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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at >> we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today is harris faulkner, andrea tanteros, co-host of fox business's "after the bell," melissa francis is here. today's #oneluckyguy, former ambassador to the united nation, fox news contributor, john bolton and he is outnumbered. >> glad to be here. sandra: you are worked up about the news. we were chatting in the green room and you're fired! up. >> right. where do you want to start? sandra: good stuff. we'll start here. the battle between donald trump and republican national committee. it is heating up.
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the billionaire businessman continuing to blast results in colorado where his rival ted cruz swept all 34 delegates without any votes being cast in traditional primary process. here is trump at a rally. >> our republican system is absolutely rigged. it is a phony deal. now what do i know? i started running like nine months ago. who would have thought i would have been in first place? what do i know? right? what do i know?! [cheering] but i'm in first place by a lot. millions and millions of votes. that doesn't count. the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen because it has nothing to do with the democracy. sandra: trump repeated those remarks at a town hall later in the day, prompting rnc chairman reince priebus to fire back with this tweet. quote, nomination process known for a year and beyond. it is the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it.
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complaints now? give us all a break. ted cruz is also weighing in accusing trump of inciting violence and blaming trump supporters for death threats that the colorado gop chairman has received. >> the idea that donald is threatening delegates, we're seeing this pattern over and over and over again. donald trump's campaign, put out publicly his supporters, the phone number of the state chairman. he is received over 3,000 calls and death threats. donald needs to understand he is not michael corleone. sandra: colorado senator cory gardner also slamming trump. listen to what he said when asked about an anti-trump tweet came from the colorado gop account. >> they ought to find out how that happened. they ought to find out who did it and fire whoever it was the absolutely. but i don't think that means you turn around and issue death threats to the chairman of the colorado republican party. sandra: well the colorado gop took that tweet down saying the
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account had been hacked. ambassador bolton, let's first get something out of the way. does donald trump have a point about the process itself? >> absolutely not. this is something we have, 50 state parties. they have 50 state rules. they vary all over the place. any campaign that has literate people in it should start by reading rules in all 50 states. if you don't have people who can do that, you need to find them. sandra: which he said he did, he knew the rules and understood them. >> he is hopeless contradiction. either he understood them and didn't do what he needed to do or didn't understand them to begin with. the place to complain is when process starts not when you lose. had he got all 34 delegates i doubt we would hear this there is hotly-contested race, a lot at stake, no doubt about it, but rule number one of politics,
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reed rated rules. sandra: which brings the is he being a sore loser. if he understood the loser why did he not contest them before not after he lost? andrea: when you're explaining you're losing. that is not a good message out there. i know why he is doing it though. he wants to galvanize his supporters who feel it is being taken away from them. that is the nomination. two separate things. ambassador, you're absolutely right, the process trump likes it or not, the rules have been in place for months. trump benefited from them. he only received 37% of the votes he has 45% of the delegates. he has benefited contrary remember to what he said. however the opposite is true as well the establishment is working behind the scenes to run him out. look at money spent against him. he does have a point about that. he is just muddling the two together. i think they are two separate issues. the process is fair but trump is
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absolutely right when he says there is a movement in the establishment to run him out. >> but, andrea, i think that is certainly true but establishment has proven itself utterly incompetent. andrea: that is true. >> look at 120 million spent on behalf of jeb bush? they might have's well-taken the money out in the backpackerring lot and burned it. andrea: i know. >> millions of other dollars have been spent to no effect whatever. we started with 17 candidates. i would say 30 teen of those were establishment. now we're down to one -- 13. the establishment's record is wretched. if trump has a problem, i don't know what it is. they put him in the position he is in now. andrea: what do the republicans do, ambassador? you have an incompetent gop i think everyone would agree on that nominated losers before. now you have trump rising up but the establishment still has power? >> well i think as a practical matter if we want a republican party to emerge from the convention in cleveland, only one of three things is possible.
