicide, all of those facts. perhaps we'll ask questions about those, and maybe see if there's any correlation. >> this morning the -- >> for my client was with a
4:36 am
witness who was about to leave the scene and my client waited for law enforcement to arrive. tell me if that's the behavior that's consistent with someone who is an animal out here looking for blood? >> this morning the nfl trying to cope with smith's death. former saints player mike mcglynn joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to talk about the tragic loss. >> when i woke up yesterday morning and saw the killing and murder of will smith, it hit me hard. right now, they're really questioning why. >> hayes is charged with second degree murder. he's being held on a $1 million bond. back to you. >> terrible story. >> yeah, really. >> heather, thank you very much. >> and leaves behind three beautiful children. >> awful. >> 24 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday, our other heather has the other headlines. >> i do, yes. good morning to all of you. hope you are off to a great day today. two men are lucky to be alive this morning after their plane crashes and explodes in a fire
4:37 am
in a neighborhood on long island. the pilot losing power shortly after takeoff, was circling back when the engine went out and crashed at an intersection. a video posted to twitter shows a crowd forming around the plane as it went up in flames. the pilot suffering two broken legs and also a head injury. his passenger expected to be okay. thankfully. heart-stopping video shows terrifying riders escaping just before their bus washes away in raging floodwaters. you can see one passenger gets stuck and desperately trying to get out as others frantically pull him to safety. this highway is known as one of the highest and most dangerous in the world. it bridges the gap between pakistan and china. new york's timothy cardinal dolan bringing a message of hope to christians in iraq. the catholic leader is visiting the war-torn country reminding christian followers that they are loved, and the catholic church isn't dead in iraq. his visit is meant to show solidarity with christian families who have suffered
4:38 am
immensely at the hands of isis. many murdered in brutal fashion. this comes two months after the terror group destroyed the country's oldest christian monastery called saint elijah. the newest barista, a goat. thanks steve. steve does it better than i do. escaping from a farm to make an early morning coffee run at a starbucks in california. the workers showed up around 5:00 a.m. to get ready for the day and they found millie outside so they tried to corral her but no luck. so she made herself at home until police were called. she managed to get in the store. millie was taken to an animal shelter and then reunited with her owner who says he plans to build a taller fence. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. i don't blame her. it's a great place to get coffee. did you know it is national barber shop quartet day. and here with us, jim clark, jeff zallenos, darren brown and
4:39 am
tim lipzack of storm front. first we're going to chat with them. good morning. >> good morning. >> an hour ago we had the ladies on. now we've got you on. coming up in the next hour the two of you will for the first time ever on a nationwide, worldwide audience. one of the things we learned about them was they don't live in the same down. and neither do you. where are you from? >> atlanta. >> denver. >> minneapolis. >> denver. >> how do you find each over and come together? >> three of us grew up together because our dads sang together in a quartet in western nebraska. jeff was a second generation barber shopper. >> how do you practice? >> again, you're about to watch it. >> when was the last time you sang together? >> five months ago, actually. >> really? >> oh, this should be good. >> why the name storm front? >> actually, that was a list of i don't know 1,000 names just trying to come up with a name when we first formed 15 years ago. i'm a big billy joel fan and he has a 1989 album titled storm front. it kind of stuck.
4:40 am
>> we should point out you guys are award winners because around their necks they've got the gold medal from the national -- >> yep. you got a gold medal you got to wear it on national tv. >> and we love to hear it. . >> we'll get out of the way guys. ♪ all the lonely people oh, look at all the loney people ♪ eleanor rigby picked up the rice in the church where her wedding had been ♪ ♪ lived in her dream went by the window wearing the -- that she keeps in a jar by the door ♪ ♪ for all the lonely people when they all come from ♪ ♪ all the lonely people
4:41 am
where do they all belong ♪ ♪ where do they all belong ♪ eleanor rigby died in the church and was buried alone with her name ♪ ♪ nobody came wiping the dirt from his hands as he walked from the grave ♪ ♪ no one was there all alone look at all the lonely people ♪ ♪ where did they all come from ♪ all the lonely people look at all the lonely people where do they all belong ♪ ♪ where do they all belong >> hey, hey. >> excellent. >> amazing. >> do any of your kids perform? you said second generation? how many? >> two. >> two kids. >> three kids. >> amazing. >> that was fantastic, gentlemen. >> by the way we should point out maria molina predicted storm front.
4:42 am
>> would be great. and you were. and you're going to stick around because you're going to perform with the ladies in the next hour. thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. >> all right coming up, donald trump has a big lead in delegates over ted cruz and john kasich. how does he get to that magic delegate number of 1,237? we're going to break down the delegate math month by month coming up next. and the body of a world war ii hero went unclaimed at a morgue with no family, or instructions. but instead of leaving him there, his neighbors gave him a hero's send-off. and we're going to hear that amazing story.
4:43 am
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with e*trade. we've been talking about delegates all morning long.
