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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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trump? here are the results. 28% sayk no. 72% say yes. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. good night from new york city. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> our republican system is absolutely rigid. >> bad news for the republican party. donald trump saying he is not getting a fair shake at the nomination tonight we will take a hard look at that<  accusation and the damage to the g.o.p. >> america's long struggle with racism is far from finished. and we are seeing that in this election. >> hillary clinton's addressing al sharpton's crew tonight. ed henry was there. úqfhñ also ahead, hundreds of thousands of american teachers being assaulted in classrooms. and little is being done about it. we'll have a factor
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investigation. >> in addition, i will announce the latest killing book this evening. caution, you are tom/o enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the truck party in crisis? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it's becoming clear that many politicians might not attend the convention in cleveland this coming july. may know, the party is split over donald trump. and he may very well secure the nomination. however, mr. trump believes the system is rigged against him. pointing to colorado where ted cruz got all the did he goes last weekend. without a traditional vote by the folks. >> our republican system is absolutely rigged. >> this was a dirty trick. these are dirty tricksters. this is a dirty trick.
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and i will tell you what, the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing them kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that. >> clearly mr. trump is sending a signal if he does not get the nomination he will not go quietly into the night his point is that votes from human beings should be the deciding factor in the primaries but that has never been the case. beginning in 1832 party leaders have selected the candidates. today the delegate system is chaos with each state deciding what kind of process will take place. in colorado the republican party chiefdoms select the delegates, not the folks. it's even worse in the democratic party where so-called super delegates can vote for whomever they want no matter who wins the direct voting primaries. they can override that. talking points believes the system needs to be reformed. it's not going to happen
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this year. however, if donald trump is denied the nomination. and has more votes than ted cruz or john kasich, the republican party will fracture hillary clinton will become the next president of the united states. you can see how desperate the situation is if you do not believe hillary clinton is suitable for the presidency. opponents of donald trump believe that even though he is the vote leader right now, his support is thin nationwide. most polling backs that up. so if he does get the nomination, the republican party could very well be slaughtered next november. ng5y only on the presidential ticket. but also in the house and the senate. it should also be noted that despite mr. trump's success, most republican primary voters have not supported him. he tops out at about 37%. but his support is extremely loyal, even fervent. so, this is one big mess. and while bernie sanders is offering a stiff challenge to hillary clinton on the democrat side, there is no question mrs. clinton will secure the nomination. on the republican side,
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however, it's either going to be trump or cruz. but neither candidate will have the support of the entire party. and that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction, joining from grand rapids, michigan, author of the new book, chaos, the outsider's guide to a contested republican national convention. from washington, kyle, from the university of virginia center for politics. he is the author of the "bellwether" why ohio picks the president. kyle, am i making any mistakes in my talking points analysis? >> no, bill. i think you have basically got it. i think what's important to note though is that, you know, in the four decades or so where voters have actually had a fair amount of control over who the republicans and democrats nominate for éñ president, voters have offered clear verdict since 1980. this time they are not as you noted. trump is only getting about high 30's percentage of the vote. it's kind of a system where
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if you don't get 50% of the delegates, you're not really getting majority support and, therefore, it defaults to the convention to choose who the no, ma'am she is going to be. >> who made up the 1237 number? where did that come from? >> the republicans have always had fewer delegates than the democrats have had. the democrats just have more people coming to their convention why 12312347 why not 1232? where does that number come from? was there any mathematical formula to put that on the table it's complicated formula. three delegates from every congressional district. >> okay. so there is some kind of formula. i don't want to get into the math here. what about the strategy? and i think that's what it was of donald trump yesterday saying basically look, it's rigid. colorado is rigid. wyoming will be rigid this weekend. we expect ted cruz to get those delegates. and you better not mess with me because, if you do, it's going to be trouble at the convention. don't you think that was the
