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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 12, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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twitter every night. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page and like it. will the going on there. good night. ♪ welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i'm tom shillue, let's check in to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. andy? >> thanks tom, coming up, donald trump's children will not vote for their dad. sounds like he raised smart kids and a new ride sharing company similar to bub -- similar to uber wants to hire only female drivers to only drive females. conducting studies to find out what makes a person creepy is high on the list. back to you. >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guests. she studied french literature in college, you go, girl. that is a victor hugo reference. the host of risk and reward. he is starring in the birth of a nation, hitting theaters later this year. i enjoyed the original, comedian and actor, jason stuart and true fact, he once tweeted that saturdays are for doughnuts. can -- camille foster and comedian and author of "follow that car" jimmy -- let's start the show. donald trump thinks the process is not classy after ted cruz completed his sweep of colorado's delegates over the weekend. on monday, trump slammed the
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gop's delegate selection rule that are set up to benefit party insiders. >> i have millions more votes, millions, not just a couple, millions more votes than cruz, then you have a colorado, where they frankly, you know, just get all of these delegates and it's not a system. there was no voting. i didn't go out there to make a speech or anything. there's no voting. >> on sunday, trump's new convention manager accused the cruz campaign of using gestapo tactics in to swaying delegates to join his camp. and the voters are taking it in stride. >> this is a copy of my -- the republican party registration. i have been a republican all my life. but, i will never be a republican again. >> i was surprised by what he said next. >> for the time being at least, i will be independent. and i'm voting for --
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>> bernie sanders. >> and to hell with republican party. >> he said another name, we edited that. does trump has a point about the process? you saw what happened in colorado, none of us understand what happened, but cruz came away with everything. >> trump has a point, the rules were confusing, on the flip side as a cruz campaign person said, they were all out frthere in th public for anyone who could read and understand language. the rules were put out last year. it proves what we know, trump is not a seasoned politician an. he did not have a ground game and cruz did and trump is unhappy. >> wait a minute, what about kasich did not get any either. cruz walked away with all of them. that means there's shenanigans.
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>> they think we live in a democracy, it's a constitutional republic, there's a lot of undemocratic things that are about our country. it's the way it works and it's fine. because an unmitigated democracy would be a disaster. >> it would be the teierny of te people. >> it's how it works. >> we hear about a constitutional republic, people think their vote matters, don't they, jason? >> i'm glad to be here, i don't know whether to kill myself or go bowling. one straight, one gay, one black, one gal. >> i feel like i should sing a song. >> we look like the background of the hilary speech. >> we will put up a sign for
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hire. >> jason, you are a huge trump fan. >> oh, please, he is classy, classy, i think have you seen his house? looks like the beverly hillbillies, i don't understand the thing with him had. i think he beat me up when i was in high school, i feel it, i do. >> is that why you don't like him? >> i'm afraid of him, i'm scared. >> put on your objective hat and something's going on with this establishment, they want to block him had, correct? >> i think so. >> i think the people in the republican party don't want him. i think the people, the -- i guess the more conservative people, the people that don't want to get hit in a rally, i think the people don't want to get socked in a face or touched in appropriately. >> do you think it's okay that the republicans want to make their rules? the reason they put the rules in, they didn't want guys like trump, they wanted to control their own nomination, do they
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have a right to do it? >> the rules change all the time. i went to high school in los angeles. i danced in a circle and wore a tie-dye shirt. i was singing hair and look what happened. i think the rules change all the time in every state. it's so confusing, i don't think that an american person can understand, it's not to do with intelligence, it's about confusing people so they don't know what to do, how to vote, it's a colleague, it's a this, it's a that, it's a super pac, you are on a plane, you are driving, i don't know i'm in another state. >> obviously, the voters are going to be angry about this. even if it all on the up and up, they don't like it. they don't like the fact that trump has, he is right, he has millions more votes. >> millions, trillions, it's huge! >> he falls short on the number, he is out and do you think it's fair? >> he is definitely going to get
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railroaded, we know it today. this ruling came down in august. they announced this in august. he is just cranky today, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the spray tan bed. i think. he knew going in, what was going to go on. that's why he didn't go there to give a speech. he knew he was not going to win it. >> it's funny to watch him, he is pulling a bernie, the system is rigged. >> you should agree that if there's one guy that had should be giving away free college tuition it's trump university. if anybody is offering free tuition -- >> free anything, i don't want a hat. you don't want the hat? >> no, i want cash. >> look, meanwhile, even trump's own children are being dis disenfranchised, they are not eligible to vote because they missed the deadline to register
