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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ bill: donald trump calling the nomination process crooked after ted cruz steamrolls him in colorado. closing in on trump for the race. abby: ted cruz make tag clean sweep in colorado sweeping up the delegates without a vote being cast. >> this is a crooked system.
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i won twice as much as cruz, i have won millions and millions of votes more. people who have never voted before are coming out to talk for trump. we are supposed to be, you vote and the vote is supposed to make something. when i see all the victories i have, and you look at all the victories bernie sanders has, then you look at the establishment, it's a corrupt deal going on. bill:er said how is it the people of the great state of colorado never got to vote in the republican primary? totally unfair. did that state screw it up. >> it wasn't crooked or corrupt, but it wasn't very democratic either. the republican officials in
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colorado decided not to have a primary or singerle caucus to decide their delegates. last year you could look at the upcoming primary schedule and say where is colorado? they didn't like the idea that their delegates would be required to vote for whoever the voters' choice was in colorado. the caucus system was open and people could participate in it and we knew how it worked going in. so that's their response to trump's argument. bill: they probably lose a little steam in their argument when the party sent out a tweet. >> it was a tweet from the official twitter account. we did it hashtag never trump.
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that was almost immediately deleted and party officials said they were hacked and someone unauthorized did it and they were hacked. bill: in the coming days we have new york and trump has a lead and it's sizable. >> new york is huge. it has 95 delegates. trump will have to win big across the state to get all 95 new york delegates, otherwise they will be attributed proportionally. if you look at the polls, ted cruz is in third place in the fox news poll. you have john kasich, then ted cruz. bill: the week ahead is pennsylvania. trump has a sizable lead.
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of 71 delegates in pennsylvania they only give out 17 on primary night. the boston globe did something probably we have never seen before from a big league american newspaper. this looked like a cover of the onion. what were they trying to prove. what was this about. >> they say it was an editorial comment on the front page they home they never have to print in a trump presidency. but someone points's out it looked like a high school newspaper stunt. when you combine the boston globe thing and the tweets in colorado and trump's argument that he's been cheated out of delegates, we have a strong trump theme we'll be hearing in the coming days that the system
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is rigged against him because he's fighting a corrupt system. abby: there are if claims that trump's donations, not a single one was a personal gift much trump's money instead they were free golf and land rights to build on property trump already owns. it's interesting in the light of how he touts his charity. bill: the republican front runner joins bill po riley. bernie sanders winning his 7th
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contest in a row. both candidates now looking ahead to the next big states up for grabs. clinton keeping her lead in the home state of the april 19 primary. similar in pennsylvania. clinton leading and materials 49-38. and materials not totally backing down from his recent line on clinton. -- saying the former secretary of state is not qualified to be montana. >> everyone knows she is intelligent. but her foreign policy in iraq was the foreign policy blunder
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in the history of the america. i helped lead the opposition to the iraq war, she supported the war. that's something the american people might want to take into consideration. bill: bernie sanders behind at 1,068. you can hear a lot about super dell gotten unbound delegates. the rnc would argue the unbound delegates are unelected officials within the republican party. the dnc, they don't hold office and you will have a bit of a rub here. abby: this is big news. in a case of espionage involving a u.s. navy officer.
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edward lynn is accused of spying. he's accused of compromising highly classified material while on active duty. according to the charging documents he's accused of communicating secret information relating to the national defense with intent or reason to believe it would be used to the advantage of a foreign nation, and there is reason to believe that nation is china. we don't know what information was provided or for how long or how it was transmitted. by the appears this has been going on for quite some time. "newsweek" says he was arrested 8 months ago and he's being held in a navy bringing.
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abby: if convicted could he face the death penalty? reporter: yes he could face the death penalty. he's accused of providing the documents to a person not entitled to receive the documents. there is a chance that there commander lin was not working alone here. defense officials say other arrests in this case have not been ruled out. this investigation is still have much active and more arrests could be coming. bill: road rage or was it something else. a super bowl champion is shot and killed in the street in front of his wife after a traffic accident. plus there is this today. >> here is what i know. hillary clinton was an
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outstanding secretary of state. she would never intentionally put america in any kind of jeopardy. abby: that was president obama weighing in on the hillary clinton scandal on fox news sunday." but after saying he would not get involved, is he doing exactly that. bill: donald trump is saying ted cruz's pursuit of delegates has gone too far. >> you go to these county conventions and see the guess gs stapo tactics. >> that's a strong word. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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abby: yankee * become consider joh --john kerry becomt secretary of state to visit the memorial to the victims of hiroshima. kerry did not speak publicly at the ceremony but was scene with his arm around the prime minister who is a hire shippa native.
