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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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carey says, yes, they're stacked against the people and donald trump. they should recognize who the people are voting for. one says, no, ignorance of law and rules does not invalidate either. trump is infantile. lots of responses. went up to 70%. >> what is this, an invasion? right here in new york. the sun finally out three-quarterses are finally blooming. everybody is walking around all happy for new yorkers, you know. and all of a sudden they are here. all of them. they are everywhere. forget about it. uptown, downtown, east side, west side, bronx, queens, brooklyn, staten island, car 54 where are you? probably blocking traffic for a candidate and drastically changing the mood of the drivers across the five boring ours.
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are aisle five presidential hopefuls voting for new yorkers' votes and on the democratic side this could be the last time we see this until the convention, all the remaining candidates in one room. donald trump, ted cruz, and john kashich expected to attend a swanky shindig tonight for the party. a new poll shows trump with a solid lead. this has trump at 50%. almost double his closest rival, john okay sis. ted cruz, dead last. trump is holding on to his lead nationally in the cbs news poll. ahead of ted cruz double-digits but cruz closed some of that gap since last month. last night, ted cruz said he had been thinking about potential running mates and had a lot of praise for a former rival. marco rubio. >> i think very highly of marco. i appreciate those kind comments
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he made. he is an amazing communicate you're, one of the best in the republican party, and he ran a campaign that inspired millions across this country and inspired me. >> inspired him? the best communicator? hello, memory? wasn't that long ago that ted cruz said, at least half of the things marco rubio said were lies? 50% of his speech were lies. remember? i remember. rubio shot back that cruz's whole campaign was built on a lie. he said ted cruz would say anything to get elected, and today he said, marco rubio inspired him. of course, that time rubio claimed during a debate that ted cruz couldn't speak spanish. ted cruz now says that's just politics. remember, politics is weird and creepy. meantime, donald trump is still complaining about colorado and now calling for protests after his lost there trump tweeted. big protest march in california
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colorado on friday afternoon. don't let the bosses talk your vote. of course, donald trump did not complain be the voting still ted cruz crushed him there after ted cruz spoke at the convention trump skipped and trump didn't hire a single staffer in the state until the day before the convention. trump claims the colorado g.o.p. was out to get them. >> i joined and then they changed the rules and took it away from the voters. i would have won in colorado. >> you think they did that because of you? >> i think so because they saw die very well in colorado. >> the rules have been in place forever. we know this. while donald trump is blasting republican establishment in public, the outsider candidate is looking for insider help. even while his complaining goes on about the party rules being rigged, he just hired a complete insider who knows exactly how the system works. rick wiley is his name. a one-time political director with the republican national committee, the very group trump
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is attacking. team trump had a closed door meeting. trump didn't go but he sent staffers to cozy up with g.o.p. lawmakers with thesser. now peter doocy has more on the meeting. let's begin with john roberts. i think it looks like this. a pretty good trick. welcome to new york. >> thank you. good place to be and an important place to be as you were mentioning, for the first time i can remember. >> like ever. >> new york actually means something, and the three candidates from the republican side will be on stage for the first time in the same place, not necessarily together, since back in march 10th in that last debate that they had back in miami. donald trump hoping to change the narrative after a few bad weeks. big setbacks for him in wisconsin, as well as colorado. but if he can win new york and win big, like getting the majority, if not all of the 95 delegates, he thinks he can change the whole path going forward. a week after new york, five states vote. and that includes pennsylvania,
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maryland, connecticut, rhode island, and delware. donald trump leading in all of those state nets polls, and maybe just, just maybe he can turn around the idea that ted cruz talked about that donald trump could not make 1237 delegates for the convention. donald trump last night feeling pretty good about it all. >> i have a chance of winning new york. you win new york, you have a whole different math. nobody else can do that. and the numbers are incredible. if you look at new york, i think out of 43-point lead. 43 points. >> he was 43 at one poll but the real clear politics average has him back at 32, but 32, 43, what's the difference. going to clock their the opposition. >> what are cruz and kashich doing? >> trying to work the delegate allocation system. 27 congressional districts in the state of new york. 81 delegates because there's three for congressional district. a threshold of 50% youch hit 50% you get all three.
