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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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mcdonald's. they're rolling out call you can eat french fries. just a test for now. just a store in missouri along with a more customized burger and desert menu. >> that's it for now. thanks for joining us. real story with martha is next. >> bye. >> donald trump once again taking on the republican party with a bruising off bed in the wall street journal. the g.o.p. responded today as the fight heats up for every last delegate out there. hi everybody. i'm in for gretchen today. this is the real story. lots of action on the campaign trail. all the republicans are in new york. it's their last weekend to try to sway those voters before the state's primary on tuesday. governor john kasich at the town hall is expected to get underway. about an hour away senator ted cruz holds a meet and greet and
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donald trump in the northeast corner today. peter, what's going on where you are? >> reporter: well, hey, martha. almost up here in canada, actually, in platsburg, new york. donald trump not taking chances here. still campaigning trying to get every last vote, every last delegate. he's up here today and the polls, of course, in new york show him still with a strong lead here and the heavy favorite to win the 95 delegates up for grabs next tuesday and the new national poll out from fox news showed trump gaining ground mng republican voters nationally. he's now at 45% up four points from the march fox news poll. ted cruz losing ground down to 27% down 11 points from the fox news poll and john kasich at 25%. we expect donald trump to continue to rail against parts of the delegate selection process and that is coming out
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of the results of last weekend's colorado primary, republican convention in which ted cruz and his supporters dominated winning all 34 delegates, they say, by the book, by the rules, fair and square. trump has been raging about the process all week in that wall street journal this morning, he wrote quote, what we are seeing now is not the proper use of the rules but a fragrant abuse of the rules. party operatives by double agent delegates who rejects the decision of voters. trump is demanding major reforms. but in a memo to reporters this morning, our rnc chief strategist defended the process as democratic and transparent saying campaigns have to know how the rules work whether delegates are picked through comments. martha. >> thank you, peter.
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new york may be the one in the spotlight right now. republican candidates are claiming for every delegate as they go through this process, they want the ones that will ultimately select the nominee at this summer's convention. they fall into two categories. we're all going to get a lesson. we're going to have to know how this works state to state. you got bound delegates and unbound delegates. bound delegates have to work for the candidate they're assigned to based on the win. unbound votes for whoever they want. laws vary from state to state. let's take a look at a few of these examples. all of alaska's 28 delegates go into the convention bound to a candidate. based on the caucuses from march. cruz gets 12 votes and trump gets 11 and the state party says former presidential candidate has requested and granted the right to keep the five delegates that he wants. that is for the first ballot but normally alass cramerica delegates are bound to the
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second round. so cruz and trump keeps the delegates. it's unclear if rubio gets to keep his pass the first round. if the nominating process gets to a third round, all 28 of the delegates become free agents. cruz and trump would have to v. let's move on in north dakota. they have 28 delegates. voters didn't pick who gets the delegates, the state party did. all of them are unbound. meaning if they showed a preference, they're free to vote for any candidate they want. now go to florida which was a big win for donald trump. >> it was all set. set in steel. 99 delegates, winner gets all. >> i ended up winning by 20 points, by 20. it was a land slide. >> it was a land slide. those 99 delegates have to pick trump for the first three rounds of voting. that's how it works in florida. that's longer than most state
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rules. if there's no nominee by the fourth ballot then they're going to come unbound. let's go to pennsylvania. their primary is coming up. it's april 26th. we don't know yet who they're going to use. only 17 of pennsylvania's 71 delegates are going to be bound based on the results april 26th. that leaves 54 wildly unbound delegates who have a lot of power and they're going to be corded very heavily to pennsylvania congressman who explained this on the show yesterday. here's what he said. >> the delegates elected in april will go uncommitted to any candidate and go there and have as much say or not more in what the popular vote will be. >> and how about this? by the second round for pennsylvan pennsylvania, those 17 rounds come up for grabs too. everybody's free to choose between the three candidates. that's how it's going to go. the delegate system donald trump
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called rig is what it looks like. here are a few of the comments donald trump made about this this week. >> the system nobody understands, it's a rigged system. they have things called super delegates and we have a different system. what it does is allows the bosses to pick whoever they want. our republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phony deal. that system is set up so that the crooked politicians can make sure they get somebody in that's not thought of what we're doing. >> that's ted cruz's campaign. he wants them to sign a loyalty pledge. it's state by state. you get the gist of this here? every single state has different rules. ted cruz wants his folks to sign this. i will support senator ted cruz as the republican nominee.
