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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 14, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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trump? here are the results. 28% sayk no. 72% say yes. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. good night from new york city. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "red eye." let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussion. coming up on the big show, what may be the most effective weapon against isis. i look forward to seeing tom shillue on the front lines and donald trump pre end tended to be his own spokesman so celebrity wanted to date him. and when a wife won't let her husband go on vacation with buddies they take a car board cut out of him instead. i did it on "red eye" but it showed more emotion.
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back to you. >> let's welcome our guests. she has more analogies than the s.a.t.'s. it is joanne nosuchunsky. he solved more problems than bleach. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> she left and it's all right. >> and they are half right. sitting next to me from the brilliant idiot pod cast, andrew schulz. let's start the show. >> has bono found what we're looking for? a solution to violent extremism. the u-2 front man offered an unusual approach to fighting enemies like isis. >> i think comedy should be the ploy. you speak violence and you speak language.
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but you laugh at them and it takes away the power. so i am chris rock and sacha baron cohen. >> send in the clowns. of course it wouldn't be the first time we used that strategy. who can forget how we won world war ii. jackie mason showed them a thing or two. and milton burrell took down germany. >> what an awful, awful quote. >> that's what we do. we put it in terms of it all the time. >> i think you were killing me when is youtube going to get involved to fight terrorism? >> let's start with what's important. this guy pronounces his name wrong. as any lawyer can tell you when you do public service
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work and the guy's name is bow know. what did you bono have right and what does he have wrong? it is that satire can be an effective propaganda. he assumes we have a propaganda capability anymore which we have lost over a sustained period of time. but he is exactly right that we need it and we need to deploy it in the effective way. we will start from square one and maybe talk to mr. bono. >> the use of propaganda is legitimate, but maybe not amy schumer. what do you think, julie? >> she won't come on the show anymore? >> she has been very bees -- very busy. >> she is too busy for "red eye" and too busy to fight isis. >> i am waiting for you ambassador and bono who is such an expert, maybe you are
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joining u-2. >> so. >> michael bolton, if i can't shame him who will i shame? >> other than that we are basically the same. >> why is bono testifying on how to defeat isis. i uni am all -- i understand i am all for him, but how does he ask for strategies. i want to know who the congressman is. i would love to hear how we defeat isis. >> look, he is a humanitarian and he has done work with governments and nongovernmental organizations. >> you know, he has made mistakes in the past. he thinks he knows what is best for the world. remember when his album showed up on the iphone and the itunes?
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he didn't ask for it and everyone flipped out. >> that is a bad album. >> you have no right to be talking. >> fly like an eagle. >> how can you read messages through purple glasses. >> they are more tinted. >> i realize that. >> remember they went to develop an english accent? >> she is one of the people. >> and we have to respect bono. he has been around the world. >> when they didn't work for charlie hedbow. >> they -- you mean they got
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killed. >> i shouldn't form it. it is funny and pushing their buttons. >> this picture. >> they look like they are getting ready for a homecoming game. no doubt about it. i think this kind of thing can be done effectively. the point is you have to challenge isis on the ideology. i think for the last seven years that is a purely coincidental figure. we have not challenged them on the ideology and suffering as a result. >> but maybe what i think not even schumer, but they should maybe get some middle eastern -- >> what is with your obsess with schumer? >> our canadians may be --
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>> i think sacha baron cohen whose father is an orthodox jew. >> he knowses how to push buttons. >> donald trump has been coming out of his shell on twitter. he offers a tweet here and there and now and again and his family was out of habit. >> do you monitor your dad's social media? >> i have no idea what you are talking about. during the day he dictates them to the staff. >> during the day i shouted out to one of the young ladies like meredith and i just shout it out. i will always do it by myself. >> that's interesting. >> he said he is a terrific worker.
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>> do you think -- i think mare are you death is miss -- misspelling things. >> trump never had a drink. >> wait a second. there is no excuse for that kind of bad grammar. if people are drinking there is an excuse. >> he is tired he is running a campaign. >> i know. i have a lot of followers. >> i actually don't know how to tweet myself. god knows what i would say late at night. >> you dictate your tweets to yourself. >> i approve the text.
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>> what is your twitter? >> at a and b john bolton. >> you couldn't do it after the show? >> no, do it now. >> this is a new thing. >> go ahead. >> the idea that they keep pressing trump like oh someone has to watch it. it is an intervention. the twitter thing has gotten them pretty far. >> you know we were reading the tweet. it is his words that someone just typed. it is not these generic -- >> are you throwing shade on the ambassador? i do think it is what gets a response. that's what trump's campaign is. it is getting peopleen inker. >>ed.
