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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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out, we'll break in. your world with neil cavuto coming up and probably one of the things to talk about is the fact the dow is way up. energy sector and oil leading the surge. oil is up, energy is up. the markets are up. it's all coming up green. here's cavuto. all right. shep, markets indeed up. we'll get to that in a second. donald trump is feeling up. looking at a rally about to take place in rome, new york, on a day we finally got a final count on the missouri primary that was, what? gosh almost a month ago. we found out right now it was close as a tick and in the end donald trump edged out ted cruz. he has not, that is donald trump, complained about those results. nor has ted cruz complained about the results. we find that interesting. on a week that we have seen some rather choice comments made about results of certain events and primaries and caucuses. we're going to get all that.
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but for now, we go to john roberts in rome, new york, with the republican front-runner right now. john? >> reporter: neil, good afternoon to you. griffis international airport without commercial flights just yet. we watched the c-17 doing touch and go practice all afternoon. donald trump will be here shortly. capacity crowd. donald trump on to other things, at least on the twitter feed today, including his announced win in the state of missouri. which nets him another 12 delegates over ted cruz because he wins all of the at-large delegates awarded on a state wise basis and certainly donald trump still talking about feeling the sting from what happened at colorado over the weekend where the no-vote policy of the republican party leaving it to the party to choose delegates to go to the national convention drawing the ire of donald trump despite the fact that a lot of people say if he was organized he would have done a lot better in the state. listen to what trump told a capacity crowd in albany.
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17,000 people virtually eating out of his hand criticizing the system. >> total fix. there's so much -- the people who wanted to vote, they took away their votes. it's the biggest political story out there. i think it's going to come back to haunt them because people are not going to take it anymore. we're not going to take it him. it's a corrupt system. >> reporter: that drew a sharp response of colorado senator gardner. he's no fan of donald trump but he's not a supporter of ted cruz yet either. in fact, he was a rubio guy and said at series of tweets over past few hours saying in part, quote, donald trump showed up at the colorado gop election. how do you defeat isis if you can't figure out the colorado gop convention. i have attended for years. it requires organization and attention to grassroots to win. cruz had it. trump didn't. full stop. senator gardner sent out a total of eight tweets about all of
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this so i think it's safe to say, neil, he was feeling rather passionate about the idea he believes in the colorado system despite the fact that donald trump obviously doesn't feel the same way. neil? >> all right. well, he won't let go. there is that. john roberts, thank you very much, in new york. new york will be voting next week and 95 delegates are at stake. but ben stein who says he has no horse in the race says that when it comes to the race donald trump just needs to accept the consequences and move on. i think that's ben's way of saying man up coming to contests like what happened in colorado. it happens, ben, as you know, on the same way we finally got official results of missouri and donald trump won those. no really debate about that despite the closeness of that. but, you've noted in the past that donald trump with things that don't go his way doesn't exactly accept it magnanimously. what do you make of this? >> he's a big sulking baby.
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this is incredible. he didn't even bother to read the rules or one paid staffer on the ground there. as noted. didn't show up at the convention. i mean, the rules are printed, printed for a long time, last several years. he could have read them. i assume he knows how to read and people on the staff who know how to read them. he's supposed to be so rich. can't he hire somebody to read the rules? >> what if he did know the rules? i'm being cynical here. maybe he thought he had a chance at colorado. delegate process being what it was that he thought people would come to him. in fact, they went to ted cruz and senator cruz gets all the delegates and using this as a way to blame what he calls a rigged system. >> that's actually quite a shrewd explanation and dishonest. i know we want a president -- don't want a president unable to read rules and written down in black and white and plain english. probably in spanish, too. i think we want a president who will as we say here man up.
