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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: terrific tuesday. one of them is guy benson. the other the sun is coming out. kind of same thing. thank you for being here. see you tomorrow at noon eastern.
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donald trump bashing his own party. >> donald trump is claiming that the system is rigged after ted cruz swept all of colorado's 34 delegates over the weekend and new poll trump and hillary clinton holding commanding leads in the new york primary.
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and the survey showed donald trump 40 points ahead of bofth his arrivals and clinton gets support of half of likely democratic voters. >> john roberts is following about a primary held a month ago. >> reporter: so much needed news for donald trump. missouri announced a month after it took place donald trump is the winner of the missouri primary. beating ted cruz. and nets him 12 delegates over ted cruz. donald trump is complaining about the delegate selection process in colorado. he had a huge rally in albany, new york and winning thunderous applause about the system rigged against him. >> really disgusting.
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so it is a very sick system. and i tell you what, maybe in addition to winning, maybe we'll clean up the system so in future years we'll have a honest contest and clean up the dirty, rotten and disgusting system. >> reporter: the complaints earned scorn from ted cruz. i attended the colorado convention and attention to grass room. cruz had it and trump didn't, end of story. and ohio governor kasich only play at the nomination is to peel delegates away in a speech to the women's club can suggesting they would takedown the nation to a path of darkness. kasich singling out trump for special mission. >> feeding off the fears and
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anger felt by some of us and exploit it, feed their own insat able desires for fame and attention. that could drive america down in a ditch and not make us great again. >> reporter: donald trump suggesting that he might be willing to make nice with current and former opponents telling fox's kirsten powers that he would consider kasich, marco rubio and walker are as a running mate or maybe in a trump cabinet. >> john roberts in rome, new york. >> they are not getting a lot of love from voters. it shows under half of the voters would never vote for hillary clinton who announced her presidential campaign one year ago today.
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63 percent said no way to donald trump. and talk about it with joe trippi. brad blake man. and professor of public policy in georgetown. for front runner ares, brad, they are carrying baggage in the campaign and primary season. >> a lot of baggage and a lot of road, a lot of room to make up for the losses that we're seeing. we are in the selection process. you have to be selected by the party before you are elected by the people. you must have your base energized to leave the convention with more than 90 days before election day. and so it is a huge challenge. if you don't have your base with you, how can you attract the electorate. a lot of ground made up by republicans and democrats and not only that, we have
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a contentious primary season for both parties. >> you are looking at a possibility of front runners coming out as nominee where neither one has an excited base if brad is right? >> they both have excited supporters, but the problem is, you have to unify your party and get them excited about being unified in november and reach beyond that to independence and other voters that are out there, moderate supporters on both sides of the aisle. i agree with brad, this is the consequence of having a tough, you know, and energetic fight on both sides. the democrats, we were worried about that in 2008. there was a spirited fight between bark bookkeeper obama and hillary clinton that year,
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they were able to unify and it was a victory for the history of the party. and certainly most energized voter turn out. both parties have to try to come to that conclusions at their conventions and hope to get the same results. because the fight is so harsh between cruz and trump, they may have a tougher time to do that. and certainly hillary and bernie sand is sand would have the same conclusion in the democratic convention. the tougher job is on the republican side. >> trump was on bill o'rielly's program. he asked him about the high unfavorables and if that might be bringing on a change of style for the general election. here's what trump had to say. >> it is possible it will change a bit. we started with 17 people and 16 of which shooting at me. and they are almost gone.
