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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: newt gingrich just told us he feels loved. we've done our job because we loved having you here today. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday at noon eastern. "happening now" now. issued and we are covering all of that and more "happening now". >> the kremlin playing with fire letting its fighter jets buzz american war ships. the secretary of state said the u.s. would be justified shooting them out of the sky. and budget cuts taking a toll on our ability in a crisis.
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we go to the marine cooper aviation unit to find out. police dash cam catching a wild mopedrace, it is all "happening now". but we begin with the battle of new york. the candidates are all in. and "happening now" beginserate now. i upon gregg jarret in for jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. it is a crucial contest. republican candidates are pushing hard in new york as they turn the corner in the final stretch before tuesday's voting begins. we have coverage and ed henry is standing by with what is going on with democrats.
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and we start where donald trump will hold a rally tonight. >> reporter: hi, heather, trump with two rallies and one near the canadian border and why connecticut you say? it is one of five states that vote the week after new york and donald trump leading in the polls in all five of those states and four days to go in new york, trump is firing the shot in the war over the delegation selection process. and insisting that voters are disinfranchised and if he is leader of the party he will work to reform the system and give voters a greater voice and charging that ted cruz is exploiting loop holes. >> they are positive optimistic reforms to offer where as ted cruz is going to the bizantin and flipping through looking for
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rules that can change. >> ted cruz said they are whining because trump is losing. but it looks like cruz may be in for a rough ride. the audience iging norred ted cruz and eating and talking amongst themselves while he was speaking. >> new york city is hallowed ground. it is it is the site of the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil. and today when we see an attack whether in paris or brussels or san bernardino, inevitably president obama goes on national television, refuses to say the words "radical islamic terrorism". cruz had very little chance in the empire state. he may fair better in
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pennsylvania, that's because 54 of the 71 delegates are unbound and the cruz campaign are trying to pick up them after the primary. and in wyoming selecting the delegates, the cruz is working the delegates them to sign a pledge that they would support ted cruz on the second ballot. and that is well within the boundaries of the rules. >> we are learning a lot about the election cycle. >> it does this year. and john roberts, thank you. if donald trump wins the new york primary, he would be several hundred delegates shy and media analyst are taking him to task big time over losing the recent delegate ground game to ted cruz. this for the washington post, trump will clearly do going to
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become president except hire an adequate campaign team, open a briefing book or any prepations to govern. this is a confusing aspect of the trump campaign. nina is senior editor for fortune magazine. and jamie is with us, senior editor for the daily caller. he points out trump was doing well a month ago and all he had to to was "avoid being an unsufferable buffoon and he failed. ". he was for a few weeks and look what happened. our fox news poll showed he just went up in his popularity among the republican voters. it is really an astonishing ride
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watching him and everything that he writes about, he's willfully ignorant on issues and his temperament is questionable on everything from not condemning the kkk, to saying he will pay legal bills for someone who is violent at his rallies and attacking ted cruz' wife. it is a lot of reasons to wonder if he has the temperament to be president. it is with the general election voters, 60 percent of whom tell fox news that they don't think he has the temperament to be president. >> he argues that trump suffers from self sabstage. >> for trump it is rambling public monologues and a late night twitter addiction. it is possible he bedpan the p presidential race as a lark. and now realize that the
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enterprise involves skills he does not possess. you know, he then points out if he wanted the nomination, he would be better organized and more knowledgeable on the issues, what do you think? >> if self sabstage was the strategy it would be a good one. he said john mccain was not a war hero. i talked to someone who used to be close to the trump campaign and they said something similar. trump never thought he would be in the position right now, actually have a chance of winning the nomination. he was doing it on a lark. but he wants to win this, mainly to win. he likes winning. but he doesn't want to put the resources in to actually developing a team and second ballot and develop those delegates to stay with him.
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it looks like it is it a good strategy. >> doctors call it a a a masochitic personality disorder. trump keeps promising to change his temperament. but isn't that asking him to change who he is at his fundmental core? >> to me, his speech before apa c about the middle east. it was a responsible speech which he read. and he read it and so, he's been serious on foreign policy. the next day, he takes out after ted cruz' wife and we start the string of donald trump again. and i know as jamie does, one aide publicly said that he didn't expect to be doing this well and through private
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channels, i don't buy the self sabotage thing. >> we need a leather couch to get in the permanent disorder. i am almost out of time. trump keeps complaining about the system being rigged against him in colorado; is that a excuse to cover up his failure to put together an organization there? and does that failure, if it is that underscore his weakness? >> of course. it is ruse. he does it every time he doesn't win. he blames someone else. we saw behind the ruse. he smoiled last woke, and he said i only complain about the states i lose. and not the ones i am winning in. it is trying to frame why he loses other than than himself and his staff.
