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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 13, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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coast. i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it always. fox news alert for you. terror at the terminal. a bomb scare evacuating the amsterdam airport. thousands of passengers lined up outside as they patrol the bomb squad. >> this happening two hours from where yous els less than bhount after the terror attack killed dozens of people there. no bombs were found but a man was arrested outside of the airport's main entrance. he is still in custody at this hour. the increase in security measures have been lifted. clues in the mur kerr of will smith after a loaded hand gun is fond in his mercedes suv. there is no evidence the gun was fired. it is unclear who is belonged to. another loaded gun was found inside the car of suspect cardell hayes. that is in addition to the one
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he used it follows a hit and run between he and smith. he is expected to face additional charges for shooting smith's wife in the leg. >> new overnight a columbus police officer shot in the line of duty has died. 24-year-old steven smith was wounded during a standoff as swat teams try to serve a war want to the 24 year veteran of the force and leaves behind a wife and two adult children. >> we have lost a family member. lisa lost her husband. his children lost her fare, everybo father, everybody had a loss. >> the suspect who shot him was originally charged with attempted murder. north carolina governor pat mccrory signs executive order in response to the anti lgbt bill as they ban travel to north carolina to mississippi. there has been an intense out
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cry over the bill that people use public bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex. the access part of the bill remains the order provide new protections like expanding the state's equal employment policy to cover sexual identity and gender identity. lgbt advocates are denouncing the move as a deflective measure. robert greg all man who is scheduled to perform in north carolina says his show will go on but he stands with lgbt people. now to the race for the white house less than a week before new york's primary polls show donald trump with a huge lead. >> bernie sanders is hoping for a major upset in hillary's adopted home state. kristin fisher is live in washington. it is actually bernie's home state but he is behind in the polls, right, kris teb?
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>> a lot of people's home turf next tuesday. trump as well. we have three folks with ties to new york city. this is the third poll in three-days to show donald trump with a lead of more than 30 points in new york. the latest one from quint pee ak university has him ahead by his latest mar again yet. kasich at 20 cruz at 19. they are talking about the results of colorado last weekend. trump continued to call the nominating process corrupt and also says the republican national committee should be ashamed of themselves. >> the system is absolutely rigged. it is a phony deal. i have millions of votes more but i have hundreds of delegates more. but that's not the same thing to me. >> the rnc is firing back. the chairman's twitter says nomination process known for a
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year and beyond it's the responsibility of the campaign to understand it. complaints now? give us all a break. >> hillary clinton holds on to a commanding lead in new york. she is at 53 percent. sand derps at 40. clinton picked up more. sanders is predicting a win in new york and he says he's hoping for a nomination after that. >> this is a campaign which has the momentum and is the campaign on the move. and we will win a major victory here in new york. >> today sanders is campaigning in new york. but the republicans are looking past new york primary. they are looking ahead to the follow on tuesday. kasich will be campaigning in maryland while cruz and trump will be holding events in
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pennsylvania. trump is also far ahead in the polls there. >> california is going to be a big one as well. >> one person who says he won't be joining the race is paul ryan. >> have you said. haven't we heard this before him before? >> anna kooiman is here with the details. >> he says it is different this time. there has been a lot of talk about paul ryan becoming a nominee if a could be tested convention this summer. speaker of the house slammed the door shut on any chance of that happening. >> let me be clear i do not want nor i will accept the nomination if you want to be the president you should actually run for it. i choose not to do this therefore i should not be considered, period, end of
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story. >> he did say he did not want to become speaker of the house. last october he was sworn in as john boehner's successor. >> being speaker of the house is a far cry from being president of the united states. if i was asked by my colleagues to take the responsibility in congress that i have already been serving in from the one that i have that is entirely different than getting the nomination for president of the united states by your party without even running for the job. >> check this out. it is a campaign style video released by ryan's office earlier this weekend fuelled rum hoa mores of a run. it highlights his strengths and calls for a battle of ideas. for now ryan is talking about his work in congress and analysts say that may be his best move. >> what we are seeing is paul ryan may be the first hashtag paul ryan. >> he has the house of
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representatives. those seats at stake which he wants to maintain in the house of representatives. >> ryan will have a role in the nomination process. he will clear the convention in cleveland this summer. >> amy walter says he doesn't want to divide the gop party any more than it already is. what he is not hearing is pressure outside of washington. when he said i don't think any one should be on the ballot he is confirming what we have seen in poll after poll. 60 percent of republicans saying he didn't run and he runs on the ballot you shouldn't be able to get the nomination. he's falling in line with where the rest of america is and where folks inside washington are.
