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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 14, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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after making off with $100,000 in tolan items. and a stunt going viral for all the wrong reasons. >> i make $4 million a year what do you do? >> yep, all of that got him and his two friends kicked off that plane. "fox & friends" starts now, bye. good thursday morning to you. it is april 14th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. an officer ambushed and shot in the back six times in his patrol car. now the manhunt is on for that suspect. mean while, donald trump's campaign manager off the hook. new details for you about the charges he faces for allegedly assaulting a female reporter. are the charges about ato be dropped? we're going to tell you what we know. plus, you have a meeting of the mind, megyn kelly and donald trump meet at trump towers.
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what's next? what went down and what's next? we're going to hear from them both because mornings, according to us, better with freviends. good morning. we went to bed wondering golden state warriors are they going to win. woke up this morning, we checked -- they won. >> and to see the pregame, could not sleep, kobe bryant said good-bye after 19 years. >> right. >> what they did, the tribute was unbelievable like only los angeles can. to sign out, he put in 60 points as banged up as he is. historic. >> let's go to "sportscenter" right now. >> it's time for news. >> all right. i'm being told that we're going to start with this. a manhunt is under way in houston for a gunman who ambushed a deputy and shot him in the back six times. the officer expected to survive.
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and heather has the latest for us. heather. >> officer was standing outside of his cop car at a convenience store in a parking lot when the man walked up behind him and fired bullets into his back. it appears to have been a random attack. and charged with both the brussels and paris attacks, now mohamed abrini also known as the man in white said he wouldn't hurt a fly at least that's what he told the judge, to decide whether or not to keep him in jail. >> really? that's the conversation they actually had? abrini said he's not radicalized and denied ever having gone to syria. he was seen in surveillance pictures with two of the bombers just minutes before the blast. the rich and spoiled teenager, remember him? he's the one who killed four people in a drunk driving crash, he's finally going to prison. the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch, is appearing in an adult court for the first time.
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the judge made one thing clear early on. here's what it was. >> you will remain in the county jail at this time. i want to understand that, you're not getting out of jail today. >> you'll remember the texas teenager was spared jail time for a deadly 2016 drunk driving accident. his lawyer arguing he's too rich and too spoiled to know right from wrong. coup and his mom fled to mexico. now now going to serve four 180 day sentences. and the bill that requires people to only use bathrooms that match their biological gender. critics say that discriminates against members of the lgbt community. ringo starr cancelled his over the so-called bathroom situation. and cyndi lauper turned hers
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into a rally. the bill, donating the proceeds to quality north carolina. and those are your headlines. we'll see you back here. >> all right. >> you've been covering a lot. met with trump yesterday, we're going to talk about that. good job. the whole focus has been on new york. and soon, pennsylvania, a huge day, and super tuesday on the 27th. but first things first, we can't forget about what happened in florida. and we forget because there's another chapter to the confrontation between corey lewandowski and a certain reporter. >> it happened march 8th at trump national jupiter. this is something that happened between michelle fields in the light blue jacket and corey lewandowski, donald trump's campaign manager.
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keep in mind, jupiter police filed charges against him after a reporter michelle fields filed a complaint. >> dave arenberg is going to ask for a press conference, but it does appear he has decided newt charge her with misdemeanor battery. this despite the fact corey lewandowski was completely judged by the media like this. >> these things make you seem crazy. it makes you guys seem delusional. >> no, it doesn't. it infuriates you in a lot of women. >> why would she make up a story about -- >> media went after him, saying what he did was wrong. now the prosecutors are coming out saying he's not going to be charged, therefore, he is innocent. so someone from his -- trump's
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team dave savino, he's the social media manager. he was tweeting out this yesterday saying florida prosecutor not prosecuting donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski for battery. >> michelle fields came out and said she was not told ahead of time. for all of those asking for what happened two weeks ago i'd be okay with an apology from corey. i said ya, but i haven't heard back about it. >> she was informed that the prosecutor would make an anuncement later today. is there going to be an apology? we don't know. anyway, keep in mind, we have had the judge on, judge napolitano who is actually going to join us in an hour. he has said the bar for prosecution is higher than for the police to file charges.
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>> for that organization, almost since that time when all the controversy happened there seems to be a bulking up and passing of time within the trump camp. donald trump is getting more and more people in, it's become more evident he's in the driver's seat to get the nomination. everyone thought he had people but he's adding it at the highest level. and something else happening yesterday, that is the setup of a meeting with donald trump and congressional leaders. this is the second one in about three weeks. representative chris collins and duncan hunter, they've been guests here were closed to the media at capitol hill, and trump becoming more of a politician. >> those are the first two politicians that endorsed them. they're meeting up in washington. that's happening today. meanwhile, yesterday, megyn kelly had a meeting with trump.
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she went over to his apartment. this is the front cover of the "new york post." truth, this is what megyn kelly said about it on her show last night. >> yours truly took a trip over to trump tower on fifth avenue in new york city. there i had a meeting with donald trump. the meeting was at my request. and mr. trump was gracious enough to agree to it. we met for about an hour, just the two of us and had a chance to clear the air. mr. trump and i discussed the possibility of an interview and i hope we will have news to announce on that. by the way, yes, the doormen appeared a bit stunned when i walked in. and they, too, were incredibly gracious. stay tuned. >> stay tuned. she said she hopes to have news about trump. according to the "new york post" apparently what they talked about, she has got a tv special coming up on may 23rd. and they would like him to be on the special.
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meanwhile, donald trump was out in pittsburgh yesterday. and our own heather nauert went to pittsburgh and chatted a little bit with donald trump about what happened with megyn kelly. and this is what he had to say to our own heather. >> you met with megyn kelly today from fox news. what did you guys agree upon? >> well, meghan called and wanted to come up to trump tower. we had a very good conversation. >> what are we going to see from that? >> time will tell. we'll see what happens. but we had a nice conversation. >> so heather's going to have a great interview later. >> heather's been working her tail off. >> no kidding. meanwhile, donald trump, the interview, "fox & friends" at 6:30. meanwhile, coming up on this thursday, remember when we helped save an american company from losing a government contract that would have gone to prisoners.
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>> it was a great friday for our employees, myself, the entire company and a lot of citizens of this country because we were able to top prisoners from taking work from taxpayers. >> well, now, the white house is looking to take away american jobs again, this time for military uniforms. the ceo of new balance is here with the very latest coming up next. and look at the surveillance video. watch the suspect and what he's holding in his hand. what he did to spark a major robbery, and it's all caught on camera. >> what is that? ♪ smooth criminal constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools.
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all right. the white house is going back on its promise to the new ceo of new balance to consider his company for a contract that would follow the law and only supply military only with products made in america. in exchange, they would not speak out against the soon to-be debated transpacific partnership so controversial in this presidential cycle. is this a good deal gone bad or
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is there more to it. joining us is ceo of new balance rob demartini. i understand you were against tpt? >> we've been against tpt from the beginning. we'reless only guy that makes athletic shoes in the u.s. that we're probably not going to win this. so, we said we would remain silent if they would help us complete for the barry amendment food work product. that's how this got started. >> when was this? >> it goes all the way back to trade ambassador kirk we took him to our factory. and then we took michael froman to our factory. we've got 1500 people making great product in this country. all we asked for, give us the chance to compete to win that business for u.s. soldiers. >> we also know about manufacturing going to cheap labor from really the advent of
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michael jordan and what it did to the shoe industry. we knew that nike and others weren't making their sneakers here. they were doing it for very cheaply overseas. so you were told, okay, keep your mouth shut about the tpp and we'll let you compete for the deal for the pentagon. what happened since then? >> well, that was the agreement we reached about a year ago that tpp was taking shape. keep in mind that tpp reduces the tariffs at twice the rate of any previous deal. so it's not good for american workers but accelerates the bad part of that. we understand where the industry is. we're the ones remaining here making shoes. help us compete and we'll sell it at cost to the military so the u.s. consumer won't pay an extra nickel for the shoe. this shoe is the only shoe in the world that's 100-percent
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sourced in the united states. >> having said that, how did the wheels come off this deal? >> brian, i wish i could give you that answer. we didn't want an earmark contract and things got quiet. in the last 60 days i've had three appointments with the undersecretary of defense all of them cancelled within one day of appointment happening. we simply can't get through. >> you can't get through. so you're saying i'm going to tell the american people about this deal. and bring it forward and tell everyone, by the way, the tpp is not good for american business, even though it might help the consumer in the short term with lower prices? >> well all you have to look at it, the four very distinct presidential candidates. this seems to be the only thing they agree on. i think that's another reason we should take another look. >> your message to the white house? >> american workers can make great product for american soldiers. it's that simple, brian. >> our negotiators met
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extensively with new balance to achieve a strong tpp outcome. we're disappointed that new balance has changed its position on tpp based on factors outside the agreement. the department of defense makes procurement decisions following the action. >> first of all, we haven't changed our position one inch. we've been against this from the beginning. we promised the d.o.d. that the consumer would not pay more for the product. >> rob, thanks foretelling the true story, the innerworkings of federal government. in this case, it's ugly. appreciate it. >> no problem. straight ahead, the videos with a jet on a warship within 30 feet.
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>> below the bridge -- below the bridge. >> and this happened more than once. it happened for a very long time. what the heck is going on? and it's a controversial new theory, can you cure your own mental illness? really, the guy who ran the fda dr. david kessler is here to explain. olay luminous
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two russian warplanes coming within just 30 feet of a u.s. navy ship. >> blow the bridge lane! below the bridge lane! >> below the bridge length -- that means it's right below the ship. the fighter just making a pass over the destroyer several times in the last few days. this was the latest where it comes within 30 feet. hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin mark aed as a top terrorist? she said she's now just included on a hit list released by isis. >> thank you very much. a big question, you can train your brain to cure your own mental illness or your addiction?