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with a political party. >> they had a long time register and they were unaware of the rules and they did not register in time. so they feel very, very guilty. but it's fine. i mean, i understand that. i think they have to register a year in advance and they didn't. >> yeah, that is weird, jason you have to register a year in advance, that is disenfranchising people in a way. >> all the kids at home screaming oh, my god, i will get fired! >> no, no danger. >> oh, please, i saw them on barbara walters, i think my dad is great, he is terrific, he is better than everyone. i love him, i love grand pa. >> how many rich guys have kids that are not alienated from him. >> they all like their dad. >> because he is writing a check. >> i think the rules are a little -- >> they are, last time they changed it to keep dr. paul off the ticket. so there's manipulation, i'm not
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go going to say there's not manipulation. >> don't you talk over that, my dad is running for president -- >> but it had to be done a year ago. >> it was october 9th of last year. not quite a year, and it is, i think the fact that donald does not know the rules, mr. trump, doesn't know the rules is indicative of a broader problem with his campaign. it got zero organization. >> that's why he hired someone. he is realizing, maybe i have to get up to speed. >> maybe i better get up to speed now, it's almost time. >> he ran as an insurgent, an outsider, he was happy with his life before, it's his excuse. does it would? >> it's a weird situation with his kids. like, if you look at this, it's clearly like some type of weird media attack on him the way they blew it up. they are not billing it as they
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missed the deadline. they are billing it as trumps kids won't vote for him as if they walked out on him had. they are saying that they cannot vote because they didn't register, and hilary clinton's daughter cannot vote because she lost the e-mail. it's almost endearing. i want to his rally, somebody gave me tickets. >> you had tickets? >> it was amazing. you need kevlar, and a lot of things to get in there. he is really running a mom and pop, for as much money and panash, there was someone in charge of music at the rally that was clearly using an ipod, because they were shutting off songs half way through. they played four stones songs and then tiny dancer and funeral for a friend came on by he will ton john. >> are you kidding? he is running a mom and pop. >> i'm waiting for the part that is endearing. >> he said that he is not taking
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money. he is funding it by himself. >> he is not taking funding or advice. >> and except when the national campaign begins. the one against the democrats, he would love to have money. he is actively looking for it now. >> and whoever is the nominee will clearly need it. >> let's move on, hilary clinton is being criticized for appearing in a racially charged skit. ye yes, on saturday, she and bill de blasio participated in a show for charity. >> thank you for the endorsement, took you long enough. >> sorry, hilary. i was running on cp time. >> i don't like jokes like that. it's not -- >> cautious politician time. >> oh, my god. >> that's right, they are making a joke about cp time, or colored people time, did i just say
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that? i did. referring to the black stereo type that black people are always late. i don't think they are, i never heard that stereo type. not all of the performances were awkward. some were delightful, look. >> i'm the illest mayor to run new york, let me brag about my victory, respect for my agenda is a must because i ground them in to the dust. >> yeah, my brutha he was spinning beats there. >> spitting rhymes perhaps. yeah, that was terrible. that was awful. >> what about the skit, the cp time? >> the cp time does not bother me. one it we can down grade racism until it's nothing and we seem to be doing that. and we can test it, you can see if black people are late for stuff and if they are, it's not in fact racist to say so.
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we can look at it and observe it and document it. >> it's so not true. >> it was a joke. >> it was? i'm sorry. >> what's the deal. >> the dead pan. it's funny, you are so attractive, it's hard to tell. this is true, i'm so attracted to him. >> i'm not the least bit uncomfortable with it at all. >> i think i met my husband on fox. >> what was the question? >> hilary. >> i have to give hilary credit for doing something edgy for once. >> come on, she is funny, she was on saturday night live, she has done jokes and this. i love hilary, she said that it takes a village to raise a child. and for a gay child, it takes the village people. the outfit is killing me, she looks like a chinese waiter. >> she looks like she walked out of a hair salon mid haircut. >> come on, you are not going to
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pull this off. i'm going to lemon tree. >> she wears that. >> she has worn it twice. i log her clothes. >> only twice. >> i only saw that ugly outfit twice. call her, tell her to take this thing off. >> she knows what looks well on her. >> no she doesn't. >> she settled on a look and i will give her credit for her outfits. >> that is kind of you. >> what do you think of the cp time? >> i don't know who came up the idea and said, you know what hilary, you are really a laugh, you should do this with phil de blasio who is a hoot as well, this will be a good idea all around. this is the event that rudy jew guliano went to in drag. they are unfunny, both of them. with all due respect to the
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mayor and the candidate. >> the guy from hamilton is great, and he stunk in it too. >> it's like playing tennis by yourself. what is he supposed to do? >> he was wearing a george washington outfit, how do you feel good about yourself? >> it's part of hamilton. >> oh, is it? i have not seen the show. >> that was george jefferson. not george hamilton. >> that's not racist either. >> it's fun. it's just having fun. >> so it was not racist, you saw the whole thing, was it fun sni. >> i didn't see the whole thing. >> you didn't? i gave you the tape today. >> it was on my phone, and it was too small, i did not have my glasses. >> i believe the auto tune remix will be good tomorrow. >> i don't know why she is courting de blasio so aggressively. like isis has a higher approval rating than de blasio. >> and i think de blasio is for sanders.
