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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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way that a moped is not a getaway video. dash cam video showing a man's escape attempt. officer tried to pull them over because the moped was missing a registration sticker but he took off. he's going to be in a world of hurt. he should have gotten the registration sticker. >> you have an awesome week. >> you have an awesome weekend. i will miss you on the real story because i can't get enough of this place. see you later. bye everybody. jon: five candidates now in the home stretch to do new york primary. voters could play a game keep changing role in the presidential race for the first time in a long time. welcome and welcome to happening now.happy friday, i'm greg jared in for john .
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heather: you made it through to the end of the week. on heather childers in for jenna lee and everyone at home, republicans are talking about them first. spanning across new york state hoping to win some or even all of the 95 delegates up for grabs tuesday. after appearing last night at a republican gala where each candidate made his case for becoming the gop nominee. >> my opponents in this race, all four of them pledged to maintain that iranian nuclear deal. one says he will renegotiate it. let me be very clear. as president, on the very first day in office i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] >> you realize people's anxieties and you come to understand these people's anxieties. you have two choices. you can either go into that room and tell them how bad everything is. you can tell them the country is in decline. you can tell them they've been ripped off. you can feed on their anxiety
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and cause anger and division, paranoia and even at times hatred. or you could walk into that same room and you could recognize the struggles and problems and the anxieties that people have and you can talk to them about how we solve those problems. >> number one, honesty and great talking. honesty, you better believe it. it's a work ethic. hard working people. it's about family, new york, believe it is about family. so important. it's the energy to get things done. big energy. heather: while bernie sanders joined hillary clinton on the debate stage before hopping a flight to rome where sanders spoke atthe vatican this morning. democrats with nose to nose , hitting each other hard on their records and experience to leave the country. >> wildlife don't do question
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her judgment, i question the judgment that voted for the war in iraq. the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of this country, voted for her virtually every disastrous trade agreement which cost us millions of decent paying jobs and i question her judgment about running super packs which are collecting tens of millions of dollars from special interests including $15 million from wall street.>> on a when asked about a number of foreign policy issues, he couldn't answer about israel, about counterterrorism except to say if maybe he had paper in front of him maybe he could. i think you need to have the
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judgment on day one to be both president and commander in chief. heather:battle in brooklyn last night. how will these talking points play out in the final weeks of nominating battle ? here is jay april, a publisher of elections magazine. thank you for joining us. what did you think about last night? a different tone that we've heard before in democratic debate. >> i thought as expected in some ways it was the nastiest of the debates we'd seen between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i think they shared a debate stage. secretary clinton has done a good job of sort of masking the level of disbelief. i have to imagine she feels to be still standing on a stage with bernie sanders this late in the primary season but i don't think, i think we saw that frustration quite clearly at several moments last night and these candidates are just at each other. heather: it doesn't look like she's going to get rid of bernie sanders anytime soon.
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she's in it for the long haul. what do you think was his best moment last night? >> bernie sanders shines in these debates when he states very clearly his unequivocal issue positions. i think that's his biggest strength when he's debating hillary clinton. bernie sanders is unequivocal on a range of issues and frankly, senator clinton is anything but on a range of issues. you take that minimum-wage exchange. it's a key example of that. for bernie sanders it is, either you are for an immediate high $15 minimum wage or there's no middle ground there and i think that exchange highlights what bernie sanders supporters don't like about hillary clinton which is this incrementalism which does not define bernie sanders and the clinical liberal democrats that support him. heather: she said she supports the $15 wage last night where before he'd only been willing to say 12 so that pushes her further to the left. >> right and again i think we've seen that on a number of issues across the primary season and for some sanders supporters that his victory
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right? looking at this race but i think we've got to the stage now where bernie sanders has a string of victories. he's got vocal support from liberal democrats and despite the primary math, the delegate math which quite clearly shows that bernie sanders as a tremendously difficult path , he's going to stay in this thing and i think his supporters are giving him good reason to. heather: you mentioned vocal supporters. hillary clinton willing to actually go after his supporters as well last night as they were vocal in the crowd. here's what she had to say about climate change specifically with sanders. listen. >> i am getting a little bit, i'm getting alittle bit concerned here because you know, i really believe the president has done an incredible job against great odds and deserves to be supported . now, it's easy to diagnose the problem. it's harder to do something about the problem.
