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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> so do you have another hour in you. >> i do. i'll be back. >> we'll be back here both of us, one hour from now. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today andrea tanteros, fox business network's dagen mcdowell, democratic strategist and fox news contributor, julie roginsky, and today's #oneluckyguy, guy, you know him. town political editor, guy, you get it, guy benson. you're outnumbered today. >> always great to be on the couch. harris: we have a lot of talk about the campaign. i know you've been studying up. >> is there a campaign? harris: a little bit. >> all right. andrea: some guy. harris: the controversy over the republican party nomination process more intense. ted cruz accusing his rival donald trump of whining over cruz's sweep of dell pats in colorado. >> he yells and screams and
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stamps his foot. he curses and yells, and insults anyone nearby. as we know in the state of california, wine is something best served with cheese. harris: since losing colorado trump has been very vocal about the nominating process. here he is in a rally in new york. >> i'm hundreds of delegates ahead but the system is rigged. it is rigged, disgusting dirty system. it's a dirty system. harris: trump is sharing video of a colorado voter sharing his republican party registration form after cruz's victory. his campaign notes, this guy is not only one saying good-bye to the gop. >> you haves millions of republican voters right now who are tearing up their registrations as we speak. we have voters in louisiana. you have voters in tennessee, who all are experiencing this right now and many of them are
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threatening to leave the party. harris: two questions, one why is colorado such a pivotal point? why do you think trump focused on that? do you think cruz's reaction, what do you think of it? >> i think the reason trump is complain about colorado because he lost and what he is pinning it on the fact there is no primary or caucus in the state of colorado. the delegates in that state are selected by a state convention which can sound like sort of an insider deal. now look, i will actually agree with donald trump. i don't like the system they have adopted in colorado. i think its bafflingly undemocrattic and people should be allowed to vote. however this is the system that was put in place months ago. we've known these rules since august. donald trump new the rules since august. but now that he got his clock cleaned again, operationally by ted cruz, he is throwing out very charged language like corrupt and rigged, as an excuse for his own team's ineptitude and shortcomings. i think that's really unfortunate because he is casting doubt on the legitimate,
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the legitimacy of the entire process which can be toxic. harris: but that resonates with voters, right, andrea? people have said they feel like their voices don't count. my second question, i ask it to you, what do you think about cruz's response today? andrea: couple things. guy is absolutely right, the process in colorado is a bit sketchy but trump has a point there but it is rules and those are the rules, they set those rules in place. it is a message that works though, because trump is also correct. both men can be right on some issues. it is complicated. it is not black and white. trump is correct the establishment is working behind the scenes to get rid of him. he has a point. he knows this resonates with his supporters, again, i brought this point up yesterday, trump has benefited more than ted cruz from the arcane rules of republican party. when you look at this, trump leads republican field, 756 delegates, which is 45% of the delegates awarded to date. however trump's support is
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greater than his actual support from voters. so he has more delegates even though he has less support from the voters when you look at the math. his argument, not exactly bullet-proof on that one. >> actually you raise an excellent point. cruz benefited much less than trump. as you pointed out trump has 22% above raw vote above his delegates. cruz has only 14. if anybody has the right to complain shortened of the stick here, i can't believe i'm defending ted cruz, it is ted cruz, not donald trump trump has to realize it is big boy game. his staff was out worked -- >> again. >> ben. that is why he is in situation. harris: he brought on paul manafort who is known for tight game on this sort of thing. if he has catching up to do, i asked this yesterday, is there time for him to catch up. watching ted cruz respond to this, dagen, perhaps donald trump can catch up. >> donald cruz, there is that
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slip of combining the two into one ticket. >> i have nightmares about that. andrea: if you put their faces together, whoa. >> wipe away all the problems. >> great hair. >> big picture trump is the outsider and ripping up the horrible system. getting it to the ground game, i am shocked that he has not walked his talk better. that he didn't put in a ground game, planning, organization, and thrown some of his money at this. that's what is kind of glaring at this point. harris: maybe he didn't feel like he needed to. >> right. again there is part of this campaign, wowza, i am so surprised where i am. he could have wrapped it up if he had thrown more money and more people on the ground. harris: this is how the rules work, you and i were talking about this before the show, guy, you still have the eight-state rule that exists before the convention. a candidate ahead even with 1237
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votes needed would need to win by eight states. that was put into place right before 2012 by mitt romney's group. >> under that rule you have to win the majority of delegates in eight nominating contests to be eligible to be placed into nomination. it is very arcane. by the way those are 2012 rules. they can be completely rewritten and thrown out by 2016 delegates. andrea: which is why trump is correct there could be some funny business going on and could be some funny business going on in other states. but again the math backs up what cruz is saying. donald trump has won 45% of the delegates but only 37% of the vote. harris: one second, because i want to get this in. an aide for speaker of the house paul ryan is now saying that he will rule himself out as the potential 2016 presidential candidate, quote, once and for all. he is set to speak today to make that known to the nation at 3:15 p.m. eastern. that is something we'll obviously cover here but we've seen this sort of thing from
