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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ones like in london and chicago where commuters can cap a card instead of swiping it. >> whatever gets you in quicker. >> you still need a card. >> and a couple of bucks. two and a half bucks to get a ride. thanks for joining us. the real story starts now. >> this is the real story today on that and much more. let's take a look at the other candidates for a minute. governor john kasich making stops in maryland today. senator ted cruz also on the campaign trail in the keystone state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders focussing on new york. more on the damage in a bit but first back now to trump. john, you just confirmed the
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very important campaign meeting with members of congress starting tomorrow. what did you find out? >> good afternoon to you. d.c. office swinging into high gear tomorrow morning at 9:00 at the capitol hill club where duncan hunter of california and chris collins of new york, two big trump supporters in congress, will be holding their first big meeting with other members of congress who are like-minded and support donald trump. six of them are attending. tom reed of new york, one of pennsylvania, renee of pennsylvania and one from north dakota and scott from tennessee. they are being asked to wrap up as many like-minded people as they can and bring them to the meeting tomorrow morning. how they proceed going forward and how get get more members going forward as we head into the final stretch here with the states like new york city,
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pennsylvania and california still lying ahead. donald trump seems to be at these rallies and at every public appearance he makes laying the ground work for some kind of voter revolt going into the convention. he has the nomination taken away from him in the series of votes and every opportunity saying it hangs against him. a big rally calling out the rmc, republican national committee saying it should be ashamed for quote and these are donald trump's words allowing such crap to happen as what happened in colorado as it established almost a year ago shows the delegates for the convention. ryan, who is chairman of the republican national committee has had enough of this tweeting out nomination process known for a year and beyond its responsibility to understand it.
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donald trump met with them at the headquarterers in washington. sources close to that meeting tell me that donald trump had a near complete lack of understanding about how the delegate process works. since then he's done the research and hired a team to wrong wrangle at the convention and making the case the system is frad ewe lent. good news for donald trump in the state of maryland, a new poll shows him 20 points ahead of john kasich. nearly 30 points ahead of ted cruz. so it's quiet possible gretchen in these next few weeks donald trump is going to rack up a lot of big victories. until the meantime, the rules
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are stacked against his cam came. >> many votes ahead of him. as i know, i'm hundreds of dell dpats ahead of him. the colorado thing was unfair. i won louisiana and won it easily. because of all the she unanimous gans that goes on. >> you call them she unanimous gans. >> i know the rules well. i know that it's stacked against me and by the establishment. >> it's complicated. time to bring in -- what do you say about the rules complicated as they are. what do you make of him saying it's so called crap. >> i'm going to agree with ted cruz here and one of the few times i will. ultimately, he's wining.
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he's making a case for something he should have known about a long timing ago. make their own hese local rules. this has been a long time coming. for him to point his finger at the rnc at this point, it's wining. >> where you're going to be a delegate now from d.c. you had that contest already and had it up for dprabs. rubio came away with ten of them. kasich came away with nine and now you're a delegate for rubio. how's that going to work? >> i am going to remain committed to rubio. we had the option whether we wanted to go to team kasich or stay committed to rubio. he hasn't released us either.