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it is a new -- when he include you in a tweet it is your world. it is amazing. >> when they say that's your world. they do get heated. >> and they are i illiterate. >> that isn't true. they get heated, but they may have reason. >> he wants a spokesman to dish on himself. when trump said he had an affair , a people magazine reporter found herself on the phone with a trump spokesman and introduced himself as john miller. he said madonna and kim bassinger were eager to date him. it sounded a lot like someone else, mr. trump. was it really trump? we did some digging and there is a person in new york named john miller. i left a message for him and he called back and left this
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message. >> this is john miller. thanks so much. i got your message and as you may know i no longer work for mr. trump. he is still an absolutely fantastic guy, but everything i said is true. madonna was in love with mr. trump and so was kim bassinger. basically the whole cast of "designing women" not my type. not mr. trump's type i should say. they continue to love him. as i said i will put in a good word for you. you really ought to have him on the show. >> he is on the same page.
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>> he is efficient. he is a businessman. he doesn't want to waste money on spokespeople. >> other people tweet, but he does his own pr. >> this was awhile ago. >> look, i don't blame him. the guy wants to put it out there in the world. >> he is lying. what don't you understand. >> how do you know he is lying. >> i don't think it happened with kim bassinger. >> i don't think he slept with her. >> in these days he is a private citizen and a businessman. he was in the tabloids and he wanted to manage his public profile. what is wrong with that? >> nothing. people think i dated andy levy because maybe somebody put that out there in the
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universe. somebody may have leaked it and it may have been an anonymous source that i may have done that . but it is all right. >> it is okay. i think they are looking for ways to embarrass mr. trump and this shows he is a wily personality. >> every once in awhile i think i walked into the twilight zone and this is one of those moments. i don't know quite what to say. >> just comment on this. do you think he dated kim bassinger? >> i don't know who kim bassinger is. >> it is pronounced bassinger. >> do you think kim bassinger was into trump. >> she wanted some. >> you think madonna? >> you think ma done ma was into trump? >> back in the 80s and correct me if i'm wrong, but back in the 80s trump used to talk gossip with the new
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york post and the daily news and basically saved these two publications with his gossip and tidbits. so he is doing the same thing for people magazine. who cares if it is really or not? i don't think so. >> and he kept those people alive. a new ad features a freckled face red head and the slogan if you don't like your imperfections, someone else will. the campaign is designed to celebrate the physical imperfections. encourage everyone to be proud of their individuality and drum up hatred of the irish. so far the advertisement received half a dozen complaints about the ad. that is more complaints we need to do this story. it is a match this woman says that they are in discussions with our relevant partners about removing the posters as soon as possible.
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oh they caved. can anyone stand up to the social justice warriors ambassador? i thought it was praising people. >> speaking of somebody who once had red hair and freckles, i just want to say i found that ad offensive. i am against these ads that go after the freckle-challenged people. stick it in your ear. >> that needs to be a twitter viral. stick it in your ear. >> stick it in your ear? >> i have heard stick it in your other places. >> you don't even know a time when you can stick it in -- >> what do you stick in your ear? >> a q tip. >> you know that is not even supposed to go there. it says it on the box. >> when you were young we said stick it in the ear. we thought the other thing, but kept it clean. >> you also fantasized about
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kim bassinger. >> what about this freckle ad. i think your imperfections are drafted to other people so it is a great way to neat and a great campaign. >> you are assuming freckles are imperfections. on other people they are. on attractive people they are hot. it has nothing to do with the freckles. >> they are knew will tray -- neutral like a beauty mark. some call it a mole, but on a beautiful woman it is a beauty mark. >> i never had freckles so i would judge everybody with freckles. make fun of them. i don't care. not my problem. this is me being a conservative. this is me not caring about anybody but myself. >> anytime you say something mean you say something conservative. >> of course i do. >> joanne, you can make the final decision.
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>> effect of an imperfection? >> yes. that's why beauty p cs -- companies make money 0 foin -- foundation to cover up the skin. she has almond eyes and very beautiful and if you are looking at the freckles you are doing something wrong. >> can i say one thing to the model? if there is anybody that ever tells you that freckle aren't beautiful, tell them to stick it in their ear. >> there you go. >> where the sun don't shine. essentially it is a -- they are saying love you as you are. >> there is somebody for everybody. >> and yet they are bullied and pulling down the posters because ambassador bolten screamed at them. is what now?