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paul ryan before when he said he didn't want the speaker's job too. >> i was going to say, did he rule himself out, i will never be speaker? guess what he is today. with respect to donald trump and his complaint, we've done campaigns and the most dangerous candidate is he doesn't know what he doesn't know. >> i will go out to hire people. >> you're absolutely right. he is expected to go out to hire people who know what they were doing. his staff didn't know what they were doing and doesn't want to bring in anybody other than paul manafort. harris: i want to ask you a question, dagen. i cut in to bring you news about paul ryan. i will ask you this question. donald trump can't win or lose in this scenario. when he is criticized for taking a few days off to look at his staff. that becomes, oh, my gosh, there must be turmoil in the ranks, when he puts people in place why did it take so long. so which is it? >> he is a genius making best
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after bad situation. it was a mistake not knowing the rules in colorado. people feel disenfranchised into the state. he is on the stump whipping people into frenzy what happened to him in colorado. i do want to point out he has to step up. he has to hire people. he is doing that. but again because of the late date it looks like it is going to the convention when he could have gotten to 1237 at least by california. >> no question. harris: interesting to see it could potentially be donald trump, ted cruz, maybe john kasich. according to paul ryan it will not be him. he plans to make that official on the record at 3:15 p.m. today. of course we'll cover it on fox news. meanwhile most americans are less than excited about the crop of presidential candidates in both political parties. what is going on with that? could this have an impact on election day? would people just stay home? what do front-runners in either party need to do to generate more enthusiasm. america is no longer the top
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nation for achieving the american dream. come on. we should own that. it is called the american dream. that is according to one federal reserve official who also paints a bleak picture for america's children. is he right? what could be behind this disturbing change? right after the show, catch more from the couch on the web, live when we go "outnumbered overtime." log onto, click on the "overtime" tab. we have a live chat already looking along. thousands of people jump on. get in early with your facebook and twitter. we'll get your voice live into our conversation on the web. stay close. ♪ make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive.
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always be you.
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♪ andrea: new polls suggesting that hillary clinton's dod home state of new york may not be such a lock for her after all. new monmouth survey finding clinton leading bernie sanders by 12 points, but in that same poll, a whopping 41% of people are -- 46% of people are still undecided or willing to change their minds. the two rivals continue to trade barbs on the campaign trail. sanders campaign manager says hillary is experienced on paper but suggesting that might not be enough. >> she is clearly experienced, right? intelligent person, experienced
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person but resume' is not enough at end of the day, right? you can look at someone's resume' they could be great, but when you do the interview, what the whole election process basically is ask job interview you learn a more than what is on piece of paper. of course on paper she is experienced. andrea: meantime sanders himself also doubling down, hitting clinton her history of paid speeches to wall street firms. >> secretary clinton has said that she is prepared to release the transcripts if everybody else does the same. well, i am prepared to announce here in albany, i will release all of my transcripts. [cheers and applause] which is not difficult for me to do because there are no transcripts. harris: [laughter]. andrea: clinton not holding back, at sanders gun record, for repeated votes against the a gun
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control bill in 1990. >> the brady bill that prevented two million purchases that were prohibited under it was a very tough legislative battle. when senator sanders was in the house he voted against the brady bill five times. i was very proud when my husband passed and signed the brady bill. i'm very grateful that it has saved lives. [applause] andrea: okay. guy which hillary clinton are we getting now? the hillary clinton that embraces her husband's gun legislation or the hillary clinton who just the other day didn't want anything to do with him and his crime bill? she tends to be very morally and politically flexible when it suit the her. does she have point about sanders? >> i think this is version 7.0. remarkably life like. i think what is fascinate about hillary clinton, if you rewind the tape to 2008 she attacked barack obama on guns from the right. saying oh, the bitter clinger,
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remark, trying to get the votes in rural pennsylvania and places like ohio. here she is the champion of gun-grabbing, attacking bernie sanders from the left on same issue. she is a shape-shifting politician who will do and say absolutely anything to get herself elected. it actually served her relatively well over the course of her career. i think she is going to be the democratic nominee once again. she has moved dramatically to the left as her party has. andrea: she has been on both sides of seemingly every issue. harris: she has to be. andrea: harris, look like state like new york, she moved because of the primaries. she is not from but convinced people of new york -- harris: she was senator. andrea: she was never from here. she moved here to be the senator from here. she is not from here. she is from illinois, pennsylvania, what have you. does her attacks work on senator sanders? who is winning pr fight? harris: i don't think it is really about him. i want to go to julie about this.
