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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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too many people in the studio don't know she is over and find out. she has children over the years. this book is for delivery boy and his dog, published in 1950 atlanta doesn't for books all the stuff only short your children read beverly cleary and grow properly. okay everybody? have a good day everybody. bye-bye. jon: for the first time in decades the voters of new york state could make a real difference when it comes to deciding the presidential nominees of both parties. now one week before the new york primary, rentable soap show hillary clinton donald trump big lead in the empire state. imagine that. hello and welcome to having now, i tried on. heather: by heather childers in for jenna lee and we are still talking politics. new york's most important
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primary in years could signal a turning point in this long, dramatic race for the white house. on the republican side doll trump is dominating his home state with support from more than half of likely gop voters and a poll from the wall street journal, nbc news and marist college shows from leading john kasich by 30 points with takers and third. hillary clinton also commanding a double-digit lead among new york democrats, 55 percent to bernie sanders 41. jon: new york matters this time around. could be a chance for both frontrunners for recent losses. here's our. he started his columnist of the hill, john mccormick senior writer at the weekly standard. thanks both of you for coming in. amy, it's fascinating to see there are similar problems facing the front runners of his time. donald trump and hillary clinton.
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>> yes, they are poised for big wins in their home state next tuesday. and in both of their races that will bring them great comfort and momentum but looking at the probability that they will face each other in the fall they share the similarity of being unpopular in their party, having great weaknesses among the party faithful. and they are going to have a tough time bringing it around if trump wins in cleveland and is the nominee. if hillary got does beat bernie sanders which it looks like she will, theywill have a tough time bringing people around in their party that don't want to vote for them. jon: there are people who are diehard donald trump supporters who say they could never for anybody else in the republican bar party and diehard party supporters who say the same thing on the democratic side . >> that's right, about 30 percent of bernie supporters in the most recent poll say are they are not going to support
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hillary clinton and that hillary has the same thing with her supporters in 2008 but she campaigned vigorously for barack obama to turn her supporters around. i don't think we expect bernie sanders to campaign enthusiastically for clinton. on the trump side, if the republican norm party nominates somebody else in the convention and he is not the nominee they certainly lose a good share of trump voters. i don't think they will lose all of them but they certainly will , especially the new supporters who brought in the system who believe the system is rigged and they need an outsider outsider to change washington. they are not going to come around to someone who did not lead in the delegate count. jon: let's talk about the delegate race and ted cruz. he thumped donald trump in wisconsin but cruise is not even a close number two in new york. he's running number three. is this a stumbling block , a
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turnaround point in his race? >> i don't really think so. i think one of the remarkable things about this presidential primary is how little there's been momentum of the race. on march 15 donald trump racked up those big wins in every state but ohio. a week later he won arizona but got blown out in utah. a couple weeks later he gets blown out again in wisconsin and now it seems he's on track to do great in new york so while every delegate matters and while it's important to see what the results are in new york this is expected that he would be strong in the northeast. the question is how strong donald trump is in any of these districts. if you can be held under 50 percent in any of these districts, cruz and kasich can deny him a handful of delegates but when this race turns back to the midwest, indiana and nebraska in may, that's the real question for cruz. if trump does get momentum going back in the midwest and cruise loses in those states it probably lights out for him but we haven't seen the momentum so far. if cruz can come back in nebraska in may it's going to come down to june 7 in california, south dakota and montana. if you can winthose states he
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will stop donald trump from getting the majority. jon: donald trump announced his race for the presidency just about 10 months ago . ever since then his detractors have been saying this is it, this is the point where he is going to fall off the radar. it doesn't look like it's going to happen in new york but after new york where do trumps sites like? >> those are the key states you've really got to look at. pennsylvania and maryland are the two important states voting the week after. trump is favored there but pennsylvania has these complicated rules for awarding their delegates. they got 71 delegates but 54 are awarded. people are running by themselves, they don't even say who they are for so if trump can do well among those delegates and learn the rules he will be in a good position there. maryland again, that he state where he wants to keep the forces on the other side from coalescing around someone else.