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it is going to be trump, it is going to be cruz or it is going to be kasich. kasich's odds are maybe five or 10%. you have to reunite the party after you nominate someone. paul ryan was absolutely right to take himself out of the race. and if trump doesn't get it on the first ballot, then i think it is likely to be cruz. now a lot of people may not like either alternative but the notion there is some third way out there is crazy. if people don't want trump, they better grit their teeth and -- sandra: melissa, paul ryan made it very clear that option is not him. >> he did. i don't know. one of those things the more you protest seems like you're in there. i know he feels like he put it to rest and that is just never going to be the case because he did the same thing with the speakership. i disagree with you though. i think one thing donald trump done really forced out in the open and shine ad light on how bizarre this process is and how different it is from state to state. i respect the idea one of the reasons it is so different so the big states don't just overwhelm and dwarf the small
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states. there is a lot of things going on and there are the rules and he should have known them but they are bizarre. the average person has not paid this much attention to them in the past. when you see it happening on the right and see it happening on the left where democrats are only 200 points apart in terms of regular delegates but add in super all of sudden it's a blowout. people at home say wait a second, it is rigged on both sides. sandra: ambassador makes a point, it is not rigged. we knew the rules going into this. nothing has changed, reince priebus says give us all a break. you wonder what kind of damage this is doing to the party. harris: i think you hit the nail on the head. most people are not paying this much attention early in the process. look at percentage of people who vote in primary and go to caucus. why long line states in new hampshire was big breaking news. you don't normally see people lining up at primary around the block for a mile. given, i think a lot of political observers weren't as intimate with this process either. last august, what were we all
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doing? we were paying necessarily to the rules in colorado? should his team's donald trump. absolutely. was ted cruz's? absolutely. because he is people on the ground kind of guy. was john kasich's, i don't know. from what i'm reading, john kasich could do this, he could court up until the second or third ballot. >> i think he has one chance, that is to cut a deal with either cruz or up trump to be their vice president. right now trump will come close by most estimates to get the magic 1237 but maybe not enough. kasich would have enough to put him over the top. likewise on a second ballot i think cruz would be very close. i think this is john kasich's point of maximum leverage. harris: sure. >> i think if he does that -- harris: you've got marco rubio out with 172 delegates, more than even john kasich has. >> zero chance that rubio or anybody else not one of those three will get the nomination. harris: but he could give the delegates. >> could make a deal.
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sandra: i want to go back to the death threats as well, andrea. do you think there is something trump's campaign could say to make the situation any better? i spoke to a republican delegate from the state of indiana this morning whose family received death threats in the form of emails and various letters. very upsetting to hear that while he said he heard from the trump campaign, he says he does not believe trump is directly involved with it, he blamed the rhetoric coming out of the campaign. andrea: it is not helpful and it plays into the hands of the never trump movement which says there is violent rhetoric coming out of trump's supporters. you also hear, mary catherine ham, who a lot of us know and love, political commentator, received awful comments she wrote. free speech still exists and she wrote something not favorable to trump. she received comments that they were glad her husband passed away which is atrocious. harris: that is sick. andrea: doesn't help the discourse. it has been completely lowered. they need get back to the facts. this rests on two things right
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now. can trump secure that magic number before the convention? can he win in new york, pennsylvania and really comes down to california, sandra, with the math? or can cruz cobble enough together to get the second ballot vote. those are only go things that matter. harris: they're not winner-take-all states, he will have to win it huge. sandra: big night tomorrow night. hillary clinton defending her wall street ties but once again refusing to release transcripts of her paid speeches. should she finally at this point? bill clinton saying his wife is more qualified to be president than he was when he ran. but what about benghazi and the private email server thing? we're going to debate that next. right after the show catch more from the couch on the webb. join us for "outnumbered overtime" by logging on to click on the "overtime" tab. tweet us other questions or comments or what topic you want to hear more about. ♪ [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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would influence her as president. >> i think the question is a fair one and what it is really asking whether money i received from people who work on wall street, either for making speeches or, for campaign donations has or will influence my decision-making. and there is absolutely no evidence that it either has or it is or that it will. harris: hmmm. bernie sanders has made clinton's ties to wall street a central focus of his attacks against her. he wants her to release her transcripts from paid speeches she gave. actually he is not only one. a lot of people want to see him. she has said repeatedly would do that, but only if everybody releases their transcripts. said it again in this new interview as well. sanders is not letting up. >> over the years secretary clinton has given a whole lot of speeches at $225,000 a speech.
