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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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transportation after the city's worst air quality crisis in over a decade. >> yeah. mexico city air is not good most of the time. hey, thank you for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. fox news alert for your monday. the fight for delegates now tighter than anyone could have ever predicted. what was once thought a clear path to victory much closer than any of the candidates bargained for. hi, everybody, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" today. with the new york primary over a week away, donald trump and john kasich and ted cruz in the empire state. to the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton kicking off rival events right now in new york. fox team coverage for you today. on the republican race, connor mcshane. live at heidi cruz's event. let's start with john roberts live in albany new york, where
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donald trump is campaigning today. john, the blgs over delegates and trying to understand the whole pre cess intensify. >> reporter: it is a byzantine process. no question. first of all, gretchen, donald trump could certainly make a big impact had the capital of the empire state, albany. he is at hockey arena that holds 20,000 people. we'll see how large his crowd is tonight. i expect we'll hear move of his complaints about the delegates system. he was shut out in colorado. ted cruz grapd grabbed all the delegates. trump had administrative problems getting his delegates on the ballots. more to his point, he complains that the system is rigged against him because the party doesn't want him to be the nominee. listen to what he hollywood told supporters yesterday in rochester. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. we're supposed to be, you vote and the vote means something.
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all right? and you vote and the vote means something. and we've got to do something about it. >> reporter: the who will thing was too much for a fellow named larry lindsey. he is a colorado resident who told me he was a county delegate for donald trump but was told at the colorado springs convention that he would be ineligible to run as a national delegate. yesterday he got out his hand audio dandy barbecue lighter, took it to his republican registration and said this is the last you will ever see of me associated with the republican party. if donald trump is trying to get his supporters to come to his side over this idea that the delegate process is unfair to him, he has one convert right there. >> interesting. okay. what are the other candidates saying about all that? >> as you can imagine, the cruz campaign is sort of saying oh, into hao, donald trump, we're playing by the rules and you should know how to do that, too. here's what his spoke person alice stewart told me today, quote the whining is more sour
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grapes from trump who continues to lash out in tantrums every time he looses. down the street we had an opportunity to talk to ohio governo john kasich about this. he said -- he was asked about trump's comments that they are sub verdicting the democrats process. >> i don't know what he is talking about. this is a business where you try to accumulate delegates and try to get to the point where you can ultimately win the nomination. you know? i mean, just so things are done inside the rules is just the way that it works. >> reporter: and kasich was pointing out that cruz lost a little bit too over the weekend in michigan. he was trying to, according to kasich, strong arm delegates to get more of his representatives on the rules committee and ended up getting boxed out of everything. so some you win and some you lose, according to kasich. gretchen? >> very interesting. of the changes every single day. john. thanks. the road to 1237 getting
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rockier as we get close toer to the republican convention. ted cruz earning all 37 delegates from colorado's convention this past weekend. trump's top aide alleging that cruz is threatening delegates for their votes. >> you think he is threatening delegates? >> well, he is threatening -- you go go to those county conventions and you see the gestapo tactics. >> gestapo tactics? that's a strong word. >> well we are going to be filing several protests because reality is they are not playing by the rules. >> joining me now fox news politics editor and author ever fox news efficient. big claims by mr. manna for that they are not playing by the rules, talking about cruz and that they are going to file protests. we've done a lot of research on this. it doesn't appear that anyone is actually breaking rules. this is just the way you play the game. do you agree? >> yeah, but if you were the guy who donald trump had just hired to shake his campaign up and
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stop these delegates losses -- i mean, trump got -- not shut out but he had reversals in the bunch of states over the weekend because we are in the nitty-gritty of the process working itself out. he is getting his clock cleaned, and trump hired him to fix this. if i was hired i would probably say a lot of stuff, too. you don't want to get fired as soon as you start. look, nobody has paid any attention to this process since 1976 because it hasn't mattered, because who cares? you know what i've had to do? i didn't know i would have to learn the number of republicans in every congressional district in california on june 7th because the race never goes this long. now we've got to learn all this stuff. and for people who like pure democracy, they don't like it. >> yeah. and i understand the anger out there, because, listen, it matters to the people. their votes matter if you actually get to 1237. but then their votes really don't matter. because it's all up to the delegates. and it's who knows how to play that game.