4:46 am
we're only eight days away from the new york primary. republican primary. and the latest fox news poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead over his rivals right there. north of 50%. as it currently stands trump has 743 delegates and needs to win 64% of those remaining to reach that 1,237 threshold. how does he get there? the university of virginia's center for politics managing editor of larry sabato's crystal ball newsletter. here i thought larry sabato ran it. good morning, kyle. >> good morning. >> all right. we're going to look at the next three months. the primary races over the next three months and you're going to tell us how trump could do it. there is a path if he goes this way. first up the april primaries are the 19th and 26th in new york, connecticut, rhode island, pennsylvania, delaware and maryland. you want to talk in particular about new york, don't you? >> yes. so trump obviously has a very big lead in new york. including in your own fox news poll that showed him over 50%.
4:47 am
it's really important that trump gets over 50% in new york state, because in order to win all the statewide delegates he needs to get over 50%. and then there are 27 different congressional district races where he needs to get over 50%. if trump is able to do that, statewide and most of the congressional districts he would get, you know, somewhere around 80, 85 of the 95 delegates in new york and i think that would keep him on track to getting to 1,237. also in april, some of the other states you mentioned in the northeast, trump practically needs to win all of them. so, he would need to win the remaining six contests in april in order to get to the delegate majority. >> okay. and so by the end of april he would need to have in his pocket 943. going forward in the month of may, the primaries are in indiana, nebraska, west virginia, oregon, and washington, and see the number at the bottom. by the end of may he needs 1,053 and you want to talk about the hoosier state of indiana.
4:48 am
>> yeah, indiana is a really important state. it awards its delegates just like wisconsin did on april 5th. and basically trump would need to win statewide and win most of the congressional districts, and it seem s like ted cruz is prepared to play hard in indiana, and so cruz can win indiana, like he did in wisconsin, that would put up a big road bloc to trump getting a delegate majority. i think that indiana is really the state to watch in may. >> meanwhile in the month of june he needs to have that magic number of, as you can see down at the bottom, he's got to have 1,237. the path goes through the state of california, doesn't it, kyle? >> that's right. california has a ton of delegates, 172 of them. it also awards some delegates statewide to the dinner, and then 55 -- or 53 congressional districts. you get a majority in a congressional district you get all three delegates. so again, trump would have to win statewide, and win the lion's share of the
4:49 am
congressional districts. >> sure. >> and net somewhere around 70% of the delegates out of that state. >> kyle, the question, he has a path. how likely is that? >> i'd say it's less than 50/50. but i think there are a lot of people saying that a contested convention is a certainty, that trump has no path. i disagree with that. i think he does have a path but it's a noir row one. >> he's got a path and you just did the math. all right, kyle joining us from larry sabato's crystal ball. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. meanwhile straight ahead on this monday the story is going to inspire you. the body of a world war ii hero went unclaimed at a local morgue with no family for instructions, but instead of just leaving him there his neighbors gave him a hero's send-off. some of those neighbors join us limp next. first on this day in history back in 1961 bob dylan played his first major gig right here in new york city. then in 2004, phil mickelson won the masters. i remember that. and in 1973, vicky lawrence had the number one song in america
4:50 am
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4:53 am
world war ii veteran andrew moore died without a will or a family to bury him. but instead of letting him remain unclaimed in a morgue, his neighbors decided to give him the hero's send-off that he deserved. those two neighbors, bill shepard and korean war veteran nick adams join us now to share their story. thank you, gentlemen, for being here. >> thank you for having us on. >> glad to be here.
4:54 am
>> bill, i'll start with you. tell me what you and nick did for your friend. >> well, nick died in december. after a slow decline over about a two-year period. and we just immediately decided to do the right thing. and to provide for nick's proper internment. >> and so how did this all come to be? you all live in the same apartment building together? >> nick and i lived in the building for a number of years and we've known andy for a number of years, and so we looked at each other and just said do the right thing. what is it? it's a proper burial. from that point, we researched and found that he qualified for a burial at arlington national cemetery. which, of course, leads us to this week. >> and nick, what happened next? >> well, i took the ball and went to arlington cemetery. i used to be a tour guide at arlington, so i knew the ins and
4:55 am
out of who is allowed and who is not allowed. andy was clearly allowed to be buried by cremation, not in the ground. a separate requirement for in the ground. and the long due process with arlington, they were very helpful, but very by the book. and eventually with the help of the medical examiner in d.c., i was designated as the, quote, person allowed to dispose of the departed, and that cleared everything. >> and you had the ceremony on friday? >> what was that like? >> it was awe-inspiring. i've seen hundreds of them from afar as a tour guide. but i've never been in one of the ceremonies. and the meticulousness, and -- of the honor guard, and the bugler playing "taps" which by the way is 24 notes, and the seven gun 21-gun salute was just overpowering. >> i think it's beautiful what you guys have done for your friend. tell us a little bit about him.