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to wall street and other special interests. [booing] if you're going to get $225,000 for a speech, it must be an extraordinarily brilliant speech. i say to secretary clinton, if your speech was so valuable, so extraordinary, share it with the people of our country! [cheering] harris: well he does have a point. i mean when something is so good don't you want to tell somebody? which is why i am shocked nobody at those speeches hasn't repeated any of them. she gave one at goldman sachs. there were several people in the audience. did they all sign disclosure? >> first, let's talk about bernie sanders amazed she gets a quarter of a million dollars per speech. bernie, this is the market at work, shall we start there? no wonder he doesn't understand it. i give speeches too. i don't give a quarter of a million. harris: you should. >> all right.
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[laughter]. on hillary's problem, this is self-created nightmare for her. as i understand it she got her contracts to say each of these speeches would have a transcript. usually you ask for a transcript to protect yourself. so that you've got evidence of what you actually said that others can't abuse later. so, she's got the transcripts. i think she is being very foolish in not releasing them. if she said anything that would cause her trouble, be better to get it out and deal with it, to have people think, as bernie's audience thinks she was conspiring with goldman sachs to harm poor people all over the united states. which i'm sure she was not. harris: let's talk about what it is like to be tied to wall street in this way as bernie sanders has brought up. whether or not that really matters to voters. what is the crux of the issue here? that bernie had made it a focus of his campaign and should everybody care or is there there there? >> i think there is there there. goldman being accused of a lot of things, being stupid is not one of them.
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if they're giving people money it is for a reason. you think she is compelling as a speaker all the people goldman sachs could come to speak for them, is she the most amazing or most inspirational? they're paying for access and influence. i know for a fact that people on wall street believe she would be the best for them, the most lenient, the most sympathetic. maybe they think wrong. maybe that is not true but that is what they think and that is why they're giving money to hear her come by and he is making an excellent point. harris: that is interesting, andrea, as we remember early on in the campaign after she first announced, not the second time, those crowds were kind of thin. people did not want to hear her speak for free. if somebody paid over $300,000, i'm like bernie, i'm curious, what the heck did she say. andrea: i'm curious to hear her speak because i want to know which hillary will show up because he is been on every side of every issue. wall street position is not credible. democrats will blast wall street when it is politically
9:19 am
expedient. after they smack their hand they take their dollars and put night their campaign covers as they light their cigar with the other hand. i would love to see what she said in the goldman sachs speech about usama bin laden raid. i think that speech should be released as and more pressure should be put on her to do that. if you look at speaks fees, and access, especially with russians, there is a lot of smoke, harris and where there is smoke, there is fire. harris: with a money trail is one we talked about many times. with the content of the speech interesting to think what would have been in it. you mentioned bin laden raid, that is something we should know about for free. sandra: promises from wall street, if elected she will come way back to the center. at same time, if this is the biggest difference between her and her opponent is their views on the economy and wall street. bernie sanders wants to break up the banks. hillary clinton says, somehow she is going to get wall street to work for main street.
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harris: do you believe that? sandra: actually in some ways. that is why we need to know what she is promising wall street in these speeches. i can't believe nobody has been able to string together what she said at any of these speeches. harris: everybody has memory and cell phone. >> it is not in the speech. when they giver had the money and you talk beforehand and after and phone calls before, it is -- sandra: why not release it then? >> yes, i agree. she should release it. harris: you want transcript of entire relationship between the people who book her and what she said? >> i think they give her money for the speech that isn't worth the money and they think they're getting something else. they think they're getting access, her influence and having lunch with her and her ear and that they think they get it. harris: that would be interesting. andrea: exactly, harris, phone calls, emails to the staffers, say, ohio hi, lobbiest from goldman sachs calling. there is legislation moving through the senate.