3:24 am
well a brand new book out just this week says yes. many addictions are triggered by the same thing. the key is what is that thing? >> joining us is the auth tour of this book called "capture unraveling the mental mystery." dr. david kessler. how do you cure your own addiction? >> we have to understand what's going on in our brain. and understand we're not focused. the goal is to pull back the curtain on mental illness. it's so mysterious. capture. what is capture? my attention gets hijacked. it changes how i feel. this momentary loss of control. take depression. what is it? what's my attention focused on? it's focused on my self-doubt. i'm a failure. i'm no good.
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>> you start to fixate on something? >> exactly. it's automatic. it happens before i even realize it. my brain's past experiences, past memories take hold and capture is quietly. >> what is you're captured and what's wrong with you if you're depressed? how do you fix it? >> these circuits are part of all of us, it's universal. i think and i've been studying this for the last several decades, i think the best way how to get through it, to become captured by something more meaningful. you can't just will it. it has to happen. >> give me an example. >> i think the hero of the book is chris ware, i don't know if you read his graphic novels. he's talked about depression, people who have written i want
3:26 am
to the go to sleep and i never want to wake up. he talks about this child that's born and no longer the protagonist. all of the self-doubt sort of washes away, if you understand he's now the support. aa, how does it work? alcohol used to be my friend. it used to make me feel better. now it's my enemy. what have i substituted? fellowship, sobriety, something else is more meaningful. what we pay attention to, right, is what is meaningful. >> and capture as you mentioned alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, things like that. >> it's also positive aspects to capture. >> those are good things. are those thing you should fixate on instead? >> absolutely. and there's also you look at
3:27 am
what can capture us in society. what about ideology. >> sure. greed. >> exactly. >> what about someone who is zee pressed who doesn't feel like there's a lot going on in their lives and there's no hope for the future. what do they capture on if they don't feel like they have anything to capture on? >> it's so important to understand that they're not broken. you know, what happens -- i have this self-doubt. i have this lack of success. i think i'm a failure. then i start feeling sad. then i start focusing on the sadness. and i get caught in this vicious cycle. >> and focus on the positive things in your life? >> you know, you have to find -- you have to put yourself in situation where is you can be captured. capture is not something that you can just say overnight. you got to find something that's meaningful. something that's more important. >> so essentially, you're retraining your brain. you've taken a detour and you retrain your brain?
3:28 am
>> exactly. >> this is fascinating. it's called "capture." dr. david kessler, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> this could help a lot of people. >> that is the goal. donald trump center stage last night, our own heather nauert caught up with him behind the scenes in pittsburgh. >> the former head of the rnc said you're at war with the gop. are you? >> i'm not at war, but i want to make it really a process where votes count. >> we are about to pull back the curtain on sean hannity and his town hall with donald trump last night. and you know who this is, right? matthew mcconaughey with a mustache? >> what! >> well, you're wrong. a time traveler. we'll explain. but first, we have to wish a happy birthday to loretta lynn, the singer turning 84 years old
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there's some good news for bernie sanders. the new york transit workers union has endorsed him for president this morning. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> they actually released the video of why they chose bernie over hillary. there it is right there. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> he is so funny. that is really funny. >> to her credit, i believe that is on her website. >> really? >> i heard they have errors and they're making fun of
3:33 am
themselves. >> you use that image if you're looking for a dead link. >> that is really funny. 28 minutes before the top of the hour on this thursday. >> donald trump packing the house at that town hall in pittsburgh hosted by sean hannity. before going before that crowd, donald met with our own heather nauert backstage. and she only got about two minutes of sleep last night. >> thanks for coffee. who brought that this morning? >> that would be lauren, our producer. >> thank you for letting her explain. >> delta is ready when you are. >> all right donald trump held his first rally in pennsylvania. he talked about looking past the kno new york primary next week. he talked about it. >> you've got a big election coming up here in the state of pennsylvania.
3:34 am
what do you need to do to win? >> well, we're looking forward to the polls. i love pennsylvania i went to school in pennsylvania. the school is in pennsylvania, pep. >> some of the delegates are elected on the ballot and that could pose a challenge for you. >> it's really unfair, we have to give it back to the voters. it's crazy what's going on. we'll do very well but i think it's unfair. listen to that crowd. and then somebody else is supposed to win. you know, we're very heavily favored to win. the polls are all saying it. but really you should give it back to the voters. it's very, very unfair. >> well, in the state of colorado, for example, the rules were clearly established ahead of time. when people say the rules are the rules, how do you respond? >> i respond to that by saying i changed the rules. i joined and changed the rules and took it away from the
3:35 am
voters. i would have won in colorado. >> you think they did that because of you? >> yeah, i think so because they saw i do very well in colorado. look, it's a crooked system. >> jim gilmore, the former head. rnc said you're at war with the gop. are you? >> i'm not at war, but i want to make it really a process where votes count. right now in colorado, they took the voters away. you know, there were riots going on out there. you look at what's happened in pennsylvania where they've taken the voters out of it. it's very unfair. i rely on the voters. not politicians. i'm subfunding my campaign. people don't like that because that means they have control. i'm putting up my own money, heather. they should give the voters real credit. not partial credit. >> there are some supporters in colorado who are very angry with how things went down there. some people threatening violence, what do you say about that? >> well, they having big
3:36 am
problems in colorado. after i joined the rashgs they said, oh, let's stage it. they did the sape thing in florida. they wanted to give to jeb bush. they said winner take all and i won. >> trump holds a demanding lead. 48% of the vote. that's more than john kasich and ted cruz combined. there were about 2400 people at that event. then he went own to do another rally in the pittsburgh area. that was thousands and thousands and thousands of people. >> kasich is from pittsburgh. >> yeah. >> so there were a couple inside. what about outside. >> there were 2,000 people, protesters, rick leventhal was covering a protest. he turns out people on both sides. >> well, tonight is going to be the annual republican gala here in new york city over at the park hyatt.
3:37 am
>> right. >> there are going to be ten groups outdoors protesting that. >> he's not afraid to take them out. >> i had a nice conversation off camera. he said good morning to all of you, said he watches the show. they just hired a new political director coming from scott walker. so they're going to make a lot of changes. >> that's going to be good to get the higher ups off. the corey lewandowskis, to get them on the same page. >> imagine that, he's run this thing on really a shoestring. just a handful of people. you're going have to beef up. >> one of you guys mentioned yesterday, what are folks in colorado saying, voters saying about this process? >> the republicans have no voice. >> a couple things, some republicans are upset about the rules. but there are people on the other side who say, look, it's
3:38 am
your responsibility, to under these rules and work within the rules whether or not you like it. judge napolitano earlier this week on the show saying hey, look political parties, it's not a democracy. they make the rules. and donald trump things otherwise. >> she got home at 1:00 in the morning. >> thank you, heather. a dramatic brawl caught on camera involving a police officer. and now the people involved are facing charges. take a look at this. [ bleep ]. >> the nashville officer matthew cameron was responding to a domestic disturbance. 22-year-old brian shannon seen here on the right facing charges of assault. a minor has been charged also. an ohio teenager makes an emotional plea for the court to forgive his father for
3:39 am
kidnapping him 14 years ago. listen. >> it was growing up painful at times. but taking that into consideration, just increases the pain. >> increases the pain taking away his father now. the judge sentenced his father, bobby, to four years in prison. jonathan discovered last year when he tried applying for state college aid. the boy previously thought he was taken away from his mother who left them. it turns out that the opposite was the case. >> for all of those years. here he is all grown up. >> and a smartphone specificup, thieves using facetime to case the place before getting $100,000 in stolen items. one makes it look like he's shopping but really he's helping his accomplices get the lay of the land. a few minutes later, the group
3:40 am
stormed the store making off with the loot. and does your grandpa look anything like this? ♪ >> mine certainly didn't. but one grandfather does. he realized his great grandfather matthew sanders looks just like matthew mcconaughey. 1 million other people think so, too. >> all right, all right, all right. >> those are the headlines. >> did you date him? >> no, my brother-in-law went to college with him. >> look at that. they were college roommates. >> they were roommates? >> yeah. yeah. i'll tell you about it later. >> you've seen him without a shirt on? >> we've both seen him without a shirt on. maria molina who is wear a
3:41 am
shirt -- a blouse. >> we wear shirts outdoors. we're expecting interesting weather. for now, we're looking at quiet conditions across parts of the northeast, springlike weather out here but across the southeast, we're dealing with showers and storms and we still continue to see that precipitation out there. here's the interesting weather. we're tracking the storm system that will develop as we head into this weekend and even tomorrow. and it could bring severe weather that affects the panhandle, eastern colorado, large hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be possible with that. that threat will continue into the weekend. on the back side of the storm system, we're talking heavy snowfall across part of the rockies to areas of colorado picking up more than a foot snow. otherwise, the current temperature right now, on the northeast and midwest, 30s and 40s for many of you. then as we head to the afternoon, it's going to be a warm one in the center of the nation. take a look at those highs in
3:42 am
the upper plains and midwest, 70s and also rapid city. i've got to tell you, last night was one of the busiest nights in sports and very impactful. what a great time for our superstar internship michaela chrisman to call it an intern shi. she's a junior, right? >> yeah. >> you had a chance between weather and sports and you chose -- >> sports. is. >> lakers kobe bryant closing his career in style. >> bryant, three-ball, yes, sir! here's 40. >> bryant posting a season high of 60 points capping a 20-year career with l.a. in a 101-96 win with the utah jazz. and an historic night for the defending nba champions. >> it's official, number 73, the greatest regular season in nba history now belongs to the 2016
3:43 am
golden state warriors. >> steph curry leading the warriors to a blowout win. besting the 1996 chicago bulls record for the most wins this season. coming up on the radio, congressman adam kingser and sandra smith. >> that is going to be a great radio ow. i can't believe that. >> not only doing sports, you got to do a radio shot? >> absolutely. >> and mikaela, thanks very much. did you enjoy your trip here? >> i enjoyed it. >> did you learn a lot? >> yes. >> and you're going to go back and -- >> yes, i'm going to brag. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. coming up on this thursday, tanks for nothing. the government is wasting millions of our dollars on equipment the military says they don't even want and it doesn't
3:44 am
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here's a quick look at your headlines this morning. a fox news alert. mcdonald's workers, they're joining the verizon site today demanding 15 bucks an hour. here's the latest look in new york city. we verizon employees also in sight, experts predict they could see delays in installation and hamburgers. some officials believe it's unfair for employees to show up making them late for transportation and child care. will o'reilly says "killing the rising sun" focuses on the
3:48 am
find year of world war ii. it's due out in september. get your advance copy. great. now, then, you remember him from "night rider." and you remember him from "bay watch." now david hasselhoff has a new project on the horizon. he stepped into it and "hoff the record." with michael tammero. hoff is back, guys. david hassle hofl with the mock you can meant tear show "hoff the record." check it out. >> all right, he's the most watched man in tv history. star of "night rider" "bay watch" and many more. thank you for step into the fox
3:49 am
light. it's a mockumentary? >> it's a mockumentary, it's semsem semi script. >> where did you get that jacket? i haven't seen that jacket in 25 years. how did you get in here? >> no, i'll go right out. >> what's your name? >> where did you get my jacket? >> you gave it to my mother 25 years ago, you know the night that the berlin wall fell, the same night i was conceived. i'm david hasselhoff. >> you cannot pay me to take my shirt off in public. you recently went on set making a "bay watch" movie. you took your shirt off and stood next to zac efron. what was that like? >> that was a tough one. i immediately went to the gym. >> you have a serious work
3:50 am
ethic. but you never took yourself seriously, is that the key to success? >> if you take yourself seriously and when you mess up and really get down on yourself, good god, man, it's like you're pulling up this bucket. and if you don't empty the bucket with a little bit of laughter, it's going to be terrible four. >> thank you, sir. great to meet you. i'll catch you guys next time in the fox light. >> that looks funny. he's got a love child. david hasselhoff. he looks good for 63. >> it's always fun, when you see comedy. a mockumentary. >> thank you so much. coming up on this thursday, remember when the government used our money to research shrimp? >> yes. guess what. they're blowing more and more of our dough. we'll tell you how on "waste watch." straight ahead. nothing unleashes power...
