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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> thank you. >> very nice. nice moment to see today. kind of take away from politics and men and women that served that give it up for us. >> thanks for joining us on this special late-night edition of "the five". see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. we have a very special factor because there is no script, nothing. it's just babbling by me for an hour. well, that's not true. we have politicians babble, also. you are looking at a picture over there at the hyatt hotel in midtown, manhattan. and it's big republican gala where they pay a lot of money to eat food that you would not eat for free. now we have speeches. trump is up first to try to find him. no, that's not true. he is there. is he going to come out.
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we will take his speech. supposed to be about 12, 15 minutes. then after trump john kasich is going to talk and ted cruz. that's going to bleed on over and we will go in and out. we are nimble here. we have a lot of analysis on the program because there are two new polls tonight to tell you about. first we have dana peri4j4(p&c@ who is force to do sit here for an entire hour because if i falter she has to take other. >> then we have john roberts. is he inside the gala. is he not allow to do eat because he didn't pay any money so he can't get any food. we have rick leventhal, he is outside the gala. there is rick. is he with the protesters. now, watters is also there. but no one knows where watters is. this absolutely true. we sent jesse watters down there and we don't know where he is. so, maybe the)sç the protesters have kidnapped him and we are waiting ransom. we have geraldo, we don't
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know why but he is in the newsroom. there is a democratic debate tonight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we will tell you a little bit about that that comes up after the factor. and then in miami just because we want to do torture him, we have bernie goldberg who has a pocket hankie and is ready to go. that's all i can tell you right now. i don't really know where this is going to go. so what we're going to start with, again, we have no script here at all, is the brand new fox news poll. and dana and i are going to talk about that and hopefully trump will get his butt out to the stage and start to talk so we can cut to that. now, first, this is 2016 g.o.p. nominee preference. >> yep. >> all right. trump 45%. >> yep. >> that's up from 41% in march. everybody thought he was on the downside. he added four points. cruz 27%. is he down 11 points since march. >> um-huh. >> do you know why? >> i don't know why. >> no idea? >> no. i don't. i actually don't. because he -- you know, in
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this intervening time trump had a couple of bad weeks especially when he lost in wisconsin. >> usual, right. >> and cruz woné in wisconsin. >> right. >> cruz is winning in the delegate hunt all across the country. i think -- i don't know if this poll is just an outlier or not but losing 1111 points is a lot. >> i don't know why cruz's numbers dropped 11. and then con kasich went up 8. 17% in march. is he it 25 now. just two points behind cruz. >> it could be that cruz has dropped as kasich has come up so that you had all these other candidates drop out. people are taking a look at their options. >> on the democratic sides it's tied clinton and sanders, 48% for clinton. 46 for sanders. that's in the margin of era. clinton is down from 55% in march. that's a 7 point drop. and the berne meister is up 4% in march.
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dead heat. that's interesting because sanders could win here in new york. that would be colossal upset if that ever happens. >> there is one other thing about that too which i find doctoring. in that month clinton support has declined by 11 points with women. and bernie sanders is up 9 points with women. >> okay. >> in one month if you have hillary clinton -- >> -- what did she do to the ladies? did hillary do anything to >> maybe they are all just feeling the berne. >> i don't know. >> here is the really weird part to quote hunter thompson. this is really weird. ready? all right. running against bernie sanders, john kasich 43%, sanders 47. beats kasich. cruz 39%. sanders 51%. beats cruz by 12 points. and trump 39%. same as cruz. sanders 5%.
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14 points he beats him. i can't imagine. do you have any idea? >> i don't. last night bernie sanders had that huge event here in washington square park in new york. he says it was 27,000 people. in head-to-head matchups one of the things we always focus on is hows would any of these republicans do against hillary clinton because we just assume she is going to be the nominee. >> let's give clinton's numbers. we will get back to the sanders thing because i just don't believe it. anyway, kasich against clinton, kasich wins by 9 the, 49% to 40%. cruz tie, 45 cruz, 45 clinton. trump 41%, clinton 48%. clinton loses by 7%. -- clinton 38%. >> let's go to geraldo because is he more in tune with bernie sanders. do you believe these numbers that sanders is boating the republicans like that? >> it's pie in the sky. that picture you have up of the grand hyatt hotel.
