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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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retired. >> that's it for us. >> really special one more thing at 11:00. special report is next. this is a fox news alert. donald trump widens his lead. bernie sanders shrinks' clinton's. new fox news polls show the heat is on. texas senator ted cruz. trump has jumped to an 18-point lead over cruz nationally while ohio governor john kasich is now within 2 points of cruz according to the latest poll. cruz' support has dropped from 38% in march to just 27% this month. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck in neck nationally. clinton is down from last month to 48% while sanders is up. putting him within 2 points of
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clinton. we'll have the latest state of the race from the white house and more from the new fox polls. but first, a fox news exclusive. u.s. marines at their breaking point. being asked to do more with less. long wars in afghanistan and iraq. the fight against isis, budget cuts, all taking a toll on the u.s. marine corps. forcing fighter jets and helicopters to break down. losing valuable hours in the air to train. and according to the marines and military analysts, putting ourn. flat security correspondent jennifer traveled to see the exclusive first hand look at how the america's military appears to be breaking. >> the marine major mark malone is a maintenance officer for a squadron of f-18 hornets preparing to deploy into combat
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overseas. this particular jet bombed moammar gadhafi's location. it is still flying. reason when i tthe marines needa part. >> it is very, very old to be flying. they were designed to fly for 6,000 hours. >> the marines are extenting they will to fly 8,000. budget cuts that reduced the forces by 30,000 marines is making it harder to patch them together. >> trying to make a car faster, more efficient. >> the marines that we have, we don't have enough to do the added work. >> sims it takes 18 noes get parts for these jets. production was halted in 2001.
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this fa-18 has to deploy in july. >> where are the wings? >> that's a good question. they're on other jets. >> he deployed to the pacific with ten jets last year. on seven made it. a few leak caused his fa-18 to land in game. back home, skin cracks forced this f-18 into a hangar. >> basically you had to cannibalize this plane. >> will this plane ever fly again? >> we plan to have it flying by the summer. >> reporter: they have deployed six times on iraq and afghanistan. right now only 2 of his 14 planes can fly. >> we're an operational squadron. we're supposed to be flying them. not building them. >> reporter: most frustrating is his pilots are not getting the
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flying time they need. training time is down 50%. >> this last 30 days, our average flight time per pilot was over four hours. >> what do you think is causing this? >> money. >> u.s. spending has declined from nearly $700 billion in 2010 to $560 billion last year. automatic spending cuts began in 2011. delays in the joint of the art fighter which is supposed to replace the fa-18, is leading to a perfect storm. many highly trained mechanics left for private jobs. >> it is on the backs of the young marines. they're working 20 to 21 hours a day to get them ready to go on deployment. and the likelihood of them making a mistake late at night, and the pressure to perform. is where i see the greater rick. >> reporter: they say they are
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seeing an unprecedented level of concern. here in new river, north carolina, the colonel oversees these squadrons. the work horses of the marine corps in iraq and afghanistan. >> unlike previous wars, we didn't have a previous time. there was no time to catch our breath. >> reporter: of the 147 helicopters, only 42 can fly. just 27% of the super stallions are mission capable. >> so you can really see how much stuff is in here. it could potentially cause a fair. >> reporter: they ordered the marine corps to refurbish all of these old helicopters. chasing the jury rigged fuel lines repaired in theater to
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keep these birds flying. his marine corps aviation and is losing sleep over it. he has two sons who are marine pilots. >> the biggest thing is after 15 years of hard flying and deploying around the worldering with don't have enough air planes to make sure that the marines are ready to go. >> are you losing guys from exhaustion? >> absolutely. there is only so much you can look a young marine in the eye and at some point say, hey, i want you to do one more for america and apple pie. at some point that gets old. >> his squadron deploys to the middle east in the coming days. in beaufort, south carolina, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> late this afternoon the chief of navy operations says that they are working on this and, quote, increasing the budget.