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>> victim complex. and all right. we'll leave it at that. and jamy and nina, good to see you both. we'll talk sparks that flew between hillary clinton and bernie sanders hammering in each other's debate in brooklyn, new york. today clinton is talking to voters in harlem and sanders jetted all the way toitily to speak in the skrat vat -- vatican. >> it was a brooklyn brawl. hillary clinton going to a senior center in harlem and trying to get people fired up ahead of next tuesday's primary and jetting off to california for fund-raising with george clooney and bernie sanders at the vatican giving a speech and
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pushing his socialist policy and wall street and clinton's ties to wall street were front and center. watch. >> you have a bunch of fraudullent operators and they have to be broken up and i introduced legislation to do that. now secretary clinton was giving speeches to goldman sach for 225000. >> it is inconvenient but important to get the facts straight. i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was senator and i called them out. nsecretary clinton calls them out. they must have been crushed by that. >> you can see the sarcasm. clinton believes it will back fire.
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and i mentioned hillary clinton headed to california. and she has campaign events over the weekend. she has two fundraisers with george clooney. she is trying to keep up with bernie sanders. he's been outraising her in the money department. >> i bet that is an expensive ticket. just have a hunch. thank you, ed. >> why? i don't understand. >> i am not saying i would pay for it. >> i would not go either. none of us would go to that? boston is honoring the victims of the marathon bombing three years ago today. just who attended the wreath- laying ceremony and how the city is preparing this year. and north korea celebrating a national holiday with a missile launch and didn't go as planned for you know, little
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>> an emotional tribute in boston, three years after the marathon boiming. they joined the governor for a wreath laying. the moment of silence will be marking the time of the explosion. three people were killed that day and 260 others were wounded and an mitt police officer shot and killed in a manhunt for the bombers. the finish line on patriot's day which is monday morning. >> more sabre rattling from north korea. the communist country trying to launch a missile.
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it didn't make it off of the ground. it was a celebration for the ten fourth anniversary of the founder's birthday. that is kim jong-un's grandfather. we have more in london with the details, hi, kitty. >> reporter: hi, heather, the details are some what scars. but it was intended of a test of a new type of missile. it is showing that the missile exploded a few seconds after liftoff. it was meant to coinicide with the ten fourth birthday of the country's founder. this was in pyongyang. these are not the kind of fireworks that those officials hope to see. it was an embarrassing set back for korean leader kim jong-un. it is not the first time the missile tests have failed.
10:18 am
the missile that could carry a nuclear war head also charged. north korea conducted other series. and they were successful and held several military exercise. and all of this and increasing tension in the region. the u.s. called for restraint, and today announced the latest failed test as needless provocation, heather. >> did you hear about this one? a couple of homeowners catching a couple of burglars red handed. and how she scared them away. plus, is the media focusing on the delegate count at the expense of important issues.
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>> a homeowner in new jersey scaring off burglar with a help of a remote system. what they didn't know, the surveillance system notified the owner's cell phone and allowing her to see and talk to them. and as soon as they hear her voice, they head for the dorbut not before grabbing jewel row. they hope the videotape will help catch the two bandits. every since losing colorado, donald trump is hammering away at the delegate system. the media followed sought and trump claims that the system or was stacked against him from the
10:23 am
very start and deflecting criticism that his lack luster ground game is to blame for his woes. >> it says something about your leadership ability that you couldn't get a organization. >> i started with a million dollar loan and built a 10 billion company. and in this case, i won most of it. well, how come i am leading by hundreds of delegates and millions of votes? >> trump has been beating the drum and the media latched on. is the focus veering away from important policy issues? howard kurtz is a host of media buzz here on the fox news channel. how are you? i want to compare presidential
10:24 am
elections to sports. if you know me i am a carolina fan. they lost to the broncho in a big way. it was sad. >> you have moved on. >> i want to change the rules and the team that wins the game is the team that has the highest total yards. that would be carolina, 295 over 194, but we can't do that in sports. i wish you could. but you can change the rules in the presidential election, right? >> that is so striking. it seemed like fantasy football to me. but in real football. you can't rough the passer. and basketball there is a 74 second clock. you can win many more votes and
10:25 am
a pore to win the delegates. but then the other person could win x. trump's accusation that the system is rigged and corrupt is driving the coverage. >> and the reason that the delegates count in cleveland, when it is held in the convention, 95 percent will be bound to the results for the first vote if trump falls short, they will cast a second ballot and more than 1800 delegates and 60 percent of the total will be unbound and allowed to vote however they want? >> that's what journalist want to cover the contested conventions. and at the same time, look, you can say as anderson cooper said to donald trump. these are the rules, but donald trump has a point.
