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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left but let not your heart be troubled. why? my friends on the five are up for a special live edition that starts here on the fox news channel. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 11:00 in new york city and this is a special edition of "the five". >> all five presidential candidates descended on new york city, making their final pitches to voters at events tonight, ahead of tuesday's big primary. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich aaddressed the new york republican gala and hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in a heated democratic debate in brooklyn that is just wrapping up. we'll get to the republican candidates in just a moment. but first, it was an explosive
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night for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they hit on issues such as wall street, banks, gun control, and climate change. the topic for two days, minimum wage. tonight producing one of the most-heated moments. watch this. >> if a democratic congress put a $15 minimum wage bill on your desk, would you sign it? oof course i would. >> a lot of people would be surprised to learn you supported raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders. >> excuse me, secretary, senator, please. [ speaking over each other ]. >> you're both screaming and the viewers won't be able to hear
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either of you. >> yes, that happened. greg, what did you make of it? >> i watched the whole thing, a contest about who can give away the most stuff. first looked like it's going to be like a country bear jamboree, but all of a sudden it became the wild kingdom. she wanted to take off his head. he decided to fight back. the summary of the whole thing is so depressing. the motto of the democratic party should be we're against everything that works. they went after fracking, business, law enforcement, fossil fuel, common sense, capitalism, firearms, anything that might actually be successful, they were against. it was horrible. and the crowd was terrible. the crowd was like a rock concert for occupy wall street. so much cheering, so much rooting. just pathetic. >> i wonder if they vetted the crowd like vote for hillary,
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vote for bernie so they cheer and boo. >> well, they give out tickets. >> each party gives out tickets. >> it was annoying. >> i think the -- i'm almost alone in the building. i think the minimum wage in this country is scandalous. at the coffee shop across the street to buy a bagel and a large coffee costs about $7. so minimum wage in the united states, have you to work an hour to buy a bagel and cup of coffee. i think it's deplorably low. to greg's point, who can give away the most stuff? you build up to $15. and you noi, seattle did the $15. l.a. is now doing $15. and because they're not being
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modest in their ambition, tieing it to inflation, making it work so minimum wage with rise. that is a strong point for the republican party. >> eric, greg makes a point. they're -- >> it is scandalous because we have one. we shouldn't have one. we should let the wage float in a free market like everything else. let the price go to supply and demand. you're a avid stock trader, right? the price. the wages should be dictated the same way in a true market. so your bagel may cost $7. everyone is going to pay for minimum wage. that's that. >> they're clear about what they're against. >> i thought it was the best
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debate of all. there are two areas i thought were fantastic. from bernie sanders and when are you going to release transcripts? and she fought 4 to 5 times. she asknswers different. >> why not just release the transcripts? >> there isn't an issue. when i was in public service, serving as a senator from new york i did stand up to banks. >> secretary clinton the question was about the transfer to goldman sachs.
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>> there are certain expectations when you run for president. we've been talking about that. >> i think it may be pandering to goldman sachs. i really do. i'm going to make sure what dodd-frank doesn't hurt you, or that, or that. you heard many things it could be. another one was guns. when they say when hillary clinton said ht of guns were committing murders are coming from vermont, reality is that they pushed around and she fell. bernie sanders is the most likable of any candidate running for president. i disagree with everything he has to say but the most likable. it's a shame the books are cooked on her behalf. >> we're courting him at this
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table, saying bernie, come hither. >> he's comfortable in his skin, able to be conversational. so people want to listen to him. then, he's got a great accent. >> it's like he's been old forever. so it's okay when he's yelling. >> he seems like a candidate yelling and coming into his own skin and be comfortable being that guy. and also, talked about did he have ability to take gloves off and hit her? he has hit clinton over wall street and didn't miss a moment tonight to mock her tough talk against big banks. >> that behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. i called them out on mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness. they must have been really
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crushed by this. was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements? they must have been very, very upset. >> that is what you call an upper cut. geraldo. you're a boxer. >> i think it was, it sounded rude to me. now, i know that that is boring. one quick thing on the guns, the guns from vermont coming from new york. i thought secretary clinton hit bernie sanders hard on the fact he voted against liability for gun manufacturers for the use of their products. that was the only time i heard the hillary crowd rousing themselves. there is no doubt that secretary clinton has courted wall street, as did barack obama. every dollar barack obama took that dollar in 2008 and it is
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only because you have the socialist candidates and young people that are idealistic, wall street is bad. and i think it comes out for safety. but you know this is really a fight for the far left. this issue will not be the issue in november. >> what do you think in terms of how it's going to impact now in realtime the primary going forward? >> i think there is real momentum. because of just the crowd situation. now, you have a huge amount of young support, something like 45% compared to ers. the question were they registered on time? get those young people registered to vote. will they turn out and vote that day? if so, she's polling in about 11
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points above. and other thing is momentum is in his favor if you look at the fox news poll tonight. i don't think she anticipated in this point in the nomination that she'd be in a fight for her life for home state. >> that can take your breath away. >> they say for a primary or debate, support bernie and people are giving dollars over. the question, does that translate into someone being very pro active and going and voting for him in the primary? that is the question. >> the difference is -- oh, go ahead. >> i was going to congratulate you after you have to be registered for my own registration to make sure that i
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was registered. in october there was none of this and all had ignited when you pointed to momentum in two days. you have to go back. where was bernie sanders in october? was there this motivation? >> the final thoughts, super delegates, again, steve israel said it doesn't matter what the vote is. i'm voting for my vote going for hillary clinton. it doesn't matter. he doesn't care what the people are saying. he believes in her, it means super delegates are, the likelihood is that they're not going to go. she needs 32% of the the votes. >> his team on friday said that they plan to challenge that on the floor and somebody telling my we'll trade you any day.
