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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 12, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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underprivileged students but lived a privileged life with a loving and caring father who worked hard to support my mom, me, and my sisters. >> winston tweets, i'd like to try it. >> thank you very much for vo g joining us this morning. >> "fox & friends" start right now. have a good day. >> bye. good morning. it's tuesday, it's april 12th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. brand-new surveillance video. it has just surfaced in the shooting death of former super bowl champion will smith. >> been shot! >> the chilling new clues and the search for a motive this morning. meanwhile, donald trump continues to rail against what he calls a rigged system on the republican side. >> in colorado and in other places, this is not a democracy. we're not going to have rigged elections. >> is somebody cheating, or is the establishment taking advantage of mr. trump? we'll report, and you will, as always, decide.
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and a travel tantrum caught on camera. >> i'm sorry -- use lied to me! you lied to me! i'm sitting here since 8:00 with a 9-year-old who's waiting for her vacation! i'm sorry, you lied to me. >> ooh. >> did she overreact a tad? let me -- or has this happened to you? >> have you been there? >> we probably have. we'll try ton overreact here all morning. mornings better with friends. ♪ when your plane is delayed 1 12 hours. >> and you just want to get on the disney cruise -- >> you've been waiting all year. a 9-year-old is cry, we'll miss the boat. >> the faces of the people next to her are hilarious. >> everyone got out their cell phones. >> they did. thank you very much for joining us. it's kind of a wet day in new york city. yesterday we had pete, and todd
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today we have repeat. >> you worked on that all day. >> yeah. thanks for joining us. in headlines, heather joins us. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. i've got news about the story in new orleans right now. we start out with a fox news alert. two new videos offering clues into the murder of the former saints player, will smith. the first one appears to show a hit and run. you see a hummer driven by the alleged killer stop abruptly. it then gets rear-ended by smith's mercedes suv. a second chilling video also showing smith's wife then pleading for help. >> nationwide i need an ambulan! >> the saints' head coach, sean peyton, says new orleans is broken and speaking out on gun violence. in a "usa today" interview, he said, "i find myself leaning to the right on some issues. but on this issue, i can't wrap my brain around it." he goes on to say, "i hate guns." new overnight, the after dan taliban prom -- the afghan
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taliban promising new attacks in a spring offensive. something that happens every spring. the declaration marking the launch of a violent summer as the terror group says waging jihad is a holy obligation for them. this year's campaign expected to incorporate homicide bombings, assassinations, and other tactics to fight american and afghan security forces. when it comes to banning books at home, absolutely fog? sacred including the bible. for the first time in ten years, the holy bible makes the library association's top-10 list of most challenged books. it's ranked number six because people concerned about the separation of church and state. in some cases, calling for it to be removed from public schools and also libraries. what do you think about that? >> hotels -- >> that could be next. the gideons. look out. a detroit tigers fan becomes a legend at the ballpark after not catching not one but two but five foul balls in one single game. take a look.
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>> bring it on -- made the play there. good hands. that's five. let's take a look. >> bill dugan happened to be the right place at the right time. over and over again. this guy's a stadium pro. he once caught four in one game but broke his own record yesterday. >> i never would have thought it would happen. never in -- maybe two. that would be great. but never five. people were taking self yes and stuff. they -- selfies and stuff. they knew the count at four. once the fifth came, it was kind of pandemonium really. >> this is nice. after each catch, he gave the ball away to a different child. love this guy. after the game, he immediately went to a casino to try his luck. what do you think happened? suspense? he broke even. at least he didn't lose. way to go. i love him sharing the balls with the kids. >> great. he had the lucky streak going. makes sense to buy a lotto ticket. >> thanks. meanwhile, donald trump and john kasich still complaining about a rigged system in colorado over the weekend. ted cruz defending it after all.
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he got all the state's delegates. >> kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c., with the latest. what do you have, kristin? >> reporter: last night at a massive rally albany, new york, trump called the republican party system of selecting delegates crooked and corrupt, especially after last saturday's convention in colorado. ted cruz, who as you said, won all of the delegates in colorado, is firing back telling trump to quit whining. >> donald has been yelling and screaming. a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing. late-night fever tweeting. all the characteristics i would note we would want of a commander in chief. >> i'm millions of votes ahead which they don't mention it. they talk about delegates. i'm hundreds of delegates ahead.
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but it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> and the since-deleted tweet from colorado's republican party is only adding fuel to trump's accusation. it was posted saturday after cruz won. it was since deleted but reads, we did it, #nevertrump. again, it was deleted minutes later, but the damage was done. now the colorado gop chairman is insisting his staff had nothing to do with it. they posted a followup tweet that reads, "the last tweet was the result of unauthorized access to our account, and it in no way represents the opinion of the party. we are investigating." that statement clearly begs the question if they didn't send it, who did? and how did that person have access to the twitter account? pete, ainsley, steve? >> thank you very much. that's right. right after it happened, they said, we've got to look into this. it looks like we were hacked. they weren't hacked. it sounds like somebody who likes ted cruz and was happy -- >> somebody forgot to toggle it
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the other twitter account. >> that's right. yesterday and the day before, people have been talking about what exactly went down in colorado over the weekend. colorado's got a system, and because all the primaries are essentially closed because on the republican side and democrat side they can choose whatever rules they wanted to. the rules are the rules. people knew the rules, but they're -- every single state, though, seeps to have different rules. >> yes. >> well there were probably a lot of people in colorado who thought i'm going to go and vote or caucus on saturday. turns out, the party,lease set it up where they essentially picked the delegates, and the delegates all went for ted cruz. rush limbaugh was on his show yesterday. he said, look, the system is not rigged, but it's -- here's rush. let him explain. >> they have rigged it over on the democrat side. they're using their superdelegates. it's not rigged on the republican side. this is just the establishment taking advantage. you know what they've done, everybody, is -- is fake everybody out here. they're serious about winning. the cruz team is serious about
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winning. they have made themselves fully aware of how the process works. and they've been out working it for quite a while. >> they did -- they absolutely had a great ground game in colorado. there are a number of people saying why exactly would the republican party of colorado last july or august decide we've done this presidential straw poll for years. let's don't do it this time because we don't want to be bound to those people. that would have given people a voice. >> the system, cruz did understand the system. he went in, got the delegates he needed. however, i think a lot of people do agree with donald trump that the people need to decide who's going to be the next president. >> not the party elites. >> not the party elites. that's exactly what's happening in this election. people are against the establishment. so this year, especially this year, donald trump, what he's saying is resonating with the people. maybe this will change in colorado going forward. >> he's playing the optics the way he needs to. if you're not winning the system
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on the inside, you've got to play the outside game and try and change the perception. 65,000 colorado republicans did if to caucuses, though -- did go to caucuses, though. any republican could have taken part in the process. the people, if you will, the system was built, if it was rigged for anything, it was made for a jeb candidacy or -- >> trying to kick ron paul out. >> that's exactly right. the ironic part, now an outsider like ted cruz and an outsider like donald trump are the ones fighting that system. >> right. >> it was -- you know, it was -- the system was rigged against candidates like ron paul. they didn't want the insurgent eight years ago, ron paul. fast forward to now. you got follow colorado's going to change. this is just blown up in their faces. >> right. >> a catastrophe. >> this is a local republican party problem. they'll lose their credibility. >> "the denver post" said they'd had an op-ed in the paper a while back and said the republican party made a mistake in colorado by abandoning the poll. steve house, the republican chair out there, suggested that
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one of the reasons they did that was too many republicans would flock to their local caucuses which, you think about it, thousands of additional people taking part in one of the most interesting races in years would have been a good deal. >> i don't get that. >> except it takes the power away from the elite. >> donald trump is the front-runner in this election. many people wondering if he does get the nomination, who will his vice president be? and yesterday he addressed this with our friend kirsten powers. he did say that he has people in mind, he just hasn't told anyone. then when pressed about marco rubio, this is what he to say, "yes, i like marco rubio. yeah, i could. there are people i have in mind in terms of vice president. i just haven't told anybody names. i do like marco. i do like john kasich. i like scott walker. actually in a lot of ways." >> you know, here's why it makes perfect sense if he would say he likes marco rubio. >> why? >> marco rubio's in third place. he's -- he has 171 delegates. if donald trump was 150
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delegates short, it would be great to have marco rubio on his team or john kasich. about the same -- >> in fourth place. they both happen to come from important states. >> yeah. that's true. >> florida and ohio in the general election. the question that if he becomes the nominee that he would try to repair the bond. the question is would the other folks reach back to donald trump. >> the elections, they go after each other. gosh, it was a bloody fight for a while. now they're talking about teaming up together. >> politics. >> trump said to kristin powers, politics is a crazy business. >> it is. it was political last night. we heard from our correspondent in our nation's capital about donald trump was in albany at the times-union arena. he g51-minute speech. i think a preview of coming attractions. if he is the guy who is the standard bearer on the republican side, this could be the way he goes after hillary clinton who is just guilty as hell he says. watch. >> talk about liars, i think
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hillary might be worse than ted! i think what's going to happen, and you're starting to see it because polls will be phenomenal when they start coming out. once i get rid of the first two and we can focus on whoever the enemy is, again, it's a rigged deal. it's probably going to be hillary. she's being protected by the democrats. it would take anybody else down, but she's being protected by the democrats. everybody knows that she is guilty as hell, okay. everybody. her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful lie. it's been a terrible, terrible lie. let's see how she does. >> that's just funny. >> well -- >> hear that. >> he also says he agrees with bernie sanders that she does not have the judgment to be president. >> right. >> talked about foreign policy. he'll be -- very effectively be able to go after that -- >> do you remember when he was on the show a while ago, he's on a lot, but a few weeks ago. he said he's not going to let
3:13 am
this die. if he's up against hillary clinton, this is going to be the one thing he goes after her for. >> absolutely. that's a little bit of what's going on in politics. meanwhile, ahead, coming up, a fox news alert. the centers for disease control sounding the alarm on the zika virus. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought. >> scarier than we thought. how concerned should we be? dr. samadi is coming in next. and it's one of the most famous rock songs of all time, but did led zeppelin steal the river riff for "stairway to heaven"? listen. ♪ when josh atkins books at
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everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought. so while we absolutely hope, we don't see widespread local transmission in the continental u.s., we need the states to be ready for that. >> that's a fox news alert. health officials sounding the alarm over the zika virus. now asking congress for nearly $2 billion to fight it. with the worry it will only get worse. >> so how worried should we all be about the virus? let's ask our fox news medical ateam's doctor, dr. david
3:18 am
samadi. good morning. pretty scary. >> we've reported this beginning of this year, january of this year, we reported one of the first cases of zika in this country. over the last two months, we see about 600 cases in the u.s. there's nothing to panic now. a lot of times this virus is not lethal and symptoms are mild. for pregnant women, obviously it can cause premature birth, blindness, and microcephaly. those are the ones. the other issue is that we thought maybe we'd have this in 12 states, it's spreading in about 30 states. >> the red states are states to worry about. >> exactly. puerto rico -- >> florida, texas, california -- >> those are hot states could especially puerto rico, seeing doubling in numbers every week. so people have to be careful about this. >> doctor, why is it spreading so quickly? it took a while even to get to south america. why here so quickly? >> that's one of the big concerns. took years for it to go from africa to south america. eight years to travel in south america. now very quickly. part of it is because we just didn't know enough about this
3:19 am
mosquito. we didn't know about the virus. the other thing is people travel a lot. now we're finding out that this is not just from mosquito but can be transmitted sexually. that's very important. if you're a pregnant woman and you have boyfriend, husband, someone from those areas that have come, make sure you use protections because that can save you from getting this virus. the majority of the time, peter, this virus is very mild. it just causes favor, maybe joint pain, et cetera. and it disappears after a week or so. for people, don't need to be worried. if you're having sexual activities with someone who's pregnant, that's a huge concern. and you'll have to be careful. >> it can be extreme. some babies can be born with smaller heads than normal. >> yes. microseveral she a huge, huge problem -- microcephaly is a huge, huge problem. in puerto rico, a major problem. that's one of the reasons why cdc and the white house is asking congress for about $1.9 billion. they're taking about $500 million from the ebola dedicated funds to go after this. the idea is that before we hit
3:20 am
summer and before this, about 40 million people that are going to travel globally to those areas and bring this to us, we want to stop this immediately, a lot of research has to go to this. there's no medication, there's no vaccine. and i really don't think this is going to become a major epidemic, something like ebola. but i think we need to be aware of this. >> when you're pregnant and want to do everything you can to keep that baby safe, stay -- stay put. don't go to states where it is a risk. >> that's the big message. if you're pregnant, don't go to the hot areas. >> thank you. >> where zika is becoming a big problem. bruce springsteen and brian adams canceling concerts over controversial laws in two states are. they doing the wrong thing by boycotting? a fair and balanced debate coming up. most college students spend financial aid money on textbooks. what would happen if you brew that on a vacation instead? this guy tried it. see how it worked out for him.