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>> yeah. >> 15 seconds on the grand hyatt hotel. when you and i were just starting out, 1976 the city was in the toilet, the grand hyatt hotel=ab a hotel called the commodore. >> that's right. >> you couldn't give it away. it was a rat hole. 42nd street. it was the&w sum of all evil junkies, filth homeless so a young 27-year-old uses father's influence give me that hotel to fix it up. he got a 40 year tax abatement, the hotel commodore became the grand hyatt hotel. 20 years aftery 27-year-old made they deal. 1996 he sold his half interest for $143 million. that 27-year-old was donald trump. >> that's right. trump. >> what does that tell you? it tells you put aside all of the issues that we have -- i obviously have problems with immigration and
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the rest of it but to go back to what is his strong suit, the guy asked on the celebrity apprentice. this is a brilliant businessman actually employed people and paid taxes and those people have paid taxes it shows you a level of competence in this -- and the chief executive that is, i think what he should be emphasizing instead of this crazy stuff. >> do you know why bernie sanders is beating all three of them? he is beating trump by 14 points. >> it's because thezm>5ñ medical marijuana. no, no. [ laughter ] we have a kid here very typical, $35,000 a year employee, graduated college not so long ago. paying 8% interest on her college loan that she is going to be paying off until she is, what, 45 years old? that's why. >> i understand. the younger voters don't make up most of the electorate. this is across the board 53% 49%, sanders beats trump. i don't believe it. i have to say with all due respect2b the fox news poll has been good. i don't believe. this i just don't.
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>> i think sanders appeals to the idealism. >> oh, come on. he is a socialist and he wouldn't get anything done. he would be sitting sitting thee eating ice cream from vermont all day. >> i agree. he should run for president of national student council. >> let's go to watters. somebody has found watters and hauled him out of the bar. he was there. what are you doing, watters, exactly down there. tell the folks what you are wait forle we trump to come out. >> well, you told me to come down and talk to some of the protesters. did i that. it got a little out of control. there was some punches thrown. i was a little overdressed for the event because i'm going to go inside the gala after this. but it was of radicals. you had antiwarjú people. had you angry latinos. the guy is using fascism in the background here. a real motley crue of radicals here. we mix it up and ask them some says questions. >> let's see a little of that roll the tape. >> what do you dislike about
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trump? >> everything. racism, xenia phobia. the fascism get these people out of here. we don't like this. scapegoat the torture. it's asinine. he has plummeted theh@ level -- the already pretty bad level of like republican right wing discourse about national security matters just gone -- >> i think we are skating dangerously close to a hitler-like situation in the sense that is he talking about deporting groups that are divided along racial lines. and. >> obama supports too. do you think is he like hitler? >> ---obama deports people too. do you think is he like hitler. >> long campaign interview if this is who you interview. change tactics when i become president which is what he
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said. i think that makes you untrustworthy right off the bat. >> why are you out here today? >> well, trump, is he dictating hate and just protesting it. and i don't think it's right. >> what'sqú that? >> he is -- hate. is he spewing out words of hate against all races and i don't think it's right. >> what did trump say that was hateful specifically? >> mostly against my friends, hispanics. >> what did he say? >> he wants to build a wall. keep my friend here of hispanic culture out of the country. >> they are sending their rapists. they are sending their worst people hot [bleep] is they. who is they? does this look like aa÷ly rapist to you? >> all right. so, you know, okay. what we're going to do now is we're going to take a short break. trump is -- are you going to stay outside or are you going in, watters? are you going inside now. >> if you don't need me,thuç i'm
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going inside, bill. >> why don't you go inside. i don't know if we are going to get any more rationale discourse from those people. maybe. but you talk to some people inside after the speeches. okay? then i want to set everybody up to everybody knows what we're doing. no script tonight. a big republican gala in midtown, manhattan. we have trump come on stage soon. then john kasich. and then ted cruz. we will go in and out of those speeches. we have a bunch of analysts standing by. some new polling for you and all of that as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man.