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>> i love it. you can't make this up if you tried to write it. >> the thing about bernie and hillary is their fames are too big to bank. think about that. think about it. difference between hillary and bernie is that they both want the same thing. but bernie doesn't think she's going fast enough. moving less. he wants to destroy our system. faster than she's willing to go. >> and i love wolves. she's the incrementalist. >> the saying is that their sails are too big to bank. >> put that on a tee shirt, america. >> you got it. >> marching towards midnight. coming up, things didn't lighten up when sanders was asked about questioning clinton's judgment. that is next when this special edition of "the five" continues,
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. welcome back to this very special 11:00 p.m. edition of "the five" it's an after school special, we all learn something new. billy grows up and becomes a man. bernie sanders doubled down and questioning her judgment. >> does secretary clinton have
8:18 pm
what it does? i do question her judgment which voted for the war in iraq. voted for every trade agreement that cost us millions of decent paying jobs. i question her judgment about wanting super packs, i don't believe that that is the kind of justice we need to be the kind of president we need. >> did that leave a mark? >> i do think -- when saying this was the best that is one of the moments he realized wow, that came into play. now, i think that in terms of judgment, you can't trust her. i think he should have gone a little bit bigger on the talks. forget about the e-mails. if he doesn't want to talk about them fine. we will.
8:19 pm
her flip flops throughout this. one of the things and the reason it matters to the democrats she tried to be at 15. now, she's got a record. they can fact check across these issues including fracking and others i'm not thinking of at the moment. >> do you want hear her response? >> we'll hear her response. >> let's roll hillary clinton's response to bernie sanders. >> senator sanders long interview with the new york daily news talk about judgment and talk about the kinds of problems he had answering questions about even his core issues. when asked about a number of foreign policy issues. except to say if he had paper in front of him, maybe he could. i think you need to have the
8:20 pm
judgment on day one to be president and commander in chief. make no mistake about it. this is not just an attack on me, it's an attack on president obama. >> that is interesting. >> zinger. >> look. she's so smart. she has everything except the delivery. she's unlikable when she gets angry. just be like bernie. bernie is, i guess, do you know what bernie yelled? a likable yell. >> yes. >> and you'd recoil. >> i don't know where he was. and it might have taken him out earlier. >> and seems to be he's peaking at the right time. >> to me, where hillary showed greatest vulnerability is where i've been trying to lecture you.
8:21 pm
forget about e-mails and benghazi. what about libya? she was asked about that. and she gave an answer that made me gag. >> we did a great deal to help the libyan people. the libyan people deserve a chance at democracy and self government. >> senator, they abandoned the libyan people after engineering the demise of the authoritarian figure that we came to know and loathe or love. they got rid of them there, they had nothing but anarchists.
8:22 pm
and this. >> benghazi is part of that. >> i think that is one of her strongest moments in terms of coming back, not going to take it. she had to bring up the fail, inability to articulate any kind of logical persuasive command or national security is definitely hurt him. his supporters showed up 27,000 strong so he has momentum on his side. it's skillful the way she laid it out. and she was practicing all day long. >> is it tomorrow bernie leaves to go to the vatican to participate in a conference? >> yes. >> what is that about? >> the pope is hosting an event, a conference on income and equality and bernie sanders is a
8:23 pm
speaker. it's great international attention. so it's leaving new york to go do it. >> take me down to vatican city. >> how does the clinton camp feel about her debate performance? join us. next with him and his pocket square. now. now. >> yes. sorry.
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welcome back to "the five" was was it like to be in the room? fox news joins us now.