4:56 am
what was he like as an individual and some stories that you can share? >> sure. i moved in to the building 15 years ago. and shortly thereafter i was coming home one evening, and i noticed andy would sit out on the front stoop. andy just said hello to everyone as they came and went from the building. so he stopped me and said hello, i'm andy, what's your name. i said bill. and i actually said bill shepherd, and i became shep to him. and over the years i spent more and more time with him in the front, and eventually he would invite me up to watch redskins games. he was a die-hard redskins fan. i helped him figure out his cable box which was kind of a challenge for him at his age. and i just found him to be a very easygoing, nice neighbor to have. >> well you are just two amazing gentlemen for doing this for your friend. we appreciate that. thank you so much. god bless. all right. ted cruz wins colorado, even
4:57 am
though no one voted. and donald trump is not happy about it. bret baier is here to react at the top of the hour. and larry king is live here, too.
4:58 am
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giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice! that's another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ well, good monday morning to you and to your family. it's april the 11th, i'm ainsley earhardt and we start with a fox news alert. was it road rage or was it revenge? a new twist in the murder of a former super bowl champion. who will smith had dinner with just before he was gunned down may have made him a target. >> terrible. meanwhile donald trump lost colorado and blames the republican party in that state for nominating ted cruz for what he calls a crooked system. >> i've got millions more votes. millions. not just a couple. millions of more votes than cruz. the system's rigged. i see it. i see it now 100%. >> he says it's crooked in colorado.
5:01 am
what else the front-runner has to say just moments ago right here on "fox & friends." plus the hunt is on this morning for the real-life hamburgler. police looking for this thief who robbed a restaurant for cash, then stuck around and made himself a late-night snack. >> that's something. >> he was hungry. >> he was hungry. >> he was indeed hungry. i am also. you might be, too. mornings better with friends. good morning. >> welcome aboard, folks. pete's in today for brian. >> good to have you here. >> of course it is monday morning and you know what that means. 8:00, we always go to bret baier, the host of special report tonight 6:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. however if you follow him on twitter, you know that he was live tweeting the masters yesterday. during the epic meltdown. what happened to jordan spieth? >> man, it was so tough to watch. that 12th hole, amen corner, just lost it. and you feel for him.
5:02 am
you really feel for him. and it's, you know, it's so tough the back nine at augusta. and to hear him in that interview afterwards say, you know, listen i came in to the 10th hole, and i was up five and i was thinking if i could just par every hole coming in and it changed his whole outlook on things. he kind of play prevent defense and i think he froze up. >> yesterday, i was saying to my family, i'm playing just like jordan spieth. i'm in the water all the time. >> it was humbling. and for an average golfers it was like hey, i know that. >> yeah. >> i had the -- i was fortunate enough to get to go to the masters yesterday, bret. i thought about you there because i know you love that course and it's so beautiful. you've been to the masters before. what's your take on that whole experience? >> oh. so i went down friday. and i walked the course friday. i took off friday, took my brother there. and it was fantastic. it's just so gorgeous. you know, the azaleas, and the greens, and this was such a tough year with all the wind. love watching it. i love watching the back nine.
5:03 am
>> how about all the fox fans down there in the south? >> that's true. >> did a lot of people come up to you? >> i'm sorry, ainsley brought a hat. >> did you bring us anything? >> no. >> did you get anything for yourself? >> oh, yes, of course. >> what did you get? >> the shirts. >> a sandwich. >> the pimento cheese sandwiches are still $1.50, they're amazing. >> from pimento to politics. ted cruz won all the delegates in the great state of colorado over the weekend. and donald trump says the system in colorado is corrupt because it's done with caucusing and party insiders vote and stuff like that. what do you think about his assessment that the system in colorado, where the voters didn't get to pick, where cruz winds up with 34, trump winds up with zero, he says it's crooked. what do you think about that? >> well, listen, there's two sides to that. obviously the trump people and the supporters in colorado are extremely upset and donald
5:04 am
trump's very upset. as he expressed on your show earlier and he has tweeted out over the weekend. he has, you know, there are rules there, and in colorado it's a little bit new to the system they've set up. but they are the rules on the ground. and his people on the ground made some mistakes in printing up the slates of delegates. there were errors in the printouts. the cruz people were far more on their game, and we have seen that time and again in different states. so, is it fair? you know, i think you have to ask the people in colorado. there are obviously a lot of people upset about it. but it is the rules that everybody is playing by. they are the rules. and -- and he is going to have to step up the organizational game ahead of this battle towards cleveland. >> particularly this particular primary season, so many republicans are energized. they're so excited to go out and, you know, trump was talking
5:05 am
about an hour ago about how the people in colorado would have liked to have been able to vote like the other states they watch every tuesday night with you. and megyn on fox. here's what the front-runner said just an hour ago on the show. >> the people out there are going crazy. you know, in the denver area, colorado itself, and they're going absolutely crazy, because they weren't given a vote. this was given by politicians. it's a crooked deal. that's not the way democracy is supposed to work. and you know, they offer them trips, they offer them all sorts of things, and you're allowed to do that. i mean you're allowed to offer trips and you can buy all these votes. what kind of a system is this? now i'm an outsider and i came in to the system and i'm winning the votes by millions of votes. but the system is rigged. it's crooked. this was a political hack deal like so much of our country. this is what our country is all about i guess. >> bret, he brings up a good point. is the system rigged? shouldn't the people be able to vote and not these insiders? >> well, first of all, he makes a good point and he is probably
5:06 am
with this point going to rally his supporters, and that may affect his chances in other states. he needs to get to 137. two, it is not a straight democracy. we live in a republic. we are electing not only congress people and senators but this is the system that has been set up for decades in various states to elect delegates to a convention, and then you get the majority of delegates, and that is how you get the nomination. it is the system by which nominees have been chosen for many years. and that is the game. if you want to say that the game is rigged, and you know, blow up the game that takes a lot of change. you have to change it. >> bret, on another topic your colleague chris wallace this weekend had a fascinating interview with president obama. the president revealing some comments, especially about hillary clinton and her e-mails. want to play a quick exchange to get your react to that. >> you were prepared to say she hadn't jeopardized and the