9:21 am
nothing needs to be said. oh, yeah, goldman sachs, i remember them. harris: right. andrea: cha-ching. meantime bill clinton is raising some eyebrows after saying that hillary clinton is more qualified to be president than he was, despite ongoing concerns about her judgment. listen. >> when she left the secretary of state's office, the united states approval rating was 20 points higher than it was when she took it. and she was the most popular political figure in america. now, the republicans have worked hard for four years to change that and i don't blame them. they just don't want to run against her. shoot, i wouldn't want to run against her either. [laughter]. because she is better qualified to be president for this time than i was when i ran because of the trouble around the world. andrea: but his comments come as hillary continues to face questions about whether using a private email server as secretary of state put our national security at risk? and as the house benghazi
9:22 am
committee continues to investigate her handling of the deadly 2012 attacks where four americans were murdered. ambassador bolton, so do you agree with the former president that hillary clinton is far more qualified than he ever was? >> no. i think that's pure bill clinton rhetoric. if you really, seriously consider what she did over four years as secretary of state, you have to look long and hard to find anything that qualifies as an achievement. in fact she hasn't been able to name achievements other than clean cooking stoves and racking up a lot of miles on military planes flying around the world. the policies were certainly set by obama, but if you ask what she did that distinguishes her record, you can't find it. by contrast, what has john kerry done? he negotiated the vienna deal. now it is the worst diplomatic deal we ever -- but there is no doubt his persistence, he was one who put that together. you coopt find anything even vaguely comparable on hillary
9:23 am
clinton's record. andrea: you know what i found interesting, harris? during the interview with chris wallace, president obama mentioned his biggest mistake was libya and handling of lib libya after death of muammar qaddafi, which not ad lot of people did in the media, it was her move. why is the media pushing her more on that failure? he said it was his greatest mistake, that she made him make? harris: hard choices for the media. that is the name of the book, in case you didn't know. but president obama now has said in the last day or so it is time for a woman president you know as we talk about all these issues and i see the importance of them, are we getting ready to segue back to inevitability point based on gender? i hear what you're saying. i can see it. i can see that the media needs to be pressed, look for the answers on libya. look for the answers on the
9:24 am
economy and whose promise she may have made to and where the money went to for the clinton foundation. if the president, a, defending her in the email scanned dan l l -- scandal and saying it is time for woman president is he trying to change the conversation? >> i think he is trying to intervene. more egregious what he said about the email. he said first to chris wallace there is no political pressure here from me on the justice department, no behind the scenes meeting. in front of 20 million tv viewers, to loretta lynch here are your instructions. if hillary's defense there was no intentional violation, i may have been negligent and i wasn't intentionally doing it and. harris: it was careless. >> on that defense and base is decline to prosecute i'm fine as president with that. he told loretta lynch and every
9:25 am
political appointee that is their marching orders. a brazen influents to determine what is going on with the justice department. andrea: her defense is sorry, i'm incompetent but i'm a woman, forgive me. sandra: i don't think bill clinton is doing her any favors on the trail? why doesn't he have a voice? what is going on with him? the argument she doesn't have the strength and energy to be president, that is what trump keeps saying. you have bill up there not looking so strong. sandra: i think at this point in campaign we would cover eloquent speeches and remarks by bill clinton. it is quite the opposite. andrea: do you think he helps or hurt, sandra? sandra: right now, no harm no foul. andrea: what experts say about the fight against isis and why we should expect more attacks like the ones in brussels and paris. ♪ it's your home.