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>> it's ted cruz's style and it will wear thin. he's threatening delegates? >> you go to these county conventions and you look at the gestapo tactics. we'll be filing several protests. the reality is they are not playing by the roles. bill: donald trump sending out a tweet that accuses his rival of bribery. he says they are offered all sort of goodies by the cruz campaign. you were in colorado friday and saturday. what what you so wrong about the colorado system? >> well, the most wrong thing about it is of course colorado canceled their elect so there
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wasn't a vote of the actual resident of colorado. you have soldiers, men and women who fought in iraq so they can vote. those same soldiers in colorado couldn't vote in their own presidential contest. i also saw trump delegates missing from ballots. cruz ballots double counted. i had people say i was a delegate and i couldn't get into the convention to vote. all this chaos redoubt to the benefit of ted cruz. bill: did you take a picture of the ballots where the wrong name on it? >> there was a tweet -- a cruz delegate who was counted twice. i was at convention meetings where they were saying these
6:17 am
names aren't on the ballots so get out your pencils and try to write these names in. they had all these chaos that conveniently redoubt to the benefit of ted cruz. bill: before you go there, and we can argue whether it was the most democratic way or not. ed the trump team knew by the as much as the kasich and cruz team did. you knew how they changed the rules. if you want to compete in that state you have to get there. and based on everything i'm reading the cruz team did get there. >> to me that's one of the big media myths i would like to bust. cruz isn't winning more delegates because of a superior organization. he's winning because of failed idea. he threatens established
6:18 am
interests. cruz doesn't. three in four delegates are chosen by the party so he will tend to favor ted cruz. are we going to fight for he delegate? of course we are. but cruz isn't winning the delegates because of superior organization. cruz has only won in the entire country two pry mayor yet is outside his home region. only three primary it outside his home state. cruz doesn't win with voters, cruz wins with insiders. bill: you are team accused cruz of gestapo tactics. why use that phrase. where does that come from? >> i understood it to be a term art that people have used. what we are talking about again is whether it be the carson incident at the beginning of
6:19 am
this campaign. whether it be getting secret arrangements with delegates who are supposed to get voters. you have all of these strange happenings which all benefit ted cruz. all i'm saying is, if i were nor cruz i wouldn't be crowing about winning a voterless elect. i would be demanding a vote in colorado so that their soldier who fought over seas could vote in their own state. bill: there is on one way to take care of this and that is to get to the 1,237 before cleveland. >> we have state coming up where people cast ballots. wheeler form extremely well in new york and pennsylvania because our strong stance on trade.
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cruz has sided repeatedly with china on currency manipulation. that will be a huge issue in new york and pennsylvania. bill: i did not hear a guarantee, so there is a little function room. >> we expect to get to 1,237 and we expect to do just that. >> donald trump talking tough on terror. you probably remember this response from the debate. >> i would bring back waterboarden and a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. abby: why the head of the cia says that won't happen. bill: information comin coming m new arrests that just happened this weekend in brussels.
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>> i would not agree to any cia officer carrying out waterboarding. bill: president obama banned waterboarding, but donald trump promising to reright or quote a plot worse saying he does bleefnt the practice amounts to torture. and require's a big question of how far we are willing to go to get vital information out. new details confirming a direct link between the terror attacks
6:25 am
in brussels and paris. the deadly assault was actually planned for paris. the suspect in the paris attack confesses he's the same man in the hat in brussels. what do we know about the suspect? >> if mohamed abrini is the one man who is connected to the brussels and paris attacks. he just confirmed, he con feed he's all -- he just confessed he's the man in the hat at the brussels airport. he was caught after police requested the public's help in tracking him down. they released surveillance footage of his long walk from the airport in brussels after the attack. they confronted him with that
6:26 am
video and he admitted he was the one seen accompanying the suicide bombers. reporter: abrini told prosecutors brussels was the second choice. they were aiming for paris and a catholic association there. but they felt the net was closing in around them and they rushed forward with their plans. series of raids leading up to the brussels attacks pushed the killers into action. three people have been arrested and charged over the weekend. but there is little doubt many fear more attacks will take place. there may well be whether it's paris or brussels or elsewhere in europe. >> big developments. live in london. quick check of the markets as we head into a brand-new week of
6:27 am
trading. a former super bowl winner killed in what appears to be an act of road rage. but is there more to this murder in new orleans? abby: one of golf's greatest misses his chance to defeat sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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6:31 am
hayes,s suspected murderer. reporter: police are calling this a road rage incidents at this point. this happened late saturday night in the upscale lower garden district neighborhood of new orleans. investigators say will smith was driving in his her save dees with his wife when they were rear ended. witnesses say the driver of that car got pout and exchanged words with the former saints defensive end and started shooting. the 28-year-old has been charged with second degree murder and is being held on one million dollars bond. authorities say they are trying to figure out if the two then in knew each other or they were perfect strangers. >> we do not have any other information they knew one another or this was anything other than an accident that turned into a dispute and
6:32 am
disturbance that ended up in violence. reporter: the attorney re79 of representing -- the attorney representing hayes yesterday said his client fired because he thought will smith was reaching for a gun. abby: president obama weighing in on hillary clinton's email scandal. the president defending his former secretary of state but promising to stay out of the federal investigation.cratic frontrunner showed carelessness but never quote:put the safety of the american people at risk. >> here is what i know. hoik was an outstanding secretary of state john kerry. she would never intentionally put america in jeopardy. i continue to believe that she
6:33 am
has not jeopardized america's national security. way also said and she acknowledged that there is -- there is a carelessness in terms of managing emails that she has owned and she recognizes. abby: katie, a lot came out of this interview. but that moment was a big one when chris wallace asked directly about clinton's email server. mainly because it's still scene ongoing investigation. >> president obama likes to say he doesn't comment on ongoing investigation. when you remember in october he said hillary clinton has done
6:34 am
nothing wrong to compromise national security. but when he made that statement, f.b.i. agents working on the case were furious because it has an implication in terms of the investigation. question at this point is when president obama sits down for an interview and says i can't comment on it because of the ongoing investigations that continues in the same breath to defend her as though she has done nothing wrong, the question becomes whether the president is trying to obstruct the investigation. abby: this question he knew was potentially coming from chris wallace. he had his answer prepared. >> if president obama said nothing on this, the outcry would be even more and they would have implicated, tried and convicted hillary clinton because he said nothing. the tragedy is the leaks in this
6:35 am
investigation are by those conducting the investigation, and that's a shame. the fact is when president obama say there were mistakes made but they were errors of omission not commission. he says national security was not threatened. as president of the united states his first responsibility is commander-in-chief. his ultimate responsibility is to the people and the protection of the united states, and he said that was not the case. abby: the president said his office will not be involved in this investigation. the "wall street journal" said in a way he said the opposite of this. it says as a lawyer the president knows intent is often
6:36 am
crucial in determining criminal liability. and he went out of his way to say what she did was carelessness. >> carelessness is not like hillary clinton hiring someone and paying them under the table to set up an email server inside her home. not to necessarily have a convenient lifestyle but to put your own priorities of non-transparent see above the national security of the united states. there is 2,000 pieces of information found on this private server. we have the hacker from romania being extradited to if the united states to be interviewed by the f.b.i. hillary clinton will be interviewed by james comey, and this always serious case. for the president to go into
6:37 am
intention fall, it sounds like hillary clinton trying to mince words when the bottom line is he sent classified information over a private server that put lives at risk. abby: even the president admits this is a serious investigation. whenever hillary clinton is asked about it, she laughs. do you think she should take this seriously? or is her response the right one? >> unless katie's part of this investigation, she is speculating as well. so she takes this very seriously. she offered for months now to meet with james comey and anybody else about this matter. the fair thing here would be, everybody stops speculating and
6:38 am
let's see where the facts go. on those emails they were classified after the fact, necessity they were sent to a different degree in terms of whether they were top secret, secret. those are the facts. when we stick to the facts, they lead us to the truth. but everybody, including people involved in this investigation are prejudicing it by putting information out there that is not true it's shameful that they have done that. abby: i think these are all legitimate questions, but thank you for being with us today. bill: a heartbreaker at the masters for one of the best. jordan spieth defending his masters. 12 hole, amen corner.