3:21 am
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. we've got quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. happening today on capitol hill, supreme court nominee merrick garland will have one of the most important meetings yesterday. senator chuck grassley, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, and a republican, has invited the judge to have breakfast. that committee is in charge of holding hearings on the president's nominees. and a hearing is set for today on protecting taxpayer information. the goal, to examine how the irs is keeping our personal information safe from the bad guys in cyberspace. irs commissioner john koskinen is one of six people expected to testify. we'll keep you post. ainsley? >> thank you very much. brian adams is now the latest music star to get
3:25 am
political over laws opponents are calling anti-gay. canceling a concert in mississippi over its religious liberty bill, issuing a statement saying, "i cannot in good conscience perform in mississippi where certain people are being denied their civil rights due to their sexual orientation." that coming on the heels of bruce springsteen doing the same. are these celebrities, are they getting it wrong? here for a fair and balanced debate is tammie bruce, radio talk show host, and tamera holder, attorney. both fox news contributors. great to see you ladies. i'll start with you, what was your reaction when you learn good the celebrities canceling concerts? >> it argument that civil rights are being violated is untrue. as a gay woman, gay civil rights movement is important. it was a movement about being left alone. it was about not being punished for who we are. that's what seems to be happening here. that you've got both bills certainly in mississippi, also being completely misrepresented. this is about being able to co-exist. that we can have gay marriage, gay civil rights without having to punish people of faith in the
3:26 am
process. look, i'm not quite sure. i think that perhaps they don't know what really is in the bill. there's no civil rights damage going on. you can get married, get what you need shopping. this allows people of faith to be able to run their businesses and not be under threat if they're not conforming to the gay demands, if they disagree with gay marriage. that's okay. this country is filled with the diversity of people. i think gays in particular have a responsibility to -- to not punish people who don't conform. this is what that's about. >> tamera, what do you think? should celebrities be getting so sflil. >> i think that's your question -- are the celebrities getting this wrong. the great thing about america is that we can have the freedom of religion, and also have the freedom to do business in states based on whatever, travel restrictions, money for making enough money, if we're not making enough money, or if we don't believe in the laws of the state. and so these celebrities have a
3:27 am
voice to millions of fans and millions of people who are listening to them, who may not understand what the issues are going on. then they see finally bruce springsteen or bryan adams has a statement. >> now, bruce springsteen -- >> that's the problem is that they're misrepresenting the nature of what's occurring. they're saying they're boycotting because -- we would all not want to have civil rights violated, right? that's not occurring in mississippi or north carolina. and it gives this impression that people of faith are bigots, the equation of the two are the same. that's not what's -- >> this has nothing to do with that. it has to do with the fact that these celebrities do not believe that whatever the law represents in your idea, i think maybe the intent is something that you believe, but the effect -- >> who got it right? bruce springsteen has this concert, he cancels it. lots of people bought their tickets. families who worked really hard to go see him, they're out. there is talk that maybe the state will reimburse. that hasn't happened yet. then jimmy buffett came out and said, i have two concerts planned in north carolina. i'm not going to cancel.
3:28 am
i don't agree with what's happening in north carolina. i'm not going cancel because i don't want my fans to have to worry about paying for tickets. >> that's the appropriate way especially if you want to have an influence. you participate. i think it's about are you going to be a bully and cancel and go home -- >> canceling is not bullying -- >> or are you participating? when you're canceling and arguing something that's not true, then you are bullying an entire set of people, entire state. >> what about the people you're letting down, the people who wanted to go the concert? >> i think that it's unfortunate people are being let down by celebrities, but they believe in something. this is something that bruce springsteen and bryan adams believe in and don't want to go into a state where they feel that there are certain fans of theirs that are actually being discriminated against every single day. >> they're wrong. >> you feel they're wrong. i feel that they're right in their message. >> this is what's great -- >> this is what's great about america. we can have differing opinions. >> let us know what you think at home at i'm anxious to hear thoughts from people in north carolina, mississippi, and around the country.
3:29 am
thank you very much. listen to this, have you seen this -- a travel tantrum caught on camera. >> i'm sorry you lied to me! you lied to me! citementi -- i'm sitting here since 8:00 with a 9-year-old waiting for a vacation! >> we've all been there probably. maybe you didn't react that way, but we know her anger and frustration. her flight was delayed. did she overreact? has that ever happened to you? let us know. then, does this picture offend you? it could get one firefighter in serious trouble. we're going to explain why. first, happy birthday to author beverly clearly, who turns 100 today.
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bernie sanders is on a hot streak. his out meal is bubbling. he's won eight of the last nine states. some experts say figure this momentum continues, it is possible that bernie sanders might lose to hillary clinton by slightly less. >> even though he wins, she winds up with more delegates. how -- how does it work over there? >> want to talk about a real rigged system that couldn't be more rigged on the democrat side. >> seriously. superdelegates, what are they? one thing that's not rigged, the weather. you can't control the weather. that was the problem with american airlines flight 2240. it was supposed to be arriving in new york city a couple of nights ago at 9:00 p.m. that's when people were going to get on and fly to their tropical destination of miami. one woman felt she was going miss her disney cruise. as it turns out, they were
3:34 am
delayed by 12 hours. at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, somebody took out a phone when this woman was chewing the ear off of one of the people behind the counter. listen to this. she's upset -- >> you lied to me! you lied to me! i'm sitting here since 8:00 with a 9-year-old who's waiting for her vacation. and my 13-year-old -- there's no flight, just say there's no flight! say there's no flight! this is a way of getting what we want. we're waiting all our life for this. >> i am, too. i'm sorry. >> i'm waiting for the disney cruise for a year already! >> she's waiting for the disney cruise for a year. >> you know, maybe she didn't handle it in the nicest waste -- nicest way. but we've all been us from fraught trait -- been frustrated. it was the weather. she's saying what i'm feeling. she's like mama bear, my daughter's got to get on this
3:35 am
cruise. >> steve, you said this before, how much fun will it be being on vacation with her? >> here's the thing, you know, what -- >> there's a daughter, there's anger simmering underneath there. >> we all understand it, though. >> we've all been there. so frustrating. when you are at a gate, what was supposed to happen, the plane was supposed to arrive at 9:00 p.m. but was diverted to philly because of bad weather, high winds out of lagarde yampt the plane got there at -- laguardia. the plane got there at 2:00 in the morning. they took off at 9 clinic in the morning. she wanted -- 9:00 in the morning. she wanted american airlines to pay for the cruise. they gave everyone a $12 voucher -- >> not enough. >> did she make the cruise? >> she did. >> i heard she did. >> the plane arrived at 11:42. according to the port of miami, the disney cruise left at 5:10. she had about five hours -- >> she was panicking. she was tired, panicking, excited about the vacation. things weren't going her way. you know, this is -- has this happened to you? >> welcome to new york.
3:36 am
>> has it happened to you? i remember, i was going my honeymoon, and i took the week off and got to the desk with my birth certificate because you didn't need a passport. the seal was not raised. she said nowadays you have to have a raised seal. i started crying. i was frustrated. his -- i went on my honeymoon two or three days late. >> is that right? >> i had to get a new birth certificate. there was one flight out to the island every day. i was so frustrated. >> i'm sorry you missed your disney cruise. >> it worked out better because the island was expensive, and we would have run out of money. >> it worked out. >> perfectly. >> what do you think about the mom's reaction? e-mail us,, tweet us or facebook us. meanwhile, let's go to heather who has never raised her voice. >> certainly not to my kids, right? good morning. oh, boy, what a tough mess that lady was in at the airport. i've got a couple of headlines to bring you now. we start out with some extreme
3:37 am
weather this morning. making a mess in texas, softball-sized hail pummelling the state, pounding cities near dallas. take a look. you see the water this that pool, wow. the damage so bad in some areas that some schools are closed today. the they will hail coming down so hard social media lighting one images like these showing car and home windows totally shattered. look at that, baseball-sized hail. rock-sized hail now. lightning storms in the area and tornadoes to blame for a fire that burned a church to the ground in southern arkansas. there was the picture of that now. the severe storm system is now set to head east this morning. we'll keep following the story throughout the day. a firefighter is under fire this morning for this picture. and it's sparking outrage on line. a mother in new mexico, take a look, she was posing with her newborn while she was wearing her husband's uniform. the fire department says it may violate its uniform policy, and
3:38 am
her husband could be in trouble for it. the department is investigating this. the photographer says the mother was standing as a model for all the firefighters' wives and moms. she looks beautiful. i love it. and one of the most iconic songs in rock and roll history. you know it -- ♪ those opening chords to led zeppelin's "stairway to heaven," landing the band in court so many decades after the song came out. a judge is ruling that a trial is needed to determine whether or not led zeppelin founders robert plante and jimmy page ripped off the classic riff from a lesser known band called spirit. take a listen to their version. ♪
3:39 am
wow. what do you think? similarities or a lot of differences? that trial is now set for may to decide whether or not plante and page are liable for copy right infringement. and who needs textbooks? a college student took the financial aid check and took a romantic vacation with his girlfriend. the filmmaker documented the ten-day trip to thailand and posted it on line. we're hoping it was worth it for him. shortly after returning home to california, the school called asking for all the money back. no word if he ever got the textbooks. those are the headlines. we'll head outside. looking at grilled cheese. ainsley? >> that's right. we are eating our favorite sandwiches. national grilled cheese day or, as we call, it tuesday. we're celebrating with a little fromage & friends. >> that's right. the owner of gorilla cheese food truck.