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vladimir putin is speaking out about president obama. he praised the comments about libya from a fox news sunday interview. then lobbed a grenade charging the u.s. has imperialistic ambitions. mr on the wide ranging comments. >> translator: it's very good that my colleague can make such statements. not everyone can do that. only a strong man can do that. >> that from vladimir putin. noting president obama's candor during an interview on fox news sunday. >> worst mistake? >> probably failing to plan for the day after when it was right thing to do in intervening in libya. >> but it appeared the empathy
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was short-lived. putin slammed the president for nearly repeating the mistakes he made the libya in another war ravaged country just across the mediterranean sea. >> it's bad that this series of mistakes continues. a mistake was nearly made in syria. but the attempt to draw a parallel between libya which syria is off base. >> i'm not aware that the united states had a scenario where the u.s. was prepared to move president assad from power. a range of issues including the iran nuclear deal is that the war against isis in syria. analysts stay administration would be well served to consider the two very distinct bases of the russian leader. >> president putin the trying to
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help us out in syria and elsewhere. undercutting nato. >> he is clearly trying to reestablish russia and make sure everybody understands it is a world power. >> experts believe the dangerous fly by of the navy destroyer are a sharp reminder of the continuous relationship between former cold war foes. about the fly by, a spokesman for the russian defense ministry said to be honest, we don't understand such a paichbl reaction from our american colleagues. and sources say the head of iran's revolutionary guards is in moscow tonight for meetings with russian leaders. they're expected to discuss more arms sale. that's a clear violation of u.n.
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and u.s. sanctions. a newly declassified cable shows pakistan's spy agency may have provided the funning for the 2009 suicide attack that killed seven agents in afghanistan. it reports on a meeting between an al qaeda linked terror group and pakistani intelligence officers. the officers were suspected of giving the terror group $200,000 for that attack. the attack at forward operating base channelman marked one of the deadliest days in the cia's history. tonight north korea is expected to launch a new medium range interballistic missile. capable of hitting guam and the philippines. it is expected to coincide with the celebration of the 104th birthday of the late founder and leader, kim song and comes while defense secretary ash carter is visiting the philippines.
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all eyes are focused on new york tonight. as we showed you, he could be a real contenter in a general election. this shows kasich up 9 points if he went head to head with gop while the front-runner donald trump would lose to clinton. if sanders were the democratic nominee, our fox news polls show kasich again would be the best option for a republican victory at this point. he comes with four that, within 4 points of beating sanders while the vermont senator trounces ted cruz by 12 and trump by 14. donald trump did get some good news today. after the prosecutors decided to drop battery charges against campaign manager corey lewandowski in part because of this video that shows the reporter michelle fields reaching for trump. and prosecutors said it shows
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lewandowski reaching out to protect his boss. >> under these circumstances, it is not uncommon for staff members known to the agents to assist in clearing a safe pathway. >> ed henry is in brook whin where the two democratic candidates will face off one more time before tuesday's primary. we begin with john roberts on how the gop candidates are turning to capitol hill to shore up support. >> reporter: a number of people here outside the hotel where the three remaining candidates will be speaking. the new york republican party tonight ahead of next tuesday's big primary here. while donald trump would appear to have a lock on winning that contest, he has a lot of boring to do if he hopes to clinch the republican nomination before the july convention.
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>> this was step one in the trump campaign reaching out to the congressional supporters. >> facing an increasingly big battle interesting trump campaign assembled members of congress in an attempt to expand the circle of support. >> we discussed how we could get that donald trump to be president. how to get more of our colleagues involved and who wants to be interested and who want to gets involved. ted cruz has never won any popularity contests on capitol hill but he hats at least three time support that trump has. including the man who helped him win iowa, steve king. >> ted cruz has been working on the hill for a long time. his network and relationships here are good. i think this is an attempt to try to catch up for trump. >> increasingly, it seems trump needs the help of the party. tunneled complex delegate rules, winning alone won't get him there. a fact trump can't seem to follow. >> i'll saying, give it to the
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voters. they didn't even have the right to vote. >> what donald trump and much of the public is learning, when it comes to picking a nominee, getting votes is not all that the maers. >> there is no popular vote. there are delegates at the convention, there are results from primaries and caucuses. what people need to hear that are trump supporters, these the rules. it is how we've always done it. >> one candidate not complaining about the rules. john kasich. for him it is ball nabbing delegates from his opponents. kasich is diligently working the districts around new york city where there are very few republicans. places where he might not need a whole lot of votes to keep trump under 50% and pick himself up a few delegates. their we're getting bigger crowds. for the first time, people are starting to hear this message.