6:39 am
it's here where he puts it in the water and has to take a draw. his next shot goes in the water as well. he finished on that hole in 7th. quadruple bogie. abby: does that really happen to people? bill: it does for me. what a heartbreaker. nothing short of amazing round of golf sunday. he was the last player in the 89-man field. willet accepted the last-minute invitation. they were expecting their first child and she gave birth two weeks early. abby: two class acts.
6:40 am
spieth is a class act, too. bill: spieth admitted, this is really tough. abby: what a day of golf. john kerry vowed to turn up the pressure further against isis. bill: john kasich making his case for remaining in this race. why he thinks he will be representing the republican party come november. >> at the end of the day i'm only person who consistently beats hillary clinton in the fall. are we going to pick somebody who can't win? that would be nuts. you're late for work.
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strikes jones syria and isis. the air force says the bombers will provide the coalition with continued precision to provide the desired air power effect. it will be the first time they have been in the middle east since the gulf war. >> we are going to accumulate more delegates and we will. we'll see what happens out of new york, pence vein what, maryland, connecticut. we'll see what happens there. don't try to predict how many we'll have. i will have more than i have right now, and we'll be viable. at the end of the day, i'm the only person who consistently beats hillary clinton in the fall. are we going to pick somebody who can't win in that would be nuts. bill: that is john kasich saying he can win against hillary
6:45 am
clinton, his opponents cannot. steve forbes, chairman of forbes media. you look like an unbound delegate to me. >> i'm not. just an agitator. bill: an opinion maker now. what do you think of kay itch's argument? >> very weak. to say i'm electable is what they always say when they are way behind. they said the last thing about ronald reagan. he had substance like a radical 30% tax cut across the board. kasich hasn't been hit like trump and cruz has been hit so his negatives aren't so high because he's unknown.
6:46 am
he hasn't been attacked yet. if you don't take the heat, those polls aren't very meaningful. in the primaries, outside of his home state of ohio. he only had 37% of the vote in these party primaries. he's plaguing for cleveland, but he has to do better. if he had something on national security, ride with it. but he hasn't done that yet. bill: you have been in this ring before. what do you see on the outside. what's shaping up in this race? >> no one has emerged as the clear frontrunner. donald trump has done well. but his organization is disconcerting. he knew what was going to happen in colorado but he wasn't ready for it.
6:47 am
he send out noticed saying file for being a trump delegates two days after the deadline. bill: he's organizing now, but you are suggesting he was behind in the organization? >> he should know, should have known, or somebody around hip should have known that ted cruz, whatever you think of him i very well organized. any straight delegate out there is going to snap up. north dakota, and man fo man mas said. billsaid. in pennsylvania you have got 54 delegate who are not bound by
6:48 am
what happens in the 8 primary. you can't complain about those rules. you have to know what they are and you have to figure out what they are like cruz death did and get in and figure out your advantage. >> in politic you have got to have a huge team. in real estate he doesn't build the building himself. he has considers who make make these things happen. >> did he think he could get the nomination and still could? >> did he think the power of the personality would take him forward. >> he thought and not without reason he would do well in the primaries. in the normal elect year. if you win the early contests it's over. this is the fir time somebody
6:49 am
has done well in the early primaries. wherever he goes, he will get 35%, 40%. so it was and you unusual situation. so you have to recognize this is not a normal situation. you have to adjust to it. bill: hillary clinton is hammering him today on this new spot. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and americans stand for. >> with so much at stake she is the one tough enough to stop trump. bill: head-to-head that would be one heck of a heavyweight battle in november. do you believe based on the map that trump gets to 1,237 before june 7? >> it depend on how he gets organized. there are a couple of congressional districts in new
6:50 am
york where he has to do some work. but in terms of the nitty-gritty, that's what he has to do. manafort has a big job to do. but in terms of a hillary clinton it's telling she is not running against donald trump and not bernie sanders. she has an electability problem. abby: this is such a sad story. a toddler dies after being left alone in a hot car. was it a track i can mistake or a murder. bill: president obama defending his approach on fo "fox news sunday."