3:40 am
good morning, james. >> good morning. >> we love grilled cheese sandwiches. come on in here quickly. these are the most beautiful sandwiches. >> a classic american bacon melt served with tater to the, tomato soup shooter on the side. >> beautiful. >> mixed vegetables with munster and an herb aioli. barbecued pulled pork, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions. >> love it. >> spicy buffalo chicken melt with smoked masel are amp my favorite, triple creambu brie wh pro-shu prosciutto and tomatoes. >> what's the most popular? >> the number five, the pulled pork with carmelized onions and cheddar cheese. >> i'd never heard of that, pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. >> a good one. >> cheese and pulled pork? >> where weather do you come up with new ideas? almost anything can be good between bread and cheese. >> i'm not really a recipe person. i create in the kitchen. it seems to come naturally. >> you were the first grilled cheese truck in the city, satellite. >> i was. i was.
3:41 am
>> then you had competition, but you ran them out of town. >> we had a couple more trucks which are no longer in business. >> you're the only grilled cheese guy truck. >> we're the remaining grilled cheese truck for now. >> i can attest to why you're the only remaining grilled cheese truck. >> may i have a bite? this is your favorite -- >> the buffalo chicken one is fantastic. >> excellent. glad you like it. >> where can we find you on line? >> and on twitter, gcnyc1. >> excellent. >> happy grilled cheese month. >> thank you for serving our city. you're a good man. >> thank you. when we come back, big news for anyone who drives a pickup. >> pay attention, even if it's a gorilla cheese truck. then, donald trump says that the colorado election was rigged because there was no voting. bernie sanders wins the wyoming caucus. but hillary clinton gets more delegates. now, voters are wondering what else is going on here. judge napolitano who loves a grilled cheese is next. ♪
3:42 am
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quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. . .
3:45 am
cars built before march 36th, tesla cars have to have seats replaced because they could fold forward in a crash. and ford's 150 super cab crowned the safest truck in the industry according to the insurance institute for highway safety. in crash tests the f-150 was the only one of nine full-size pickups tested to earn a good rating. good for ford. steve, over to you. >> thanks. donald trump outraged over delegates after senator ted cruz took all 34 delegates in colorado state convention. trump took to twitter writing, "the people of colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians.
3:46 am
biggest story in politics. this will not be allowed." trump going on to say what's happening to he and bernie sanders is nothing short of corrupt. >> so i watched bernie. he wins, wins, keeps winning, winning, winning. then i see he's got no chance. they always say he has no chance. why does he have no chance? the system is corrupt. it's worse on the republican side. i say this to the rnc and i say it to the republican party. you're going to have a pbig problem, folks. there are people who don't like what's going on. >> and some voters have had it. one trump supporteder there taking to youtube to burn his republican registration on camera. poof. there it goes. judge andrew napolitano live now. judge, what do you make of what mr. trump is taking about? >> here's what the courts have said. the republican party is a private club. the democratic party is a private club. they are not the government.
3:47 am
even though when you vote in a primary, it looks like an election, it feels like an election, use the same equipment where you go for an election, then you go to the same place. it's not an election. it's not run by the government. and these private clubs can run the organizations however they see fit. >> yeah. the rules were made known eight or nine months ago, available for anybody to read them. >> who looks up to the state party rules? >> if you're going to complain that you didn't like the outcome, you ought to -- you ought to know what the rules are. would i have enacted these rules? would the court is enacted the rules judge are they consistent with fairness? probably no, no, and no. the courts are not going to interfere with the rules any more than they would with the running of the nfl or moose lodge. >> it does appear, though -- let's look at wyoming and take a look. you know, bernie sanders as you see beats hillary by 12 points, right. that is the vote total. then you look at the number of
3:48 am
delegates he won, and she actually wound up with more. she wound up with 11 because she got the superdelegates. >> the people that trump is railing against in both parties, the elites that run both parties, have a certain fear. the fear is that somebody outside the mainstream, out of their thinking could be nominated. the democrats -- >> outside of their power. >> correct. outside of their power structure. so the democrats in order to prevent a jesse jackson from getting nominated -- >> or ron paul. >> or the republicans to prevent a ron paul getting nominated, constructed and crafted rules so those who run the party always have a residual of votes to neutralize the votes of those these candidates got. >> it does appear that the parties in certain states are tone deaf given the fact. >> yes. >> this is one of the most exciting, interest iing races we've had. in colorado, all but a fraction of the people have been
3:49 am
sidelined. >> yes. >> votes taken away. >> yes. to the extent that trump and bernie want to present themselves as anti-establishment candidates, this helps them do that. these are smart guys who can read the rules and who can hire people to read the rules. and they sometimes take advantage of it themselves. like in south carolina, trump got 38% of the vote but 100% of the delegates. you obviously don't hear him complaining about that. these complaints i think help him and help foster his image as somebody who will bust the establishment and change things if he gets elected. >> as for ted cruz, he knew what the rules were. he played by the rules and -- >> took advantage of them. in many instances, he prevailed. >> judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome, steve. >> thank you, sir. what do you think about that? e-mail us, coming up, michelle obama's secret plot to keep hillary out of the white house? wait until you hear about the blockbuster new book. and meet the police officer who saved not one, not two, but
3:50 am
three lives in ten days. how did he do that? that hero joins us live next. ♪ olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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3:53 am
talk about going beyond the call of duty. this new jersey police officer being hailed a hero for saving three lives in a matter of ten days.
3:54 am
officer brian strongbrine saved a badly beaten woman and then pulling a man from a burning car. >> he joins us from philadelphia. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing great. you're doing fantastic. how do you explain this turn of events where you were in the right place at the right time for these three people in need? >> i'm not sure if there is an explanation. something things just work out the way they're supposed to and they happen two or three times. >> you were ready. you had the training and you knew what to do. >> that's right. >> how often have these things happened? have you saved a life before? is this new to you? how often? >> this is new to me. i mean, the opportunity to save somebody's life is there every
3:55 am
day we go to work. but it doesn't always happen. if it does happen you hope you do what you're trained to do and that did happen. >> i know you saved a woman who you say was on her front lawn, had been badly beaten you say by another individual, a man in her life. and the woman's son confronted you. i think we have some of that. let's see this and get your reaction. >> here's the video, actually, of him -- what is he doing here? is he reading you a letter? >> i can't see the video, but when he came in he read a letter he had written, expressing his gratitude to me and to every other law enforcement official that was involved that day. >> and how -- he shook your hand for saving his mom's life. >> hugged me, yes. yes. >> you know, these days, officer, in many cases there's so much anti-cop stuff out there. but just to see you doing all of this, what's been the reaction from folks in south jersey to
3:56 am
what you've done? >> very, very -- it's overwhelming the amount of support and congratulations, you know, friends and family, complete strangers. it's -- it's unexpected. i never in my -- you know, wildest imaginations did i ever expect something like this to happen. it's amazing. i feel honored. >> three stories could have been a lot different this morning. thank you for doing the hard work you do in putting your open life on the line every day. >> everyone hopes someone of your courage and character is there when they need it the most. >> thank you. >> god bless you, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> great, good story. straight ahead, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal has been brewing for a long time. how does the president get his updates? >> the president's knowledge of
3:57 am
this situation is based entirely on public reporting. >> yep. they're using that one again. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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good tuesday morning to you. it's april 12th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. two new clues in the murder of super bowl champion will smith. brand-new surveillance video and another showing the chaotic aftermath. >> i've been shot! >> you can hear his wife there. but are police any closer to finding a motive. then, donald trump continues to blast what he called a rigged election system. >> and in other places this is not a democracy. we're not going to have rigged elections. >> is it rigged or just the rules? we report, you decide.
4:01 am
don't be afraid, delicate snowflakes. but your very important weather bulletins will be delivered in lower case letters. >> thank goodness. >> because felt the weather service was yelling at them! >> we were offended. >> it's true. >> wait until you hear that one. we have another hour coming straight to you live from new york city, this is "fox & friends." ♪ >> look there, there's prince harry. prince harry presented will reynolds the invictus game competitor with the flag. and that arrives on american soil and you will see it on "fox & friends" for the very first time. >> very cool. >> that is amazing.