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ted cruz continue, mitch mcconnell is a liar, he says. it makes you wonder if he nothing's get the majority of the delegates, will the establishment stick with cruz or may they run to the more friendly articfriend ly arms of john kasich? >> the fight is on on the democratic side. tonight they will face off in a primary. ed henry has the latest on the battle for delegates. while he was holed up in debate prem, bernie sanders tried to cut into her lead by african-americans by talking to the group. they say they grew 27,000 people
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to lower manhattan. >> you will have a president who is prepared to take on the billionaire class. not take their money. >> the campaign manager quickly raised questions about whether the crowd was really that big. >> the pressure is on sanders to shake up the race. if aides are giving one race about a new line of attack at the debate in brooklyn. one day after each candidate met with verizon workers. hillary took money for a paid speech in 2013. clinton got testy when journalists pressed her about getting transcripts from her speeches. >> i'm sure you've pressed senator sanders to release his tax returns because he hand. >> the question is would you disclose --
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>> no. no. i want to make a broader point. i've already told what you my answer is. >> the group american cross roads is out with a new digital ad suggesting the attacks will only get more intense in the general election. >> i want the facts out. >> clinton may have some fodder in the debate after this attack by a sanders' surrogate help her activist. >> it will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democrats. >> after song struggled to clarify, sanders tried to fix it by saying, his comments was inappropriate and insensitive. there is no room for language like that in our political discourse. >> we asked which candidates had what it took. >> ed, thank you.
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up next, the controversy over a new hbo movie about one of the biggest confirmation hearings of our time. first, some of our fox affiliates around the country. fox 28 in columbus, ohio, with a somber ceremony through the streets of that city as s.w.a.t. officers escorted the body of fellow officer steven smith to the funeral home. the 27-year-old veteran was shot early sunday morning when a s.w.a.t. team tried to serve a warrant on an arson suspect. fox 32 in chicago where the fight for the $15 an hour minimum wage there. protests in cities across the country as part of nationwide protests to raise the minimum wage. and in phoenix, the clinton campaign and the democratic party joined together to sue arizona over voting problems in last month's presidential primary. the suit is in response to long line that's had residents waiting hours to cast their
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25 years after senate hearings to confirm clarence thomas to the supreme court turned into a spectacle. there is a new movie on it. >> hbo calls the movie a look behind the curtain of washington
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politics. and says it simply portrays a nonpartisan view of a critical moment in history. but key players from that time period stay movie is bias asked full of inaccuracies, including allen simpson who was then a member of the judiciary committee. during the hearing for now justice thomas, anita hill accused him of harassing her while she stayed in touch for him for years. >> why in god's name would you ever speak to a man like that the rest of your life? >> a very good question. and i am sure that i cannot answer it to your satisfaction. >> they said anita hill looks good. clarnls thomas looks bad and the rest us look like bumbling idiots. anita hill who was heavily involved in the production said
3:25 pm
even she has reservations about it. saying it is not a documentary. there were composite characters. that bothered me. language that was used or things that were portrayed were not exactly the way people behaved in the moment. >> to me, a lot of it is racist. i've never seen, i'm not aware of a single hollywood important trail that is in a positive light of a black conservative. >> vice president biden who figures prominently in the movie. his office said he hand seen it but said it was still a hearing. the fight over privacy versus security is headed to the court. microsoft is suing the government over a federal law that lets authorities examine
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customer e-mails or online files without the person's knowledge. the company says that violates free speech and protection against unreasonable searches. a mixed day on wall street. the dow was up 18. the s&p up a fraction. the nasdaq closed down 1.5. more problems at the v.a. where hundreds of thousands of dollars got spent on equipment that went unused. it is all your money, next. one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten.