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heather: what you think about her answer they are? will that benefit her because if she's trying to gain bernie supporters when it comes time for the general election, showing us how to go over because clearly they are supporting a candidate who is from the outside, a totally different candidate. we lost shane april i believe but we will try to get him back but of course we will be talking more about the democratic debate through this hour and the next so stay tuned with us for that. greg? greg: a missile test in north korea apparently failing to launch, us officials say. the test was intended to celebrate the birthday of the country's founder and is a very embarrassing setback in the testing of a powerful range missile that apparently exploded midair reckons after liftoff or it secretary of defense ash carter who is in the south china sea now called another provocation by north korea. heather: secretary of state
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john kerry condemning russiafor reckless actions on the high seas . >> after this happened, yes, russia just closed a u.s. navy destroyer in the south china sea several times this week, over 30 in two days. secretary carey says us naval officers would have been justified in shooting down the russian aircraft. russia's defense minister rejecting the complaint. leyland vineyard is live from the white house. more on this story that continues to develop every day.
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>> exactly heather, a lot of words flying back and forth including at the white house press briefing. this american rhetoric and the increasing rhetoric against russia comes amid pretty significant military moves as the russians can't be happy about that including moving in divisions worth of military armor into eastern europe. also deploying f-22's to a base in england so far the toughest words haven't come from the white house but secretary of state john kerry who said yesterday , it's unprofessional and under the rules of engagement that meaning the buzzing of that us ship could have been a shoot down so people need to understand this is serious business and the united states is not going to be intimidated in the high, russian jets flew a simulated attack profile against the uss donald while in international waters. the ship was close however to a russian military base. experts say the repeated flybys are the most provocative russian military moves since the cold war. >> this is an extremely serious situation, not simply for the
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combat runs made at our destroyer and the risk of something untoward happening but because of what it reflects about moscow's use of the united states and our commitment to our nato members. they think they can do this, i think it's the precursor of more. i am just worried president obama doesn't apologize for the russians for getting our destroyer in the way of that airplane. they think they can do this and not face consequences. >> having made the point with their air force, the russians are playing coy. yesterday one of their generals saying he was baffled by quote, distrust reaction of our american counterparts. this course is not the first time we have seen the american military he challenged by the russian military whether it be in the pacific or baltic sea. unclear yet if these tough words we are hearing from secretary carey will be followed by tougher actions by the us military, heather. heather: i was going to say, if we have actions to back them up. leyland vittert, live from dc, thank you.
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greg: a california board recommending parole for one time manson family member leslie van helton. the parole board determining the convicted killer is no longer a danger to society after years in prison. van helton was found guilty of the savage murders of reno and rosemary lobby on back in 1969, originally sentenced to death. william is live from los angeles with the details. reporter: greg, the pressure is on governor jerry brown. he would be the first governor to approve the release of a member of the manson cult. leslie van houton is 66, she's been behind bars 47 years, the longest-serving woman in california prison. denied parole 20 times, he or she is in 2010. >> i make no excuse for what i have done. my actions in 1969 were contemptible and they were without justification. reporter: unlike manson who was
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convicted of conspiracy, van houton described how she tied it hello over the head of rosemary with a lamp court, stabbed her 14 times in the back. yesterday her lawyer said the former homecoming princess, 19 at the time deserves to be free and he believes governor brown the prison reformer will do it. >> for him to continue to do the job he is starting to do, he's going to have the p or pressure of the name manson being attached to this but if they look at the facts of the case, there's no reason not to embrace this line of parole. reporter: as for the rest of the manson cult, governor brown denied parole earlier for denise davis, 73 saying he remained a danger to the public. accomplice patricia preckwinkle was denied parole 13 times, he was up and 18. her fellow defendant soon at susan atkins died in prison.