10:26 am
the way it plays politically, people don't understand where basically most of the republicans in colorado didn't get to vote. and cruz won all of the delegates in an insider's convention. and the more we focus on this. and of course, we have to cover it and it will probably will determine who is the goff nominee. i am not seeing coverage about health care and who will win the primary. it is all about the arcane rowel stuff. >> we were looking at the democratic debate. and it benefits whomever the eventual nom no whether it is hillary clinton or bernie sanders. benefits them moving forward to the general election. that is another disservice we are doing to the republican candidates. >> i think the way we are covering it now, so much
10:27 am
speculation when you wine and dine the delegates. let's cover it at the time. if i am an average voter, i want to hear about what the candidates will do for me and my family and the journalist are junkies and we eat this stuff up. but it is obscuring the campaign and that's what i am having a problem with. >> i still think we should change the rules for the super bowl. >> you have not moved on. >> no, i have not. >> 11:00 a.m. sunday for media buzz. >> you and cam newtown, you have to get over it. >> next year, we'll be there. >> ain't goinghappen. >> democrats dishing out the zinger ares in the new york primary. our panel will be here and they will determine whether it will
10:28 am
give either candidate a leg up on tuesday. plus, this. u.s. troops having trouble getting planes up and running after big budget cuts make coping us safe harder. this is an exclusive look at what that might mean in the military. canned che canned che
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>> fox news alert for you from japan. the u.s. geological survey
10:32 am
reported a 7.2 earthquake just rocked the southern part of the country after a 6.9 earthquake yesterday. this is a lucky survivors. both earthquakes struck in the south. a tsunami warning is in affect for the local area but not the hawaii islands or u.s. mainlands. >> democrats are dusting themselves off after the most heated debate yet last night. can the party bounce back from all of the hard hits? that is a question frank raised today. hostility is where the forcest energy in the democratic party resides right now. it was audible on thursday night, in the booss from the
10:33 am
audience that sometimes rained down on clinton and would be generating more angst if not for the gop implosion in belief that the nom no will be a hobbled one. >> we will join thero host. and garland nixon is a ro host as well. good to see you guys. kevin, let's start with you. sanders supporters are devoted to him and hostile toward hillary clinton. what might they do if she becomeses the nominee? >> i don't know. that poses a problem for hillary. bernie has done something remarkable in a race that was not supposed to be competitive, he has not only ignited groups that are an a chilles' heel to hillary. and stayed consistent.
10:34 am
and won as many states as she has. and raised more money than she has and he has the momentum in terms of receipt wins much the last thing she wanted to do is fending off a challenge. >> garland, is it true as bernie suggested that the best thing hillary clinton has going for her is that trump is more unpopular than she is. his disapproval rating and historic 70 percent in a couple of polls and as bad as her ratings is trumps is worse? >> i think in the primaries, no. i don't think they are affected by what is going on in the republican primary. >> but down the road? >> after the convention. believe it or not, to be square with you. i have heard young people say to me, well, if it is trump, i will write in a candidate and if it is cruz, i will vote for
10:35 am
hillary. they are more afraid of ted cruz than trump. >> i have heard as much as i dislike hillary clinton and think she's lying et cetera, i will vote for her over donald trump and reflects of how poor p his ratings are in terms of approval over disapproval. and kevin, one of the revealing moments of the debate, i want to show you. listen to this. >> we are in this campaign confident and optmistec and comes down to reaching every single voter. i am not taking anything for dpranted and we end up with the delegates we need, we'll unight the party. >> people are sensing that establishment politics and dependence on wall street and big money interest is never going to address the crisis that
10:36 am
we face. i am very proud of the fact that we have brought millions of new people in the political party. >> thank you, senator. >> you know, kevin, hillary clinton still refuses to release the big buck's wall street speeches. lawyers say if you have nothing to hide, don't hide; what do you think? >> bernie has punched her like a boxer in the gym and she's weak on it. and i think that is why she can't defend what she's done or for the hillary clinton campaign to be fighting this type of accusation in the primary is the last thing she wants to be dealing with it. she doesn't want to deal with e-mails or clinton institute. you have a genuine weakness in a front runner and weakest prepared in her over all
10:37 am
narrative than what the democrats put forward. and the establishment saying she is most qualified candidate to run is a problem. >> and one of bernie sanders mantra said we'll break up the big banks. new york daily news asked how are are you doing and he didn't have a answer. and you would think he would prepare an answer and it will come up and last night and he said the same thing. no specific plan. can that go on? >> actually, i think he did well. what he said last night that the banks have to selloff certain assets and he would allow them to decide which assets to selloff. >> plose turn yourself in. >> and they have to selloff assets, it would not be the government's position to determine which to selloff.
