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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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she is relaxing. she does a lot of that. this picture is from anna, and dawn with their pup, scruffy. thank you for sending the photos. i'm gretchen. have a great day >> shenanigans. what that donald trump blames for this brutal weekend, and of course ted cruz. but representatives for ted cruz say they followed the rules and trump people didn'tnote the ruls trump campaign should be clear to anybody who, quote, knows how to read. the back and forth comes after cruz picked up delegates in colorado, shutting out trump. today trump said it's just not fair. >> i've gotten millions more votes. millions. not just a couple. millions of more votes than cruz. and i've gotten hundred's 0 of delegates more, and we keep
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fighting, fighting, fighting, and then you have a colorado where frankly they just get all of these delegates and it's not a system. there was no voting. didn't go out there to make a speech. there's no voting. >> that's not true. there is voting, just not exactly like other states do it. but don't forget in america, the process begins at the states. the state makes the rules for themselves. the federal government does not swoop down from washington and decree what all would. do that's not our system. the united states the states make their own rules. colorado republicans made their own rules. they decided months ago to choose delegates not through direct voting as many states do, or through caucusing, but instead at party meetings, and a big convention which they held over the weekend. the system is not new and it is absolutely no surprise. the party set it up just like this last summer, and based on the rules set by the runs in the
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state of colorado, the ted cruz campaign spent months in the state, working to rangel delegates. according to tender post newspaper the trump campaign did not put in one paid staffer in the whole state until last week. so the cruz campaign had to jump on trump for the campaign. so as far as we know that was matter of choice and resource allocation and advance planning. ted cruz rallied delegates in person, speaking at the state convention on saturday. donald trump did not. he stayed in new york. but at the convention, donald trump's people were handing out voting guides, on those the names of delegates who would vote for donald trump. with their corresponding numbers at the convention. but the trump campaign people, their voting guide, misspelled some tellings' names and accidently told trump supporters to vote for one of ted cruz's delegates. team trump put out a corrected version but it still had errors.
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listing several delegates with the wrong number code in short the trump campaign was a mess ask the cruz campaign wag organized and efficient. all of that added up to a ted cruz sweep help got all of colorados' delegates but trump is not about to admit he was one-upped. instead he is on an attack, the new convention manager cuckoos thing cruz cam ain't using the tactics of nazis. >> it's going to going wear thi. you see the gestapo tactics -- >> that's a strong world. >> we're going to file protests because the reality is they're not playing by the rules outbut they have played by the rules. the cruz campaign responded with twitter snark. a spokeswoman retweeted the rules were available for months
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for people who know how to read and understand words. colorado was in the books all cruz. 0 donald trump focused on win is new york under its rules. here's it's a direct vote and the poll shows trump with more than 54% morning double his rival, john kashich and ted cruz with 15%, dead last. the democrats hold their primary in new york the same day as republicans, next tuesday. a poll shows hillary clinton well ahead of her rival, bernie sanders an ad from the clinton campaigns to not mention bernie san guesser and instead goes after donald trump. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong. and it goes against everything new york and americans stand for. >> so much at stake, she is the one tough enough to stop trump. >> clinton win after trump yesterday in queens, new york, the very place where donald trump was born. more on the democratic race ahead. we begin with team fox coverage
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on the runs. trace gallagher in california. first to john roberts in albany, new york, this afternoon. hello, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. the trump campaign, trump has the opportunity to turn the narrative around tonight. the building he'll be appearing in here in albany holds 20,000 people. if he fills it or comes close that's going to be a big headline about his level of support in the empire state. the cruz campaign is putting it down to sour grapes. trump letting supporters know he is not happy about the delegation selection protections saying the system corrupt some designed to taking their votes away, and warning the republican party they may face a resort over this whole thing. listen to this. >> i say this to the rnc and i say today the republican party. you're going to have a big problem because there are people that don't like what is going on. we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy.