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message that mr. trump was sending? >> i think that's the message that he was sending but the reality is you have always needed a majority of the delegates in order to win the presidential nomination. you needed it in 1856 at the first republican convention and you needed it in 1860 when abraham lincoln came in third on the first ballot and you needed it in 1976 at the reagan-ford convention. you have always needed a majority. you are going to need a majority at this convention. much to do&ñ about nothing. stay focused on winning the upcoming priority. >> how you can say it's of ado about nothing. i know donald trump very well if he doesn't get the nomination and he is ahead by significant number of votes 2 million raw votes is he not going to say okay, thanks, i will see you at mar-a-lago. he is not going to do that. >> it's a little bit like going into the war and bombing the major cities and deciding you are not going to send in the troops to take the capital. this is an air war and ground war. is he doing excellent in the
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air war and he needs to start winning ground war. >> this is psychological war though. this is what i don't think everybody understands if trump bolts the party, he may not even run on the third ticket. he says look, this is rigid. i'm not going to be a part of it. i will see you later. his supporters are going to consider that. don't you think they are going to consider that, kyle? >> yeah. i think the problem for the republicans is that you could see a situation where any nominee turns off a certain segment of the party. you know, if john kasich somehow got the nomination, i think there would be a lot of hard core conservatives and trump supporters. kasich, cruz could turn off a segment of the party. >> trump is the big guy. let's face it. his his support is nor fervent, vocal, than any of the other candidates so far. i'm telling you, i see, i don't know, if he doesn't get it and he is ahead by 2 or 3 million votes in the raw count, i don't think he is going to go in there and
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say okay, you guys, give it to ted cruz. i don't see john kasich getting this nomination. maybe i'm wrong, but i just don't see it do either ofvk you men see this? >> i think that trump or cruz combined probably have 90% plus chance to win the nomination. i agree with you on that. >> mr.yob, what do you think? >> we are seeing fight across the country. rules committee will be elected. once you know the make jump of that rules committee then you will know the opportunity for a third candidate to emerge or not? >> how can it be psychologically, how can they put somebody in there hot republican voters haven't embraced. they have no shot. it's not going to happen. >> that's always a risk for sure. >> a risk? i'm looking at it from -- i'm looking at it from a very, very realistic standpoint here. i don't see any happy ending at this convention. he is not going to get to 1237. he will be 100 or so short. i don't see a happy ending
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here. i don't. >> i think it's likely trump or cruz will get the nomination. i think you nailed that bill. >> okay. and kyle? >> bill, for most of the country's history, prior to 1970, it was common for someone who didn't run in the primaries to emerge and get the nomination. but, you know, for the last four decades you really had to run in the primaries and win the mostz2 votes. so, i think it would be jarring to most people for the top vote getter not to get the nomination, which is what you are describing. >> it's going to be bloody in cleveland. gentlemen, thank you. next on thedown, hillary clinton, excuse me, speaking to al sharpton's organization, did i it that a few years ago. we will have the inside story. i will tell you about my experience. then hollywood divided between sanders and clinton. prettyt( intense out there. are jobs being lost? those reports after these messages. distract you.
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in the exact segment tonight, as you may know al sharpton runs national action network. a few years ago i spoke before it. was not well received because my message was one of reforming the gangsta culture which negatively influences so many young black children to this day. anyway, today, mrs. clinton said this. >> there's something wrong, my friends, when the median wealth for black families is a tiny fraction of the median wealth for white families. when african-americansg> are still more likely to be denied a mortgage. something's wrong when black kids get arrested for petty crimes but white kids who do the same things don't. >> now joining us now from manhattan ed henry who was at the event. is that it? was it a grievance play by mrs. clinton today? >> yeah. it was largely going through every major issue that african-american voters care about right now and saying
5:14 pm
she is the one. she is not a johnny come lately. she took some veiled swipes at bernie sanders by suggesting, look, he is just talking to you now a couple of weeks before a big primary or big election. and she's been there all along. some of her case may be hurt when she is talking about criminal justice reform by the fact that as you know black lives matter protesters have been going after bill clinton and others around the clinton camp because of the crime bill he signed into law. >> did that come up today by the way? was there a q andñi a? did anybody ask a question about that. >> no q and a. she did not work the rope line. she is not even shake happened or anything. >> did people like her? was she well-received? standing o. >> it was not trurend thunderous applause. she did a skit with de blasio about colored people's time. >> i didn't cover that because i think it's small