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they are accomplished saintors and governors and you know very, very smart people like ben carson who endorsed me and all going after you. and you probably don't come off looking so good because you come after them harder. i think so, ronald reagan had high unfavorables and his favorable rating was 30 and jimmy carter was ahead of him 19 points and he won. and once we get going and focus on hillary clinton. i think we will do great. >> we talked about the unfavorable ratings can he turn it around? >> it is hard. we know the trump that we've got. and we see a more statesman- like trump he will not excite people the way he is today. and both sides have real believers. the question is to move beyond
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that. trump said i can be anybody that i need to be. now he needs to be a statesman. >> does hillary clinton have going to worry about in her adopted home state? >> i think it will closeup. the front runners, both trump and clinton, when you look at those numbers. he's at 60 and she's at 50, what it says, the people who are not with her or with trump either stay home or go somewhere else as the days close and we get closer. i expect both races to be closer than the polling show. that's why the polling is off in most of these things. but one thing that is true, the great unifier in general is the other candidate. trump has his problems, but hillary clinton will do awe lot to make republicans to come home and trump if he's the nominee, will make bernie sanders
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supporters come to her. and that is high negatives because of the fight and in the end, the great unifier is the nominee on the other side. that will help trump or hillary. >> what a campaign season it has been. >> unbelievable. >> and if you are preoccupied by the election, you may have forgotten tax day. jon, it is looming and a new report shedding light on the risk to your vulnerable information. the irs uses outdated software and vulnerable to taxpayers. they are meeting today to see how to help protect taxpayer hi, mike. >> the irs commissioner said the agency's xhoout computer system would withstand 1 million
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malicious attempts to access them each day. and they had a government accountability office and ga o released the report. unless they take additional steps. it will be unnecessarily risk to inappropriate use. the panel's top democrat said there is plenty of blame to go around. >> taxpayers are failed by the agencies and they are counting on to protect them. it was unacceptable for the irs to leave the front door open to hackers by using a weak authification process. >> reporter: millions of americans are finishing up their returns ahead of friday april 15th tax deadline. it is of utmost importance to
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the agency and the commissioner also offered taxpayers tips on how to avoid common rip off scams. >> we never threaten people or tell them they are going to jail or make a payment to a debit card or bank account. you pay the taxes to the uunited states treasury. >> reporter: they are trying to stay steps ahead of criminals here and can abroad trying to access sensitive information. a trial of an ohio man accused of going to syria to plan a terror attack is stayed. and raising a red flag about isis. they are warning about future attacks, next. >> you understand how incredibly effective isis is to inspire
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people like sammy. do you think that isis can be contained if it has that caliphate and not have them spread and insight that it?
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don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. new information on the spread of isis. two top counter terrorism experts warning that we will expect more attacks like those in parand is brussels. catherine joins us with more. >> reporter: now more than 36000 foreign fighter ares traveled to syria. the intelligence source said that 36, 500 went to the region and western passports that can travel in the u.s. and canada. and 120 countries are now
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affected. an lift said it shows radification is a global problem. as the pressure gross on on isis, they warn congress of the possible consequences. >> it is important to dominate the news cycle and a list of global jihadi i would expect them to expand the foreign attacks. in that sense, i don't think it is possible to contain the group. >> even as we constrain and have success in limiting isis on the battlefield in syria and iraq, you may see more of the types of attacks like we see in brussels and paris. those are very hard to stop. >> reporter: panelist testified that isis has significant
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territory in iraq and paris still. and the strategy here in the u.s. is adrift. >> i am asked what is our strategy and goal. tell us. if they don't know what it is. it is not communicated from the top. we are in this by the long haul by default. >> reporter: a second hearing on capitol hill that will examine the refugee issue is set to begin in 50 minutes. they will look at the consequences of not settling these refugees. and isis is trying to insert operatives in refugee to get them in u.s. and europe. >> that has already happened. >> thank you.
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the trial of an ohio man accused of plotting an attack on the home land is on hold. he is accused of travelling to a terrorist base to train and returning home with a plan to attack a military base. the judge rescheduled the case. a lysse is a fox news alert and yodi is a criminal attorney. thank you for joining us. yodi. i will start wu. and put the on your defense attorney hat and how would you defend himself? >> there was probable cause to indict mohammed. but not a plan of how he would plan the attack on u.s. soil. was there weapon's possession or explosives in his possession. we don't have the detailed
10:20 am
account. before his arrest what was his plan on how to do this? all we have is a substantial amount of evidence to support the charge that he was in support of a terrorist group but we are lacking the details of how he would attack. >> just comments on facebook, is that enough to prosecute? >> yes, it is. i don't need a detailed plan and i don't need those details. all i need under the law is a substantial step. did he take substantial steps to further aid our enemies and yes, he did. not just what he did on facebook. he traveled to syria that was the substantial step to be trained. he had all of the talk on facebook, but he went to syria and took that substantial step.
