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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we will see you back in here in an hour. outnumbered starts now. >> this is outnumbered, on harris water. here today is sandra smith. political and legal analyst and fox news contributor, ebony williams and today's hashtag, one lucky guy, former cia covert operations officer mike baker outnumbered. mike is coming out on outnumbered. thanks for dropping by. no, i couldn't be happier to b here. i love this show, i've said that before. the energy is fantastic, it's always a great discussion, nice to have a broad range of topics . sandra: now it's turning into a promo.
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can we get that in writing? and you bring us such a different perspective so it's good to have you. speak the eight here we go. donald trump's team is in washington meeting with hungriest earlier this morning as he looks to build more relationships inside the city and broaden his appeal. we are some lawmakers with north or there and house members who were on the fence also invited this outreach comes as the trump team is taking steps to bulk up the campaign after a rough few weeks and as a new subic cbs poll shows trump swedish raking by seven points since march. nationwide, that is. yesterday team trump announced the hiring of top republican operative rick wiley as national political director. two weeks ago they hired a delegate specialist to help navigate complicated nomination process so some changes behind
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the scenes. what do you think that does for what we actually see? >> i don't think it's going to change fundamentally the way trump is. i don't think he's capable of doing that. i think it's smart regardless of who we are talking about as a candidate, it's smart to bring in people who i think some of trump supporters are going to view as establishment types but you have to have thosepeople there to navigate the process. while some of his diehard supporters i think would love to think he can blow up the system and run and complete a completely different way of becoming president, it's not the way the real world works so we need people like this i think to help him if he's going to get where he wants to go . harris: you are the person on the couch so i'm curious. sandra: for many reasons. [laughter] harris: some of the big donors are said to be sitting out this political season. do you think moves like this will get people warm and fuzzy about getting money and you think donald trump in the general might take some of that cash. sandra: i think people see him
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changing up his campaign strategy, bringing new to leadership on board and it's bringing about the question and you alluded to this, does this change the campaign and is donald trump, going back to the money point here, a guy who is used to running a company making the decisions, telling other people what to do, how is he going to receive the advice and recommendation of these republicans he is bringing on board? will he be receptive to that? i haven't heard a lot of people forecasting his ability to take in that advice from those he is hiring on board but he's got to be willing to do that. harris: the dynamic of family came into play for all these candidates heavily on the gop side this week as many interviews have involved their families and one of the things we saw was children talking about his listening skills and his ability to be that person who has some range. what are your thoughts about that? sandra: he should listen to the people he's brought on and i do think his supporters will forgive him. they've forgiven him for a lot bigger things than bringing on
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establishment consultants but looking at some of the names on this list harris, these people are impressive and he knows he needs them. no man is an island when you're trying to win the presidency. you're going to need help. one of the names on the list is don mcgann, one of the smartest lead eagle mines in washington dc.he needs these people in place at this point. he can't do everything himself but i would also encourage him to bring on foreign policy advisers and national defense advisors and some other folks to advise him and he really does have to start listening on that front. harris: he said months ago he
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was going to do that on on the air you said when is that going to help? i want to lean a little bit on your legal background because i know when you are putting a legal team together, somebody takes the first step. i don't know how you make that decision. today on the hill we know representatives duncan hunter out of california and chris collins out of new york would be part of this special session with donald trump. now we know these meetings will take please place weekly and those two men are meeting. what tipped off that decision? sandra: i appreciate you framing it in that context. it's kind of like who is going to make the opening statement? introduce, the introduction is so important. that tells me donald trump and his team of intimate visors have decided those two individuals are best suited to present the argument of trump as a national successful candidate so i think that tells us a lot. to your point about family, we see many interviews of donald trump's reliance on his daughter and he really listens to her and really defers sometimes to her leadership so i think there is some opportunity as this thing gets more and more in the general point to rely on that and also i think that helps them with his issue with some women. harris: we went from legal and now i want to go back to military. how does that fit?when you put together a team for military, you've got altitude out there. you heard sandra talking about who's out there, barry bennett of the team and all metaphors who's doing the delegate lead
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and you've got strong voices out there. what does that tell you about where trump is going and what does that tell you about maybe ted cruz because it's going to be hard for him to say you don't have a ground game now. >> i think he's learning something from cruz's campaign and the organization that cruz has built up. i don't know anything about trump's management style so i don't know whether he's going to listen to these people or not. i suspect he's going to get the nomination, he will get that. i don't see and this is where i kind of see the wheels coming off the bus. i don't see how either trump or cruz win the general election. when you look at the numbers, when you do the math, when you stare at the map of this country and you think about the numbers you need, the inclusivity that you need to actually win the general. my problem with the dogs in the hunt right now, again, i don't see how they do it. my concern is you've got to be in the white house.