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let's look at the percentages moving forward now. percentage of delegates remaining, including the unbown ones that you need to get to that magic number of 1237 before july, 58% for trump. that's doable. >> oh, yeah. >> 81% for cruz. that's more insurmount lk. kasich, no way, 128%. >> so you are saying at 128 it's not looking good? that's your argument, 128%, not looking good. >> i think i'm pretty right on that. >> yeah, you are quite right. here's the thing. for kasich and for cruz, the reality is they need this -- cruz can't -- i shouldn't say it as flatly for cruz. cruz can win on the first ballot. they are going to be enough unbown delegates, there are going to be enough delegates there who are going unbound. and there is going to be marco rubio's delegates. he can play king maker in a real way. cruz could win the nomination on
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the first round. but trump needs this on the first ballot. needs to win outright because if this lingers the party loyalists will defect from him and he will have all kinds of problems. but the truth is for john kasich, the only way that this works is he has to deny trump. he has to deny cruz. and he has to take this thing into overtime. but the problem for him is, why would these delegates prefer him over another non-trump non-cruz candidate? if they are just voting on electability, why does it have to be him. >> have you seen "house of cards" this season? if you want to see how this whole thing could play out. watch it. unbelievable. let's look at new york primary voters. that's the next big state coming up. sanders and clinton versus trump in his home state and arguably theirs as well. sanders and clinton both beat him handily. does it matter? >> so far, the electability argument hasn't been very dominant among republicans.
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maybe more so the idea that donald trump though could w the support of white working class voters, change some of these northeastern states and turn it around. his campaign is started belatedly to make a general -- he and his campaign starting to make a general election electability argument. it's 200 days away from november. a lot can happen in that time. >> just for the record, trump's delegate support is actually higher right now than the percentage of votes that he has gotten in the primaries. so to complain about the delegate system -- 45 -- he has received 45% of the current delegates. he has only received 37% of the actual votes along the way. so you could look at it that he is actually doing well on the delegate side. just not when you are going around to all the states trying too woo them. kplakted chris. glad to have you on board to have you helpis out.
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ted cruz is on the wegts. his wife heidi is right here in new york at a series of events. connell live in mineola. why are they so focused on new york with cruz trailing by so much here? >> reporter: i think it follows up on the points you have been making with both john and chris. this race is every day more about convention delegates as opposed to primary or caucus voters with the way the resources are allegated today, the senator himself out west. california doesn't vote until the 7th of june. but everybody who has modelled it out in thinks that the race in terms of delegates will cut -- [ audio problems ] >> reporter: heidi cruz making a couple of appearances, one that she just wrapped up in the basement of a couple of law firms that are housed here in mineola on long island. she met with cruz supporters who are setting up a long island
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office who is talking about how much she loves the state of new york and how she got her start here and all that kind of thing and thanking people for giving up their own time from their own families to volunteer for the campaign. gretchen, they want to take delegates away from donald trump. when she comes outside here, heidi cruz, to go to her next event she will be greeted by a handful of protesters, people who are upset about getting the run around from fema over super storm sandy funds and senator cruz having voted against relief monies being allowed here in new york. >> thank you. the takes are getting higher. new york's contest becoming even more important as sanders now continues to kploez the gap with front-runner hillary clinton. the efforts they are both making to try and come out victorious here. plus, vietnam veteran stops a robbery in a waffle house. how he fought off the suspect
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rival. wildfire in 2014. the incriminating evidence has led to 20 years in prison and a $60 million fine. that wildfire scorched 100,000 acres in the sierra nevada mountains of northern california. huntsman was arrested just a few days after it started. he showed the video to somebody who then turned it over to
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investigators. back to politics now. hillary clinton feeling the pressure after bernie sanders wins another primary over the weekend handing him victory in eight of the last nine contests. but clinton's counting on new york to help turn that tide as both candidates hold events across new york state today. chief white house correspond ed halloweenry in long island. you used to live there, didn't you, in port washington? >> reporter: i did. >> you are on your home tougher. mrs. clinton has been complaining about bernie sanders going negative. now is she doing the same thing? >> reporter: yeah, she has a double digit lead in the latest fox poll here in new york. and so -- [ audio problems ] also quichb the fact they struggled so much in the new york times editorial board meeting, she saw a chance to pounce. watch. >> i think it will be lively.