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16 then divided and those midwestern states, nebraska, indiana, those are the key states you have to watch in may. the nomination will still be up for grass. jon: uses the phrase if trump can learn the rules. he hasn't shown an ability just far. he's shown a lot of popularity and groundswell of support among the voting public but as witnessed in colorado didn't really master the rules of this complicated system. >> i'm going to start by saying it's this kind of message that the system isdirty, disgusting and rigged is absolutely going to work and benefit donald trump in the contest , among the people who he appeals to who are mad at the establishment.who want an outsider and want to break plates. however it is incompetent. it is absolutely a failure on the part of donald trump's campaign and all those to the top. this is a campaign run chiefly by air over rallies and over talkshows on the phone and over twitter and he didn't learn the stuff on the ground that he has spent time his life learning the job of contracting permits,
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building, housing committees, real estate. everything he's ever done so successfully he did not apply in his presidential campaign. he did not hire the best people which he promised he would do. to the people who like donald trump, i think it works great but the truth is he was caught flat footed not having invested the resources to play this game. >> looks like he will win new york on the republican side. we will see what happens after that. amy stoddard, john mccormick, thank you. heather: now to the speculation thatrepublicans could eventually , maybe turn to house speaker paul ryan as their nominee. ryan will introduce his own policy proposals ahead of the republican convention in july. but the speaker keeps onsaying he has not become the nominee saying no, that's not going to happen even if there's a contested convention. correspondent james resin is live in washington with more. james, people just don't believe him . reporter: good morning. speaker ryan tells me the same thing that even if they draft a convention he would not accept the republican nomination.
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as evidence of this ryan script circulated to reporters a cease and desist letter that he sent to the draft ryan super pac and his press secretary stating ryan's view should be someone who ran this year. the problem for ryan if one can call it that is that his recent activity coupled with his party's dynamics have conspired to produce a situation in which what you say and do is always what people hear and see. >> putting out these videos and talking about house republican agenda is the very job of being speaker. it's also a reflection of the situation republicans find themselves in that there's nobody out there giving that broad agenda, popular agenda that so many people are clamoring for. reporter: other analysts see ryan tending to priorities closer to home than visions of the presidency and leadership of the free world.>> i think this is brilliant on the part of paul ryan and his team.
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why? because he has the house of representatives. those seats at stake which he is wanting to make sure he maintains that majority in the house of representatives. reporter: as a practical matter, acceptance of a draft nomination this summer would give ryan only three months to launch and run a national campaign but if he opts not to run and then democrat wins in november the speaker would remain well-positioned for 20/20 but as you know heather, nobody in this town, nobody in hashtag this town is that calculating. >> never, not in that town, no way. thank you so much. jon: there is new evidence of china raising the stakes in the south china sea. fox news has learned china is sending fighter jets to us of disputed island that it built
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and is surveying a shoal near the philippines for possible military used according to the pentagon. this as the secretary of defense visits the region. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. jennifer?reporter: new satellite imagery from image sat international provided to fox news shows new fighter jets already deployed to a contested island in the south china sea, raising eyebrows at the pentagon. the addition of chinese j 11 fighter jets is expected to escalate tensions in the region before defense secretary carter visits the philippines where china's continued landgrab in the south china sea is expected to be a point of discussion. the satellite photos taken days ago on april 7 and authenticated by us defense officials chose to chinese fighter jets on woody island, the largest of the parasol chain of islands in the south china sea. contested by taiwan and vietnam but occupied by china since the 1950s. the chinese j 11's are comparable to a us air force navy f-18 hornet. but concerns from top officials in washington is that if china's military of these
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contested islands in the south cha sea continues unchecked, the world will lose control of sea lanes were an estimated $5 trillion in cargo and natural resources pass each year. these new satellite photos also show the newly installed fire control radar system on woody island which makes the chinese surface to air missile launchers deployed in february fully operational now. this is a concern to the us military because it allows china to track us fighter jets, bombers and intelligence gathering aircraft, keeping an eye on china. us defenses officials tell us this morning they are tracking a number of chinese ships in scarborough scholes , 200 miles
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from manila, the capital of the philippines where defense secretary carter is headed later this week to talk about regional concerns. defense secretary carter waved visiting china on his trip to asia. the visit scrubbed amid rising tensions with the chinese. jon: ominous develop and stare. jennifer griffin we will keep an eye on it. heather: coming up, a major break to tell you about in the decades-old crime as the remains of a missing college student are found we will help police locate them. plus, new brakes and the brussels terror investigation with two more suspects now charged. what prosecutors say they did.