9:17 am
we're seeing a little bit of a tightening. there is 12-point gap. that happens before every primary and caucus as we get closer to the date it shrinks. she has to look at number that counts if in fact she will be nominee, she has to face somebody who might be more popular than she is on the other side of the political aisle. one in four bernie sanders voters would not vote for her. they're visceral about her support. they don't want her. do they stay home. do they vote for the nominee on the other side if they happen to be moderate enough? what happens? i see what you're saying, andrea, is complete answer back, yeah, i will have to shape-shift a little bit and take human form, i will have to do that because i'm not so sure i will have enough mojo on my own. i might need some of his support. what does she do to court the bernie sanders supporters? >> this is reminiscent what happened in 2008. her supporters, said no way, no how, barack obama would never vote for him. they did come home. they ultimately do. democrats learned for susan sarandon who is outlyer, learned
9:18 am
a lesson what happens if you stay home or vote for third party candidate in 2000. it stuck to the democratic party what can happen if you don't take an election seriously. it leads to election of george bush. that is lesson democrats learn and republicans learn this year with the never trump movement if in fact he is nominee. andrea: game this for us. you have expertise on campaigns and love when you break it down honestly to that? what happened to his supporters. he made her tack so far left, even in the general tries to moderate to get back in the middle a lot of angry sanders supporters, come on the system is rigged on left. superdelegates are going for her. this is fake primary. >> true not because of the superdelegates. she is well ahead in the pledged delegates. ultimately, superdelegates, not superdelegates sanders voters come home to the democratic party because the alternative, i'm sorry but the alternative is donald trump. if you look at donald trump, if
9:19 am
you're a liberal democrat, what are you going to do? stay home and potentially elect donald trump? they know that. they lived it in 2,000. in younger voters don't remember, rest of us do. we won't risk trump presidency because they don't love everything about hillary clinton. >> young people stay in their dorm rooms and snoke dope, people that support bernie sanders. bernie sanders increasing little going after black voters that is her strong hold. he is going after bill clinton's voters and sees an opening because of black lives matters protesters. >> if it is hillary versus trump i might light one up. harris: how americans feel about presidential candidates on either side of the political aisle. new polling shows most of them are not very excited. makes you want to think is paul ryan jumping out too soon? i don't know. new poll gfk poll says 28% of all voters would be satisfied with hillary clinton was
9:20 am
nominee. 21% say they would be neutral. 50% would be disappointed or even angry. wow. donald trump doesn't fare much better. only 19% of all voters would be excited or satisfied with him as gop nominee. 16% neutral. 63% angry or disappointed. let's go deeper. even with within their own parties clinton and trump do not generate much enthusiasm. 26% of the democrats say they would be excited with clinton as the nominee. 19% of republican said they would be excited if trump won. 3:15 p.m. eastern, speaker of the house paul ryan is ready to tell us he will not be in the running for presidential candidate. do you think he rewriting his speech looking at that? maybe people want something else? >> he told us he would not be in the running last year when he decided not to run for president. paul ryan is not running for president. harris: he said same thing about speaker of the house. >> that is different. that is position chosen by elites at con dregsal level. harris: this isn't?