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all right. election time, and we get to pick the politicians who will decide how to spend our taxpayer dollars. >> on smart thing like shrimp on treadmills. and now the pig book is out and shows how poorly they did. >> anna kooiman has a closer look at all the waste. >> good morning. doesn't that video enrage you?
3:55 am
>> hundreds of thousands for shrimp on a treadmill. >> congress is getting creative in finding ways it can waste monumental amounts of taxpayer money. your money. citizens against government has released the book. first up, congress approved $40 million for m-1 tanks. in fact, four years ago army officials claimed it had a surplus of the tanks with more than 2,000 extra parked in a california desert. so they have extra and they're making more. congress approved $255 million for two f-35 fighter jets as part of a well documented program four years behind schedule and more than $170 billion overbudget. some of the jets turned out by that program in years past have been deemed unfit to fly. >> and still we're paying for it. >> and $56.6 million spent to fight drug trafficking in border states. well, arizona and new mexico
3:56 am
makes sense, not border states like alabama, hawaii, missouri, new jersey, tennessee and wisconsin, all getting their cut of the funding. but how does this spending compare with years past? well, earmark spending for 2016 fiscal year topped $5.1 billion. this he's up 21% -- that's up 21% from has year, we saw $4.2 billion in wasteful spending. money is being wasted despite congress enacting a moratorium on earmarks back in 2011. so, you know, i can't imagine that this would be happening if they used kitchen table budgeting like the rest of us have to do. >> exactly. >> the states want to fill tanks that's good for their state economy. >> yeah, they're doing it to essentially get votes very often. because they're making their constituents happy. but these amounts of money aren't necessarily subjected to congressional hearings very often. >> classic pork. thank you very much. coming up, megyn kelly and
3:57 am
donald trump, they made their peace. but what about with al sharpton? >> megyn, calm down. >> watch it with calm down. >> when the doj comes back and says you're wrong, why don't you apologize at that point? >> apologize for believing it? >> oh. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. illuminates skin with pearl optics science. your concert style might show your age, your skin never will. with olay you age less, so you're ageless. olay. ageless.
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but i'm still bringing my best. and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. good morning to you on a thursday. april 14, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. well, it's happened again. an officer ambushed a gunman snuck up behind him, shoots him six times in the back. >> oh no. >> the breaking details on his condition and the search for that suspect. meanwhile, donald trump's campaign manager will not face criminal charges but could he face another lawsuit for defamation? brand-new details about what happened in that. and things got heated between megyn kelly and al sharpton. >> megyn, calm down. whether -- >> now, watch it with calm down.
4:01 am
when the doj says you're wrong, why don't you apologize at that point? >> apologize for believing it? >> what was this all about? i'm going to tell you because your mornings are now getting better because you're with "friends." ♪ ♪ i bear that cross with honor because freedom don't come free ♪ >> i want to meet that kid's parents. >> he shook the hands of every service member. wasn't that sweet? >> out on the tarmac. that's right. >> hey, hard to get a 10, 12 or 22-year-old to do that, let alone a 2-year-old. that's fantastic. >> the complete story later on in this hour of "fox & friends.." >> his mom is going to join us. can't wait to talk to her. >> terrific. we'll talk to the judge about the big news for the trump campaign regarding their campaign manager not going to
4:02 am
face charges according to the state. tell you what we know in a minute. but first, heather nauert. we have a serious story to bring you, a manhunt is taking place in houston, texas. a gunman ambushed a deputy and shot him in the back six times. that officer is expected to survive. thanks to the bulletproof vest he was wearing. the officer was standing outside his cop car at a convenience store parking lot when a man walked up behind him firing into his back. it appears to be a random attack. we'll follow this throughout the morning. well, he's been charged in both the brussels and paris terrorist attacks but abrini says he wouldn't hurt a fly. he told a judge who is deciding that over whether or not to keep him in jail. he said he's not radicalized, never gone to syria. this after he admitted last week to having been the man in the surveillance pictures with two
4:03 am
bombers, just moments before the deadly airport blast. he also by the way threw away his homicide vest. a major turning point in the zika outbreak. the cdc confirmed what's long been suspected that's the the virus does cause microencephaly that causes slow brain growth and smaller heads as a result. this comes after the cdc reveals that more mosquitos live in more states than first thought. and megyn kelly met with donald trump and she explained what happened. she talked about it last night on "the kelly file." take a look. >> you may have heard the news that yours truly took a trip over to trump tower on fifth avenue in new york city. there i had a meeting with donald trump. the meeting was at my request. and mr. trump was gracious enough to agree to it. we met for a hour, and we
4:04 am
discussed the possibility of an interview. and i hope we will have news to announce on that soon. by the way in case you were wondering, yes, the doormen appeared a bit stunned when i walked in and they too were incredibly gracious. stay tuned. >> and those are your headlines. had a chance to talk to him about this last night. he was very gracious, she was very gracious. see, no hostility whatsoever. >> great. >> hopefully the judge has the same attitude. sometimes he's very -- >> we're about to find out. >> i have a good attitude this morning. >> you do. we called you in early to talk about some stuff in the news. you predicted this. our headline in politics, corey lewandowski, donald trump's campaign manager, whatever happened in the room at trump national in jupiter, the palm beach state attorney aaron berg decided not to press charges.
4:05 am
this after michelle fields claimed she was roughed up by the campaign manager. judge napolitano, you predicted this would be the outcome. >> if you take the politics out, he's a hillary supporter. and corey lewandowski and trump taunted michelle fields. fields has written a lot of anti-trump -- >> after the fact. >> after the fact. michelle fields has written a lot of anti-trump material. if you take that politics out and look at this through the lens of a judge or a law enforcement, there was no crime. you do this to me to get aside -- push me aside. when there are a ton of people crunching and i'm trying to get to ainsley behind you. technically, technically, that might be a civil battery. if there's harm to her arm. >> she tweet out a picture that showed she had bruises. >> but it's not a crime. it does not involve law enforcement. every -- if every unconsented to touching could be a crime, you
4:06 am
couldn't get in the subway. you'd be filing complaints every time you get jostled. i'm making a nonpolitical statement here. the prosecutor did the right thing. the police must accept every complaint they receive. even if that's no evidence for it. they evaluate it, they decide whether to prosecute or whether to dismiss it. this prosecutor did the right thing. >> what about the ramifications involved? because six people no longer work there. including -- well, seven people including michelle. she had to leave her house, she had to leave washington because of death threats. so there are ramifications here. she says she was defamed and there could be a civil suit. does she have a case? >> she -- well, she has enough to file the case. that's for sure. these cases are often settled, often insurance policies. knowing donald trump as many of us know him, he's probably well insured. corey lewandowski is probably well insured. so an insurance carrier will come in and agree to make some kind of a payment so that this will go away. are we going to see a trial with
4:07 am
donald trump who's going to testify and these other people that lost their jobs with her are going to testify? i doubt it. >> this this case, surveillance video helped or hurt who? >> it helped corey. we watched that tape until we were blue in the face, there was no crime there. there was a little touching that's not a criminal offense. >> so the question is, if she does sue corey lewandowski for defamation of character, because he called her delusional -- >> that is probably an accepted opinion. remember, opinion is not the basis for defamation as long as there's a basis for the opinion. >> sir, i find you delusional by order of the court. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk about something -- last night it was electrifying television. megyn kelly went over to the event and al sharpton was there. they talk whaebd happened in forget -- talked about what happened in ferguson.