5:15 pm
ball and insignificant. skit satire and not directed in a harmful way. my two issues with the african-american lobby, becausei/w that's what sharpton is, lobbyist. if you want to solve the problems, you have to solve the education and culture situations. education and culture. okay. because if you are a black child in this country, and you don't have supervision at home, and you have a crumbling school to go to, you're up against it. no matter what hillary clinton or bernie sanders or donald trump or any politician says, you're most likely going to fail. have you quoted to fix that infrastructure there. that's where it's got to be. was there any of that from hillary clinton? >> yes. yes. she did not talk about the culture that you are talking about. but what she did talk about, crumbling schools in detroit, for example. that is going on right now. mostly affecting african-american children, also white children there. impacted by the disastrous school system there where there is rodents and other,
5:16 pm
you know, problems. infrastructure. so, yeah, she did mention that to her credit. but that wasn't the big. >> she is going to fix that? >> she claimed as president she would fix that. she talked about the lead poisoning issue in flint. >> she might become president. she will see if she fixes it. did she mention the murder rate in the blank precincts >> no. >> there have been 900 shootings in the first 100 days. can you believe that? 900 shootings. did she mention that at >> it's awful, it's tragic and not brought up by very many politicians and i certainly did not hear it did i not hear that today. >> this is the real racism to me. the failure to identify the real culprit when you come to black economics, which is bad education and a2>2 culture that glorifies bad behavior. and to allow neighborhoods in chicago to be subject to do 900 shootings in the first 100 days of 2016. >> right. >> all right? >> let me put it. >> this is it. >> let me put it to you this way. hillary clinton right now, in the latest quinnipiac
5:17 pm
poll in new york has a 37 point edge over african-american voters over bernie sanders. the last thing she is going to do is give a speech with that kind of sort of tough medicine. >> that's the correction of the matter may be what's needed but we're in a political season where politicians are not going to do that. >> i do not respond to the sickening charlatans anymore. exploiters of race. i see what they say and they are all liars. they are the racests because they won't confront the problems and try to fix them. they are fixable. but these pigs won't even confront them. i call them pigs because they just slop around and they are not interested in helping these poor children. and they should be interested. and the one thing that barack obama did with his procedures keeper initiative that i admired greatly you don't hear a word about that. you don't hear anything about it. it makes me mad. >> i'm sorry, ed henry. thisvv makes me mad.
5:18 pm
these problems aremjir not going to be solved. i don't see any politician today in america willing to take this on. i don't see anybody. ed henry, everybody. directly ahead, hollywood celebrities divided over sanders and clinton. will in impact careers as a situation is very intense out there. also, dennis miller has some political wisdom this evening. can't wait to hear that moments away. frequent heartburn brand in america. ♪ "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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show business is a liberal democratic concern these days. but there is deep division between those supporting hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. here are some clinton supporters in the show business industry. george cleany, jamiedg foxx, debra messing, ben affleck. will farrell, robert de
5:22 pm
niro, bon say and kim kardashian. on the list: side note, donald trump does have some hollywood support. kirstie alli, charlie sheen, gary busey. wayne newton. joining us now from los angeles president of the hollywood reporter billboard media group. i'm interested in the economic fallout here. many republican actors have told me directly that they don't talk politics because they are going to lose jobs if they do. they are not going to get hired. you know how subjective any hiring is in entertainment did s. this the case with clinton sanders fissure. >> it's getting personal and getting ugly at times. twitter, of course, the new medium of the election is aflame with people having freakouts and we saw this with this susan sarandon and
5:23 pm
debra messing twitter war last week when she said jokingly we think said she would vote for donald trump over hillary clinton because she is a sanders' supporter. i mean, these two are not going to be starring in any budding comment. there will be no selma and sequel. >> they were tweeting back and forth having a conversation that millions of people could see. >> um-huh. it was about sarandon wanting big change and messing saying no, hillary clinton is -- why can't they both be friends and support either candidate. i don't understand. >> well, okay, in the end, in the general election they will. hollywood will come together. >> sure. >> and voted against whoever the republican. >> sure. >> but right now, like, listen, this is a town of people with high emotions. lots of conviction. everyone thinks that he or she is right. and there will be no consensus until the convention. none. >> all right. now, does it play out though in the way jobs are secured?