9:21 am
not congress. >> chosen by people and chosen by delegates pledged to people like donald trump and to ted cruz. it will be interesting at the convention, harris, i think this is overlooked a lot, there is this theory, oh the establishment will sweep in and parachute this golden child into the convention. you will have donald trump and ted cruz who are ripping each other to shreds on the campaign trail -- harris: to rip that new person. >> no they will have strategic alliance in cleveland to make sure there are no rules changes that would permit that to happen. this is not going to occur. andrea: right. >> donald cruz. like i said. her problem is she has been running for the presidency since '92 or even earlier than that. people are tired of hearing and seeing hillary clinton at this point, right? and donald trump has been on television so much, that i think there is a sense of exhaustion with these two candidates. that's why they poll like this. >> i think what you see with the polling, seeing lower turnout
9:22 am
election other than what you might have seen. a lot people will not simply come out would ultimately come out. if you remember obama in '08 on democratic side, so much excitement, hope, change, first african-american president. >> and palin. >> dagen you do have a good point people are tired of these candidates. i have to say, look, i'm a democrat. i will vote for her if she is the nominee, it is not exciting as 08 with obama. >> this peephole this is impressive, this is impressively bad. when you look at unfavorable ratings of three most likely nominee, hillary clinton, 55% unfavorable. ted cruz, 49% unfavorable. donald trump 63% unfavorable. >> what is the difference? democrats have the party rigged for establishment for hillary clinton. the right doesn't yet, the right, because media is mostly liberal, oh, there is family infighting. democrats have family infighting too. you seem to have your coronation
9:23 am
yet of the we haven't figured out ours yet. paul ryan a waste of our breath talking about it. >> it is not really rigged though. not like she is winning among superdelegates and losing among the pledged delegates. by couple hundred votes. andrea: come on. harris: they go back and forth. white house is under fire over president obama's latest defense over hillary clinton's email scandal suggesting some classified information, it is really not all that actually sensitive even though it is classified. can the administration be trusted with this investigation? plus the cia director admits the islamic state savages are spreading globally but saying the u.s. is actually safer than anytime since 9/11. my brain stretches to make both those things true at the same time. we'll talk about it next. [gunfire]
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at ♪ andrea: new fallout over president obama's latest defense over hillary clinton and her email scandal. the president suggesting that classified material is not actually all that sensitive. watch. >> there is classified and then there is classified. there is stuff that is really top secret, top secret, and there is stuff that is being presented to the president or the secretary of state you might not want on the transom, you know, going out over the wire but, is basically stuff that you could get in open source. andrea: now the white house defending his remarks saying it a sign of disputes in the national security bureaucracy. >> you're drawing a pretty clear illustration too how complicated
9:29 am
this picture is. and, obviously there is a need for individuals who sign a oath to protect classified information. secretary clinton has acknowledged that with regard to this information none of which was stamped classified, that she was a little careless and that if she had an opportunity to do it differently and handle the information differently she would have done that but what is also true is she, has said from the beginning that none of the information that she received or sent from that email account was stamped or marked classified. andrea: and, former nasa contractor edward snowden who fled the country and faces federal charges for leaking classified info, he is responding to the president's comments tweeting, if i had only known. and i bet julie, general petraeus and others who faced the administration's very clear definitive definition of classified -- >> she is just shaking her head.
9:30 am
>> glass table and bash my head into it and flip it. what -- only responsible the president can give, white house can give, there is fbi investigation we're not going to comment period. what is this parsing of words? what is nonsense of classified? i know what he is getting and saying. so dumb for the white house to go down the road, his appointee at the fbi is doing it the investigation. let it run its course. otherwise people, some people on this couch even for the white house to put their thumb on the scale. he must know that. andrea: who on the couch would say that? maybe the president and entire administration is giving hillary clinton cover in her email scandal. doesn't it seem that way? >> dagen: absolutely. putting the fbi and justice department in a horrible position if they choose not to prosecute her.