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research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. all right. thanks for staying with us, we are doing unscripted factor tonight because we have are republican gala in midtown manhattan. we are waiting for donald trump to speak. we have a new poll "the
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washington post"/abc news. we are going to have bernie goldberg to help us analyze. first question about about trump is among women. and 24% favorable among the ladies. 75% unfavorable. so, that's hold firm now that trump is friends with megyn kelly again. this has got to go way down, right? >> you know, let me say one thing before i get to the poll, donald trump wants to build a wall. i think he should build a wall to keep jesse watters out of this country. >> cheap shot, goldberg, come on, man, he is out there with the folks. >> i am willing to acknowledge that may be a cheap shot. i have said to you before, bill, that this will not end well for the republicans. if those numbers hold up, of the ones you just mentioned is just one of them an
9:16 pm
unfavorable that's off the charts. it can't end well for the republican party. >> you are right. here is more startling number. i don't understand this number. african-americans favorable for trump 7%.og unfavorable 91%. what did donald trump ever do to african-americans? i'm not getting this. far and away the biggest repudiation of any political candidate. >> you know what? that's a fair question. he certainly hasn't done anything specific. you can make the c se that he made comments about mexicans. that mexicans, you know,nuy latins, americans don't like or latinos in this country don't like. you might make that case. >> right. >> he hasn't done anything to my knowledge that would offend so many black people. but i think it's the persona. hillary clinton is very popular among black voters, very popular. she panders to the black electorate a lot.
9:17 pm
you know, they like her. if she is the opponent of a donald trump. can you see how they might say we like hillary, therefore, we don't like trump. but there is no rationale reason. you are on to something there. >> african-american viewers if you will write me and let me know, i will do it tomorrow. we will do a segment on it among hispanics, 15% favorable for trump. 81% unfavorable. so that, you know, runs the table, women, blacks and hispanics. that's not a surprise. let me get out the ted cruz numbers. women, 37% favorable. 53% unfavorable. among african-americans, 34% favorable for cruz. that's not a bad number. >> huh-uh. >> unfavorable 51%. hispanics, even though senator cruz is hispanic, favorable 32%, unfavorable 46%. hispanics really don't know him very much. that's what that number says. african-americans, like cruz, a lot more than they like trump. again, why? >> well, they like him a lot more than they like trump.
9:18 pm
but, they probablykm like david duke a little more than they like trump. >> there is no rationale for either the favorable for cruz among african-americans or unfavorable. i don't understand the number. >> >> well, one of the problems is and hear me out on this. is that you are looking at this rationalely. and that may not be the right way to look at anything during this political season. it's there is not a lot that's been rational. >> no, true. >> these poll numbers may reflect that. >> usually there is a thread of emotion and a thread of linear thinking through here, the two things -- and i said this to miss dana. we are going to take a break. i don't know who that guy is i thought it was rich little in the beginning, but it isn't. he is just, i guess, introducing trump. so what we're going to do is take a break. we're going to come back. everybody is holding where we are. and when donald trump comes out we will go right to him. as the factor continues. and we appreciate you watching tonight. watching tonight. rich little, everyon
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continuing with the live o'reilly factor. we are awaiting donald trump at republican gala in midtown, mid-atlantic. before would do that, go to dana perino. do you understand the numbers for donald trump. >> not particularly well. you look at the cruz number which you said was better was 34%. >> 34%. >> i think that could be two things. one, as we have seen in his hunt for delegates across the country, he has a superior organization. and his campaign is organized in all of those states. so it could be that they have done a little bit more personal one-to-one outreach on that score. >> all right. >> with trump, that number of 91% unfavorable from the black community is almost the exact opposite of when hillary clinton has been in
9:23 pm
states with the high african-american population she has won that vote by about anywhere from 85% to 91%. very loyal voters. >> so maybe they got mad at trump for attacking hillary clinton that one time? >> they are loyal to her? let's ask rivera. you are on the street, rivera. >> yes, i am. >> why 91% 7%. >> i had two pentagon officials visit me yesterday. both black women, they were coming to arrange the army celebration birthday. they both said they would feel afraid toan attend a trump function. when you remember who gets beat up at trump rallies, yes, they are activists but the black lives matter, occupy people. they are very often black people. he had a southern strategy, donald trump. he had a southern strategy, donald trump, remember. he -- why didn't he condemn david duke? he knew who david duke was? everyone knows who david duke is. >> i put that off to -- you
9:24 pm
made a very good point that the videotape that has been shown of the confrontations at some trump rallies, sometimes has featured white trump supporters hitting black protester always. almost always. >> that, rivera, i think you may have hit it? >> a very negative vibe. >> played over and over and over and over on black entertainment television, on the internet, on sites that african-americans go to on social media. it's over and over. i think rivera has hit on it is that the first time in 20 years i ever. [ laughter ] but i think that's it. would you say? >> i'm going to have to say it's the first time i will join. >> you goldberg, do you think he is right? >> i do. i think that makes a lot of sense. it's the pu=uju of images.