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don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) harris: this fox news alert now on ethan couch. you may know him as the young texas teenager that fled the country. authorities wanted him in four deaths. his nickname became the "affluenza" teen, because his reason for carrying out his crimes because he was wealthy. because he had grown up well think. he didn't know the difference between right and wrong. a judge today, teaching him the meaning of wrong, giving him four consecutive 180-day sentences in county jail, four consecutive sentences one for each victim he killed. prosecutors and defense will have a two weeks to look at the ruling to see if they can change any minds, exact words of the judge. his caveat before he read the
9:31 am
sentence allowed. we're watching the situation. by the way he is no longer a minor. he was in adult court this morning as they read this, four counts, for consecutive 180 days. that is total of two years against ethan couch. four people died. we'll come back to the story as we learn more about it. for now the fight against the islamic state savages is taking center stage today. president obama headed to cia headquarters in langley, virginia, to meet with his national security council. they will talk about the terror group and the situation inside of syria. this of course one day after hearings were held on capitol hill on the on going efforts to degrade and destroy the terror savages. remember that is what the president said he would do. former head of the national counterterrorism center and other experts are testifying are warning as pressure builds on isis in the middle east there could be even more attacks in the west. watch. >> even as we constrain and have success in eliminating isis on the battlefield in syria and
9:32 am
iraq, you may actually see more of the types of attacks like we see in brussels and paris. in other words, those are very hard to stop, and isis in an effort to remain relevant, to dominate the news cycle as mr. wood said, may actually increase its effort to carry out those type of attacks. harris: we're getting all sorts of different message this is week from the administration. first we were told that isis is growing more than ever. but that the threat here at home is actually less than what it was is 15 years ago. now we're hearing this. what are your thoughts? >> if you watch what the national director of intelligence has testified several times over the past year, he has been saying the terrorist threat internationally against the united states is greater than it was before 9/11 and i think most people concur with that the administration is caught between an ineffective strategy for dealing with isis in the middle east and iraq and syria, where their gains have been really very limited and evident threat in europe where
9:33 am
we now believe thousands of isis terrorists have infiltrated or been trained. in some large number in the united states as well. we have to worry about. so i think the administration's caught between its rhetoric and reality here. i think, i think they will find it very difficult to sustain the arguement that they have been effective in dealing with isis either on the battlefield or in the risk of terrorist attacks in the homeland. harris: you need your rhetoric to have reality in it. >> usually helps. harris: call the enemy what it is. very quickly before we move on around the couch i i want to tap into your experience, ambassador. inside the united nations why is there not more of a vocal coalition to stamp them out? canada pulled back. other countries pulled back. >> united nations have never been able to seriously define terrorism in a comprehensive way. what i think i see is the amerik
9:34 am
among friendly states, kurds, turks, and defeat isis in the region and across north africa. europeans are hopelessly at sea how to deal with this we've seen the government of belgium, government of france, other european governments not exchanging information effectively. they need american leadership. they are not getting it. the president will not acknowledge the terrorist threat is severe as it is. harris: you need reality is the rhetoric. hopelessly at sea is europe. i know you lived there, would you describe it that way or something else? andrea: i think something more dramatic. i think it's a powder keg. i think europeans have made grave mistakes and ones the united states are seemingly unwilling to heed moving forward with the refugee plan, the white house refuses to even stop or pause or reexamine. ambassador, i i want to ask you though, you talked about how the rhetoric doesn't match the reality. the administration wanted the rhetoric not to match the reality.
9:35 am
when i say that coming out of the cia, the story of all these intelligence agents that tried to give an accurate picture what isis looked like and they were scrubbing the intel. how serious is this? are we supposed to run out the clock here to wait for president obama to leave? >> it's a very serious allegation that data through the central command was doctored to make isis look like less of a threat than it was. i can tell you having been on the receiving end of some of this criticism in the bush administration for politicizing intelligence, which happens not to be true, in this case, there are people there who are saying, we were told to change the numbers. so i think this is a job for congress to get people up there and find out. the fact is the terrorist attacks in europe are growing in size and scope. i think the risk is increasing. you rightly point out with these floods of refugees coming into europe, means more terrorists are coming in. i just fear it is inevitable in this country if we don't pay more attention.