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jon: now some crime stories following. new port action for a michigan man convicted of his wife's murder, serving a life sentence now as bob the shark gets ready to, tries to get a new trial. he's in court with aman who told police but shark offered him money to kill his wife . with that man now saying police coerced him. the remains of a missing college student from texas just found and identified nearly 20 years after he disappeared as police say a convicted kidnapper in prison led them to
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the remains. that inmate has not yet been charged in her death. george's board of pardons and parole's just turned down convicted murderer kenneth coles parole leaving the supreme court as his only hope to stop his execution today. part of his appeal centers on a juror in that case we use a racial slur to describe him. heather: breaking out in the brussels terror investigation, two more suspects just charged in the deadly bombings exactly 3 weeks ago today. prosecutors say the two men were involved in renting the brussels apartment that served as a hideout for the terrorists. benjamin hall following all the latest developments and joins us live from london with more. reporter: a few positive moves today. we heard three men have been arrested in connection to the paris attacks in november and today, two men charged with helping the brussels attackers on march 22. the two men arrested today were charged, were arrested on saturday.
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they've been accused of renting an apartment used as a hideout by the attackers. according to reports, the two siblings known as at rented apartment in the s and the difference of brussels where the attack may have been planned. they helped to clean it after the attacks. they were said to be old criminal context of the subway bomber who killed 20 of the 32 who died and the two brothers have now been charged with participating in activities of a terrorist group and terrorist murder. authorities say the brussels investigation is closed, continuing actively day and night and brussels authorities are still learning more about those who took part in the atrocities and those who helped them. an image was released of salah abdeslam, the last surviving attacker in jail. described as bearded and broken, the suicide bomber has been called a model prisoner since getting there though he
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is on suicide watchand is being checked on eight times an hour. every new person who was arrested, everyone charged is another league, the potential intelligence goldline for them so it is hoped these arrests , the net is widening and more attacks may be thwarted. heather:watch what information they release. benjamin hall live for us, thank you. jon: new details about the o.j. simpson murder trial. what the district attorney at the time is saying about the prosecutor, marcia clark. the choices she made that he believes cost them the case . and donald trump is ahead in the delegate count but the republican front-runner says should have more. why he is blasting the processes unfair as ted cruz works to close the gap. there's no going back. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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you both have a perfect driperfect.ord. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. heather: new information coming
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to light in the o.j. simpson murder trial.
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at the los angeles district attorney at the time now revealing that prosecutor marcia clark wasn't his first choice. gil garcetti telling the new york post he wanted a more experienced attorney to try the case but that person suffered from heart problems so he kept clark on the job. here now, garrett, fox news anchor and attorney who covered the o.j. simpson trial. >> agonizingly for nine months. heather: new information in this trial that has been 10 years correct? >> 20. heather: 20 years. garcetti now making this claim why is he doing it? >> he's full of it, it's complete baloney by garcetti which is nothing new. looking for somebody to brain. garcetti was the top dog, he makes all the key decisions. if he didn't want marcia clark to be the prosecutor on this case, he could have picked somebody else and it's true bill hodgman was originally the prosecutor. he's a law school classmate of mine, terrific lawyer but he did suffer heart problems and had to take a backseat but
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garcetti could have made a different choice. he didn't. he went with marcia clark. he's to blame. heather: not only did he say she wasn't his first choice, he went on to criticize her. >> and it's valid for the system. did marcia clark blow the case? absolutely she blew the case. i thought she was inept, over try the case, made poor judgments, failed to properly prepare key witnesses. it didn't help that there you see chris darden on the right-hand corner, hurco prosecutor. i also went to law school with him and the famous gaffe was havingo.j. simpson try on the bloodied glove. that was darden's decision. the law school now how not to prosecute a case and the use that as an example. heather: also the jury. the jury selection cause problems you think . >> garcetti talks about that
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now in criticism of marcia clark.she picked eight black women for the jury apparently because she thought she did really well in past cases with black women kind of connected with them. i've got news for you marcia. this is a wholly unique and different case. this is a race case. you didn't have other race cases and cochran of course latently exploited that in serving racial unrest where it didn't belong. judge lance ito allowed it. so he was nacve and really insane for clark to think that it didn't matter to have eight black women on the jury. it did matter. heather: judge ito. his name comes left back like it was yesterday. >> 'sname is now synonymous with incompetence. heather: and the dancingjudge ito's, remember that question mark how much blame does guilt garcetti hold for this? >> 100 percent. if he is looking for a villain he need look no further than his own mirror .
