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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: when your friends ask you if you're smart, tell them you spent an your with an ambassador. >> glad to be here. harris: have a great afternoon. we'll stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. jump on the live chat right now. "happening now." blood. >> the gruesome murder of
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a mother of three kids in her own home. and the suspect held on 2 millio bail. >> oh, my lord, are you serious. >> dramatic video shows a teacher's aide saving a young by from choking. it is all "happening now"ing now. >> we begin with the battle royale in the empire state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are all in. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> i am heather childers in for jenna lee. >> good to have you here. >> after courting voters upstate. hillary clinton addressing the 20th convention in manhattan at
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this hour on. she picked up key endorsements in the state. bernie sanders picked up an endorsement from the transit union. we have peter barnes that is standing by in pennsylvania and awaiting a cruz event. ed henry in new york city. mrs. clinton would create a new national office of immigrant. >> she's talking behind me and so i will keep my voice down. >> reporter: she's reaching out to african-american voters. she's had a clear advantage with minority voters and trying to exploit that edge in the adopted home state. she went after the republican
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presidential field. >> i will continue to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship. it is important that we stand up against the voices of hate and divisiveness, whether they are in our communities or running for president. [applause] >> reporter: clinton has a double-digit lead here including the fox news poll and got endorsement of the new york daily news. bernie sanders did a board meeting with them that did not go well and hurt his campaign. clinton hoping to pick up votes. >> but sanders picked up a big endorsement. >> from communication workers. he was on on the picket line with the verizon workers. it is interested that sanderses
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is out and about to say momentum and money in the the race and he believes he will stage a big come back here in clinton's adopted home state, watch. >> i believe we are going to win here in new york city. [applause] >> we are going to win here in new york state. we started this campaign, 50, 60 points behind hillary clinton and the last two weeks, two national polls having us ahead. >> reporter: he is behind here in new york state. but sanders is planning a major rally. 25000 people there in washington square park near nyu. >> ed henry, using his golf voice there. less than a week from the primary. ted cruz is looking at
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pennsylvania. trump has a huge lead in new york. this as the candidates go back and forth over the delegate selection process. trump calling it rigged. peter barnes is live with us. >> donald trump is campaign nothing pittsburg today and ted cruz will speak at this amusement park. pennsylvania holds its primary on april 26th. and long with other states. one thing for sure, trump is not amused by the system of naming delegates and raging against the process at rallies in new york with his stronger organization, cruz dominated and collected all 34 of colorado's delegates, for example. and helping him to continue his strategy of denying trump to
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delegation count. and cruz campaign said they are playing by the rules and the senator is fighting trump fair and square. >> this is real simple. donald is a very sore losing. and he throws a fit. he is crying, and screaming and yelling and he insults and curses people and he attacks people when he loses. he behaves like a child as anderson cooper pointed out like a five year old. >> reporter: now cruz conceded that trump will have a couple of good weeks in the race and he is looking ahead to california to pick up for delegates. trump is 30 points up over his arrivals in his home state of new york. and cruz is a distant third there and latest average polls
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for pennsylvania, by real clear politics. trump over cruz. and 71 delegates at stake here in the keystone state. >> you are in front of a roller coaster. it is a wild ride so far. thank you, peter. >> so as donald trump rails against the delegate system, many say he is wasting time and instead of complaining about the rowels, he is use them to his own advantage. mark writes in that trump should take a page from history. he's learning that twitter and free media cannot win delegates. if he doesn't stop complaining he will end up like reagan did in 1976, the runner up.