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i mean, my god. this is a guy proposing to be the leader of the free world. the greatest country the world has ever known and just a big baby. i keep thinking of when nixon had the election stolen from him, just boldly stolen from him in 1960 by john f. kennedy and the kennedy machine. just stole it and nixon as a man did not contest it because he didn't want to tear the country apart. gosh, mr. trump, maybe you could learn something from this. >> that's open to debate whether he stole it from him. i know what you're saying about dead people voting in chicago and so have you. let's focus on after every loss or controversy, whether it's colorado, wisconsin, when we begin with iowa, donald trump doesn't waste a nano second coming out about that. do you read anything in the fact that ted cruz probably dissatisfied with the narrow defeat with the official results out of missouri didn't 0 tonight do that? do you think he just tells his
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people, let's move on, let's not -- let donald trump make hay of this sort of thing? >> i don't think he wants to be intimidating trump's whiny -- i hate to use the word, i have to use anyway. whiny bitchiness about it. there are two candidates left in the race. one is a grown-up and big a big, sulking baby. donald trump is not a stupid, big, sulking baby and latched on to the idea of the rigged party and election and just so wildly dishonest. it's not rigged if it's written down there. >> no, no. i think you're right on that. to give trump the benefit of the doubt on this, i mean, is he saying, the way we even go about electing candidates is warped? not only in the republican party, the democratic party has superdelegates giving the disproportional weight of the vote and republicans with nonbinding contests with an uncommitted slate, 50-some odd
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delegates in pennsylvania march off to cleveland uncommitted. they can easily be wooed, wined and dined. that's later. dusz he have a point to say the system itself has serious issues? >> he does have a point to say that but he doesn't have a point to say he was robbed. robbed by that system. f the system's rules were out there and everyone knew them and everyone can play by them and only he didn't play by them and then he assumes he's bound to win because he's donald trump. i think he has a good point, though. i mean, that idea that we should have elections, there should be primaries on a consistent basis, instead of these party conventions, he's right about that. he's completely right about that. but to make an issue of dishonesty of cruz or the republican party, that goes nowhere except straight into a very, very bad character for mr. trump. >> all right. ben stein, thank you very much. fair and balanced. now a big backer who doesn't quite see it that way. former massachusetts republican senator scott brown.
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an early trump supporter. i think you heard ben, scott. the guy's a baby. donald trump's a baby. man up and move on. >> first of all, i love ben and his commercials. i wish he would do some more. it's funny. he said the process in colorado's been if place for years. just to correct him. it's in place since august. and also, i agree with him that we need to get a more consistent effort to get voters more engaged. not less engaged and fewer people voting like in colorado. and i do agree with him that, listen, this is a blood sport. and he should have been out there with his team on the ground hustling just like cruz did. shame on him, unfortunately. the rules are the rules. to get down in the gutter, hustle. you have to go and fight for it. and i'm glad with the new hire he's made, neil, that, in fact, you have somebody that finally gets it. so they -- i've encouraged him to look at the rules and make sure you get the delegatdelegat there in the first and second and third and fourth round. >> you mentioned about the
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gutter and trying to get uncommitted delegates is getting in the gutter. >> no. i think it's fair. >> as a pretty decent guy yourself, and i'm sure donald trump is a decent human being, are you troubled when he reacts to every loss, be in iowa, be it in wisconsin, be it in colorado in this fashion? i mean, given the fact that he has, as he likes to point out and no doubt will in rome, new york -- we are waiting for him to speak. a huge popular vote lead. is that very magnanimous to react that? each and every time things don't go your way. >> we have all said he needs to act more presidential. everybody's said it. i think he gets the last week was a wake-up call. his basically unforced errors, i think -- >> no, it hasn't. he's talking about the rigged system. >> let me just state two things. i thought he was right in iowa. what ted cruz did to ben carson was abhorrent and ben being the
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man he is took and i guess somewhat accepted that apology. if you remember what happened, cruz on a little bit of a roll and because donald hammered him on the issue he came limping in to new hampshire and all he talked about and was crushed here. in wisconsin, i know wisconsin. i have never seen the so-called establishment, the conservatives, the members of our party attacking the leader of our party in such a vicious, malicious way. never seen it, neil. >> but i have never seen the guy that wants to lead the party come back and rip the party he hopes to nominate him in a principle opponent that he hopes to nominate him. that's not presidential. when you went and loss that very close contest in mn new hampshire, i didn't hear you whine about a rigged system or screwed. i don't know. i maybe am is a very archaic view of how to act for candidate for an office. >> not to interrupt but 0 i