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harris: look at the state of new york which possibly could be more in play for the first time in many years for republicans off against hillary clinton. sandra: harris, it is an excellent point. donald trump with states like new york and pennsylvania, states that democrats used to think they had a monopoly on, maybe california. i think he puts them in play and i think at that point it cannot be ignored and at this point i think he's about to have acouple good weeks , donald trump after his campaign manager not being charged, after these poll numbers come out. he's leading in new york. [overlapping conversation] in defense of his campaign, it's true. i know all the legal experts tried to indict someone and we will ask ebony about this but that was absurd. >> i'm just saying it's funny we highlight that is a good point for him. sandra: it's a point because we invited that campaign manager inhe media and on twitter and it turns out weather was wrong.
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can you believe that? harris: donald trump sat down with the town hall with sean hannity and they talked about a host of issues including how he has hit his opponents hard in what has been a tough primary battle but trumps saying he will bring the party together. >> i think we're going to have a great united party and i've been a uniter. we have a president right now is a great divider.he's one of the great dividers of all time but believe it or not, i'm a uniter. we started off with 17 people. the media had 16 people hitting me from every angle that you ever ever seen and we get back obviously harder and better and they're all gone. most of them are gone. sandra: from potential rival hillary clinton, she came up to you. >> have you thought of a nickname for her? >> i will release it on one of your next shows. >> i think they want to hear it now. [applause] >> we have some good ones. >> what you do have a name
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picked out for hillary. >> i'd like to use lying but we already use that for ted. no, i actually think i have a good name. i've come up with some good names during this campaign and we have a good one i think but we will try that here first in about a month, is that okay? sandra: it doesn't work for everybody. some people get burned, look at what happened with senator marco rubio when he tries to get down that road of making it more personal but donald trump is about to have the proof in the pudding. does he have the kind of range to bring it back and be president? harris: i left with that image of him sitting in his office late at night like, what are we going to call her? potential names, do you think he's got to be careful with the nicknames. sandra: he's got to be very careful and i think part of his strategy is not going after hillary until he's in that general election matchup which has probably been one of his smarter moves.
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i leave that up to you to decide but definitely a lot of people wondering, when is this arsenal of attacks he's been touting that he has, when is he going to unleash that because hillary clinton has not waited. she has targeted i'd say a majority of her attacks on donald trump rather than her direct opponent bernie sanders. harris: does that go to your point about unifying the party? there are doubts that if his trump or cruz, either one's camps are going to be able to come together as one big happy family. >> i find it a surreal concept that either trump or cruz would tell themselves as a unifier that's going to bring this party together and then create momentum to gather up the numbers you need on the independent side and elsewhere. i look at this, what time are we going to start talking about policies and actually having discussions with these candidates about what they would do? i spent all my time overseas and it is a mess out there. it is a serious, hot mess in
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places that we haven't seen in a long time. we've got more crisis points now than we've had in recent history and this is what we are talking about with these candidates are and these are the candidates coming to the forefront. i've got a problem with all of them but what i'm most worried about is at a point when we've got more problems we are facing right now, both economically and domestically and primarily overseas. we seem to be settling for the politics of low expectations across the board. harris: you are echoing the sentiments of ambassador bolton who said we are sitting here talking about whether it's a good move for these candidates to bring their family members, we should be talking about the nuclear threat . sandra: on that unifier point, i know in this primary, we go to ted cruz and john kasich, they are going to attack each other but in a general i don't see it happening the way that mike baker rightly said it should, that reporters should be focused on policy issues instead of personal attacks and i think hillary is going to say i'm a woman, stop attacking me