6:51 am
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abby: jury selection is set to begin in a case that made headlines around the world. prosecutors say harris intentionally left his son in a shot car for two hours, causing his death. jonathon, there has been a lot of pretrial publicity on his case. what will attorneys be looking for in potential jurors? reporter: lots of pretrial publicity, not just locally, but nationally. it's unlikely attorneys will be able to find jurors who never heard of this case. the more likely they will look for jurors who will go into this trial without preconceived notions.
6:55 am
ross harris admits he left his 22-month-old son in the back of a hot suv. the child overheated and died. but harris said he forgot to drop his son off at daycare. but prosecutors claim he wanted to murder the boy so he could lead a child-free lifestyle and pursue extramarital affairs. ross harris prosecutors say conducted internet searches. research online into children overheating in hot cars. but ross harris told investigators he did this because as father this was one of his greatest fears, that he was trying to avoid this happening to his family.
6:56 am
investigators say while the boy was overheating in that vehicle, the father from his workplace was exchanging text messages of a sexual nature with multiple women. does this add to the possible kiewghts's contention that he wanted some become child free or does it show he was distracted and had more reason to accidentally leave his child in the car. this jury will be asked to get into harris' mind to figure out not so much what happened, but why it happened. abby: absolutely heartbreaking. bill: two front runners battling for broadway. a new knox poll shows hillary clinton feeling the love from new yorkers. in just minutes. first have a listen here. >> i won twice as much as cruz. i won millions of votes more.
6:57 am
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bill: all right, guys, donald trump, hillary clinton saying i love new york. both front-runners way ahead in the empire state and pennsylvania. latest "fox news poll" shows that. trump phasing new headwinds in the battle for delegates which is really where it matters. this is brand new hour of "america's newsroom" on a monday. i'm bill hemmer. martha has the day off. abby: i love new york too, bill. i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. numbers hold up across the board. trump leading among men and women, old, young, rich, middle income, and poor. trump leading in new york as well with 54%. john kasich a distant second with 22% there. ted cruz in third with 15 earnings those numbers echoeded
7:01 am
in neighboring pennsylvania. trump saying that is why he should the nomination and anything less than that is trickery from inside of the party. >> i'm up millions of votes on cruz, millions. i don't mean like i'm up by two votes. i'm up millions and millions of votes. i'm up by hundreds and hundreds of delegates. i go to louisiana, i win louisiana, and i say, isn't that beautiful. i love the people. i sent them a note, thank you very much. i love you louisiana. then i find out that i get less delegates than cruz because of some nonsense going on. bill: team fox coverage. ed henry on bruising primary between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we begin with senior national correspondent john roberts live in albany, new york. donald trump holds another rally today. even though primary over the weekend, there was a battle for delegates. what happened? reporter: there was. donald trump is on the warpath
7:02 am
against the delegate process with ted cruz came out of colorado with all the delegates he could have found. he took over 34 delegates at district and state conventions. colorado did not hold a presidential primary. didn't have a presidential previous rans vote during caucuses. this has donald trump upset tweeting, the people of colorado had their votes taken away from them by phony politicians. the biggest story in politics, this will not be allowed. this all has many people wondering if donald trump isn't preparing for a revolution at the convention. listen to what he told people at a huge rally in rochester yesterday afternoon. >> they're taking your vote away. they're disenfranchising people that want to see america be great again and politicians will never do it. they don't want to do it. they can't do it because their lobbyists and special interests are saying we're not going to let you do it. it is no good. we have a change the system. i say this to the rnc and i say it to the republican party.
7:03 am
you're going to have a big problem, folks, because there are people that don't like what is going on. reporter: got this response from the cruz campaign this morning. spokeswoman alice stewart saying whining is more sour grapes from trump who continues to land -- lash out in tantrums every times he loses. you can see trump is upset. how far is he going to carry this? bill: we heard over the weekend from a delegate wrangler from trump. he had pretty sharp language. what was said, john? reporter: paul manafort who won the convention for gerald ford back in 1976 on the first vote. he will be running donald trump's convention strategy, appearing on one of the sunday shows. had very harsh words how ted cruz is winning delegates, some of them from trump. listen. >> you think he is threatening delegates? >> is he threatening, go to the county conventions, see gestapo tactics. scorch the earth. >> gestapo tacticses? that is strong word.
7:04 am
>> we'll be filing several protests. reality is they're not playing by the rules. reporter: gestapo tactics, by paul manafort. bolstered by a tweet on colorado gop after cruz came away with all the delegates. we did it. #nevertrump. that tweet was deleted. last tweet was result of unauthorized access to our account. in no way represents the opinion of the party. we are investigating. but for conspiracy theorists, bill, there are a lot of them out there when it comes to donald trump they're looking at that saying hmmm, were people disenfranchised? we'll let you know what the results of the investigation are when the colorado gop completes it. bill: check the i.p. address. john roberts in albany, new york. abby? abby: plenty of political theatrics in display for democratic battle for broadway. bernie sanders holding a town
7:05 am
hall event in binghamton, ahead of new york's primary a week from tomorrow but brand new fox news polls shows he trails hillary clinton by double digits in her adopted home state. we're seeing a similar situation play out in wednesday vain. they vote later this month. hillary clinton holding an 11-point advantage there. listen to both of them talking about the race going forward. >> our plan right now is to win this thing and again i think we're looking pretty good in new york, in pennsylvania, in california, in oregon, we have a shock to end up with more delegates. >> right now i am leading him with 2 1/2 million votes in the popular vote. i'm leading him in pledged delegates with a larger margin
7:06 am
7:07 am
7:08 am
bill: we got gender break down. trump at 59. women 49%. so we'll see how that turns out. you go to pennsylvania.