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on on . the irs is not like most agencies to begin with. now as tax day approaches, more trouble. this time house speaker paul ryan got into the action hitting the irs with things it failed to fix. while the irs commissioner defended the agency. chief correspondent michael emanuel has the story. >> the irs is not being led
3:31 pm
well. i think the irs misled americans. >> reporter: ahead of the annual tax day, paul ryan blasted the agency. >> they are not on top of their game with respect to preventing hacking from happening in the future. cyber theft. this is a problem. jr. they took some heat for the agency failing to fully implement 94 cyber security recommendations from the government accountability office. and lawmaker expressed their impatience. >> slow responses and partial measures at the irs do not protect innocent americans from these cyber attacks. we need to know what has gone wrong and why getting a guarantee that won't happen again. >> internal watch dog piled on about cyber thieves breaking through the system that allowed taxpayers to request transcripts of their returns. >> they thought it was a very
3:32 pm
low risk endeavour and it turned out not to be the case. >> the subcommittee chair focused on the irs struggling to keep its top technology personnel. >> the cyber security leadership has left the building? >> we have people replacing them. >> a response to the speaker's explain. >> it is a complicated world. it is hacked over a million times a day and i think we're doing a good job defending and protecting it. >> reason fell short of calling for impeachment but they are calling for the impeachment them say the irs has continued stopping lawmakers' efforts to get to the bottom of the irs targeting of conservative groups and they've had enough. >> thanks. the veterans affairs health system, the v.a., rocked by a major scandal two years ago over long wait times is under the micro skoem agascope again.
3:33 pm
this time for wasteful spending. >> reporter: by some estimates, american soldiers in iraq and afghanistan were 300% more likely to survive serious injury than our war fighters in previous conflicts. often the wounded war fighter ends up here at one of the 1,700 veterans affairs hospitals and care facilities. now the southern arizona v.a. health care system in tucson is under scrutiny. the system described itself as a national model of clinical and organizational excellence. yet they disclose in the february that administrators in tucson ordered 360 pieces of urology equipment. which could have been used to provide wounded veterans with improved end scopic treatment, then let the machine sit idle for four months after they arrived in 2014 at an estimated. at a pair cost of $217,000. >> in a private marketplace if you were doing this, your boss would say to you, look at this.
3:34 pm
you wasted $two hunt,000 by not even knowing you had equipment over here in a cloets. but the government doesn't work, the gears grind slowly because government, they don't have the profit mode. >> reporter: at the veteran of foreign wars, the senior legislative associate. >> certainly money that could have been used to get appointments faster. >> reporter: they said the administrator who ordered the urology equipment retired suddenly. even they agreed to make full use of the equipment in the future. what else might 217,000 have bought? last year, tucson hired a pharmacist. and there is an opening for a nurse. starting salary, $56,000. four young nurses would probably make a significant difference in any system. now imagine you're the war fighter overseas and you're really looking forward to finishing your tour of duty. all you want is to make it bag
3:35 pm
to the shores of the good old usa. you suspect when you make it bark you'll be mistreated here. how can you going your duties some how can you perform at your best when you're over there? james rosen. fox news. democrats in debate prep and republicans together in new york. plus, new fox polls. the all-star panel joins me next. roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you.
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right now in colorado they took voters away. there are riots out there. and you look in pennsylvania where they're taking the voters out and it is very unfair. i joined and they changed the rules and took it away from the voters. >> i really want to run down to the drugstore and get donald trump a pacifier. all we hear is whining about the rules and process and they're going to take something away from me.
3:40 pm
>> the democratic chair probably helping donald trump's cause. talking about him talking about colorado. as we look at some new fox news polls, this is donald trump increasingly increasing his lead over ted cruz and john kasich. but john kasich is making a big move, closing in on ted cruz in this particular poll. as you look at voter preference, up against hillary clinton. john kasich as he has in other polls, according to our poll, does the best against hillary clinton. at least as of today. as of now. and this question, who has the integrity to serve effectively as president? you see the answers here. bernie sanders. yes. 70%. you see the rest of the answers as you look at the fox news polls. let's bring in our panel. tucker carlson. host of fox and friends weekend. charles krauthammer.