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if you're below 50, you get two. around the city of new york there are 11 congressional districts and not a lot of republican in the new york city area. so its the sort of population where john kashich or ted cruz could grab a few republican votes, keep trump below 50% and peel off a delegate. listen to what kashich told us. >> pick up delegates and have momentum, and so we're very copacetic. we're getting bigger crowds. for the first time people are starting to hear this message. >> his path to the nomination doesn't even again until they get to the convention lo oft people say he is delusional with that strategy but i think he is more sly lie the fox. you see establishment politicians getting hind ted cruz because they know he is the only one that can stop donald trump. if he wins these other contes and keeps donald trump from a majority of the delegates going into the convention, how long do you think a lot of those establishment politicians are going to stay with ted cruz
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before they to the over some somebody like kashich, who is probably more to their liking? >> a request good, oneow answer with the second hand, note calendar. donald trump's advisers met with congress today. the first of many such meetings to come, we're told. this political outsider ready to good inside? peter doesy is on capitol hill. what do you know about what happened there? >> reporter: we know from members that they meeting one necessarily about getting the congressional -- the single digit number of members who have already endorsed trump to convince their congressional colleagues to come out and announce they're going to vet for the businessman, but instead the meeting was about just getting members more comfortable about the idea of trump, so that if he wins the nomination, members of the republican majority will good home and speak favorably about him to their constituents while kole pa are for their own re-election this summer and this
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fall. >> all politics is local, and if you look at the number, not mary ven members of congress have endorsed anyone. when you make an endorsement there's issues that go with that, depending on your strict. so i don't think anybody expects the word endorsement. you'll see 247 republicans supporting the republican nominee for president. >> reporter: in the addition to the handful of republicans in the house who have endorsed trump that showed up to the meeting there, was one member who is on the face. don't know how to move furford about possibly expressing that member but getting the member onboard is what the meetings are about and there will be a meeting like this once a week moving forward. >> what are they saying about a contested convention? >> reporter: they don't think there will be a contested convention. the man in charge of trump's numbers says he thinks trump will blow past the flesh hold
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before the convention and described the businessman as being on a glide path to the nomination and said they've been doing some back of the envelope math that would show them going cleveland with 1265 delegates which is 30 more than he would need to lose it on the first ballot. >> peter, thank you. about an hour ago we got the official word from prosecutors they will no go every donald trump's campaign manager for battery. cameras caught him grabbing a reporter, depending on your perspective. ahead, why prosecutors are not taking this to the court. and wait until you head the national democratic national committee said to fox business about donald trump. we'll hear from her. that's coming up on the news deck on this thursday afternoon, and they're all here. creepy. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid.
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why did the prosecutor decide not to do this? >> reporter: the state attorney says he would have to be able to prove that assault beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury and said he could not rebut the claim that corey lewandowski may have been protecting donald trump. >> she makes her way beyond the press area, and gets right next to mr. trump, and actually makes slight contact with mr. trump, and you can see he sort of recoils and that's when mr. lewandowski comes and grabs her arm. >> this whole case is flipped in the past weeks. it began with discussions about corey lewandowski's unant wanted touching of michelle fields and now the case hippings on what the state attorney general says is michelle fields are unwanted touching of donald trump. >> any winners. >> it's hard to see any winners. the trump campaign is claim to go victory they've said it's over now.
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corey lewandowski is gratified by the decision to job the charge and appreciates the thoughtfulful and professionalism by the palm speech state attorney. the state attorney says michelle fields was disappointed the prosecution was not going forward and in the report she said for not listening to secret service instructions to go to the back of the room. the head of the democratic national committee with very tough talk about the run part and the g.o.p. front-runner donald trump. we sat down with who? >> debbie wearsman schultz. we were in her office. >> what did she say? >> a lot toward donald trump. we went there to talk about down-ballot races note, of if donald trump or cruz is on the top of the ticket. they said more candidates are coming in and feel on the house side 60 seats in in play, they
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need 30 to flip it. when she got to donald trump she cared compared him to george wallace and then would as little more after that. take a listen. >> when you're pointly going to have one of the two choices for president of the united states be a misogynistic, visit treeolic big got, that's terrible for the country. >> she said they are billing up the opposition file at the dnc, and when she mentioned comments about muslims and mexicoans i said are you going to bring that up come november and she said, and i'm quieting here, you're damn right we are. >> wow, that's some words. republicans feel good about their position. >> on the other side, folks at the republican national senatorial committee and said in possibility the senate bit might by flipped is a fantasy and also point out it's possible that hillary clinton will be at the top of the tick for -- ticket for democrats. >> she is a drag with
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independents, with whatever group of voters. that will make life tough for them. >> as greg blair pointed out there there's six, seven months to go and nobody knows what will happen down the line. >> seven more mocks of this? >> hopefully six. >> somewhere in the middle. >> football season before that. >> harbaugh watching. don't mess with me. >> if i could give him a call, would. i'm not on that level. >> thank you, blake. after spending hundreds of millions of dollars in ads appealing to voters, the stop trump movement is setting its sightses on new targets. the delegates in charge of actually picking the republican candidate at the convention. we'll speak with a reporter who investigated this strategy shift, and it's an important one. that's next.