7:09 am
there is suggestionthere as wel. but, pa is kind of like, they're, they're in the category they're, they're in the category and louisiana. you get into a question of delegates. and how they're allocated. and i guess just as importantly, when they are given out, steve? reporter: right. 54 of pennsylvania's delegates are unbound. meaning that even if donald trump sweeps pennsylvania which i think most people expect him to do on april 26, he comes out of there just with pledged delegates. which is just short of 20. but, selina cito from the pittsburgh review, has done terrific reporting on actual delegates that will be elected and what they will do as unbound delegates. many said, they will vote the way their congressional districts vote. if donald trump does well from district to district, to district. he could still come away with a
7:10 am
very good number from pennsylvania despite 54 pennsylvania's delegates are unbound. bill: "snl" had a good time with hillary clinton over the weekend. i don't know if you saw it. they have got those skits down. she has lost, she has lost seven of eight. she would argue i've got millions of votes, i think 2.4 million more than bernie sanders. what is your evaluation of that contest now? >> well, look, she is winning. she is still likely to win but she has only 250 pledged delegate lead over bernie sanders which is something very few people would have predicted three months ago, six months ago or certainly a year ago. the fact she is having as much trouble as she is is putting away bernie sanders i think speaks generally to the weakness of her candidacy. the fact that bernie sanders has so much enthusiasm as he does and that, many of the voters who are supporting hillary clinton are doing so because they think she could win or doing so with
7:11 am
something less than the kind of enthusiasm you're seeing for bernie sanders, again suggests she is not going to be a great general election candidate, in fact she dispatches bernie sanders. bill: steve, good to see you on monday. don't eat too much, my man. >> i try. i try. chiao. abby: trump says the primary process is rigged and voters from both parties are not being heard. >> look what happens to bernie, he wins, he wins, he wins, and i hear he doesn't have a chance. this is a crooked system, folks. abby: but trump also says he will still get the delegates he needs to get the nomination outright. so what does it math look like coming up? bill: also explosions rocking a police station. where it happened and who was behind it in a moment. abby: president obama defending his strategy in the war on terror. why he says he was right to go to the ball game after the brussels attacks. >> that's the message of resilience that we don't panic,
7:12 am
that we don't fear. we will hunt you down and we will get you. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:16 am
ground for isis as well. abby: well, president obama appearing for exclusive interview on "fox news sunday," defending the optics of going to a baseball game in cuba with dictator raul castro and dancing the tango in argentina in the immediate aftermath of the brussels terror attacks. >> what i tried to communicate, is you can't change us, you can kill some of us but you we will hunt you down and we will get you. and in the meantime, just as we did in boston after the marathon bombing, we're going to go to a ballgame and, do all the other things that make our life worthwhile and you have nothing to offer. that is the message of resilience, that we don't panic, that we don't fear. we will hunt you down and we will get you. abby: pete hegseth veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan. of course a fox news contributor. kt mcfarland, fox news security analyst and was deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration, two of
7:17 am
the best people to be here to talk about this. we keep hearing president obama defend war on terror, look, we shouldn't panic, we shouldn't fear but a lost take that that you're not taking war against terrorism seriously. in politics, anyone who has been involved in politics knows, kt that perception is everything. >> i fault president obama saying we'll go to the ballgame and great arc of history will take care of islamic extremism though he won't tear care of that. i fault president bush, we'll use military, rest of you go shopping. military will solve this. both policies have failed. any president who comes in next, tell the american people, this is a long war, and it is going to involve, economic, political, military, covert intelligence and military option or we're going to be in the same place catching up to a speeding train of islamic extremism spreading and running all over the world. abby: pete, does very a point when he says, look terrorists are winning if we act in panic.
7:18 am
if i fly home i am mild after brussels attacks that would have given him exact response they wanted? >> he has some point. but his problem is perception of him already he is not doing everything he can to take on isis. when you add on top of it, salsa dancing and baseball games, it reinforces optics and perception he is not doing everything we can. george w. bush also swore off golf and other activities that were optics to show he wasn't as engaged. no one ever doubted whether george bush was all-in trying to defeat enemy. the iraq surge and everything showed that when he took personal time, we shouldn't overreact to everything, they didn't confuse that as lack of interest in defeating enemy. abby: on topic of terrorism this is big news out of the day, cia director, coming out saying he is doing awith waterboarding even if the president tells him to do it. here is what he said earlier. >> absolutely i would not, i would not agree to having any cia waterboarding carrying out waterboarding again.
7:19 am
abby: kt, you tweeted about this morning. caught my attention. waterboarding debate is cheap trick by politicians and appointees to trash other politicians like donald trump. >> look donald trump, senator ted cruz said they would water board. now what does that mean? there are two types of interrogation in this world and there are two types of terrorists and two types of scenarios. one is called the ticking time bomb scenario. the assumption is the president knows there is a dirty bomb in lower manhattan, it will go off next 24 hours you don't know where or exactly what time you have somebody in custody may know the answer to that at that point the president of the united states is not going to say, well, we really have to do this, the president of the united states is going to say, i will do whatever it takes to find that out. because if i fail, that means thousands of people might die. on the other hand, garden-variety of terrorists nobody is saying you will tell -- abby: this is someone who is not politician. pete, you understand the reality
7:20 am
we face better than many people out there and you hear him say this, this is balance how do we keep the american people safe, given the threat of terror today? >> we don't know barack obama would actually make that call in that moment. that sort of the problem. will the real brennan, please stand up, these guys previously said these types of techniques helped us find bin laden and find key clues from al qaeda. he understood the in past this tactic was effective. he is playing his part in the political campaign right now, trying to stab at cruz and trump, look at weakness of this administration and understand american people and willing to do some like waterboarding to keep us safe. all it will take executive order to change that why do i feel like brennan won't be -- abby: it will debate continuing on. thank you for being with us. bill? bill: there is a delegate by delegate bitter fight. donald trump slamming the process as crooked after ted
7:21 am
cruz's voterless victory in colorado. we'll examine that. abby. abby: how many rubberbands does it take to break a watermelon? science experiment dominating social media. you don't want to miss this. ♪ p?p?o?gv
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7:24 am
abby: welcome back. a building explosion takes some neighbors by surprise in north carolina. look at this. yikes! crews taking down part of the duke energy plant in cape fear. early on sunday the company retired the coal-fired portion of the plant in 2013. spokesperson says it's a milestone shifting to cleaner, more efficient energy sources. next implosion set for may.