5:24 pm
do you believe that there is -- you know, if you are a2os director, for example, and you are a bernie sanders supporter you are not going to hire debra messing to do a sitcom. >> there are people here who will take things to the extreme there are people who hold long vendettas here. if you look though, hillary clinton is someone who, of course, has one of the longest memories and she is back making friends with the people whou turned against her and supported obama in 2008. >> and some of them are giving her money, right? >> yes. listen, there are some people who are holding their nose and giving her money because they want a democrat to win the white house. there are others who actually wholeheartedly support her. in terms of jobs being lost, maybe. the thing are hollywood, hollywood has mastered the skill of rejecting people with a smile on its face. so you will never -- actors say this all the time. you will never know why you didn't get a job. why you didn't get a role because no one will ever
5:25 pm
tell you the real reasons. sure, some of that is personal at times. i don't know yet if the election will play a part inaed that. as far as democrats go. but you are right about republicans here. to get anyone to self-identify as a republican here is nearly impossible. >> all righ(: on that note jncht it's probably. >> on that note, one person, one famous performer came out for donald trump. roll the tape. >> donald trump, whether you like him or don't like him, is waking this country up. and for that alone, i am -- you know, if you hate him, then you are going to talk about how much you hate him. if you love him, you are going to talk about how much you love him. i think that's a really great step with this country because i think this country has gotten very complacent. >> will ms. alli alley has.r>ñ >> she has all that cheers money keep counting and counting and counting. it's very safe for her to say that. >> surely she wants to have -- >> -- attacked and vilified. >> sure she wants to be -- >> -- sure.
5:26 pm
listen, there are people who probably have -- because of scientology. she is a scientologist. who might ice her out because of this. these are very0p like-minded clubby. and when people step out of line, they sometimes get their hands slapped. that is true. >> some of them try to slap my hands occasionally. and i enjoy that. [ laughter ] >> you have done just fine, i think. price? >> there is a lot of reaction online. we live in a climate where among certain in certain conversations even giving a positive nod to donald trump speaking his mind is seen as endorsement. is seen as -- there is nothing nice to say about >> admire people like john voight who he hascivj the courage of his convictions. is he an actor. evidence still works. that's a good thing. i know there are a lot of
5:27 pm
would like to speakb. out but justóúp don't. last word. >> yeah. i mean, yeah. you know friends of abe. the hollywood association of republicans here trying to get the member list of friends of abe. >> no. >> you couldn't pay a million dollars and get anyone to disclose that here. in guam. >> that's where they go to. [ laughter ] >> janice, appreciate you coming on. we appreciate it plenty more ahead. as the factor moves along this evening,ó[ factor investigation. hundreds of thousands of american teachers being assaulted in the classroom. why isd8 this being allowed to happen? also, dennis miller onrmjot the insane political climate and other musings. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ unresolved problem seeing' tonight, new poll taken among arab youth in the middle east and north africa. firm conducted 3500 face-to-face interviews of arab men and women between the ages of 18 and 24 found 17% do not support isis. 9% unsure. that means 13% do support the vicious terror group at least to some extent. with us here in new york city monica williamsu/j monica crowley and eboni williams. >> what's interesting to me about the phrasing of this qufment the question itself is absurd. would you consider supporting isis if it did
5:32 pm
not use so much violence. i guess some violence is okay. maybe a little violence is okay.vom when you extrapolate the raw numbers to the arab world, bill, what you see is in that age group, 18 to 24, there are about 200 million arabs who fall into that demographic. that means 13% of that is 23 million arab youth who are sympathetic at least on some level. >> you can look at it two ways. be optimistic and say most arab youth is rejecting them to the tune of 85%. buy there are these hard cores that will come in and help them, you would assume that if they feel that way. how do you look at it? optimistic? pessimistic. >> naturally optimistic. i like some 89% who say no under any circumstances. i agree with monica, i do not accept the premise, bill. when is isis less violent? isis was we know is intrinsically. >> maybe not beheaded. you guys, we really don't
5:33 pm
learn an awful lot from this. i was happy to see. >> the numbers are -- i was happy to see. >> islamic world. >> the younger -- now if they would only mobilize against it rather than doing nothing. i want to put up the seal of l.a. county, all right? l.a. county seal. oh, this is delightful. we have i think that's gray slick jefferson airplane in the middle holding the pan. and then there is a goat. sammon, a mission, a little ship. i don't know what that stuff is flanking gray slick. anyway the aclu is very, very offended boy the and since you lived in california. >> i did. >> the mission is there you know because los angeles, the city of angels, by the way, all right, was basically developed by missionaries and sent by the spanish. these why it's there. but a judge named christina snyder has ruled with the aclu saying the seal is
5:34 pm
