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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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one ticket. can you believe this michael jordan game? >> i can't believe it. stop talking. "special report" up next. house speaker paul rinl says thanks but no thanks to becoming the republican party's plan b this election year. this is "special report." welcome to washington. paul ryan just says no. the house speaker is ruling out a run for the presidency even if a contested gop convention turns to him as a possible savior to get majority support. >> i chose not to do this. therefore, i should not be considered. period. end of story. >> he said the possibility should be limited to people who put their hat into the ring as
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candidates this cycle. many experts see the possibility a donald trump or ted cruz. but ryan said he is officially out. >> quelling growing questions about his movements and motives, paul ryan ruled out a candidacy for president. >> we have too much work to do in the house. to allow this speculation to swirl or to have my motivations questioned. so let me be clear. i do not want, nor will i expect the nomination for our party. if no candidate has a majority in the first ballot, i believe he should only choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary. you count me out. >> a member of them greeted the news with gratitude that the
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wisconsin republican will maintain his grip on the gravel. >> a very big job. >> to some republicans in and out of the establishment, he ruled as a white knight who could rescue the american party. >> what we're seeing is paul ryany be the first #never ryan person. >> the tweet came just hours after the staff uploaded a video. showing the recent visit to the mideast. and fast on the heels of another video show casing him summoned. >> let's have a battle. it would have been difficult to pull off. he would have forced to launch and run a national campaign within four months time. and even before his big
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announcement, some saw ryan tending to priorities. >> it's brilliant. he has the house of representatives. >> as chair he would encourage the rules committee to pass a rule declaring that only individuals who ran in this cycle can have their names placed in nomination. >> still could be 17. >> sure. >> we are one week away from the crucial presidential primaries. and focusing less on the fellow republicans instead toward the likely opponents. john robert is covering it from
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rome, new york. >> reporter: donald trump started the day with some much needed good news. it netted him an additional. >> the republican system absolutely rigged. the republican national committee. they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. because it has nothing to do with democracy. they took the votes away from the people in colorado. people are burning up their republican cards. >> colorado, tweeting it requires organization and attention to organization to win. in california ted cruz took glee in mocking the reaction to
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losing. >> he yells and screams and stamps his foot. he curses and yells and insults anyone nearby. look, as we know in the state of california, wine is something best serves with cheese. >> while he still has a big hill to climb to become nominee, trump is making tnews. >> her whole life has been a big fat terrible lie. everything about her is a lie. >> and trump also indicated, he is willing to make nice with some of his opponents. saying he would consider them for his vp pick or positions in the cabinet. but kasich wasn't in a mood for it.
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insisting they would take america down a path to darkness. >> i've stood on a stage and watched in amazement as candidates wallow in the mud, viciously attack one another, calling each other liars and disparaged each other's character. those who push that behavior are not worth yift office they are seeking. the comments got a rare zinger from the cruz campaign. irony, the math with no path has a speech about two paths. >> it has been exactly one year since hillary clinton officially became a candidate for president. many would argue it was decades in the making. tonight a look at where clinton stands as the democratic
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nomination is within sight. but not yet within her grasp. >> hillary clinton herself noted. it was one year ago when she launched an inevitable march to the nomination. >> it is equal payday. also the one-year anniversary of my journey in my campaign. one year later, the campaign has not gone as planned. sanders is the democratic candidate who has seized the mantle of the middle class and has wiped out intaef built. drawing out the rally on monday.