5:07 am
question is do you still say that? >> i continue to believe that she has not yep ar diesed america's national security. >> can you guarantee that the american people, can you direct the justice department to say hillary clinton will be treated as the evidence goes she will not be in any way protected? >> i can guarantee that. i guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi. not just in this case bought in any case. full stop, period. >> bret, he went on to say that there's classified and then there's classified. is the president setting the table here? is he already meddling? >> well, listen, the question was generated by his first comments which happened in "60 minutes" back in october in which he said there was no security threat, this was basically no big deal, and it was ginned up politically is what he told "60 minutes" in october. well, obviously this fbi investigation is not over. and if you listen to critics of
5:08 am
the administration, and of hillary clinton, that this personal server opened up all kinds of possible problems for hacking by foreign entities of one kind or another. so for the president to say there was no national security threat definitively, that's a problem. but he then went on to say, full stop, i guarantee there won't be any influence. >> nobody is above the law he said. meanwhile let's switch gears. if donald trump, for instance, who has suggested that if he were president, he'd waterboard and do some other strong stuff -- >> within the law. >> within the law if they change the law, the current cia boss john brennan made it very clear with a interview that's going to be on nbc tonight that the cia will not use enhanced interrogation techniques like that going forward. what does that say to you about what's going on inside the agency? >> i think they've made a determination. some of what director brennan said matches what former
5:09 am
director mike hayden said, that if you want to waterboard the next president is going to have to bring his own bucket. i think they have gotten to a determination that the positive/negative of waterboarding doesn't met out to them. doesn't get to their ultimate goal. now that said, you know, you have trump playing on listen isis is cutting off heads and doing horrible things. the cia has made a different determination in the wake of all these investigations. >> bret, let's take a listen to that. >> i think his comments are ridiculous. they chop off heads and they drown people in cages with 50 in a cage in big, steel heavy cages, drop them right into the water, drown people and we can't waterboard and we can't do anything. and you know, we're playing on different fields. and we have a huge problem with isis, which we can't beat. and the reason we can't beat them is we won't use strong tactics, whether it's this or other things. so i think his comments are ridiculous. can you imagine these isis
5:10 am
people sitting around, eating, and talking about this country won't allow waterboarding and they just chopped off 50 heads? >> bret, certainly a message that resonates with a lot of americans at this point. >> sure because it's visceral. it's emotional. we need to fight back. however, you know, the experts in this field say listen we can never get to their level. we can never go down to their level. we have to be above it. and we have to do things legally. that doesn't mean that all of the techniques are off the table. it just seems like waterboarding is in the eye of the target right now. >> all right. about ten hours from right now bret is going to be sitting in that chair. thank you very much for a preview, bret. >> have a good one. >> all right let's hand it over to heather nauert who has some headlines for us. >> good morning. a couple things going on. let's start out with a fox news alert right now. a former new orleans saints player senselessly gunned down and now the burning question,
5:11 am
was will smith's murder road rage or was it revenge? the alleged killer cardell hayes rear ended smith right before opening fire. but there's a bit of a bizarre twist to this story. hayes' father was killed during a standoff with police in 2005. his family had sued, and just before his death, the victim, smith, was having dinner with an officer who was named in that civil suit. hayes' lawyer denies any connection to it, but that's a question that officials will be asking. this morning the nfl trying to cope with smith's death. former saints player mike mcglynn joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to talk about the loss. listen. >> when i woke up yesterday morning and saw the killing, and murder of will smith, it hit me hard. right now, they're really questioning why. i think that's a question that's never going to be answered completely. >> hayes now charged with second degree murder. and is being put -- held on a $1
5:12 am
million bond. he's set to appear in court later this afternoon. a veteran police officer in columbus, ohio, fighting for his life at this hour after being shot by an accused arsonist. 44-year-old lincoln rutledge allegedly opened fire on a s.w.a.t. team trying to arrest him for setting his ex-girlfriend's house on fire. police say that rutledge then set fire to his own apartment building during a standoff with police. he's now been charged with attempted murder. the officer has not been identified. and new york city mayor bill de blasio dodging questions about an alleged fbi probe into his fund-raising activities. >> i haven't heard anything about any investigation that hasn't been any question posed to me or my team. we have no information about an investigation happening to begin with. >> well "the new york post" reporting that several of his mayoral campaign contributors may have gotten donations from two investors who were allegedly in cahoots with the nypd. officials recently disciplined
5:13 am
for corruption there. he says he returned those donations days ago, but the feds want to expand their scope into the funds from his nonprofit. this is originally a local news story, now making national news as folks look into this. >> easily. heather thank you very much. >> all right. coming up on this monday, president obama says the only thing holding our country back from greatness is the divide in politics. >> this can be our century. just like the 20th century was. as long as we don't tear each other apart. >> sheriff david clarke does not agree with the president and he is next. >> i'm sure he does not. and talk about high school. where medical marijuana could soon be coming to the classroom. really? we'll check it out. >> that's a high school.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
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5:18 am
like the 20th century was, as long as we don't tear each other apart because our politics values sensationalism or conflict over cooperation, and we don't have the ability to compromise. and, if we get that part right, nobody can stop us. >> well, with reaction this morning we've got live from wisconsin, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. sheriff, good morning to you. >> thank you, steve. >> what do you make of the president saying this could be our century as long as we don't tear each other apart? you know, he's a guy who didn't start the divide in washington, d.c., between the right and the left, but he certainly has perfected it. >> there was an opportunity and a big swing and a miss by president obama. look, he's disconnected from reality. he doesn't believe any of what he said on "fox news sunday."