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and i have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york, senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. he has had trouble answering questions about his core issue, namely dealing with the banks. he has had trouble answering foreign policy questions. >> reporter: interesting. just yesterday on cnn hillary clinton said she had nothing negative to say about bernie sanders. gives you an idea this is going to get pretty rough here in new york. >> yeah, because it's so important now. here's the thing about this whole math game. on the democratic side the super delegates come into the equation. bernie sanders keeps winning but he's still not getting any closer on the delegates. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right. look what happened over the weekend? this is why the clinton camp is still confident. hillary clinton behind me at a gun control event. bernie sanders wins in wyoming over the weekend. yet he is likely to come out of wyoming with less delegates than hillary clinton if you look at this graphic in part because of the super delegates, party boss who is help decide this. they account for about 15% of the total number of delegates
11:17 am
for democrats. bernie sanders is upset that bill clinton suggested a couple of days ago that his comments about hillary clinton's qualifications may have been sexist. watch. >> i appreciate bill clinton being my psychoanalyst. that's always nice. but the reality is that i think the clinton campaign has made it public. basically, they've told the media that here in new york they are about to become very negative. >> reporter: and these two candidates slated for their final debate thursday in brooklyn. it should get interesting. >> you know what? a day after the master's final, i love your golf voice like that, ed, okay. >> thanks, appreciate it, kid. >> you could be out there on the course. you have got the voice for it. >> i would love to be there. love to play there. it's looking more likely that the gop could see a floor flight -- fight, or flight. people may want to get out of there, whatever is going to happen in cleveland, right. what exactly would a contested convention look like if it comes
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down to that? we are going to have a detailed explanation. you are only going to see it here on "the real story" 13 minutes from now. in the meantime, a 9-year-old reporter joins us live with her response to critics who say her time is better spent on other things after she reported and broke the case on a murder. >> 9-year-old girl should be playing with dolls, not trying to be reporters. you are not [ bleep ] years old. ers isly, what [ bleep ] is wrong with you? >> it's crazy. she'll be here. and it's national pet day. share a photoo of your furry friend. tweet me at gretchen carlson. use the hashtag "the real story." we may feature your pet, and you, on the air. coming up. ♪
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welcome back to "the real story." favorite story of the day for me. a young journalist standing tall after being told she is too young on report on some serious subjects. the comments coming after hildy lee sack posted this story on line about an alleged murder in her pennsylvania neighborhood. take a look. >> reporting from the on street on the 600 block where a man suspectedly murdered his wife with a hammer. i'm working hard on this ongoing investigation. >> some critics saying things like 9-year-old girls should be playing with dolls not ryegrass to be reporters. but hildy is getting back in front of the camera to respond to those critics. >> i know this makes some of you
11:23 am
uncomfortable and i know some of you want me to sit down and be quiet because i'm 9, but if you want me to stop offering news, then you get off your computer and do something about that. there. is that cute enough for you? >> joining me now is a girl with gutsz. hildy kate lee sack, editor and publisher of orange street news and her mom bridge it reddin. i told you in the commercial break, i like you. you have got guts. you also have a nose for news. where did you get that? >> well, my dad was a reporter and i went with him a lot when he covered stoerz and i kind of realized it was what i wanted to do. >> i guess so. because office passion for it. a couple of days ago or last weekend there was unfortunately a murder in your neck of the woods, right. and you went out there before any other big street reporter was there. it was just you. what happened? >> well, a got the tip from a good source that i was able to
11:24 am
confirm. then i went straight to the scene and knocked on doors of neighbors to find out more information. >> and you found out that a woman murdered with a hammer? >> yeah. >> and that's when the criticism started, right? >> uh-huh. >> what did people say to you? >> people said that i should be like playing tea party instead of covering murders. i should be playing with dolls and all that kind of stuff. >> they also criticized the parenting, bridget, right? >> that's right. >> they said that you should be responsible, more responsible, in their eyes. >> sure &. >> and not have your kitt kid out on the streets solving crimes. how do you respond to that? >> first of all, she was perfectly safe. she was at a crime scene where the police were. and i really feel it is our job to guide her with what she feels passionate about. this is what she wants to do. i feel like we would be remiss if we didn't encourage that. so she is perfectly safe.