7:25 am
the last one takes place in -- [inaudible] >> we're doing fine. we should have won it a long time ago but you know, we keep losing where we're winning. today winning votes doesn't mean anything. bill: donald trump now unleashing the nominating process, calling it crooked after ted cruz score as sweep in colorado. trump now doubling down on his vow to lock up the nomination before convention in july. leading race to 1237 by fewer than 200 delegates. charlie hurt, "washington times." good day to you. >> good day to you, bill. bill: how are you seeing this. >> what we're seeing now exactly why donald trump has been doing so well among voters. the system, both parties have employed here have, you know, where votes, direct votes don't necessarily mean thaw win the nomination. there are all of these arcane rules and caucuses and backdoor
7:26 am
meetings that allow somebody to earn fewer votes but win more delegates. it's, it create this is huge distrust among voters in entire system, in the government, in the parties. and people are fed up with it. i think that is why, you know, donald trump has been able to, i think that really does explain a lot of the enormous excitement for donald trump. bill: the rnc would argue, ted cruz would argue, this is the system and you need to know what the rules are and play by them. >> sure. and, this is what i think is kind of interesting about all of this. you know, superdelegates on democratic side, they're precisely designed to prevent somebody like bernie sanders from getting the nomination. he appealed to the heart of the democratic party but he an avowed socialist. party leaders realize that is no way to win a general election. so that system is very much designed to prevent somebody like bernie sanders from getting
7:27 am
the nomination to insure somebody like hillary clinton does get it. on the republican side it is a little bit different. the system there is not designed to hand the nomination to somebody like ted cruz. ted cruz has been so attacked em ever since he got here. you know he is launched all of these renegade filibusters on senate floor, done these things. clearly they're happy to use the system to deny somebody like donald trump from getting nomination but it is not to hand ted cruz the nomination. so, i'm still sort of mystified how all of this is going to play out because i don't think the republican party is going to go to all of this effort to deny donald trump the nomination only to hand it over to ted cruz, if ted cruz is who he says he is. bill: that is interesting. >> this raises a lot of questions about that. bill: here is what the rnc told me. unbound delegates on the republican side are elected
7:28 am
delegates, they're just not bound to particular candidate. democrats with the superdelegate category they can be unelected party bosses that can do what they want. is that on the surface accurate? >> oh, absolutely. you know, on the democratic system is designed, like i said to prevent somebody like bernie sanders from getting the nomination. and, maybe what we'll find out is that we'll go into the republican convention, and they will go through the first ballot and go through the second ballot and ted cruz who is obviously doing a much better job is a much more of an insider than donald trump, i mean he is a sitting united states senator, you know, maybe he will really will be able to use these rules to his advantage and score on a second or third, or third ballot, but what that, you know what that says about ted cruz as an outsider, you know, it sort of kind of calls into question his bonefides on that.
7:29 am
bill: last point. i think what rnc would argue, the point i was driving at, the difference between unbound and superdelegate, the rnc would argue their system is more democratic than the democratic side, than the dnc. is that true? >> yeah, no absolutely that is, that is accurate. the democratic, you know the democratic rules are clearly designed to keep the party bosses very much in control. bill: okay. >> but you know there will be a lot of questions asked at the republican convention if this doesn't work out exactly the way they say that it should. bill: all right. charlie, good to have you. charlie hurt "washington times" in d.c. abby? abby: bill there is top secret and then there is top secret. is president obama downplaying hillary clinton's email scandal? judge napolitano here on what his recent comments could mean for that investigation. bill: heartbreak for a young american at augusta. abby: so sad. bill: what triggered jordan
7:30 am
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bill: so apparently there is classified and then there's classified. president obama commenting on hillary clinton's email scandal, downplaying some would argue the significance of emails being marked classified. judge andrew napolitano, he watched interview. live in the studio, good morning to you. "fox news sunday," chris wallace, it was taped, two, three days ago, last thursday i do believe. he chose to answer the question and in part he said this. >> there is classified and then there is classified. there's stuff that is really top secret, top secret and there is stuff that is being presented to the president or the secretary of state that you might not want on the transom or going out over the wire but basically stuff
7:34 am
that you can get in open source. bill: very interesting, he chose to answer it. did he or has he prejudiced the case, do you believe? >> i don't think he is prejudiced the case. i think he hurt her a little bit when he said she was careless because carelessness is a form of negligence. this is the rare federal crime, espionage, the failure to safeguard state secrets which can be proven by negligence but he was a little reckless himself when he said there is classified and classified. he took an old to uphold the law. the law is something if marked confidential, secret or top secret, it must be protected. the law is also the secretary of state is obliged to know what is confidential, secret or top secret, whether stamped with those words on it or not. bill: does he have a conflict as commander-in-chief? >> i am -- bill: as her boss, as someone who emailed her? >> correct, bill.