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>> ambassadors for ashley madison. >> coming up, are you in touch with mainstream america? find out next.
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i'm jackie ibanez. trump's campaign manager will reportedly not be prosecuted after being charged with battery against a reporter. he was facing charges of simple battery after a reporter claimed he grabbed her arm and left bruises during a florida rally. that reporter now says she will pursue a civil case for defamation. the so-called uh flew wean swraw teen sentenced to two years behind bars. ethan couch received 180 i days for the drunken wreck.
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he got in trouble last year when he fled to mexico after violating the terms. people in flint, michigan are being told to use their tap water more. people aren't using enough water to push chemicals through the pipes which would clean them out and recoat them, following many cases of lead poisoning, many are skeptical. >> so many stories about the water. so what they really don't know is who to believe. i think at this time most people will wait until the pipes are replaced and then the waters are tested and then they will start to believe. >> since tap water has become contaminated with lead after they started siphoning water from the nearby polluted river for money. >> the cdc is confirming one of the worst fears of all pregnant women by linking the zika virus to the birth defects there is enough
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evidence to prove it causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and other brain defects. as an end of an era for kobe bryant, but not before scoring 60 points in tonight's game. the 37-year-old bryant is the leading scorer in laker history and spent 20 seasons with the kings. i'm jackie ibanez. and now back to "red eye." do you live in a bubble? now you can take a test to find out. the test is at the pdf website. chances are if you have seen it, you are already in the bubble. charles murray created the quiz to show people the eke tent of their upper middle class isolation. people who watch hbo and drink imported beer and coffee and only associate with other college graduates. here are some of the questions. have you ever walked on a floor? yes. have you or your spouse bought a pick up truck?
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that was a no even though my dad and father-in-law have a i can p up. in the last five years have you or your spouse gone fishing? that is a no. i am a fishing type of guy, but haven't been. how many times in the last year have you eaten at one of the following restaurant chains? a year? more like weeks. i eat them all the time. what does branson mean to you? barber shop quartet gig for me. why take such a quiz? maybe it will help you answer the question so many of my friends are asking. what is going on with trump? how can people be voting for him? if you are asking yourself this question you may be the opposite of a red neck. it is not about policy. it is a sense. there is a sense that they are an accepted group of people who don't like them and don't under them and have been punishing them.
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>> get it, andrew? make sense to you? >> it is not just poor white people. it is about the white working class. the people who get high scores on this are people who are either working class themselves or came from the white working class. nobody gives a rip about the white working class anymore. that where you see the politics today. people see that alienation of the working class and that drives them crazy. >> is it a -- do you think it is economic stuff, jobs and stuff like that, but it is more that they don't feel they are part of the culture. >> these are people -- this is working america. these are the people who play by the rules. they don't have great educations and they don't expect great income. they think in the past their
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children would be able to get that and now they see those opportunities being closed off. that's what drives a sense of frustration. they don't have an interest group in washington. they don't have anybody they feel represents them. until they find a way to bring that back into focus, we are going to have more and more problems in this country. those are the people who do the work and play by the rules. if they are not rewarded, everything will come apart. >> did you take the test? >> yes. >> what did you get? >> a 34. >> a 34? you are more of an elitist than me. i got a 64. >> i ate at an olive garden on monday, but that was not on the list. another question was do 50 of your neighbors or within 50, the majority of them do they not have a college degree? i don't know my neighbors becaus trying to be safe. i don't talk to people. i
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stay to myself. i am in middle income housing building. >> julie, did you take the test? >> i did. >> what was your score? >> what do you think it was? >> i don't think it was 64. >> it was below that. i got a 19. >> the late siping. >> oh please, no, martini. >> why did you even get a 19? do you remember the questions? >> yes, i can tell you exactly. it was because at one point when we came to this country we were really poor and we lived among poor people. >> your family, your background was the -- >> they were all super educated. >> they fled communist russia. >> they did. >> that's how i got the 19. >> did you do your homework?
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>> i didn't take it. i saw all of the examples and said i will fail this test. >> you are an elitist? >> i grew up in the city, but here is the thing about it. first of all, i did eat at cheesecake factory. >> i think the problem is a lot of them are not working. they are spoken for in dc and it is the worst in this country. >> everybody else is apologizing. it sets the attitude. >> and that is a good point. the politics of victimology is big in this country. the white working class will not use that. they feel guilty themselves and they should.