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and it's not going to be about the issues at all. harris: in an idealistic world i agree with you but this is a personality-based race. it just is and certainly i want to go back to your viewpoint earlier about we are kind of celebrating or at least the trump camp is celebrating how he is not going to be charged. here is how that is important. legal beauty we see prosecutors not go forward with charges all the time. but in the court of public opinion, something like this matters greatly because andrea is right. many people were saying this was really a big problem for donald trump and he took a rest i would say by saying i'm going to stand by him and so in doing so was a gamble that now looks validated by the prosecutor's decision to not move forward. it looks like, the optics will say that donald trump was right. he was right to stand by corey lewandowski and he was right to say there was no battery there. harris: we are expecting the prosecutor to make the announcement and the
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expectation is he will not charge for the other shoe in all of this default will be whether or not this reporter put aside the battery charges that were likely flying away today, will this reporter then go after corey lewandowski for defamation? sandrai want to speak quickly to that, i think she will. i think in social media she said she will move forward with the civil lawsuit. the problem is as a lawyer i respect it. but again, the public opinion looks like now you are looking for money. now look it looks like a and caboodle around this was financial gain. harris: does corey lewandowski have any legal resource? >> a countersuit and this will be clogging up the docket and we will all be paying for it. it won't go away quietly. >> and this is what we are focusing on during this election. i understand, it's important from the perspective of what you are saying. sandra: i see a dialog by your head that says what about transport. >> what about china, what about iran.sandra: hillary has to
9:14 am
unify under that premise. all right. president obama announcing the us is now has momentum again in the fight against isis but despite the rising violence from the terror group, a former army general warning we may be 50,000 troops to crush them so is isis really on the defensive? we will talk to mike baker plus, a battle on religion brewing on capitol hill. lawmakers considering an atheist alternative to the national day of prayer. is that really necessary? and all after the show catch more from the couch on the web. outnumbered , log on to you know you want to tweak questions to mike baker, former cia agent and a lawyer on the couch. to your comments and questions. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ president obama touting gains
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against isis despite an uptake of violence in syria and more political turmoil in iraq. >> today on the ground in syria and iraq, isis is on the defensive. a 66 member coalition including arab partners is on the offenses. we have momentum. we intend to keep that
9:19 am
momentum. isil has managed to advance in some areas of syria in iraq but it is not had a single successful major operation on the ground since last summer. >> the pentagon also announcing that phase 2 in the battle which includes liberating more territory held by isis like retaking mozilla in iraq. meantime, kevin harris asking retired general aaron odierno how many coalition troops it would take to crush the terror group. >> i haven't studied it intently to give you a number but i'm going to tell you it's a big number. bigger than that. probably around 50. >> 50,000? >> that's with coalition capability. >> you offer a unique perspective on this. first your take, that's a big number, 50,000. >> is a big number. oh yeah and got tremendous experience and i suspect though
9:20 am
as part of the number he is taking of not only win but hold stability during a building process so the president says there'smomentum. that's what we are doing is working had that isis is suffering a setback but yes we are seeing something different as far as the reports coming out of syria and iraq . >> well, i think the danger is whether it's this administration or the previous bush administration, people on the other side of the spectrum can always look for the negative. and you have to give credit where it's due. we have had some success. we have been taking territory. we have been denying them certain revenue streams. we've been getting better at targeting some of their key personnel. there's no doubt about that so those things are good and we
9:21 am
know we are having some success because we are seeing things manifest themselves in other ways with isis. they are pushing more personnel into libya and elsewhere, focusing on attacks in the west. those things are going to happen as we degrade further their capability to say they've got a caliphate so it's important to recognize they have those successes. everybody would have liked to that to be on a quicker timeline and it could have been. at the end of the day the one truth here is that the big winners so far up to this point in that region have been iran, russia and a sod but i think with more aggression we can actually, there's a myth never been a question could we beat isis. that's neverbeen a question. the mockup has always been a sod, what's going to happen to a sod and then russia gets in the next . >> meantime the pentagon has announced this phase ii which is liberating more territory held by isis retaking mozilla