4:08 am
because he wanted darren wilson to be charged with the death of michael brown. this is what the official doj report on ferguson found. >> the evidence does not support finding that wilson was unreasonable in his fear that brown would attempt to harm him and gain control of his gun. there is no reliable evidence to disprove wilson's belief that he feared for his safety. >> okay. so knowing that, here's the conversation between the reverend and megyn and then your opinion, judge. >> if you and i talked to the same witnesses and the doj talked to the same witnesses, and they don't believe them and you and i do, it doesn't make us wrong. it means -- >> but you don't talk to all the witnesses. the doj does. they get people in there and it can be a crime to lie to an fbi agent. it's not a crime to lie to the reverend al. >> megyn, calm down. >> now watch it with calm down. >> there's something -- >> ask bill o'reilly about that.
4:09 am
i had to lecture him on that. >> if i talked to witnesses and i believed them, doj may talk nor witnesses. but then you can't come and ask me to apologize for believing something i was not privy to. >> okay. you're just going to the moment, after the fact, when the doj says you're wrong, why don't you apologize at this point. >> apologize for believing it? >> for telling the world there was no deadly threat when there was. >> but i said what i believed. >> did you correct the record? >> did i correct what record? >> did you gone your television program and report -- go on to your television report and report what the doj had found. >> i reported what they said. >> about the death of michael brown? >> i don't know that i stated the line you want. but you didn't see me out there protesting afterward, did you? did you? >> i think that's a good place to wrap. >> because -- >> that's great television. >> he's a showman. >> he is.
4:10 am
he is. >> could have easily walked away. >> i give him credit as well. listen, i'm not a neutral observer between the two. megyn is our colleague and i work for her every monday. but i have read -- this is a while ago when this happened. >> yeah. >> the full doj report, it's like this. executive summary is about 300 pages. thousands of pages of material. here's what the doj concluded. " "a," we talked to everybody. "b," there was a bona fide fight for officer wilson's gun. in that environment, the law favors the cop. >> self-defense. >> correct. his job is first to protect himself and second to minimize danger to others and there was no crime in the outcome. megyn's argument is to al sharpton, you spoke to the people who told you what you wanted to hear. the doj spoke to everybody. what megyn did not say is that the doj found that a lot of people said they saw things which they couldn't possibly
4:11 am
have seen. and that -- though the doj did not prosecute them for lying to fbi agents, she's right. it is a crime to lie to an fbi agent. it could have. because a lot of them clearly were saying things that were not true. >> judge, you do -- we won't give al sharpton career advice, but if he was to ask me, it would do him so much good for credibility purposes to come out back after a protest and say, listen, upon further review, i did not get the whole story. and i want everyone to relax in ferguson, calm down. >> that's basically what megyn kelly's argument was. that's a brilliant argument. >> historically he's never apologized. >> no, not his style. his style is tend to it with force or with humor as he did here. >> or disappear. i didn't go back. that's enough. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> all the best. mieanwhile, our week long series on isis continues this morning. w do the terror cells manage to operate without anyone knowing? dr. sebastian gorka has the inside information and it's terrifying. and just because you're rich
4:12 am
it doesn't mean you should act like this. >> i make $4 million a year. what do you do? >> wow. so that guy makes $4 million a year. is this guy just plain crazy or just plain drunk? allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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this morning we are continuing our week-long series, examining isis. the terror group is thought to be headquartered in either the syrian cities of raqqah or dabiq. but how is it structured? here is dr. sebastian gorka, the author of a new book called "defeating jihad." as we talk about the wrath of isis, let's start at the beaking and talk about the khalif.
4:17 am
el bakraoui, he's the ceo of -- >> he broke out of that organization, he declared himself the emperor of the new caliphate in june of 2015. he is now the any emperor of islam. >> he's got a target on him. yet, i've heard a couple of times, we got him. we never got him. >> he's a slippery character. because they're controlling territory he has lots of places to hide. >> is there aren't a story about how -- isn't there a story how there's no reason for him to be over there running this thing, because we had him in our clutches can? >> we had him at camp bucca for more than two years. >> why was he let go? >> we thought he was a paper pusher in asked al qaeda and iraq and he's now the man. >> he's got his own paper pushers and in fact his own cabinet which runs general management, prisons, security. all sorts of stuff when you look
4:18 am
at this stuff. finance, communications. foreign fighters. >> most important military. >> this is impressive. >> this is like a government. look at it. this is how you run a nation. you have divisions of labor. you have people who are responsible for different things. of course, he's at war with us with the infidels so he's got his military council. >> so the way we set up this flowchart -- by the way, does al qaeda have a flowchart like this? >> they used to be when they're at the peak of their strength so they're now hiding out. this is the new real game. >> this is the cabinet. look at the shari'ah council, this is where the power is. right? >> right. so here we have all kinds of parts under the shari'ah council. probably the most powerful is the troika that gets to pick a caliph if he's not satisfactory. then we have under here the guys that control territory that run the military operations, internal security and most scary for us the propaganda guys that recruit the jihadis. >> what's interesting about this, i don't know if you can walk in closer, but as you have the media propaganda council,
4:19 am
preacher, spokesman, are there names affixed to that or if that guy is taken out, we have a new preacher? >> look, they have 80,000 guys in the organization. so there's always going to be a backup, but our guys are working day out, day in. identifying and putting people away. >> what is it about the way they have got this structured that scares you? >> they've managed to do what no other jihadi group has done in 90 years. they're not just doing terrorist attacks, but capturing territory and they're governing. this is big. this is an islamic state and they're expanding. this is why they're in the new brand leader of global jihad. >> by the way, dr. gorka will be back tomorrow to continue our series on isis. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, violence in schools all across the country getting worse. >> [ bleep ]! >> so who's to blame? the kids or their parents? our next guest, a teacher,
4:20 am
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4:24 am
>> wow. the fighter jets mocking an attack on a u.s. destroyer, buzzing the ship 11 times over the past few days. the defense official calls the stunt the most aggressive act since the cold war. a russian helicopter also took reconnaissance photos as well. and an all-out brawl on the parliament floor in iraq. lawmakers scuffling, throwing water bottles at each other. it the scuffle began after electing a new cabinet and found out that the others had broken the name plate. they called the move an insult. brian? all right, cell phone video showing a texas teacher repeatedly hitting a student and it's gone viral. >> because you're stopping him from graduating, you idiot, you [ bleep ]! >> wow. that's 63-year-old mary hastings from texas. she was is suspended. she was arrested.
4:25 am
it's just the latest incident in a trend of violent confrontation between students and teachers. larry strauss is a veteran high school teacher and author of "students first and other lives." we're starting to see around the country, more and more of this video. i guess because kids have cell phones could be one of the reasons. but a lot of the students hitting the teachers. what's going on here? >> well, i have to say, i think you're right that the cell phones are the big change. i don't think this is happening more than it used to. but it nevertheless is a serious problem. teachers need to be safe and so do students. >> you know, you have had some confrontations in the past, but you have said you have been never been unsuccessful in reaching the most troublesome students. what have you personally experienced? >> yeah, in my experience, there's -- i have never had a situation that i couldn't defuse. i think that's an important issue. a lot of the videos we are seeing are situations where the
4:26 am
teachers either fail to defuse or escalate it. i don't want to point the fingers at my colleagues, i think it's a difficult josh. i think many teacher are unprepared. they're sent into classrooms where they're overwhelmed. where there are many troubled students. there are 35 or 40 students at a time. >> right. >> and they can get frustrated and they can snap. but i know that if i keep my cool, that not only can i help a student avoid a dangerous confrontation, something that can get him in trouble, but i can also demonstrate to the other students in the room how to do that. how to exert self-control. >> larry, for a nonteacher like me if a kid walks in late, he's got an attitude, he confronts you, you have to show weakness, walk away and set an example for the students. that's sometimes that a confrontation might seem
4:27 am
inevitable. don't you agree? >> well, confrontation perhaps. but you can still de-escalate an angry student. you can remain strong. absolutely. you must remain strong. you don't want to get angry at the student. it's not up to you to be angry at the student. it's up to you to help that student. when students act out, there's often a reason. and, you know, maybe it's -- maybe it's -- maybe it shouldn't be the teacher's problem but in that moment it is. those of us who are experienced know that you must de-escalate that student. you might have to pull that student outside. you know -- >> but are you allowed to touch a kid if he comes after you? are you allowed to restrain a student? >> yeah, of course. you can defend yourself and you can protect other students. you know, and i don't know of any teacher who's gotten in trouble in that circumstance.
4:28 am
i mean, certainly, look, i don't think any teacher should be required to engage in self-defense. if a teacher wants a security officer or somebody else to do that, that's perfectly reasonable. >> right. >> but i know that, you know, every day in my classroom i'm building relationships with my students. i'm building up trust. i'm letting them know that i care about them. and so, you know, if -- getting the student out, that's everything. i think you have to love students to do this job. and -- >> real quick, i'm running out of time, but i want to bring up, you think it's important to bring up the role of the parents. in a perfect situation there are parents. at least one. when do you get them involved? >> well, parents should be -- parents should be involved from the beginning. i mean, parents want to know what their child is doing in class. the parents want to hear good things, especially. and the parents want to know before things get out of hand if
4:29 am
there's a problem. so absolutely there should be communication. i know my school and my school district is all over teachers about that. i mean, we have limited time to do that. but they want us to be in communication with parents. absolutely. >> wow. >> and when there are no parents, sometimes we become the parents and in the best schools that's what it is. not just the teacher, but the administrators. the kids feel like the adults really care about them. >> all right. "students first and other lives" larry strauss, as a teacher there in los angeles. thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> what do you think out there? do you think it's getting worse in the classroom? do you feel as though the parent should play role and what should the teachers be allowed to do to defuse a situation like that? coming up, i want you to weigh in on that. you know our twitter address.
4:30 am
you know it's in e-mail. coming up, a dramatic brawl involving a responding police officer. >> [ bleep ]. >> what started that fight? and who's now facing charges? that story next. college students support trump. yeah, you can do it at your own risk. some are getting attack just for writing this name in chalk. where's the tolerance on campus? larry winget is here. he has a leather jacket. he took it off. now he's in the greenroom. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
4:31 am
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oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. jofor their wedding one searching place oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] bernie sanders this morning joined the verizon worker picket line here in new york. it's a perfect match because bernie always talks like he's getting bad reception. can you hear me? hello, can you hear me?