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don't disagree with you. on iowa and wisconsin, i'm clear. on colorado they should have read the rules and battled and waited and didn't. that's why this new hire i hope is going to say, oh my goodness, we have about 850 -- >> do you agree on wisconsin? lost it fair and square. >> fair and square but as a result of the -- >> say it. i lost, move on, i'm going to fight. >> never -- unheard of to see what -- he had to go, you know where the left's going from and the dscc and hillary clinton and everybody's coming from. but you don't expect it from the colleagues and the right. i have run 19 races. >> you didn't answer my question. you're a gentleman and class act. look. you as the guy to get the party's nomination, you are not making friends with anybody if every time something doesn't go your way you're whining or complaining and saying it's rigged when you have a country mile lead. >> we have to start to work to unite this party. and i tell all the never trump people, what if it's trump and
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cruz? >> fair enough. >> kennedy and johnson hated each other and look what happened there. look what, in fact, let's talk -- i know we're running out of time but you had mitt romney in place 40b and so ron paul wouldn't be there. an eight-state win is a result -- not kasich but the two. on the democratic side, you got the super delegates meant to keep jesse jackson out and you see there's this problem in both parties. and i'm in favor, as i think ben and you are, of getting the process so people go and they vote within a reasonable time, the votes counted. bang, you get it and that's it. none of these kind of a certain amount of inside earls, you know, vote and then represent the state. people want a state and be inclusive doing it that way. >> all right. scott brown, good to have you. >> good to see you. >> a big backer of one donald trump. if you're a big backer of wall street going up, you are very happy today. oil prices were soaring. in fact, the highs of 2016.
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that sounds weird, i don't think this lasts tlonger. that is, this response to higher oil prices because now we're getting to a point of gas goes comfortably over $2 a gallon and maybe more so. let's see the run-up on joy over oil prices moving up. i don't know how long that lasts. all right. you have heard from paul ryan, the speaker, saying it is unspeakable to think that he can be wooed to run for president of the united states. he just slammed the door on it. i mean it. >> i will not allow my name -- i'm opposed to my name being put in place.
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i do not want, nor will i expect, the nomination for our party. >> all right. well that's that, right?
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didn't he kind of say the same thing? that's paul ryan about the speakership. >> does paul ryan want to be speaker? >> no, he doesn't. >> running for speaker? >> i'm not. >> why? >> i don't want to be speaker. >> he is now speaker. to be fair to paul ryan speaking today about taking him out of any thought of running for president of the united states he says that was really a different time. he was already a congressman and then he would be eligible to run for speaker. maybe. but realtor politics, my question for you is, how likely is it that he would stick to this if, in fact, his party does call on it? >> i think it is actually very like lick that he'll tick to this for a couple of different reasons. one, if paul ryan were to pursue this kind of thing, either publicly or even besind the scenes, there would be massive revolt at the republican convention that already figures to be pretty chaotic. you would have pushback from
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trump, cruz, the dozen or so candidates who have already run and paul ryan wanting to be involved in the party, shaping the party, the future of the party for a long time and people within paul ryan's circles i have talked to say, look, the party will be divided even after this election so say republicans lose the white house, they might lose the senate, then paul ryan is the leader of the republican party and kind of pursue his agenda that way. and also, you know, it's -- he can just do a lot more as speaker i think right now than to cause, you know, a lot of drama and chaos on the convention floor that already, you know, is headed that way anyway. >> you know what i wonder about, though? i understand the argument those in the race get the nod and he even extended it by inference those who had been in the race but multiple ballots, that is
1:19 pm
increasingly likely and what if the delegates decide among themselves, none of the three left in the race or any of the ones who had been in the race are our cup of tea? it's happened before. a garfield situation back in 1880s, a different deal, i grant you, but it has happened and it is usually for someone who's never even in the race to begin with. >> right. that's a great point and there are republicans central gists that say, look, it could happen organically as you kind of mentioned. if ted cruz goes through multiple ballots and doesn't get necessary number, that raises the questions about the ability to coalesce the party and i could imagine, perhaps, never ruling anything out, a scenario of which something comes up organically and i think harder for paul ryan at that point to say no. at that point. but i also think that's unlikely because the cruz campaign is so well organized that i think --
1:20 pm
>> caitlyn, the cruz people, well original nitzed and rabid enough to know they don't like and won't vote for trump. the trump people extended it to we don't get this. walking into the convention with more delegates than anybody and hell to pay. there's the potential for disaster. right? >> oh sure. and again, i'm not ruling anything out. i just think at this point in the game it's wise for paul ryan to say i'm not interested, i don't want it. this is also coming as you alluded to at a time that donald trump is really railing against the rnc for the rules that are already in place and i think you could see more of that coming into the fore. so i think it's wise for him to take a moment at this juncture in the campaign in charge of the campaign, right? >> got you. >> so i think it's wise to take the stand right now. we'll see what happens. i'm always interested in a dramatic convention.