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>> he has doubled down. >> that is why. that is your answer why she is courting de blasio, because de blasio voters are pro sanders. >> and i think de blasio has been pro sanders, he has been sort of forced to endorse hilary. >> is it okay to profit from cooking the food of other cultures. it was posed to listeners after an interview with chef rick bayless. although he is from oklahoma with no mexican an secestory, h has been a expert in the area. they conclude, with things involves race and class in america, there's no easy answers. we will have to agree to disagree. >> if i did not know that this
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was legitimate, i would think that it was written by snl, we must import food, we cannot eat what our own culture came up with. >> it's a tribute. >> it's a tribute, people want to eat good food and i any it's a compliment. >> yes, jason what would you do? >> i'm jewish, i love chinese food, what do i do for christmas? it's insanity? i love italian food, i pick it by the men. >> wow. >> there's a theme here. >> if it's italian, i like it -- >> i love jewish food. >> call me. >> camille, is it a cultural appropriation? i love all cuisine, that is great. >> i'm proud of you. >> cultural appropriation is not a thing, it's a make believe. culture is porous and fluid, you
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have a set of values and beliefs that you hold one week and somebody says it and it's cool and everyone is saying it. culture is appropriation. you cannot appropriate it, because you can't own it. >> it's what is great about being alive. >> and it's what is great about new york. you walk down the street, it's every restaurant that you think of. >> you can get any food in the world cooked by a mexican guy. you can get italian, indian, spanish by a mexican guy. >> that is true, isn't it? that is what multi-cultural iis is, what is npr getting at? >> a reach, they are trying to upset their listeners. they run on acknowledge ta-- th run on aggitation. >> it's fun to crusade, it's great to go out and find the racist and beat the not out of them. we have run out of real racists.
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so we find them and we make them up. >> okay, got to go, coming up, is a ladies only uber a sexist and illegal idea? find out my take next.
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live, good morning, here is what is happening, u.s. capitol police here in washington arresting more than 400 people for unlawful demonstration, they have called for campaign finance reform and improved ballot access and voting rights. the demonstration was organized by the group, democracy spring. a commander has been charged with espionage. he is in custody. he is accused of the passing
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military secrets to either china or taiwan. if convicted, officials say he could face the death penalty. iran is getting a military boost from russia, moscow has started delivering s-300 defense missile systems to iran, moscow had frozen the weapons trade deal because of u.n. sanctions but lifted the suspension following last year's nuclear deal. taliban fighters have begun their annual spring offensive, this year is expected to be long and bloody. they are calling the operation amari, in honor of a leader that died three years ago. 11,000 were killed during the offensive last year. a break in a case of a missing seattle mother, police arresting a 37-year-old man tonight, after human remains
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were found. it's believed he was her date, she was reported missing after failing to pick up her kids. look at this, hail and winds pounding homes in texas, you can see the huge pellets slamming against the windows and the hail caused damage to trees and cars, no reports of injury. back to "red eye." gentlemen, your chari ot dos not await. it's a ride sharing service for women passengers. it's owned by a man. why a car service for women? 86% of uber drivers are male and a lot of women do not want to get in a car with a strange man. sounds reasonable, but it could be against the law. the service will launch april 19th, but civil rights lawyers said that a female only service