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>> i've also seen if you don't like someone you may vote for hillary clinton. >> i've been called a democrat but the truth of the matter is i know what i'm getting. i don't know what i'm getting with donald trump. i'm also thinking about just staying at home and not going to vote that day. >> wait a minute. i'm trying to figure this out. you wanted to become involved enough in the process and you're going to the republican national convention. to be a delegate to the rnc and say you're going to vote for a democrat or not vote at all. >> i'll put that in perspective. i'm doing everything i need to
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do. i'm seriously considering governor kasich. i'm thinking about writing in senator rubio. i'm considering ted cruz. i would likely go with john kasich over ted cruz but again, this is about the general election. >> did you ever realize that being a delegate in 2016 was going to come with so much power? >> you know, gretchen, you make it such a good point there. i didn't. the weight of it all is uncomfortable at times. it is. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. i assume a lot of the candidates have your phone number. they're going to be trying to woo you along the way. great to talk to you. >> thank you sh gretchen. >> so the battle echoing the race between president gerald ford and ronald reagan way back
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in 1976. just like trump, reagan complained about ford's tactics in the battle for delegates. neither side won the ballot leading to a contested convention. reagan lost to ford on the first ballot and eventually closed ranks with the party. >> we've got to quit talking to each other and about each other and go out and communicate to the world that we may be fewer in numbers than we've ever been but we carry the message they're waiting for. >> mark is the fellow at the american intervises. he's also the former speech writer and a fox news contributor. he wrote the article about the comparisons between 1976 and what we could see coming up in
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2016. so, mark. the team complained a lot about reagan's tactics, right. >> yeah, the team complained. reagan complained about them. the ford team complained about the reagan tactics. jim baker who was the chief delegate getter for the ford campaign said they were ruthless. the real reality is we're now having the first probably headed for the first contested convention in 40 years. this is the first time we've had this hand to hand combat in the country. every single delegate matters. >> we've been at those
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conditions. >> ford responded in kind. were you trying to tell donald trump you've got to get in this game, man? >> yeah, he's got to stop complaining and start campaigning. gerald ford went out and ronald reagan went out. there were unbound delegates and he said can i bring along jimmy stewart and john wayne? he started giving them advice on soviet policy and having cocktails in the east room of the white house. donald trump isn't doing anything. he's complaining about ted cruz winning in colorado. ted cruz went to the convention in kcolorado and rallied the delegates. donald truch said i didn't even give a speech there.
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you think he would know how to make these deals. >> he said on february 5th, i didn't know you needed a ground game. we're going to have a great ground game. we're in the middle of april and he still doesn't have a ground game. his daughter and son are not going to be able to vote for him in new york because they didn't know the rules about when he needed to sign up. he wasn't in north dakota, wasn't in colorado. if he wants to win this nomination he has to do what gerald ford did or else he's going to lose. >> do you think that the delegates would punish one of these candidates if they come in with their pick or do you think
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it's going to be a free fall? >> i think whoever the republican nominee is, whether it's cruz or trump, they're fog to be able to get to pick their vice presidential nominee. the difference is usually, the nominee is locked up a couple of months before the convention. the delegates, nominee spends a lot of time vetting the nominee and the vice president. it doesn't become an issue. here what you've got is a situation where they're going to go into the convention not kn knowing who the nominee is for the presidency. the vice president could be upon that fight. reagan announced he was going to get the nomination.
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>> mark, fascinating. thank you. dangerous road rage incident all caught on camera. we're going to show you what happens when a woman intervenes. his team has a plan to win at a possible contested intervention. we'll tell you what that plan is as senator marco rubio weighs in on the nominee. >> there's an opportunity to serve in the future, i'm open to that. i don't have a master plan to achieve it. my faith teaches me god has a plan for our lives.
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welcome back. new contested analysis for you as senator ted cruz needs donald trump falling short of clinching a nomination out right. according to analysis, cruz picks up 130 delegate ins that case. how? joining me now, online opinion editor for the washington times fox news contributor. a lot of people doing number crunching now. this is one analysis. >> i think what ted cruz agaming for is what the washington post is talking about. donltd trump is working on these delegates to flip to him. their numbers show they could pick up 130, maybe fewer, maybe
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more but enough to force it to another ballot if he doesn't score the 1237. >> his main guy put out a strategy how he thinks he'll be the nominee. >> after the third boll lot, all 99 delegates become unbound and counting othe majority of delegates to switch to kasich. what do you think about that? >> that's a tortured path to the nomination. again, how likely it is in this, no one knows. but donald trump's mission is to try to get to 1237 by a june 7th. by the california primary. he doesn't have to go through any of this. ted cruz's mission is to try to deny it, john kaskich's mission is to await a third ballot. obviously, donald trump and ted
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cruz have the stronger arguments going forward. >> he said i think trump has to get to 1100 delegates. the one rule we know for sure is you got to get to 1237 or maybe not. >> one thing every american voter should understand is both parties, republican and democrat can literally rip up the rules at the last minute and do whatever they want. i think this was something of a child balloon. >> we want multiple ballots going on many days. all kind of con ten, activity. or do wemt to say donald trump and ted cruz scores close enough, would that be good enough for us? if he scores fewer than a
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thousand delegates it's wide open. this gray area between a thousand. >> fist time we've heard it. he's going to be on the show tomorrow. we'll press for clarification on that. i'll ask. thanks. >> you bet. >> protests by nows of union workers turns into a political event. >> support to a former rival. would he be willing to serve as a number two? new details about an aflew enz sa teen and why he's not going anywhere free any time soon. >> until we make that decision.