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>> trump officially won missouri giving him 25 delegates there. >> ryan answer chance on-line 4 percent. >> only 4, really? >> yes. >> the mystery surrounding the death of lies sgrliza man liza david gest. they would say his death was not suspicious. he and minelli were married for five years. he was 62 years old. >> president obama signed a bill this morning for funding to fight the zika virus after they sounded the alarm saying it was much worse than first thought. the president asked for $2 million they have nearly $600 million after the ebola epidemic first. >> nearly 30,000 workers from
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massachusetts to virginia are set to walk off the job. union reps are upset over out sourcing of healthcare costs. in a statement they said this. we are standing up for working families and standing up to verizon's corporate greedz. verizon says it has trained thousands of non-union employees to fill in. >> do not leigh home without an umbrella. yes. dwen. >> maria molina is tracking storms. it is springtime but it is cold. >> some areas are dealing with snowfall. we have more storms we are tracking especially across parts of the gulf coast bringing in a concern for localized flash flooding. taking a look at the broader picture we had a front move across the eastern u.s. bringing drier conditions across parts of the east coast meanwhile across the great lakes.
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we have snow across wisconsin and moving into michigan. a disturbance will be coming through today. out here more storms in the forecast. we are looking at potentially up to 6 inches of rainfall. that's why we have a concern for some localized flash flooding. out west another system will be moving in. we are going to be tracking that one through the weekend because it could potentially bring severe weather across the center of the nation. temperatures rights now chilly across the great lakes. 30 in new york city. as we head into this afternoon temperatures will keep climbing. take a look at the numbers 60's, 70's widespread. heather and abby over to you. >> 70's this weekend? looking forward to that. >> trying to figure out what i am going to do. >> be out in the sun. that's what we will do. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up new fuel for flame throwing. the brand new trove of clinton documents released by the government that reveal a trump connection. >> drivers who get into an
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art of the deal." birthday card exchanges between exchanges when interviewed about a possible trump run in 2000 quote said it's a free country. he said he's a businessman and he needed to get along with everybody. heather? >> for the first time heidi cruz is responding to the unflattering photo tweeted of her by donald trump. trump taking aim at his rival's wife tweeting a side by side photo of his wife melania and hid de. >> it didn't impact me in the least. i have one job on this campaign and that is to get out and tell the voters who ted cruz is. >> heidi says she doesn't tweet at all making it easy to avoid trump follower's on-line attacks. >> coming up ted's big win in utah and wisconsin. heidi had this to say about possibly becoming the first lady. >> i would aspire to be a
2:16 am
partner with ted but to do things for children for entrepreneur ship but in a partnership format. >> heidi is campaigning with her husband in new york ahead of next week's primary. >> always nice to hear from the wife. >> now to a fox business alert private travel information on millions of americans has been handed over to the feds. >> lauren simonetti is here to explain why. >> uber handing over data to 12 million riders and drivers to the law. report covering through the end of last year. it included trip requests dropoff locations and receipts. southwest airlines finally increased the early check in fees by 20 percent bringing a round trip request to $30. southwest charges them ob where they pass in this early bird check is first. they are highlighting ways in
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which it will be relevant in the annual conference yesterday. it offered ways to chat with businesses using messenger service. you can tell 1-800-flowers you want to order roses and their chat box will place the order for you and maybe throw in a coupon, too. you can ask one piece of information, phone number or e-mail. don't get between a human being and caffeine. starbucks rewards program changes went into effect yesterday. customers are rewarded not by how many times they go to starbucks hbut how much money they spend there. complaints are pouring in from everything the app not working or reward stars not carrying over properly. >> i make my own coffee in the morning. the time now 17 minutes after the top of the hour. paid by the public. the tax payer money that funded the affluenza teen's rehab because his parents were too broke to pay.