11:25 am
>> you put together the orange street news. it's monthly right. >> yes. >> you ride your bike around? do you look for stories that way? >> i usually get tips. people e-mail me them or a lot of times i'm biking around seeing if there is anything interesting. >> i see, bridget, that you have been describe as a free range parent. >> yes. >> there is so much discussion in this day and age about parents having total control of their kids and being nervous and not letting them go anywhere. you are totally in favor of her riding her bike around and knocking on doors? >> absolutely. she doesn't go ahead out at night and she is not allowed to bike on certain roads that are too busy. i think it is a fair comparison, i would say i am a free range parent. high must is as well. we talk about the 70s and 80s as being glory days where kids could roam free. it's safer now than statist statistically than it was then. people are letting kids drive around in cars or letting them
11:26 am
swim in the ocean, that's riskier. >> we went out and we would say see you at dinner time and we explored and had friends and had different experiences. i wrote a book. i am going to give you a copy of the book. i signed it four. it's called getting real. i faced criticism too. and you have got to stand up and say i believe in me. continue to follow your passion. always believe in you and don't let the dekt tractors get you down. >> oh, thank you. >> thank you. it's been an honor to learn something from you today, to never ever give up. hildy and bridget. >> thank you. >> thanks much. so, back to politics now because ted cruz is sweeping the colorado delegates. some say we are getting closer to a contested convention. what exactly would that convention floor look like if they actually happens? how many rounds of voting would there be? and what exactly is an unbound delegate? we'll try to explain it all for you. plus, house speaker paul ryan
11:27 am
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may take today is this. what exactly happens if the gop ends up with a contested convention in cleveland come july? first, two categories of delegates, bound and unbound. bound delegates assigned to a candidate, usually based on the votes the that they get in the dgt delegate's home state. unbound can vote for any candidate they want. the rules about how delegates vote on the convention floor vary state to state. let's try to break down a few for you today. first up, alaska. they have 28 delegates. each is bound to a candidate. but alaska's caucus were march 1st. marco rubio was still in the race. he picked up five delegates and asked that those delegates remain bown to him, which the state will-or. first round of voting cruz will get 12 votes, trump, 11, rubio 5. kasich, 0. he didn't win any delegates there. if it goes to a second ballot,
11:32 am
ask a delegates are bound through two rounds of voting of cruz and trump keep their delegates. unclear if rubio's will still be bound. if the nominating process gets to a third round all 28 of the alaska delegates are released and can vote for whom ever they want. . now to north dakota. 28 delegates. voters there didn't go to the polls and vote for candidates or delegates. state party got together instead earlier this month and decided on the delegates. all of them unbound, meaning they may have shown a preference when they were selected but they can swoet vote for whom ever they want. south to florida, 99 delegates, and a winner take all primary. it was big win for donald trump. 99 delegates, all of them required to vote for him for their first three rounds of voting. here that's longer than most states. but if there is no nom me by then, nearly 100 delegates are free to choose whom ever they
11:33 am
want. finally pennsylvania today whose primary is later this month, april 26th. big one. pennsylvania has the single largest chunk of unbound delegates. 71 total duties. only 17 bound. 54 unbound. in the first round of voting only 17 have to stick by the winning candidate. the other 54 can vote for whom ever they want. by the second round, even though 17 are free to choose who they want, whichlies the entire 71-person delegation free to vote for anyone. so that's the start of a contested convention. what it could look like. we're going to update this every week with new states. and you can always after catch it on fox news dot com under "my take". now donald trump says that whole political process we are just explaining is corrupt. the republican front-runner launching new complaints about the allocation of delegates,
11:34 am
that the situation could be even worse if you can belief it, on the democratic side. let's look at wyoming for example. senator bernie sanders won that state, 56% of the vote. but how the heck does he still walk away with less delegates than hillary clinton? clinton earned 11. sanders, 7. mercedes sha whack former spokesperson for george w. bush. morgery cliftton former consultant for the obama campaign and principle to have clift ton consulting. marchry it's your primary. >> they both got seven by the voting but then hillary clinton has these four super delts custom the gop unt doesn't have. how the heck can sanders win wyoming and hillary wax away winning 11-7? >> it's crazy math. it doesn't make perfect sense. in the case of wyoming a super delegate on the democratic side actually earns you double the delegates. while she won less of the vote
11:35 am
because she got the super delegates that equaled double the number of delegates by whole. it's funny i was standing in the airline line to drop off bags and two college students were having this dugs why is it that we vote but then there is more delegates. we need to get hildy on, have her explain it, a 9-year-old, how does this work. >> she probably could. interesting, mercedes. there has been discussion from trump supporters and trump himself saying this is rigged, it's corrupt. not exactly in how the votes happen, per se. >> that's right. >> but kind -- i mean kind of. this is what people are upset about, because it is the establishment who put these super delegates into place, right? >> right. >> they want to have the -- >> the power. >> the person that they want. >> the control. right. it's like a sorority, or a fraternity. they set up the rules. get what? the party sets up the rules.