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it is an individual circumstance. you have to make the best of what you can. that alone puts them out of step with ethnic groups that are victimized. transgender that are vic -- victimized. everybody has a victim except the white working is class. >> red eye the pod cast is back. want to join in the fun? download it on itunes and fox news
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welcome back. now back to andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> moving on. >> bono wants to deploy isis. >> i was thoroughly embarrassed by the alcohol thing. by the whole thing. it hasn't gotten any better on this show. >> you said you can music shame michael bo -- michael bolton. >> i can music shame all of you. the only person that can do that was me. fair and balanced, my friend. somebody has to be efficient.
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>> you wanted to know who invited him to testify. >> senator lyndsay graham. he is the chairman of the subcommittee. >> then i'm not surprised. >> joe, you brought up that time and it was put on their iphones without permission. that's part of a plan for bono. we need to put these comedy album on isis's iphones without their permission. >> andrew, you ask when comedy worked in the past. i think the idea is to reach people who aren't isis fighters so they don't become isis fighters. >> put that in your pipe and shove it up your --
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>> knick-knack patty whack and give a dog a bone. >> tom, i thought it was a little odd that you have your own twitter habits. >> i was going through today's security foot tj as something i do before every show. can we roll that tape? >> just had an amazing meatball. who is watching? # red wedding. just open uber eats and press tacos. a guy road up on a bike and got me fresh tacos. amazing exclamation point. is that under 140?
12:36 am
>> yes. >> first of all i get excited about lunch, what i have for lunch. i like to tell people about that. >> you know i go through the security footage every night. >> i think it is helena. >> it was a snide remark and you mentioned you had a lot of followers. indeed you have almost 190 followers. andrew has a little over 90 thousand. >> madonna is my aspiration. she has 20 million. i figure i'm on the way.
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>> they said they are mostly illiterate and that's not true. >> it is mostly true. >> the celebrities wanted to date him. do you not know who kim bassinger is? >> she is n a ago -- she is an actress or model. >> come on. >> i forgot about that. >> i think she is married to alec baldwin. >> thinks red hair and freckles are de for ma tees. -- deformaties. i'm surprised they didn't list other deformities like brown eyes. and even they said mental
12:38 am
defects like being a patriots fan or something like that. >> there are people who go after the freckled. the intention of the campaign is to act on the id -- the idiosyncrasies. >> i didn't like my freckles. i couldn't wait until they went away. >> you are anti--freckle? >> no, i am pro freckle, but i didn't wipe them. >> i am moving on and you can come along with me.
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>> it shows how out of touch you are. i got a 52. you did? >> yes. so slightly more aloof and far away. >> i don't think that's true. >> as you .ed out parts are dumb -- as you pointed out, parts are dumb. have you ever lived in a neighborhood where they do not have college degrees? i don't go around asking my neighbors? >> over on the west side there are a bunch of college graduates. >> first of all i don't have a clue who my neighbors are. let alone how they went to school. >> i know every night i go home and i smell weed in the hallway. >> this quiz is only meant for white people. the name of the book it comes from is white america 1960 to 2010. this explains why i didn't get
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a higher score. >> it is from the upper west side. the most in the bubble, 22 in new york city were the new york region and 14 were san francisco or silicon valley. eight were in los angeles and seven were boston and six were the ambassador's territory. all of the places the ambassador has been. >> it is not having baltimore where i started from. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. time to take a break. >> take it away, kennedy. >> yeah, wake up, "red eye" fans. on the next kt kennedy it is the brilliant guy benson and the lovely caw mill foster and the brilliant joanne noy --
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joanne nosuchunsky.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. president obama addressing the threat against isis following the meeting his national advisors. the president continues to lose ground and isis leaders wake up thinking it could be their last. >> we continue to take out
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their leaderses and their uhing tays. for isis leadership it has been a bad few months on the grou syria and in iraq. isil is on the defense -- defensive. the president add -- admits the only way it comes is a bit more to dwoing to saudi uh raib -- going to saudi arabia where he is pursuing the on going threat from isis. they are flying simulated attack is pas near a u.s. destroyer in one of most aggressive acts in recent memories. that's according to the u.s. officials who said one warplane got within 30 feet of the ship. it happened off the coast of poland. millions of americans could be driving around with potentially deadly air bags. the safety watchdog says there is an 85 million that haven't