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charles watson, he's been denied parole multiple times and as for the ringleader charles manson, he is 81. serving nine consecutive life sentences and citing the brutality of these crimes and the terror of this family that they inflicted on los angeles, two years ago governor brown said that. he denied watsons parole. nothing has changed greg so will governor brown change his opinion? >> we know the lobby of the family will be opposing it. greg: lobby august daughter will be lobbying personally. we will wait to see what happens. william, thanks. we're going to take a much closer look at this case with the leslie van houton case with our legal panel later in the program so stay tune for that. what one attorney says about the likelihood of granting parole in such a notorious and brutal crime. heather: we take you briefly to
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a shot of hillary clinton. this is in harlem where she is speaking to a group about affordable housing. this is a harlem senior care center. all the candidates sweeping out across new york state as much as they can in anticipation of the primary coming up on tuesday. greg: except for bernie sanders who left the country. heather: he was in brooklyn last night. greg: how did he get to the vatican so quickly? the left and went to rome central and that's a bunch of his supporters and well-wishers out there and i think there's going to be a media availability as well. here she is in new york city keep an eye on i on the prize. heather: i hear he will be back. i that goes to italy and then comes back to new york. greg: have a nice pasta dinner, a little wine. heather: i wonder if he flew
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commercial? greg: that's a good question. heather: we will find out. coming up, new details of a teenager arrested for the murder of this university of texas dance student. could the suspects passed impact the charges filed in the murder of her go wiser? plus, more arrests in europe. what lead authorities to five new suspects. stay with us. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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to crime stories we are following. the 17-year-old arrested for the murder of a university of texas student. was in child protective services custody before hewas reported as a runaway last month. officials investigated multiple allegations of neglect involving members of his family over years . authorities say meechaiel criner will be charged with the murder in the death of 18-year-old haruka weiser. the oregon dance students body was found in a creek on campus april 5. a bail hearing scheduled today in wisconsin
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for two girls charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of a friend. prosecutors say the attack was intended to please a fictional character online. the girls in custody for two years requesting a reduction in bail to an amount of their families can afford. and the trial date set for the man accused of the murder of a chicago socialite in bali. heather mac in town he shafer convicted of murdering her mother at a resort. that was in august 2014. robert bids accused of helping them and his trial will now begin november 7. heather: now oversees two new terror arrests in europe. british authorities say five people are now in custody on suspicion of planning terror attacks. the arrest resulting from a covert operation launched after the terrorist attacks. greg is live in london with
8:20 am
these details. i greg. reporter: more possible fallout in the brussels and paris terror attacks from this year and last. more possible connections within the isis terrorist network in europe. authorities in the british city of birmingham announcing today five people were arrested. a terror attack, being described as preplanned. intelligence led and significant. authorities say they had been working with french and belgian officials to address any threat to the uk after those attacks on the continent. several accounts today, special attention has been paid to the so-called man in the half, that's the third suspect in the brussels airport bombing: his name is mohamed abrini. he was arrested just last week and he admitted to his terror role. reports say that he andanother terror associate made several trips last year to the uk and particularly to birmingham .
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abrini reportedly taking a variety of pictures including some of the big soccer stadiums in that city. possible potential terror targets. you remember one of the locations hit by terrorists in paris last year was that huge soccer stadium on the outskirts of the city.mohammed abrini reportedly played a role in those attacks as well. earlier this year, isis called for a doomsday attack on the uk even bigger than the one we saw in november last year in paris and apparently the arrest of abrini again last friday linked to the arrests we had seen here in the uk. apparently there was information on that man's telephone that those authorities got into. one final note, just a precautionary note, police are
8:22 am
saying they did not break up a specific plot today and they did not confirm a lot of the details we've been talking about that it had appeared and reports linked to sources but certainly the associations are there, the danger is there as well. heather: careful not to give away too much information, thank you. we will be right back. greg: donald trump has a question for all of us in a brand-new op-ed in the wall street journal. what it is the message he is sending to voters.