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he's the one who sent the case downtown. the moment he did that he lost the case. it should have been tried in santa monica where the crime took place but he said it downtown. he initially told reporters he wanted the verdict which he assumed would be guilty to have more credibility with the racially diverse jury. that was simply foolish. later you may recall when the case was properly tried in santa monica, the civil case, a jury very quickly found o.j. simpson responsible for the murders. i always thought garcetti sent it downtown because his office was downtown and he wanted to be close to the case. and close to the television cameras. all the wrong reasons to send the case downtown where it belonged elsewhere. heather: you were color covering all of this on court tv. i watched you all the time. what do you think is the number one mistake they made? i know there's a lot. >> other than sending the case downtown and other than the bloodied glove, this was over trying this case.
8:26 am
this case should have lasted no more than six weeks and in fact, i became very close to the judge who was supposed to get the case. i'm not going to name him but a terrific, terrific judge. he told me as we were playing golf one day he said, i would have had that in and out within 4 to 5 weeks, case would have been over. lance ito allowed all kinds of inadmissible evidence because he was intimidated by johnny cochran and that probably was the biggest mistake in the cas . heather: thank you so much, i appreciate your insight. john? jon: mother of three disappears after a date with a man she met online. now please take they have found ingrid lens remains and made an arrest in the case. live with an update. what donald trump blasted the delicate process. he calls it rained while senator cruz says trump is whining. the impact this may have on the race white house. a fair and balanced debate next. if you have medicare
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evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. jon: a quick look at what's still going this hour of having now. at the centers for disease control issuing a warning about the zika virus and the mosquitoes that carry it. they have spread to half of the united states plus, affluenza teen ethan count spent his 19th birthday in jail. that now makes him an adult in the lies of the law.
8:31 am
here what a judge could decide when he makes his first adult court appearance.and a game changer in real estate as most buyers pointing and clicking their way to a new home. how it's changing the way real estate agents do their jobs. heather: staying online we have breaking news today in the search for a missing seattle mom that is turning into an online dating horror story. after police find what they believe to be ingrid lyne's remains in a recycling bin. her friends say she disappeared after a date with a man she met online, the same man they say police just arrested. adam housley is following the story for us and joins us live from our los angeles bureau. adam? reporter: friends are the worst saturday morning, friday night into saturday morning when she did not return home.they started a campaign using social media to look for her. no those fears indeed appear to be horrific.ingrid lyne is a 40-year-old nurse in seattle, a mother of three, single mother. she told friends she was going on a date to the seattle
8:32 am
mariners game with a man she met online but never came home. saturday around 4:00 body parts were found in plastic bags insidea recycling bin in seattle's central district . the police are confident those remains are ingrid lyne and they have arrested a man in connection with her murder. >> we know has some criminal history and what is being run down now is any other possibilities or crimes of this nature. translator: reporter: the suspect is john robert charleston, has been arrested in connection with lyne's appearance, booked into king county jail for investigation of homicide. the seattle times reports several of lyne's friends have posted images of this man on social media identifying him as her date. >> it was wrong, it was so wrong. why did he do this?