3:41 pm
this argument that trump is making about colorado, everyone says rules are rules, it does seem to have a political effect on the stump. and is shoring up even his most loyal supporters. >> it is the rationale for campaign. it is an oligarchy and this seems to prove the point to supporters. just how bad trump's month was. that was all self-inflicted. you would think the numbers have gone down and it's gone up. those are the rules. the expectations people have in democracy are very different in the age of the internet. kind of a flat structure. everyone is a precious snow flake. the idea that your vote doesn't matter? i think that's a much more painful and irreconcilable deal. >> i'm struck by 45% number. partly because of what tucker said. and partly because, remember, he
3:42 pm
had a 35% cap? well, that's now 10% in the rear view mirror. to his point, it is true that trump's whole campaign is about victimization. it is about people who feel like they're being victimized by trade. or by the party establishment. or any number of things. illegal immigration so when the trump tells his own story about how he too is a victim of something that's rigged, i think that's how this billionaire establishes empathy with this audience that he's attracting. and i think that's what he feels most comfortable doing. complaining about how he's been wronged. >> with the kick line, make america great again and i'm going to fix it. another positive thing happened for the trump campaign in florida. >> this office will not be
3:43 pm
filing charges against corey lewandowski for batry. although the facts support the allegation that mr. lewandowski did grab miss fields' arm against her will, he has a reasonable hypothesis of innocence. >> okay. so they are not moving forward. they showed a new video of that post press conference in which they said michelle fields reaches out. and they said corey lewandowski reaches to protect his boss. michelle tweeting out, for those asking, the office of prosecutor asked two weeks ago if i would be okay with an apology from core clae and i said yeah but he haven't heard back about it. >> i was never impressed by the nature of this so-called assault. and i think the prosecutors said, it is obvious in a skrul like that, in tight quarters, if
3:44 pm
you see someone reach out it is perfectly plausible that you were trying to in fact defense of the candidate. to call it assault was a huge overreach. i think we've reached the right place. who lied, who told the truth, that's a separate issue. on the assault charge, i thought was that the grand standing and it is a good thing it was dismissed. >> as we head toward this in july. here's a i had the bit. marco rubio has more delegates today than john kasich does. here's what he said about cruz. >> pretty clear that i want the republican nominee to be conservative. in my view, of the candidates still actively campaigning, the only one who fits that is ted cruz. >> i consider marco a friend. he is someone -- >> could you see a cruz rubio ticket? >> anyone would naturally look at marco as one of the people
3:45 pm
who would be a terrific person to consider for vp. and we're in the process now of considering a number of different actions. >> he would be someone that you would be a fool not to look at seriously. >> the going back to 1237. if he comes up short, does ted cruz go into the convention trying to strike a deal with marco rubio? >> i believe it is pretty tough despite the rules which are and police and it longstanding. to nominate a guy with fewer delegates. there is no rule that says you have to wait to announce your vp choice until the end of the convention. if he says i choose him. they can say we have more delegates together. i don't know. i think that's a real threat. and by the wargs would it unite the neo cons and the social
3:46 pm
conservatives. >> to get there, cruz would have to do pretty well in the states that remain. >> he would have to get a lot closer to 1237 than he is right now to make that kind of trade even practically possible, and he will need more delegates to get there. >> i think if trump doesn't win on the first ballot, it is more likely that he will not end up the nomination. most likely it would be cruz and the most likely scenario is exactly what tucker is talking about. coalition either with marco or kasich. that's possible as well. >> a great breakdown this week. next up, clinton versus sanders. e trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> >> what i have been stated from the beginning to be the truth has been the truth. >> i want people to understand what the truth is. >> i am confident the american people will come to realize i have not violated the trust. >> i am confident by the end of this campaign people will know they can trust me. >r)z want the facts out. >> i want those emails out. >> well, american crossroads
3:51 pm