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the think can used to be the candidate with the biggs bank account would win? super rich donors would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to take your votes. sway you to get you to do what they want you to do. same money game is happen neglect 2016 race but with very different results. think jeb bush for instance if was the darling of the big donors who raked in the cash and kept on coming despite loss after loss with now know that didn't work. that money didn't buy much. what is a billionaire super pac to do when their dollars aren't swaying voters? you play a different game. spend me money on delegates. julie reported on that today for the "associated press." a political reporter for the ap. just moving the money. >> they decided, like everyone else, just about everybody else, the new game is at the delegate
12:21 pm
level, not the voter level. >> what are they doing to get delegates with their money? >> the billionaires 'opour the mow in think it's much less expensive because it's a far smaller set of people and you don't want to blitz them with commercials. you want to mail them to things, calling them, talking to them at the state conventions. all nat is quite a bit cheaper. takes a lot of work and planning but you don't have to pour tens of millions of dollars into television ads. >> looks as if the cruz campaign was suited for this, this is one of their games from. the very beginning, probably thinking somebody like jeb bush or marco rubio but nevertheless the game is the same, but doesn't look like trump has done this. is it too late? can he put this together? >> well what we have reported it looks like it's a little too late for trump to get into the delegate game. the reason why is because some
12:22 pm
very important states that just chose delegates rather than having voting contests have already come and dean, and trump is still just putting his pieces in place. so it's a little late for him. the is desperately trying to catch up on what most people call phase two of the delegate game. which means if it does come to a contested convention how too you sway delegate's then third and third ballot and that's where we'll see if pal man afor and rick wiley can make a difference? >> is it surprising to you that people aren't convincing the voters they didn't know what the rules are? seems like a tough sell, and yet people are biting it. >> i tell you who is biting into this. donors. they love hearing about delegate math and the different campaigns and outside groups explaining extra. they're getting in at a fran already level, trying to -- granular level. >> they've buy the idea the
12:23 pm
candidate didn't know the rules? a rule in south carolina gave trump all of the tellings in south carolina. a rule that did that. not that he got every vote. jet got every delegate. >> i'm a tough sell for trump and his team to say the rules are rig again i'm already ogame egg captioning because the rules have been in place for a long time. candidates and super pac and everyone else in republican politics have nope these states choose their delegates differently. and maybe trump thought he would look it up before now but those three states have enough delegates to possibly make a difference so the outside groups are training their tension on the states. >> should we tell them about the electoral college? >> that's going to be interesting how the learning press goes on that. >> maybe he should call al gore on that.
12:24 pm
>> exactly. >> julie good, to see you, welcome to new york. >> thank you. >> for those who serve in the military, their mission does not end on the battlefield. thosewardss from the president today as he helped kick off the wounded warrior bike ride on the white house south lawn. [cheering] >> the wounded warrior project helps support injured troops. the president says the organization's bike ride has become one of his favorite traditions at the white house. the event got its start in 2004 when a bartender from long island biked across the country to raise money for the group. a new poll shows bernie sanders gaining ground on hillary clinton. they're hours away from their final debate before next week's primary. but hillary clinton looking ahead to donald trump, and today call something of his views downright dangerous. why is she debating him? why did she say okay to this? i do not -- we'll get into that. bottom of the hour, top of t
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bernie sanders has sliced hillary clinton's lead in new york by more than half in one month. accord together latest poll out of siena college. shows clinton leading sanders by 10 points, 52-42. the same poll showed clinton up by 21 points. both candidates getting ready to face off tonight in brooklyn. their first debate in more than a month and one of their last chances to win over voters before new york's primary on tuesday. ed henry is live. a little controversial heading into this? >> reporter: that's right. you remember this rally that bernie sanders had in lower manhattan last night, his campaign says he had 27,000 people. i don't have an exact count. the clinton camp is saying that the park service is suggesting it was smaller than that and maybe the sanders camp is exaggerating it. i think more important is the actual substance of the words
12:31 pm