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and i think you're right. when i heard you say on gun liability, bernie sanders does have vulnerability there. that new york daily news really hurt him. we'll see what happens in new york on tuesday. from a bunch of issues from his plan to break up big banks to israeli palestinian process, he didn't seem to have details. she did score but was on defense about wall street and minimum wage, which, by the way, she's in favor of raising it. but to the for $15 that others are for. i was at an event with bill did he blasio and so liberals are
8:29 pm
do you think she won't release transcripts of the speeches? i heard what you have said and i think you're right. she's out there getting hammered by bernie sanders. and this has been a fruitful attack for him. saying she's too cozy for wall street. maybe, we don't know, behind closed doors when accepting over $200,000 you're saying if i get elected we'll ease things and there are rules to place. >> bankruptcy laws going to go light on the bankruptcy law. >> now, she's saying i will be one tough cop. nobody will enforce dodd-frank more than i. >> are you surprised they haven't leaked? >> yes. of these companies, when they do
8:30 pm
speeches they do have a sort of a transcript. they want to have a record of it. and so there is likely a transcript somewhere and you want to have a transcript. >> they're recorded. the first lady, where she has a fair point. >> she was the one who decided to do speeches for money. >> just saying, $200,000 for a speech. in a heartbeat. and and the implications of the, where is the evidence of that? she has been obtained to the
8:31 pm
point. >> all he said when banks with the last name had the great recession. so it's something she didn't do. >> elizabeth warren is vulnerable and that has been proven. >> what this highlights is that the extent to which it is first it's about her convenience. and with them turning the other cheek. and maybe the bernie sanders people are on to that. >> another example, she's on the picket line. and the sanders camp says wait.
8:32 pm
>> what bernie sabd sanders saying about the verizon boss getting paid $18 million and cutting back on health care, was great. >> you'd fit in well in brooklyn. >> one part about this is the transcripts, bernie, his excuse is that his wife had them. >> yes. the thing i found interesting is they're going to be boring and saying he's lousy at making money. >> a, i agree with you. >> one more question.
8:33 pm
>> i am not going to show you. you can't see it. >> what is -- basic for me. >> yes. >> are the democrats worried about the process being brought up on the convention floor at the dnc? >> we asked debbie wasserman-shultz about that tonight. their answer is that yes, the super delegates are important. and yes, a small number. but this time, that is 15%. >> got to go, got to go. middle east, and it is really here. >> it wasn't just a big night
8:34 pm
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five days before the crucial new york primary, all three made their final pitches to voters of the republican gala tonight. donald trump touted his success in the new york business world and real estate as experience. >> it's called commodor hotel, 7 columbus, we strip that had down and we built the building everybody said don't do it. i made the case, it took me five minutes. at the end of five minutes, not
8:39 pm
even close. many great, great experiences from new york. we can do the same thing with our country. we can bring these jobs in, under budget instead of 20 times budget. you know? we need infrastructure, we need more military. we've got to take care of our vets and do many things but we can do it. and tumble, cutthroat, dog eat dog. lyle, he's done well there. does he make a point he can translate that? >> he tied it in neatly. he said look. i'm a guy that has been battle tested. and makeñr better deals and you can replicate that model. it's jobs andçó people want job and want to be able to provide for their family. people want to see a country
8:40 pm
thriving. you saw about the military and veterans, that kind of strong military. people want to hear that. especially what is going on in the world. >> can he do it? >> i thought that was the best moment i've heard from trump in weeks. that is why we lived him initially. this is the builder. that hotel was a sess pool and the whole neighborhood was junkie. hookers and that. >> i loved it. >> and i lived on an apartment on the west side. it was twisted rail yards. and this is a guy who can, like eisenhower, built highways. he can built them, and emphasizing the strength of private against public.
8:41 pm
more, taking you ten years more, private with sharpness and ambition. >> do you think he can translate into it? >> i'm not -- you mean the other side of the table? >> the table. >> for new york that is a very effective speech. sealing the deal on tuesday. that is where he was. >> the policy details on other things he put forward are not adding up as much as they need to, i know he's got plans to do more speeches on that. he's going to have to. when you're trying to reduce, numbers have to add up better. >> trump or cruz? >> talking about this? i thought about tuesday. >> yeah. yeah. cruz, whatever. >> so who can fighteror.
8:42 pm
>> we understand the need for a strong channeder in chief with clear eyes into the threat we face and willingness and ability to rebuild our military and defeat our enemies. none of that matters if we can't win. if we cannot win the election, the people of new york know full well what comes from that. >> you can tell the audience is doing something else. i had speeches where people are eating and they're looking going like, yeah. you're not why we're here. you know? >> and this gave him an opening
8:43 pm
line. >> they thought it's interesting. >> well, for cruz. >> this venue could, i don't know. i imagine if you're a new york state party and you know who candidates are, that room probably books up a year or so in advance. >> sounded like somebody sabotaged cruz's audience. >> where is he? >> he yanked it out. >>9 what isq happening here? >> i'm in the sure. >> john kasich. we didn't have time to play that sound byte. just wanted to make sure he is included. we have breaking news. in the race for the white house, poll just out. what they're telling us about the state of the race with
8:44 pm
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the race for white house is heating up.