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we'll talk about it with with elizabeth and james. the accusation and the charge is, elizabeth that donald trump for his mastery of the media has not mastered campaign strategy and not picking up the delegates or picking up delegates and support where it matters? >> right. it will be interesting to see if trump will be the reagan of '76 or reagan of '80 that got the nomination in 1980. we are seeing ted cruz' strategy which is only strategy he has. he can't get to the 1237 out right to use the arcane system to peel off the delegates that is well in the rulings. i think it will back fire. like it right or not people feel
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disenfrannized. when you see a state trump won and cruz uses the rules and peeling off delegates. you are seeing it with super delegates on the democratic side and the republican side here. it will embolden trump supporters and make cruz come off as less likeable than he already is. >> but james, donald trump scored one in michigan with the delegate process there? >> michigan is the exception more than the rule. trump teamed up with the kasich folks and originally the kasich folks were partnering with the cruz people and instead kasich and trump supporters voted. and he won the michigan primary and got the key sees on the rules and credential committee. it may seem like it doesn't matter, but in cleveland in july
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it will be important for the people sitting and decide what the rules in the convention are and who can compete. trump may be able to get his act together. but he's struggling in a lot of places. not legally bound to, will be with cruz on the second. >> sticking with you for a moment, is that the success of paul mannaforand who knows the delegate system. trump just hired him. >> yes, paul beat reagan at the republican convention and the last contested convention. mana fort is starting to build a organization. you can't go back and organize.
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you need bodies and supporters to show up in county level conventions and district level and spend nights, saturday ises inside and doing the minutia of what it takes to be a delegate. paul is at trump tower trying to get it organized, but there is only so much he can do at this point. >> elizabeth, i want to read a quite for you today. if trump cannot compete, he has no one to blame for himself. after losing iowa to cruz, trump never realized the importance of a fold organization. and he's done the opposite. politicalo since march trump is laying off field staff en masse. he's run his campaign on the cheap and relying on free media to win primaries. what do you think about that? >> i think it is unconventional.
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and it helps him and he plays the media and gets massive amounts of free media but hurts him in organizing and the delegate hunt. it is important to keep in mind. it is not going to matter that much. trump only has a chance it win the nomination outright. in the contested there will be no way he can win unless he gets close to the threshold and they unify and they will be scared that the voters will revolt. there is no way to win on a second ballot and this is cruz's only way. trump has to win outright. >> could bring on the revolt you are talking about. thank you elizabeth and james.
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>> fox news alert. ethan couch, a judge sentenced him to nearly two years behind bars or four consecutive 180 days. that is one for each of the victims of the car crash. the prosecution and defense attorneys have two weeks to review the ruling. couch gained notirity. he was seen at a party where color alcohol was consoumed and after that, he fled to mexico with that and apprehended this year. >> the law firm in the center of the panama paper's league under investigation. the firm raided by organized crime prosecutors. we'll tell you about that. arizona judge releases
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a student accused of gunning down a fellow student and what he must do while awaiting trial. 
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we won! nice! that's another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ >> an university of arizona student jailed for shooting another student is released to his parent's home in glendale. he will wear a gps monitoring device and follow curfew. he is charged in a fatal shooting in a parking lot back on october 9, 3 others were wounded. jones' attorney said their client acted in self defense. >> more fallout from the panama papers.
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prosecutor raiding the area. the leak detailed how they hid their wealth. the panama attorney general gave the okay to raid the firm. senior foreign affairs greg joins us with more from london. >> reporter: the law firm tweeted out a statement that it is ready and willing to cooperate with the authorities, locks like they have no choice. police and key panama officials specializing in money launder and organized crime launched the raid in the law office in the firm that was the source of a massive document leak that revealed the possibilities of wrongdoing like tax ehivation with public figures using offshore companies.
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blasting countries like france, for putting panna in the black list. the panama president will start to clone up the country. this as the global political fallo fallout from the refalation. prime minister david cameron had to defend the legality of his late father's use of a offshore company of which he benefitted prior to becoming prime minister. and in iceland, the prime minister resigned when it showed his family had offshore. and so far the finance minister has not resigned. there is a scarsity of american names in all of these files. there might be a reason for that and other ways that folks can
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avoid illegally the glare of the attacks of the tax authorities. they will be meeting in dc, representatives of g- 20 countries dealing with this. >> we talked about president of china, his brother-in-law named in that list, thank you, greg. >> the battle of new york in the final days and the democrat candidates are using different tactics. >> why one campaign could win big by going small. plus. but teacher aide springing in action to save a little boy who was choking.