9:25 pm
if you see a black kid, no matter what he did 10 seconds earlier, walking upstairs. leaving the arena and some old white idiot coal cocks him. physical people are watching that video and they are going to say they are at a that makes sense. >> and i have got to give rivera credit for doing it get to the john kasich who polls better than anyone running against clinton and sanders in the race. favorable unfavorable. women 38% favorable against the governor. 40 unfavorable. that's a wash, it's a time among african-americans 30% favorable. 48% unfavorable. hispanics 29% favorable. 37% unfavorable. so that shows hispanic americans don't know who john kasich really is because of the low number there. would you concur with that analysis? >> i think that's probably true of both kasich and cruz. >> cruz. >> one thing that donald
9:26 pm
trump has is 100 percent name i.d. before he gets to the table. other thing where geraldo was right not only did we see the guy, the white guy hit the black guy then the next morning or that time donald trump was on the sunday shows he initially said that he was going to ask his team to consider paying for the legal fees for the guy. >> passion, this, that, and the other thing. yeah, i think we have solved that now, rivera, i'm going to throw another hard one at you. okay? bernie sanders beating all of the republican contenders by a lot. and i'm going i don't think that's right. i don't think that fox news survey is right. do you? >> i cannot believe. but i have been so right on trump. and i really believe that hillary will be the ultimate nominee. >> no doubt about that. >> i have been saying since july. however, the sanders resilience is very fascinating to me. and to me it is a longing among the millennial
9:27 pm
generation for the kind of activism we had when we were their age, bill. where there was the antiwar movement, the civil rights movement. there was a questing for something larger than self. they are looking for meaning. they are seeing c!v 74-year-old slumpy socialist from vermted of all people. they see the cause they can rally around.w so he is attracting the occupy crowd. >> would you say long fair the cause you can rally around that these younger voters don't know anything about what bernie sanders wouldment to have? america would be transformed economically, you know, and from a country that values individual local input into this colossal washington, big government i don't think these kids know what they're talking about. i really don't. >> but does bernie sanders know what he is talking about. >> no, he doesn't know what he is talking about.
9:28 pm
he can't break up the banks. >> how are you going to break up the banks. >> he can't even close a bankrupt ben and jerry's. >> he doesn't even know how to use an atm. >> bill? >> bernie. >> you can hear me? >> yes, go. >> let me try to answer your question. i think a lot of the sanders supporters they were certainly too young to be involved in one of t7t most exciting movements of the 20th century, the civil rights movement. they were too young to embrace john f. kennedy or bobby kennedy. this is their shot. >> yeah. but they don't know what they are talking about. at least in the 60's and 70's we knew what vietnam was. we knew what civil rights. were they don't know what socialism is. i have got to take a break. go ahead, last point, bernie, go. >> you once said that one of the good things that's coming out of this trump candidacy is that is he bringing people into the process. >> everybody in. >> that's a bad thing. look at these people.
9:29 pm
they want bernie sanders a socialist to be president. >> they will be educated and they will be okay. we are awaiting donald trump. i don't know who that guy is there. but, we're going to take a quick break and maybe when we come back from the break, trump will be there. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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governor martinez the first hispanic female governor of the united states. ever. and she is teeing up donald trump. senator ted cruz, governor john kasich who will speak after she is finished. i want to go outside the hyatt hotel where the anti-trump demonstrators are we are going to bring in fox news correspondent rick lesson that you. what's going on out there, man. >> bill, the organizers of this protests have promised that tens of thousands of people would march on the grand hyatt and disrupt tonight's republican fundraiadr for donald trump and the other republican candidates. there were hundreds of candidates earlier. now you have maybe 20 or 30 stragglers left now yelling in front of the restaurant on 42nd street which has nothing to do with the republican event across the street there are people in there they have nothing to do with it. this is one of the pens they set up for the demonstrators. they shrank the penn. it was in the next lane of 42nd street. they are shrinking it down. basically no one left.