8:48 pm
let's check out the results of a brand new fox news poll. donald trump jumped to an 18-point lead over ted cruz with record high support. three weeks ago, trump up three points. john kasich in third with 25%. and democratic race is tightening, too. hillary clinton is ahead by two points. last month, before sanders won, eight of the nine contests, clinton had a 13-point lead z we have had breaking news. and donald trump secured the coveted new york post endorsement tonight. so that is news. and so taking it around the table, giving you three things to think about. all right?
8:49 pm
who could you trust more to negotiate with vladimir putin? >> sanders. >> sanders wins. on both things. to me that is remarkable. second thing, clinton dropped 11 points with women. and immigration is the ninth most important issue facing the country. >> no more walls? >> smaller call walls. >> every immigrant gets a wall. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm not surprised she's not doing well with women. every female democrat i know is all in on bernie sanders. >> do they say why? >> they don't like her, they don't trust her. >> what about sanders leading
8:50 pm
everybody on negotiating with putin? i don't get it. >> this is -- eric and i agree on this. we cannot deny trust worthiness and likability. if you're donald trump, should you be more worried about sanders than hillary? hillary is unlikable. >> so. >> there are outsiders. >> yes. >> do you remember that? >> well, just wanted to determine on the post endorsement. it's important to hear that.
8:51 pm
you know? also, april 11th is up. >> up. >> we have had to talk about the colorado delegates and how it's not one man, one vote. it's a process and all that. it's interesting. as it surges he's plummeting in terms of popularity. that is what i mean about the un-democratic nature of this election. >> we should clook. >> that final poll she was dead on. so who knows? >> one more thing is up next. >> get out of it. constipated?
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8:56 pm
until these robbers make off with the cash. this is monday morning. >> wow. >> they look up. and they still haven't caught the robbers. >> by the way, great for the prosecutor, make out plan. >> i'd love to hear the robber's version of the story. >> yes. >> right. >> have a nice, touching moment here from my one more thing. touching down in the airport in houston, there is a cutest two years of age exited the plane, went down the line, shaking hands of the military men standing there. this is so cute. you have to love this. they're marines. you see them. this is a mother of the 2-year-old on "fox and friends" this morning with ainsley. >> the fact that sawer can make people as happy as he makes our family is amazing. >> did he see the video? >> he did.
8:57 pm
he saw it when we're waiting to come on. he was tapping on the tv and had a huge smile on his face. >> maybe he will be a marine as well with a great mama. >> i agree. >> a week from sunday, i'm spending another day of my week with greg gutfeld in hershey, pennsylvania. you can get tickets for this town hall. we're going to have book off. that is april 24th, in hershey, pennsylvania and it's going to be -- >> that is larry gatlin up there. >> right. >> have you been there? >> he said he was gorgeous. >> they have a wooden rollercoaster that is one of the best in the country. >> those scare me. >> i'm scared of everything. >> please. don't make me go on. >> are you forgetting when you fly next to greg? it's the worst -- he ruins first
8:58 pm
class for me. let me tell you. >> really? first class. >> taking on the dirty socks and -- >> what are you talking about? you dreamt this. i wasn't even on the plane. >> honey, i wouldn't take any pills around you. scary. >> all right. >> i've had it with you. >> let's just go to this. >> greg? robot? news. >> all right. >> people wondering where marco rubio ended up. well, here he is. i kid. that is the first robot ever to go to high school. it's a freshman in japan. he's now enrolled in hisahki high school. he can speak four languages. >> which bathroom does he use? >> good question. he's four feet hall. it's hard to get into anything, speaking from experience.
8:59 pm
>> how heteronormative are you people? >> and he was already caught in the bathroom, smoking pot. >> the bicycle ride by wounded veterans in washington. adorable. the childn of the vets were allowed to blow the horn that starts the race going. just watching the president pretending to jump. >> very cute. so is joe biden. >> the sight of our wounded warriors riding bikes is a reminder the service does not end when they take off these uniforms. out of theater they come home and they have other issues to deal with. the wounded warrior ride.
9:00 pm
>> thank you. >> very nice. nice moment to see today. kind of take away from politics and men and women that served that give it up for us. >> thanks for joining us on this special late-night edition of "the five". see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. we have a very special factor because there is no script, nothing. it's just babbling by me for an hour. well, that's not true. we have politicians babble, also. you are looking at a picture over there at the hyatt hotel in midtown, manhattan. and it's big republican gala where they pay a lot of money to eat food that you would not eat for free. now we have speeches. trump is up first to try to find him. no, that's not true. he is


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