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> welcome back. remember the affluenza teen? he is back in court to find out conditions of his adult probation which could include up to 180 days in jail this after he violated probation running off with his mom to mexico back
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in december. he killed four people and injured nine others in a drunk driving crash. a judge ruled he was too rich and too spoiled to know any better so he was spared jail time. he sentenced up to 10 years probation and a year in rehab which costs taxpayers 200,000 dollars because his parents said they couldn't afford it. >> a teacher who p handed out a privilege kquiz to students in 7th and 8th grade spanish classes have been suspended. it asked students about sexuality and gender identity. these lessons were lost in translation and had no part being taught in spanish class. it was a lesson on inequality. >> now it is time to brew on this. as testing is blamed for more and more car crashes drivers could soon be forced to turn over their phones after an accident. under a proposed road safety
2:23 am
bill in new york all drivers would automatically consent to allow police to scan their phones with a texalizer. >> it would indicate if someone had been using their phone at the time of the crash. >> we would give the spokesman the opportunity at the time of the accident. >> i have my thoughts on this one as well. >> are self-driving cars ready to hit the road for every
2:24 am
american? a new report here. >> brett larson with more. >> i cannot image a world where we have self driven cars all over the place. >> it is comforting when the report says sort of. image if self-driving cars would create a world like minority report. you jump in a cartel it where you are headed and you go. are they safe? we have been behind the wheel since cars have been created. driverless cars for them to be safe would require the auto to drive gll billions of miles over hundreds of years to be tested. google has driverless cars on the road for a few years and for the most part they have been safe. there were a handful of accidents that were mostly the fault of human cars but there was a mix-up with a bus that was the fault of a google car. there is a few problems they
2:25 am
face. poorly marked pavements and software that requires lane marking bad weather much the same way it causes problems for air traffic and causes problems for sensors for the vehicles to operate safely. and don't completely check out. what about one day detours. it wouldn't know main street has a detour next week for a parade. i think they are going to see a lot of the safety -- a lot of the driverless technology become part of what your safety package cars that stop for you when you aren't paying attention but away from the tom cruz minority report cars that go where you want them. >> if google maps can't get me to where i need to go sometimes i don't know. >> although i am a terrible driver. can't be worse than me. >> you can hear brett larson on fox news headlines 24/7 on
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sirius xm radio 1 channel 115. >> the most interesting is when he talked about what he was doing in congress. >> why charles krauthammer says his speech was about rebuilding the republican party. >> 1742 it repremiers in dublin. tiger woods may wib his first master's. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot.
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jofor their wedding one searching place oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] >> it is wednesday april 13th. >> paul ryan will not make a run for president. >> i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our
2:30 am
party. count me out. >> for those who are running brand new polls show who is on top of the critical new york primary. cyber just in time for tax day. what it has to say for itself in a grilling on the hill. >> stranded in the wilderness in bine days. >> hoping a truck or a car or anybody would go by. >> it's an incredible survival story. what this woman did to save herself? you don't tell to miss it. fox news continues right now.