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>> in oklahoma, a teacher is hailed as a hero after saving the life of a little boy choking on a coin. all caught on camera. take a look. oh, my lord are you serious? come here. okay, it is okay. >> thankfully the aid managed to get it dislodged just in time. she was glad she was there and had train nothing cpr. >> i don't feel i deserve credit. god worked through me. and the training paid off. >> the little boy, saided aid asked to keep the coin. she said okay but warned him not to swallow it again. just a token.
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>> as hillary clinton and bernie sanders look to rally supporters in new york. the clinton campaign is getting credit for targeting voters in a more nuanced way. u.s. news and world report wrote about the strategy and said focus on a subset of voters and allowing a specific message that resonate with them. that defined his campaign from the start. we'll bring in melissa booth. and brian joyce of the brian joyce show. thank you both for joining us. is bigger better or smaller
10:26 am
smarter. >> i think with hillary clinton there is strength in weakness. she runs a tight campaign and this helped her that she picked up super delegates because she is a safer choice among the two. and helped her to targetit mi r minority voters and helped her. and in some requests, she is perceived as a icalulating and controlled. and this has helped bernie sanders thrive, bus bernie sanders is a guy who is not controlled and more honest and upfront with voters. and it does when you look at. it >> and hillary's lead over bernie sanders to around 700. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
10:27 am
bernie is popular with the young voters and bringing in huge crowds to all of the rallies, but the clintons, they have been popular with the bread and butter of the democratic place labor unions and minorities, african-american, and women and her targeted them with a message is smart poll teches and the other side of the sword. alternative message that bernie is putting out there and you can see it on the gop side with donald trump. that is it attracting a lot of voters. who has the message that appeals to more voters and who shows up to vote in new york. >> and exactly. when you have sanders leading with younger voters, will they show up at the rallies or show up and vote. what do you think? >> they are are attracted to bernie sanders because of the
10:28 am
fact of hillary clinton having the problem of likeability. in the abc debate. barak obama had the likeable enough comment. that stuck. but a lot of problems lie with herself and who she is. coming cross as calulating and didn't come across as likeable. there is a bloomberg focus group that showed women have a problem. and bernie sanders is a real guy and speaking to the every day man and woman. >> she high negatives but leads 55- 38 percent p over bernie sanders. we'll talk about the african-american vote. we have seen bill clinton address those groups and try to garner their vote. it is working and she is in the lead. black voters she leads 65
10:29 am
percent to sanders 28 percent. can sanders possibly win without that you upon demographic? >> i don't know he can. as lisa saids, it helps bernie that he comes across authentic. and the irony to politics, authentic doesn't always win in the end of the day. and bernie is an authentic guy. and holding a big rally with vampire week woke. in the end of the day, who has the message that appeals to more people that turn out to vote and that might be hillary clinton. >> and to let everyone know at home that don't know. vampire weekend is a band. got to clear that up for the viewers. thank you. >> grisly crime to tell you about. remains of a mother of three found in a recycling bin and
10:30 am
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>> "happening now", house speaker paul ryan again insisting he will not accept the
10:34 am
republican nomination for president. this comes after holding a news conference. and reaction with the colleagues is mixed. mike emmanuel joins us live from capitol hill. what is the latest. >> reporter: paul ryan said count him out, he quickly tried to move forward. he met with house republican colleagues this morning and reiterated his decision he will not run for the white house this year. ryan's political team announced he raised $25 million since being speaker since october. 17.3 million this year. one house republican said after all of the ryan for president speculation it is time to move on. >> no one has emerged arizona the candidate for us. paul is a capable guy and
10:35 am
demonstrated competency and would be a strong presidential candidate some day. and the number one qualification is the willingness to run for the job. if you are not. you are not the nominee. donald trump is quiet about ryan's announcement and trump saying we'll see. i will take him at his word and trump sounded cautious. and we'll see what happen in the top leader. nancy pelosi was asked for reaction be and she said no. and next question. and there are republicans here in washington who hope that ryan would be a white night candidate for 2016 or 2024. heather? >> there is a saying he doth protest too much.