1:21 pm
>> never say never quite ever. caitlyn, thank you very, very much. donald trump waiting to speak in rome, new york. leading in the polls there. already hinted, by the way, getting that far, the nomination, some of the people he might choose to run with. you will never believe one of the people he mentioned, in fact, several. they didn't actually say nice things about each other. one of them rhymes with marco. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... ...turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless you doctor tells you to.
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running mate and when i heard the name scott walker, john kasich and marco rubio,
1:25 pm
whoa, i just went back in my time machine. take a look. >> kasich is a baby. he's a baby. he can't be president. >> john kasich is an absentee governor. scott walk we are the little motorcycle and he's -- puts his helmet on. and he gets off and he makes a speech and then doesn't understand why people don't vote for him. i understand. walker has not done a great job. in florida, they hate little marco rubio so much. it's rubio! >> all right. now all three are possibilities donald trump runningmate.
1:26 pm
republican strategist cathy lynn taylor, any one of those bites could come back to bite him picking one of them? >> back to the future, neil, for sure. trump has a really uncanny ability to reverse gears and get away with it and not anger voters doing it for the most part and the reality is none of the names are the right pick for him. looking at a vice president's role is, surrogate for the president, who can provide sound judgment across policy areas. any president's with experts coming out of his or her ears. >> all three would be up to doing it. it's whether the personal relationship and what they have said about him, by the way. >> yes, yes. >> come back to haunt them. >> like a ceo picking a good cfo or coo he needs a great statesman. >> who would compliment him? >> well, you know, that's an excellent question and someone, i believe, is really the george herbert walker bush to reagan in
1:27 pm
that respect. someone who understands the governor. >> who would that be? in that field? >> i don't think in this field and tremendous mistake to pick a governor or senator. he needs to pick a washington insider who's incredibly statesman-like. >> that would be an antithesis to everybody his campaign was about. when he was talking to us, i mentioned chris christie and the possibility of him joining a ticket, an early backer. you want, let's say, runningmate, the attack dog. you have the cover of a governor in the line of duty. you need a guy to dodge who was in elected office. i see what you're saying about being an ambassador but what do you make of that, that you want someone who's a little like you and also grounded in elected office? >> i think it's much more important for trump to have someone that's much more statesman-like and much more of a policy expert across a variety of areas and weigh the pros and cons going forward with a
1:28 pm
policy, not a governor or senator that -- >> all right. they're wrapping against george w. bush and he was inexperienced and young. he needed someone like a dick cheney to provide that -- let's say you do that. is that the route you go? >> i think george herbert walker to reagan was a great compliment. people were not embracing him. he was the agent of change at the time. and here came along, you know, george h.w. bush. >> they said nasty things about each other in the campaign. you're right. >> people understand the candidates have to do that. but bush was traditional. he understood the government. he had served and earned credit for the service and also willing to embrace the big reagan ideas. >> one thing that seems to be coming out of the impossible choices is that donald trump contrary to the comments he's made after losing races, i think at the core he's more magnanimous than appears and reechling out possibly to the very oned vanquished it could be
1:29 pm
like a jfk/lbj kind of thing. they weren't getting along. jfk came back and said so do you have a place in the senate as leader of the senate but they were on a ticket. could it be something like that? >> trump has this ability. he has this wonderful charm to be able to go after someone so hard with the right hook and yet somehow befriend them later and it is okay but i think more importantly he -- these are not the right candidates for him to be the vice presidential compliment and so that's the bigger question. can he make up with them? absolutely. he is the guy good at doing that and needs someone to deliver a big electoral state and who can be the statesman diplomat and, you know, smooth over guy to his big ideas and that's going to make him much more successful. >> i don't think it's a difference. they can hurt you. i think they can definitely hurt you if you're terrible but the guy on top in the end. >> i agree.