8:33 am
i mean, why did he leave her in pieces? i think about the kids and they need their mom. they just need their mom. reporter: they are not reporting where lyne met this man online, not telling us which website at this point. they don't believe there are any other suspects in this case. those same friends started the search for lyne saturday morning using social media have now set up a go fund me page for those three children who were living with their mother, a single mom who nowof course have a mother who has been murdered. more information coming through the day on this case but a tragic case in seattle . heather: tragic and scary. our hearts go out to those young children. adam housley live, thank you. jon: a new controversy in america's election headquarters. although donald trump is ahead in the delegate count, is leading with 743 to senator cruz's 545. john kasich far behind with 143 but trump is blasting the
8:34 am
delegate selection process. >> we have a rigged system. so in colorado, they were going to vote and you saw what happened in colorado. it's a fix. because we thought we were having an election and a number of months ago they decided to do it by you know what, right? they said we will do it by delegates. they said they're going to do it by delegate. isn't that nice. and the delegates were all there, all waiting and the head guy, in fact one of them tweeted out today or said today by mistake and something to the effect of c, never trump. >> trump has been yelling and screaming. a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing. and some late-night fevered tweeting.
8:35 am
all the characteristics i would note we would want a commander in chief. jon: joining us now richard fowler, democratic strategist and radio talkshow host and john o caldwell a republican strategist who also worked on the romney campaign. gentlemen, welcome. richard, to you first. you say trump is going to have to put some skin in the game. what do you mean by that? sounds like he's already got skin in the game. >> he does have skin in the game but he has to put skin in his ground game. trump has the most delegates. donald trump also has the most, the highest number of voters right? but he's losing to this back room rules, wheeling and dealing that ted cruz is part
8:36 am
of. there like a new couple. but i think there's a larger problem here. ted cruz professes to be antiestablishment but what you see from him every day is exactly what the establishment does. they tinker with the rules, they fudge the numbers and they do little things to make sure they can stay ahead and that people can stay down. i think ted cruz is a walking hypocrisy. jon: perhaps that is spoken like a true democratic strategist. let me bring in the thoughts of larry sato, he's a neutral player, head of the center for politics at the university of virginia. he says trump is actually benefiting from the rules thus far. listen to this. >> overall trump has benefited from the rules. he has received 45 percent of the delegates and has received only a total of 37 percent of the vote and that's from an nbc study. jon: larry sato this morning on america's newsroom. he gets 45 percent of the delegates from 37 percent of the vote. john oh, that doesn't sound like he's hurting so badly. >> i don'tthink he is and we also must keep in mind , he ,
8:37 am
there were 17 candidates inthe race and there are currently three so those votes were split in between all these different candidates. when we think about things like states like colorado which is the only state to not have a caucus, the only state to not have a primary, a lot of people believe that it's unfair and i think that plays in to the donald trump narrative that the system is rigged . to richard's point, i don't believe that ted cruz is being dishonest. i don't think there's hypocrisy there for this reason. ted cruz knew back in august 2015 that the rules were changed the colorado state party so he sent campaign
8:38 am
staffers, a number of individuals there to campaign and create a slate of delegates to present to the colorado convention so he can have people that would support him. so i think that statement is intellectually dishonest richard. >> come on. you're talking about colorado and you can't look at colorado in a vacuum. what you're seeing happening in state after state, louisiana being one of them is that donald trump won the popular vote. donald trump on the larger number of pledged delegates and what ted cruz has done through the congressional convention, the state convention is work the rules to his favor. the problem with working the rules for your favor is you shut out all those people that voted for donald trump and if the republican party wants to win in november they need these voters to come back out again. when you disenfranchise them and suppress them they won't come back out again so to say that my comment is intellectually dishonest is ridiculous, not to mention the fact that larry sabado was right. donald trump has benefited from
8:39 am
the delegate rules so far but when we get to the convention after the first ballot, it will be ted cruz benefiting from these rulescreated by state party chairs and party bosses and that's a problem . >> part of the donald trump campaign, i mean the core of his campaign is, i'm going to make great deals. i'm a smart businessman. i'm a tough leader and i'm going to do good deals and therefore good things for america. he did master the somewhat arcane rules in places like colorado but you know, he's been in the campaign for two months already when colorado set the rules. ted cruz on the other hand knew what was going on, send his people, put them on the ground in colorado and came away with all the delegates. >> that's a part of him eating a goodbusinessman is the fact that he took a look at the situation and noted he was missing something from his campaign operation which was a pro at getting delegates and he brought someone new onto the campaign . so at the end of the day yes, he is a businessman and you people in place and that's what he sent and pulled into his campaign so he wouldn't be disenfranchised by the rule changes. jon: again richard, back to larry sabado!. you said he has a point. if trump has received 37 percent of the vote but has 45
8:40 am
percent of the delegates, how is that in any way unfair? >> it's not unfair now, it's unfair when you get to the convention. a lot of these individuals, case in point in virginia. there was a person who was a cruise supporter who said they were going to run for delegates on the second ballot that could pledge support to ted cruz. what that does is it going to shift the delegate race and as part of the problem. that's the trump campaign is that ted cruz is sort of messing around with the rules and using the rules for his favor but. >> that is incorrect. richard. >> you would think.>> richard. how could you say that? how could you say that if he is going in and changing the rules himself, take cruises down to the rules. >> he's actively using party bosses to make sure he's winning the delegates. >> what proof do you have for that?