unconstitutional. sending all the goats, all over california into a=< very concerned state. >> bill, look, you are exactly right. historically that was the first county. city of angels. historically you are absolutely right. that's the argument. that was the defense here. buff the other side says that that cross endorses christianity. >> by being a mission in. >> there that's what they say, bill. that's a violation of the first amendment of the constitution. >> if i was wearing a robe i would say look are it's compelling the historical accuracy and i want that reflected if it comes at the expense of some in our country, bill, feeling that their religion is being trumped i have to take that into consideration. i say that outweighs it. >> well. [ laughter ] >> you would vote it unconstitutional. unconstitutional. >> you would. >> i would. >> for all historical references that have anything to do with christianity.yu all historical photographs. >> of course not. >> references on -- they are
5:35 pm
all unconstitutional because somebody may be offended somewhere? >> it's on the state seal, bill. people who don't share that belief feel that their religion is second class. >> maybe they should move out of the city of the angels. or sanaáí francisco. that's saint frank. all right? saint frank you pagans. so move out of there. this is history. >> so let's put this into perspective. >> yes. >> this is the latest example of the left's long war against -- >> -- that's you have eboni saying she would boot the mission out of there. >> we are talking about separation of church and state. that does not exist in the constitution. >> it's history. it's history. >> it has value, bill. but does that historical accuracy outwest virginia. >> i don't care if someone is offended by it if they're offended, they are a nut. i don't. if peta goes in saying take the goat off.
5:36 pm
they are a nut, too. i don't even know what the goat is doing on the seal. >> you have to understand, this is not happening in a vacuum. you have been talking about the war by secular progressives for a long time. and here we go. >> what about the sammon? why is that in there? >> i will tell you what, bill, it's going to be expensive, 700,000. >> not going to happen. this judge will be overturned. it's history. all right, ladies. i think we offended pretty much everybody in that segment. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, it will be miller time talking about offensive. lots of politics tonight from the sage of southern california. we'll be right back with it.
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(vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller sometime seeing want tonight. let's get right to santa barbara where dennis miller has been watching the republican mime prairie race very closely. >> billy, billy, billy, show that seal again for a second. >> i want your take on this. this is the county of los angeles with gray slick in the middle of jefferson airplane as i mentioned. >> that's true caitlin jenner. >> is that who it is? and then they have the mission. they want that out. there is a goat, miller. but they don't want the
5:41 pm
mission. >> i could tell you one thing, if they want to get rid of the mission, it's appropriate because i live here and this is definitely now a state without a mission. >> it's in context. >> yes, it is, my friend. >> all right. you have been watching the republican primary battle. >> yeah. >> and you say? >> i was shocked today to find out that john kasich is in the third year of his first term as president. i didn't each know that. but he came out and said that today. and i thought jeesh, this guy who puts a positive stuff. tell john kasich something? donald trump gives speeches in airplane happeningers and john kasich gives speeches in closets surrounded by hangers if he wants to know where he stands in this race whenever he talks about trump being ego maniac. have you ever watched4z kasich speech he seems so ego maniacal. he talks about this effect he has on people and how shocked he is. i don't think he realizes that he tries to distance
5:42 pm
himself one step from it. when he says i met a 17-year-old girl and she was shaking why are you shaking? that's his ego maniacal as just saying i make 17-year-old girl shake. you know, it's just amazing to me is trying to pass him off as the every man when he seemsjf like really full of v.p. candidate though. i predicted that ted cruz will try to get him to agree to the second slot and go up against trump. >> well, he has second slot written all over him. as far as trump goes, it's ison. he was taking up by two fuel pods to me. appearing gri and funny nasty. i know people said it was the end of the world. i find politics so full of it. i like somebody who is funny and nasty. he.n took that in out of orbit. he is supposed to jedison. he should remember he wears angry and nasast nasty
5:43 pm
better than heñ wears stupid. they might have given him wonka ticket back in colorado thing because can he beat that drum for a while. he should go after cia chief brennan on waterboarding thing. we should waterboard people by drone and then when they say oh waterboarding isn't something we do by drone, you can say you're right we only vaporize them into a pile of chicklets by drone god forbid we might want to shoot some water up theirness. thinks he can take that approach, too. i also think paul ryan is definitely going to jump? now that he has announced that hedz is definitely not jumping in. >> reverse some of the big shots in the republican party say they are not going to go to cleveland because it's going ' too messy and nasty and they don't want to be a part of it. are you going to go to cleveland if i invite you? we were in cleveland, do you remember that? we did a show there. >> you got us a gig i'm there. if you don't have us a gig.