4:34 am
>> that was -- >> it's rigged! >> seth meyer last night. playing outside right on our lineup before is larry winget. he's a best selling author and he watched our last interview as we talked about students and teachers and discipline in the classroom. larry, you think we're kind of off on our assessment. >> i do. i believe we do need to give teachers more power so there's a little mo litt little more intimidating in the classroom. it seems like the teacher is the one who gets in trouble. >> what's the principal? >> and where are the parents, backing up the teacher? if i was a kid and got in trouble, it was always my fault and my parents backed up the teacher. always. >> what do you make about these college campuses with the trump chalking at emory university, saying you can't chalk. can't write trump's name on the sidewalk. we talked about tulane
4:35 am
yesterday, with the k.a., they were putting up a sandbag wall with trump's name on it. and others tore down the wall. >> whether you like trump north, they need to get a grip. he's the front-runner for the republican nomination. we better talk about him without shying away from it. i think it's disgusting we can't disagree without being disrespectful. >> amen to that. there seems to be a trump derangment syndrome in this america. we had some package, webb went out, jesse watters has gone out. you're protesting trump. what it is about his policy you don't like? and in many cases -- i don't know exactly, but i don't like him. >> well, i think that's a shame too. it shows how ignorant we are when we complain. we don't know what we're talking about. again, parents should step in and teach their kids how to disagree without being disrespectful. disrespect and we ought to teach the candidates that for sure too.
4:36 am
how they can disagree with each other and not be quite so disrespectful. >> let's talk about hard work. we should encourage our kids to work hard. our parents did. those generations worked really hard. there's some ags, attorney generals, that represent six different states plus washington, d.c., that are saying you can't -- telling some retailers, some of the retailers, you can't call your workers and say we need you to come in this weekend. we need you to be on call. you might get a phone call to come in in three or four hours. >> we're on call all the time. >> some of the retailers are getting warnings are carter's, american eagle. >> payless, disney. coach. >> forever 21. >> what's your reaction to that? >> we ought to complain because we don't have a job and then we complain because it makes our lives inconvenience. sounds like a bunch of whiners.
4:37 am
and they ought to grow a pair. you ought to be thankful that you have a job. >> what about your quality of line? >> i don't care about your quality of life as an employer. you show up, i pay you. that's your business on your time. >> it goes to the whole suggestion that if i'm at home and i have my company phone and if i answer some e-mail i get some paid for my time at my house too. >> yeah. >> a lot of people are doing that. >> people forget their quality time, they get that quality time. they get that time to go have a beer with their friend, they have the money to buy that beer because of their jobs. >> i absolutely agree, where employers are taking a bad rap these days. >> i agree. >> they're at the mercy of the employee. doesn't make any sense to me. we have it backwards. >> my college roommates, i asked her dad, he worked for disney. how does he like working for disney? she said, he would never say a negative word about the employer, because they put food on the table. >> i -- it was a better deal
4:38 am
than we have these days. >> i miss the sears catalogs. >> should have an outhouse. >> living in kansas, we had an outhouse. we did have indoor plumbing. larry. thank you. >> good to see you. >> all right. >> heather, some headlines for us? >> i do. but something tells me that brian and you like the underwear in the catalog. >> underwear? >> underwear models. >> sporting goods. >> i'll take it from here, guys. we have a couple of headlines. a drunken self-proclaimed millionaire is booted off a plane after he yelled at passengers and bragged about his six houses. listen to this. >> i make $4 million a year. what do you do? >> that's david bracket.
4:39 am
he is a real estate mogul in california. the incident happened on a jetblue flight. he was escorted off the plane before it took off. he's since apologized saying he suffers from ptsd and just lost it when he says another passenger joked that a flight attendant who appeared to be of middle eastern descent was going to detonate a bomb. he admitted he's not a millionaire after all. a police officer trying to help out, but instead gets attacked. >> [ bleep ]. >> that nashville police officer matthew cammarn was responding to a domestic disturbance. brian shannon is now facing assault charges for attacking the officer. this is the second time that an officer has been attacked at this housing complex. and check out what happens
4:40 am
when grandma meets technology. kind of disturbing but you'll want to see it. >> i look so clear -- >> wow. the british granny can bearly contain herself as her granddaughter shows her how to use the new face swapping app. we wanted to get in on the action, take a look at this. this is steve and ainsley, oh, wow. swapping faces. steve, you look terrible. oh, goodness. and that's us. brian and that's me. and we swapped faces right there. what do you think? i think the regular ones look a whole lot better. wow. >> horrifying. >> it really is. isn't it? >> all right. thank you very much, heather. coming up, cops use breathalyzers to bust drunk drivers and now there's a textalyzer. if you have been using your iphone or texting behind the
4:41 am
wheel. how it works and will it invade your privacy? we called in my chauffeur, peter johnson jr. and the best video, meet the little boy and his mom behind that. he's a patriot in training. nexium 24hr is the #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. ♪
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4:45 am
we know we have all heard of the breathalyzer to combat drunk driving. now, new york lawmakers are proposing the use of a so-called textalyzer to determine whether or not you have been texting or distracted driving. but does the device cross the line when it comes to drivers' privacy rights? here to weigh in our mustang convertible is peter johnson. >> this is a big, big problem in the united states, especially for teenaged drivers. according to one survey at least a quarter of teen accidents occur because kids are texting and driving. >> sure. >> so what happens is, they have shown the minimum amount of time that your texting is about five seconds. >> right. >> we think it's well, just a second i'll text. >> yeah. >> nothing ahead. but if you're going 55 miles an how were, texting for five seconds you have gone the length of a football field without looking at the road. >> right. >> so in new york state, they're
4:46 am
sponsoring what's called evan law, in honor of evan lieberman, killed in 2011 allegedly killed because of a driver texting while driving. it was a personal injury or property damage accident, the police on the scene can take your phone -- >> take the phone? >> take the phone from you. take a device like this. this is an apple, a device made by an israeli company and they'll hook it up and determine whether or not you were texting at the time of the accident and arrest you or give you a summons or do whatever they think is necessary. >> that's in the case of an accident and somebody is hurt. >> personal injury. >> but if you're texting you're saying i'm not giving you the phone. >> under the licenaw proposed, license can be revoked for a year and finally privacy people
4:47 am
open up my phone you'll see all my stuff. >> yeah, there's a fourth amendment issue, my personal texts are there. my whole life are there, who are you to take it? new york state is saying and i think other states will follow, by agreeing to have a driver's license in that state, by agreeing to drive in that state, you imply consent to that seizure by the police. because there's a public policy. the public policy is to save lives. and that thousands of people die each year because of distractions. whether it's the radio. whether it's eating. whether it's coffee. certainly texting. >> here's the problem. when i'm driving, and i have my hands free device on, i will not look down, i'll just push the button on my phone and i'll say, siri, call peter johnson jr.
4:48 am
it will say i was texting but i was looking ahead. >> it was siri, but not me. it was kilmeade in the back seat. he was using the text. i wasn't doing it. and that needs to be thrashed out. the problem is, it takes many months to get phone records and very often police do not look at the phone records. and distracted driving is a dangerous activity. go to the aaa. see the videos that they have done of teens who are not paying attention on the road. it's terrifying. we have all seen it. we have seen it at high speed on the turnpike and freeways. >> absolutely. >> where people are driving a car like this and -- >> texting. >> texting. it's incredible. and it's deadly. >> it is. peter, way too many cat videos on it. i'm just saying. all right. coming up -- the best video you will see all day. a 2-year-old patriot running to
4:49 am
shake the hands of patriots out on the tarmac. meet the little boy and his mother coming up next. but first on this date in 1973 the doobie brothers were topping the charts with "what a fool believes." ♪ one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten.
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4:52 am
this could be the best story of the day. this 2-year-old child he's a patriot in training. his name is sawyer frederick. look at this. he's caught walking away from his parents on the tarmac to say hello to a line of military
4:53 am
servicemen and to shake each of their hands. so what inspired that patriotic act? well, sawyer and his mom joslin are joining us to talk about it. hi, sawyer. >> hi. we're waving to you too cutie. >> so joycelyn, i know you're proud of your son. how did this unfold, why were the servicemen on the tarmac anyway? >> we were traveling with the north carolina basketball game for the final four in houston. we had landed from a chartered flight, and the military was there waiting for us. there were flags. there were many troops. there were helicopters. and planes and fighter tanks and it was an amazing scene. >> so what did sawyer do? >> so sawyer watched the team and the adults and the other children, my two other children go up and shake hands with the
4:54 am
military personnel and he was waving to them at first. and then he decided to get in on the act. and went up and shook their hands and i grabbed my phone and i just took a video of it. >> so great. he's wobbling over to each of these men in their camouflage uniforms, holding american flags. people all over the country watching this youtube video. thousands have seen it. what's your reaction as the mother of this 2-year-old that's changing lives? >> it's pretty incredible. i took the video and really didn't do anything with it. my brother in law got ahold of it and i think he's the one who posted it. the fact that sawyer can make people as happy as he makes our family is amazing. >> what was his reaction, did he see the video? >> he did. he saw it when we were waiting to come on, that was the first time he had seen it. he was tapping at the tv and had a huge smile on his face when he
4:55 am
met the troops. >> how did your other kids react? >> i think they were a little jealous. i think they understand what's going on a little bit better and they hoped to be on tv as well but they're at school. >> what about the reaction of the service members who he shakes hair hands? >> everybody smiles but you can tell they were touched, just like we were. just to be appreciated. >> as a mom, what do we all need to do to make sure our kids act like this when they see men and women in uniform? >> i think you just have to treat people with respect and acknowledge people who are doing their best for you. and my husband and i try to do that. and our children try to do the same. >> well, where did sawyer go? >> he's exploring all of the goodies that are over here. yes. see if i can get him back up one more time. >> he's so cute. sawyer, we thank you for what you did. it's so amazing a 2-year-old -- we watched this 2-year-old and
4:56 am
we were all inspired because of what me did. the message is you're never too young to thank men and women in uniform. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being such a great mom and for inspiring us this morning. >> thank you for your kind words. coming up, hillary clinton doing everything she can to get the black vote. >> sometimes's wrong when black kids get arrested for petty crimes but white kids who do the same things don't. >> is she right? ed henry has been on the road with her and he's live here with steve. when you wanna put allergies
4:57 am
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some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. good thursday morning to you. it's april 14th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, a fox news alert. an officer totally ambushed,
5:00 am
shot in the back six times and now the manhunt is on for that suspect. oh, boy. meanwhile, donald trump's campaign manager not facing cted him, saying the media he was wrong and should be fired, should they say they're sorry? we'll report and you will decide. >> it's hard to say i'm sorry. all right, hillary clinton playing the race card. >> something's wrong when black kids get arrested for petty crimes but white kids who do the same thing don't. >> so is she right and will the messaging work? let me remind you in case someone asks you later, your mornings are better with "friends." you tell them. ♪ ♪ this land is my land from california ♪ >> to our live plaza.