4:02 am
captain will reynolds he's a great guy. we've met him before. he'll be back. >> sounds like harry might go to the games in orlando. >> oh. >> pretty cool. >> maybe we should take the show on the road too. right, heather? >> ainsley, let's go cover that one. >> send us, please. >> happy to do it. all right, i'll take it away, good morning. i hope you're off to a great day. a fox news alert. two new videos offering clues into the murder of former saints player will smith. the first appears to show a hit and run. you can see a hummer as it strops abruptly and then -- it stops abruptly, and it was rear ended by smith's mercedes suv. and then smith's wife was then pleading for help. listen. >> i've been shot! >> saints head coach sean payton says new orleans is broken. and he's now speaking out on gun violence. and in a "usa today" interview
4:03 am
he said, i find myself leaning to the right on some issues but on this issue i can't wrap my brain around it. he goes on to say, i hate guns. we'll keep you posted on this story throughout the day. an alarming new warning. the threat of the zika virus to the united states. >> we absolutely need to be ready, you know, as dr. fauci was saying, everything we look at with this virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought. >> scarier than initially thought. the cdc sounded the alarm after mosquitos found carrying the states were in 30 states. it's linked to a broader set of complications in pregnancy. the place with the biggest concern is puerto rico where there could be hundreds of thousands of cases. dr. david samadi says the u.s. needs to act fast. >> the idea is that before we hit summer and before this -- about 40 million people that are going to travel globally to those areas and bring this to us, we want to stop this
4:04 am
immediately, a lot of -- there's no medication. there's no vaccine. >> the cdc is asking for billions to fight the vie. the taliban is promising large scale attacks. it happens every year about this time. a violent summer as waging jihad is a holy obligation. this year's campaign expected to incorporate assassinations and other tactics to fight american and afghan security forces. back here at home, the national weather service says it promises it will stop yelling at you in the text alerts. the agency has issued a forecast in all capital letters but obviously it's not through text message, but some consider the use of all caps yelling. so starting next month, the meteorologists will lower it except in dire emergencies. we're getting some nasty weather in texas with all the hail they had. >> absolutely. indeed. >> well, the reason they have done it for years -- it goes back to 1849 or something like that. then they used the teletype
4:05 am
machine which only spoke in all caps. but i have news for the folks who are offended by it. if there's a tornado coming at my house, i want it all in capital letters! i'm from kansas. i want it big. >> i think they might still do it for emergency weather situations. >> they will. >> are you losing any sleep over this? >> a lot. >> who ever reads that site anyway? >> another guy not sleeping a lot -- donald trump. still complaining about a rigged colorado system. but ted cruz defending it after sweeping all the state's delegates. >> kristin fisher has the latest for us. >> good morning. so listen to some of the words that trump has used over the last 24 hours to describe the republican party system of selecting delegates. he's called it rigged, disgusting, dirty and corrupt. this after the tweet is only adding fuel to the accusations. it was posted on saturday after cruz won the state's convention,
4:06 am
it reads we did it, never trump. it was delivered minutes later. but the colorado gop posted this -- quote, the last tweet was the result of unauthorized access to our account and in no way represents the opinion of the party. we are investigating. well, last night, trump headlined a massive rally in albany, new york, and he blasted the republican party for what went down in colorado. listen to this. >> i'm millions of votes ahead which they don't talk about. they talk about delegates. and i'm hundreds of delegates ahead. but the system, folks, is rigged. it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> donald has been yelling and screaming. a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing. and some late night fevered tweeting. all the characteristics i would
4:07 am
note we would want of a commander in chief. >> as for john kasich he's not saying the system is rigged but he is saying it's not well suited this year to ensuring the republican victory in november. today, kasich will deliver a major speech in new york city and cruz is taking the day off. he knows that new york is not terribly friendly to him. in fact he's pulling a distapt third where you guys are. in new york. >> okay. john kasich doesn't think it's rigged but judge napolitano was on with us a little while ago and we were talking about this and how out in colorado people didn't -- you know, people across the state didn't get to vote. it was the party elites who picked the delegates. the judge says it's rigged to protect the establishment. >> here's what the courts have said.
4:08 am
the republican party is a private club, the democratic party is a private club. they are not the government. even though when you vote in a primary, it looks like an election, it feels like an election. you use the same equipment where you go for an election and go to the same place. it's not an election. not run by the government and these private clubs can run their organizations how ever they see fit. so the democrats in order to prevent a jesse jackson from getting nominated -- >> or ron paul. >> or the republicans to prevent a ron paul to get nominated construct and crafted the rules so that those who run the party have a residual of votes to sort of neutralize the votes that the candidates got. >> unfortunately, because this is an anti-establishment season, given the fact that this is going on, it looks to a lot of people like, oh, the establishment is trying to put their thumb on the scale for somebody. >> right. donald trump says it's robbing him of convention delegates. >> yeah, you have two anti-establishment candidates running in a system built to protect the establishment. if you have winner take all later it's meant to filter out the lesser candidates so now
4:09 am
here we are. i think donald trump has been outorganized in some states. he's trying to shape the perception to say i'm in losing it's because i'm rigged. he's creating an appetite for a longer fight. >> it would be nice if there was a national standard. every state could have a primary. caucuses are hard, and every state -- >> their own system. >> it's a pesky -- >> it's unique, but given the fact that the federal elections are so easy to understand, why not the state stuff too? meanwhile, donald trump sat down with kristen powers who wrote in "usa today," kind of a headline this morning. remember when marco rubio was really going after trump for a while, well, as it turns out he says that he actually likes marco rubio. >> that's right. donald trump sat down with kirsten yesterday. this is what he said to her. yes, i like marco rubio, yeah, i could. there are people i have in mind in terms of vice president.
4:10 am
i just haven't told anybody names. i do like marco, i like john kasich, i like scott walker actually in a lot of ways. >> yeah. he's going to start this outreach. floating those kinds of names i think is part of what he's talked about trying to become more presidential, create the impression that he'll come to the middle. >> he told us yesterday it will not be ivanka. there were some rumors spreading about people who wanted her to run. she would be 35 years old this november so she could run. he says it's not doing to happen. >> keep in mind, marco rubio has 171 delegates, that would be handy if trump is short and john kasich. >> the question will be if they ultimately reach back to trump or not, right? will the healing process happen? >> i'm sure it will if he says will you be my vp? >> maybe. >> who would turn that down? >> a good question if they felt they were empowered enough, i don't know. >> there's a new book out by
4:11 am
kate anderson brower, about first ladies. she'll be on tomorrow. after the run between barack obama and hillary clinton, eight years ago, it was -- the rivalry was so deep and it was so tense the clintons -- >> you can't tell here. >> they really hate each other essentially. the rivalry is so bad, left deep scars. michelle obama hoped that joe biden would run this time and beat hillary clinton. >> and michelle obama also goes on to say, you know, i'm sick of all the headlines about my hair cut. when i got bangs that's what everyone wanted to focus on. what about policy, or what about the things i have been doing? the cover of the book is beautiful. it got my attention. >> sure. she also says she refers to the white house as a really nice prison. but she hates it. she says keep in mind, back in the day she used to make about $275,000 a year working for the university of chicago medical
4:12 am
center. and she can hardly wait to get out of the white house and start racking up money, writing books and also speaker fees. >> you're going to get more scoop on this tomorrow because the author of the book will be here. >> and you know what the first lady watches on tv? >> what's that? >> "real housewives of atlanta." that's what it says in "the new york post" today. >> everybody's got to unwind with something. >> i would be lying if i said i don't watch those shows. >> i love flip it or fix it. >> yeah. >> that's only when the fox news channel is not in my mind. isis has recruited members from at least 80 countries. how do they do that and how doe with stop that? dr. gorka is back with the week long series on isis. brace yourself, beer lovers. why the price of your favorite
4:13 am
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the numbers are staggering. isis has recruited members from at least 80 countries from around the world. that's according to the united nations report. how do they do it and how the we stop them? examining isis is dr. sebastian gorka, the chair of military theory and author of "defeating jihad, the winnable war." i sure here it's winnable. thank you for being here this morning. reciruits to isis, how do they use media to reach out? >> so isis has an incredible media range of products. they have platforms that are in arabic, they have the english language products to recruit people around the world, estimated between 80 and 100 countries have recruited. of the 80,000 fighters, at least 36,000 are foreign fighters. very slick media.
4:18 am
>> absolutely. you say upwards of 55,000 postings a day. >> yeah. >> how? >> they're crushing it on social media. >> show us an example. >> yeah. so they have got all kinds of platforms they're using. they have the english language magazine dabiq they have put out. they have only been doing it for two years. they are basically providing very short enticing messages of why to be a holy warrior, how you have to attack the infidel. >> instructions, targeting a certain group of people. let's talk about the next folks -- what type of -- >> we have the famous individuals that we know, abdeslam. we have individuals that we know they're exploiting, and they have individuals who are coming out of on the war zones, that either have freedom of movement because they have passports of
4:19 am
the region or are already on the path to radicalization. they give them something on social media. give them instructions and these people are hiding out in the enclaves in europe as we saw in brussels. >> so you have targeting of oftentimes second generation, sort of more vulnerable disillusioned muslims. how do we stop this? >> well, we have to start fighting the war of ideas. we're not doing it. you know as a vet, when it comes to applying force, nobody comes close to us, but we have to stop people wanting to become jihadis. like during the cold war we have to have counterpropaganda. we have to push back in that domain. >> talk about a massive problem we haven't addressed also -- refugees and migrant crisis. how do we go about addressing their ability to infiltrate? isis has used that effectively to hide amongst those. >> we have to deal with the refugees and whether it's disillusioned muslim, let's take politics out of it. trump got a lot of exposure when
4:20 am
he talked about the rives. if you were in the middle east and you see the footage, there's 800,000 coming out of the war zone, what would you if you're bad guy. you're going the say, wow, that's an opportunity. i'm going to put my people into the refugee floods and i'm going to put my operatives into america, into the west. we have to think like the bad guys. >> some of the reports say they have been thinking ago that for a long time. it's not just they saw that and they responded it, but they have utilized it. >> they have a long term strategy. it's not about 24 hours or a month in advance, they're thinking years or a decade in years as a good strategist does. >> thank you, dr. gorka. you'll be here all week enlightening us on isis. the president insists that hillary clinton didn't leak any national secrets by using her private server, how does does he know? >> the president's knowledge on
4:21 am
this subject is on public reporting. >> josh earnest talks, we report, you decide. and the dream wedding, are the couple ready for the big day? they'll be here to check it out with their flower girl lea. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. feel like this.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. right now, time for your "news by the numbers." first up,llion. that's how much goldman sachs has agreed to pay to settle claims it misled mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis. 5 million bucks. the claims date back to 2005. no single person got in person. remember these days? >> no cross dressing. >> well, the same cannot be said
4:25 am
now. 50%, that's how much the price of craft beer could increase thanks to the hops shortage. and an even higher than ever demand. >> wow. finally, up to $27,500 that's how much basketball fans are dishing out to see kobe bryant's final game. his 20-year laker career comes to an end tomorrow. you want a seat? it will cost you. maybe you should watch it on tv. we have a great story this morning. his story touched america's hearts, devon still putting his professional career on hold to take care of his daughter as she battled cancer. he earned the jimmy v perseverance award where he talked about her and his fiancee, ashah. >> we got engaged after her birth. i didn't want to do anything,
4:26 am
until i knew my daughter could walk down that aisle as a flower girl. thank you for being so unselfish and i promise you that i'm going to try to give you the wedding of your dreams. >> well, those dreams are coming true. ashah and devon joined us in october to say they had been chosen as the knots dream wedding. >> devon still is here and his fiancee and beautiful daughter lea are joining us. >> how are you feeling? >> good. >> you have been through a lot. are you excited about the wedding? >> yes. >> what do you have planned for the wedding? >> practicing your flower girling? >> yes. >> and you have a designer that you're working with? >> yes. >> and what is she doing? she's creating this beautiful dress for you? >> yes. >> what does the dress look like? >> um -- >> a dream -- >> we have to wait for the wedding. >> it's pink. >> oh, her favorite. >> all pink. >> devon, in your wildest dreams
4:27 am
did you ever think when you gave that speech, it was so powerful and so emotional at the jimmy v perseverance awards you mentioned you'd give the woman in your life the wedding of her dreams. >> right. >> somebody was going to say, you know what, we'll pay for that stuff. >> i had no idea. i said don't run up the budget too much, and to have them step in we're grateful. >> because now you can run up the budget. >> exactly. >> how has it been going through this process? with america choosing and watching and taking part alongside. >> it's amazing. i'm excited. every week voting on the different aspects of the wedding, see what america chooses is very exciting. >> let me ask you about that though. from a woman's perspective, america is choosing your invitations. your dress. >> do you have -- >> the flowers and the cake. >> do you have veto power?