9:22 am
in iraq among other things. but we saw over the past weekend that iraqi military were really making some ground retaking so our training of those troops is now starting to show but i want to get back to you what you said mike when you are talking about we could have done this earlier. one of the things we talked about a lot on the couch have to do with the scrubbing of intel with the 50 or so analysts who are anxious to get up on capitol hill unfettered. we don't have to see it publicly but unfettered, being able to tell what should have been in those reports about the enemy we are fighting. how much of a slowdown do you think we have suffered based on them having to scrub and change and make their intelligence according to them fit and narrative. >> okay, couple of things. that process takes place in any administration so again, i'm always looking to say you've got to be reasonable here. but. >> doesn't usually involve this many people? >> there's always a level of discontent that i'm not being listened to, my opinions not
9:23 am
being listened to and when you take that raw intelligence, here's where the core of the problem was. you take the raw intelligence, you'd start to put together and once it gets into that washing machine, gets out of sight of the cia and goes into the security council and other places that's when it becomes editorial process and different agendas are rising to the surface. it's very much like that but the problem is we lost a lot of our human intel capability to begin with in iraq and in particular when we pull our troops out and that's what created more of an issue that almost anything else was that we lost our eyes and ears on the ground when we pull those troops out and intel support they had and that caused a significant damage to our ability to do anything with isis. >> we also lost $1 billion of equipment that we left there that isis sees . and it's not just the cia that's being politicized, it's also the dod and we seen this reporting in the daily beast where generals and dod officials have complained that the war has been managed out of the white house, being
9:24 am
micromanaged by rice and jarrett and brennan and i wanted to go back to one point you said. the white house was talking about liberating territory. you can't liberate territory if you can't hold it. is it enough, we just have airpower. it's not enough with airpower and special operations forces loan is it>> know, you've got the syrian opposition, the kurds that once you have successful moves , they will come in and those theoretically need to be the boots on the ground rather than our troops but we need more of them and so 20 dion's point, we have to have more of an effort. if we want to finally do this and we are moving in the right direction but if we continue moving at this pace, it's a
9:25 am
self-inflicted wound. we could do this faster, we could do it quicker, we could do it more efficiently. >> good to hear your perspective and possible big concern fordemocrats as we march toward november's general election. new numbers just out showing hillary clinton is deep underwater on a key issue with many voters. plus, mrs. clinton weaving into a controversial issue. her ideas on what white people need to do to address racism in this country. it's raising some eyebrows. we made it next to . >>
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♪ harris: welcome back. new trouble for hillary clinton as indicated by new analysis of "huffington post" of nearly 400 national polls. this analysis shows 55% of voters view her unfavorably while just more than 40% view her as favorably. that is two-point jump adding to historically low numbers. that is giving democratic front runners supporters major heart burn. also in line with our most recent "fox news" polling. is there anything you see she can do something about. >> harris, do something about?
9:30 am
no. only thing worse than hers those are trump and cruz. you know, and so let me just real plainspoken. i'm an independent. i have never supported hillary clinton, not when she ran against barack obama 2008. i never supported her for anything. i felt like this was a gift to the republican party. hillary clinton's nomination. this was a gift. it was christmas early for the republican party i really did. harris: talking about if it already happened. there is no competition with bernie sanders. >> yeah, yeah. that is funny, harris. harris: sounds like a meme. >> looking 32% from cruz and 29% from donald trump. i don't know how the gop fumbled in this way to mike's point earlier. she is such a flawed candidate. still is. certainly beatable in general election. yet two people look like her opposition in general look weaker than she. harris: want to take it.