10:36 am
>> and a washington state man awaiting charges in the murder of a woman he met on line. john robert charleson accused of killing and dismembering ingrid in her home and driving her remains to seattle. herre ins were found hours after she was reported missing. to talk about the case with the the legal panel. eric guster. and bob also a defense attorney and former head county prosecutor. the suspect in this case. john charlton said he got too drunk and doesn't remember anything on what happened after they left the mariner's game. can that defense work? >> no, voluntarily intoxication is not for homicide. when it got to the vielth parts he had a blackout.
10:37 am
you put together the the time line. he was at the house earlier that day and was with her and she probably drove him to seattle. he didn't realize they would find evident in the bath tub where the body was cut up. he placed himself in the crime scene. >> he implicated himself. >> people think they can outwit police. they don't realize the police can figure out when the. but he didn't clone up the traps. >> his own parents saute restaining order. is that the kind of evidence that comes in court? >> it has a possibility of coming in to court. when you are looking at
10:38 am
a restraining order, that shows a propensity for violence. and in order to show that this person could have participated in the murder and had the mind set to hurt or kill someone. violence against the parents can come in. >> he was prone to violence outburst when he was drunk. he talked his way in to the apartment. they talk too much and give themselves up and put themselves in the scone. and confess without knowing it. >> perhaps no surprise, he was convicted of negligent driving in 1998 in washington state, aggravated robbery in utah back in 2006. and felony theft in 20009 in montana and a battery charge in
10:39 am
idaho. and those are the long way from the kind of murder we saw here? >> that would not probably be admissible. unless he takes the stand. and i believe the incidents with his parents will not be admitted at trial. judges don't want to try cases within cases. certainly as a prosecutor, i am looking at that history and seeing a violent history and increase the kwo tent in my mind that he may have committed the crime. >> the victim's family did some of the investigating. her sister found a bunch of text on the victim's cell phone and phone calls, texted the number, her mother did. when did you last see here, she is not here. her phone and driver's license and purse is not here. i have called 911.
10:40 am
and that went to john's cell phone. 911? what's going on? we went to the mariner's game last night but we didn't stay the night together because she has her kids today. not sure what she has told you about me and our relationship. >> as a defense attorney, how would you approach that. >> he is have ignored that. any time you communicate that will be evident. and that will help the police as well as the trial court put the case together. a murder case is like a puzzle. one piece will fit. you saw her yesterday. that puts him back with her. he should have shut up just like the miranda rights saw. you have the right to remain silent. and if he didn't give evidence. >> what does that text exchange tell you.
10:41 am
>> terrible to him. he is identifying he was with with her, and more importantly, the mother is writing, i am desperate and get back to me. and there is nothing and silence. and i would say why would somebody who has a girlfriend not be responding back and cooperating with a mother who indicated that she called the police. that is consciousness of guilt as we call in the law. >> a very sad story. she has three kids that are left motherless. >> it is a gruesome crime. >> apparently he will be in court tomorrow. >> what is funny about this case, the judge ordered that his face cannot be used by the media. that is disturbing to me. the community's eyes and ears and involvement. where was he and who was he
10:42 am
with. there may be citizens who call who said i saw him somewhere and i know that guy and i saw him driving the car. >> i do think it is important. the judge is trying to err on the side of caution to make sure it is not appealable. >> the jury will see his face anyway. i don't get it. >> bob and eric, thank you. >> horrible story. >> silicone valley billionaire is using money to fight the battle against cancer, why is it is such an urgent matter. >> and 75 percent of websites are vulnerable to hackers. this is joanne.