11:36 am
and this is the way for the party bosses, for the party leaders, to be able to maintain control of their party. and so it's interesting when trump says that the delegate system is rigged. it's also interesting when you note that the same delegate system is giving him a 22% bonus above the raw support of voters which actually benefits trump. so they call it sort of the front-runner bonus. so it is a very -- i think for voters, what it is, gretchen -- it's like a wake up call, right. >> yeah. >> they are saying wait a second. i thought my voice was the voice that counted. at the end what you are seeing is that the delegates actually have a lot of power in this process. >> tons of power if that person does not get to 1237. that's the big thing. >> that's right. >> the people matter up until 1237. after that, not owe much. let's look at democratic super delegates. they account for 15% of all the democratic delegates. no, not that -- yeah. this one. and then the republican unbound
11:37 am
delegates account for only 5% of their delegates. it's interesting when you pars it out there. actually marjory, democrats are more in the tank for the establishment person than the republicans, right? >> interestingly, yes, they do. you haven't seen bernie sanders criticizing the process as much because even with the super delegates removed right now he is slated to still have less delegates than hillary clinton. right now, as close of a call, if hillary clinton wins pennsylvania and new york that also comes with a lot of delegates. for trump it is more tricky because he has to win the 50% plus one. if he does not, then it becomes brokered convention where it is more probable that unbown people might vote for his counterpart even if they were fwoun to him initially. the stakes are higher for trump which is why he is making a lot of noise about this on both sides because it does effect both sides. >> on the dems side, super delegates pledged to hillary clinton, they can change their
11:38 am
mind. that happened last time. they were pledged to her and they went to obama. okay. is everyone confused yet. house speaker paul ryan looking presidential speaking out on the issues facing the republican party and the country. being pointed out he is running a parallel policy campaign. and he is rolling out an agenda right before the fell fill convention. a and then he put out this clip on his office website. >> what bothers me the most about politics these days is this notion of identity politics that we are going to win an election by dividing people rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common ideals and common culture and the things that should unify us. >> all right mercedes. let's add one more name. is paul ryan trying to run for president? >> no, i don't think he is. i think this is brilliant on the
11:39 am
part of paul ryan and his team. why? because he has the house of representative seats at stake. he is wanting to make sure he maintains the majority in the house of representatives. there is a concern if donald trump becomes the nominee that could affect what would be the ballot in terms of the senate seats and the house seats. i think it's very important for paul ryan as not only the chair of the convention but also as an important critical voice in the republican party to continue setting that policy agenda and being able to say that there is going to be leadership in the house of representatives by republicans. >> marjorie, do you wholly agree with that? because remember he didn't want to be speaker of the house either. >> right. maybe he is kind of caning for 2020. i think what he is doing is incredibly smart. he is setting a stage that regardless of who wins the white house he is still going to have to govern and he is still going to be to be managing the republican agenda in a very important way. i think he is appealing to disenfranchised voters on both
11:40 am
sides of the aisle and he is speaking to the values that we are not hearing being talked about. i think it's very smart. >> all right ladies. we'll be meeting a bunch of times before the conventions. it will continue to be exciting. >> more delegate lessons. >> i'm going to be doing it. vietnam veteran is being credited with stopping an armed robbery at a north carolina waffle house. love that place. he fought off the suspect with nothing but his cane. trace gallagher has the story for us. >> reporter: i love that place, too, gretchen. you talk about the right guy in the right place. it was 5:30 saturday morning. he served two tours in vietnam. he was sitting at his usual place at the corporator near the cash register when a man came in and pointed an ak-47-style rifle at the employees and demanded money. a customer who was with her two small children snuck in the bathroom and called 911. >> we are in the waffle house
11:41 am