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been recalled yet. but the company can't prove they are safe. takata air bags are found to eke plod with too much force -- explode with too much force. the faulty air bags are blamed for 11 deaths worldwide and a hundred injuries. >> there are 73 gameseses in one season after defeating them 175-104. i'm jackie ibanez. back to "red eye." >> it was meant to be a guy's weekend. just guys being guys. a group of friends from boston wanted to take their buddy kevin on a road trip to montreal for his birthday. unfortunately kevin's crazy fiancee wouldn't let them go. >> they brought along a
12:47 am
cardboard cut out of kevin. here they are on the car. he is getting ready for the big not out. i wonder why his fiancee didn't want him to go. >> he is mad because i told him i am getting a lap dance this weekend. he is held to the same rules as alive kevin. julie, i think that his fiancee should not have let him go on this trip. i think she is is the only sane one here. what about you? >> this marriage is doomed. if the guy you are with wants to go out with his buddies and you say no he will leave all of his friends and then reseptember you you -- recent it so you shouldn't be a guy that will do bad things in montreal. i used to live in boston and you know why guys go to
12:48 am
montreal. >> yes. >> they speak french and have other amenities. >> it is a great city. >> i don't think that bodes well for kevin's marriage. you are a pretty hot guy and you don't have to put up with that. >> if kevin stayed home with his fiancee as he should have, he shouldn't have gone there because obviously they are up to no good. >> montreal is where the civil organization is headquartered and i didn't know it had amenities. >> the kevin cardboard looked like he was having a good time. if the fiancee is upset, they do have trouble in their marriage. >> i want to give her the benefit of the doubt. we don't know why she said you couldn't go. they are engaged. they are probably planing a wedding that is very expensive and it looks like these guy are going out and got bottle service at the club and it costs a lot of
12:49 am
money. maybe they are trying to save money for their wedding and she is being the fiscally responsible one in the union and i applaud that. >> if he wants to get together with the guys they can play a round of soccer and then go home. how about that? >> i agree with you. she is being sane. never, never give me a pass with my -- passport with my friends. if you give me a passport and you don't accompany me? too much peer pressure. i will say as a feminist -- >> whoa! >> as a feminist i think women need to get over this whole cheating thing. it is holding me back. you are losing these gois you love because of -- these guys you love because of cheating. >> they should get over it? >> you are ruining marriages over cheating. >> do you think kevin's fiancee should trust him not to cheat on her.
12:50 am
>> you can see -- >> i don't know what i am talking about. >> kevin will cheat just like there will be a sunrise. >> you can see it. >> they know what will happen. these guys are up to no good. if she wants to come along and they can get their own room -- >> are you saying this because you think your wife is watching this? >> grow up. stop going out with the guys. you are getting married. we will close things out with a bedtime story. bloop
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coming up tomorrow, rob long and mike baker. >> be careful where you point your camera. in england three tourists were wrongly accused of being pedophiles. after taking photos in an area where children were playing. thisy were photographing the waterfront in the south end which looks like this. some seem to work and they surrounded them and prevented them from leaving while they called the police. they took the men's phones and one woman even posted a picture of them to facebook. here is picture.
12:55 am
>> that looks like a movie i've seen. >> they determined that no offense was committed. obviously this is an over reaction. why are people acting like this? >> i have no idea. >> you think steve martin will have an issue with the fact you call him a pedophile? >> you can both take on isis. >> andrew, i think it is -- i'm surprised this happened in england because i feel like -- >> so you would go to a beach in england? they have pedophiles who would
12:56 am
say that? >> this is taking place in greece. >> i didn't know pedophile went in packs. i thought they were in groups and now lock them all up. >> ambassador, did you read beyond the headline of this story? >> i read the whole article. >> and you knew greece and you skimmed it. >> i thought it was rock and then water. this is crazy. >> h's hysteria. >> i am not too sure. >> they are taking picture of children and one would ask why they came to greece. >> they were taking pictures of the water fountain.
12:57 am
it is something they don't have in greece. they were taking photos to bring back home. >> special thanks to my entire panel. that does it for me, tom shillue and we'll see you next time. you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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this is a fox news alert in washington. russian war planes are testing u.s. patience in a not so peaceful way in the baltic. and experts looking at recent actions say vladimir putin is showing how little he almosts for fears the u.s. and president obama. this is american and russian diplomats participating in syrian peace talks. in geneva. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us what happened and the reagency from the penn. >> this is what it looks and feel like to have a russian jet because u.s. navy


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