5:19 am
he came into office with three objectives. one was to destroy american exceptionalism. the next was to obliterate the united states constitution. and the third was to destroy the republican party. now he's done a pretty good job with those three objectives, but he's done nothing else for the american people. we used to be the envy of the world before he became president. but i don't think that that's the case anymore. we're not respected on the world stage. putin doesn't respect him. many of the other leaders, benjamin netanyahu might out of political courtesy say he does, but he doesn't, either. look, the best thing about the obama presidency right now is that it's coming to an end, and america's nightmare will be over and we'll be able to pick up ruins left by him and put this country back together again. he talks about kroms. but he's compromised on nothing. did he compromise on keystone pipeline? no. did he compromise on syrian refugees or accepting them into the united states? no, he hasn't. did he compromise on a trans-pacific partnership?
5:20 am
no. did he compromise on the iran agreement? no. compromise is not in his vocabulary. his definition of compromise is, you do it his way or he'll get out his pen and his phone and he'll bludgeon you with an executive order. >> sheriff, you know, and we're short on time here today, but you know right now he's in the legacy stage. so, ultimately americans have got to ask themselves, am i in better shape today than i was eight years ago? and the answer is? >> the answer is no. this has been a disaster. >> that simple? >> that simple. foreign policy, the economy is sputtering along. i could go on for the next ten minutes, but like you said, we're short on time. but, it's just unbelievable what he said yesterday. he did it just for fox. he doesn't believe a word of that. >> sheriff david clarke joining us from madison, wisconsin. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us
5:21 am
meanwhile coming up larry king live. that's right. he's going to be with us very shortly. and this crook wanted some cash, with a side of fries. the search for a real life hamburgler straight ahead. this is joanne.
5:22 am
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yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps]
5:24 am
making headlines this morning. a taiwan-born u.s. naval officer is facing espionage charges in a highly secretive case. lieutenant commander edward lin who served on some of the navy's most sensitive intelligence gathering aircraft is accused of passing secrets to china. he could face the death penalty for treason if convicted. and secretary of state john kerry visiting the memorial in hiroshima. seven decades after the u.s. became the first country ever to drop atomic bombs. his message, one of hope for a
5:25 am
nuclear free world, and not an apology. at least. ainsley, over to you. >> all right, thank you, pete. well, she was known as dallas' favorite foodie. now popular tv personality, here's her picture, stasi faucet and her teenage son, found brutally stabbed to death by her other son, his name, mckan. he then killed himself. he reportedly suffered a head injury while playing basketball a few years ago. his dad even seems to blame the sport, and that concussion for the tragedy, saying, quote god will use my pain to help him save others that are going through mental illness and concussions. but can a brain injury actually lead to murder? neurologist dr. fiona gupta is here to weigh in on this. good morning. can a concussion, a brain injury lead to something this extreme? >> absolutely. i mean, a concussion, particularly traumatic brain injury, can lead to the personality to change completely. depression, anxiety, aggression,
5:26 am
impulsiveness. and that in combination with a personality disorder, even substance abuse, could be a factor in this case. >> for paints that are watching but have a child that has gone through this and they've seen a personality shift in their child, what do they do? >> this is very important. we cannot sweep concussions under the rug. awareness, prevention, rehabilitation, cognitive therapy, psycho social support is so key in terms of managing these people. >> you hear stories like this. have you seen patients where they are completely normal, they have a concussion and then their personalities change completely? >> you do. for the brain to function and control our personalities there's a lot of networks in the brain that need to really connect. when you have a concussion you're shearing those networks and that can really lead to just a complete 180 on the personality. >> so as a doctor, should we sign our kids up for sports? >> you know, that's tough. i think the key is prevention. prevention, prevention. taking all steps needed. but also just, you know, awareness. >> so what do you recommend that we do to prevent?