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announces a grant to fight cancer. the founding president of facebook and his latest venteur is the parker institute for cancer immuneo therapy. it will help researchers share data. with the goal of stopping cancer research that is stalled for decades. >> right now, disturbing information about cyber attacks. a dat security company showed that 75 percent of the websites are vulnerable to cyber crimes and there is a 36 percent increase in the attacks. half billion reports were stole or we'll bring in eric wright. >> hi, heather. >> the bottom line in all of this and why people should be
10:47 am
concerned, these websites can open you up and expose your private information to cyber criminals by visiting them. and that is throw- fourths of website. >> there are billion website. and 750 million put you at risk. that is how the attacker stair step in your corporate. and we'll see with black energy. it is important that people understand what they are doing. >> and it is not only computers and lap tops. we are on the websites and looking up there, too, right? >> there are 3.4 billion on the internet and 1.2 billion smart devices right now. and this problem on the mobile
10:48 am
side and smart phone and tablets will get worse before it gets better. we saw that in 2014. it is goingin as well. >> what with with we do to protect ourselves. >> can you imagine the facebook withdrawal. >> be smart and i am here in dallas, i am delivering speeches. make sure you protect your information with pass code andous a finger print and don't click on listenings for things you didn't. pdf report or link and join here. people have to be more cynical. and believe half of what you see and hear when it is on the internet. you click the link. what is behind is 75 percent of
10:49 am
the time probably bad. >> cyber criminals. they are clever. >> yes, they are. >> what can we do to over come the issue? >> first of all, whether you use the phone or computer, if there is an update. update your security. fufrngszal update making it run better. >> right there, i will say what people are doing. every time you update, it crashes it. people don't want to do updates. but we should is what you are saying? >> it probably happens every now and then. and people may hold apple and android stuff. but if you tonight update, you created a bigger dorfor people to attack you. so it doesn't happen all of the time. but the cost of not doing that or the cost of doing it is less that not doing. it is your bank account and
10:50 am
information. and once that is out there. you don't get it back once it is out there. it is gone. i will update my phone right now. have a great day. >> and on the technology giant. how facebook is trying to give snap chat a run for its money. plus the dramatic moment a roof at one prep school came crashing down. what happened here?
10:51 am
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10:53 am
hey everyone. breaking news for you on some meeting between the trump campaign and members of congress. we'll give you the who, what and where of what's going to go on at those meetings. plus if the g.o.p. goes to the
10:54 am
contested convention, could ted cruz block donald trump on a contested ballot. and you've heard of a breathalyzer test, what about a textu texturiz texturizer? real story on that moments from now. >> well, the popular streaming app snap chat and per scope face new competition from facebook. this as he announces his accompany is peefing up its own live video service. joe joins us molive with more o that. >> the con fence underway right now in san francisco. first, facebook live is getting an update. also opening products to developers opening it not just
10:55 am
to your phone and laptop but to tv cameras, drones and all kinds of other objects with a camera on it. their also going after per scope, snap chat and remember, snap chat at accompany facebook tries to buy two years ago. now they're valued at $16 billion. the second big thing to come out is the messenger box. facebook is changing the way you're going to be using the facebook messenger on your phone. you can now chat with brands like staples and 1800-america. really, you're talking with an artificial intense software. facebook is doing this because they have the users on facebook mess englisher. it's a business decision. they want to keep you far away from their competitors like
10:56 am
google, apple and amazon. despite the news, facebook stock down right now, john, falling earlier to its lowest level in more than a month and down to 3% right now. back to you. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> a big part of new york life about to get saved out. how the officials are trying to make the metro card disappear.
10:57 am
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♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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11:00 am
ones like in london and chicago where commuters can cap a card instead of swiping it. >> whatever gets you in quicker. >> you still need a card. >> and a couple of bucks. two and a half bucks to get a ride. thanks for joining us. the real story starts now. >> this is the real story today on that and much more. let's take a look at the other candidates for a minute. governor john kasich making stops in maryland today. senator ted cruz also on the campaign trail in the keystone state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders focussing on new york. more on the damage in a bit but first back now to trump. john, you just confirmed


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