9:36 am
harris: i mean when you talk about a few people, we're talking like 50 of these analysts. these are some big numbers about people who have been told to do something different than what they actually knew to be true. >> that is very serious allegation. no doubt about it. harris: we'll stay on the story here on "outnumbered," you bet. donald trump family and wife and daughters come to his defense about the way he treats women. what they said and whether it will resonate for voters? ♪
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stay strong. stay active with boost®. ♪ andrea: the women in donald trump's life are coming to his defense. at a town hall his daughter ivanka and his wife melania were asked about the billionaire businessman's treatment of women. watch. >> way he raised me and the way he raised tiffany is a testament to the fact that he believes and
9:41 am
inspiring women, empowering women. he always taught me there wasn't anything i couldn't do. >> he treats everyone equally. so if you're a woman and he attacks, they attack him, he will attack back, no matter who you are. we are all human and he treats them equal as men. so, i think that is very important. he doesn't make a difference. andrea: meantime ted cruz wife heidi is responding to that unflattering picture that trump retweeted last month, comparing her appearance to his wife's looks. >> i don't tweet. i had an ability to completely ignore it. it didn't impact me in the least. i have one job on this campaign, that is to get out to tell the voters who ted cruz is. andrea: sandra we were talking about this during the commercial break. you watched both. sandra: it was riveting television. andrea: start with heidi cruz. what do you think of the
9:42 am
interview? i thought her explanation was so classy. sandra: the whole thing was. she defended her husband so well, i do however have a criticism she avoided that controversy with her picture all together. that was impossible. it was on every front page. it was all over the internet. she doesn't tweet so she didn't see nasty tweets about it. that being said i think it was very well-done interview. megyn asked great questions, we got to hear things from heidi cruz we never heard before. but i will say, we were talking about this at the break how many time she mentioned her husband's friends. very strategic and very planned. andrea: how? sandra: he has been accused having no friends among his near and dear colleagues in washington, d.c. she was out to dispel that i suppose. andrea: was it convincing, melissa? people like ted, he has friends. was her interview even though she seemed so classy, was it believable? >> she was pretty compelling. she went a long way to humanizing him.
9:43 am
i liked her a lot. megyn did a tremendous job of connecting with her pulling her out. i loved her. i don't know what that says about her husband. i loved her afterwards. she said, it was interesting, i was shocked when she said he was very low-key and easy to live with. that is not something, that is not what i get from ted cruz. talk him buying 100 cans of chunky soup on night they married. he doesn't care. he will eat soup. there were a lot of interesting things she brought out. i want all his friends to hear, he has a lot of friends, i am one of those people who knows people he went to law school with. he has a lot of friends. she is his wife. he has a lot of friends. i didn't necessarily buy it. i liked her a lot. i wanted to vote for her. i don't know how that helps her husband. andrea: shift to the trump town hall. donald trump has his family around him a lot, ambassador bolton. i think that benefits from him. i say this, my greek father as immigrant, used to say, look at
9:44 am
trump ap's family they're good people, they not on drugs, not in jail. you have to give him that. he has tight ship of children very successful. i say ivanka is his best spokeswoman. >> that was certainly a plus for the trump campaign. i thought heidi cruz's interview was a plus for the cruz campaign. that is what families can do. they do humanize people. but i have to say, especially sitting on this couch, i would rather be talking about nuclear weapons than the families of the candidates because i think we're in a situation where, where, we're missing the point of nominating a presidential candidate who is to lead the country. it is not high school student council president. it is not really about the families. having said that i understand why we're going through this and i think it's a plus for both cruz and trump that they have got classy families. harris: wow, that is really interesting what you're saying. this illuminates and give us an idea because this campaign has
9:45 am
been so nasty. people are probably thirstier for this type of interview more than ever because it has been so gritty. sandra: yeah. harris: wouldn't it be nice that people they support are actually human beings. sandra: right. harris: i agree with you, we would be focused on other issues, the exception is how nasty this campaign is. andrea: they need backup. they need to bring in balance, people that love them. show them their back. show me your friend and family. these are my best spokespeople. harris: pointing to character. >> about buying one one cans of soup, i do inventory management of our house, i buy a bunch much stuff, it is there. is there something wrong with that. >> no, it made him human. it was great point and made him funny and made him human. it was great thing to bring forward. showed she was awesome. i'm not sure how much it says about him necessarily but, cute story. andrea: are you a doomsday person, ambassador no. >> i'm not a doomsday person.
9:46 am
andrea: you're hoarding soup i better. you know something i don't. >> frozen dinners actually. andrea: another college campus facing uproar over pro-donald trump messages left on free speech wall, if you can still caught it that. frat and sorority leaders canceling greek week events. we'll tell you about that. more pc nuttiness at elite university. they are rejecting a plan promoting western civilization classes saying it promotes racism and sexism. why is basic learning under attack? ♪ constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a minute. first let's get to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hey, sandra. in the next hour gop race underway now offers parallels to the 1976 republican convention. what could donald trump learn from ronald reagan's performance four decades ago? plus the brutal murder of a young seattle mother. the suspect has a long criminal
9:51 am
history but claims he was too drunk to remember what happened. could that defense work? eye-opening new study shows 75% of all websites are at risk of a malware attack. how you can protect your most sensitive information. we'll have it for you at the top of the hour. sandra. sandra: we'll be watching, jon, thank you. >> thank you. sandra: >> backlash against donald trump supporters on another college campus. according to campus reform, national frat and sorority leaders canceling several events planned for greek week at ohio university, after students spray-painted messages on a free speech wall, including trump 2016 and build a wall. but seral greek organizations calling that slogan offensive and hurtful. and school's president in an email to students saying, the words painted were troubling because they had a very different meaning to some, than they may have had to others, viewing the message. and, even to those who painted the message. very interesting. you look at the picture.