7:35 am
i am surprised the answered the questions with, chris asked great questions. i'm surprised the president answered them with the depth with which he answered them because very well may have a conflict of interest. what is the conflict of interest? he has a duty to allow the justice department to prosecute a person where the evidence takes the justice department. but does he really want to be a witness in this case? how could he be a witness? the most sensitive emails that they found on her server were sent to or by him. mr. president, did you knot know that you were -- not know you were sending this through secret server? did you see clinton email system rather than u.s. dot-gov? mr. president, doesn't the white house have something your own emails from being put in non-secure venue? mr. president, did you know it was top secret and going to non-secure venue? man, he doesn't want to answer questions like that. bill: why did he choose to answer this? >> i can't tell you. i don't know.
7:36 am
at one point i thought he was trying to minimize what she had done by saying she was careless. bill: that was my sense. >> i thought, he is really undermining her defense. if she admits she was negligent, that is basis for the prosecution. is he trying to send a dog whistle to the fbi, to dial it back? that would be absurd. with the length and extent which fbi has gone, just last week the justice department extradited former romanian intelligence agent from romania to virginia. why? they want to talk to him. what do they want to talk to him about? he is in jail for hacking. who did he hack? of all people, sidney blumenthal. what does he have? top see credit e-mails. did this guy get her emails by hacking mr. blumenthal. bill: fbi is watching all of this and listening to answers and they're taking notes. final point, it was my sense he was trying to tell chris wallace
7:37 am
and american people watching it, everything will be aboveboard here. there will be no, no foul play in this investigation. second thing, i think he was trying to characterize degrees of classification. that you may think something is classified and i may not, or vice versa. is there wiggle room under the statute that would allow for such an explanation? >> the reason there is not because on her first day in office, mrs. clinton signed an oath. after two-hour fbi tutorial. in thatethshe stated, i understand it is the law that i must recognize secrets whether they are marked as classified, meaning confidential secret or top secret or not. so, i didn't know it was secret is not a defense. no judge will let her tell that to a jury. bill: january 2009, was it? >> yes, it was. bill: thank you, judge. >> you're welcome. bill: abby, what's next. abby: very interesting, bill. listen to this story. an illegal immigrant on the run accused of killing a young woman in a drunken street racing
7:38 am
accident. he was arrested and posted bail, you can see him here in nebraska. immigration officials they never detained him. why? they say his crimes didn't meet, isis, quote enforcement priorities. william la jeunesse live from the west coast newsroom. walk us through what happened here. why they let this guy go. reporter: big question, why would the administration let this illegal immigrant out of jail just days after killing a woman, despite a plea from cops and a previous warrant? so 21-year-old sara root just graduated from college when police say edwin mejia plowed into her car, drunk without a license. omaha police put him in jail. asked i.c.e. to detain him while preparing homicide case. i.c.e. refusessed, his arrest did not meet their enforcement priorities as outlined by the president and homeland security director jeh johnson. outraged, nebraska's senator ben
7:39 am
sasse tried but fail to get a straight answer from i.c.e. director, sara soldano. >> if an illegal alien kills american citizen, should i.c.e. let that go free. >> there will be criminal consequence. >> we don't know where the man is. reporter: she said they couldn't hold mejia because root wasn't dead. that wasn't true. police called four times, starting 7:30 in the morning for i.c.e. to issue detainer. they were refused. 12 hours later they let him go. abby: begs the question if this guy wasn't enforcement priority, who is? reporter: well, dhs policy says they will only hold a suspect if he has a prior felony conviction. saying, last week, quote, based on the totality of circumstances involved, when arrested, i.c.e. dieddecided not to issue a detainer at time. now however he is on i.c.e.'s 10 most-wanted list. that is little consolation to
7:40 am
sara's father. >> i don't know what else i can say. it ain't going to bring her back. somebody has to be held accountable. you know, apparently he isn't. reporter: mejia who came to the border in 2013 as minor, was allowed to stay as refugee, jumped bail. police believe he is now, abby, back in honduras. back to you. abby: not a good situation. william la jeunesse, live for us. thank you. bill: bernie sanders calling hillary clinton's judgment into question as he looks to keep the winning streak in new york alive. should the clinton team be worried. our panel will take on that in a moment, head-to-head. abby: bill, listen to this. a thief strike as burger joint. he is not after the cash. the real life hamburglar, i said that on tv. that's next. ♪ >> the hamburglar. >> he loves taking mcdonald's hamburgers. what should you yell when you see him. >> help ronald -- >> that's right.
7:41 am
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bill: one of the great scientific questions of our time. one experiment playing out in real time on internet, still blew the mine of millions. two buzzfeed reporters, donning hazmat suits applied hundreds of rubber bands to a watermelon trying to figure out how long it would take to get the mellon to explode. this went on for 45 minutes, until this happened. >> oh! [cheering] bill: right. all that suspense and drama. so what's the answer? 600 rubber bands did the job. abby: something you just got to know. >> i know bernie may be tempting some of you, he is honest, tells it like it is and had a cute little bird land on his podium one time. that was politics for a whole day. guess what, i have a winged friend of my own.
7:45 am
she is a three-eyed raven from the "game of thrones." [laughter]. her message is clear. if you don't vote for me on april 19th, winter is coming. abby: just too good. hillary clinton losing streak may be good "snl" fodder but still could pose trouble for her presidential campaign as rival bernie sanders sets up his attacks. >> many in respects she may have the experience to be presidentin argue that but in terms of her judgment, something, is clearly lacking. abby: lisa booth is gop strategist and contributor for the washington examiner. jessica ehrlich, attorney and former democratic congressional candidate. good to see you. >> hi, abby. abby: no one does hillary clinton better than kate mckinnon. my saturday nights are entertaining to her. there is always a bit of truth to comedy. jessica, look how the race is playing out. hillary clinton thought she would have this locked up by
7:46 am
march. is there truth to what we saw there? is the clinton campaign starting to feel a little nervous? >> i don't think so. i think we're seeing the campaign that has been going since day one. i think it is great we're having an actual real primary. everyone thought this would be a coronation. instead it has been a real race where we actually discussed issues. the economic, on the war in iraq, on our involvement, around the world. on environmental issues. and it is a far cry, in terms of the tenor i think between what we're seeing in the gop race. abby: lisa, it is interesting, even though the math does not add up for bernie sanders he is say staying in this thing. if anywhere he is stepping up attacks. >> exactly. enthusiasm on bernie sanders side. superdelegates aren't. bernie sanders's new attack on hillary clinton focusing on judgment should be where he is the entire time. he has been a professional protester in congress. so he can't speak to the qualifications aspect of attacking hillary clinton.