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>> reporter: on that point he got the support of larry lindsey. he toll he was a colorado delegate, trump supporter who tried to get into the convention over the weekend but was turned away, saying he was not eligible. he took out his barbecue lighter and on youtube, very publicly burned his republican registration card, saying he is done with the republican party after what happened during the colorado state and district convention. >> how is kashich explaining his continued existence? >> he is just saying he is going to hang in all the way until the convention, trying to pick up delegates along the way. the delegate selection process is all about delegates for john kashich. that's his only hope to get them at the convention, not necessarily before everything gets to the convention. and just a short time ago, a little piece down the road, he said in terms of what donald trump is talking about, he doesn't know what the fuss is bat. >> go out and hunt delegates.
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that's part of what this is about. everybody has been talking about who wins what, and i tell people it's about accumulating delegates, which is -- now becoming clear the hunt for delegates really matters. >> reporter: donald trump and ted cruz calling on kashich to drop out. insisting he's taking votes away from them. kashich today said well maybe trump and cruz should drop out because he is the only one, the polls show, who can beat hillary clinton in november. >> thank you. so right now kashich is making a play for delegates in new york, an apparent effort to hurt donald trump's chances because that's all he can do. he cannot get the nomination. you have to have 1237 delegates and that's impossible for john kashich. in fact in a three-way battle kashich is not in third place but in fourth place. he is trailing in the delegate count hind even the florida senator marco rubio who drop out a month ago. john kashich has acknowledged
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what everyone is recording, it's mathematically impossible for him to capture the needed in number of delegates before the nomination in the first round put he could prevent some of new york's delegates going to donald trump. how would he do that? by keeping trump from getting the majority of the vote in some of the state's 27 congressional districts. look at this. 27 congressional districts in new york, three delegates up for grabs in each district. if the candidate gets a majority of the vote in the district he gets all the delegate but if there is no 50% for any one candidate, the winner in the district its two delegates and the runner-up gets one. see there? so john kashich has a chance to deny trump some delegates. maybe that is what is keeping him around. maybe. ted cruz is a distant third in new york. heads west to try his luck in california. so not trump in new york, john
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kashich who cannot win, and not trump in california is ted cruz. trace gallagher with that part of the news from los angeles. looks like cruz is working to stop trump in the golden state. >> reporter: two months ahead of the primary, and ted cruz -- he has not arrived on stage yet and will in five or six minutes and then goes down to san diego two areas that donald trump is leading but those are also places with large numbers of conservative voters that be suede. the latest real clear politics poll has donald trump leading in california by almost seven points. certainly not incentury mountable, especially considering ted cruz has a very good ground game in the golden state. cruz's national spokesperson, former california g.o.p. chairman says, quoting here, we have been mobilizing and building organization in california for eight months. the other campaigns have only recently discovered that america extends west of the rockies. we are ready for them. if donald trump is going to be
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stopped short of the 1237 delegates he need, the last stand is right here in california on june 7th. >> so, trump and kashich have to may catchup out there in a big way. >> reporter: they've bill and it's tough in california because they award delegates like back in new york. three for each of the state's 53 congressional districts and because the state is so different politically from region to region, you have to set up operations in several areas. that means getting a lot of fooled soldiers on the ground. we're told trump is close to naming a california state campaign director and politico is reporting some of trump's allies are in the process of launching an independent support group that could spend tens of millions of dollars in advertising. john kashich already has a west coast director and is planning to bring his signature town halls to the very liberal bay area. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is also a
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kashich supporter. kashich and cruz are looking to woo some california delegates to get their support in case this thing goes to a contested convention. shep? >> woo, indeed. thank you. donald trump is ude when it comes to charity. he has given more than $100 billion to charity in the last five years. but a the investigation reveals not one penny of that came from trump's own pocket. donald trump himself gave none of that money. we know because the "washington post" analyzed donald trump's own campaign documents showing thousands and thousands of contributions. but according to the post, many of those gifts were actually free rounds of government raffled off for charity. the largest item on the list are not cash at all but pieces of land for conservation. one person who got some of donald trump's charity is shown here. this is the charity meeting, tennis super star serena
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williams. trump gave her a plane ride and a framed picture of herself, charity? something that the trump camp did least as a charitable donation, of a plane ride, and that to serena williams. the top trump aide confirmed to the "washington post" that none of the gifts came from trump's own money. he says trump does give to charities out of his own pocket but wants to keep it quiet to avoid a charity, quote, feeding frenzy. unquote. more ahead from the "washington post." one of that paper's reporters says the mistakes trump is making now could cost him at the convention. and that reporter will be here live to explain, coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart.