and there is a guy who is trying to rob it and he has a really big gun. >> reporter: while emergency dispatch is notifying the cops the army vet who learned a lot about ak-47s in vietnam notices there is no trigger guard, no trigger and there is wood all the way up to the barrel. so he tells the cashier not to give the man any money because the gun is fake. that's when the suspect points the gun at the vietnam vet did 2 vet hits wim had his cane. from there it was like a sword fight only with a cane and a fake gun. here's the vet. listen. >> well, basically, i kept like this trying to hit him with the cane. of course he kept batting away with the barrel of the rifle. and i kept batting the barrel of the rifle away. >> reporter: when the rest of the customers realized the robber's gun really was phony, they started going after him. that's when he fled the restaurant, hopped a fence and got away. nobody has seen him since. but it's a good bet the waffle house bought the vietnam vet
11:42 am
breakfast. they might owe him a few more down the road. >> no doubt. thank you for his service and for that brave attack with his cane. one of the central promises of donald trump's campaign is to build a call separating the united states from mexico. and he has got some specifics now. well a senator from one bate sa quote, naive. he's going to join to us explain that next. and a thief hits a burger joint buchlt he is not after the cash. so what on earth is he doing in the kitchen? ♪ ♪ there's people who care where i'm going ♪ ♪ and good friends to welcome me home ♪ ♪ so get a full tank of freedom, ♪
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♪ drive the american road ♪ and with a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ find your own highway ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ take you wherever you go. ♪ ... ... ... ...
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it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. shepard smith on the fox news desk. donald trump's bad weekend could be a sign of things to come at the republican convention. that's according to a washington post political reporter. coming up, why he says donald trump's complaints of an unfair process in colorado do not add up and could cost him if he doesn't make big changes fast.
11:46 am
that's top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. back to the real story. donald trump revealing his plan to force mexico to pay for his proposed all along the border. the presidential says he would threaten to block money transfers from the u.s. to xico. trump releasing a policy paper stating this, it's an easy decision for mexico. make a one time payment of 5 to $10 billion to ensure that $24 billion continues to flow into their country year after year. so will that plan work? john cornan sits on the finance and judiciary committees. he calls that plan naive. senator, great to have you on "the real story." why is donald trump's plan -- why is he naive. >> i'm strong supporter of border protection. but the idea you are just going to build an obstacle that somebody can go over, under, around or through without having
11:47 am
the boots on the ground and the technology like the radar and arrow stats that i saw myself just a couple of weeks ago down on the border, it's just not as simple as being a wall and the problem will go away. >> okay. so you are in favor of something called a tactical infrastructure, or fencing, or a virtual border. do you see when people hear that, they go huh? >> yeah, it needs some explanation. what i mean by that is you need the border patrol says they need fencing. i voted for hundreds of miles of fencing along the border in order to direct the illegal immigration to places where the patrol can actually detain people. it doesn't do you any good to have a wall or fencing if you don't have the patrols to detain people. certainly i think mr. trump would agree with that. more than that, you need the technology, so-called eyes in the sky to help you see farther so the border patrol can get ahead of the flow of
11:48 am
immigration. that's what i mean by a virtual border. >> you do understand though how donald trump has become popular with a big group of people when he says i am going to put up a wall and i'm going to stop it. because people are fed up with the problem. >> i don't blame them. unfortunately, we have an administration under president obama that lacks the political will to do anything about it. and unfortunately they control much of the enforcement mechanism. but we know how to do this. we can do this. the state of texas has been supplementing the federal government's effort there in order to try to slow the flow of human trafficking, illegal immigration and drugs. all of these are run by the same criminal organizations. and it's a big problem. and the obama administration is nothing next to doing nothing about it. >> let's talk about who is going to become president potentially on the gop side. ted cruz claiming he is the candidate who can unify the gop. but you still won't endorse him. and you are from his state. or any other republican
11:49 am