7:47 am
that is a point of weakness. what is a point of strength is attack hillary clinton on judgment. what he can do with that, continue to drive a wedge with hillary clinton and liberal base, issues like wall street, issues hike trade, her vote on iraq. i also think it's a subtle attack on her email server, her time as secretary of state attackinghat judgment which led to erosion of trust with democratic voters. >> jessica, bernie sanders is now even going after president bill clinton, back policies made in the 90s. they were attacking him on policies they say are harmful to african-american voters. that is what bernie sanders is trying to tout. is this tactic you think can work for sanders, given how well-liked the clintons are among african-american community especially in new york or can it end up backfiring on him. >> i think there is good possibility that it could backfire on him. it does speak to the different sort of wings of the democratic party. certainly, going back to
7:48 am
bill clinton's time, more of a group that came together and tried to bring sort of a center to the party as we know that bernie is, really more of an independent. he is the democratic socialist. he is really far to the left. that is certainly a difference but i think the long history that the clintons have with the african-american community, they have long memories and trying to make it seem like you know, certainly, bernie is a supporter of a community as well but it is really hard to ding the clintons on, you know, where they are with that community. so it seems like a bit of a stretch. hey, it's a primary. he has to try to differentiate himself. abby: we'll see. lisa, new fox polls, i'm sure you've seen this, hillary is ahead in number of states including new york. this is number that sticks out to me, where sanders does very well with people 45 and younger. you see him here against clinton, 52% to 41%.
7:49 am
young people come out to vote if they get motivated around a candidate like president obama. where will they go if hillary clinton is nominee? you are seeing numbers here? >> voters suggest a large portion of sanders voters would never support hillary clinton of the that is a big problem for hillary clinton. some respects hillary clinton's problems lied with herself. bernie sanders is a guy who is barnstorming the country talking about a revolution and hillary clinton is part of that, talking about a revolution blowing up institution. hillary clinton is the institution. hillary clinton's campaign slogan, might as well be, it's my turn. that is problem for hillary clinton of the bernie sanders, this isn't exactly necessarily for winning for him. this is about principle. staking his ground in populist socialist narrative. for hillary clinton it is solely about winning. she is on every side of the issue. once more inauthentic, someone who is liar and patently dishonest with the american people.
7:50 am
bret baier joins us top of the hour. bill: we'll see you then. it is one of the most iconic settings in golf. amen corner, augusta national. it can make-or-break your tournament. this time it broke jordan spieth. his epic collapse is next. jim gray standing by. oh. ♪
7:51 am
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♪ bill: what a finish and a finish to forget for jordan spieth at the masters. that is danny willet from england. jordan spieth fitted him for the jacket as is custom. that was not before at collapse for the ages. jordan spieth led entire tournament until a meltdown on the 12th hole. he hit not one but two balls into rae's creek. back-to-back. produce ad quadruple bogey 7 not to recover. jim gray sportscaster, fox news contributors, as we see shot number one go in. i don't know, jim, i thought showed a lot of class. there was just one moment on
7:55 am
camera where he, i mean he was obviously very, very disappointed with himself and expressed it rightly so. what do you think? >> well, it was one bad swing. that is what he described it as. it was his undoing. he was five strokes up came to 12. he bogeyed 10, bogeyed 11. he couldn't even look at it in the monitor. it was a shame because i think he will live for this for the rest of his life. he will never really get over this i believe he will win major champions. he is major champion. he will have a great career. like isiah thomas throwing the ball away to the larry bird when the pistons had beaten celtics. he won what championships with chuck daily. chuck daily won two titles, head coach of the dream team, never got over that play. that will happen to jordan spieth. this is jean van de velde at car newsty in 1999 this was bad
7:56 am
swing. it was his championship. he will have a hard time with it. bill: jack nicklaus, quickly, my heart goes out to him. jordan is young man certainly learning from the experience. there will be good comes out of this for him. he is wonderful talent and a wonderful young man. are you making case he can't win a gustav because of this, you're so scarred? >> no. i believe we i will one again. i believe this will always bother him. this will be in his golfing head for the rest of his life. i think that is just what happens with great athletes, great champions. about ones that got away. ask tom brady his championships he thinks more about the two losses in super bowl than he does about the four victories. what greatness is. they're tormented by perfection. this one got away from him. he will be a great champion. he will win many more majors. i believe it will always be in his head. it's a shame. it is a shame. bill: jim gray, sad to look back on that. thank you, jim. abby: "fox news" polling show
7:57 am
donald trump with big lead in new york and pennsylvania some analysts say his campaign showing signs of weakness.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. bill: that completes our two hour tour but you've been going for like, 10 hours. bill: you sleep when you die bill. bill: we will see you tomorrow. martha: happening now starts now, have a good day. jon: a new poll on this monday has donald trump and hillary clinton holding big leads in new york i had a must win primary for both frontrunners. good morning i'm jon scott . heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. jon: good to have you here heather.


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