10:21 am
that's all i need and why he was arrested when he got off of the plane. and i don't need details. he will never come up with that. terrorist will not put on facebook what they do. they don't do that? that's not how it works. >> we have a first amendment right to freedom of speech. >> of course. but don't post it on facebook. >> hold on, what i am saying, he talked about wanting to do something big in the u.s. and attack military officials or police officers and that was nothing short of talk. but i am not arguing that this is not good law enforcement here. the government knew there was a seed planted. it is all talk and what did he do to further that? >> he went to syria >> they will bring it up in october and have a decision. >> that's all i need.
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>> thank you for joining us and appreciate it. >> republican candidates are all vying for more delegates in the northeast. is there a chance kasich could make it to that point? thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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>> governor john kasich campaigning hard in new york, one week before the presidential primary. polls put him in second place in new york and a distant third behind donald trump and ted cruz. but the headline reads, john kasich sees a path to nomination despite low delegate.
10:26 am
he performed so a bysmal. insistence on remain negligent race has made him no into can't take a hint punch line. even mr. kasich's see he must demonstrate relevance if he has a long shot hope in emerging as a cappedidate in a -- candidate in summer. welcome to both of you. chris, governor kasich, a lot of people assume who ever emerges is going to it have to be an active candidate, do you agree? >> i would hope so. i know that most republican voters hope so.
10:27 am
john kasich is on the outside hoping that there is so much pandemoniam that trump will be anybodyinged out and cruz will be knocked out. and he will raise his hands in victory and if he showed up to 200 delegates. that the republican voters will flee by the millions and the party will be fractured and you might see another third party because people will abandon the republican party in droves. >> that's what the democrats are hoping for. >> the democrats are in as much trouble as the republicans are. there is no trump on the other side. bernie sanders choking up and hillary clinton in the middle. and john kasich, he's hoping for the thick want to be the
10:28 am
nominee. is that good or bad? it is bad for republicans and democrats and democracy. >> why is it bad for democracy? there is nothing about political parties and how to choose a nominee in a convention. >> i will put on my academic. political parties are important to democracy because they are messengers in power from the people on bottom who vote and how they are supposed to be. a fix at a convention tells people on both sides of the aisle, they don't matter and their votes are more worthless. and when those things happen, the reaction of the people is not a good one. >> one of the reasons that we have a constitution, it is a good idea to run the nation under rules. and rules say 1237 delegates, if you don't have them you are not
10:29 am
the nominee. >> i agree with deal of what he said. and true that the democrats are dealing with a situation of their own, bernie win withes states and hillary clinton wins the delegates and he's 17 of the last eight at this point. and there is an uprusing and revolt against the parties and establishment and the constitution a wonderful near perfect guide for us. but the parties are making up their own rules and they don't come from the constitution. they will do what they do. but there is a muteiny below the surface and both parties are in danger of sending their voters running from the exits. >> i want to play something that kasich said this morning addressing the national women's republican club in new york
10:30 am
city. you might hear a swipe at his chief rival. >> to pass, one choice, the path that exploits anger and encourages resentment and turns fear to hatred and divides people. this path solves nothing. it demeans our history and weakens our country and cheapens each one of us. it has but one beneficenceary and that is to the politician who speaks of it. the other path is one that america has been down before and well trod. at times it is steep but it is solid. it is the same path our forebearers took together. and from the higher path we are offered the view. >> this is a joke. going back to the beginning of
10:31 am
the republic. hamilton was beaten up and abused and liabled by thomas jefferson and abraham lincoln was called canape. people in the country have a right to demand a solution to real problems like under employment. and in the part of the world where kasich comes from role jobs and real wages. and not just a bunch of guys that write checks. and republicans and democrats feel that way. that's why there is chaos. >> is that appeal from kasich falling on deaf ears? >> i think this year, it is. we have had rough and tumble in the politics and we have had election cycles where the road taken was much higher than the road this time around. i would like to it see more of a high road being taken, but in
10:32 am
this election cycle, i don't think we will see that and that will fall on deaf ears. >> thank you, both. >> back with more in a moment. 'e the father that i wanted to be. now i use depend. i can move the way i really want. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas.