candidate for that matter. why not. >> about a year ago i said i wasn't going to get involved in the presidential primary. i don't think much of the dts to the republican convention could care less about who i do or don't endorse. it's up to the candidates to make their case to the primary voters and the delegates and i'm happy to support the nominee of the party. >> it's not because he didn't endorse you in 2014? >> no, it's not about that. it's really about the fact that it -- number one, i don't think the candidates are looking for endorsements from people who happen to work in washington, d.c., the so-called establishment. and i think it's up to the delegates, up to the candidates to make their case to the delegates directly. i'll support the nominee of the party. i believe any of them are better than hillary clinton. >> all right. and that includes donald trump. i know you said you will endorse donald trump or whom ever it may be. senator john cornan thank you for your time today. was it a tragic accident or murder? a jury will soon decide whether a georgia dad intentionally left
11:50 am
his toddler son in a hot car ca? ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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welcome back to "the real story." jury selection now for a georgia father accused of murder. prosecutors say he intentionally left this toddler in a hot car until the little boy died. his attorneys claim it was all a tragic accident. jonathan, prosecution has filed some new motions. what's that all about? >> reporter: they have indeed elm the prosecution wants the judge to allow the jury to view the suv that ross harris was driving the day that his son died. they also want to be able to show the jury some key locations involved with the incident, presumably this would include the parking lot of ross harris'
11:54 am
work place, where he left 22-month-old cooper inside his hot suv and also the parking lot of a anybody shopping mall where hours later witnesses saw harris pull over and attempt to revive his son. now, these jurors likely already know what happened in this case, because the basic facts are not in dispute. but the court is trying to find jurors who have no preconceptions as to why this happened. ross heresiess he forgot to drop his son off at daycare and didn't realize he left him inside the hot suv until it was too late. he said he had previously done net search's on children overheating in vehicles because as a father it was one of his biggest fears. prosecutors allege the internet sections, along with sexual text-messages harris exchanged with multiple women while his son was dying in the suv, suggests this was a premeditated
11:55 am
murder. now, shortly after this alleged crime took place, 10,000 people signed a pet decision of support -- pet decision of support for ross harris, urging the court to drop the case, but that petition was late are withdrawn. >> thank you. keep us posted. going the extra mile to get some incredible images high in the sky. and they're taking all of us along for this -- well, what could be a scary ride. zulu-6-9er...
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let's check out what america is clicking on. nasa successfully recovers the kepler spacecraft. it went into emergency mode last week. the sprays craft is operating at the lowest fuel burn load. massive python found by construction workers in malaysia could be the longest ever caught. have to look at this thing.
11:59 am
estimated to be 26 feet long. the current record holder is 24 feet. beat by two feet. >> guess you could call the criminal the hamburglar. surveillance shows a suspect breaking into a identify guy's restaurant and then fired up the grill? he was cooking up two cheese pureeingers and also stole a about of water. -- a about of water, police offering a reward for information leading to the hamburglar. >> getting a look what it is like to scale a 2,000-foot building. two photographers from ukraine and russia slipping through security at the world tower in south korea. one of them even climbing up a construction crane once reaching the top of the they're. they climbed the shane high tower in 2014. did you know that today is national pet day? we asked you share a picture of your furry friend. so, this is my pup, bella.
12:00 pm
she is relaxing. she does a lot of that. this picture is from anna, and dawn with their pup, scruffy. thank you for sending the photos. i'm gretchen. have a great day >> shenanigans. what that donald trump blames for this brutal weekend, and of course ted cruz. but representatives for ted cruz say they followed the rules and trump people didn'tnote the ruls trump campaign should be clear to anybody who, quote, knows how to read. the back and forth comes after cruz picked up delegates in colorado, shutting out trump. today trump said it's just not fair. >> i've gotten millions more votes. millions. not just a couple. millions of more votes than cruz. and i've gotten hundred's 0 of delegates more, and


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