5:44 pm
>> no just show up. >> i like cleveland but no i'm not going anywhere. bavarian restaurant? >> that was great, billy. we had the bundt cake. >> it was heavyok but tasty. >> can i talk about the democratic side of this race? >> sure, miller. >> well we have the berne vs. mrs. doubt liar now. i at this it's fun to watch bernie sanders get screwed by liberal math they always do this thing if people drop out of the workforce like if everybody dropped out of the workforce the unemployment rate would be zero and you always think well how do they sell that crap? now they are selling it to bernie by telling him he is going to win seven in a row and lose delegates. it's fun to watch. on either side, whoever gets in, i would tell them they best be prepared to operate in a petrie dish of hatred because we live in the age of the brass knuckled
5:45 pm
passivist. the closed minded nonjudgmental person. i think i noticed when i watched these people protesting trump, it seems to me people who hate hate now appear to be more hateful than people who merely hate. it is a hate fest out there, man.xd it is t ñ burning man of hate. and i will tell you something else, theyn. are inconsistent about it, too. a lot of those people on the left who say they hate stuff, they would go to havana in a second as long as their flight didn't connect through charlotte, north carolina. a lot of inconsistencies out there. everybody. we would like to thank see miller and me in the who wants to be president shows. fairfax, virginia on may 7th. that show 95% sold out. you better hrry if you want to see us. mow he can sun in connecticut. tickets made great gifts for dad and granddad. lots of good restaurants. same thing for shows in september. reno, nevada.
5:46 pm
denver, colorado october. atlanta biloxi, mississippi. if you go to bill o' link you over to the box offices. martha maccallum on deck. a story the media is not covering, teachers being assaulted in public schools up next. overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief wyou could just forget frthe beach wedding... and the beach booty... you could just book a different resort. like in alaska. they've got igloos.
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they found out who's been who? cking into our network. guess. i don't know, some kids in a basement? you watch too many movies. who? a small business in china. a business? they work nine to five. they take lunch hours. like a job? like a job. we tracked them. how did we do that? we have some new guys defending our network. new guys? well, they're not that new. they've been defending things for a long time. [ digital typewriting ] it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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5:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight, did you see that has been investigating violence against teachers in america. our conclusion? it's an epidemic. >> oh my god. [shouting] >>o. >> oh my god.
5:50 pm
>> oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. >> oh my god. >> now, the collapse in public schools not being reported by the media ties into teacher unions and cities like new york where they don't discipline children at all now. joining us here with the stats martha maccallum. first of all, how many teachers are there in america. >> three and a half million teachers in america. 10% of them report being threatened at work. 6% of them say that they have been victims of some kind of violence like what you are watching on the screen here. >> that he hundreds of thousands of people we are talking about. >> latest numbers are from 2012 and back then it had written to 2,210,000. >> study done by center for education statistics called
5:51 pm
crime safety report out in 2014. and it basically shows that teachers, particularly in the inner cities. >> yeah. >> are very frightened. very frightened of their students because there is no antidote to the violence that kids don't get expelled anymore. police aren't called. in fact, here in new york city, they give them a warning card that they're supposed to take home to parents. >> please, there is no responsibility. >> a student hits a teacher or curses at a teacher or threatens a teacher, gets a little card. all right? so, from your investigation, is there going to be a rebellion? is this going to stop? has it reached critical mass. >> there is no indication there was no.> this is at the federal level. >> federal level and you see it trickling down as it has in new york.