5:27 am
>> i think safety measures, precautions, helmets, staying away from some of the, you know, high contact head trauma support. and as a concussion does occur, close vigilance and monitoring. >> just watch your child if you see anything that is not normal happening, then call your doctor? >> yeah, i mean i'm even a proponent of if there's a concussion that occurs seek medical help right away. even if you're not sure, the extent of it, it really is important. >> can you prevent something from happening? the personality change? >> you can monitor very closely. >> dr. gupta, thank you. >> very interesting. the boston globe painting a picture of what life would be like if donald trump became the president. the donald's response? >> -- be considered a major paper. and now it's a -- it's like a supermarket throw-out. >> well, he wasn't done there. more from the donald when we come back. plus, larry king is here. and he brought a friend with a huge announcement that yaur going to see first right here on "fox & friends." olay total effects
5:28 am
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you know what my favorite part about new york is? the subway. i love to ride it. and i am comfortable riding it. in fact, here's me using it earlier today. the new york city subway is the best way to get around. i guess it's been awhile. is this a working metro card? is this -- i'll just go in the old-fashioned way. i'll take a cab. cab is the best way to get
5:32 am
around. >> and joining us right now noted subway turnstile jumper, larry king. you were doing that back in the days when the dodgers were still in brooklyn, right? >> you went under. you went under. it was three cents. >> sitting next to larry is one of his new partners from the collector's cafe the founder and ceo of that michael contili. before we talk about collector's cafe we've got to talk to you about my current favorite tv show which is the people versus o.j. simpson. >> it's a great show. >> on texas. >> it's the best documentary type with real actors i've ever seen. they put a ton of money into it. they tell a funny story. when they're gathering together to cast it. >> right. >> someone said who's going to play larry king? and someone said why not larry king? they hired me to be myself. i'm the only one in it who plays himself. >> yeah. >> and they get a wig for me,
5:33 am
because i had more hair 20 years ago. but i did six or seven scenes, there's one of them. >> and what's interesting is, it is very compelling because there's so many things in the series that i didn't realize about in real life. like, it was chris darden's idea to have him try on the glove. chris darden and marcia clark it looked like they were close to hooking up. for awhile. >> they did. i'm pretty sure. well when they don't comment -- >> they've got greta van susteren from years ago, video type of her, whereas you -- >> they didn't hire her to do another scene. they just ran her old show. >> oh, yeah? larry why are people so fascinated with o.j.'s story still? >> because he's the most famous person ever charged with murder. and not convicted of it. >> mm-hmm. >> that everybody thinks he did it. everyone knows he's in jail in nevada. not for what he did in nevada, but for the killing of nicole. got his own property in nevada.
5:34 am
he's eligible for parole next year. >> you think he gets it? >> at this point, i would guess he would. i mean, if they judge it purely on what he's in for -- he's in for retrieving his own property. >> absolutely. >> have you ever seen anything like it in cable television? >> never. we own this. every day, man. it was unbelievable. i was caught up in a swirl doing that show. i was in -- i felt in the middle i knew all the participants. i knew the prosecution. i knew o.j. very well. i knew the defense lawyers. so i felt like in a -- i was really every day was like -- the best was when clinton greeted the soviet president at the time. and the soviet president landed in to the bottom of the steps of the airplane and whispered to clinton, you think he did it? >> about o.j.? >> o.j. the world talked about o.j. >> and the world was watching you. for 26 years you sat in that chair, and you presided over everything. you kind of got to miss it when
5:35 am
there's so much stuff going on like this. >> we do a politicking show twice a week. but i miss the action of daily live. there's nothing -- like this is live. >> right. >> we're live. >> we hope so. >> so if you goof, you say something. >> it's already out there. >> there's no do-over. >> correct. >> what's the cafe? >> this is a tremendous story. >> thank you, larry. well today, in about an hour, the collectibles revolution begins with the launch of the first global social network and auction house for the entire collectibles world. i've been building it for eight years, and most importantly, we invented and created authenticity insurance, which the largest insurance companies in the world are now underwriting. lloyd's, aig, so finally you can buy collectibles in a place where you know the items are really shoorned with real insurance policies. so the collector's cafe is that brand and we're launching it today with the unveiling of something very special. >> what is it? >> okay. well i think this may be the most historic thing maybe ever on this set. this is the jackie robinson
5:36 am
contract that broke the color barrier, the color barrier contract, and it was signed 69 -- >> jack roosevelt robinson right there. >> there it is. >> and the president of the national league. his contract was with the montreal royals. where he played in 1946. and the second contract we have is with the dodgers when he started with them in 1947 and a salary of $5,000 a year. >> how much would something like that go for? >> we know it's actually been apprised, the contracts to the, this is the minor league montreal royals contract. >> this is the dodgers. >> played in montreal for jackie robinson's actual copy. these to the have been apprised at $36 million. >> oh, my goodness. >> you guys -- >> come on. $36 million. >> who owns these? who owns them now? >> collector's cafe owns them. but we are taking them on a national tour starting at the new york historical society this
5:37 am