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. greg: donald trump blasting the gop establishment and ted cruz, the republican front runner, pending an op-ed in the wall street journal titled, let me mass ask america question. how has the system been working for you anyour family question mark no wonder voters demand a change.
8:26 am
here's what it reads. i for one am not defended interested in defending a system that for years has served the interests ofparties at the expense of the people. members of the club, pollsters, politicians, pundits and special interest groups grow rich and powerful and the american people grow poorer and more isolated . that's just part of it. hang onto your hats. let's bring in jenna miller, a surprising investigative reporter, author and fox news contributor and lynn sweet joins us, washington bureau chief for the chicago sun-times. this is a guy who is entire campaign has been off-the-cuff, sort of a stream of consciousness or unconsciousness depending on your point of view. he is being castigated for neveropening a briefing book , not knowing the issues and now suddenly, is this the new trump or an aberration? >> i think what you're having here is somebody who prides himself on a deal who didn't know, read the small print. the system didn't necessarily get created for him. no one is trying to deny and
8:27 am
the politics and the way we elect the president is not direct. this is not news for him. we don't directly elected president. people know that. we have an electoral college. there are various steps on the way to becoming the nominee. the system itself isn't set up to necessarily yield any particular person but it's no different than if you wanted to build a building in a big city . greg: read the rules.>> read the small print. he's trying to renegotiatethis as if somebody is trying to stifle the will of the people and the system. greg: well you are not buying at least . [overlapping conversation] greg: this is the op-ed judith and it is not a disquisition on specific policies. it's really sort of a rationale for his candidacy. an antiestablishment rant, vote
8:28 am
for me because politicians are worse but he complains specifically about how the colorado contest was rigged against him and he's being treated unfairly, his favorite word. >> right. this is more than just a complaint about the rules. first the rules that actually propelled him to frontrunner status were quote, rigged and unfair now in this editorial which by the way may be more free space given to him by the media . they may have paid him a token amount but he's not going to open a new hotel based off it. but basically free space to argue that the rules which he portrayed as unfair are now being flagrantly abused. those were his words. and he's portraying himself as a man of the people. this is so rich so to speak.
8:29 am
this is a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth who is very much a member of that elite club, especially here in new york that he complains about. he may know how to talk to new yorkers and not eat pizza with a fork but donald trump is very much a member of the elite that he claims to protest about in his article.>> judy, wins the last time he was on the subway? greg: prints versus camera and in fact he makes, trump does, in his op-ed a cogent argument. we will put it up on the screen. mister cruz loudly boasts every time party insiders disenfranchise voters in a congressional district by appointing delegates who will vote the opposite of the expressed will of the people who live in the district. that's because mister cruz has no democratic path to the nomination. he's been mathematically eliminated by the voters. straightforward, six inc., no rambling. just to oppose it however to this, this is classic trump on
8:30 am
the campaign trail. >> you know, the system, folks is rigged. it's a rigged system area now, you have to understand i'm not complaining about the states that i won. those are okay. of which i won i think 22 and cruz 110. and yet i hear him say i'm the only one. lying ted cruz, lying ted, he has a bible appeared. he is a liar. [laughter] >> that's vintage donald. greg: lynn, which is better? the live in front of the camera and audience donald trump or the wall street journal op-ed? >> life trump is always great but i think trump supporters, just think for a moment that if you support him because you like his policies, okay but this system is designed to be difficult. and the moment to complain about the system is, your argument doesn't sound the best when you just realized oh my
8:31 am
gosh, i'm losing . greg: i'm completely out of time but i want to squeeze one quick question, we've got to make it quick judith. if donald trump had actually spent money on his campaign, would he have had it wrapped up by now? >> if he had concentrated on his ground game and going after delegates he might have had it wrapped up but he didn't read the rules. greg: he'sonly spent 33 million. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have both spent four times that amount. maybe he doesn't have the money. lynn, judith. [overlapping conversation] thanks very much . >> he hasn't really pay taxes so we don't know. greg: therein lies the truth. >> thank you.