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>> does anyone really believe you can be an agent of change if you are taking money from the most powerful? >> clinton is still leading in the polls in new york. a new poll showing she is beating sanders by 14 points herself to problem for clinton, 30% of likely democratic voters in new york who support sanders say they would not support her in a general election. the conservative super pac america rising noted the clinton launch has been bumpy. >> why don't you go run for something? >> i am so sick of the -- >> clinton is making the case she's better positioned than sanders to take on republican front-runner donald trump. today, former president bill clinton's presidential library released about 500 pages of records. including the correspondents
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showing the billionaire sent a white house staffer an autographed company of his book. the after the deal. with the endescription, your mom is the best. >> revealed by the clint library, in 1999 bill clinton's staff prepped him for a possible question about trump considering a white house bid. he was forced to say, some focus on celebrity in polls but voters should focus what really matters. >> north carolina's governor is standing firm on gender specific restrooms. republican pat mccrory said he will ask lawmakers to reverse the part of the law he signed that has led many organizations to threaten economic reprisal against that state. tonight lawmaker are calling on president obama to declassify sections of a top secret congressional report which may indicate involvement in the 9/11 plot by the kingdom of saudi arabia. several people who have seen the
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28 pages in question indicate there could be specific information implicating the american ally in the worst ever terror/]g=cg attack in this cou. >> have you asked him personally. has he taken a look? i imagine that he has access that he probably has seen them. >> i don't know whether or not. >> if josh earnest looked and sougd uncomfortable fielding a question on whether president obama had redacted from the report, it was probably for a good reason. just days before a key sum with arab leaders in saudi arabia, the white house is now bracing for renewed questions about the role in the september 11 attacks. at issue, a still classified 28-day chapter. part of the voluminous account
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of the attacks. it after the request of the bush administration and the interests of national security. >> there is credible evidence in those 28 pages, we believe, that there was involvement by the saudi government in providing aid and support to the hijackers who brought down the world trade center and attacked the pentagon. quinn believes the u.s. pave chafd the information to protect the relationship with the saudi allies. some agree and say this is time, not treatment dags. it will cause problems for them. i think the issue should be with transparency and fairness for the victims of 9/11 and the families. >> reporter: experts suggest the
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report could further examiner bait it. it the efforts in syria. the legal, diplomatic and political fallout could be devastating for u.s./saudi relations. >> it needs to be explored and explained and resolved. >> we had a lot on the documentary we produced, the secrets of 9/11. now, to be clear, the pesident can declassify the 28 pages that we've been talking about. he has promised to do so. we learned from the tampa bay times that the florida senator heard from the administration and has been told that the material in question could be
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released within the next month or two. we'll be watching very carefully. & the president travels there soon. up next, exclusive pictures showing china expanding. fox 4 in dallas with baseball size hail. homes were damaged. so were many vehicles in the r.v. park. the damage to the facility as well as police vehicles. no one fortunately was yeahurt. the vehicle stops abruptly. perhaps hits a vehicle matching one drichbl by his accused killer. the first vehicle drives away followed by the second. police believe the driver shot smith to death. and this is a live look at milwaukee from our affiliate out
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there. the big story tonight, wisconsin's attorney general said he will seek a stay striking down the right to work law. they want the law to remain in place. that's the live look. go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back.
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they found out who's been who? cking into our network. guess. i don't know, some kids in a basement? you watch too many movies. who? a small business in china. a business? they work nine to five. they take lunch hours. like a job? like a job. we tracked them. how did we do that? we have some new guys defending our network. new guys? well, they're not that new. they've been defending things for a long time. [ digital typewriting ] it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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iran's supreme leader says they are not living up to the spirit of the nuclear deal with his country. the ayatollah tweets, the u.s. is not acting properly in fulfilling its obligations in #iran deal and intimidates other parties by acts and words not to work with iran. they said they are fulfilling the letter but not the spirit of the deal. new evidence that china is raising the stakes in the south china sea. fox news has learned that china is esending fighters jets and i surveying a shoal. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the benlt the exclusive pictures. >> good evening. new satellite images show
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chinese jet fighters have been deployed on a contested island in the south china sea. the j-11 jet fighters were provided exclusively by image sat international. more evidence that the chinese are militaryizing this disputed chain of islands days before defense serkt ash carter visits the philippines. the photos taken on april 7 were author thens thenlt indicated. the islands have been contested by taiwan and vietnam. they are comparable to a u.s. air force f-15. the u.s. satellites are concerned if the land grab in the south china sea continues unchecked, china will dominate control of sea lanes where an
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estimated $5 trillion in cargo and natural resources pass each year. >> in my opinion, china is clearly militaryizing the south china sea. and you have to believe in the flat earth to think otherwise. >> these new photos so a newly installed fire control radar system on woody silent which makes chinese surface to air missile launches in february fully operational now according to u.s. defense officials. this allows china to track fighter jets, bombers and intelligence gathering. the officials tell us they are hundred miles further se ships south than scarborough shoal. just 200 miles from the middle of the capital of the philippines where the defense secretary carter is headed this week. ash carter scrapped a planned trip on this trip to asia amid rising tensions over the south china sea. he will be finalizing an agreement stationing u.s. troops
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in the philippines for the first time since closing the soonic bay naval base. >> thank you. belgian authorities say two more men have been charged in the brussels bombings and three others detain in the connection to the paris attacks. that makes six in custody for brussels and eight for paris. exactly what is fueling the isis expansion into western europe and beyond? katherine harris reports on the consequences of more aggressive action and a new call for help. >> reporter: the front man for the band u-2 called it the syrian refugee crisis an existential threat that demands american support. >> aid in 2016 is not charity. it is national security. >> reporter: according to the u.n., it forced more than $10 million from their homes.