coming from the podium before bernie sanders spoke. there's dr. paul song, a healthcare activist, and he stood up and suggested that campaign contributions and whatnot going to hillary clinton -- they may be a problem, and he used some coarse language. >> medicare for all will never happen. if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholding to big pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us. >> as you can imagine that did not sit well with the clinton camp. hillary clinton's communication's director tweeted very stressing language to say the least. paul song tried to clarify. bernie sanders tried to end it saying the comment was inappropriate and insensitive. there's no room for language like that in our political discourse. >> hillary clinton targeting donald trump.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: it's interesting. she had a rally in the bronx last night. clinton gets much smaller crowd than bernie sanders but what she likes to talk about she is trying to look past sanders and she is best able to challenge donald trump, the run front-runner, if he gets the nomination. that is not a done deal either but she is out with an op-ed today here in new york suggesting trump is dangerous, specifically on the issue of foreign policy. clinton saying, clothe so when donald trump says, we need unpredictability when it comes to nuclear weapons, when he talks casually about actually using the weapons and sees no problem in letting more countries develop nuclear, his not only wrong, this talk is dangerous. similar to what president obama said recently. the democrats ganging up on donald trump. he has been firing it back and making it clear if he does get the g.o.p. nomination he will be clinton's worst nightmare and
12:33 pm
will challenge her. >> glen hall is here. having a big debate in brooklyn tonight. my question, why is she doing this? every time he is on television his numbers goes up. why? >> the campaign hesitate about getting in -- >> there's an understatement. >> you have seen the numbers. there's always this sense when you're a candidate that if you don't show up you look weak so you're kind of in a troubled spot where it's not good for to be there and not good for you not to be there. >> so could she talk for a while about doing a debate in the morning of gma, then they war rangeling about dates and waiting to see how that was playing in the court of public opinion. >> that's a good part. and watching the polls and trying to decide how much do they need to be out in front, how much they need to fight. this is a big prize in new york 192 delegates at stake, and hillary clinton has only
12:34 pm
250-point lead at the moment in the pledged delegate category. >> the rules in this instance, sometimes the rules favor him because in places where they caucus, he always does better. sometimes rules favor her. this is one of those times. >> a very click it rule system. a closed primary, which means only registered democrats vote. bernie sanders does well in open states because over the independents. in this stays if you didn't switch parties six months ago you can't vote. >> he's been talking about that on the stump. i heard last night, maybe down in washington square park, this is going to hurt us. we have to get the turnout up. so he is pushing for turnout. >> he has to push the turnout. but his voters have tended to be younger, not all of them may have registered in time and we may not get all the he needs. >> the polling opportunity take
12:35 pm
that into consideration? the fact he has the throngs of people, they're all over the like pollen, and good for them. my point is, a lot of them can't have a voice in this. >> if they weren't registered in new york 25 days ago they won't be able to show up for the primary. just the rule of the game. >> i'm curious tonight, the one thing i'm interested to see, does he go more harshly negative? does he hit her hard? she doesn't need there to be a big split sheer. she wants to pick up his paper late ir. >> that's right and has been ratcheting it up. harsher because it's close enough he can feel like he has an opportunity there of but always said he didn't want to be the spoiler and is getting very close to that point. think that he is very concerned about winning as a democrat, and that wanting the democrats to win, whoever the nominee is, think it will be tough evening for hillary clinton, and i think she'll fire back strong against bernie
12:36 pm
sanders but they won't cross that le. >> there is still item to sway votes between now and tuesday? >> that's a tough one because of the last-minute change of mind. it's not really possible with the rules we have in new york. i don't know that's the case, but they're debate ago an national stage, and hillary as we saw today with her op-ed, still looking ahead to the general, still trying to sway the populace so they need to hold on to new york and they need to -- the clinton campaign needs to hold on to new york and get the message beyond new york. >> good to see you, glenn. thank you. the russian president vlad putin claims it's too early to talk about whether he will run for re-election in 2018. analyst breeze ticket he will almost certainly he for a fourth term. putin made the comment in a cal-in tv show. he spends hours answering requestinges, from, from the
12:37 pm
russian potential. end quote. he has ruled the country, the relationship between the united states and russia on the rocks during that time, but today president putin gave president obama some credit for saying that his biggest mistake was failing to plan for what would happen after american military action in libya. president obama made that comment a five days ago during an interview with chris wallace. here's what putin said about it. >> interpreter: it's very good that my colleague has the courage to make such statements. not everyone can do that. only a strong man can do that. this is good. but it's bad that a series of mistakes continues. a similar mistake was nearly made in syria. it's not clear. i'd like to draw your attention to the fact that originally managed to organize cooperation in a positive way. >> of course, russia and the not utes have been filing -- and the united states have been fighting a proxy war in syria. the two sides did protectary shaky cease fire there.