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and it starts the day you sign up. so whether it's your car or home, let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. trump is obviously outraged over what happened in colorado and the vote can process. he has taken to twitter to express the outrage, saying in a tweet the people of colorado had their vote taken away by phony politicians. this will not be allowed. the problem is it absolutely allowed under the rule's the colorado republican convention. not direct voting like i just reported. not caucuses, they held a convention, they came together, the delegates decided and that was that. this is not some new change, nothing last minute. it's been on the books since august. the complaints from the donald trump camp did not begin until ted cruz began winning colorado's delegates.
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ed o'keefe is a politics reporter for the "washington post" and is live with us. he has people believing this, ed, because i got e-mails from people this morning that came over the weekend, saying they've stolen this from donald trump. it's just not true. >> the guy that is late to the party here is donald trump. these rules have been in place since last year, and simply put his team just wasn't ready. 56 states and territories participate in the republican nominating process, each of them gets to set their rules. you can hold a primary, caucus, or do like colorado did and hold a convention, and over the last few moundings at the precinct, the county, the congressional strict level they have been meeting to sort out who would go and vote at colorado springs they met, for more than 12 hours, and coughed up 34 delegates that will vote for ted cruz, who for the past year has been organizing, his team has
12:17 pm
been memorizing and mastering the rules, used them to their advantage and pulled it off big-time. >> donald trump is supposed to have a new guy who is not new to anybody, an old hand who is going to right this ship, and yet they couldn't spell people's names right and got their numbers wrong how to vote for them. arethey in over your head or what's your observation? >> well, let's give paul manafort a pass. it start before he got there but by the end of next weekend ex-when wyoming meets to do something the same way, he says after that we'll have our act together. so we have to wait one more week to see if the trump campaign can make sure that people who support donald trump will sit in delegates seats to them to vote not only the first bun but who they'll vet for in the latest round. that is where the game is at this point.
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you may be bound to a certain number of delegates but when the rules change in your state that ahow you to do whatever you want in later rounds, is that person still going to be voting for donald trump or somebody else? that's what this process will be like over the next few months as checking with those people and see who in the end they will support. >> a number of things thatout, quote, cannot do, unquote in course of a campaign and be learned we have new rules and most recently we learn that you can talk about gestapo tactics and the nazises about just about anything you want. how has that flown? do you have a handle on that? >> it didn't go over very well with the cruz supporters in colorado who said there was nothing resembling gestapo tactics and you heard it in other states. we better understand the rules of the republican national committee that have been place for more than a year and the te. i just got off the phone with a guy in colorado who said, look, was in meetings with the cruz team preparing for this for over a year. never any intimidation, merely studying the rules, figuring out
12:19 pm
how to speaker suede people to vote for our guy, and it worked. one other thing that took place. a lot of the died in the rule, everyday folks who show up for the conventions don't like donald trump. they don't think he is republican enough. don't think he is conservative enough so they're going to vote for someone who is and in most case at this opinion that guy is ted cruz. >> ed o'keefe from the "washington post," thank you. >> take care, sir. >> we talk about the 2016 presidential race. right? but a third of all u.s. senate seats and all the seats in house will also be at stake this fall. lots of analysts are saying what happens with donald trump could have a major impact on the balance of power. how might that play out? what are the numbers telling us? that's next. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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hundreds of demon traitors have gather ted u.s. capitol building. police are arresting some of them in -- this was seen as largely a peaceful thing but they're being arrested now. capitol hill producer chad -- says it's the largest arrests he has seen in years. the demonstratores are calling on measures to expand voting rights. the demonstrators arrived in washington last nation of marching 140 miles from philadelphia over the course of nine days and says thousands more protesters have vowed to join them and plan to demonstrate every day this week. so demonstrations in washington, some arrests, all peaceful as far as we can tell. we'll update. donald trump style of shooting from the hip, as he puts it, along with his hard line steps on issues including