1:30 pm
for sure picking anyone too young then that's going to be an issue because obama's done youth no favors unfortunately the last eight years and anyone people can't say am i okay with this person being president. >> well put. republican strategist extraordinaire. >> thank you. as we talk about what happened in colorado, donald trump not happy, the 34 delegates now to ted cruz slate, you wonder how he did that and potentially couple hundred more similarly uncommitted delegates and how they're wined and dined to support a particular candidate? it is not new this cycle. happened in several cycles. we have doozies after this. stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade,
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all right. you know, everyone thinks it's a rigged system, all that. the idea to woo delegates even those you thought were committed to you but you want to keep happy and goes back to many campaigns and more than a century. who knows that better than one of my favorite presidential historians than doug weed. let's talk about that and when's been done in the past when it came to those who tried to woo delegates? i can think of gerald ford in
1:35 pm
1976. he was a sitting president and facing a real challenge from ronald reagan. he had a certain perk called air force one, didn't he? >> he sure did. you know, i had gerald ford, my wife and i, in our home on two occasions. a story had broken about the delegates and he was getting criticism. i asked him about it right to his face and hi said, listen. i wrote a memo and it was issued to all of my staff that there will be no quid pro quo for delegates at that convention. that's a '76 convention. i said, well the story is you had people in the oval office. he said, well, that's different. of course we had people in the oval office. and we had them on air force one but we didn't give them any money. >> there is that. it's a unique ride and moment. carter used it, as well, for his backers and delegates who might have been thinking about, i'm sure ted kennedy running for
1:36 pm
re-election. let me ask you a little bit about how kennedy played off relations. john kennedy played off relations with the hollywood community. ronald reagan did something similar. but first, to john kennedy. >> yes. well, peter lawford was a big star. starred in "the thin man" and people today, our kids don't know who he is but back then nobody knew who bobby kennedy was so he was a big star. and the kennedy suite in los angeles at the builtmore hotel ran all the ladies and food and booze you want eed and a kenned awake as a host or host easy 24/7 in that period. lots of movie stars. >> bobby kennedy trying to secure the deal of each one of the delegations. say ford or ronald reagan, he, of course, a creature of hollywood. he knew even though republicans had a tougher time having actors and actresses in the corner, he had a lot, didn't he? >> very much so.
1:37 pm
and, you know, you mentioned bobby kennedy and reagan. they had for john kennedy index cards with the name of every delegate and a bio. and then they had thick files on every delegate so they'll do that at this convention. they'll know the names of the dogs and the kids and what schools they go to. reagan actually after 1988 when george h.w. bush won the nomination, reagan brought the delegates back to the white house to and he spoke to them to help unify the party so you're not just wooing the delegate dos get the nomination. you' you're wooing the delegates to the party to win the election. >> how much closes the deal? always committed delegates and many go to cleveland and the democrats in philadelphia not committed to a candidate. but how do the candidates legally woo them outside of frequent trips to -- which would buy my vote, cinnamon? >> you know, there's nothing
1:38 pm
illegal about it unless they're a governor or a congressman and they have ethics laws separate from that. >> a's interesting. an ordinary guy running for president of the united states, you don't have to soil yourself with that. >> john davis talks about joseph kennedy having, quote, unlimited amounts of funds to work on these delegates and there's a story of rockefeller taking delegates on his plane. flying over south dakota. he calls back to washington and is able to somehow get the park service to turn on the lights of mt. rushmore so he can circle again. >> oh man. >> so the delegates see it lit from the sky. >> all right. well, ted cruz doesn't have that money. donald trump does. >> he does. and i expect donald trump to go in to a room full of delegates and say, we're going to have a christmas party at trump towers that puts the christmas party at the white house to shame. i take care of my delegates. >> way to go.