9:52 am
i guess maybe, andrea i will turn to your expertise on this one. you were the queen of greek week. andrea: i was. >> only thing i can say when you're talking about greek weekt inclusion and exclusion juxtapose about that message build a wall. does it tyke on a different meaning or am i stretching and reaching here? andrea: stretching just a little bit. i don't know what they taught you at harvard, melissa. >> we didn't have the greek system. andrea: i would argue the greek system can also promote community and can promote unity and pi kappa alpha. crown me greek week queen based on dance competition and talent competition. there is no tape. harris: we do have time in overtime. [laughter]. andrea: owe tee, baby. harris: i love a guidance. andrea: this is absurd. this is spree speech wall. they should be allowed to spray whatever they want.
9:53 am
when did donald trump's name become microaggression. we have lost our mind in this country. >> picture, build a wall is that threatening? what do you think, sandra. sandra: it is policy of a presidential candidate. somebody is taking a stance. that is free speech. ways confused by university's actions. wouldn't name students involved. wouldn't punish them. letter says this is not form of punishment. there is no greek week and alcohol and absolutely no fun. how is this not punishment? the letter says we don't want to punish them because they were exercising free speech. conflicting. andrea: what do you think? >> this is system of intellectual deterioration in our university system. if you're offended by speech there are three ways you could respond. you can ignore it. you can refute it or you can repress it. the first two are hallmarks of free people. the third is the hallmark of authoritarians. that is the what is going on on college campuses. i'm sorry you're offended by
9:54 am
speech but the history of free speech is increasing the range of things that people can say. and if you don't like it, then take some other step, argue with the people. walk away if you don't like it but repression is mark of authoritarianism. harris: well-said. sandra: hear this story. students at stanford university, 6-1 margin rejecting a plan to restore a western civilization class requirement. the school eliminated it back in the '80s. supporters say students should learn about the unique western culture splayed in shaping our institutions. op-ed in school nape staking such a class would uphold capitalism and cologne y'allism, oppressive systems that flow from western systemizations. this from the same university that has classes like, get this, ambassador, sex, love in modern society and sleep and dreams. how does this make you feel? >> well, you know this is part of western civilization in
9:55 am
decline. the fact that the students have the historical attention span of fruit flies doesn't surprise me. what bothers me, faculties, faculties and administrations at universities accept it. i think this is the mark of general deterioration and i pity the next generation because you can't find everything simply by looking on your iphone and googling things. sandra: it is everywhere. state colleges. ivy league universities. harris: amen to what you just said though. this wipes away our ability to deal with people we don't agree with and people we do not like. how many of those are we going to meet in a lifetime, right? if you're not going to learn, they didn't discuss it in either of these situations. even previous one with greek week. it wasn't discourse or dialogue. this is going to be what it is. it is repression. >> i will take the other side of this because i took critical and analytical thinking at stanford university, and i got a-plus, thank you very much.
9:56 am
andrea: humble and name dropper. >> learning how to think and criticize and analyze and argue with other people and i don't think necessarily the substance of what is in the class is what you take away because if you asked me about economics and different things we studied at college you forget the detail. what you learn is how to think and argue and how to debate. andrea: you got the last word, ivywhy leaguer. ing else. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. amazin prune juice and amazin prune light. from sunsweet, the feel good fruit. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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harris: when your friends ask you if you're smart, tell them you spent an your with an ambassador. >> glad to be here. harris: have a great afternoon. we'll stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. jump on the live chat right now. "happening now." oo


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