3:22 pm
warning the camps are fertile ground for radicalization. >> we met people in a camp. preschoolers, 4 years old. most were born in the camp will i could not tell them when they would get to go home. >> children are on the move and they can constitute a tremendous threat in the future. unless we show them humanity, compassion and a way forward. >> bono told the senate panel the country is on the brink of collapse and need more to stop the psych silence. the singer and humanitarian called for a new attitude toward refugees. calling them a benefit. not a burden. and there was the unmistakable call for more leadership. >> america becomes america when it looks outward. when you're behaving like an island, you're not america. >> at least two of the officials tied to the isis attacks and brussels and paris, killed 152 people and injured more than 600 posed as syrian refugees entered
3:23 pm
through greece. witnesses testified european union's 28 member states are struggling to track intelligence that the 5,600 foreign fighters with western passports. >> the fact this was cross jurisdictional. overseen by a person in athens with operators in belgium meant that crossing the lines would be much more important. >> and a warning. >> even as we could not strain and have success in limiting isis on the battlefield, in syria and iraq. you may see more of the types of attacks like we see in brussels and paris. >> the obama administration has committed to an ant-isis messaging campaign led by the name center for global engagement. one person said the strategy was grossly underfunded and set up way too late in the game. >> when we come back, is the irs trying to protect your personal information from hackers? my school reunion's coming fast.
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your vital and personal information may be at risk thanks to the taxman. we're learning how vulnerable the irs is to cyber attack. the chief congressional correspondent on capitol hill. >> reporter: good evening to you. right off the bat the irs commissioner told lawmakers about the staggering number of criminals trying to steal our personal information. >> we work continuously to protect our main computer systems from cyber attack and to safeguard taxpayer information stored in our data bases. the systems withstand more than 1 million malicious that attempts to access them each day. >> as they return to work ahead of the april 15 deadline.
3:29 pm
them unless the irs takes additional steps, they will remain at risk to undetected use. the irs was hit by a major breach in may 2015 when hackers stole private information of at least 720,000 people with another 575,000 they attempted to access according to the senate finance committee, today there was a bipartisan call for the irs to do better. >> there seems to be a systemic failure at the irs and protecting taxpayer information despite repeated warnings that the irs needed to strengthen and modernize taxpayer information. >> in my view, taxpayers have been failed by the agency, the companies and the policy makers here in the congress. that they are counting on to protect them. it was unacceptable for the irs to leave the front door open to hackers by using a weak authentic indication process. >> at one point they asked if it
3:30 pm
is smarter to file online or do it the old-fashioned way. >> you're actually safer electronically because we can mark accounts. the only difference when you file on paper, it takes longer to get a refund. we get fraudulent paper returns so it is not fast the criminals don't file paper as well. >> experts say cyber attacks against the irs continue to grow and it is a prime target. >> thanks. president obama is renewing his call for equal for women of but this symbolic gesture may be based on a false premise. today, whether the high profile push is based in real world economics or political world and teedencecy. >> today typical women who works full time earns 79 cents for every dollar the typical man makes. >> reporter: marking equal
3:31 pm
payday, president obama cited a figure on which the two sides of the so-called gender wage gap do not agree. >> saying it over and over again does not make it true. >> reporter: the "washington post's" fact checker calls it misleading and gave them a two pinocchio rating. the conflict comes when it is lumped together and averaged without taking into account actual hours worked. significant absences from the work force and men overwhelmingly pick the more dangerous fields with bigger paychecks. while nine of the ten least profitable are dominated by women. >> there are plenty of groups on the left who have double research. and their research has shown the same thing. when you control for any number of these variables, you have a much smaller wage gap. >> reporter: according to the
3:32 pm
jobs website which hosted hillary clinton today. that gap boils down to about a nickel. today president called on congress to act. >> i'm not here to say we should close the wage gap. i'm here to say we will close the wage gap. >> reporter: yet a report released by the labor department in 2009 said the raw wage gap should not be used as a basis to justify corrective action. indeed, there may be nothing to correct. the labor department report went on to say the difference in raw wages may be almost entirely the result of personal choices made by male and female workers. >> thank you. stocks were up today. the dow gained 165. the spm finished ahead by 20. the nasdaq was up 39. house speaker paul ryan said he will not be the white knight at the republican convention. we'll talk about all that and the republican race with the panel.