12:38 pm
putin says he hopes that agreement will help peace talks underway in geneva. another officer shot, this time in houston. we're live in texas with an update on how he is doing and what may have saved his life.
12:39 pm
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and it starts the day you sign up. so whether it's your car or home, let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. somebody ambushed an officer in texas and shot him four times. that's the word from investigators where it happened in houston the deputy con stab ball alden clopton is married with five kids. a fellow officer says he was wearing a bulletproof vest and that probably saved his life. the shooting happen last night. investigator says the deputy was outside a convenience store in mid-town houston when the gunman shot him from behind. casey stiegel. how this con stab bell doing? >> reporter: he is in the critical care unit right now at
12:42 pm
a houston area hospital. he underwent a very lengthy overnight surgery. doctors tell us that he had two bullets lodged in his abdomen and one near his heart, but he is said to be doing much better now. this as investigator tries to get to the bottom of what happened and why this deputy con stab bell was targeted in the first place. at the time this went down he and a reserve female dep the just finish a traffic stop and he said behind to help continue training her. >> the deputy was giving her instructions on how to turn the audio on, on the video in her car. and as he was leaning in the car, and instructing her how to get the audio on, he was shot in the back. >> reporter: the suspect was dressed in all black, fired a total of six shots, according to police. four of which hit the victim. >> any leads on the shooter? >> reporter: well, houston police say they're talking to a
12:43 pm
person of interest but they won't really elaborate any further on that. no names being released. we can tell you no official arrests have been announced. all investigators are telling us is that the man who matched the suspect description turned himself in at a local fire station, not far from the crime scene and not long after the shooting happened. that individual being questioned. police say they are not, however, actively searching for anybody else theft all they're releasing. >> the first government squaring off in a fight over your privacy. microsoft is suing the feds over an old law that the company from -- that prevents the company from notifying customers when the government snoops through their files. the company reports that over the past 18 months law enforcement authorities have demand customer information more than 5600 times, and nearly half those cases they order the company to keep it all secret.
12:44 pm
microsoft claims the government is abusing the law. so far no response from the justice department. this comes after apple challenged the government order to unlock an iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi reports it ended up hacking into the phone without apple's help. well, long-time viewer offed the newscast i've hosted here you know it's been a while since we have seen trampoline bear. we north bringing him back. out of my control. hire pay grade, but we have something nearly as good. introducing -- this the scene in northern japan, yes. a chimp named cha cha escaped from a zoo and found a perch on top of that pole there. hello, cha cha. somebody who likely drew the shortest straw had to hit chimp with a tranquilizer dart. he was not pleased but the
12:45 pm
worker retreated before a fight broke out. cha cha tried scampering away. go cha cha, go. eventually he got sleepy because tranquilizer dart, and then this. [shouting] >> oh! do not fret. it says here. do not fret. the zoo staffer says cha cha is doing just fine, but, wow, look at that. cha cha did not have an easy fall. cha cha is not a kitty kat. man, that was rough. cha cha -- that's no trampoline there. all we can show. don't you love when you spend your hard-earned money to buy a movie expect the person in front 0 of you spends the whole time texting? one of the nation's biggest chains is considering allowing texting during the movie. why? well, a pretty good reason. we'll break it down with kennedy up next.
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a lot happening in the nba. first we're waiting to hear the decision from team owners whether to allow advertisement'sen players in jerseys. seems it's a done deal. espn reports it's likely to happen and you'll sea the ads starting in the 17-18. like soccer. european soccer teams have been doing it for years and years. this is manuwith the chevrolet on there nba owners are considering only a small patch on the shoulder of the jersey. for now. slippery slope.