9:34 pm
this is the front of the hotel. they have been here all day. there were large groups of demonstrators earlier today. in fact, we saw about 100 of them go inside grand central terminal at one point and basically blocked a whole lane of traffic inside the terminal and were chanting and carrying on in there. and police allowed them to do that. they stayed for a few minutes. and then moved out into the street and there were, again, hundreds of people inç6m@ the street as well. i think you heard jesse mention earlier there were fisticuffs in the crowd. we saw as one reporter actually went inside the penn with all the demonstrators and protesters and stirred things up is there were punches or a punch thrown before that guy was escorted out by the nypd. we have a handful of protesters left. the event is still going on inside the grand hyatt. you have 20 or 30 people in front of the restaurant and everyone else i don't know where. >> let me make a couple points.
9:35 pm
the nypd is best in the world at crowd control. they know how to do it? >> no question about it. >> number two, not a lot of anti-trump peoplehu turned out the ones that did are hard core anarchists outside of the onev trump supporter who tried to get in there which was ridiculous fairly peaceful. i'm surprised. i thought it was going to be a lot worse. >> what they did is very clever. they had these metal barricades. they created buffer zones. they created a lane for pedestrians away from the sidewalk across the street and then created an area that was completely sealed off to the public. beyond that and that's where you see most of the officers were positioned. so no one was going to get into the event this way. they even at the end of this block, there were a group of protesters that marched down to the end of the street. they tried to cross and go in in the side entrance to the hotel and they blocked with these barricades the sidewalk. and they wouldn't let people even cross the street at that point. >> well, new york city, largest city in the country.
9:36 pm
and the cops really know how to control crowds. rick, thanks very much. woe appreciate it we're going to take a quick break now. donald trump is first up, we understand, on theq:$r deist after governor finishes. we will hear donald trump's speech as the factor moves along this evening. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen.
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>> you're looking at a live picture of midtown, manhattan, a g.o.p.gala. governor susanna martinez of new mexico, the first female hispanic governor in the history of the u.s.a. speaking in front of donald trump coming up right behind her. when we were out with rick leventhal looking at the protesters. the protesters have fizzled out. they have helped trump. >> in some ways everything helps trump. it drives media attention. >> most protesters don't come off as very are a at this could you -- articulate. >> bernie sanders said yesterday 27,000 people and for the poll numbers you were just talking about unfavorable numbers with hispanics, african-americans, women, young people, there is the video that we're seeing here like on cable news. but then there is the social media component that i think is hardening those types
9:41 pm
of -- that demographic to vote against him and to actively vote for sanders. >> that may be so. but for people who are on the fence about donald trump, geraldo, if you are on the fence about him, okay. you are not quite convinced that he should be the republican nominee, i think these protesters help trump. do you? >> i do. i think that people are afraid of disorder. people -- you know, even when people now on the democratic side question the 1994 anticrime bill that had so many inner city young men going to prison for long terms, people forgetmp that that period there were many black ministers that were with the many liberal senators who joined the conservatives because they wanted order. they wanted to be safe in their homes. people vote for the person they think can keep things safe. keep them secure. give them -- i think but one point i want to make and dana mentioned the word demographic. this will be probably more than ever a race about
9:42 pm
demographics. on the democratic side bernie sanders, i mean, there are no black people, no ha teach knows, small representations of those groups. that he was why in these big states. new york and new jersey and pennsylvania and maryland and the other northeastern states, trump is going to rout, you know, his opponent and i think hillary clinton will win over bernie sanders. >> i don't know. i think sanders might upset york. >> i don't think it's going to happen. >> item imrawsks favor t[j%uz narrowing do you think the protesters help trump with people who are on the fence about him? >> yeah, i do. i think for many people, at least for a segment of the american electorate. donald trump is a symbol. he represents a strong man. he represents the kind of lowered that they long for and that&y they believe
9:43 pm
america used to be proud of. a tough guy who didn't put up with any garbage. and when they see, you know, whether they are anarchists or not, when they see scruffy kids who probably ought to have a job and they are demonstrating and making noise and demonstrating outside of a restaurant that had nothing to do with anything, they see that and that only works in donald trump's favor because he is the antithesis of that. he represents the strong man that will tolerate that in their view. >> can i offer a dissent? >> yes. >> it's not my opinion. goes to the poll we have been talking about, the fox news poll. while all that is said. if you -- when asked if donald trump, clinton, sanders, cruz, do they have the temperament to serve effectively as president. clinton 62% to 37%. sanders 68% to 29%. donald trump 33% it 65%. so i think that is actually the opposite of what.