12:24 pm
immigration have propelled him to this top of the field and are always alienating voters and democrats are planning to use that against the republican congressional districts. "the wall street journal" is reporting that house democrats have identified 31 republican-held house seats where trump could prove especially toxic for the g.o.p. candidates. and they are figuring out how to best persuade the voters to back democratic candidates for congress. i democrats manage to gain 30 seats this november, they'll win control of the u.s. house. john busse is live this afternoon. 30 or so seats. >> yes, and the democrats see 31 seats that are vulnerable. our reporter in washington has a story on this today. basically when people go to the polls they tend not to split the ticket. they vote republican or vote democrat or vote independent. they don't say, i'm going to vote for this democratic president, and then these
12:25 pm
republican congress people. something on the order of 10, 11% of people split their ticket in the last election in 2012. so not that many. that's the concern of republicans who believe that donald trump will remain unpopular with higher income voters, with minority voters, with higher educated voters, where he now is less popular than other republican candidates. they're worried he could cause people to vote, if people switch to the democratic candidate, at the top of the ticket, they good down the list to democratic congressional candidates as well vote for them. >> so there's a concern there, and to back things up, there's a real concern about a lack of organization. the republican system, if you will, recognizes donald trump is just not as organized as everybody else. >> you view that ed o'keefe was just saying that. you've saw that happen in colorado over the weekends.
12:26 pm
trumps to not have what is called the ground game, some for all of this commentary about ted cruz not being liked in washington. that might be so but he has a lot of people who do like him and are working hard for him in the field. he came up to the tea party, he is part of that whole sort of dynamic of the activist, anti-establishment candidate, he has a lot of people from that network, that political network, who have been working in the field for him for months, and his calculation is that you get the delegates on your side, even if they're obligated to vote for donald trump on the first ballot. come the second ballot they'll vote for ted cruz. has to be a great concern to trump thank you. it's also -- donald trump. also got to be a great concern for those who believe a contested convention will result in a third figure coming in and sweep upping the delegates, a paul ryan or kashich. probably not. not if ted cruz copies to be as
12:27 pm
successful as he is being in getting the delegates he wishes to be in voting positions. >> downticket republicans would be fine with ted cruz because that wouldn't be a split, but if you are a republican who says i can't stomach thank you. trump and i hate ted cruz, i'm just not going to vote. not voting is also a concern. the republican is upset with the person being nominate and you don't vote, that hers congressional. >> right now the cook report, political publication, sees about six republican downticket positions in possible trouble, and has upgradedded the standing of four democratic positions, as a result of this trump dynamic. interestingly, though, in a lot of these congressional races, you're planning on this a year in advance and you're the democratic party. you see a really strong republican contestant against your democrat, you don't put a
12:28 pm
lot of effort in those races. you haven't work really hard to get the heist caliber democratic contes -- contestant. that's happened here. the democrats have been caught out by the trump phenomenon like the republicans. some races they don't have the strongest candidate against the republicans so you may not see as many downticket reversals as we think. may have good, solid republican candidates get street. >> john bussey, thank you. next to democrats. polls she hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in new york, and analysts say the rules in some of the upcoming primaries could give her an even bigger edge. plus a new poll shows how hillary clinton and donald trump stack up on a whole slew of issues, including making america great. bottom of the hour means top of the news. that's coming. stay with us. u grab your 10-galn jug of coffee, and back out of the garage.