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we need to understand you're not getting out of jail today.
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now are you with me? to awesomeness! to watchathon!! big is back. xfinity watchathon week starts april 18. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. welcome back to the real story. can you hear us now? that's the word from 40,000 verizon workers that walked off the job on the east coast. union reps say verizon wants to freeze pensions and make lay offs easier and move jobs overseas. the accompany denies that. two days after turning 19, the so-called afluenza teen made his first appearance in front of court.
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>> he appeared in court with long hair, a beard and looks like he gained some weight. he set there and said nothing but the judge did sentencing him to four consecutive sentences. one for each of the four victims couch killed in his drunk driving crash in 2013. he'll serve his two years in the county jail. the judge did give his attorneys two weeks to respond to that punishment and he also indicated he might increase the sentence. listen. >> you'll recall he used a defense saying his wealthy parents coddled him so much he had no sense of sensibility. last december a video surfaced online showing couch at a party with alcohol.
11:26 am
he and his mother fled to mexico evading authorities for several weeks. he was brought back to texas and transferred to adult court. his mom is facing charges. at the time of his drunk driving crash, ethan couch's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. when he finally gets out of jail, he'll not be allowed to drink, use drugs or drive a car. gretchen. >> about time a lot of people are saying. trace, thank you. hillary clinton and sanders taking a bite of the big apple as they try to drum up support in new york city and hillary goes on the attack against donald trump. plus ivanka trump standing by her dad on issue equality. >> for me, it's his actions speak louder than words of many politicians who talk about gender equality but it's not eviden evidenced in their daily employment practices.
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11:31 am
network. she has a big edge with african american and latino voters. she wants to make sure she wins in her adopted home state. she announced if elected president she'll create immigrant affairs to reach out to latinos and then spoke to al sharpton's group and went after the entire republican field. watch. >> he has called immigrants rapist and murders and ban all muslims from entering the united states and the list goes on. not to be out done by his primary rival, ted cruz would treat muslim americans like criminals and religiously profile their neighborhoods. >> look at this fall. she not only has a double digit lead over bernie sanders but a 37-point edge over bernie sanders and carried her through
11:32 am
the deep south. hoping it will work in new york as well. >> big day for sanders. he got his first senate endorsement and sounds like a massive rally planned where you are. what are you going to be doing, ed? >> that's a mouth full. jeff, the senator from oregon, the first to get behind bernie sanders. he's obviously, happy about that and not so happy about a front page endorsement for hillary clinton. clinton put out a statement getting behind the verizon workers, 39,000 of them striking around new york and other states surrounding. hillary clinton puts out a written statement. bernie sanders goes to a picket line and was rallying workers, watch. >> brothers and sisters. >> that was just a warm up.
11:33 am
i'm in washington square park by n.y.u. the sanders camp talking about 20-25,000 people here tonight coming for a major rally with sanders. spike lee is going to be here. actor tim. vampire weekend. apparently, the kids love them. i think you should get on the subway and come on down. >> i was already on the subway today. i just might know how to use it too. donald trump's daughter ivanka proving to be a permitable asset for her father coming to his defense amid-actizations he would be bad for women. >> i have witnessed these incredible female roll models he's employed in the highest executive positions at the trump organization my entire life and an industry that has been dominated by men is still dominated by men but certainly was when he was starting out in
11:34 am
his career and employeeing women and raising them through the ranks. >> let's debate. indicated talk show host leslie marshall and a fox news contributor. no doubt ivanka is a good asset for donald trump. >> she is. she's good and comfortable in her own skin. great on her feet. speaks highly of her father and a lot of people are not particularly when it comes to gender issues and women. she is a very capable spokeswoman for her father and the campaign. i would expect you're going to see more of if she's not too busy with other things because she speaks well of him and reflects very well and they have a great relationship. >> she was one of the women they were talking about. she's a top executive in the trump organization and runs a ton of businesses.