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with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. (dong)ocket blasting off (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1 (ding) (ding) (ding) rocket >> welcome back. health officials asking the feds for $2 billion to combat the spread of the zika virus in the united states. there are 350 confirmed cases in
10:36 am
the country already. and the cvc said the virus is more dangerous than they thought. john has the latest for us. what do we know? >> reporter: heather, we know that the mosquito easily transmits the zika virus is widespread in the u.s. than previously thought. look at the updated map, it shows the mosquito found in 30 states, that is up from 12 states where mosquitoes are spreading zika in puerto rico and other u.s. territories, there are no reports of mosquito-borne zika on the u.s. mainla mainland. but that could change. >> everything that's we look at with the virus is more scary. we hope not to see local transmission in the continental u.s., we need the states.
10:37 am
>> the greatest risk is unborn babies to mothers. they believe it is linked to a series of decisions with blindness and premature birth. there are reports of neurological problems. and president obama asked congress for 2 million for zika prevention efforts. but congressional republicans directed the white house to first use funds that were earmarked for ebola. >> the money transferred from the ebola acts is not what we want. we needed 1.9 billion then. >> reporter: funding is needed to combat threats from multiple of diseases including zika and
10:38 am
ebola, heather? >> johnathon, for the cases on the u.s. mainland. how did these patients get zika? >> reporter: the vast majority involve returning travellers who are are infected traveling to other countries or u.s. territories. there are a handful of cases involving women who became infected after having sex with male travellers from the regions, but no cases of mosquito- born transmission on the u.s. mainland. >> johnathon, live for us, thank you. >> some new developments in a scandal rocking the nation
10:39 am
ready to host the olympics. there is a congressional committee recommended to go forward with the impeachment proceedings. rosef is accused of manipulating public finances which she denies. >> everything is bigener texas. ashes parentally that is true for hail, too, look at this. hail as big as baseballs pummelling the backyard and now the storm system is on the move. there is hail, flash floods and torp torns. janice dean is live for us with more on that. >> you want to stay inside with hail size of baseball and golf balls. and we with could see that in texas and the gulf coast.
10:40 am
looking at the last 24 hours. we have 180 reports of hail and damaging winds over texas and the concern now for south texas. low pressure along with a cold front that stalled out. and along the cold front potential of severe weather and flash flooding as well. you can see the heavier rainfall and all of the moisture in the gulf of mexico. and we'll see the concern for flash flooding and potential for hail and wind and tornados and mainly in south texas in the afternoon and evening. the severe threat will subside. we'll see easily see 4- 6 inches along the stationary front. look at the west. we have another couple of systems moving in here. it is a good news situation. they need moisture in the west
10:41 am
and we'll see potential of inches of rain and more snow for the mountains. we'll watch this system in the northwest and rockies. look at your highs today. cooler than average temperatures in the great lakes and midwest and northeast. it will warm things up again. and so a troph builds in the west and we'll see temperatures on the rise for the northeast, mid- atlantic and southern u.s. >> spring is here. i will take a chance and tell you it is here. >> we hope it is here. we'll take your word. >> you for your spring white. >> controversial move by a flag ship company and why it is in talks with iran. and ethan couch, 19 years now, and heading to adult court.