10:38 am
>> he is repeatedly under what law can you you break up the big banks. he told the new york daily nows, i don't know. >> keep in mind, that is part of a narrative that is popular. a lot of people on both sides of the aisle is unhappy with the big banks. it is it a narrative that said people p are getting the shaft. it is very effective. >> garland and kevin, thank you guys. >> thank you. >> in the meantime here at home, military budget cuts takeing a toll on the troops. forcing marines to do extra work to get outdated aircraft off of the ground. this is an exclusive look at the impact of the cuts. and she joins us live. >> we found a frustrated force in buford, south carolina and
10:39 am
new rougher, north carolina to see how spending cuts are affecting marines are proud to deploy. they are now at a tipping point right now only two the of the 14 planes fly. >> we are operational squadron and supposed to be flying and not building them. >> his pilots are not getting the training time. >> you are supposed to have 15 hours. >> the last 30 days, it was just over four hours. >> what is causing the backlog. >> it is money and funding. >> u.s. military spending decloined in 2010 to 560 pillion last year. automatic spending cuts started in 2011 had.
10:40 am
and delays in the fighter slated to the f- 'and leading to a perfect storm. many hilo trained mechanics left for jobs in the private sect issor. >> it is it on the back of the young marines. they are working 21 hours a day to get them on deployment and the growned mishap and them making a mistake in the pressure to perform is a bigger safety risk. >> last month, the marine commandant told congress aviation readyness is a concern. we don't have enough airplanes and some are 30 years old and 276 marine jet fighters, only 30 percent can fly. and squadrons are leaving to combat with only ten planes and our expose can be on fox news
10:41 am
prospect com. >> and thank you, that is an i- opening report. >> magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit southern japan. and the tsunami warning. and in the meantime. secretary of state john kerry condemning the russian fighter jets that buzzed the americans at sea. what does it mean for russian aggression and allies in eastern europe. >> and a dramatic mopedchase. we'll show you the wild pursuit and what happened to the driver.
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new reaction be to the russian fighter jets buzzing the american ships at sea. secretary of state kerry said it is condemned and reckless and drjts and under the ruleses of engagement, that could have been a shoot down. people need to understand that this is serious business and the united states is not going to be intimidated on the high seas. kt mcfarland is a former deputy assistant in the reagan administration much thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you heard kerry's response today and stronger than yesterday. but is it all words and no action be? what should we do? >> it is good you point it out. let's contrast what secretary kerry said and with what the russian press release was and the general was.
10:46 am
bad and provocative and note ru russians said this is just fine. there is no problem here. and yet look at what they were both doing. secretary kerry, the united states, and president obama are not doing much about it. they cut back on the defense budget or defense program and cut back on missile defense in europe and same time, russians increasing their aggressiveness and challenging the united states everywhere in the baltibs and balkans and black sea and even on the coast of the united states with alaska. the increase of fly byes of the russian bear bombers. we talked about the cuts in the military and impact it is having with your military members and putin's goal is show they are bigger and badder and president obama's administration will not do anything.
10:47 am
>> several things. president obama sees president obama as weak and massive and lame duck. and so putin wants to take full advantage of the next nine months. he doesn't know if he will have a strong reagan like met. and so you will see more of the incidents and he wants to humiliate the united states. and i think he wants to show nato is a paper tiger and if we can do this and get away. and secretary kerry makes speeches and nothing happens. and what is their goal to nato, they could do like what they did in ukraine. they inraid but not really an invasion. they know if they had an armed invasion it would trigger the nato response. but if they do increditmental
10:48 am
they will get away with it. >> not a coin dense. a polish helicopter was training at the time. >> just think of how provocative and the opportunity for a mistake. the second day russian fighter came within 30 feet of the destroyer. and that is an opportunity and likelihood of anything gone wrong. wind speed or couple of waves in the on the grounds and then there would be a coalition and it would spinout of control. >> and that's not what we want in an accidental war. >> was so low it created a wake. kt mcfarland. thank you have a great weekend.