4:28 am
>> the dress is important. you need some sort of an input. do you have an input? >> well, i picked the four options. >> your four favorites? >> mm-hmm. >> tell us which one you want us to vote for and we'll get everyone to vote for the same dress. >> yes. secretly. >> are you excited? >> i'm very excited. i can't wait. >> you have been through a lot. now you can finally breath because this precious little girl of yours is cancer free. i know from the parent's perspective it's an answer to prayer. >> for the past two years it's really hard for us. with me getting back to -- back for the texans, things are definitely turning around. >> you deserve that. >> definitely. definitely. >> and you're heading back to the gridiron pretty soon? >> sunday. >>re you ready for the heat in houston? >> no, i get ready, i get used to it. right now i'm not used to it. >> what do you think is hotter, the humidity in texas or getting ready for this wedding? >> i don't know. i think i'm going to sweat the same on both. >> good man. >> exactly. >> tell us about the wedding. where are you getting married? >> new york public library.
4:29 am
>> oh, like carrie and big. >> coming up shortly. >> real shortly. >> is this going to be live streamed so we can watch along? >> i think the knot is working with different people to see if we can stream it live. >> you'll come here the morning after the wedding, right? >> whatever you all want to do. >> during your honeymoon? >> now, these are your flowers for the flower girl thing, right? do you know what you're supposed to with those? >> i don't know. >> will you teach me how to do that? every little girl wants to be a flower girl. i was never a flower girl so now i'll be one today. >> she knows -- >> it's okay. excuse me. >> what do we need to keep in mind? smile the whole time? >> throw them to the right. should we throw them to the left too? you can't -- you have to get this side of the church too, right? very good. >> church? >> very good. we'll keep walking in the library. >> library, not the church. keep walking.
4:30 am
amazing. >> you know what, she's got good wrist action. >> did you practice? >> yes. >> you're wearing a cute little outfit. beautiful. she's doing a great job. okay. we're told we'll go this way? come back in. you want to come back in? you have a few more left. it looks so pretty. this studio has never looked so pretty, guys. >> it does look very nice. well done. >> well -- >> i love this little girl. we followed her whole story. god bless you, god has plans for your life, sweetie. >> are you ready? >> definitely. >> we know she's ready. thank you very much. >> well done. thank you for being here. coming up, in other news a travel tantrum caught on camera. >> you lied to me! you lied to me! i'm sitting here since 8:00! with a 9-year-old who's waiting for her vacation. >> not so happy. all because her flight was delayed. did she overreact a tad or has
4:31 am
it happened to you? your e-mails are pouring in. >> it's a disney cruise. she doesn't want to miss it. i don't blame her. prince harry presented will reynolds with the flag for the invictus games and that comes to american soil for the first time on "fox & friends," next. i have asthma...
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4:34 am
♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. from buckingham palace to the "fox & friends" plaza the official flag of the 2016 invictus games for wounded warriors just handed off by prince harry himself. it's ready to fly over to the host city of orlando. >> before orlando we get to see it for ourselves, right now ainsley is with it right now.
4:35 am
the games will bring together more than 500 competitors from 15 countries next month and ainsley is as you can see driving up in the car on the plaza. good morning. >> for first time in my life i didn't have trouble finding parking in new york city. come on, guys. isn't this car beautiful? it's a jaguar. the official invictus car. come on, guys. we'll walk into the studio. here's the flag. the invictus game flag. it's amazing. will, what kind of flag? >> this is the invictus games flag we brought over from the united kingdom transferring it to the u.s. >> amazing. mitchell, tell me about this event. what's happening? >> well, it's going to be a number of different countries from wounded and ill service members competing in adaptive sports. >> is it so much fun? >> it as a blast. >> what's the best part of it?
4:36 am
>> seeing the growth in a lot of the athletes. when they start, they're not too energetic and then they come into their own as the time goes on. >> it's amazing. captain, you just received this flag from prince harry. >> that's correct. >> i understand he's going to be here in america soon. >> absolutely. this was his brain child so he's very close to the endeavor and he wants to see it through to its second occurrence. >> what was it like meeting him? >> it's amazing. the passion he has behind the event and how much caring and concern he gives to every aspect of the logistics is amazing. to see how personally tied he is to it, it's just, you know, really humbling. >> great. ken, tell us about your role in this. >> i am the chairman of the organizing committee that led the group to bringing invictus games to america. >> that is so great. well, this is steve, well -- >> you know pete and heather over here. welcome to our family. >> ainsley, everybody -- come on in, guys. >> good to see you.
4:37 am
>> when everybody talks about t the fisher house this is mr. fisher. this is him. great to see you. captain. captain. let me ask you this. when harry gave you that handoff, didn't he say something like i'll see you in orlando or i'll see that flying over orlando? >> that's correct. he's going to come to orlando. he won't be caught missing it for anything. >> now it's a sellout. because ainsley and also heather i think have already planned their -- >> yeah. i hear he's a nice guy. you said that the last time. >> he's very personable and really nice. >> really committed to the warrior generation for sure. >> absolutely. you know, we're a part of his population. he has had personal friends who were wounded and ill and he wants to help take care of them. >> a fantastic cause. like the fisher houses that do so much for wounded warriors. >> it's wonderful. thank you very much for honoring us. it was over at buckingham palace, now it's here. next stop, orlando. all right. coming up next, pete and ainsley
4:38 am
will put to the test -- will be put to the test with a very unique game. >> i have a feeling who is going to win. >> in the next hour. in the meantime -- >> other than me. >> we turn to heather who has some news from the white house. >> good morning, i played volleyball in high school. i should come on out with you. >> yes, you should. i need help. 38 minutes after the hour. the white house says that president obama only knows about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal from the media? listen. >> the president has neither sought nor received a confidential briefing on the ongoing investigation. it's based entirely on public reporting. >> well, there you have it. this comes after our own chris wallace's interview with president obama on "fox news sunday" and the president seemed to down play the use of the nonsecure e-mail server to conduct official state department business. a school police officer
4:39 am
caught body slamming -- oh, goodness, watch that right there. a 12-year-old girl, on concrete. this happened last month in texas. that resource officer has been fired. the school district is calling officer joshua keen's use of force, quote, absolutely unwarranted. the school says that keen was required to report the incident but didn't. the girl suffered cuts and bruises. a 17-year-old girl rescued off the coast of florida after getting stranded in her kayak. watch this. she was on a two mile trip with her family on sunday when her arms got tired. so she decide to turn around but on the way back she lost her paddle. that's when she started to drift. yeah, you have to hang on to that one. the teen was rescued four hours later by the coast guard. way to go. they do an amazing job. well, caught on tape, anger boils over at the airport. >> you lied to me!
4:40 am
i'm sitting here since 8:00. with a 9-year-old who is waiting for her vacation. >> travelers stunned as the furious mom blasts american airlines staff on her vacation nightmare. her flight was delayed five hours and then cancelled at 2:00 in the morning. it wasn't long until others joined in on the frustration. police were called in to control the crowd. the flight eventually left at 9:00 a.m. the next morning. that was 12 hours late. the woman though did eventually make it to her cruise on time with her two children. i think the ages were 9 and 12. we're getting a lot of e-mails on this. what are folk writing in? >> pam writes, i understand that the mom is tired and upset. but taking her anger out on the airline employees does no good and it wasn't even their fault. and it definitely was not a good example for her kids. get a grip. >> and melissa says as a former
4:41 am
employee, i can understand the delayed flights. if you pitch a fit, the airline can prevent you from boarding all together. >> if you were unhappy with airline decisions, do what i did. i bought and fly my own plane. now it's my decision. >> i want to be andrew k. >> that's the technique right there. >> that would be very nice. no more security, no more ziploc bags. >> you can't control mother nature. it was too windy to fly. >> give her a pass. she wanted to go on vacation. >> now she's very famous. >> infamous. >> indeed. all right, straight ahead on this tuesday, donald trump is crying foul over ted cruz's win in colorado. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. >> and a republic. and now rumors that kasich is teaming one trump to stop ted
4:42 am
cruz. how would that affect the battle for delegates? we'll tell you what happened in michigan. true or false -- you can claim your pet as a dependent on your taxes? maybe if they're as cute as this little guy. we separate financial facts from fiction just ahead. >> interesting loophole. but first, born on this day in 1987, she's best known as a "sports illustrated" and victoria's secret model. >> who is she? >> heather nauert! >> e-mail us. the first vote is in for heather nauert. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. quite like the human foot.
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4:45 am
this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. donald trump crying foul over ted cruz's win in colorado over the weekend. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democr y
4:46 am
democracy. we're supposed to be -- we're supposed to be you vote and the vote means something. >> the latest thing he seized upon is when people vote against him, they're stealing the election. >> but is trump starting to learn the delegate game with the help of john kasich? in michigan, kasich seems to be forming an alliance with trump to lock in convention committee posts that would have gone to cruz. here to weigh in, former communications director for the rnc and a delegate expert, doug hyde. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so tell us how kasich has teamed up to block cruz in michigan with trump. >> well, it's one of more surprising things that we have seen and it shows that it's almost like a professional wrestling battling royale. every man is for himself, unless you have a strategic alliance that allows you an advantage. for john kasich this is about getting any delegate that he can. >> okay.