1:39 pm
doug, thank you. you are a fount of information. meantime, we're going to talk not about donald trump and jout bursts and candidates and with each other but a number of schools and libraries with a problem with the bible. they won't even allow it. really?
1:40 pm
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♪ ♪ take on the unexpected. the new 2016 nissan altima. built to stand out. well, at least when it comes to schools and a lot of libraries it's not only jesus causing them a problem but it's the new testament and the old testament, the bible. some of them say the better part would be not to allow it in the schools or libraries at all deemed a bias sort of speech.
1:43 pm
father peter, pastor of a church just around the block from us, what do you think of that? >> phooey. into one word. >> okay. >> it's a bit of a tempest in a teapot. people claim to be intellectually honest are being intellectually dishonest because they don't want the book on the shelves and people refer to it. not for religious or political reasons because it's referred to in so many publications and so much in print. >> but they say that a lot of school systems are worried about being sued, i guess. if you -- separation of church and state can't have it. >> i think that's been sort of struck down as far as that's concerned. they do allow the koran. i don't want to make comparisons and other quote/unquote religious books. book of mormon and so on. >> they said the bible is not.
1:44 pm
>> they're allowed and the bible is not -- there are questions that have to be asked here. why like the company of the bible keeping looking at the other book that is are banned. >> right. >> who made this decision? and why did they make this decision? did they make the decision because of foul language? because of sex? because it was intolerant? that's the important thing here. to find out that way so then we can have -- >> passages in the bible i'm -- >> oh gosh. >> okay. i don't want to get into deuteronomy. let me get your sense about maybe it says something about our whole culture, we are just veering away from religion, period. >> i don't even know if it's that. we are trying to please everybody. you can't do that. it doesn't work. it's like putting a round peg in a square hole. you can't please everybody. fool some of the people some of the time and same thing with
1:45 pm
pleasing people. >> let me ask you about the tone and tenor of the race thus far. we were saying how nasty back and forth. cruz lobs some verbal bombs over at donald trump. donald trump lobs back. what do you think of this? man of god watching this. >> grow up. if i were in the school yard with my kids and acting the same way, i would say the same thing to them. grow up. hey, we are running here for the greatest office in the world. and you're talking this way to each other? i've got a problem with that. we see what happens with rubio. he tried to lower himself to that level and it really, really backfired on him. >> but are you surprised that donald trump, particularly, remains very popular, maybe because i have heard pundits say it's the message, even though they don't flip over the messenger. now he says -- >> well, again, the message and the messenger are one and the same. you've got to take money with
1:46 pm
the other. there are some valid points. don't ferlg. if you vote for the valid points, in turn, you are voting for that man. >> if you can accept that, just like when you given -- you're very blunt. i've heard your homilies. >> i'm a nice guy. >> i don't think you're a nice guy. where do you draw the line? curse or say mean things? you're blunt. >> mean things. cursing doesn't mean that much. but saying mean things. >> like demeaning people? >> yes. definitely. >> what about when one thing that's been critics raised, ben stein was here earlier saying, well you know, if you lose a race, man up, get over it. might be legitimate reasons to have lost that. be magnanimous and every race he's lost donald trump can't let it go. >> that says something in and of
1:47 pm
itself. about the man. and again, can he be president of the united states? >> do you think he can? >> maybe. >> you know? you are wimping out on me. all right. >> yes, he could be and no he can't. >> in terms of how people comport themselves in public that's to you important. >> definitely. >> you have been -- i can remember presidents very different in private from what they were in public. johnson comes to mind. >> yeah. lyndon johnson's famous quotes is don't spit in the soup. everybody's got to eat. that's in private. >> he said worse than this. >> i know he did. talk about bad wrds. >> i understand. >> all right. but again, private, public, two totally different things. presidential timber is a word we don't hear very much of but it's very, very important. as far as i'm concerned. >> father, thank you very, very much. >> you're welcome, neil. >> stay awake for the next
1:48 pm
homily. this was very good. i'm kidding. >> all right. >> he does. every, everyone is sitting up when he's talking because he scares us. >> that's right. >> yells at us. we have a lot more after this, including bernie sanders who scores highest of candidates on likability. did you know that? well, now you do. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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well, look at this. bernie sanders is the most likable, most favorable of all the candidates that are surviving and in the race thus far. ed henry, that can only get you so far. what do you make of it? >> you're very well liked as well. and i think bernie sanders is finding that in this campaign, a lot of negativity is around the front-runners right now. hillary clinton on the democratic side. donald trump on the republican side.