friday. the constitution center and finally the world gets to see these contracts. . >> and somebody can own it. >> where did you find them? >> a very pop secret new york historian had them after they were acquired and held in a safety deposit box for 70 years. >> mrs. robinson certified them, right? >> no. she did not certify them. they're not involved in the appraisal or the authenticity. we have three authenticators authenticate them. >> if people would like more information >> yes. launches today. >> you've been working on this for a long time. how does it feel? >> when i interviewed martin luther king i introduced him as the founder of the civil rights movement. and he said i'm going to correct you, jackie robinson founded the civil rights movement. >> wow. look at that. >> never forgot that. >> very cool. >> well, this is>> this is hist. >> it is. >> "fox & friends." >> there you go. >> $36 million or more sitting
5:38 am
right there. >> larry king and friends. >> so nice to finally meet you. >> all right. >> congratulations. >> wish you all the best. >> those two papers, $36 million? >> unbelievable. >> look out. somebody -- >> do you have security today? >> yeah, me. i'm actually packing. >> oh, great. all right. >> i'm kidding! >> i'm kidding. >> on that note, heather take it away. >> i love that story about jackie robinson. just telling my boys about that the other day. something for martin luther king to talk about that. hope you're off to a great day. presidential candidate donald trump slamming the boston globe after the paper published a fake front page. imagining his presidency. the republican front-runner shared his message to the globe earlier here on "fox & friends." listen to this. >> they don't want to see strong borders. they don't want to see all of the things that you talk about over there. you know it used to be considered a major paper. and now, it's like a supermarket throwout.
5:39 am
>> the fake head line read deportations to begin. president trump called for tripling of i.c.e. force. u.s. soldiers refuse order to kill isis families, and trump on nobel prize short list. really boston globe? well the mock front page ran on the opinion section page in sunday's paper. well from cambridge to cricket, prince william and duchess kate making their first visit to india. the moments from their stop in mumbai. the weeb-long tour comes as the prince faces criticism at home for reportedly slacking off from his responsibilities as a senior royal. the pair continuing to make the rounds throughout india today. they touched down in new delhi earlier this morning. and new york's timothy cardinal dolan bringing a message of hope to christians in iraq. the catholic leader from new york is visiting the war-torn country reminding followers there that they are loved, and that the catholic church isn't aban doning them in iraq. his visit is meant to show
5:40 am
solidarity with christian families who've been murdered, have been suffering at the hands of isis brutally. well it comes nearly two years after the terror group destroyed the country's oldest christian monetary called saint elijah. the hunt is now on for real life hamburgler. take a look at this guy. the bizarre crime captured by security cameras at a five guys burger joint in washington, d.c. the thief follows a delivery driver inside and then you can see him. what is he doing? he's not robbing the cash register. he's sparking up the grill and throws on a couple of patties. then he needed to wash down the burger. he stole a bottle of water on his way out. cops looking for that guy. >> five guys, one thief. >> yeah. guess he was hungry. >> thank you. >> one way to do a crime. talk about high school. where medical marijuana can soon be coming to the classroom. >> then it's time for a barber shop encore.
5:41 am
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welcome back. some quick headlines for you. a new colorado bill allowing pot in public schools heads before a house committee today. it would require nurses or parents to administer edible medical marijuana at schools as long as the school districts agree. and you have a couple extra days to file your taxes this year. tax day, which usually falls on april 15th was actually pushed back three days to april 18th, and for the lucky folks in maine and massachusetts, it's actually april 19th. so why the change? little known holidays like emancipation day and patriots day take precedence over taxes. thank goodness. now you have a little extra time.
5:45 am
meanwhile new developments now in a story that's rocking the nfl. the cold-blooded murder, apparently, of former new orleans saint will smith. >> the accused killer about to face a judge as new clues indicate smith might have been targeted. >> devon clark from new orleans is live with the latest developments. >> good morning. all of the flowers balloons and saints memorabilia here, give an insight as to just how much the former saints player was respected in new orleans. meanwhile the man accused of killing him is scheduled to appear in court later this afternoon. around 11:30 saturday night police say 28-year-old cardell hayes rear-ended smith's suv with his hummer. which caused smith to crash into an impala. after that, investigators say that hayes got out of his vehicle and began arguing with smith. and then hayes began shooting. after the shooting police say hayes waited for them to show up, when investigators got here they found former saint will smith and his wife raquel
5:46 am
suffering from gunshot wounds. police say smith was shot in the back and torso, his wife in the leg. smith was pronounced dead at the scene. hayes appeared before a judge sunday evening where his bond was set at $1 million. an attorney representing hayes after the shooting said that there may have been an accident earlier that night, in which one of the parties sped off, and that hayes followed to get the information. here's the police chief michael harrison and hayes' defense attorney john fuller. >> we right now we're investigating the homicide, all of those facts, perhaps we'll ask questions about those, and maybe see if there's any correlation. >> not only did my client call 911, but my client secured a witness who was about to leave the scene, and my client waited for law enforcement to arrive. now tell me if that's the behavior that's accident with someone who is an animal out here looking for blood? >> and police have not given a motive in this case. but the investigation continues.