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i'm lea gabrielle with the fox report and headlines. a u.s. navy lieutenant commander accused of spying for china. the white house was edward lin is in custody and the feds filed charges, including espionage. officials say he could face the death penalty. brian adams says he is canceling a show in mississippi because of a new state law that lets religious groups and some private businesses refuse service to gay couples. the concert was set for thursday in biloxi, and bruce spring steen cancelled one yet in greensboro, north carolina, because of the law in the state blocking rules for the lgbt community. and thousands of folks formed a giant human our bicycle. organizers in mexico city said they did it to bring attention to transportation. millions were banned from driving after smog levels reached one and a half times the
12:32 pm
acceptable limit.
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democratic politics tops the news and hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by double digits not only here in new york but also in the state of pennsylvania. that's accord together latest polls from fox news. shows clinton beating sanders by 16 points in new york. new york holds the primary a week from tomorrow. she is up by 11-points in pennsylvania. that primary is two weeks away. new york is the second biggest prize in the entire democratic race. it's also the first in the series of contests that allow only registered democrats to vote. that is a big deal. political analysts say it could cause trouble for senator sanders' campaign. ed henry is live in the new york city suburb of fort washington. fort washington i out on long island, a great place. ed henry there is. what's happening? >> reporter: well, what's interesting is that you messenger the fox news poll and suggesting hillary clinton has this double-digit lead. monmouth university with another
12:35 pm
new poll also showing here in hillary clinton's adopt home state she is winning by a dozen points over bernie sanders, nonetheless she is scheduling a lot of events here all week as if she is not going to let up at all, in part because bernie sanders has been winning a lot of states and she wants to show that she can stop that momentum, and she had an event here a few moments ago, a very emotional event with family members of gun violence -- victims of gun violence, and clinton hit sanders hard. watch this. >> senator sanders voted for it, and to this day he has defended it. repeatedly and persistently. the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont. >> reporter: a clear opportunity for clinton to talk about his votes on gun control she believes have a real impact in this state and suggesting that
12:36 pm
sanders has a lot of catching up to do here. >> sanders was for a moment -- only that, a moment -- suggesting that secretary clinton was not qualified for this job, and that blew up, and now he has changed his -- the road to that. >> reporter: yeah. he is back pedaling and realize it, and perhaps we're seeing the poll number that backfired on bernie sanders. now he is saying on the trail, as he did in a rally today, that, yes, hillary clinton is qualified to be president, but what he questions is her judgment, and whether or not she would be a good president based on some of her votes, such as in favor of the iraq war. sanders saying then when-president bush dick cheney came to him to sell the war he rejected it. clinton did the opposite. >> i listened carefully and didn't believe then and helped lead the opposition to the war in iraq. most of you know secretary clinton voted for that disastrous war.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: but two democratic candidates the last debate here in new york and brooklyn on thursday, expected to be a big clash. maybe sanders' last chance to shake up the race. >> thank you. more more thans now say they trust secretary clinton than donald trump to handle some of the big issues facing the country. that's according to a new poll from the "associated press." this one shows clinton tops trump even when it comes to, quote, making america great. she beats him in that category 33-28%. 30% of americans say they do not trust either candidate. so none of the above does better than trump when it comes to his own campaign slogan. the poll al shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a statistical tie when it comes to handling the economy. clinton has 37, trump has 35. 16% of americans choose neither in that category. julie pace is a white house correspondent for the "associated press" and is live with us overlooking the white house. when you use this own campaign
12:38 pm
slogan and he comes in third to neither, does that suggest some bigger problem here? >> well, think the bigger problem for donald trump right now is that he is trailing secretary clinton, his likely general election opponent, should they both make that far, didn't oissues but also he is really underwater when it comes to the public's perception of him. when you combine those factors, it shows you the hurdles he would have to overcome if he does make spite a fall campaign. voters have to like you personally, have warm feelings for you, or they have to really trust you on the issue. it's really difficult to be elected president if you don't have either of those. >> usually when you do go from this stage of the game, this primary stage to the general election, you do what the politicians like to call pivoting and what i call change
12:39 pm