10:42 am
our legal panel breaks do you know what the judge might do now that it is a whole new ball game for him. chlorr
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>> the boeing corporation talk to the iranian airlines. it is a sign that the u.s. and iran are moving normalized trade relations. the republicans say it will strengthen the military abilities of iran and weaken sanctions. boeing received permission to enter talks with iran. any deals require additional clearance. an unhappy birthday to a fluenza teen ethan couch. he turned 19 and his case will now go to adult court. he and his mother fled to mexico
10:46 am
in the violation of the probation. he was 16 at the time of the crash. lawyers argued that the privileged upbringing he didn't know right from wrong. thank you so much for sticking around for us. >> he's 16 at the time and ends up with ten years probation and has to go to a rehab facility and violated his probation and turns 19 and what could change? >> the judge is if a box because of the probation. shame on that trial judge to let in that so- called expert that said a fluenza. are you kidding me? a fluenza is this shame on that judge letting him in. and shame on the jury for buying
10:47 am
it. the criminal defense lawyer did what they are supposeed to do is getting their client off. but moving forward. the judge can give the max. get this. unbelievable. her people. and now he can only get a max of simonths. that's it? >> that's the probation violation. >> now, going forward. if this a fluenza teen violates that ten year probation, then he can get up to ten years for each violation. >> what do you think that the defense will argue in terms of why he violated the probation and all of that? >> the violation of probation is a moot point. he is essentially going to start with a clean slate under adult supervision and like she said it should have been transferred to the adult court in the beginning
10:48 am
and there should not have been an a fluenza case heard nothing he did as a juvenile counts and in texas intoxication manslaughter. there is a mandatory minimum of 120 days that someone has to serve. the judge should impose the 120 days against ethan as he continues his probation. >> and the running away to mexico and hiding out with his mom didn't happen? >> no, no. he will get probably 180 days opposed to 120 because of running away. big deal. but the mother tanya, the great mother who took him to mexico and they bought pizza together and how they got apprehended. she's facing a felony of ten
10:49 am
years and could get much more time than the son in texas. the only difference for him is 120 days than 180 days. >> so essentially again, he starts from a clean state. we will be seeing him in court very soon. and at that point, the real punishment will be imposed. and then he would have violated as an adult. >> we should remember four people dead and all of those injured. >> that's right. >> thank you for joining us. have a great afternoon. >> in the wake of school shootings all over the country, what one school is trying to do to keep students safe. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing.
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hi everyone. the head of the colorado gop is getting death threats after cruz beat trump in the race for delegates there. we will ask colorado senator about that. brand new documents from the clinton library revealing an interesting relationship between trump and clinton. and there is something missing from the chick-fil-a menu these days. what is it? and what is going in its place? the real story moments from now. effective immediately one california school district is allowing certain staff members to carry guns on campus. the policy change comes in the wake of the san bernardino
10:54 am
shootings. >> this is only the second district in california to allow guns on campus. kingsburg is in the central valley. it is a red dot in an otherwise mostly blue antigun state. school officials said they wanted to be proactive so voted to allow up to five district employees at the high school to carry a concealed weapon after proper training. >> i think the location of the weapon on the individual is going to be important and the understanding of the responsibility that goes along with it. i can't stress enough that the situation isn't being taken lightly. >> the idea of arming teachers was almost unthinkable unit 1997 which a teenager in pearl, mississippi a teacher stopped a kid without firing a shot. that incident reversed decades
10:55 am
of thinking. after sandy hook, shooting last year and san bernardino more see guns as a way to stop active shooters. while some disagree with the decision most support it. >> it would be comforting or nice to know that somebody was on campus armed. >> so it is impossible to say exactly how many schools have taken this step. we know in rural areas where cops can't respond quickly this is not uncommon. some urban districts they have their own police force and security guards who are armed. >> surprising story out of california. thank you. you might call him a natural. this fan has a knack for catching baseballs hit out of the stadium. he snagged five in one game. it is what he did with all of them that is getting more attention. that is up next. zulu-6-9er...
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time for our final 30 and a baseball fan with the magic touch. bill duggen caught five foul balls during the detroit tigers home loss to pittsburgh yesterday. he passed them all to children sitting nearby. the season ticket holder is apparently a ball magnet with several hundred at home. >> very lucky seat. and this might inspire you to clean out your attic. john, you just moved recently. did you find old paintings? this one is 400 years old and happens to believe to be painted by italian master discovered in an attic in southern france and could be worth $135 million if it is authentic.
11:00 am
>> whoa. >> i don't have an attic but i would clean it out if i did. >> thank you for joining us today. "the real story" starts right now. house speaker paul ryan making it official he will not be the republican presidential nominee. welcome to the real story. he is going to address the rnc to rule out a presidential run, quote, once and for all. before that he talked to a fox news radio affiliate in wisconsin about it earlier today. >> i made a clear choice not to run for president. therefore i will not be nomin e nominat nominated. i will not allow my name placed in a nomination. i don't know how i can be clearer than that. my strong opinion is if it goes to an open convention, it seems like it is very much a possibility, my answer is the


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