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heather: still to come, as the candidates woo voters in new york and dig in their heels for the next contest are brand-new fox news poll shows dramatic shifts to the republican and democratic races. we talk about what might be behind these changes and you will not believe with $50,000 in taxpayer money goes every single year. your money. a live report next. better than clorox. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity,
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election headquarters, new fox polls taken this week joe donald trump widening his lead
8:36 am
nationally while the race tightens between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. take a look at this. among likely republican voters, 45 percent prefer trump as their nominee. ted cruz, john kasich are tied at 25 percent and bernie sanders gaining more than 10 points on hillary clinton since just last month. nearly tying it up. she has support from 40 percent of democratic voters, sanders coming in at 46 percent so let's bring in julian epstein, democratic strategist and formal chief counsel for the house judiciary committee and ian pryor, communications director for american crossroads, a republican super pack. thank you for joining us. let's talk about those numbers and what has changed. ian, i'll start with you. back in march, trump was leading cruz by three percent. now he has a double-digit lead and bernie sanders is closing the gap with hillary clinton so what is changing?
8:37 am
>> i think if you look at the trump numbers, let's go back to that poll you just reference. that wasn't a difficult time for the trump campaign. that was in the middle of the incident when his campaign manager was being accused of battery. he had an awful response abortion. he was attacking cruz. it was the worst part of the trump campaign since wisconsin things have close and calm down a bit. he'sbrought in more help with his campaign. he's been a little more quiet on twitter, etc. and just the other day he had this town hall with his family present. i think that went well for him, it humanizes him and showed a different side of donald trump plus the fact that we are in new york. it's his home state, all eyes are on new york and that's why i think you have this reassurance for donald trump in the polls . heather: julian, what do you think question mark.
8:38 am
>> i still think trump is not going to be the nominee just because he's toxic in a general election. polls show two out of three independent stonelike can be because most republicans don't like him. even though that poll shows trump far ahead, you're going to go into the convention in cleveland and most likely a brokered convention and most of the delegates will be anti-trump so i don't know how it will coalesce but i can't see it favoring , coalescing in favor of trump, particularly in light of all the new holes coming out that are just saying seven in 10 voters voters having a negative view of him. that's almost impossible to win in the general election. you look at his numbers and republicans will put up either kasich or cruz and both those two have a good shot in the general election.heather: speaking of honesty and dependability and all those issues that hillary clinton has been facing, how do you think she fared last night in the democratic debate? do you think she came across as being more authentic or less authentic? >> i think it was a slugfest. i think bothcandidates score points , i think. she was as good as she normally
8:39 am
is in understanding a stuff and making the practical argument that i can get things done. i think that's still resonating. if you look at her numbers, she's on 2.4 million more votes than bernie sanders. she's got 60 percent of essentially the electorate right now. she's far ahead on pledged delegates . right now, she's on a trajectory where she will win by about 4 million votes in the primary election so even if it's a contested convention, if she has a majority of the popular vote it's going to be difficult for the superdelegates to go anywhere but hillary. heather: i want to take a look at this poll. two very different polls and i'll get your response to this first. in his first pole it talks about kasich beating hillary clinton. when you put them up against each other, kasich is the one who has the best chance coming in at 49 percent of beating hillary clinton. cruz 44 percent, trump loses that at 41 percent but what's interesting, take a look at this poll . in this poll, still voters
8:40 am
think when they are asked this question straight out, who has the best chance of beating hillary, you have trump at 42 percent, cruz at 42 percent and kasich at 20 percent so why the discrepancy do you think ian? >> i'm not really sure. it seems like that's opposite day there but i agree with julian on k-6 and cruz. these are two candidates that have a good chance of petering hillary quinton, especially john kasich but the democrats have been underestimating ted cruz of it. he was tied with hillary clinton nationally and when you get into those battleground states, those numbers will be more favorable to cruz so i think cruz has run a top-notch campaign and democrats would be unwise to underestimate him. the other thing i find interesting is that bernie sanders performs better against all the republicans then hillary clinton does. a year ago, conventional wisdom
8:41 am
would be hillary clinton is the best candidate that democrats have to offer. today, that conventional wisdom doesn't seem very wise because i think bernie sanders right now would be a tougher general election opponent for republicans. heather: speaking of sanders we have to talk about this. one of the questions asked in this latest fox news poll left a lot of people scratching their heads. we ask who you trust more to negotiate with putin and this is against the republican candidates at this point, cruz and trump, look who best both of them. bernie sanders. they trust bernie sanders more than cruz or trump to negotiate with putin. what's your response to that julian?>> i don't know. that doesn't make, i think ian! and i agree with pretty much everything he said.