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will leave itself wide open to discrimination lawsuits but chariot has a lawyer too. that explains why i got turned down for bikini inspector. i wore this t-shirt to the interview. now, look i'm not a judge, but i do play a judgmental person on tv and that lawyer's explanation sounds good enough to for me. chariot should not be forced to hire men, neither should twin peaks or the tilted kilt, i need to feel safe when i'm eating my potato skins. dierdra, i think it's a good idea and if it was shut down by lawyers suing under whatever title, i don't care, i think women should be able to call for
12:26 am
a woman driver. >> okay, fine, women calling for a woman driver, that is perhaps fine. you can do that as a spa, you can say, i prefer a female or male massage therapist. it's crazy from a business perspective, you are already saying i only want to serve half the population. and uber has $68 billion. so it's not just like some mom and pop flower shop on the corner. >> but they have to have competition, we have lift, right? there's a couple of other ones. >> halo. >> so they are coming on. so why no specialize? i thought you -- >> you thought i was going to stand up and say, i would lose money on this if i were an investor. >> but i think a lot of women feel unsafe getting in to a car with a man that could hurt them in any sort of way, it has happened a couple of times. i think it's a good idea. i don't know, when i go to a gym and have somebody massaging, i
12:27 am
don't want a woman touching me. i want a -- >> really? >> it's too personal. you know. but i think the idea though of -- it's a safety issue if they can fight it in court, it has happened, so there's precedent. >> you express a preference. you don't have to reject men. it's stupid business. >> that's the thing, how do you do it? camille, you cannot choose your driver, because they want it to be efficient the closest driver to you. so if you have your own service and you know a woman is going to come and pick you up, i think it's a great idea. >> fine, try it. i don't think it will work out. uber has the rating system, seems to work well. i did however, thinkn opportuni. there's a demographic that wants a driver talk to her dirty. >> okay, that is a minority. i'm going to represent that. the -- >> it's magic mike meets uber, that could be a great business.
12:28 am
>> call, silicon valley, say you have an idea. >> a little bit of tinder, a little bit of drive me home. >> i like it, it's better. >> you were a cab driver. >> i was. >> and i think you are the reason that the service was created. you were always leaning over that seat and you know, did you ever -- >> where are you going? >> where did you get the tan love to see the lan litan lines? did you say that? >> i was not quite that guy. but i would give a nice hello and feel out conversations, yes. this is idiotic, you are losing half of your clients. talking about from a safety standpoint, yeah, some women do not feel safe with a guy driving. and now you are making the same women drivers with the drunk guy in the back. i like less than 1% of the cab drivers are women, because they
12:29 am
don't feel safe. >> it will be great, it will give all the women dying to drive a cab, a chance to join a great operation, i wish them all luck. coming up, everybody's favorite time of the day, halftime with andy. stick around.
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out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. how are you? >> good, excellent. >> let's talk about trump. >> you said that trump had a point that the rules were confusing but the rules have been in public. trump keeps saying it's rigged and it's only rigged in favor of the people that know the rules. you have to know that. >> that's the cruz spokes person. people that know how to read and understand language. >> trump is like -- >> it's convoluted. >> trump is like somebody who knows the rules. >> andy did you see the tweet by the gop, never trump, we did it. >> man, the one they quicked deleted. >> it was rigging going on. >> i'm sure it was an accident. >> kmele, you said that the
12:34 am
people think we live in a dem k democracy but we don't. you would think that somebody running for president would know that. >> yes. >> i had a flash back, i'm recovering. >> can we put up the picture of trump and his custodies. >> it's pure slitherin. [ laughter ] >> somebody needs to fix her hair, she looks like she just gave birth. >> out of all the people's hair on that, you picked hers? >> we are so used to his hair, where does his air come from, is it his butt hair, is it a throw rug, i don't know, is it a mat, i don't know? >> i know wherever he goes, there's a startling decrease in the waterhog population. it could be a coincidence. i have no idea though.