4:47 am
so they have formed an alliance to do what? >> to deny ted cruz a big win in michigan. as we saw, ted cruz did very well in colorado this weekend. where he wasn't necessarily expected to. but that all goes to organization. >> absolutely. ted cruz won them according to the rules. but here's the thing, doug. so many people are saying, well, the rules in colorado are kind of screwed up. different than the other states. a lot of states on primary day, you go and vote. some states you go and caucus. in colorado, as it turns out, you really didn't get to do anything. >> look, every state does it differently. no better example than what we see in iowa and then a few days later in new hampshire. every state does this differently but the rules are clear. reince priebus tweeted last night, these rules have been in place for a year. if you look at trump's rhetoric over the past few months as opposed to the past few days, he's told us nobody knows this game better than i do and that's why i'm going to be victorious. i think now he's at least trying to set some expectations that if
4:48 am
he doesn't get the nomination, he still might obviously, but if he doesn't not that he lost fair and square. it's that it's been taken from him. >> here's the thing, people are looking in and saying, well, the establishment is for out for the guy. because ted cruz isn't really an establishment guy, although some are thinking he is now. he's not. ultimately. but this is the ultimate anti-establishment rule and for the -- anti-establishment year and saying these are complicated rules. >> if this is a 50-state complicated board game it appears that trump not only doesn't have the organization to do anything about it, whereas cruz certainly does in all 50 states. but that trump didn't read the instructions before hand. that puts him at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the delegates that you need moving forward to cleveland. >> man oh, man, crazy system. doug heye, thank you for joining us. coming up, it's the video going viral just in time for the
4:49 am
end of tax season. >> it's called the btd deduction. >> that is that? the baby toy deduction? >> that's right. the baby toy deduction. >> the baby toy deduction may not actually exist, but do you know what you can deduct from your taxes? we'll separate fact from fiction coming up next. did that kid have a mustache? >> yes. >> okay, first on this day in 2001, janet jackson's "all for you" was topping the charts and we were singing along. ♪ i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs,
4:50 am
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4:53 am
the "fox & friends" trivia question. it is brooklyn decker. and our winner is katherine from texas. thank you. you're going to be getting a copy of brian's new book, "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." well, as you know, tax day is less than one week away. and if you're still confused about all your deductions, you are not alone. >> what kind of deductions were you thinking about? >> i think just the standard -- you know, i highly recommend that you deduct all baby toys that you bought. >> baby toys? >> yeah. >> you can deduct baby toys? >> called the btd deduction. >> what is that the baby toy deducti deduction? >> yes. >> it has a point, the right deductions can save you a fortune in taxes. here to separate fact from fiction, for your tax write-off, financial expert and author nicole lathon. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much, nothing gets a good out of bed in los
4:54 am
angeles like some tax time. >> i know. so fascinating, we love tax time. let's go through the first one. i'm going to say something you let me know if it's fact or fiction. i can write off -- >> deal. >> i can write off my car lease as a business expense. >> yeah, you sure can. so that is fact. if you have a lease and you own a business you can write that off. but if you own a car, you can write off depreciation or you can write off mileage. >> very good. number two, my medical expenses are tax deductible. fact or fiction? >> it is fact. but you have to exceed 7.5% of your gross adjusted income. so if you have more than that, it can take a lot of medical expenses but you can absolutely deduct them. >> okay, we can claim our pets as dependents, fact or fiction? >> that is fiction! even though they feel like children sometimes. or they feel like dependents,
4:55 am
they could be super expensive, that is absolutely fiction. unless they're a seeing eye dog or a guard dog. >> what about home office deductions, fact or fiction. can you write off a room in your house as an office? >> you can. but only if you use it as your primary off us. there's no such thing as an instant audit, only 1% of folks earning less than 200 grand get audited. if you legit use as your primary office, you should be good. >> how about my diet program is tax deductible? >> you don't need a diet program first of all, but if it's not juice cleanse or anything like that, it has to be a legit diet prescribed by your doctor for obesity or if you need to lower your blood pressure. so it has to be prescribed by a doctor. >> sounds good. i'm surprised by that one. how about if you have to file
4:56 am
late, a lot of us, we have reasons why we'll file late this year. what are some valid excuses? >> so it's an extension to file and not an extension to pay. that's really important. an extension to pay costs much more about 0 .5% and of course that adds up. so it's much different cases. remember that. >> we will. thank you so much, good to see you, nicole. have a good one. >> good to see you. breaking news this morning from the white naacp leader who told the entire country she was born black. reaction to that and the top political headlines of the day when laura ingraham joins us at the top of the hour.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
it is tuesday, april 12th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, fox news alert. brand-new surveillance videos are surfacing this morning in the shooting death of the former super bowl champion, will smith. >> i've been shot! >> the chilling new clues and the search for the motive this morning. and could there be a trump/rubio ticket on the horizon? the republican front-runner dropping a big hint and his possible short list should he win the nomination. laura ingraham here to react in moments. then, remember her, rachel dolezal? the white woman who lied about her race saying she was black. well, she's speaking out this morning and what she is saying, you're not going to want to miss it. you don't want to miss this couch, we're glad you're with us this morning because mornings are better with "friends." >> oh, my word, women, come to
5:01 am
the tv because guess who is going to be on this morning? >> pete hegseth? >> kevin costner. >> wow! >> yes. >> are you really excited about kevin costner? >> of course. are you kidding? i can't wait to meet him. i never met him. >> he's a nice guy. >> "field of dreams" -- >> forget about it. >> talking golf with him. remember that movie? >> absolutely. >> aren't you excited? >> he's a great guy. a great guest. i don't think i have seen a bad movie he's ever made. >> how are you feeling, heather? >> oh, passion in that one. >> all right. good morning to you. i hope you're off to the good day. we start off with the fox news alert. we have two new videos offering clues into the murder of will smith. it appears to show a hit and run, a hummer stops abruptly, then it's rear ended by smith's mercedes suv. a second chilling show videos the wife and you can hear her as she pleads for help.
5:02 am
listen. >> my leg has been shot! >> well, the saints head coach sean payton says new orleans is broken. and he's now speaking out on gun violence. in an interview with "usa today," he says quote, i find myself leaning to the right on some issues but on this issue i can't wrap my brain around it. he goes on to say, i hate guns. overseas now, police in brussels arrested two more suspects in connection with last month's deadly terror attacks there. both charged with renting the apartment believed to have been a safe haven for the subway station bombers. we are also getting a first look at the paris terror suspect, salah abdeslam as he sits in prison. it's been shared by a dutch newspaper. i shows the 26-year-old french national looking tired and scruffy. in the first picture we are seeing since he was arrested. abdeslam is described as a model prisoner, but despite the
5:03 am
behavior a guard checks his cell eight times an hour to prevent him from escaping or harming himself. a dramatic end to the kidnapping of the little baby in new mexico after she is found abandoned inside a minivan. just nine months old, the little girl was in the back of the van when her mother's boy friend lorenzo benali took off yesterday afternoon. she was dehydrated and had a fever. but she'll be okay. the mother -- he was found later and was arrested. and keith olbermann, he's about to lose a whole bunch of money thanks to donald trump. he says he's willing move out of the trump palace in manhattan. he is pulling the trigger. the nearly $4 million apartment is now on the market. olbermann stands to lose about 3 hundred thousand dollars on the sale but he says it's worth it. there you go it.
5:04 am
>> he has a $4 million -- wow. >> that probably buys him two bedrooms. >> in this town. >> laura ingraham joins us from the nation's capital. >> i'm sure donald trump is just devastated to lose that tenant. >> what? he's moving out. >> let's talk a little bit about donald trump. you heard donald trump, he's been railing over the last 48 hours about how the system is rigged in colorado. ted cruz on the other side says, you know, donald trump is whining. how does it -- you know, the rules were the rules. people who wanted to know the rules, you know, knew last summer what was going to happen in colorado. but for the average person, just tuning in and seeing, laura, that the people of colorado did not get to vote -- >> they don't vote. >> right. >> they don't vote. >> one of the primary states it looks like it's favoring the establishment. >> yeah, there are two things we can have in our minds at the same time. number one, these were the rules. >> right. >> if you're going to take on the establishment, and you're
5:05 am
going to take them on hard, you have to do that -- >> play by their rules. >> it's tedious work on the ground. it really is tedious. you have to have an operation in place. that's all true. you can hold the idea in your mind that it doesn't look good. it doesn't look good when you have more than 1 million republican voters in a state and they never -- they don't really have a say. i mean, they vote for the delegates it's an arcane process. again, those are the rules and you should try to win the delegates over to your side and trump is smart to say, this isn't the way that our framers intended. that this would be a representative democracy, sure it's not a pure democracy. but the people should have some say at some point that at least seems meaningful. when they sent that tweet out, the never trump tweet i think they revealed themselves in colorado for who they were. i had the former gop state chair
5:06 am
on my show yesterday, and he was sounding a lot like trump in what he was saying. this is like -- your vote doesn't matter in colorado. that's what trump is saying. so, you know, i think you can hold both ideas in your mind at the same time. >> he did say that donald trump did say -- he's the front-runner, if he's the nominee, he was talking about who his vice president might be. he doesn't want to name names but there's a chance it could be marco rubio. he said to kirsten powers, yes, i like marco rubio, i haven't told anybody names. i do like marco. i do like john kasich, i like scott walker actually in a lot of ways. what do you think? >> well, i don't think we should make too much of this. i think just looking at marco rubio at this moment, i mean, trump needs someone with a lot of experience. i think executive experience he has. but the nitty-gritty governance. rubio has only been there for one term in the u.s. the number one piece of
5:07 am
legislation brought down his own campaign in florida. so i don't think that would get hitch very much. he's going to win florida against hillary. he'd have a good chance. he doesn't need marco. someone like kasich would make much more sense problematically for donald trump. he does have that long term experience, budget surpluses, balancing the budget and working with democrats. so i think kasich makes a lot more sense. but i think trump is kind of throwing out the names and reacting. i wouldn't make too much about the rubio suggestion. i would be surprised about that. >> laura, speaking on vice presidents on the other side of the aisle, the fir lady, michelle obama in a new book it's revealed or is told that she wanted joe biden to run so that he could beat hillary clinton. how deep and how lasting right now is this obama/clinton feud? >> deep. >> i think this never went away. the bad blood after bill clinton talked about -- this is the biggest fantasy ever. remember back in south carolina in 2008?
5:08 am
i don't think that ever went away. i know, you know, we heard president obama with chris wallace saying she was the best secretary of state, but you don't see that affection between the clintons and the obamas that you would expect to see. i mean, real deep affection. i have never seen it. back when i wrote "the obama diaries" that was half satire, half real commentary we kind of joked about the nasty relationship between the clintons. and the obamas. i don't think it was ever really repaired. >> i don't see it. >> the body language -- no. >> what about this picture? can you see this picture, are you in front of a monitor? they're like about to kiss. i mean, they're staring in each other's eyes. >> yeah. that looks so fake. i mean, that's -- we need the body language expert. don't you want the subliminal -- like on "saturday night live," do the subliminal thoughts. >> yeah. >> well, you know, if the clintons and the obamas really do hate each other so much so, you know -- >> or dislike. >> dislike, okay.