8:42 am
i think bernie is a stronger candidate in the general election right now only because the republican attack machine hasn't unleashed on him but give the republican attack machine a couple months and you can see all the material on the table they could go after so i think those numbers would change substantially. ian is also correct, one guy the democrats fear that more than anyone else is john kasich because all the polling shows what a formidable candidate he would be and how appealing he is to independence. hillary still has a bigproblem with independents and swing voters. john kasich does not so our nightmare candidate on a partisan point of view would be john kasich although i think , i think the guy is a wonderful guy. i just think from a partisan point of view we fear him because we feel he would be so strong in a general election. heather: but with putin fear him? charles krauthammer said he definitely didn't know what was going on with that poll. can we take a listen to what he had to say? >> one of your polls asked who would be the best position to negotiate with putin and if i'm not mistaken, sanders wins on that. which tells you how insane the country has become. heather: en, how insane the
8:43 am
country has become? >> it's 2016. yesterday we were all glued to our tvs watching us up router like film from the corey lewandowski michelle fields incident. this is crazy and i think all the rules are out the window with 2016. things that we thought were again, conventional wisdom are no longer very wise. heather: julian, ian, thank you so much. it sure does make things exciting. have a great weekend. >> you to. greg: the youngest member of the charles manson colt recommended for parole. will leslie van houton actually be set free? you could just book a different resort. like in alaska. they've got igloos. the one you information on a
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8:46 am
story we reported yesterday on happening now.
8:47 am
a california parole board] recommending to former charles manson follower leslie van houton should be released from prison . that decision must first undergo however administrative review by the legal team on the parole board and then it has to be approved by governor jerry brown. van houton is the first manson follower convicted in the labianca murders to reach this stage. her attorney is confident she will be set free. joining us is fred keefe, former federal prosecutor, ashley merchant, a criminal defense attorney. welcome to both. actually, let me begin with you. these were probably the most shocking and heinous murders in the history of california.van houton was originally sentenced to death. now she could go free?
8:48 am
>> right, and that's what i think is most surprising to folks, the fact that she could have been executed by the state of california and now there's a chance that at 66 she could go free but after 40 something years in prison, what kind of a life is she going to have if she does go free? i'm sure her family is long gone. this is a large problem for later inlife rowley's who has spent the majority of their life in prison. how do they function? greg: the a approached parole vigorously and so did the daughter of the victims . here's what she had to say. maybe leslie van houton has been a model prisoner but you know what? we still suffer our loss. my father will never be paroled, my stepmother will never get her life back. there is no way i can agree with that ruling. and fred, corey labianca says she's going to lobby the governor. how much of an impact could she have question mark. >> she could have a large impact break. this is the victims family. let's not lose sight of the fact that he said this is a horrific crime and this woman's role in the crime was she held the labianca down and just
8:49 am
after 14 times and someone carved the word war in the woman's stomach and wrote words in blood on the walls. so part of the reasons for punishment are retribution and rehabilitation. the woman has clearly been rehabilitated but there's always attention in between and so society has the right to extract retribution which is what we have. on some level this woman tendered her resignation from society, from the human race when she committed these crimes and i'm sorry, that's the end of it. greg: i'm not her apologist by any means but she said look, she was high on drugs, and misguided teen and put on the screen the quote that she gave yesterday to the parole board. i don't let myself off the hook. i don't find parts in any of this that makes me feel the slightest bit good about myself and then what commissioner said, your behavior speaks for itself. 46 years, not a single serious rule violation.