5:47 am
meanwhile, hayes has a court appearance scheduled for 3:00 this afternoon. reporting from the lower garden district in new orleans, devon clark, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> all right. up next, it's time for an encore at the barber shop. the class ring and storm front quartets are back. this time they're performing together for us. >> that's right. and meanwhile, at 9:00 eastern time, i believe bill hemmer is performing with martha maccallum. >> morning. on a monday we will talk to the trump team today. all bernie sanders does is win, only now he's losing. how's that work? and president obama on the record on the hillary server. we will show that to you and see you in 12 minutes. top of the hour. distract you. so when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief.
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5:51 am
and back for an encore performance on this national barber shop quartet day are the class ring group, and you have storm front. we're glad you're all here with ustoday. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> you guys have attended a number of barber shop quartets and singoffs. so you're familiar with each other, right? >> yes. >> even though they're ladies and you're guys, is there a competition across the gender? >> not really. >> no? >> all right, let me ask you something -- >> we don't want to say it. >> could this become a reality show? like is there some drama that goes on? >> no drama. >> oh, come on. >> give me one good story. >> there is drama. i can't sing but i used to be in the high school choir. the way to do it is to actually rehearse. have you guys ever sung together? >> let's see, about three hours ago. so yes, this will be the first time really performing together. all eight of us. >> perfect. >> let's hear this.
5:52 am
what are you going to sing for us? >> a little classic from the music man from broadway. >> here they are, ladies and gentlemen class ring and storm front. ♪ now here's my love song not fancy or fine ♪ ♪ won't you be mine be fine ♪ ♪ to get the sun back in the sky ♪ ♪ i can hear the chapel bells chime ♪ ♪ ding dong ding the question without a sweet heart to my
5:53 am
name ♪ ♪ everyone knows that here is my love song not fancy or fine ♪ ♪ won't you be mine >> wow. you are so talented. >> amazing. more "fox & friends" coming up. we'll hear more from you guys coming up. 73% of americans try...
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in state-of-the-art simulators so we're better prepared for any situation. it's giving offshore teams support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. so everyone comes home safely. we're working every day at bp, to improve our training, our technology, our culture. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. if he goes long -- oh, my goodness. >> look at that. i play golf just like jordan
5:57 am
spieth did yesterday. into the water. >> he had a complete -- you know people are calling it a meltdown. he had a bad half hour. if you were in an airport yesterday and you could have sworn you saw ainsley earhardt and her husband, there's a real possibility you actually saw them because they were at the masters yesterday. >> we were. we couldn't stay for the end, so we were watching it at the airport. >> i want to see you -- >> here we are watching it on the side. you see as we were spectators. that front row seat. >> great seats >> yeah, right. that course is gorgeous. >> we doctored those pictures. because i didn't realize that you can't -- >> you can't take a phone. >> we're walking in the parking lot, will had already told me you can't take your phone in, you have to have a little clutch because there are security rules. i had my little clutch we're almost to the front entrance and he said you didn't bring your phone did you? i said no, let me just make sure and i opened up my purse and there was my phone. the athlete that he is just darted back to the car. he has one of those wrist bands
5:58 am
that tell you -- we walked nine miles yesterday. so we walked off all the beers, and all the pimento cheese sandwiches. we brought back some hats. we brought back hats. i have one for you, too. i had to mail back the hats. because i couldn't put it in my luggage. but i ended up on the way out remembering to pick up two for the set. >> thank you. >> i blew the entire win for my husband. >> he dvr'd it. but one of my boys today. i'm kind of watching half not. i see a head line. he walks back into the room. i said honey explain to me what happened this guy got a hole in one -- >> oh, man. >> he was furious. walked out of the room. >> you blew it. >> last i heard from him. >> i'm with your husband on this one. >> well -- >> there are some memes out now on the internet. for instance, there's cryin' michael jordan. >> oh. >> and here's steve harvey,
5:59 am
giving the green jacket. >> oh, man. >> oh, oh, that's awful. >> jordan spieth actually had to put the jacket on the winner, because he won last year. >> yeah. that photo -- >> you saw his photo in the background. >> he's young. he's going to be just fine. and he came in second place, then he won, now second place again. >> speaking of winners. we are lucky enough to have some award winning barber shot quarteters with us. we've got class ring and storm front. and since today is national barber shop quartet today we'd like the guys and the gals to wrap up the show with one more song. hit it guys. and gals. ♪ i'm home again i'm home again ♪ ♪
6:00 am
♪ bill: donald trump calling the nomination process crooked after ted cruz steamrolls him in colorado. closing in on trump for the race. abby: ted cruz make tag clean sweep in colorado sweeping up the delegates without a vote being cast. >>


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