what you said. that means moderating on things. you wonder how moderating is going to work for the guy who wants to build a wall and mexico to pay for it. doesn't seem true to script. >> the problem that donald trump will have is he does try to moderate on the some of these positions, look building the wall on the border with mexico. they are so central to why his supporters are backing him. if you go to campaign rallies it's not just that people like that trump is a billionaire, they like that he says it like it is. they actually like his policy positions. they like the idea of building a wall on the borer. they like the idea of blocking muslims from coming into the united states because of the terror threats. so if hes to start moderating, he risks losing the voters who are very loyal to him as he tries to appeal to the broader american electorate that so far hasn't warmed to him. >> there were some other questions that you guys in the "associated press" or your pollsters asked, and one of them was about who would work best
12:40 pm
with congress, and this is voters' perception who would work best with congress weapon don't know who would but we know what the voters are saying, and they say hillary clinton, 44%, neither 23%, and trump, third. so neither would do better than trump in that poll. begin, this is problematic for the campaign. >> yeah, it is. when you talk to voters, runs, democrats, independents, one thing you hear consistently they're so frustrated with gridlock in washington. they do want a president who could come here and work with congress, who could actually get things done. so, this is an area where, again, he is going to have to show he isn't just trying to shake things up; that he would be able to come to washington and be pro-active, be able to accomplish things because, again, that is something you just hear consistently from voters no matter what party they're in, they do want washington to start working for them. >> but the leaders in the party that is in control in congress,
12:41 pm
those loaders said what they were going to do is try not to work with anybody pause they had certain things they wanted to they wouldn't too the cross-over to be seal compromising -- depressant understand what the voters want because they say don't compromise and then they say work with. those are the same things, aren't they? >> they for some degree if think you have voters that have in the last couple of elections really tried to register their frustration, and certainly that is some of what is happening with donald trumps supporters. when you do ask voters more broadly, they're frustrated but would like too see action. it's not enough to just have a protest candidate, have a protest vote. that may be some of what we are starting to see sing in, if not in the republican primary, perhaps in the general elections. >> julie pace, thank you. nice to see you. >> you, too. >> secretary of state john kerry making an historic trip to heir reshima, the highest ranking
12:42 pm
u.s. official to ever visit the site of the american nuclear attack there some images today and they're revealing. this is one you may remember. the u.s. dropped the bomb in august of 1945, killed 140,000 people. during the final days of world war . this dome here, the only building left standing, near the center of the bomb's blast, just this dome that you see right here. and i'll move to the next picture so you can into. it there is in the background with secretary of state among the leaders there. he and his counterpart from the other g-7 countries paid respects to those who died. here he is walking past the dome. secretary kerry visited the city's peace museum, qualifying it gut wrenching, and here taking part in a wreath-laying ceremony. an official says secretary kerry is not there to apologize but pay respects. decades after the bomb dropped no sitting u.s. president to
12:43 pm
this day has visited hiroshima. the city has come a long way in so many ways since then. the father accused of letting his son bake to death in a hot car while dad sexed with him who war not his wife, is going on trial. the defense claims it was a accident. prosecutors call it murder. we're live at the courthouse. a former nfl player, a new orleans saint, gunned down in apparent case of road rage, but investigators say whatever you may have heard yesterday, it may not be that simple. this is coming up from the fox news deck. alzheimer's means...
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from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. the former nfl defensive back will smith is dead because somebody shot him this weekend in new orleans. investigators are now trying to figure out if this was indeed a case of road rage as so many of us have heard or who the might
12:47 pm
have been revenge. police say there is no indication the form saints player on the left here knew the suspect, cardell hayes hope to right. the shooting happened when haase suv rear-ended smith. hayes shot the nfl player, killed him, and then also shot smith's wife in the leg. she survived. on the surface might seem like road rage, which is all i was hearing yesterday, and reading this morning in the papers, but a'll newspaper down in new orleans reports that smith had just eaten dinner with a police officer hayes once sued over the 2005 shooting death of his own father. now, that father reportedly lunged at officers with a knife before they shot and kill him. what it revenge, road rage? we don't know. an investigation underway. jury selection now starting in the case of man accused of leaving his child to die in a hot car while he sexted women.