obviously focusing on the general election now with this nixon hillary clinton ad as you take at new polls on the democratic side. clinton and sanders essentially tied if you look at the margin of error here 4.5. this has changed dramatically over time. as you look at has the knowledge to serve effectively as president. that was another questioned asked. clinton tops this in the yes category. there you see the others. and interestingly, the most important issue facing the country, it seems to always be this, but the economy is leading the way and you see the shift there, terrorism in second. and look down the row. immigration at 4%. abortion, gay marriage. climate change. pretty low there. we are back with our panel. okay. chuck, tonight another debate. the last one before the new york primary. you look at the national numbers it seems like bernie sanders is closing the gap. >> you know, i will be interested to see how2p hard bernie sanders pushes the theme of his electability
3:52 pm
tonight. because this poll shows in question after question sanders not only beats hillary, sanders beats everyone. sanders, it's an incredible fact, bret, that this man is surging with the public right now. he is clearly behind in the delegate race. ' not very likely to end up with the democratic nomination. he has amassed a following. >> to your point fox 4. it is sanders up against the republican field. actually loses to bernie sanders. and there you see the other numbers. >> yeah. if i may say look at the number against ted cruz. 51%. 51% of the american people would tell these people they would prefer a 71-year-old appear young senator from texas. it's pretty amazing. >> he honey mind in honey
3:53 pm
moaned in the honey moaned in the soviet honeymooned in the soviet union. this guy, sanders, is to the left of putin. and as i said, he has got experience with the russians that may be why he won the poll because he honeymooned in the soviet union and i will remind you the senator. >> lindsey graham. >> lindsey graham said, thank you. he never came back. so, that's bernie sanders. look, i think the sort of roast(ñ image of him is quiet remarkable. i don't think it has to do with ideology. but he looks clean. >> he looks authentic, too. >> he is talking about things people care about. i mean, we're idealogues, i'm idealogue. i'm fixed on his support for the soviet union, i think it's disqualifying.
3:54 pm
go to a rally. is he talking about wages, price of healthcare, price of education. the national party is talking about transgendered bathroom. >> he isó leaving the campaign trail to go to the vatican in which is he going to speak alongside morales who is not exactly a u.s. friend. not sure if bernie sanders is going to see thesú3éx pope. he is not schedule to do have an audience. what about that move? >> this is the former mayor of burlington, vermont, who, i think, attempting to establish his foreign policy. by doing this is totally misguided. even bernie supporters are saying there is a new york primary going on. you should be back in your actual home state. but i think this is the kind of delusional event you see late in the campaign when someone says you need to show that you are playing the world stage. >> income inequality is his sweet spot and that's what this is about. but, capitalism is probably not going to fair too well. >> i repeat, the big story
3:55 pm
here, the elephant in the room is that he is going off as you say, who are ultra leftist, anti-american, populist in latin american. he appears to be paying no price for it in the united states. this country has changed. >> the reason it's not a story is because everybody knows that it's a theoretical candidacy and is he not going to win the nomination. >> hillary is worried about it, it seems. >> of course she is. because she is being embarrassed and humiliated here and exposes a weak candidate. again, unless she loses the fbi primary. she is going to be the nominee. >> that is it for the panel. stay tunedrvq for a surprise endorsement of presidential candidate promise to do vote and use his vote for donald trump. ♪ ♪
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because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. finally tonight, we are always tracking endorsements, some are better than others. always interesting to see them. one late night show found this particular endorsement of donald trump very significant. >> we love donald trump and he will protect us and he will be great to women. i promise that i on tuesday will vote for donald trump and will make this country great again. donald, you are the greatest in the world. you are the only one that can fill an arena without a guitar, meaning without music. >> that's why, donald trump, is endorsing donald trump for president. [cheers and applause] >> now the surprise.
4:00 pm
thanks for,m inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," all three presidential candidates under one roof and you will hear from each of them right here. donald trump, senator ted cruz, and governor john kasich all speaking tonight at the 2016 new york state republican gala. "on the record" has live team coverage from inside the grand hyatt hotel to outside. on the street of new york city where protesters are right now lining up. the big night right here on fox news kicks off with the "on the record" griff jenkins inside the gala. griff? >> greta, it is going to be a very big night with although candidates coming here. they don't want to miss this one as they duke it out here in the empire state. it's actually running a little behind schedule. behind me you see the waiters and waitresses actually setting the table. i'm not sure what they're in for. but our viewers are in for an awful lot because


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