8:41 am
what proof do you have to back that up? be honest, what facts do you have to back that up beside your opinion. >> i told you about the story in virginia. clearly you don't read the newspaper. >> clearly you are giving your opinion and no factual proof to back it up. >> i told you about a story provided at virginia in the republican national convention. >> but you did not tell me how ted cruz has used the party bosses to change the rules. >> i'm not going to repeat this. i've said this over and over again. i think it's a factual point is that ted cruz is going in and using, maneuvering of the rules and party bosses to make sure he gets pledged delegates that belong to donald trump. that's what he's doing in virginia. >> so is donald trump, they are operating within the bounds of the rule. jon: we will let our viewers
8:42 am
decide that richard fowler is coming here as a democrat, john o caldwell. >> i believe in one man one vote. jon: you are representing the republican side, that might enter into this discussion. thank you both, gentlemen. heather: we do have a fox news alert, we take you live to washington dc where president obama is delivering remarks at the newly designated belmont hall women's equality national monument there in dc. it is dedicated to women's equality. it's a health and a museum. it includes a collection of artifacts, banners, archives all related to voting rights for women and equality for women and this is coming as a matter of fact on equal pay da , day meant to symbolize how much more a woman has to work on average to earn what amanda burns in the previous year so that's going on in washington dc. we wanted to let you know it was going on.still to come, a new trial date for the ohio man accused of plotting to attack a us military base or prison.
8:43 am
when he will face a judge and a strong warning from top health officials. why they say that zika virus is a whole lot scarier than previously thought.
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8:46 am
. heather: top health official sounding the alarm on the zika virus, revealing the type of mosquitoes that spread the virus are now in 30 states. officials warning as they learn more about the virus they find it even scarier than initially thought. you're now is doctor kevin campbell, a practicing cardiologist and assistant professor of medicine at the university of north carolina. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. heather: the cdc has declared a level one emergency. year 30 states now have these mosquitoes in them. what exactly is a level one emergency and why have they done that?
8:47 am
that is the highest level of public health alert the cdc issues. they did that a few years ago with the h1 and one flew, did it during hurricane katrina and the fallout of that so it is a big deal. it means lots of resources are mobilized, they are ready to go and they're going to be more funding to make this happen. heather: what about worldwide? how did it make its way here? >> we've had a lot of travelers that have gone to endemic areas like brazil and other places, even in us territories like puerto rico is becoming more prevalent. one thing to remember here in the us we have the mosquitoes but the virus is not in the mosquitoes yet.