11:35 am
by the way, she just had a baby. unbelievable that she looks like she does and out there on the campaign trail. is this an asset for donald trump in your mind? >> she is an asset but i don't think she's going to change a woman to vote for her dad. most of us would speak positively about her dad. one because she's not running for office and two, it doesn't address comments she has made. she may talk about the merit of her father as a business man and ploer in regard to women but not the negative things said by him or tweeted by him. i don't think it gets him any female votes. the people that support him will support him. that's an interesting point. she said the new york rule to
11:36 am
register, her brother will not be voting because she mised the dead line. she said the rules or ownerist. the thing is we all have to follow those rules. they might be tough but you got to figure those out. let's move on. marco rubio endorsing colleague ted cruz kind of. watch this. >> the only one that fits the criteria is ted cruz. the delegates are bound in the first ballot and i want to make sure they're there. after this, the delegates, many of them free to vote for another candidate. i hope they nominate a conservative. >> should we say wow? marco rubio may be endorsing ted cruz? >> i think looking at the landscape, if donald trump does become the eventual nominee of the party, the party is going to
11:37 am
be fractured and a good way to help something of a coalition of traditional conservatives and people donald trump has brought into the party is to bring ted cruz in as vice president and if donald trump does become the nominee of the party, certainly, ted cruz. these are the two biggest vote getters. if you have hope of winning, you're going to need to bring in everybody that voted for trump in the primaries and also ted cruz and prus some. >> is this just politics? rubio says he doesn't want to be vped but he would take it, wouldn't he? >> of course. didn't paul ryan tell us he didn't want to be speaker and is speaker now. this happens left or right. you have people running for president on stage attacking each other's pool sis and tacking each other personally and when it comes down to the wire, they're two and put the support to one and quiet frankly, although you say it will be a fractured party, i
11:38 am
think it's a very fractured party. i think quiet frankly if donald trump or cruz were the nominee, even though they don't like either of them, they'll rally whoever is behind the platform with a red cape and r on that cape. >> we'll see how that plays out. that's a good visual, leasely. >> remember. >> 10 seconds. >> bill and hillary clinton were going after barack obama in 2008. this is a guy who would gotten us coffee a few years ago. >> chris and lesley. thank you. time now for my take. you never thought the whole delegate thing would become the story coming into the convention in july. neither would we. now we're busy learning ourselves how each state operates and all the different rules. let me throw another ringer at you today. yesterday on the real story we had john yab on the show. he's a delegate from the virgin
11:39 am
islands. he said he had been elected to the all important rules committee. right after the show, we heard from john, chair of the republican party into the virgin islan islands. his nine delegates will be the ones going to the convention. which delegates will be the real one? we reached out to the rnc and here's what they said. th if somebody wants to challenge they file a complaint with the contest committee. the rules require us the accept the delegation the party certifies. all i can say is whoever thought nine delegates from the virgin islands would be so darn important? turns out, every single one there and everywhere else this year, hot commodities.
11:40 am
massive drug bust in texas with $1.6 billion worth of meth found inside one suv. making the discovery of the report after a drug sniffing dog led them to the rear of that vehicle. x-ray scans spotted something strange in the back tires and metal collars were bolted to the wheels of the rims and dozens of bundles of meth bolted to the wheels. you heard of a breathalyzer test. have you ever heard of a texterlizer? something that could put you behind bars in your car.
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shepard smith on the fox news desk. we've talked about the rules at the republican convention. when a man who helps write the rules makes predictions, we should probably listen the him.
11:44 am
he writes the rules. coming up, what this man says about the back room dales that could bring marco rubio back in the mix and why he says donald trump could come up short of a delegate count and still clinch the nomination. see you in 16 minutes. >> back to the real story now. road rage incident in florida all caught on camera. it appears a guy on a bike tried to block in a man in a bmw. the man gets out and tries to ensure the motorcycle don't leave until police arrive. the riders gang up on and start punching the drooefr. at that point, the female passenger in the car gets out and pulls a gun. the incident has not been reported yet. go back in session now.