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until i'm released for wyoming or cruz presidential campaign. joining us now director, do you think everybody got that, sean? that was pretty complicated. >> img you did a great job, martha. >> what we're learning here is it's state by state. we always knew this. we covered the elections and you stand on the floor and watch each state stand up and say florida casts this many delegates for this senator or that governor and this state, it does raise a lot of questions about how this process happens and trump blames you guys. >> well, a couple of things i would say. one is whether you're talking about politics or business, when you go from state to state there are different processes in each state. it doesn't matter whether you're talking politics or business. we're a state party.
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believe the states have the rights to decide their voters and they submit the process and all did that by october 1st last year and we made those filings available to every member of the campaign. everyone knew what each state was going to do. it may be complicated. i'll give folks that. it's not rigged. you have to understand each state is different and understand the process that happens. it's existed for a century. so campaigns have to spend time understanding it. there's no question about it. it's not easy. i'll give them that. it's not rigged for anyone. if you look at whose standing, the top two candidates, mr. trump and senator cruz, i would hardly call either one of those guys quote unquote establishment or insiders. they're both individuals that pride themselves from being inside the system. one last thing, gretchen, if you look at where things stand right now, martha, you've got mr. trump has won 37% of the vote and 45% of the delegates.
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in fact, to some degree the system has benefitted from them. >> it's clear he and his people are just figuring out some of this. obviously, they are new to this whole thing and he wrote it in the wall street journal and it's quiet interesting and here's some of it. he said let me ask america a question. how has the system been working out for you and your family? no one forced anyone to cancel the vote in colorado, he says. political insiders made a choice to cancel it and it was the wrong choice. he's obviously taking issue with what happened in colorado when they decided to do this the way they did it. the biggest problem in my mind, this is after the fact. it's too late to rewrite the rules for any of these states. i think it's worth revisiting the next time around. i think people have woken up to the way this works. >> sure. every four years each state looks at their rules and process
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and resubmits a new plan. colorado is no different than any other state. kentucky had a primary. the other time they had a caucus. you may have a problem with colorado or another state. in the case of win or take all states, mr. trump in the clip you played won florida. we won a win or take all state. he got the most votes. someone argued that's not fair because some of the delegate, some of the other individuals that did well get no delegates. that doesn't seem representative
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representative. it's on our website and understand people haven't seen it in 40 years. while the process hasn't changed. we need to do a better job educating people. >> there's several states that's not been part of the process. by the time it got around to them the whole thing was excited. most didn't pay attention to the process. if there's anything good that comes out of this, people are looking at how the whole thing works and they know they have a say in how it all works. i think it's a good thing and positive thing. >> the point you're making is absolutely right. more people are going to vote than before. that's a good thing for the process. >> always good to see you, sir. thanks a lot. >> donald trump's campaign manager speaking out after prosecutors drop the battery charge against him stemming from
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an interaction that he had with a reporter. >> my interaction was potentially three seconds long and it was me walking from location a to location b and on the audio tape you hear me say excuse me and thank you. i was trying to walk between two people. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders pulling no punches in last night's brawl in brooklyn. >> oh my goodness. they must be crushed. >> it's before or after you receive that.
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bernie sanders following up
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on his rather combative comments during the debate against hillary clinton. the campaign calling the ties to wall street. >> while washington politicians are -- $200,000 an hour for them and not even 15,000 bucks an hour for all americans. enough is enough. >> good add. ed henry can with more tell us about last night's campaign.
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last night tying together the wall street speeches, why won't you release the transcripts of them and the pricey speeches. hillary clinton took a victory lap a couple of weeks ago. he thinks she's a johnny come lately. watch. >> i've supported the fight for 2015. i'm proud to have the endorsement of most of the unions that led the fight for 15. >> i'm sure a lot of people are surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> yours won't be able to hear either of you. >> they were screaming at each other a lot. the clinton campaign is banking on the fact when sanders was presentati pressed to come up with an
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example when a vote was changed because of the money from wall street, he struggled to find one and did not have one and also some of that shouting at hillary clinton may backfire on him. that's what they're counting on. >> it was fascinating to watch the two of them. you're so right. he feels like, if he could possibly pull it off in new york, that would change the projecture of the way it looks to be going for the two of them. he did that last night and he's sort of like superman this morning. >> 74-years-old and flies to rome to go to the vatican. pushes the social policy. speaking at the conference. look at him going from brooklyn jetting across the ocean to the vatican. hillary clinton san francisco tonight and l.a. tomorrow. why? she's doing fundraising with george clooney. sanders, you can see him at the vatican today with the president of bolivia. he's somebody whose been close
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to venn ve-- and cube bah. it could backfire. listen to this on george clooney. $350,000. that's how much it is for two seats at the head table. they either have to contribute that and raise that much money. we looked at it. that is four times the average income in san francisco and yes, 1,000 times the average contribution that bernie sanders talks about $27. he's hitting her on the big money and she's jetting out to the west coast. >> he says it must have been some speech. they must be really entertaining. awesome dinner. >> i'll release the trans crypts of my speeches. >> there are none. >> every time i see him, i hear larry david. ed, thanks. good to see you too. trying to win over new york
11:20 am
voters as we were talking about. the three g.o.p. candidates spoke at a gala in manhattan. how do you think the crowd welcomed ted cru s after the new york values comment? we're going to show you that plus trump's campaign chief responding after finding out he will not face any campaign charges. some say it might not be over quiet yet. we'll show you. >> here's the crazy part. i've never met her to the best of my recollection and you've seen the video tape and now 14 millions of people seen the video tape. i'm terrible at golf.