8:50 am
well, we do embrace redemption and rehabilitation don't we ashley? >> we definitely do and you've got to understand what parole is used for. parole is used as a method to reward prisoners and inmates for good behavior. that's what it's there to help control the prison population and give folks something to look forward to because when you take away parole, unfortunately a lot of times you take away the ability and folks desire to actually remain civilized human beings in the prison . greg: i'm sorry, we've got to keep it short today. thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. heather: you will not believe what tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money goes every year. that is up next. show me movies with romance.
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8:54 am
you have coming up. >> the scolding, yelling, the finger-pointing, the greatest democratic debate yet as new polls are showing bernie sanders gaining on hillary clinton. >> plus, donald trump also climbing in the polls. widening his lead nationally now but will voters view of his temperament hurt him? and the trend sweeping colleges coast to coast. light privilege workshops. is this about education or shaming and guilt trips? a good discussion for sure. all that and more with our hashtag one lucky guy, former house speaker and presidential candidate newt gingrich joins us tonight. outnumbered top of the hour. greg: see you then. >> thank you. heather: we are learning that $50,000 of american tax money, your money every year goes to helping illegal immigrants form el salvador even after they've
8:55 am
been deported. chief washington correspondent james rosen has those details. speech 's. reporter: we shine a light on an obscure federal agency bent on helping deportees such as salvadorans headed back to el salvador. they are among the luckiest because the inter-american foundation, a federal agency withnondescript offices a few blocks from the white house, is spending up to $50,000 of your money each year to assist salvadorans after they arrived back in their homeland including helping them start their own businesses . >> on the one hand we deport them. rarely, but sometimes and when there deported we set them up in business? it makes no sense to me. >> the inter-american foundation did not respond to our request for comment but in documents online we learned the iaf works through a local ngo
8:56 am
called instituto el salvador or insomnia which links to help 60 salvadorans a year with this money. less than three weeks ago the department of homeland security was advertising online to hire customs and border protection officers in 17 locations around the border, each for a top starting salary of just under 50,000. >> agents do not have the tried-and-true tools they need to conduct law enforcement operations and i think $50,000 could go a long way in one border control sector to help correct that. agents are using radios that oftentimes they can see a border patrol station from the hills along the border yet they can't talk to it. reporter: more tonight on special report with brett behr at the eastern including honoring the legacy of one border patrol officer who made the ultimate sacrifice . heather: james rosen, live for us. thank you. he will be right back.
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>> coming up in our next hour of "happening now," "the washington post," did you see this? columnist there sort of doing a psych review of donald trump. says he is engaging in what psychiatrists call self-sabotage. so we're going to be talking to our guest about that. neither one of them by the way
9:00 am
are psychiatrist. >> howie kurtz will be here to we keep talk about delegate count. what issues? is that overshadowing it? >> issues? what issues? "outnumbered" begins right now. >> bye. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered" i'm andrea tanteros. here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, co-host after "after the bell" on fox business network, melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, former speaker of the house, 2012 presidential candidate and fox news contributor, newt gingrich. and mr. gingrich, "outnumbered," sir and. >> i was a great experience. thank you. harris: we're great to have you. >> you guys are always very lively and take it places i wouldn't think of. [laughter] andrea: always keep firing with


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