11:45 am
first time for proposal, new york state looking to use something called a texterlizer. it would require drivers involved in accidents to submit their phone to road side testing so that the textalyzer would let you know if the driver was using a phone before the crash. it's used only to find out if the phone was in use prior to a motor vehicle mishap. joining me now, former prosecutor and defense attorney. oh, i just spent a lot of legality about this. you broke it down to pros and cons. start with the pros. >> all right. well, the pros are, we can all agree distracted driving is bad and hurts people and problematic when it comes to younger drivers. they need to be at 10 and 2 and this would persuade them from using their phones. the law as it is puts a high penalty on distracted driving
11:46 am
because it's a five point violation if you're stopped for doing it. that's where the pros stop. >> wait. before you get to the cons, i'm going to play something somebody agrees with the cons you're going to say. listen to this. >> i think there's much that needs to be done and that can be done both to address the problem and to respect the privacy rights of drivers. >> okay. so privacy rights, right. all right. well, that's the biggest one. i can break down the cognitive three. probable cause, proof and procedure. probable cause is a big one. that's where if you're driving down the road and you get stopped and suspected of dwi, you can't be given a breathalyzer until they have some reason you're driving under the influence. with a textalyzer, every time somebody has an accident you
11:47 am
have to turn over your phone. if you don't you're losing driving privileges. two, if you're driving down the road or for example, accused while driving while intoxicated, there's different things the cops can do to prove that. in this case, what if you're using hands free technology to text. what if a passenger is texting for you. >> so they take your phone and see you texted but but maybe it's not you. >> you're swapping administrative hearing with the dmv. if you beat your dwi, you don't get your license back. will the same procedure apply? >> what about they get your phone and look at the other stuff there. supposedly, that's not going to happen. how do we know? >> we don't. that's the thing.
11:48 am
is the plain few doctrine going to get to drive? there's something on your front seat on your front seat. if they take your phone and see something there that shouldn't be there, are you going to get arrested for it. this is going to be such a legal thing. >> this has nothing to do with anything and then your fourth amendment rights are taking over. >> we understand the father of a teenager killed by distracted driving is the one behind it if you can understand the emotions involved in that. as we're finding out from you, a lot potentially. >> yeah. thank you. >> thank you. >> new details on a violent shooting death of football star will smith. we're learning someone at the scene was shot where be nfl player and what the lawyer admits happened right before the shooting. >> i would like to turn at this point to what i can only
11:49 am
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the third gun also fully loaded and it was found inside will smith's suv. the attorney representing cardell hayes, the suspect, essentially said that his client fired in self-defense because it was will smith who threatened to get his gun but that is something the smith family lawyer absolutely denied at a press conference a short time ago. >> there's nothing, nothing will smith could have ever said to have caused that.
11:54 am
that is specific intent, specific intent to shoot and kill him. >> now, the lawyer also says raquel smith's wife was shot twice. once in each leg before her husband was gunned down, gretchen. >> okay. so will smith apparently was involved in a car accident with the suspect moments before the shooting. i think there's tape of that, isn't there? >> yeah, there is. this is where it gets strange and a little convoluted. this comes from the nearby business and it shows a mercedes that looks like smith rearending a hummer that matches the suspect. minutes later, less than two blocks away, gunshots. smith's attorney acknowledged today that that accident did happen but says it was late at night and there did not appear to be damage which is why he says the smiths did not stop. he claims the driver of the hummer men rammed the smith's vehicle perhaps in retaliation here. that is when will smith
11:55 am
apparently got out. they exchanged words and we know what happened next, gretchen. >> thank you. russian fighter jets coming a little too close to united states warship. well, look how close we're talking about. how this intense situation is playing out right now, when we return. i'm terrible at golf.
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russian warplanes getting way too close for comfort to a u.s. navy ship. watch this. well, that's new video. it shows the two aircraft flying around the "uss donald cook" off the coast of poland at a
11:59 am
distance that officials say unsafe. look at this photo taken from a u.s. navy destroyer. the russian jets buzzed the ship before as a polish helicopter tried to take off from the ship's flight deck. what's that all about? monsters discovered in lochness? 30 feet long and hasn't been seen in years. it's a model built for a sherlock holmes movie when the director ordered changes to make it look different, the models sank to the bottom. the re filmed with a replacement in a water tank. quick look at the change to the starbucks rewards program has customers steaming. it's based on how much customers spend instead of how often.
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chances are, you've heard him described as being magically delicious. the voice of the leprechaun for nearly 30 years died at the age of 93. i'm gretchen. have a great day. is 237. we all know that number by now. 1,237. that's the number a candidate must have to clinch the nomination three months from now. the rules 1237 is the magic number. a simple majority. in this case, 1237. so when a member of the very committee that writes the rules tosses out a whole new number, people


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