12:48 pm
or ands have to decide whether ross harris let his son roast to death in his suv for seven agonizing hours in june 2014. we covered this at length. temperatures in the atlanta area were around 90 goings that day. prosecutor says harris was not happy in his marriage and wanted an escape as they put it. but the defense calls the boy's death a tragic mistake. now, harris, the father, faces charges, including murder and cruelty to children. investigators have said he sent sexually explicit test messages to not one woman but six different women at the same time his son was in that car where he died. and when cops searched his phone they reported that they found evidence he was sending inappropriate photos and messages to underwaged girls. he faces charges in a separate case for that. meanwhile, harris' wife recently
12:49 pm
filed for divorce. jonathan surrey is outside theocrasy in georgia. with all these -- theocrasy in georgia. with all these pretrial publicity what will the attorneys be looking for in the way of potential jurors? >> first, looking at a huge potential pool of jurors. more than 300 potential jurors in the case. it's unlikely they'll find a single one that hasn't heard of the case but more likely they'll be look fog jurors without preconceived notions as to why these events unfolded. the basic facts of the case are not disputed. ross harris admits he left his 22-month-old son, cooper in back of a hot suv on june 18, 2014. the child overheated and died. that's not disputed. harris, though, claims the forgot to drop his son off at daycare and didn't realize the "was inside that vehicle until it was too late. the prosecutors allege that harris wanted to murder his son so that he could be child-free, as he pursued extramarital
12:50 pm
affairs. now, in addition to those text messages, prosecutors point to fact that harris conducted some web searches looking for information on children overheating inside vehicles, but harris told investigators early on that he conducted those searches because as a father, this was one of his biggest fears. >> prosecutors have filed some new motions for this case. tell us about those. >> reporter: they did indeed. they filed a motion asking the judge to awill you the jury to view the suv that harris was driving on the day that his son died. in fact the very suv that the young "overheated in. they also want to take the jury to view key locations, where the indent unfolded, presumably these locations would include ross harris' work mayse parking lot where he left his son inside the suv, and as well as a nearby shopping mall where witness says
12:51 pm
they saw harris frantically trying to revive his son. these jurors are going to have to figure out why all of this happened, not what happened. shep. >> jonathan, thank you. news continues next. t your logoa little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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shoes-bottles, hair weaves, you name it, smugglers have probably tried to use it to bring contraban in the united states. tsa reports agents found 2500 guns in carry-on luggage in airports across the country, an average of seven each day, and at jfk international, customs and border officials made almost 250 cocaine seizures in a period of less than two years. laura ingall is outside jfk.
12:55 pm
>> reporter: u.s. custom and border agents say that they are amazed at just what lengths some people will good through to get that illegal contraband and their drugs smuggled into the country. we got our cameras inside the customs situation here and were able to show you what is happening here. ill deal drugs stuffed in suitcase walls, powder cocaine failed handles, between the cardboard and cover of children's books. at jfk customs officials say they've just about seen it all. >> has anything surprised you? >> there's been a number of things that surprised me. individuals who have surgically implanted the narcotics into their body. >> reporter: customs agents say it is a constant game of cat and mouse, looking for creative methods of illegal contraband, pots and panses, meat, have been the vehicles of drug smugglers
12:56 pm
lately, condoms, diapers, too. this is one of the highest volume hubs in the nation, both for passengers and for illegal contraband. >> thank you. we'll be right become with a look at a landmark moment nor united states navy. that happened on this day in history. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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1:00 pm
helped transform naval warfare forever, 116 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything. cavuto is coming up now. >> everybody's got a problem. welcome. growing anger in both parties they're ignoring the vote. donald trump not pleased with what went down in colorado 0 over the weekend, where 34 uncommitted del tellings missed themselves to ted cruz. ted cruz telling him to man up. listen. >> donald has been yelling and screaming. a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing. and some late-night fevered tweeterring. in all the characteristickics i would not we would want


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