1:52 pm
look at this poll from apgfk. it suggests that bernie sanders's favor sablt much better. 48%. compared to unfavorable rating, 39%. obviously his critics will say that part of this is he's a democratic socialist. he is promising free college, free this, free that. hillary clinton has been arguing he hasn't fully smanld how he will pay for it beyond the tax on wall street speculation. so you may have a more favorable view when you're promising people free stuff. i think the other issue for bernie sanders long term is, he is liked. he has a good favorable rating. a lot of money in the bank. he can stick around. the math is the math. and hillary clinton has that delegate lead. she is trying to put him away in new york a week from today. 247 delegates at stake. that's a key test for both these candidates. and i point to one other thing. there is an nbc poll out suggesting it maxes pretty
1:53 pm
closely to what fox had over the weekend. that hillary clinton has a double digit lead. you look beyond that and 30% of sanders supporters say they would never support hillary clinton in a general election. that shows, we've heard about it on the republican side. #never trump. the democrats will have a problem as well in terms of getting a coalition. >> that 30% figure that ed just mentioned that could be a concern for the clinton folks. let's talk to a hillary clinton supporters. from the fine state of new york. good to have you. >> great to be with you. >> negatives are negatives and in a race that has donald trump the most negative candidate, hillary clinton can take some solace. do you worry when one out of three democrats would not support her? ostensibly they're bernie sanders supporters but they wouldn't homicide over p over t. >> i've been this congress 16 years. he i've never seen terrain as
1:54 pm
unpredictable as it is. you can't take anything for granted. secondly, people say a lot of things. emotions run high. when it comes down to it and people actually begin formulating some very strong opinions based on fact original who they want to vote for or won't vote for, things change. we're going to have to make sure that we unify democrats coming out of the convention. that's going to be very important to do. and i'm confident that we'll be able to do it. >> you might be right. and bygones will be bygones. once we get to a convention. when i was talking recently with a number of sanders supporters, they didn't seem to thrilled with the prospect. >> would you be okay with hillary clinton? >> under no circumstances. >> who would you vote for? >> i could stay home. i've spoken to a lot of bernie sanders supporters who have said
1:55 pm
they will stay home they are a young demographic who have previously supported barack obama. i'm in that camp. we might cross over for the right republican. >> what do you think of that? >> i'm going to put him as firmly under decided. there's no question. you're going to have people, on the republican side, the democratic side, very passionate right now. but we still have several months to go. and minds change. whether that particular individual's mind will change, i don't know. >> it is weird, right? we have so much antipathy in both parties. and i wonder if they sort of cancel each other out in the general election. >> i disagree. i think if you take a look at the polls on both sides of the equation, the animosity toward donald trump and ted cruz is significantly higher than the second-guessing and the doubts.
1:56 pm
>> i wouldn't say significantly. we'll see. >> congressman, thank you. a very good sense of humor. i appreciate it. ? one thing happening a week from today that every one is talking about. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard.
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he's a bit tough and critical. >> really naughty. >> you bet i'm really naughty. >> prove to me they weren't talking about me. more of our special coverage. the new york primary. i know what you're thinking. you can get this coverage anywhere. why should i watch you? because you can make money on it. we guarantee you can make $100,000 the next day.
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maybe not. it begins at 7:00 p.m. then 8:00 p.m. we've said it from the beginning. as long as fbn is around, we're not in reruns, we watch our money and we're not doing stupid infomercials. hello. this is "the five." watching leftists tell jokes is like watching a rat give birth in your kitchen. >> ugh! >> thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> what's that? >> i don't like jokes like that.


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