5:52 pm
suspensions have dropped by 17% and the result is what you are seeing playym out here on the screen. you can punch people. you can smoke pot in the bathroom. you can use foul language. you can defy the dress code as low a bar as that is. up to four times in one semester and not be kicked out of school. >> now, 3.1 million teachers work in public schools. and 400,000 teachers work in private schools. i taught in a private school. and it was a tough school. down in opelika which is a ghetto of miami. but if the kid got out of control, they would expel the kid. that kept some kind of order although there was drug use an]7 stuff like that going on. in the public schools right now is it every school district or are there some school districts that defy this craziness? >> part of what we are seeing here you have had a big movement in charter schools. the unions are upset about the growth of charter schools especially in places like knox. they are pointing fingers at each other.
5:53 pm
what they would argue is that you have taken away a lot of the higher performing(ñ students. the motivated students have gone to the charter school and left with kids who have a lot more discipline. >> any kid can go to charter school. you don't have to take a test to get in. >> there it's a lottery. you have to have the desire. >> the parents have to have the will to upgrade and a lot of those kids have derelict parents. we keep coming back to that. >> exactly right. that effects economics it effects socialism. not socialism and economics but how you engrain yourself into the private marketplace. and these charlotte charlatans. left with situations with teachers that are not as good because a lot of the teachers get drawn away by other schools or teachers who have a heart of gold willing to work in impossible situation. >> teachers in the inner cities. they ought to get combat pay in there martha maccallum, everybody. factor tip of the day. the new killing book. i will tell you what it is in just a few moments. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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factor tip of the day. we have another killing book coming up. we will tell what you it is in a moment. first, the mail: what you are basically saying there is no sense in trying. that's false, mike. it's my job to analyze facts. those seeking power over you say and do. come on, man, this isn't modern family here. [ laughter ]
5:57 pm
oh, come on, dave. if you watch us, you have to know we balance emails between positive and negative. don't be a pinhead. the next supreme court justice is a vital situation, craig. hillary clinton wins a liberal judge is likely. all the republican candidates would go conservative. it's just a matter of how conservative. not a matter of will, dave. it's a matter of law and how the judges see it c >> i do, josh. but teachers should not give their voting opinions.
5:58 pm
but you guys in middleiqmt and high school should be required to know exactly how your country works and pay attention to what's going on. >> it's the truth, gladys, the commonwealth of puerto rico is bankrupt. business is weary of investing. and we could not find one tv studio in the entire place that could provide a satellite for an interview. i sincerely hope things get better in pr but you guys need new leadership. i eat pizza with a knife and fork if it's too hot, alex. ever burn the roof of your mouth eating a slice in not good. stays there forq months. utensils allow you to take
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little bites until it cools off. very happy birthday to anna 104. have a blast. series history peculiars all withñ killing in the tattle have been successful thanks to you. more than 14 million copies in print for five books. now finished another one called "killing the risingny sun" war against. dropped two adam bombs on that country. what we found out will surprise you. the book is very relevant pause of the iranian and north korea nuke situation. killing the rising sun is written in the same style as killing patton. very violent book what happened in hiro sheep that and nag psaki off the chart. i think you will learnqñ a lot from the book. factor tip of=h
6:00 pm
word of the day do not be ando -- ambage when writing to the factor. the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. >> new look at the 2016 campaign and race in america as we get remarkable chance to speak with one of the most controversial political figures in the country the reverend alu4 sharpton. good evening, everyone, and welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. a number of our viewers may be tuni&/ in tonight for news about a meeting i had today with new york businessman and republican frontrunner donald trump. and we'll get to that in just a few moments. first, however, to another new yorker. a man who has found himself at the center of a number of recent controversies over race, politics, and the police. sometimes at the request of the white house. al sharpton has a upknown as the national action network. this week


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