9:44 pm
>> talking about the people who would vote for trump. >> i think they are already going to vote fo"u trump. >> >> no, no. >> you think there are people on the fence. >> i think there are people in the republican party among the three of them which would be the best leader at this point. now, are there many of those people? probably not. but there are some. and then whenever you see guy go, you know, when watters earlier in the program was interviewing him and guy is throwing obscenities. it's all about hate. >> want it vote for for donald trump. people that guy is repulsive protester probably already going to vote for donald trump anyway. >> i don't know about that but we are going to take a break. here is what we are going to do. we think trump is going to come up in the next couple of minutes. so let's get the commercial out of the way. although we love the sponsors because they pay miss dana and all of our
9:45 pm
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9:48 pm
you are watching a live picture of governor martinez of new mexico. it's a long speech covering a lot of areas. we expect donald trump to come right up after her. but you never know. and ms. martinez doesn't look uncomfortable up there. looks like she's, you know, this is her moment, so she's taking it. democratic debate tonight. does it mean anything to you? >> well, not really to me. but i think it's very interesting, i don't think that hillary clinton thought she would have to be debating anyone at this point. >> at this late juncture, yeah. >> if she had won in wisconsin,
9:49 pm
i don't think she would have agreed to do this debate, because we would have been well on her way and would have dismissed him. in the last two weeks, bernie sanders has ratcheted up the rhetoric against her, saying she was unqualified at one point. >> wow. >> the thing is, when he gets into -- he's been more aggressive in the press, but when he's together with her, they tend to work together. >> you don't expect bernie to go after her tonight, do you? >> he has been very cudding from a distance. >> i don't want to hear about the e-mails. >> but i totally agree with him. it's very interesting to me, that just this one policy point, i don't want to bore anybody, but the president of the united states, on sunday, admitted his biggest mistake of his 7 1/2 years. his biggest mistake was not planning for the day after gadhafi in libya. to me, that's what the
9:50 pm
republicans should seize, the fact that hillary clinton was secretary of state -- >> nobody cares about libya, her ral -- geraldo. >> instead of that stuff, that stuff, let's go after the -- he's really -- what they do, is they blew the middle east. >> they've been trying the "fast and furious" and irs and it just doesn't go. i want goldberg's opinion. do you think bernie is going to lay it on her tonight or no? >> i don't know. but i think most of the american people are tired of these debates. we know everything we need to know at this point, at least anything they're going to reveal. it's like stop already. it's like torture. by the way, i have an update on the trump plan to build a wall in mexico and have the mexicans pay for it. earlier tonight, earlier tonight in what admittedly was a cheap
9:51 pm
shot, i said he needs to build that wall to keep jesse watters out of this country. i have found out since i said that, if he builds the wall, he won't ask the mexicans to pay for it, because i have volunteered to pay for the wall. >> you heard it. i don't know why you're giving watters so much grief. he rented the tuxedo, he got the tie straight and he looks good. we'll have him here tomorrow. governor martinez was supposed to be off oh, i would say a good three or four minutes ago but she looks real comfortable up there. i think you may get her a hammock and she can -- and i like governor martinez. this is new mexico. >> do you want to talk about the first latino vote? >> do you think that matters? they don't know who governor martinez is unless they live there. >> there's one wild card with
9:52 pm
trump and the minority vote. one is turnout. there has to be an energized electorate to defeat him. the other is, he is a very charming person. so don't discount the possibility that trump could make in roads in the minority vote, because he is 100% name familiar. there is a possibility as he gets the nomination, then moderates and drops this nonsense about mexicans being drug dealers and rapists and muslims being excluded and so forth. >> do you think he's going to be a moderate kind of guy if he gets the nomination? >> i think the trump you see seek thing nomination is absolutely not the person -- >> some of his supporters aren't going to like that. >> he is a caricature -- >> we've got movement, rivera. so let's take a quick break so we can pick up the trump speech in its entirety. right back. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes.