9:31 am
andrea: bingo. dagen: looks like they goat a wink and a nod, some sort of strange symbol from the president and even if you go back to what he told chris wallace in the language he was using, other than the double, triple, quintuple secret top, whatever he was describing, he talked about she would never intentionally put america in any kind of jeopardy and that is carelessness. words intentional and careless have very legal meanings. the president being a lawyer he knows exactly what he is doing. and what he is saying to the fbi and justice. andrea: also he parsed his words in the interview there is no influence in the investigation which i don't think anyone's alleging. i think people are saying that the fbi is absolutely fair and the national security espionage team looking at her emails they're aboveboard and fair. not the investigation we're worried about, harris. it is what the doj does with the recommendation. harris: congressman peter king was sitting in your seat yesterday, guy, former chairman of the homeland security
9:32 am
committee in the house and he said the words, the president is interfering in this investigation, period. that's a problem for them because not only are those legal words, they color the situation than anybody would be looking at evidence, okay? they color it. they give it an emotion. if you are looking at it no matter what it looks like, you should think it looks careless, you should think it looks like a mistake. that is interfering. that goes beyond not commenting. i used to like the white house when the -- liked it when the white house wouldn't comment on investigations. >> exactly what you're saying, what peter king said is what president allowed him to say. republicans see what peter king was able to say. the president, why not keep your mouth shut? andrea: this is second time he has given her cover. the first guy, in the "60 minutes" interview, he said on the record up to this point he does not comment on active investigations. people have gone to jail far less than this.
9:33 am
at best, we're supposed to believe what, she is incompetent? terrible argument for commander-in-chief and the white house is giving her cover. >> what we've seen here from the president in this excuse in the miasma of excuses, overclassification is problem. too many things are classified. that might be true. majority of her emails, classified on her private unsecure server were lowest level confidential, but what that argument from obama requires us to forget there were dozens of secret, top secret and above top secret emails sitting on that server which was not secure. so that the core of the problem. andrea: i don't believe they're confused about that classified versus not classified. >> there isn't. andrea: that doesn't exist. harris: one in category of super top secret, it is a problem. >> indiscriminate. that is the problem with the whole setup. harris: let's shift to national security now. cia director john brennan is raising eyebrows, continue on with national security but in a different vain.
9:34 am
he is saying that there are more terrorists in the world than ever before but insisting that the united states is actually safer than it has been in 15 years. brennan told nbc news, quote, when i think about 9/11 and how al qaeda was taking advantage of inabilities in the homeland, we have strengthened our security in the homeland, to a great, great degree. we as a country are far, far safer 9/11, end quote. even if that were the case though, here are some chilling numbers. according to a global think tank which tracks worldwide terrorism deaths there were about 3200 in the year 2,000. there were more than 32 now in the year 2014. that is nearly a 10-fold increase. guy? >> there seems to be some dissew dense here when he says we're safer than ever, while acknowledging the number of terrorists on. planet has proliferated. i will say personally i'm not sure i feel or many americans feel much safer today than we
9:35 am
did on 9/11. i will say though, that i feel much safer living in the united states of america than i would if i lived in europe because you look at the problem of assimulation and these cauldrons of radicalization in european cities, which have been the, the seeds for that have been sown for decades with irresponsible immigration policies and sort of pussyfooting around in this fetish of multiculturalism. they have much more serious problem they have over there than over here. i'm grateful for that. i'm greatful for the people that keep us safe every day but when you see the cia director make those two comments, you see a lot of people perk up and say, i don't understand that. harris: i put it this way, it kind of stretches the brain. when you talk like that, julie, republicans and others get reputation of being isolationists. is that what this is or something else? >> no. this makes sense to me they're probably more worldwide. the question is are we safer in the homeland.