5:01 am
hey, today we'll be cooking with the boy scouts. the importance and the ease of cooking with tinfoil. see, they're putting stuff in the middle of tinfoil. what they'll do is create an envelope and put it over the fire. and it's done in no time and it's so delicious and easy. >> let's be honest. you walk in the house, the oven is broken and the refrigerator is out, we have to eat outdoors, how do you do it? we'll show you. >> i have to show you this. or call up an eagle or a boy scout, and have them come to your house. >> did some cooking with foil, i did some stuff. but when i was a boy scout, our scout master was telling me about you realize you can cook with your car. >> really? >> i thought he was kidding. >> dates back to the pilgrims. >> did they have cars back in -- >> absolutely. >> what did he say? >> there are recipes you can cook on your radiator. >> really? >> i wrapped up some salmon and some potatoes and i put it on the top of the radiator,
5:02 am
driving, 20 or 30 miles and it was done when i got there. >> you left it in there when -- >> yeah, i didn't think it would work, but it did work. >> we should do that on the plaza. >> drive it around the block a couple of times. >> that's like you crack an egg on the hot sidewalk and it apparently fries it. >> that's our new excuse for not making dinner, right? i don't have a car. >> there you go. >> hey, honey, pop the hood and see if the dinner is ready. [ laughter ] >> i can't believe you did that, steve. >> it's good. radiator recipes, they're out there. >> well, good morning. >> tastes like corvette. [ laughter ] >> tastes like motor grease. good morning. serious story to start off with, a fox news alert. we are learning the identity of the houston, texas, police officer who was ambushed an shot six times overnight. the deputy is expected to recover thanks to the bulletproof vest.
5:03 am
he was standing outside his police car in the parking lot of a convenience store when a man walked up behind him and opened fire. it appears that that attack was random. the shooter is still on the loose. a manhunt taking place in houston at this hour. well, he was charged in the brussels and the paris terrorist attacks and now abrini is telling a judge he wouldn't hurt a fly. that's what he just told that judge who is now deciding whether or not to keep him in jail. abrini also said he's not radicalized and he claims he's never been to syria. well, this after admitting last week to being the man seen in the surveillance pictures just moments before the airport blast. and you may recall he ditched his bomb. south carolina is following north carolina's footsteps with the so-called bathroom bill of its own. the law requires people only use the bathrooms that match their
5:04 am
biological gender. others say it discriminations against the lgbt community. ringo starr cancelled a concert. and cyndi lauper said she's building up public support to repeal that bill. a historic night for the defending nba champions. check this out. >> it's official, number 73, the greatest regular season in history belongs to the golden state warriors. >> steph curry leading the warriors in a blowout win. besting the 1996 chicago bulls record for most wins in a season. that was an awesome season. "washington post" reporter jason rezaian who was held captive in iran was there to see it. he tweeted this. quote, watching history from near the court in oakland is more enjoyable than being news in the court in iran.
5:05 am
well, he was one of the prisoners freed after more than a year and a half of captivity. glad he's out there enjoying life. great to see. i'm glad he's back home as well. >> yeah, indeed. hey, look who's here. ed henry dropped by. >> out of jail. >> out of jail? >> yeah. we brought you to new york for two weeks. >> that's very nice of you. >> tuesday -- >> work release right here. >> we're five days from the new york primary. what happened yesterday? >> there was a huge rally in washington square park for bernie sanders. interesting, its shows the enthusiasm he has going into this big primary next tuesday. they have their final debate tonight in brooklyn. we can talk about that. and siena college has a new poll suggesting hillary clinton's lead is down to ten points. >> if she loses in new york -- >> well, that would be a big problem. one would assume she going to close here and in part she's going to do that by rallying the
5:06 am
african-american voters, that's why she was with al sharpton yesterday. frankly, that's how she swept the deep south, with african-american votes. and sanders has not competed hard enough for the african-american vote. that's big difference. >> let's play some sound from the rally yesterday where you were and get your reaction. hillary clinton. >> there's something wrong, my friends, when the median wealth for black families is a tiny fraction of the median wealth for white families. when african-americans are still more likely to be denied a mortgage. something's wrong when black kids get arrested for petty crimes but white kids who do the same thing don't. >> what's the dynamic behind that kind of statement? >> well, the dynamic is al sharpton has not endorsed in this race yet. maybe he will. bernie sanders by the way will be speaking to the national action network here in midtown manhattan today before tonight's debate in brooklyn. and as i say, hillary clinton
5:07 am
has a huge edge with african-american voters. of course it matters that unemployment for example impacts african-americans more. talking about those issues are of course important. but there's a fine line there between highlighting important issues and pandering to exploit an edge you have over bernie sanders. that's the line that people will look at. >> people accuse her of pandering to the crowd. >> you heard her voice sound different. >> speaking to the black group she said black kids get arrested for petty crimes and white kids don't. she spoke to goldman sachs she's not releasing the transcript. she's pandering to the crowd she's talking to? >> criminal justice reform is clearly important. there's a line there again. should african-american kids be targeted when they haven't done anything? absolutely not. of course not. but should you be out there saying that all cops are bad? of course not. you know, you have to approach these issues in a way that's sensible. hillary clinton is walking that fine line because what she doesn't mention in the speeches is that she's supported that
5:08 am
1994 crime bill that her husband signed into law that african-americans are very upset about. >> when it comes to the general, there's a huge divide there. there's republicans who are pro law enforcement. i have been listening to your coverage and a lot of it is the unjust legal system and the inequitable way that people get arrested. that's not just in new york, but throughout the country. >> no doubt about it. look at the confrontation that bill clinton had last week with black lives matter. what you did was a big mistake, and he was fired up. and to his credit, the former president was defending it. it wasn't a perfect law obviously, but did it bring down the crime rate and help others? sure. this is something that hillary clinton -- she's not willing to say what her husband said. >> well, that's why -- >> because she's running in a democratic primary to -- >> because she's running in a democratic primary, that cease why and bernie were walking with the fios guys. >> with the striking workers.
5:09 am
by the way, bernie sanders did it first and then hillary clinton put out a written statement and then she saw him walking out there. >> good thing she had the metro card. >> she was delayed at the turn stile. on the republican side, big news on march 8th. that was down at trump national jupiter after a -- after the trump victory rally for whatever primary was that day, something happened between michelle fields a reporter and corey lewandowski. and this now almost -- >> the video. >> right there up with the zapruder film the number of people who have looked at it. did he do something? ultimate ultimately yesterday, the palm beach state attorney said he won't charge him with misdemeanor battery. this is a big deal for them. >> you remember the headlines and the hours and hours of cable news coverage about corey lewandowski, you know, he's been arrested or wasn't arrested. >> roughed up a woman. >> you know, and so, look, this
5:10 am
has been part of the deal for donald trump. remember the context when that happened. the charges, which was at that point, the rallies were getting quite violent. and there was a lot of unrest and protests. that has not gotten perfect, but it's calmed down a little bit. maybe donald trump got the message a little bit, look, he's got to get his supporters calmed down a bit and people from the left were trying to incite things and agitate. the most important thing, big picture, everybody on all sides calmed down here. it's gotten ugly. >> your opinion from what you know of this staff, did they ever think they'd still be in a primary? >> no. >> they thought they'd be focussed on trump or ted cruz -- >> it was the one-year anniversary of hillary clinton saying i'm going to run a second time for president and they thought they'd be done with bernie sanders by now and they're not. i think tonight's debate is the
5:11 am
turning point because if bernie sanders can shake up the race tonight in brooklyn, obviously, then all of a sudden, hillary clinton if she were to lose new york, her home state as you said a couple of moments ago, adopted home state, that changes everything. mathematically she can clean up with a lot of delegates and he still has to run california, run the table. a whole bunch of other things has to happen and it will be hard for bernie sanders to win. tonight can change it. remember the first debate when he took the e-mail off the table. people are thinking he made a big mistake. >> look up at the daily news editorial, a lot to go on. >> when you see ed henry on tv, he's been living out of a suitcase for the last year. >> away from your family, you're a trouper. >> thank you, appreciate it. the video is outrageous, the war jet is coming within 30 feet of our show. >> below the bridge wing. below the bridge wing. >> some think we should have shot it out of the sky. really?
5:12 am
is that the right thing to do? that story next. remember when the government used our tax dollars to research shrimp on treadmills? you know what, they're still blowing dough. bernie sanders joined the verizon worker picket line here in new york. it's a perfect match because bernie always talks like he's getting bad reception. can you hear me? hello, can you hear me? go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life
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5:16 am
fox news alert. take a look at some of the -- some of the images we have for you. two russian jet planes coming within 30 feet of a u.s. navy ship. >> below the bridge wing. below the bridge wing. >> the fighter jets mocking an attack on the u.s. destroyer. one defense official called it the most aggressive act since the cold war. here to discuss it is dr. sebastian gorka, and the author of this book. so we have to talk about russian's approach. why are they doing this to us? >> because they're probing. remember vladimir putin was a colonel in the kgb.