12:50 pm
and last night we said goodbye to a basketball legend, kobe bryant named the -- played the final game of his 20-year career, 0 or said he played this final game. but we can't know until -- we only know what he said. here's kobe fist bumping his daughter. he scored 60 points. and n the lakers win over the utah jazz. there's some confetti, which is purple and gold. here's another picture, 24. you see him there, kobe. for what he says is his last game. also a big night for another california team that kobe stoled the spotlight. golden state beat memphis griz. for the 73rd win of the season. more than any other team in nba history. here's steph surrey hugging a teammate there. and draymond green, and one last
12:51 pm
thing, fan with 573, -- with a 73. the war yo beat the record of 72 which michael jordan and the bulls set 20 years ago. coming soon to a theater near you, texting. there's already texting in the theaters near me but the ahead of amc now says the company is considering allowing texting during movies, so as everyone texts it will be okay. it's part of a plan boat more millenials into the theaters. the ceo said extinction quote, when you tell a 20-year-old to turn off the phone, don't ruin the movie, they hear, please cut off your left arm right above the elbow. company reps are considering the idea. just considering. back in 2012 the head of regal entertainment said maybe theaters should experiment with relaxing cell phone rules and people freaked out. kennedy is here, host of kennedy.
12:52 pm
this seems like my spire staff -- >> dear shep. revenant sucks. >> there are two revenants. one about zombies. i'm like, where are the bears. >> i love movies about bears. >> you know what has happened, they already snapped everything in the movie. indian there is snapping everyone, like this rule change. they don't enforce the rules now. >> i text the entire time. i stick my phone in the bag and -- i can't sit through a chipmunk movie and watch it. have to entertain myself. so if it's not candy crush -- >> do you crush? >> no, i don't. i'm a bot person. i play on the subway and miss my stop. >> that's fun. so, you think that this sort of -- knowing your politics you would think, let them do whatever they want to do. >> no. this is a private business, so if they're trying to get
12:53 pm
millenial customers, i understand that, but then amc had to craved. adam was spitballing here, drenching big they've had to say a majority of our customers don't want people texting. that's why i hide my phone because it's distracting to have a thousand points of light in a dark theater. now movies and studios and directors and entrepreneurs are trying to get movies on your tv first run the day they're released. people go to movies because they want the dark experience ex-the atmosphere, so i don't have a problem if the private company wants to do that. what are they going to do if text? arrest me? take away my popcorn? >> can you get them in there? i don't want to be ragging on millenials because i'm not one of those old people who hate people who are 22 years old. >> i love generational warfare. >> they do have trouble sitting still. >> absolutely. these devices can be problematic, behav
12:54 pm
>> they need constant -- because they were born with a computer and now they have these things. they don't want to sit for two hours and watch a dang movie. certainly not "the revnant" with the zombie. >> died you see that in -- did you see that the athlete center. >> i down loaded. was going to fly. and i got on the plane and it was zombies. >> i can't imagine a movie worse than the one -- >> i can. a lot of people loved that movie. >> i know. i think it's the emperor's new clothes. they want 0 to seem smart and edgy. it's good, he got the was scar, should have won it for gilbert grape. >> have you met enough of the candidates. >> so happy to be living in new york and not los angeles. i will always love los angeles,
12:55 pm
but in new york you can take the subway to avoid the candidates. in l.a., traffic gridlock. >> they don't know how to get on the subway. we got more to come. hang on. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can.
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it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> been again more than 50 years but marilyn monroe is making headlines. the largest collector of marilyn monroe memorabilia will be up for auction later this year. joanna has it here. steep prices. >> incredible. so the auction -- this collector has been collecting since 1991 and came up with all of their most iconic film costumes. if you want to lock through some, this dress was in the film "some like it hot." $400,000 asking price. our next dress, a beautiful -- this was in "gentleman prefer blonds.
12:59 pm
"40 grand. if you can't tell she likes black and sequence. and her earrings are come constitute juvenilely. $100,000. >> people are crazy. >> the guy who actually owns the collection says he decided to share this with the world. >> good for him. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> on this day in 1860 the united states postal service introduced the pony express. 1700 miles. riders would take turns working in shifts along the route which was apparently pretty dangerous, and they'd use up to 75 horses just to cover the one-way trip. after the first successful delivery "the new york times" newspaper wrote that people paraded in the streets and fireworks went off. still, the whole operation
1:00 pm
didn't last long. in part because the telegraph was up and running a year later but the u.s. turned to horses for its snail mail 156 years ago today. "your world" with cavuto starts now. >> thank you, shepard very much. we're going to start differently today because we have a nation in the middle of several strikes and protests and it was a day of seminal events, including on fox business, and i want to revisit a young woman who has become a phenomenon on youtube for espousing a point view who she says bernie sanders gets right and hillary clinton does not. specifically when it comes to looking out for the common man and woman, and on a day that we're looking at a fight for $15 wage, and a government way to find a solution to kids who can't pay for their college and college loans. we thought this was a good


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