9:36 am
the answer according to him, yes we are. despite what you said, there are terrorist the events are happening in the world that we in the united states are safer than he believes before 9/11. we talked about on this couch and other places the difference between the united states and europe. europe has never been good at assimilating their immigrant populations. their jews were in ghettos for millenia, starting with that not even talking about with what is going on with arab communities. when we talk about assimilating immigrants and i'm an immigrant myself, how we assimilate immigrants, night and day from europe. >> that is one of our advantages dagen: when we in this country raise just concerns about refugees coming in from syria, about vetting these people we see what happened in europe, with the sexual assaults in germany over the holidays, for example, people who are worried about that are called bigots and racists. so i think that the tone that we have coming out of the white house is very, very harmful to an open discussion
9:37 am
about how we are going to defend this homeland. tip of the hat to law enforcement in this country but the way that the white house has talked about terrorism, since osama bin laden got killed is abysmal. it shows a lack of seriousness. andrea: it is in direct conflict with what the dod and what the generals and people like fbi director comey are saying. the white house is on a different page. you hit the nail on the head it is incongruent. comey saying they're recruiting faster than we can kill them. i question brennan's credibility. this is the same cia, remember, pressuring currently over 150 intel analyst who is stood up and said they are pressuring us to scrub the intelligence reports to diminish and downplay the threat of isis. do you really believe what he is saying right now when they are forcing a fake narrative on the american people about the threat of radical islamic jihadism? i don't. harris: when you look at that chris wallace interview from "fox news sunday" this past
9:38 am
weekend and how many times the president said, full stop at the end of his sentence, isis is my number one concern, why would that be the case if in fact we were this much safer at home than we were 15 years ago? why would he have pushed back so hard? it is an interesting question to ponder but we'll move on. it is called the american dream. upward mobility, a better life, owning a home but now one federal official says the u.s. is no longer the top nation in which to achieve the american dream. so are they going to call sitting else? ♪ thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better
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♪ dagen: warning from a federal reserve official that the united states is no longer the number one place for achieving the american dream. bill dudley, the president of the federal reserve bank of new york, says upward mobility is actually higher in other countries now. he explains, quote, while income mobility in the united states has been relatively unchanged, it remains well below several other nations. according to a stanford economist the probability of moving from the bottom quintile to the top quintile is 7 1/2% in the united states. 11.7% in denmark and 13 1/2% in canada. so effectively the chance of achieving the american dream is not highest for children born in america. guy, this is not a speech at a bernie sanders rally since owe is touching on denmark and canada, two of bernie sanders's favorite places t raises issue how we define the american dream and has it changed in the last 50 years?
9:44 am
>> i think that data we just heard is sad. we can quibble about the state of the economy and say, oh, unemployment is way down which is good but there are other measures, median income, workforce participation rate, we can talk about all of those things and that's legitimate but if there is sense the american dream is stagnating, that is so disappointing because something that i think the whole world views america as is a place where you can show up and work hard to be successful and mobility, the ability for you to sort of pick yourself up by the bootstraps and make things happen for you and your family in the united states, that is quintessentially what america's supposed to be about and if we're sort of middle of the pack now, or if we're being outperformed by denmark, that's not a good sign. dagen: you can look at that the fact that upward mobility has been basically stagnant for the last 50 years or so, for the last half century as a positive thing of the fact it hasn't gotten worse given what has gone
9:45 am
on in this country in recent years, andrea, in terms of stagnant wage growth. wages are not growing at all either. andrea: i defer to you, dagen. you're from fox business channel. all you do is watch the economy. seems whatever comes out of washington, d.c. is opposite what the american people are feeling. despite what they say the sense among the electorate they're having a hard time with higher premiums, the unemployment rate is much higher than we're seeing. so what do you think is the biggest factor contributing to this feeling? >> i think regulation. seriously, regulation in this country, to me, the american dream being the daughter of a small business owner, to go our own thing and run your own business, even if it is tiny but all your own. whether $15 minimum wage, which seems to be the new norm among progressives. i think regulations, just the president out of the white house, significantly big regulations in terms of economic impacts. more in the seven years obama has been in the white house than eight years of bill clinton and george bush.