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i do not want. nor will i accept the nomination for our party. let me speak directly to the delegates on this. if no candidate has the majority in the first ballot, i believe that you should only choose from a person who is actually participated in the primary. quounlt me out. i chose not to do this. so i should not be considered. period. end of story. i am not going to be our party's nominee. he is very adamant that he will not be the nominee. saying it should be from the people who decided to throw their hats into the ring. on the gop side, that would not limit you much. there were 17.
3:38 pm
>> as we look at the delegate count, missouri went into his category. the going bet is that he may fall short by the time you get to california of the 1237. and if that's the case, a contested convention goes to ballots. why did he feel compelled today to do what he did? >> paul ryan is getting a lot of pressure from people inside of washington. what he is not hearing is pressure outside of washington. when he said, i will not -- i don't think anybody who has not been running should be on the ballot, he is affirming what we've seen in poll after poll. 60% of if you didn't run and you were not on the ballot, you shouldn't be able to get the nomination. he is falling really in hine with where the rest of america
3:39 pm
is. maybe not folks inside washington. i think the challenge for everybody who is not donald trump is to make the case effectively. even though he will wind up short. he will still have the most votes, the most delegates. why the system is not rigged. it is not a joke. it is not the establishment trying on thwart him. it is a rule. that's a tougher argument to make than the momentum argument. >> reince priebus on twitter last night. the rule were set last year. nothing mysterious. nothing new. the rule have not changed. the rules with the same. nothing different. setting up for what will be, it looks like a really interesting ride to cleveland. >> well, running for president is hard. it is not one campaign. it is 56 campaigns. the district of columbia, virgin
3:40 pm
islands, puerto rico, et cetera. it is supposed to be hard. one attribute is to plan ahead. another is to staff up with good people. the first thing a president does is staff the government with about 3,000 important policy positions. so in that case, the rules are trans parent. they're out there. they vary and it is hard boring. paul ryan didn't just take paul ryan out of the mix today. he took out dozens, scores of people. because they have not by the ryan principle, they have not entered the process. >> he is the also the chair of the convention. he has some say. >> and he may have particularly taken out john kasich who would be the white knight waiting in the wings. i say that because when ryan says it is important to have entered the process. then how the process measures you becomes important.
3:41 pm
the cleveland spieders were a national league baseball team in 1899. and they held to record for futility. in 154 game season, they won 20 and lost 134. they had bear winning percentage than came will have at the end of this. by the ryan principle, kasich is moved aside. >> can you top the cleveland spiders? those 20 victories were spectacular. >> i think he broadcast what had to be. . the part of the speech i found most interesting was what he would be doing in congress. he announced the personal igs of the presidential campaign. i think what he was doing was to announce the the first step of
3:42 pm
the rebuilding of the party after the rubble of this election cycle. there's likely to be rubble after cleveland. and assuming there isn't, i'm sure there will be, even greater run after november. i'm sure ryan sees that it way. the party will be irredeemably split. what he's saying is of course you don't have the white house. the leadership of the party comes out of the congress. he says i will lead with a policy agenda to reconstruct the reaganite ideas that have been leveled in this cycle. i don't think it is with an eye to the presidency. he is young. he can run any time in the next 20 years. no matter who the nominee is, they're going to have a tough time putting this party together. >> yeah. i was in ohio and i had a
3:43 pm
republican say to me. there's going to be ryan if he gets nomination. there will be a riot if he gets nomination and if he doesn't. bringing the party together. it will be very, very tough to do. one of the candidates has been running for a year now. >> every day americans need a champion and i'm going to be a champion. i'm confident that i never sent or received any information that was classified. >> did you wipe this information? >> with a cloth or something? >> let me answer one of your questions. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? >> i am a progressive grat. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> i don't know what we would have done if we had actually won. >> i have said. wasn't the west close to use the
3:44 pm
e-mail. >> one year ago clinton launched. one year ago today. >> we went from how will the republicans ever be unit identified to that. that's how she will be unified. an old saying. overnight is a long time in american politics and a week is forever. by the time the dust has settled, and we've gotten used to the fact that there is a precedent. lots for conventions being delivered of bodies as opposed to just ratifying bodies. there she will be. >> you do concede if trump gets 1237, he is the nominee. >> if he gets it, he should be the nominee. >> of course. one year. she is the luckiest woman on earth. she is a very weak candidate. she is the luckiest. in a completely losable year
3:45 pm
wher she should lose, she should lose. she has run into a gop and i think her results are strong. >> trump has helped her in the reor the cal game? >> he has help her unify. if hillary clinton has one big problem, getting the co-workers. trump or ted cruz sure homes to do that. >> next up, was saudi arabia involved or helping the hijackers?