9:31 am
sandra: "the hill" makes a great point, because it is historic when you look back at 2008 campaign and senator barack obama was seen favorably by 62% of voters and unfavorably by 33%. >> we liked him. >> that is the pair son that thats. harris: getting back to bernie sanders. i don't know if you watched washington square. >> it was amazing. harris: on opposite the knicks game so it was late. i was watching. there were a lot of people out there. that is where we started to hear dialogue about this verizon dollars that rolled in for a speech. maybe there is another transcript of hillary clinton's we need to see. that oppositionly with the verizon strike going on, things are getting interesting with bernie sanders. he is using that and building momentum, not just here in new york. sandra: you're asking the wrong person if you're looking at andrea. andrea: state campaign we cover every day. bernie sanders is, he is on her tail!
9:32 am
reality it is not real. >> doesn't matter. it is complete kabuki theater. it was impressive. 27,000 or so supporters came out. seven out of eight states are, caucuses i've won but, fully agree with you. it is a sham. why we think it will be anybody other than clinton completely befuddles my. harris: how about this. we think that is really good. >> you're so cute, mike. harris: mike is cute? andrea: we're going to compare. this is bad weave. democratic campaign is bad weave. harris: here is my question though, does weaken her though going into the general in maybe the reality isn't so much what he is doing against her primarywise but going in beyond that already, kind of in your head nomination, hillary clinton. >> you made a brilliant point. you made i think a brilliant
9:33 am
point. she needs to be less odious than the republican. right now she is, i think that will continue. harris: barely. >> barely but i think it will continue. ultimately if you sit down and stare at map of the united states and numbers, this is mathematical equation for the most part. primary is primary. general is different beast entirely. i just don't understand how people getting to the idea somehow one of these two republican candidates, whether trump or cruz is somehow will pull this off in the general. i don't see it. harris: my twitter, all of our hair is real on the cou >> i do have a weave. harris: it looks good. andrea: oh, boy. hillary clinton taking aim at so-called white privilege in a sweeping speech on racism at a conference hosted by the reverend al sharpton's national action network. clinton saying the long struggle with racism is not over. adding that whites need to try harder to walk in the shoes of african-americans. watch.
9:34 am
>> white americans need to do a much better job of listening when african-americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day. we need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume our experiences are everyone else's experiences. andrea: all right, eboni, what do you think about that? i also want you to weigh in on your point earlier this dovetails in. she is making speeches to replicate obama coalition with african-americans and young people. she knows even though this is fake campaign, she will rally sanders supporters and get them to turn out for her. she got problems with young people. specifically talk about, what she said about white privilege. >> i don't appreciate it. here's why. i agree wholeheartedly andrea with sentiment we should all black, white, purple, green and
9:35 am
blue, should see the world with vantage point we share space with it. i don't appreciate her as messenger. here is why. this is pretty much exact echo what her husband said when o.j. verdict came out in 1995. we need as white people need to see through lens of black america. here we are 20 plus years later hillary clinton taking comments about pc time. they are facing such a such bach from the 1994. crime bill. this seems inauthentic to me, andrea because of the messenger. harris: complicated what is happening here in new york with mayor de blasio making his cp time comment and coming right up next to him on stage to clean that up. still waiting for an apology, some in the community are. and now it really falls to here and how does she explain surrounding herself by support that's do that? he is mayor of new york.
9:36 am
primary is coming up. i get it. but it is complicated with her. what i had problem with this apology tour people across the country. nobody owes anybody an apology for our history. it is what it is. i challenge people to actually read it. some colleges are trying to get rid of western civilization and some things we've been through so we don't understand and not make the same mistakes. the apology is not necessary. let's go forward treat each other as you said, ex-bonnie and treat each other with respect. >> people said it is pandering. i don't think it is pandering but i spouse on one level. but very subtle divisive way they do things. this is another example of slicing and dicing the demographics so it's in their favor in terms of the vote. and so, you know, when we talk about the nature of administration being very divisive. what do i know? i'm a white male on sofa.