10:49 am
>> it is a earthquake, a massive one hitting japan. and reporting that that was a 7.0 magnitude quake in the southern part of japan. rick is coming up next to give his take. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. that's why i run on quickbooks. details. plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it.
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. hello there everybody. i'm martha in for gretchen. the ted cruz campaign tries to lock in wyoming delegates past the first ballot. can they do that? we're going to talk to the rnc about that. plus donald trump's campaign manager just set down with blake who gives us his version of what happened with michelle fields and it's quiet a turn around.
10:53 am
we'll show you that coming up. and the nba just allowed a team to do something that's never been done before in a regular season game. what is it? we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> a fox news alert from japan where the u.s. geological survey now reporting a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocking the southern part of the country after a 6.5 quake killed at least nine people there yesterday and injured more than 800 others. meteorologist rick has a little more context for us, rick. sk >> interesting. generally when you see an earthquake follow a day or two afterwards, it's a little bit not as common to get a stronger earthquake one day later. this is the area, the southern most island here in japan right there. but this last one happened within the last hour and to put this into context, this is at least 16 times stronger than the
10:54 am
earthquake they saw yesterday that had been responsible for the 19 lives and all the damage done there. so think about the buildings that were weakened from yesterday's earthquake and now you have the weakened structures getting a much stronger earthquake. scary times here. you mentioned a su no, ma'ammy. generally, you need to have an earthquake over the ocean. tsunami not a big concern. it was over in nine strength, 9.0 earthquake. so not as strong of one. certainly, when you see what happened yesterday and you get another one here a day later, the next couple of hours are dangerous. >> we're going to keep a close eye on that. in the meantime, we have snow headed to the rockies as we understand more than two feet possible for parts of colorado. >> spring skiing, dpreg. that's what it's going to be. a lot of people are thinking
10:55 am
it's spring. are we done with the snow? this is common. you get big snows across colorado. it's not unheard of at all. this is going to be a really big one. we're going to be talking about spots over two feet of snow in the higher elevations, even in the foothills. denver over a foot. then you go just up in the elevation here and we're going to be watching maybe that two to three feet. we're also talking about severe weather starting today. this rain is going to be pretty persistent. a slow moving storm kind of gets stuck here. we have days of rain here across texas, oklahoma, nebraska and dakota. some spots 7-8 inches of rain over the weekend. that means we're going to see pretty anything any can't localized flooding. severe weather and tornados this evening. now, not a lot of population here. that's the good news. the next couple of days, this storm moves slightly off to the east for more populated areas.
10:56 am
there's your snow fall forecast that we're going to be talking about. a lot of it centered here in the colorado area and then the severe weather just slowly pulls towards the east. kind of a rough weekend across the central plains, greg. >> the skiers are hoping they can ski to the fourth of july. >> rick, thanks. >> you bet. stick around. we're going to be right back with more. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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liver, kidney or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body and may increase side effects. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, and dizziness. he's always been my everything. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at time for the final 30. a michigan man learns the hardaway. it's not the best for the vehicle. a daring dash cam for the officers just north of lancing trying to pull him over because he was missing his registration sticker. >> ouch. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> yeah. the driver kept going until they hit railroad tracks and took a header there. police catching him after a short pace. he faces several charges including evading ars. not a good move. >> maybe she's trying to get to
11:00 am
mcdonald's. they're rolling out call you can eat french fries. just a test for now. just a store in missouri along with a more customized burger and desert menu. >> that's it for now. thanks for joining us. real story with martha is next. >> bye. >> donald trump once again taking on the republican party with a bruising off bed in the wall street journal. the g.o.p. responded today as the fight heats up for every last delegate out there. hi everybody. i'm in for gretchen today. this is the real story. lots of action on the campaign trail. all the republicans are in new york. it's their last weekend to try to sway those voters before the state's primary on tuesday. governor john kasich at the town hall is expected to get underway. about an hour away senator ted cruz holds a meet and greet and


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