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>> that is a good song to get you moving. thank you so much for joining fox news first>> good morning heather. >> i am abby hunts man. it is 31 after the hour. less than a week from new york primary bravenltd new polls show donald trump with a massive lead. >> bernie sanders hoping for a major upset in hillary's home state. >> fox news kristin fisher live from washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning kristin. >> good morning ladies. with the new york primary less than a week away donald trump is continuing to call the nominating process corrupt. he is continuing to complain in colorado. >> trump said the republican national committee should be ashamed of themselves. the chairman is firing back on twitter. it is a responsibility of the
2:32 am
campaign to understand it. complain now and give us all a break? >> ted cruz took the bay off and john kasich had a substantial speech laying out what he sees as the path forward. he said trump and cruz would take america down a path of darkness. he also insisted it would be part of the nomination. >> coke, pepsi, kasich. you go to the store you are with your spouse and your spouse says i kind of like that kasich but i don't know that much about him. we are getting bigger crowds and that will translate to the delegates and delegates translate into moment dumb. a poll his him behind and another poll has clinton ahead.
2:33 am
standards is sti-- sanders is predicting a win in new york stit next tuesday. this is a campaign which has the energy and moment dumb and is the campaign on the move. we will win a major victory here in new york>> the democrats will continue to campaign in new york while the republicans are moving on to the states that will be voting the following tuesday. >> it has not ended any time soon. kristin fisher live for us. thank you. >> you will not see paul ryan on the campaign trail running for the presidency anyway. the speaker of the house says count him out of the presidential race. you have heard this before. you heard this from him before plenty of times. anna kooiman is here with the
2:34 am
details. >> he says it is different this time with all of his talk about the contested convention from everyunwith on both sides of the isle. some people were hoping that paul ryan would be a white knight in the republican field. he made it clear he doesn't want the job. >> i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. if no candidate has the majority in the first ballot i believe you should only choose from a person who is actually participated in the primaries. count me out. >> instead heather he repeatedly did say he didn't want to be house speaker. look where he is now. last october he was sworn in with a successor. comparing the two jobs is apples and oranges. >> being speaker of the house i of the united states f. i had a responsibility to be in congress from already serving in the one that i have. that is entirely different than
2:35 am
getting the nomination of the president of the united states without even running for the job. >> check this out. it is a campaign style video leaseed by ryan's office. it fuels rumors of an actual run. it highlights foreign policy strength and calls for a battle of ideas, but for now rye sn is focused on his work in congress and analysts say at that may be his best move. >> paul ryan may be the first hashtag never ryan person in the campaign. >> this is brilliant on the part of paul ryan and his team. he has the house of representatives those seats at stake which he is wanting to make sure he maintains that majority in the house of representatives. >> ryan will be at the convention in cleveland this summer but that will be as xhair chairman not the nominee. >> he seems pretty adamant about this one. anna kooiman. >> was there a hidden message in ryan's speech. fox news contributor and
2:36 am
columnist says speaker running for campaign is not for president. >> i think he broadcast what had to be said and i do think he is sincere. the part of the speech i found the most interesting was when he talked about what he was going to be doing in congress. that was ignored put together a policy agenda he denounced the personal rising of the presidential campaign. i think what he was doing in addition to pulling out of the race was to announce the firs step in the rebuilding of the party after the rubble of this election cycle. >> let's keep talking about paul ryan. is it time for the gop to focus on rallying behind a candidate weighing now on the facebook page. >> remember when they said he shaved his beard it was a sign he was running. >> new includes in the murder of former player will smith after a loaded gun is found in his suv.
2:37 am
there is no evidence the gun was fired and it is unclear who it belonged to. another loaded gun is found inside the car of suspect cardell hayes that is in addition to the one police say he used in a fatal shooting which followed a hit and run between he and smith. he may tais additional charges for shooting smith's wife in the leg. new details emerging about the fbi probe into a terrorist's iphone. the feds paid hackers a one-time fee to pinpoint holes in apple's security system giving them access to the device of syed farook. this despite reports they contracted an israeli tech firm. the u.s. government will say whether they will reveal the security flaws to apple. this story you have to hear. it is an amazing survival story about a strong and resourceful 72-year-old woman and her dog. >> unbelievable.