9:37 am
i'm up to my neck in privilege apparently. andrea: you mentioned, harris, brought up de blasio. he was her former campaign manager. he is coincidentally under investigation by fbi as well. moderated debates. you had a chance to ask presidential candidates tough questions. why isn't anyone asking hillary clinton where she stands on the '94 crime bill? her husband came out, to your point, bill, two for the price of one. good cop, bad cop. clinton comes out, her husband, talks about the crime bill. hillary clinton comes out ending era of incarceration for african-americans and gives a speech. they're talking out of both sides of her mouth. sandra: does it matter? she perfected with the nonanswer. if answered and pressed we would get a answer. dana perino responded to comments on white privilege. she side the biggest accomplishment she will be able to do what no other republican has been do up till now, unify the republican party. i find her comments today and
9:38 am
tone of it to be one that motivates me to say, all right, never hillary. that is former white house press secretary dana perino. very strong words. not speaking for all white people, same thing with women. she is struggling with the female vote. and she thinks that she is speaking on behalf of all women and it is not working. >> i'm just not interested in a lecture from hillary clinton on race relations and how she is the answer to something that i feel like she and her husband have been very much a part of the problem. harris: real quickly on the crime bill, andrea. some black emmembers of congress, former ones regret their vote. we see how she will respond to that. andrea: we'll watch and say if anyone in the guts in the media to pin her down if she agrees with her husband. harris: i got my roller skates on. sandra: both of you. andrea: lawmakers pitching a atheist alternative to the national day of prayer. poll shows big difference in happiness of very religious people compared to the less
9:39 am
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♪ sandra: looks like pc craziness spreading from college campuses to capitol hill. new house lawmakers issuing new measure to designate may 5th as a national day of reason. that is the same day as this year's national day of prayer. california democrat mike honda is author of the bill and washington, d.c. delegate eleanor eleanor holmes norton is only cosponsor. it would provide opportunity for religious and non-religious americans to come together and
9:44 am
recognize the importance of reason and betterment of humanity. this coming on the heels of a new pew poll finding 40% of highly-religious people say they are very happy, compared with just 29% who describe themselves as less religious. i feel like, eboni, i want your tyke on this. >> my spirituality is important to me. while i respect everyone in this country's right to not observe that and not participate in it, i read your intro. i understand the content here. i don't understand the point of this day, sandra. just absolutely makes no sense to me whatsoever. if you don't want to subscribe to the national day of prayer then don't. sandra: athiests said we need a day too? right, mike baker? >> yeah. i saw we were going to do this story, shows down ward decline of this nation. reversing stories, polls showing happiness of people who consider themselves religious, absolutely
9:45 am
no surprise to me. we're private people in terms of our religious beliefs but church is important to us. you get community, friendship, support. all things we used to get. people say now the government needs to provide that. but issue of the day of reason, it is like a vegan. a raw vegan, not good enough to be a raw vegan. they need to you be a raw vegan and you should be a raw vegan. atheists are the same way. i don't care if you believe, you don't have to shove your non-belief down my throat and i won't pros lit advertise. harris: my thing is cause as day of judgment to happen. why are you only into the dade of reason? you don't need to have that conversation. that is code for talking about religion. and i thought that religion and politics were those things you don't agree, you're just supposed to smile politely. >> good point. harris: if you subscribe to this idea you don't want to get into entanglements with people. i don't know, are we scrubbing
9:46 am
whole conversation now? don't offend everybody. have a day -- how about a day for silence. >> a day for judging. harris: that is what it is. andrea: a day for judging? every day is a day for judging. go on social media, walk out your door. we have too much judgment in society. and i think it is rich, sandra, that washington, d.c., is actually calling for a day of reason. this is coming out of -- isn't that rich, washington, d.c. say we need more reason? i think atheists, this culture has become so secular and so coarsened and godless, i think atheists won a lost battles and they get most days in this country. let christians have national day of prayer. really. sandra: we'll leave it at that. secretive all male club at harvard breaking years of silence to project a proposal to open membership to women. one member saying going coed could increase potential for sexual misconduct. he apologized about that comment.