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i remain deeply disturbed by the amount of material that has been censored from this report. >> the office of the director of national intelligence is currently doing a declassification review of those pages and, you know, the president certainly has confidence in the ability of those national security professionals to consider those documents for release. >> there is credible evidence in those 28 pages, we
3:50 pm
former lawmakers who dealt with this investigation was told today. former u.s. senator bob graham said he got a call from the white house on tampa bay times, bret hole green, senior policy advisor to the president for homeland security told them the declassification review of the documents withheld from a report issued by joint congressional commission in 2003 will soon be completed. he asked how soon he could expect a decision and was we're back with the panel. this has been an intriguing thing for a long time, charles, but obviously intriguing the timing of this report as the president
3:51 pm
heads to saudi arabia in 10 days. >> which is why i think what we just heard is about spread this what started out as a minority fundamentalist intolerant anti-western, variant of islam everywhere throughout the world with the that democrats, with the
3:52 pm
were there individuals, probably yes. would be good to know that but if we wait a month or two, that would be okay. >> what's interesting is that the administration going out of its way. saudi arabia in a number of ways, backing up the sovereign immunity question. said today when pressed on this. >> this actually was an allegation that was considered by the 9/11 commission. a part of the conclusion of that report states, quote: saudi arabia has long been considered the primary source of al qaeda funding but we have found no evidence that the saudi government as an institution or senior saudi officials individually funded the organization. >> well, the plaintiff's committee issued a statement the 9/11 commission did not exonerate the saudis of involvement in 9/11 as the actual members of the commission made abundantly clear in the very story the saudi embassy was purporting to address in its report responding to the "60 minutes" story. asking directly about the sentence they relied upon in
3:53 pm
the statement bob kerrey stated quote it's not exoneration. we did not exonerate the saudis. you can't provide the money for terrorists and then say i don't have anything to do with what they are doing. going on: if the kingdom is as confident as it purports to be about its innocence there, a simple way to prove it just withdraw their immunity defense it has been hiding behind for 12 years and answer the charges on the merits plain and simple. sticky, amy. >> if you notice in the exoneration the term as an institution senior members of government, right? so making it very clear that while they are not saying -- they are-z saying it wasn't necessarily those members. it doesn't mean that there weren't people peripherally involved with those institutions that were involved with this. look, i agree with charles. this ultimately come into the light of day. i think you are getting a lot of pressure especially from democrats on this issue. and what we're going to find is there is not going to be
3:54 pm
one silver bullet that's going to answer all these questions. it's going to be messy and troublesome spot for a lot of lawmakers. >> curious though it hasn't come up ahead of the new york primary in this political race. >> i spoke with john layman today secretary of the navy vast experienced man member of the commission who said to me three things. first, the commission unanimously wanted the entire report released. second, there are no smoking guns. but also, as you just pointed out, you can confer in the 28 pages by reading the statement josh earnst just read we have found that the saudi government as an institution or senior saudi officials individually funded the organization. it's pretty clear that those it's pretty clear that those hijackers who1 without money somehow manage
3:55 pm
to do maneuver around the country and get into flight schools. >> we will follow this and continue this story and follow it to the end. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a post op. apocalypse. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower.
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finally tonight, we have seen those videos of kids getting drugs wear off after getting wisdom teeth off. it's funny. what will they believe. three brothers convinced sister some werably apocalypse happened while she was getting her teeth removed. >> cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism. >> don't move. >> what? >> zombies? >> why you. >> i will get the gun. >> we can only take one pet. which pet in the cat or the dog? >> the cat. you idiot. >> spanish still from high school. >> i can save pants? >> mom said we are leaving the dog. >> okay, that's fine. >> oh. that poor girl. >> with the stuff in her
4:00 pm
mouth. >> three brothers. thanks for inviting us into your house tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ trump scoring his highest numbers in a brand new new york poll. the new york one baruch college poll of g.o.p. voters has donald trump with a commanding 60%. governor john kasich a whopping 43 points behind trumpx)v with 17%. and senator ted cruz way behind trump at 14%. we have hit the one week mark until new york has cast their votes and donald trump and secretary hillary clinton who are dominating in new york. >> we apologize for airplane hangers but they are the only things that hold our crowds because something is going on. >> notice that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. >> our repub


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