8:48 am
it may be this summer. however most of the cases in the us have been transmitted by travelers, people that have gone to endemic areas and come back. heather: there's 672 confirmed cases in us territories such as puerto rico and also included in the united states but pregnant women, 64 pregnant women impacted so far? >> that's exactly right and four pregnant women this can be devastating. we've learned in the last week now that not only does it associate itself with microcephaly, these children born with small brains and underdeveloped brains but also with blindness and premature birth and there's also some things we are seeing in adults such as a paralysis syndrome and now another disease that is very similar to multiple sclerosisbeing associated with zika infection . heather: what do we need to do to avoid this? >> i think the biggest thing is we've got, in areas that are endemic to mosquitoes we've got to come up with public ways of eliminating mosquitoes or controlling the population. we need to educate the public about the fact this can be sexually transmitted. and pregnant women need to make sure they don't contract the disease. we've got to really redouble our efforts to make a vaccine
8:49 am
as well. heather: how likely and when do you think that vaccine will be available? >> based on my sources it looks like we are making good progress. in september this year is the target date for the vaccine. we need a rapid blood test so we can identify people who have this disease because 80 percent of people don't even have symptoms. heather: what are those symptoms finally? >> they are very vague. red eyes like you have pinkeye or conjunctivitis. muscle ache, fever, maybe a rash. typical viral illness. heather: doctor kevin campbell, thanks very much for joining us and giving us more information. >> thanks so much for having me be on the so-called affluenza team is eligible for the adult justice system.why what kind of jail time even couch now face. plus, the internet changing the real estate game. what it's done to the housing market and how realtors are reacting.
8:50 am
♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. jon: let's get a peek at what's
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coming on and out numbered at the top of the hour. >> good to see you john. ted cruz asking donald trump if he wants cheese with that wine. as trump keeps coming delegate system rate and shows video of people ripping up their gop resident registration cards. >> the cia director says there are more terrorists in the world than ever. but that the us is also safer. how does that work? and a hollywood star says men cannot possibly understand what hillary clinton goes through every day. does shehave a point? >> all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy . >> get it? >> we will see you at the top of the hour. see you. jon: see you soon. heather: right now the housing market going high-tech.
8:54 am
industry analysts say over 90 percent of consumers now use the internet during the home buying process and that's not the only way the real estate business is changing. alicia junior is live for us in centennial colorado with more. alicia? >> hi heather, yes it is changing. tech savvy companies are morphing the traditional home buying and selling into a transaction where tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars are being saved. we found trim or in denver, and mission free agency where agents are salaried employees. it's technology platform allows customers to see every part of the deal. it's agents don't leave the offers but they work closely with customers. a photographer meets with sellers and within hours the details are online.they charge a flat feel of 2500 bucks. it has its critics including the multiple listing service. after they posted commission
8:55 am
rates of other realtors they took them down but ceo job and and hunt says they pose a threat. >> the moment we make it truly transparent and easy for the consumer, how on earth do we justify that almighty six percent? our homes still sell. there's some comeback, some challenges to it but at the end of the day it's your equity as a seller. you are.why are you giving it away to an organization that unlocked the door and drafteda contract . heather: brian warwick says he saved 13 grand by not paying commission when he sold his home and says traditional realtors need to change. >> i feel like they are still using an outdated sales model and they haven't pass on the savings of this technological revolution to the home of. as far as someone holding my hand, i didn't miss that at all as far as having someone to contact and being right there. i didn't notice any sacrifice of not having a personal real estate agent. >> the demise of real tour i think is overestimated so we
8:56 am
have over 1.1 million members across the united states. so we are the largest trade organization in the world actually. reporter: and if you look around there are a lot of transcends out there that do a lot of the work for you. get on your iphone, your smart phone and check it look at redfin, cello, a lot of the things where work can be done with you before you even talk to a real tour.heather: it gives you more information that you may even have asked about. alicia, thank you. jon: looks like a beautiful day in denver. new next hour of happening now the taxman comes but he comes a little later this year. the new deadline and how vulnerable your personal information could be in the hands of the good old irs. plus, everything is bigger in texas right? even the hail. the latest from the fox extreme weather center as more storms
8:57 am
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>> so do you have another hour in you. >> i do. i'll be back. >> we'll be back here both of us, one hour from now. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today andrea tanteros, fox business network's dagen mcdowell, democratic strategist and fox news contributor, julie roginsky, and today's #oneluckyguy, guy, you know him. town political editor, guy, you get it, guy benson. you're outnumbered today. >> always great to be on the couch. harris: we have a lot of talk about the campaign. i know you've been studying up. >> is there a campaign? harris: a little bit. >> all right. andrea: some guy. harris: the controversy over the republican party nomination process more intense. ted cruz accusing his rival donald trump of whining over cruz's sweep of dell pats in colorado. >> he yells and screams and


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