9:47 am
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9:51 am
>> hi, andrea. next hour all three gop candidates in new york. ted cruz reveals a bit of his campaign strategy. how does the texas senator plans to win the nomination when he is facing uphill battle in donald trump's home state? she was convicted in notoriously murder spree. could leslie soon van houten the youngest member of the manson family win parole. we have the next best thing. wildlife cameras you can watch in your office. don't tell the boss. coming up. "happening now." andrea: have a feeling they probably know anyway if we do it, jon. >> maybe. andrea: apology. i'm sorry. apology after the graduate president of one of harvard's secretive all-male clubs made controversial comments about sexual assault. he was responding to the university's plan to crack down
9:52 am
on single gender clubs after a school report found that 41% of women in the senior class said they experienced, quote, non-con essential wall contact at all the awl male clubs. he wrote in the "harvard crimson," we are mystified why the current administration forcing our clubs to submit female members would reduce incident of sexual assault. forcing members of the. it could increase the incidence of sexual assault. unfortunately i chose my words poorly and came out all wrong. this failure led to extreme and unfortunate misinterpretations which were not my tensions at all. clubs have until tomorrow to let administration know if they remain single sex or go coed. i don't know if were a member of
9:53 am
a fraternity. i wrote a piece for the department of education. they found isn't more likely that sexual assaults occurred in fraternities or single sex organizations anywhere on campus. does this ban or mandate to go coed stigmatize those all-male organizations? >> i think it does. i think it is inevitable they're going to adjust and become coed. it is interesting. it is a bit of extortion attempt by the administration at harvard, these clubs, they're not owned by harvard. >> they are recognized. >> but they don't have to listen to what harvard does. harvard can penalize members. if they're students and obviously that will impact their ability to get through harvard. so it is pretty serious. i was never a member of an all-male club. i, you know, i imagine that you know it is not a bad thing. you sit and talk about your privilege and how to gender pay and which small country to overthrow. sounds pretty good to me.
9:54 am
i guess at the end of the day, this is, just the way the world's going. we're looking for the least offensive position for everything nowadays. >> that is good point. to that point, andrea, back in college in my day, i'm sure in yours, there was opportunity to be social. there was academic component and there is the social component, campus life. is this beginning of the end of social life on campus? andrea: well i think they have tried to, by they, the liberals have tried to become the fun police. they try and shut down fun and they can't let men have their own clubs. what is funny, how many men do you see trying to get into all female clubs? usually see females trying to get into all-male clubs. you did reporting. >> yes i did. andrea: i want to ask you, this historically going on for a long time. i remember at college they tried women and men in the same determines and same rooms but next to each other using same bathrooms, and i girls hated it so. i was in all-girls dorm. they would complain, alcohol, you have, their hormones are raging.
9:55 am
>> bathroom use. >> they have to walk by men in their towels. with this experiment to merge genders what did they think was going to happen on campus? >> that is such a good, important question. i don't know society wants to act like gender distinctions don't exist. men and women function differently. that is reality. sandra: these are private clubs. important to make that distinction. these are not university-run clubs with a long history, a couple of hundred years in this case. and, i think you need to leave them alone and let clubs be clubs. by definition you can exclude people from a private club. so harvard should stand for that in this case. harris: yeah. >> harris, can i ask you this? am hurst did that -- amherst did that a few years ago and banned any single sex clubs at all. does harvard and other universities follow? harris: i can't say this person
9:56 am
apologized the club and taken everything back and clarified his remarks they will certainly not get there this week. but you know, if want to have a talk about what causes sexual assault we have to talk about sexual predators. i don't think this is how you find them. i remember, you know before women were active in the military, they had some of the same comments about this. if you had bad apples, won't really matter who belongs to the club. there are still sexual predators. >> it put as predatory label on some of these organizations. harris: we're coming right back. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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harris: he was operative on the couch today, mike baker. good to have you, former cia guy. >> loved it. love the show. look forward to coming back hopefully one day if you have me. harris: right now we'll go to "happening now." >> we begin with a fox news alert. hillary clinton and the democratic party south arizona after the primary. thousands were left waiting to vote in the biggest county. we are covering all of the news. >> russian fighter jets come deliberately close to an american war ship in the baltic sea. it is not the first time the kremlin taunted the u.s. forces. >> how should the u.s. respond. >> an exmansion


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