5:17 am
he's probing and prodding our chest and when he sees us doing nothing he fills that vacuum. this is why he invaded cry mere ya. classic cold war tactics. >> how did we respond and how should we have responded? >> we didn't respond. we watched. >> we released a tape. >> how should we have responded? >> at least put aircraft up in the air to make it difficult for him to do this again and to send a message. you're in the envelope of a uss destroyer. you don't do this. >> are they laughing at us? >> they will be playing this for years. paper tiger. >> isn't this symbolic that putin thinks our president is weak? >> yeah, he sees there's an opportunity here. this is man who says i'm not going to fix things in the middle east. i'm not going to react and protect our potential allies in europe. so i'm going to keep on pushing and pushing and pushing. >> but at the same time, you
5:18 am
can't shoot those things out of the sky. >> no, but there's a huge range between shooting and doing nothing. that's the problem. we did nothing. >> this is a pattern. the "uss donald cook," was conducting flight operations when two attack aircraft appropriated from a safe distance. today, the baltic members have called on additional protection from nato nations because they believe the russians are rattling their cages and the poles are asking for more protection. >> russia has been doing this for years. they have been doing this off the california coast with the long range bombers. remember the baltic states members of nato now they were taken over by the soviet union. they were forced to be part of the ussr. >> would this happen under a different administration? >> yeah, if we had somebody who
5:19 am
was really interested in national security and treated our allies as real friends, this would not happen. >> all right, dr. gorka, thank you. coming up on a thursday, take a look at this surveillance video. what's that guy on the left up to? what's he holding in his hand? you have to see what happens next and it's not good. >> and you saw him on stage last night, but what happened behind the scenes with donald trump? some of the delegates here are elected on the ballot and that could pose a challenge for you. how are you handling that? >> teaming up with heather nauert. she's here to talk about it, next. (war drums beating)
5:20 am
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5:23 am
some headlines now for you. new developments in the affluenza teen case. we are just learning ethan couch's sentence could be reduced on appeal. a judge sentenced him to nearly two years behind bar for violating probation. he killed four people in a drunk driving crash but avoided jail time because the judge was said he was too rich and pampered to know right and wrong. a boy asked the court to forgive his father for kidnapping him 14 years ago. >> growing up without a mother was painful at times but taking my father away now is just increasing the pain from that. >> despite that testimony, bobby hernandez will spend the next four years in prison. his son thought his mom abandoned him, but she has been
5:24 am
searching for him this entire time. his dad kidnapped him because he was angry that his mom broke up with him. all right. donald trump packing his -- packing the house at town halls in pittsburgh last night. it was hosted by sean hannity, but before sit down with sean, the donald met with our own heather nauert backstage. >> and heather nauert is here on the curvy couch to tell us about her really late night in pittsburgh. >> it was fantastic. we spent about five minutes together off camera, just off to the side, having a conversation about the campaign, about his meeting with megyn kelly yesterday. >> talk about that too. >> then we talked on camera, just before he took the stage. this is actually his first rally in pennsylvania so we decided to look past the new york primary next week and trump gave us -- what will be his key to victory in the keystone state. take a look. >> you've got a big election coming up in the state of pennsylvania. what do you need to do to win?
5:25 am
>> well, we're way up in the polls, we're looking forward to it. i love pennsylvania. it's been a great place for me. i went to school in pennsylvania. and the wharton school is in pennsylvania, at penn. i think we'll do well. look at the crowds. >> some of the delegates here are elected on the ballot and that could pose a challenge for you. how are you handling that? >> again, it's one of these crazy deals. i mean, if i win the state that doesn't mean you win the ballots. it's really unfair. we have to give it back to the voters. it's crazy what's going on up we'll do very well, but i think it's very unfair. listen to that crowd. and then somebody else is supposed to win, but, you know, we're very heavily favored to win. the polls are all saying it. but really, you should give it back to the voters. it's very unfair. >> in the state of colorado for example the rules were clearly established ahead of time. when people say the rules are the rules, how do you respond? >> i said they changed the rules. after i got in, they changed the rules. i joined they changed the rules
5:26 am
and taken it away from the voters. >> do you think they did that because of you? >> i think so. they saw i do very well in colorado. so i think so. look, it's a crooked system. but what are you going to do? in the meantime i'm winning. >> your former competitor jim gilmore the former head of the rnc said you're at war with the gop. are you? >> i'm not at war, but i want to make it really a process where votes count. right now in colorado, they took the voters away. and there -- you know, there are riots going on out there. and you look at what's happening in pennsylvania where they're taking the voters out of it. it's very unfair. i rely on the voters. i don't rely on politicians. i'm self-funding my campaign. people don't like that because that means they have no control. but i'm putting up my own money, heather. we'll see what happens. we'll do great in pennsylvania. but they should give the voter real credit, not just partial credit. >> there are some supporters in colorado who are very angry with how things went down there. some people threatening violence. what do you want to say about them is about that? >> they're having big problems
5:27 am
in colorado. they saw i joined the race and after i joined the race, oh, let's change it. they did the same thing in florida. they wanted to give it to jeb bush. they said winner take all and i won. they were shocked. >> okay. so you talked about that and then you also talked to him about megyn kelly. >> yes. >> they got together yesterday apparently according to the "new york post" today, they had a little summit over at trump tower. you talked to him about that, but first, let's hear what she said last night about the meeting with trump last night on megyn's program. >> yours truly took a trip over to trump tower on fifth avenue in new york city. there i had a meeting with donald trump. the meeting was at my request. and mr. trump was gracious enough to agree to it. we met for about an hour, just the two of us. and had a chance to clear the air. mr. trump and i discussed the possibility of an interview. and i hope we will have news to announce on that soon.
5:28 am
by the way, in case you're wondering, yes, the doormen appeared a bit stunned when i walked in. and they too were incredibly gracious. stay tuned. >> all right, so heather, you asked about him. >> we had heard about this meeting just minutes before i was able to speak with him. i asked him, you know, what happened, how did it go? because we were all so surprised to hear this meeting had happened. he was lovely about it. i mean, its seemed like he had no animosity toward megyn whatsoever. he really welcomed that conversation just based on my take and discussing that with him. so when i asked him about it on camera, a little bit later, here's what he said. >> you met with megyn kelly today from fox news. what did you guys agree upon? >> well, megyn called, she wanted to come up. she came up to trump tower and we talked about things. i think we had a very good conversation. >> what are we going to see from that? >> time will tell. we'll see what happens. but we had a nice conversation. >> she said stay tuned. he said time will tell.
5:29 am
>> yes, exactly. exactly. he needs some help with women, so talking with megyn might help with that as well. >> great job in pittsburgh. >> thank you. great night. coming up on a thursday, is the white house going back on its promise to outfit our military with american made uniforms like new balance footwear? hear the ceo blast the president for breaking his word and maybe the law, coming up. >> brian talked to the ceo. great interview. and then last night -- the last time he was here, this is what happened. actually, this is one of the osmonds. >> donnie osmond. >> they got into a brawl. >> see how it goes with marie. she's joining us next. here she is. >> she has never seen that.
5:30 am
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♪ oh! stop, stop! >> oh! >> yeah, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> hold still. >> you messed up his shirt, brian. >> hey, look, it's donnie osmond. >> how are you? >> what an entrance! >> what an entrance. and during -- while we were watching that clip, while we were having fun with donny osmond, his sister marie was saying? >> i said some child stars never grow up. [ laughter ] >> roll around on the floor with brian now? >> really?
5:34 am
>> and jimmy osmond neveacted like donnie, but here is the story. steve, evidently you got punched in the greenroom by donnie and you were mocking him. >> no, you did. >> get the story straight. >> gavin said you've got to punch. >> whatever happened there, there were fisticuffs later and brian rolled around on the floor with donny osmond. >> got the stuffing knocked out of him. >> it's all right, brian. >> the crew didn't help me at all. donny osmond is beating me up on the floor -- >> funny he gs after steve and then you didn't waste any time. you went around this way and -- >> my bodyguard. >> where was the stuffed dog? >> we have to keep it behind the couch in case of emergency. >> like a cougar. >> well, listen, she didn't come here to talk about her darn brother. she came here to talk about all sorts of stuff. let's talk about music. you're a little bit country, we're a little bit cable. >> you're funny. i have a new cd coming out april
5:35 am
15th. tax day. >> wow. >> it's called "music is medicine." and it's -- it's a labor of love. i swear. it feels like i gave birth to quadruplets on this one. a lot of people said don't record, music is for 30-year-olds but i thought the crazy things aligned. here's the project. but it's so much fun, you guys. hey, if tina turner can do it and bonnie raitt at their age, why not me? i put my energy into music, not beating people up. >> what about the collaborations? >> who is singing on this one? >> that's me. >> this is you. >> go to vevo and down load -- two videos right now. this is geared towards children's hospital. i'm one of the founders of children's miracle network. >> you have raised billions.
5:36 am
>> over $5 billion. we help 11 million kids every year. 62 children enter the children's hospitals. 100% of it for the kids. >> great. >> the kids are part of the video. >> music does heal, i swear to you. i never got into the drug scene growing up. i never did alcohol. i lost too many friends, i saw how it ruined their lives but music was always something that i went to. if you come to vegas, we -- >> you and donnie are working all the time. >> i work but he just plays. [ laughter ] but our show -- we were supposed to be there six weeks it's no >> wow. >> and in this show, i sing everything from opera, to a little bit of country. we do "music is medicine" on the show. >> our voices have gotten worse as we've gotten older, but some have gotten better. how does your feel? >> that's how the album started.