5:09 am
that's a good word to use. >> your mom would be happy. >> there you go. >> you weren't allowed to use the hate word. >> exactly. >> so obama can't be too thrilled about having hillary clinton take over if she were to win. >> well -- >> that's the only way to -- his legacy. >> well, who can figure out what goes in the minds of barack obama sometimes, but he wants to beat the curse of a two-term president turning over the white house to the opposite party. you know, we saw reagan do it and in -- in 1988 with george h.w. bush and then they lost the white house to bill clinton. he wants to break a traditional bad run for the party after two terms. i think as best he could, he'd like a democrat in there. but remember, the clintons are to the right of obama on most issues, despite hillary's dance to sanders in this. the era of big government is over. he did do welfare reform, his comment to black lives matter, i think obama is way to the left
5:10 am
of where bill clinton is, growing up in arkansas. they have a sense of the heartland, even if hillary's moved a bit over to stage left in this primary season. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk about this story, it's hard to believe it was only a year ago, the story was revealed regarding rachel dolezal who was running the naacp in spokane, washington. she as it turns out was white, but had presented herself as black. here's what she said at the time. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question of -- i did tell you that, yes, that's my dad. and he was unable to come in january. >> are your parents -- are they white? >> well, she didn't want to answer those questions, but she was just on another morning show and now she's got a book coming out and she's got a lot to say. listen to this. >> do you feel now that you have any regrets about some of the
5:11 am
things you said about yourself, that have now been revealed to not be true? >> i'm not sure what you're referring to with that, but definitely i don't have any regrets about how i identify. i'm still me. and nothing about that has changed. i do wish that i could have really owned -- you know, given myself permission to name and own the me of me earlier in life. it took me almost 30 years to get there. but certainly i feel like, you know, it's the complex issue. how do you just sum up a whole life of kind of coming in to who you are in a sound bite. >> all right. >> is it a complex issue? >> i just want to explore the me of me. i want to get back to the me of me. she has a career in politics, you do realize that, right? she is perfect, she won't answer questions.
5:12 am
and then she bends definitive concepts that have an objective determination. you are white or black unless your parents, one is why would or one is black. she just continues to speak about this as if we're living in a parallel race universe here and if she were a conservative, trying to pull this off, imagine that? imagine if a conservative white woman started saying, i'm black. you'd have like jesse jackson and al sharpton chaining themselves to the studio doors. this is just -- it's bizarre. i think she's frankly probably needs a little help. >> well, she's got a book coming of out so i can hardly wait for that. >> doocy, remember the three dog night, the child is white, the child is black. she's got to have a theme song. she has to produce the identity, we're bending gender and race and politic, anything we have a not bending today? there's no definitive anything. anything goes. so why not? >> three dog night. >> first person who's quoted
5:13 am
that on the channel this year. laura, go do your radio show. editor in chief of lifezette. >> good to see you. up next, a fox news alert. the cdc sounding the alarm on the zika virus. everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought. >> one major city is really at risk. we're live on the ground, next. plus, you know him, you love him for "field of dreams." so guess what we did? we built a curvy couch and kevin costner is coming to live on it. >> what? >> coming here. >> we build it, he will come. there he is in our greenroom. >> he's thinking twice about it now. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
[owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] we are back with the fox news alert. an alarming new report about the spread of the zika virus here in the united states of america. >> we absolutely need to be ready, you know, as dr. fauci was saying everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought. >> as we learned more than two dozen states are now at high
5:18 am
risk of the outbreak. >> rob lew from fox 26 is here live with more. good morning, rob. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it's especially a concern here in houston where we have already been seeing 80-plus degree weather on top of humid conditions and we're not even in the summer mosquito season yet. the health department is reporting a confirmed seven case of the zika virus and that's in addition to the six cases reported by the county health department. it is important to note though that the 13 people did not get the virus here. it's believed they contracted it while traveling through south or central america around the end of the year. now, the health information website recently released a list of cities most at risk, houston came in at number seven. not only because of the warmer weather and population, but those arriving from the countries where zika is most
5:19 am
widespread. they're bringing the virus here and then they're bit by mosquitos who transmit it locally. houston cleaned up illegal dump sites in the hopes of reducing the mosquito population and its breeding sites. while four out of five people who get zika don't experience any symptoms it's of particular concern for those who are pregnant.n linked to still births and miscarriages. new research suggests its could be linked to autoimmune disorder including similar to multiple sclerosis. federal health officials are pleading for more money. and even those funds are running out. back to you. >> all right, rob wu, thank you. a stunning admission from the head of the tsa. hundreds of airports don't screen their workers. how are we supposed to feel secure. >> yeah, no kidding. then many people say jordan spieth's masters meltdown reminds them of a classic movie. remember this? >> give me another ball.
5:20 am
>> what does kevin costner think of the comparison? we'll ask him next. come on in. question, are my teeth yellow?
5:21 am
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single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
5:23 am
hitting six -- >> what the hell is he going to do? >> why would he hit it from here? >> give me another ball. >> dropping the seven. hitting the eighth shot.
5:24 am
now he's dropping nine. hitting ten. >> oh, man. that was kevin costner in "tin cup." wait a minute, it looked like what jordan spieth did sunday at the masters. >> yeah. >> between the bunkers, scaring him if he goes long. oh, my goodness. this is -- this is unbelievable. >> in the water. in the water. >> water to the water. joining us now, on the curvy couch, kevin costner. >> thank you for joining us here. >> how many times have the people made the comparison between you, your character in
5:25 am
"tin cup" -- >> yeah, i have seen that. you're watching what sports is all about, it's not predestined. this guy is a great player. turn the tv off, watch that what happens. >> remember in the movie rene russo was saying, do it again. do you think his girlfriend was saying, do it? >> oh, my -- >> can't blame her. >> i think the women in our lives die a thousand times sometimes watching us. we nod heads, i don't think that's going on with him. >> is there any sport you're not good at? you're a golfer? >> i can't ice skate. >> okay. >> man, good. >> i wouldn't be in that movie. >> speaking of sports, how many kids do you have, seven? >> mm-hmm. >> you like them to play on the same team. >> regardless of age. >> right. right. >> you know, it just so happened that hazy was good enough to play, a little bit older. so honest to god, anybody
5:26 am
watching understands what it's like. they need to be on this side of the town and two practices and to have them on the same team, maybe it's not fair to haze, but it's good for my wife and i. >> is it good enough to get up with the older brother -- >> they need to succeed. that's really important. i wouldn't put him in the situation where he couldn't succeed. so much confidence comes out of sports and so much fun and to, you know, it's not our schedule. but boy, what i was really saying was, we really beat this into the ground, it worked out for us better when they're on the same team. >> that's what happened when you were growing up. >> exactly. >> i think the headline is kevin costner is in the car pool line, right? >> yeah. i mean, by the way that's a phony movie too. i didn't come in second at the u.s. open. i mean, i had this big fat lie where things go wrong and they do. >> to go back to that, you're an 11 handicap.
5:27 am
you're a great golfer. >> great baseball player. >> have you been in a moment like that in real life? >> i'm a little stubborn. i play golf once or twice a year. that's it for me. >> you have an 11 handicap and you only play twice? >> i don't think it's 11. i think it's more than that. but yeah, it's just -- it's always taken so much time away from the family. it's a -- if you're a weekend guy, there's 10 or 12 hours away from the kids. like what goes on with mine. >> you have a great life. being a movie star, you can spend a lot of time with your family. occasionally you have to go away and make a movie. you have made a new movie called "criminal" coming out on friday. tell us what it's all about. >> i play a pretty violent guy. but he's kind of almost hard not to watch because he's a life long criminal. our big leap of faith in our movie which is there's some information that only one person has and they're going to play with memory transfer. we know they're doing it with
5:28 am
animals in this instance the stakes are so large. i mean, it's not a cliche anymore, somebody wanting to blow up the world. that's what's a little bit sad. >> unfortunately. >> it's always -- no. there are people that want to that. but this information, they go ahead and they take the chance. then i'm basically uncontrollable person out there on the street. because he just reverts back to his kind of survival instincts. all he knows. >> kevin, we have a clip from the movie. here you are where you -- being explained on how this knowledge transfer thing is working. >> yeah. i don't know. let's see what it is. i think -- i think i'm -- >> we'll explain it after we watch it. >> yeah. >> did you work with billy? >> i don't think. anyone like him would have went for someone like me. they stopped billy in my head. i got a scar, see?
5:29 am
all this stuff that he knew, all the stuff that he could do, i got it all scrambled up inside me. >> okay. so they have implanted a chip in your head. >> i don't know what they did. i'm not sure. but i'm getting -- i'm getting these flash backs. some of them are tender. some of them are intimate. but all of them are experiences that this -- that my character is unfamiliar with. so that's part of the fun of the movie. and it's -- it's really spontaneous. he's really resourceful out there as he is -- as he finds himself experiencing freedom. >> i mean, i can't believe we're sitting here with you, because i have seen so many of your movies. out of all of them, what's your favorite? >> you know, it's really been impossible for me to drill down, but i think probably the most gratifying thing to me is that when people do come up to me, it could be any one of 12 movies that is for some reason is their favorite.
5:30 am
i always feel like i would feel bad if it just drilled down. but, you know, making those cowboy movies, they're always fun. pitching a perfect game at yankee stadium, it doesn't get better than that. riding with the buffalo, something that people haven't done for over a hundred years. so i have had these things i'll never let go of. >> you coach men on how to get women? because in every movie, you have this thing of where you are just like -- you're slow. you're calm. you're collected. you act like nothing going to bother me. every woman loves that. >> yeah. you know, sometimes underneath there's a gigantic panic. especially -- even, you know, when you talk to your kids. what am i going to say about this? later on your kids -- when they're older, go why is you knew what to say? really i didn't as i walked in the bedroom.