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stage in new york city. donald trump finding a receptive hometown crowd and ted cruz not so much. watch this. >> what are new york values? you know, people are disputing. i'm not disputing and the new yorkers aren't disputing and most people that know new york have watched what we done. >> i will admit to you, i haven't built any buildings in new york city but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. >> what do you think? allen the host of the show. both are fox news contributors. welcome gentleman. good to have you here. you have to hand it to ted cruz that was not easy. there was some speculation they might have messed with his audio during that. >> i'm familiar with dollars -- that. >> if he really does speak to
11:25 am
the thick skin he has, he's gone into the bronx and ventured into this what would be probably considered politically enemy territory after the new york values comment. you know what, most of the country knew what he meant about the new york values. maybe not in new york but at the end of the day it speaks well of ted cruz to be able to withstand all of that. >> look, you say new york values. i agree with geraldo. he may not meant jews. maybe he didn't mean that. i'm sure if he could take that back, he would. >> but he probably thinks it, believes it. >> do you think he wants to compliment idea logical news? >> if you're running to be president in all states of the country, why would you attack one state? it doesn't make sense. >> i'm not sure he anticipated
11:26 am
the push back. it's going to be smart for donald trump to continue to harp on that. no one can believe the guy is going to make an anti smet rancic comment. >> as i said, that's not what he meant. it was not a compliment to new york values. >> i think he would take it back if he could and i think he was talking about the policies of mayor de blasio. he could have made a comment about cities across the country. >> the governorship or stewardship. >> you can be very happy. when tuesday's over move on. >> maybe he'll come back to see a broadway show in a year. >> april is a little tricky for him. we'll see what happens. >> november is going to be tricky for him. >> could be. let's see. let's move on to hillary clinton here for a moment. she has questions in last night's debate about pieces to wall street. >> there's nothing in the
11:27 am
speeches you think would change voters minds, why not release the transcripts and put the issue to bed. i'm the only one on the stage who did not vote to deregulate swap and derivative as senator sanders did. >> secretary clinton, the question was about the transcripts transcripts. >> when everybody does it, okay. i'll do it. let's expect to say standards on past returns. >> what's the big deal, allen. what did he say. >> it was a bad night for hillary. >> john kasich was a director at leman brothers. >> she made more than goldman and sachs. listen, she had a bad night last night. bernie sanders for the first
11:28 am
time hit me as somebody who doesn't like anything who comes out of his mouth, he's a likable guy. the character and the interesting kind of guy and she's not likable. she's got to face that. i think he's going to do better in new york than the polls suggest. >> you have to win. >> i think she'll win new york. the polls are tightening as they often do. i don't know that the math is there. >> you take out that rigged super delegate stuff. >> at least we have people voting unlike colorado. >> we have to go. thanks very much. we're going to have a look at the upcoming contest. cool stuff when we come right back. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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a tsunami advisory has been lifted. the quake happened in the same region that suffered a 6.4 yesterday. that area feeling aftershocks now. several deaths were reported and a baby was lucky to be rescued
11:33 am
from the rubble as well. we'll keep you updated. in the meantime, donald trump's campaign manager speaking out after a florida prosecutor decided not to prosecute him for battery charges. it all started after this incident that was picked up on video which does not look like a whole lot when the video breaks down. it was with then reporter michelle fields. this morning he thanked donald trump for standing by him through this whole thing. >> we see a great relief tab. i'm glad the palm coco beach district county's office decided not to move forward. i want to thank mr. trump first and foremost for standing behind me and giving me the privilege of keeping my job. >> the criminal case will not move forward. michelle said she may pursue him in civil court. that remains to be seen. fox news talked with lewindowski
11:34 am
and he joins us here in studio. hi, blake, how are you? >> just down the street we spent some time with him inside trump tower. i got to tell you, he appeared to be very relieved to put this entire incident behind him and the campaign as well. what also seemed interesting was how he expressed some frustrations about the other campaigns and the other candidates. so you might remember at varying points called for lewindowski to be fired or resigned for the incident involving the reporter michelle fields. i asked if he wants an apology and wants one from his competitors? >> i don't want an apology. i think it's important when you look at the campaigns and people heading the campaigns whether it's senator cruz or governor kasich. they're saying we're not going to give you the benefit of the doubt. that's unfair. >> lewindowski said this is an