2:38 am
they spent nine days lost and alone in the arizona wilderness. look what she did spelled out the word help with sticks. jackie ibanez is here with this incredible story. >> very resourceful. ann rogers is back and her son this morning thankful to be alive. she used whatever she could to spell out the word help. how did she end up there to begin with? she visited her grand kids and ran out of gas in the white mountains. rogers and her dog spren toured off to try to find help but they got lost for the next nine days and nights the two were forced into survival mode. >> i was eating desert plants. my dog was, too. diving into boulders finding the easiest path for me to take.
2:39 am
she was my path finder on that journey. >> how do you know what plants to eat. she never lost her wits spelling out the words help with sticks and rocks. >> i found an elk carcass bleached white 12 point rack. pulled that out on the sandy beach, pointed it towards a big sign that said help with an exclamation point made out of white stones and sticks. that heiress cue police copter landed. i sat down and bawled. >> she was found in fair condition. her dog is also doing well this morning. press conference is later on this morning with the story. >> i don't know if i could think that quickly and figure out what it is. >> you wonder how much the dog helped her. >> therman's best friend. >> unbelievable story. >> thank you, jackie.
2:40 am
don't leave your home without an umbrella. >> maria molina is tracking more storms for us. >> good morning. we are tracking several areas of disturbed weather. we have one way out west bringing in showers across parts of the west coast. we have heavy rain across parts of the plains and the gull of coast. snow showers in the great lakes. despite it being spring we are dealing with the snow across portions of wisconsin and also in michigan. out here along the gulf coast the big concern is we have several days of showers and thunderstorms firing up here producing several inches of rainfall that could potentially be as much as 6 inches of rain. there will be a threat for localized flash flooding heads up on that from the florida panhandle through parts of louisiana. temperatures right now we have a front clear the east coast yesterday behind the system. it is a lot cooler out there across parts of the midwest and northeast as well. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. later on this afternoon. as you take a look at the temperatures it looks like it will feel very string like
2:41 am
anywhere from the plains to the southeastern miss west. >> it is only getting warmer. remember they will be complaining because it is too warm. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. tax payer information at risk. new cyber attack fears just in time for tax day. what the irs has to say about itself and a grilling on the hills. >> a new weapon in the fight against terror. bono says comedian like chris rock and amy schumer can help.
2:42 am
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>> let's do it. we will have cheryl casone do it. she was in washington, d.c. taxpayers are being warned. new cyber security problems in the irs could leave your information vulnerable to hackers. sister network fox business here now with what you need to know. >> this story is not a fun one at all. the irs came under fire tuesday for lawmakers who say the agency is not doing enough he appeared before the senate finance committee to answer concerns raised in a new report. the government accountability office. that report found evidence of significant security issues at the irs. lawmakers say there was no excuse for the irs not doing a
2:46 am
better job at finding hackers. they were a serious threat. irs officials once again called on congress to give them more funding to hire top technology experts to assist them. april 18th it was extended because of a government holiday. happy ending to the story. >> thank you, cheryl. >> you have to hear about this. kill them with comedy. that is bono's excuse for fighting isis. he gave his unique suggestions on capitol hill. you laugh at them when they are stepping down the street. you take down their power. amy summer and chris rocky oo
2:47 am
you laugh at them before or after you chop off their head. >> facebook founder mark zuckerburg taking an jab at donald trump. >> fearful voices calling for walls and distances people they label as others instead of building walls we can help people build bridges. >> zuckerburg also referenced on immigration they had the success of the people. >> thousands of verizon workers are walking off the job and they are there. o >> the pair of love birds fell into each other they missed an
2:48 am
armed robby feet away from them. it is crazy. >> the video. it is coming up. >> brian kilmeade is coming up with what is on fox and friends. >> let me tell you what else. reince prooef bus fires back so does ted cruz. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here. he is going to endorse donald trump but he is not going to help chain for donald trump. the author of the book exposing secrets of first ladies joins us live if you can keep a secret. what would you do if you found a stranger living in your house? it happened t one couple they will share their child wild stories. will they adopt him or kick him out? get dressed. when josh atkins books at