5:31 am
i was so mad at you, but you always feel like you have said the -- i think that's universal. >> you're a good actor. >> check out the brand-new movie, "criminal" opens on friday. >> he was getting nervous being around us. can't tell. >> thank you. >> thank you. kevin. >> for me it was "dances with wolves." >> good one. one school district made history in their state. they're allowing staff members to bring guns to campus. >> given the situation you will protect staff and students with your firearm. >> is that a good idea? i don't think kevin costner thinks so. from guns in schools, to pot in schools. one state can allow medical marijuana in the classrooms. look at this. it's another round of legal insanity coming up next. >> it's the battle of the bald guys. when you wanna put allergies
5:32 am
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oral decongestant. it starts working in as little as 30 minutes. so you can get back to living the good life. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. this summer, an all-american idealist faces off against a diabolical billionaire. >> the american dream is an american nightmare. >> the american dream is dead. >> big money buys the election. >> i'm really rich. >> our campaign does not have a super pac. >> i'm in for $35 million right now. >> excuse me. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> bing bing bong-bong. [ laughter ]
5:36 am
>> america, civil war. >> can somebody tap me please. >> hilarious. >> okay. not a real movie. unlike kevin costner, a real movie star. when i come back i want to come back as kevin costner. >> amen to that. cool dude. >> i can't believe it. i am just -- >> we're all starstruck. >> ainsley said whoever booked him, gets a raise. >> i'm going to find you downstairs and give you a big hug. >> heather agrees. >> i know you're happily married with a new little baby, but i think you have a crush on him. >> he's cute. i'm sure you feel the same way. good morning to you all. i have a couple of headlines. we have a major insecurity taking place at airports. the head of tsa confirms that three american airports require employees to be screened before they get jobs. staff in miami, atlanta and
5:37 am
orlando airports under go screens but 297 airports do not require them. homeland security reports 73 private employees have been flagged for terror links since last june alone. hundreds of dueling rallies in north carolina over the so-called bathroom bill that would require people to use bathrooms based on their birth gender. this as another musician joins a ♪ we're talking about jimmy buffett refusing to cancel two sold out cancels saying he doesn't want to let down his fans unlike bruce springsteen. and there's a school district, it's in kings burg, california. near fresno. they're working to stop active shooter situations by allowing certain staff members to carry their guns to school. now, the staff members have to
5:38 am
have a concealed carry permit and they will be chosen on a volunteer basis. listen to this. >> the expectation of the superintendent is that given the situation, you will protect staff and students with your firearm. >> those guns also have to be locked up. the school board unanimously approving that new policy making it the second district in the state to do that. what do you think about that? and this fisherman thought he caught the big one, but he landed something much more pointy. take a look. >> we have a -- be careful. oh, my gosh! that's a big [ bleep ] -- >> that was a gator. he was fishing with his twosons in louisiana. instead of finding a tasty little treat, he pulls up a massive jaws from the algaiter in the murky water. oh, the little boys start
5:39 am
immediately crying and they say the gator is bigger than the boat. i'd be scared too. those are your headlines. ainsley, over to you. >> thank you so much. colorado might soon allow weed in grade school classrooms. seriously. a bill requiring school nurses and parents to administer medical marijuana prescribed for treatment is being considered by a colorado house committee. currently it is up to the school districts' discretion to decide if this is allowed. but none have allowed it so far. should schools be forced to allow cannabis on the campus? let's bring in dr. keith ablow and dr. arthur aidala for legal insanity. normal or nuts? >> here's the thing. if this is in colorado a legal medicine and that horse left the barn. they decided that. i don't advise that, but they decided it. then the bottom line is it's a medicine like any other.
5:40 am
you can't discriminate -- >> like taking tylenol. >> like taking ritalin or adderall. it short circuits the fda because doctors can approve medicines for one use, any use. but this medicine was never approved for anything but the fda. it's legislators deciding they're fda in the state. bizarre. nuts. >> it's up to the doctors. what i'm afraid of here, any kind of abuse, an abuse of the system. so in other words, these medical marijuana in california, right, when i have been to california, a bunch of people i know, they got a little prescription bottle because they have anxiety. now, it's one thing if a 30-year-old person is doing it, but if it's a 15-year-old -- but the flip side, i know the cannabis patches are being used on children to treat cerebral palsy. if this is a legitimate aid to this child, then it should be administered. >> how do you -- >> if the doctors have approved it. >> walking around campus high. >> i don't know what a patch
5:41 am
does. opposed to smoking it or ingesting it -- >> it gets you high. >> i have never partaken in a marijuana patch so i cannot testify to that. >> well, you won't be our laboratory. however, here's the problem, why is it marijuana that states legalize. let's say there's another molecule and people start raving about it and they put forward a bill, we think this should be legal in our state despite the fda never looking at it. >> so let me ask you this, we have heard if you smoke too much marijuana, then it kills brain cells. >> i'm absolutely convinced -- i'm sorry to step on your line. for some people it's helpful. but for other, it causes depression. >> just so we're clear, they're doing it in the state of new jersey, they have allowed medical marijuana. they're allowing children who are prescribed by the doctor -- ainsley, again, you're a parent, i'm a parent. the issue, if you went to the doctor, that you and your husband believed in, you and your husband trusted. they said for your child,
5:42 am
whatever this is, this is going to help them, and then the school sees, no. we won't let you do it, you'll be annoyed if you trust and believe in your doctor. >> we have a short circuiting of the medical system that we have built and applauded like the fda via legislators and lawyers and you know what? that's not a good -- >> but the legislation and lawyers are relying on the doctors to say this is a medicine. >> another lawyer who never lets it stand in the way -- >> ainsley will be the referee, you will be defeated. >> gladly. >> for the first time. >> i'm waiting for my first defeat. >> keith, arthur, thank you. all right, and have you seen this travel tantrum? have you seen this? look at this. >> you lied to me! you lied to me. i'm sitting here since 8:00 with a 9-year-old who's waiting for her vacation. >> dr. ablow, you think she
5:43 am
needs marijuana? >> marijuana patch. >> all right. >> i'm sure she'll be fine. >> all of that because her flight was delayed. did she overreact, or has that happened to you? your e-mails are pouring in. and you saw him bring in the invictus flag earlier today. war hero captain reynolds and his team challenge us to a volleyball game like you have never seen before. (war drums beating)
5:44 am
5:45 am
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5:46 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. she's still talking about kevin costner. >> i know. i'm not alone. heather -- help me out here. >> all right.
5:47 am
meanwhile, let's talk about something that has lit up the internet and that is this. american airlines flight 2240 was supposed to leave laguardia at 9:00 p.m. not long ago. as it turns out, because of lousy weather at laguardia the flight was diverted. the plane landed in philadelphia. everybody was delayed 12 hours and one woman who has been waiting a year with her family to go on a disney cruise had had it up to here and let everybody in terminal "a" know about it. >> you lied to me! you lied to me. i'm sitting here since 8:00 with a 9-year-old who's waiting for her vacation and a 13-year-old, and there's no flight -- to say there's no flight? there's no flight!
5:48 am
right, we're getting what -- we have been waiting all night for this. i'm waiting for this disney cruise for a year already! >> what's ironic, the mom yelling, and then they're going on the disney cruise. >> the happiest place on earth. >> she's going to be a real happy camper. >> here's the thing. they were so lucky that they didn't actually cancel the flight because ultimately all those people had to go to miami. and the good news is, that plane did arrive in miami at 11:00 in the morning. she was able to get on her cruise along with her shell-shocked family by 5:00 in the afternoon. >> joyful family. >> come on, we're going to have fun now! >> i feel for her. you want to scream or cry. >> we asked for your opinion and we got plenty of them. >> ray e-mails we all need to show some empathy. we don't know what led up to that incident. >> that's right. >> andrew writes, if you're unhappy with airline decisions,
5:49 am
do what i did, i bought and fly my own airplane. now it's my decision. andrew, i love that idea. if only we each had millions of dollars. >> sure. >> that would be wonderful. >> adam was here yesterday, he took that option. next up, you have never seen volleyball like this before. invictus games captain reynolds are going to challenge ainsley and pete to a match. oh, man. but first let's check in with bill hemmer. >> those invictus games are going to be something to watch. we have a good old one in the republican race. what you need to know today. also more developments in the murder of the pro football player in new orleans. and rand paul reacts to the president's biggest regrets. and the concerns over the zika virus are much greater than before in the u.s. what changed?
5:50 am
martha and i will see you 11 minutes away here on america's newsroom. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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5:53 am
the power of sport inspiring recovery and respect for our wounded warriors, the paralympic style event for sick, injured or wounded service members and veterans was prince harry's brain child. now the third annual invictus games are just weeks away in orlando and for the first time, they're going to be held here in the united states down in florida. last hour, you saw them drive the official flag of the games and arrive here at 1211 avenue of the americas. >> we're inside because it's raining outside. joining us are will reynolds and retired air force captain kiefer. and ceo of the fisher house
5:54 am
foundation, ken fisher. all great americans and thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having us. >> how do you -- captain, how do you explain the invictus games for people who have not heard about them? >> it's all about empowering. basically, the wounded, ill and injured service members that come back from fighting overseas or who have their own difficulties here at home, they have difficulties get backing to the new normal. this is what it's all about. finding the goal again. doing the day in and day out training to find that joy in life again. >> does it really help you? >> absolutely. it's another way to do your physical therapy. it's another way to get that outlet of, you know, relieving stress and another way to set marks and for you to achieve and just help yourself rehabilitate mentally and physically. >> one of the events you do is the volleyball. you want to get into the position? >> yeah. >> sure. >> all right. >> whose team are you on?
5:55 am
>> all right. ready to take them down, will? >> there you go. >> back here, i have ken fisher, the ceo of fisher house. one of the founders of the invictus games. all right. and action. >> get at it. >> oh. >> am i supposed to go forward? >> come on, ainsley. it's a team effort, come on. >> that's right. >> how important -- >> i don't think -- >> oh. >> celebration, on the road to recovery. >> yes. >> setting me up. >> also the family impact on it. these games are as muc families >> one of the great things for a lot of these guys, you know, they may have felt i'm never going to be able to participate in -- ainsley, come on. >> i know. >> getting after it here. >> that's right. just, you know, five or ten
5:56 am
years ago they were being told what they'd never do again. so this has given them purpose or something to shoot for. it's really a great tool. >> there we go. >> right. this is not an easy sport. i can attest -- i'm tired. [ laughter ] >> oh, man. >> will, did you play? >> i did not. >> no? >> all right. >> this is great. >> there we go. >> and it does sound as if harry is going to be in orlando for the games coming up in may, right? >> yes, he will be there. the first lady will be down. the opening ceremonies are going to be just amazing. >> because harry is there, ainsley and heather will as well. >> we have the invictus flag will be going to orlando. >> there we go. >> we'll roll on live from new york city. pete -- >> pete is doing it the right way. >> we'll be right back. jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy...
5:57 am
just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps]
5:58 am
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6:00 am
ken fisher, the website for the invictus games? >> go to our site and buy tickets. they're going fast. >> prince harry is going to be there. >> go down to disney and watch the games. bill: delegate drama between donald trump and ted cruz escalating by the day. both exchanging accusations of rigged politics. martha: donald trump has been on a war path against what he calls a rigged, corrupt primary process. he says voters are not being heard in this, and ted cruz says that's not what's happening. >> in response, donald has been yelling and


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