12:35 am
>> trump's kids can't vote for him. tom, you said that it's crazy that you have to register a year in advance. the deadline was in october and the primary is in april, i believe it's six months which is not quite a year in the sense that it's a half of one. >> you are right. >> is this math again? it's not my turn, i'm sorry. >> andy, if the deadline is in october, you have to register six months ahead of that. >> really? >> yeah. >> why? >> school basement, where do you go? you have to ask your super, it's crazy. >> in los angeles we do it on the street. we get the stars together and we do it on the street. i'm serious, that her? yeah, that is her, she is my friend. okay. >> with the exception of me and the show open, nobody is selling this as trump's kids won't vote for him. >> no, all over the internet,
12:36 am
yahoo news, and not even trumps kids will vote for him. >> are you kidding me? >> it's click bait. it's click bait. >> hilary makes cp time joke. tom you claim that you never heard the stereo type that black people are late. >> when i have a show to go to i show up on time. >> given the fact that you were claiming this to the staff, now you are saying -- >> i like the idea that he is inviting black people to his party. it's a falacy. >> you were saying the other day, you don't see race or color. apparently you are exposed, we have a long way to go, andy levy. >> we do. >> dierdra, you could not believe that anyone let hilary and de blasio do jokes like this. hilary made a joke about ghandi
12:37 am
and said he works in the glass station down the street. >> she doesn't. >> she did. jimmy, you said isis has a higher rating than de blasio. >> most recent polls have him up around 50%. >> i'm talking about my poll. the independent poll. >> half of the co-workers are in isis for you? >> you can't handle the truth. >> npr's asked if it's okay to make money off other culture's food. to be fair the npr people were not talking about eating food from other cultures, they are talking about cooking food from other cultures.
12:38 am
>> tom, you don't love jewish food, nobody loves jewish food. >> i love a good jewish deli, andy. >> that's fine, but fine. >> i like matza ball soup. >> did somebody say they did not like kaviltovish it's good. >> just looking at it is disgusting. >> but it's delicious. my mother made it, there's a whole fantasy going on in my head, i loved it. >> wow. >> potato latkas. >> they are okay. >> i can't believe we are talking about this. >> i know. >> meet in the production room. did you hear the gunshot in your ear? >> when it comes to food, cultural appropriation does not exist. new york city pizza is not as good as it used to be, and i feel like it's because they are not owned by italians anymore. >> that is an interesting
12:39 am
theory. >> i believe it's more than a theory. >> i accept that. >> uber for women, none of you talked about this, the creepy thing about it, the guy said he got the idea while he was watching pretty woman? >> nobody wanted to talk about that. >> yeah. >> which means all of the drivers are actually hookers. >> really, really, really weird. >> you could marry them at the end of the ride. >> you said the whole idea is crazy from a business perspective because you are serving half of the population. but don't plenty of people do that. men's barbers and women's salons? >> i will ask my salon to take you, andy. >> no, no, i'm good, it does not strike me as an extreme business model. it's done already. >> if i was starting a business, i would want to appeal to everyone as possible. >> just because it's transportation and everyone needs it. >> if you can attract more women to it, and it may work out okay.
12:40 am
>> maybe. >> it's a game. >> i'm going with dierdra with this. i would never walk in and say, we are going to bank on half the population. bad idea. >> what about the women that want to be hit on? they can keep using uber. >> just get the uber app. >> jimmy, you said, now you are making the woman the driver with the drunk dude in the back. but know, they will only pick up women and children under 13. >> you had a drunk woman in the back of your cab, by the way? >> we could talk about it later. >> yeah. >> i'm done. >> thank you, time to take a break. a dangerous wedding proposal when we come back. here is what is coming up on the next kennedy. >> well, good morning, "red eye" fanatics, on the next kennedy, the brilliant charles coke and the wise napolitano, and andy
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leafy. i will see you then 6789 we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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there are two people who for sure won't be casting a vote for donald trump in the new york primary. his own kids. they can't vote for their father because he said, they didn't register in time. new york's primary is closed meaning it's only open to those registered as republicans. health leaders calling for money to fight the zika virus, it's known to be harmful to the brains of developing babies. the $600 million set aside for the fight is not enough. >> everything that we look at with the virus is scarier than we thought. and so while we hope we don't see widespread local trns mission in the continental u.s., we need the states to be ready for it. >> the cdc said that zika has been found in twice as many states as originally thought. a former mcdonald's ceo said th minimum wage will hurt small businesses. when california and new york
12:46 am
increase pay to $15 an hour, price-s will go up and people will lose jobs. new york governor andrew cuomo said that the higher wage will make things more fair for workers. and dominos pizza, spanning in to the italian market, the restaurant has two locations in milan and said that the garlic bread and barbecue chicken pizza has brought meant of customers. now, back to "red eye." ♪ this may be a first, a young man pulled a daring stunt to impress a girl. michael banks climbed morrow rock to propose to his girlfriend via facetime, good news, she said yes and bad news, what he did was illegal and emergency responders were
12:47 am
dispatched to get him. now he has to pay,0 thousands o dollars for the chopper ride down, but look who was flying the helicopter. [ laughter ] >> okay. love that. that is amazing. i don't think it's real. i mean, it was real, but that was not the real helicopter that rescued him. after the stunt, the city claimed that it was illegal and dangerous, we hope people will choose to view frit from below, protecting everyone a's safety. so, how exactly, what exactly did banks say in his proposal? >> you see this rock? this rock is the rock i would love to put on your finger. if i could buy a diamond this size, i would, that is what you are worth to me, and ultimately you know, i will never let that go. so, will you marry me?