9:53 pm
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>> >> okay, they're introducing donald trump now with great timing. we got all the commercials out of the way. i'm going to say goodbye now. i know you'll miss me. we'll have trump carry over into "the kelly file" and so you can watch what trump says and then coming up behind trump is kasich and cruz. so you've got that to look forward to throughout the evening here on the fox news channel. all right. here it goes. one, two, three, take it! [ cheers and applause ] hello, everybody. thank you. please sit down, sit down. it's great to be back in new york, i will say that. great to be back. what a crowd.
9:56 pm
you know, i thought i would do something a little different. when i heard a few months ago, he said we would love for you to speak. i said where are you going to have it? he said at the grand hyatt. i love to speak at the grand hyatt because i built this hotel. and it was a very, very successful deal. i built it, it was toward the end of the '70s and the market was horrible and this area, for those of you like my very good friends, and everybody, would say that this was a crazy deal and i shouldn't have done it. and i said, i have to do it. and my father, who was in brook lip, -- brooklyn, in queens, he said son, don't do do it. i said pop, i agree the location is terrible, but you got to see the people. that is when i have to say,
9:57 pm
republicans for gerald ford said to new york, drop dead, right? drop dead. that was a killer. that was not a good time for our city, right? that was a good time for our city. but it was something that was -- we mad had to do something beca we love new york, we love new york. that was probably maybe the worst of the worst. but i love the building, i love the potential of the building. it's called the commodore hotel built in 1909 and it was a mess. they had a spa and the spa was called relaxation plus. and nobody ever got into what the plus meant. you don't want to know. [ laughter ] and everybody in the building was failing. every retail tenant in the building was failing. but relaxation plus was making an absolute fortune and i couldn't get them out. and i asked about all sorts of
9:58 pm
things. i shouldn't say this too loud because i will be ridiculed by the conservatives, of which i am one. i said what about condemnation? but i didn't to that. but i ended up getting them out, and brought the building down to its steel, except for some of the details on a couple of the ceiling, because they would have been very hard. this is one of the rooms, the detail of the ballroom, and the details of the rooms outside and trying to save those details cost a fortune. because when the whole building was brought down to the steel, we had to put canvas over all of the areas we were saving and when it rained that was not an easy situation. but i got it built, and what happened is as we were opening the market changed. because the city was doing so badly. that was the worst that the city had ever been economically also. people leaving, companies were leaving in droves and it was
9:59 pm
something of a miracle. the area, i opened the building to tremendous fanfare and the area became special, just special. and i called it a park avenue address, even though it fronted on 42nd street. i called it park avenue. it's on the park avenue ramp, in all fairness, right? i had a choice of lexington avenue, 42nd street or park avenue. and guess what? i chose park avenue. and that wasn't bad, right? so i had also been in columbus circle, i did trump international and it's been a great success from the day it was built and we're in the circle. and columbus circle didn't have a good name, but it also was on central park west but it was called 7 columbus circle. and a little known fact and when we talk about government, we talk about rules and regulations. a little known fact is when you have an address, at least in new york, when you have an address on a building, it's so hard to
10:00 pm
change. so when you have a building that's 7 columbus circle, you have to go through the whole united states government to get, because of the u.s. mail and all of the different problems. so it was 7 columbus, and i basically stripped that one down. we built a tremendous building, and i went out and i really put on a big campaign in washington and i got it changed to number 1 central park west. that was good, too. [ applause ] you know, i figured the day i got that changed, it was worth seven times more than i paid for it. but this has been just an amazing event. i think of it because when i di don't do it. it can't be done. never going to happen. bad area. bad location. tremendous crime. the city's dying. and the city was dying. it wasn't just like not doing well, the city was dead. and i remember when i said to a


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