9:46 am
i could go on and on. but, harris, i do want to point out something dudley says in the speech which is uplifting. he points to school vouchers and access to better schools. vouchers and charter schools as a way of improving, mobility in this country. harris: you and i are both looking for silver linings, those positive points. i will tell you this, we still own the patent on the american dream as our nation. i refuse to believe that we can't come back and come back big. i mean we're kind of the eveners of that concept. i don't want to ignore the fact though, we have two women on the couch who are descendants of immigrants in this country and watched parents, you particularly with your family, andrea, come to make their dreams come true. has it changed so much they wouldn't come back? >> no but i would say income inequality has been going on since the '80s. a poll people started thinking
9:47 am
about what middle class, they no longer consider college education attainable for their children. that is the biggest path to mobility. and the fact that people now are so demoralized they no longer believe their kids will be able to do better than they do is a very new trend in american life. and i suspect probably never happened in the 200 some years of our nation's founding. dagen: need optimism. andrea: when my parents were starting businesses, it was very, very different. they didn't speak the language. they never took a nickel from the government. very different era. we have government handouts and you point out regulations. they wouldn't start restaurants and small community banks now. my family tried to start another chain of small community banks. dodd-frank and regulations made it next to impossible to do that. think of all the jobs, think of all the productivity where we're from, think of all the restaurant jobs, it is much harder to do it nowadays. dagen: well-said. hollywood star meantime making headlines over her comments about hillary clinton claiming that the presidential candidate
9:48 am
faces more scrutiny on the campaign trail because she is a woman and that there is no way men can understand what that is like. is that true. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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harris: we're making more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll serve it up. for now let's go to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." what is is up, jon? >> we're making more "happening now." we're awaiting a speech from house speaker paul ryan. reportedly he will reiterate he will not be candidate for president even in the event of a open republican convention. new poll numbers show hillary clinton and donald trump with big leads for the front-runners in new york. comes as hillary releases new adds targeting trump and trump fires back at hillary clinton. john kasich gave a key speech, warning about two paths for the country in 2016 race in a veiled swipe at mr. trump. he is talking about the election one of the most consequential in history. more on the kasich campaign ahead and all "happening now." sue he then. harris. harris: see you then. thanks. andrea: hollywood actress and
9:53 am
hillary supporter lena dunham suggesting that hillary is under more scrutiny on the campaign trail all because of her gender. the girl says white men can't understand what it is like for clinton who she claims is under attack on a dale loy basis. dunham telling "new york post," every day hillary is campaigning against a set of odds none of the other candidates can even imagine. the other candidates are white men and they can not understand. even if they can understand it intellectually, what it is like to be under that kind of attack. so, does she have a point, harris, it is different for someone like hillary, with the cover of the president and her hurst and all superdelegates in her corner? harris: i never really thought her inability to understand what others are like or put in others shoes, had to do with gender or race. the fact that she makes $335,000 per speech. i thought it was economic reason quite frankly. andrea: guy?
9:54 am
is she being treated unfairly? >> no. andrea: on one hand she uses benefits of being a woman, i say that going back to the 2000 senate race, when she claimed rick lazio approached her in a way invaded personal space and played woman card and selectively uses the woman card. so which one is it? >> in our political system women are subjected to certain types of scrutiny that are different and unfair compared to men but for hillary to lean on this and her friend lena dunham who is just always right about everything, for example, all the other candidates are white men. may i introduce you to ted cruz, lena dunham. whatever details. she is in hollywood. that is her thing. as a white man i can say i don't, i can't relate to hillary clinton. i don't understand what her life is like. i can't imagine what $300,000 per speech is like. i can't imagine never driving myself anywhere for 20 years. i can't imagine putting national security at risk to set up a
9:55 am
private email security and then lying to people about it for months. these are things as white man i can not relate to. that makes hillary clinton i think very unique and special in one sense. andrea: is it though? i will play devil's advocate with you, julie. i do agree with guy. i think there is a different sort of perception of women in politics. you and i would agree. we worked for women and male candidates. women are treated differently in life whether they're in politics or not. so does ms. dunn have a point. >> she does have a point. won't talk about hillary, specifically, both of are you so right, when women candidates -- women tend not to run for office because they think, so many people took offense at bernie sanders's comment, don't think they are qualified. men don't have the same concerns. men think they're always qualified typically, typically. not always. the problem for women there is a barrier getting into politics you're in politics there. is no question there is a double-standard they're held to higher standard from the way
9:56 am
they address and way they appear to, barack obama said this about hillary. she had to do things before 8:00 a.m. no guy would ever would. get ready with her hair and outfits. there is double-standard for running for women. there is something to be talked about. dagen: i like how she used word attack, assault, talking about hillary clinton's gender. just one thing, she uses her gender as a crutch but picks up the crutch because she doesn't really have a hurt leg and starts swinging it at people. so she uses it both -- andrea: they will start swinging with me if i don't wrap, dagen. zulu-6-9er...
9:57 am
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harris: terrific tuesday. one of them is guy benson. the other the sun is coming out. kind of same thing. thank you for being here. see you tomorrow at noon eastern.


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