12:48 am
>> he was not just high on love, he was arrested for being under the influence of methamphetamine. he said that they were medicinal purposes only. >> first of all, if i was him, i would say, where are you? if it were my husband. i would say, come home. >> it's impressive he got a signal up there. he was facetiming, right? >> why is it so hard for straight people to get married? you had the privilege for a long time. jesus, get it right! >> these guys are under a lot of pressure to out impress the next guy. everyone is youtubing their engagements and what not. it's a sad case. >> it's a sad case, ptsd is the explanation for the meth. and i think also -- >> it's true. >> and he said, hey, i didn't really ask to be rescued, i would have got endown from the 80 feet. i'm all for young love, but, i
12:49 am
mean, this poor guy spent the night in jail. maybe he should have thought a bit more. >> make him, if he could call in the proposal, he should have been the one to call it in, they forced him to be rescued. you don't like the sound of this. >> i don't like the sound of it, it does not sound like his marriage will go well. him taking the meth to stay awake and energize while climbing the mountain may be a -- >> is it a met for for marriage, is he ready? >> he went through all this had and he is ready to go. >> getting stuck up there is not the right call. >> he said that because of the ptsd, he need this is form of methamphetamine, he said it's to help him. you believe it? >> i have no idea, i'm no longer a medical doctor. they took my license. >> i played a shrink and i think we should call the girl and tell
12:50 am
her to not get involved with him. >> she was screaming at him, but i'm still going to marry you. >> please, get me her mother's phone number. >> it bodes well for her. she seems to have a head on her shoulders. >> i was disappointed he lived. you know that? if he dies that was addition by subtraction, you know why? these are the kind of proposals that leads to destination weddings. you know how many people would be better off without a destination wedding. >> i'm glad he is alive and i wish him well, we will close things out with a bed time story. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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psychologist from knox university has figured out what makes a person creepy. researchers asked over 1300 people to rate behaviors, occupations and hobbies they deemed creepy. some personality traits included having bags under eyes, bulging eyes, talking too much much about sex. and jobs associated with creepy characters include, cloud sex shop owner, funeral director and
12:55 am
taxi driver. >> i will take it. >> thank god they didn't say host of a 3:00 show. that was the fourth time we slandered you on the show. >> you take a lot of heat on the show, by the way. >> can you blame them? it's, you know, people find cab drivers creepy. >> i think it's because how you interact with him. i don't think it's day shift drivers. but not like aggressive with conversation. it's the night guys, are you in there drunk and going home and especially when jimmy dresses like a clown. >> i took this sport coat from a passenger i drugged. >> who is the creepiest? ted cruz. he does this all the time. >> oh, no! >> that sounds like something trump would say to debate, by the way. >> jason, i can't help it, every time i look at him, he looks like he is smelling something
12:56 am
inappropriate. >> it's his features that you think -- >> no, it's his aura, it's his whole -- it's everything. >> a lot of people have said that, they describe things like bulging eyes and bags under eyes, based on appearance. >> i think it's inside him, there's some type of deadness. >> he is still on cruz, i was trying to get him back on the story. >> i think it's mean, somebody cannot pick i would like nonbulging eyes please, when they are a baby. but the behavior, there were some pretty creepy ones that came up, licking lips often. smelling weird, having greasy hair. i would not be that psyched to sit next to someone with those characterist characteristics. >> creepiness is in the eye of the beholder. >> value is subjective. i don't know, this list was not excelli
12:57 am
compelling to me. it's not academic, it's all the things you expect. asking to take pictures of you. >> i have to cut you off, we have to go. special thanks to all of you. that does it for me, i will see you next time. books, so you ne
12:58 am
12:59 am
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miss an episode of the five. that's coming up next. president obama gives hillary clinton a rhetorical pass on the e-mail scandal, he guarantees no political interference in the fbi investigation. this is special report. >> welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. hillary clinton's e-mail transgressions were careless but not dangerous to national security. at the same time, he's vigorously denying any discussion that politics will influence the justice department's probe into weather clinton's behavior broke the law.


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