5:37 am
one of the great producers came to the show. he said your voice said it's like on trend with what's happening on radio. he said you need to sing. i'm like, wow, that's crazy. so i think you have to stay vocally -- i mean, you know, i did broadway. i mean, i sing -- >> you've done it all. >> you have a new album "music is medicine." >> yeah, you would like it. >> i think we'd all like it. >> i think after being beaten up, he can use some music. >> olivia newton-john is on this. john rich. >> congratulations. >> it's fun. >> we're so proud of your career. >> marty roe from diamond rio. and alex -- check out on vevo, the one with alex. >> doesn't bother you when ainsley touches your back. >> i've got her back. >> marie osmond. >> is she not beautiful? so sweet. >> yes. >> let's hand it over to the real beauty. >> tell donnie we said hi. >> i won't. >> first kevin costner --
5:38 am
>> i know. >> heather, just do the news. >> everyone loves ainsley. including me. good morning to you. a tough story out of texas, i believe. the video is simply sickening. there's a police officer who was trying to save a woman from being attacked and then he is attacked himself. take a look at this. >> [ bleep ]. >> that actually taking place in nashville. the officer matthew cammarn was responding to a domestic dispute and even after being kicked and punched he managed to get up and run after that suspect. 22-year-old brian shannon seen on the right is now facing multiple charges. this is the second time that a police officer has been attacked at that housing complex. a smartphone stickup. a thief using facetime to show
5:39 am
the rest of his crew what to steal. wow, look at that. new balance the tennis shoe company accusing the white house of breaking the rules. the federal trade agency reportedly pulling the plug on a deal to give the sneaker company a fair shot in the military business. but it came with one condition -- stop bad-mouthing the controversial trade agreement tpp, which new balance says jeopardizes jobs in america. >> reverses 70 years of trade -- u.s. trade policy in the shoe business. we also know as the only guy that still makes athletic shoes in the u.s. that we were probably not going to win this. so we said we'd remain silent if they would help us compete for the footwear product. >> in the meantime the agency says it makes securement decisions following its own process and quality and affordability requirements. and congress pigging out on your tax dollars. the pork spending government waste book just released,
5:40 am
showing how $5.1 billion of overspending was managed. according to the report by citizens against government waste, $40 million was spend on upgrading the m 1 abrams tank even though the pentagon has already had 2,000 tanks sitting around unused in the desert. $255 million for two f-35 fighter jets. that program, four years behind schedule. $170 billion over budget, despite some of the jets being deemed unfit to fly. those are your headlines. a lot going on today. see you back here soon. >> thanks. still ahead on a thursday, donald trump has been saying the system is rigged. even going after the rnc and its boss. what do you think of that? we'll put that message to the dial test coming up.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at while the race on both sides is heating up the campaign rhetoric is cooling down, what did voters think of the biggest moments on the campaign trail? from maslansky & partners, lee carter put them to the dial test. >> hey. >> we want to watch donald trump talking about the system being rigged. let's watch it and get your reaction. >> you know, i won as an example south carolina. i won it by a landslide. like a massive landslide. and now they're trying to pick off those delegates one by one. there's not the way democracy is supposed to work.
5:45 am
and you know, they offer them trips, offer them all sorts of things. you're allowed to do that i mean, you're allowed to offer trips. you can buy all these votes. what kind of a system is this? >> all right. what's your reaction? >> this is fascinating. you see the independents at the top of the screen -- >> the yellow line. >> they gave it an "a." and republicans are split between cruz and trump. democrats overwhelmingly at the bottom, an "f." not surprising at all. independents responded so well to the anti-establishment message. republicans not riding as much with independents as they have been all election. they're clearly split right now on trump. >> now let's play a sound bite from ted cruz talking about how donald trump in his opinion is a whiner. listen. >> he yells and screams and stamps his foot. he curses and yells and insults anyone nearby. look, as we know in the state of
5:46 am
california, wine is something best served with cheese. >> wow. >> overall, you saw the independents crush. i gave it overall a "d." it did better with republicans, so i gave it a "c" there. i think it's shocking to see how cruz is not resonating with independents. i think that's important for folks to factor into their decision what does this mean as he goes into the general election. he did worse with independents that even democrats and that is something that we really have to think about as a candidate is going up against whether it's hillary or bernie. because we need those independent voters if you're republican. >> curious to find out what people think of president obama's interview with chris wallace when he was talking about the e-mail scandal and -- hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. take a look at this. >> just to button this up -- >> i guarantee it -- i guarantee there's no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi. not just in this case, but any
5:47 am
case. >> she will be treated no differently -- >> guaranteed, full stop, nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the justice department. because nobody is above the law. >> i thought this was fascinating. democrats a-plus. exactly what they wanted to hear. independents and republicans couldn't dial this any lower. they gave it an "f." what was fascinating what they told us is they said, you know, it's exactly what i wanted to hear, but i'm just not buying it based on everything i'm hearing right now. so, you know, it was a strong message, it was a decisive message. but people don't buying it based on the actions they're seeing right now. >> fascinating, lee carter, thank you for being with us. good to see you. >> good to see you. coming up -- brian may know a lot about politics but his cooking skills, they need some help, apparently. so he's getting a cooking lesson from a bunch of boy scouts. but first, let's check in with bill for what's coming up on his show. >> make sure brian doesn't attack us with a stuffed animal. >> go outside so he doesn't catch the building on fire. >> thank you. breaking news on the cop
5:48 am
ambushed, shot six times from behind. what was the motive here? russia gets aggressive, putin is talking. what is his intent this time. the president declaring momentum against isis. we'll look at the claim. and what you need to know about the election, when martha and i see you in 12 minutes, top of the hour. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like... ...that, you have to rinse it first that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade.
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5:50 am
5:51 am
all right. it's the start of the outdoor cooking season and who better to learn from than the boy scouts of america? and i have the director of the camping for the greater new york council, tom petalton is here. there's tom. and joining us also with some scouts to help us out are -- raise your hand.
5:52 am
taten. dominic. tyler. henry. all here. we'll do some foil cooking. ready, tom? >> absolutely. >> all right. >> ready to go. >> all contained this in this book. that do question need? >> we need some aluminum foil. here we're making a hamburger stew. we have the hamburger, some potato, carrots, peas, onions, salt and pepper. so these guys are going to put this stuff together in the pack. >> you're in second grade, right? >> yes. >> what are you doing? >> i'm making the hamburger stew. >> hamburger stew. get some chopped meat, squish it down and get some potatoes. what else? >> peas and carrots, salt and pepper. >> all right. taten, why are you a cub scout? why is it so special to you? >> because it's a really great experience to go and do stuff like this. >> on television, too. also learn how do it in your back yard, right? >> yeah. >> all right. that's cool. that sounds like fun.
5:53 am
all right, so what are we making over here? pretty much the same thing. >> pretty much the same thing. >> if you lose electricity, if you're out in the woods, you have to act. >> right. >> this is really easy to make. all you have to do once you prepare everything, put it on a fire. then give it 15, 20 minutes and it's ready to go. >> all right, you guys ready to go? >> yeah. >> let's start wrapping it up. tom, as we do this, i notice a lot of cub scouts, boy scouts, eagle scouts, they tend to get in the military a lot. >> there are several scouts. we have scouts in all walks of life. part of what we do in scouting is teach that character citizenship and fitness and the values of the boy scouts. a lot of those things line up with military and with other great organizations. and other -- you know, other guys throughout the country. >> right. you have fitness, got cooking, got resourcefulness. you have some camaraderie. head over to the grill. normally, you can handle this in the middle of the woods, you want need a grill. >> no, we don't need a grill. >> this could be done over the fire. >> taten, did you put yours on?
5:54 am
which one is yours? >> that one. >> is this a waiting game? >> yeah, we have one to go already. >> well, you cheated? >> we made one earlier. >> let's open it up and reveal what it looks like. all right. going to this table. >> all right. >> there you go. >> open it up. >> so this is one of the -- this is one you made earlier. >> look at that. >> these guys put it together earlier. all of this stuff you can find in the 13th edition of the boy scout handbook and also, handbook hacks. go tour web page, handbookhacks. the best thing about scouts is the family aspect of it. it gives parents an opportunity to learn about values and learn character and citizenship and fitness. gives the family an opportunity to go together. >> who wants to try it? >> me. >> all right. you don't need utensils, you're in the woods. >> just dig in. >> potato.
5:55 am
>> grab a piece. >> everybody's got to get some. >> any good? >> oh, yeah. >> really good? all right. so they also know as good scouts, don't talk with your mouth full. hey, guys, thanks so much. get the boy scout handbook. if you can't go every week, the camping is a great experience. wave to everybody at home. ainsley, tell us what's up next. >> thanks, brian. coming up, the story that you have been commenting on the most this morning. violence in schools across our country and unfortunately it's getting worse. so who is to blame for this? the kids? the parents or the teachers? we'll read your comments next. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed
5:56 am
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5:58 am
before it's history, it's news.
5:59 am
♪ >> here's what you're talking about today. a disturbing video showing a texas teacher allegedly slapping a student that's gone way viral. >> because you're stopping him from graduating, you idiot! >> wow. 63-year-old mary hastings was arrested and suspended from teaching after that incident. it's the latest in the series of violent confrontations between students and teachers. >> you know, veteran high school teacher larry strauss joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to talk about the disturbing trend. listen. >> must remain strong, but you don't want to escalate. you don't want to get angry at the student. it's not up to you to be angry at the student. it's up to you to help that student. when students act out, there's
6:00 am
often a reason. maybe it shouldn't be the tea teacher's problem but in that moment it is. >> no kidding it is. >> need backup from the principal, dean. how ever the school system works so the teachers feel empowered to do what they need to do. >> the parents too. >> on the "after the show show" we'll read some e-mails. bill: a police officer fighting for his life after being ambushed on the job. he was shot six times after helping with a traffic stop. martha: police say a man approached him from behind and shot him. police are questioning a person of interest they say showed up after the shooting. reporter: the


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