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happening now, nearly 40,000 verizon employees are about to walk off the job across several states. >> yeah. unbelievable. what does it mean for you? wxtf has more from a picket line in philadelphia with the very latest. david, i think we see some workers behind you that are getting ready to strike. >> reporter: yeah, they just started gathering here not too long ago. they're getting ready to officially strike at 6:00 a.m. members of the cwa picketing and rallying at one of the verizon offices here in philadelphia. two cwa locals in philly say they're protesting a move by verizon to freeze their pensions to make layoffs easier and rely more on contract workers. and they're part of about 40,000 verizon land line, phone, and
2:53 am
cable workers from maine to virginia and elsewhere on the east coast that will walk off the job at 6:00 a.m. don't get a contract. the ibew is also in on the strike. it's looking more and more likely with about eight minutes until the official strike time. the union say verizon made more than $39 billion in profits the last few years and earned concessions by the unions, hundreds of millions in concessions, the union says. verizon's president says it's ready for a strike, and they promise little bit any disruption to customer services. a lot of questions here. by the way, a demonstration will take place at 8:00 a.m. here where we are in the chinatown section of philadelphia for this rally. one of many rallies possibly across the east coast. back to you. >> all right. it's going to be an something day. thanyou. >> we'll follow it for you. the time now is about eight minutes until the top of the hour. get in an accident and surrender your cell phone. a brand new bill is proposing just that, and your emails are pouring in.
2:54 am
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the top of the hour. affluenza teen ethan couch is back in court to find out the new conditions of his adult probation which could include up to 180 days in jail. he killed four people in a drunk driving crash. a judge ruled that he was just too rich and spoo spoiled to know any better. the man who landed a gyrocopter on the u.s. capitol grounds is about to learn his fate. douglas hughes said the flight was his way of calling attention to the big money and politics. he faces up to three years in prison. and 40,000 verizon employees are minutes away from walking off the job from massachusetts to virginia. they're upset over outsourcing, working conditions, and health care costs. ♪ of it. time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." first, the good. an adorable kitten saved after being found inside a wall. a florida family says they called firefighters after hearing a mysterious meowing for two days. the family's adopted the kitten and named it hugo after one of the firefighters. next, the bad. a new form of a dangerous fire challenge is making the rounds on social media called the fire
2:59 am
spray challenge. teens are recording themselves spraying a flame with hairspray or an aerosol can. the judged to create a mini flameflower. new the ugly, these lovebirds will be no help on the witness stand. too oblivious to see a bartender held at gunpoint. the two make their way out of the bar with cash. now time for your "brew on this" responses. >> drivers soon to be forced to turn over their phones after an accident. >> under a proposed bill in new york, all drivers would consent to allow police to scan their phones with a so-called text-alizer. >> we asked you, is this a necessary safety step or invasion of privacy? josephine writes, if it saves lives, i'm for it. it's simple, you should never text and drive, period. >> terry on facebook says, when is -- at what point do you -- i have to stop giving up my rights to make their job easier? >> and baxter tweets, absolutely.
3:00 am
tired of people running up or pulling out in front of me while talking or texting. i have a friend that actually died from some of those -- someone texting on their phone. this was a big deal. people are opinionated about it. >> it is. hopefully people will stop it. that does it for us. have a great day. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good wednesday morning to you. april 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump dominating new york polls less than one week before the big primary next tuesday. now he suggests the rnc is working against him. >> the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> is it really dirty tricks, or just the rules? you decide. then, billionaire versus billionaire. mark zuckerberg at facebook takes a shot at donald trump, the real estate guy. >> i hear fewerful voices calling for


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