11:35 am
example of what he zidescribes a difference between all talk and his boss donald trump. >> he had an impact withstanding the campaign at all. >> in the last few weeks we seen the trump campaign building up. recently they added paul for delegate outreach and convention management. this week they mentioned the hiring of reich wiley. also the cruz campaign is better organized and have a better
11:36 am
strategy. >> california will be here before we know it, folks on june 7th. the golden state primaries could play a huge roll in whether or not anybody could get to 1237. will is live from los angeles with more on this. >> hey, there martha. more and more looks like california could be the last stand for ted cruz and john kasich to stop donald trump from getting the 1237 delegates before going into the
11:37 am
convention. >> ted cruz spent crucial time and redialled the miles away from new york. the next big primary state on the map. the reason, even if donald trump wins big in new york, it will be nearly impossible to clear 1237 delegates from june 7th when californians head to the polls. with so much at stake, they expect a historic turnout. >> i think you'll see even more of a spike in turnout here. normally by the time californians get to vote, the nominations have already been decided. >> on the g.o.p. side 113 delegates go to the statewide winner. after that, it's hand to hand contact. after that, they have the state's 53 congressional districts depending on how many or how few republicans actually live there. >> so in other words, the most republican leaning districts in the state count no more than
11:38 am
nancy's district in downtown san francisco. >> cruz will also exploit the fact california is a g.o.p. side. he has work to do because as of the most resent clear politics average of polls, donald trump is almost up 7% here in california. martha. >> all right. thank you, will. that's california. indiana very much in the forefront here. indiana voters hit the polls on may 3rd. the state party has just finalized and their vote could matter to a great degree. 57 total delegates in indiana. 30 of them are voting for the primary winner. the majority of delegates on the first ballot, all of those delegates become unbound on the second round.
11:39 am
we're going to have a quiz. let's talk about indiana. what do you see there? >> we don't have a lot of polls in indiana right now. i think ted cruz is hoping indiana and wisconsin part two in that. cruz ended up winning wisconsin and most of the delegates there. indiana works the delegates the same way wisconsin does. i think trump has a past of delegates but it involves him winning indiana if cruz can beat in indiana. >> all right. let's look ahead a little bit. this is what 538 from nate is coming up. this is what they're predicting will happen. let's leave this on the screen for a moment. their predictions have changed overtime. april 16th, they say he'll get zero. they're giving him 85 in new
11:40 am
york. 29 in maryland. 23 in connecticut. 9 in rhode island. pennsylvania 17, delaware 16. do you agree with those numbers in terms of where you see things now and how do they impact whether or not donald trump can get 1237 before cleveland? >> that's a reasonable estimate. it also suggest trump is going to do well the rest of april starting in new york on tuesday. the question is how good does trump do? trump, if he gets over 50% statewide and 50% in a lot of the congressional districts, trump may win all the delegates in new york and needs to run up the score there. he needs to do that on april 26th with connecticut and rhode island and some of the other states you mentioned. pennsylvania is an interesting case because 17 are actually bound to the statewide results. the other 54 are re-elected.
11:41 am
however, if trump wins pennsylvania convincingly, some of the delegates said they'll support the statewide win or win of the congressional district. trump could end up with more than 17 out of pennsylvania effectively which he needs in order to get to the delegate majority. >> we just put the number up on the screen and when you look at the 538 count and you say it makes sense with what you seen as well, trump would end up with 1155 after california, correct? >> yeah. but again, there is a path for him to do better. he needs to win in indiana and he probably needs to do better in california than some of these projections indicate. he needs 70-75% of the delegates out there. >> all right. we'll see. numbers, numbers, numbers everywhere. thank you very much. so the fight for the g.o.p. delegate is getting very intense. it could go either way in terms of whether or not it's going to
11:42 am
get thrown up. unanimous new jersey, can republican party boss chris christie tip the nomination to trump? we're going to talk about that coming up plus basketball jerseys soon getting a whole new look. details on a game changing vote today by the board of governors for the nba when the real story comes right back.
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11:46 am
>> going viral after a georgia elementary school principal insists on paddling a 5-year-old student. shanna marie perez posted this video on facebook. you can see the principal and assistant principal try to punish this 5-year-old child. they said he tried to punch and spit on classmates. the mother was arrested in the past because the boy missed 18 days of school and she allowed the paddling because she didn't want to go back to jail. marco rubio asking the state republican to let him hold on to his delegates. he's still in third place in the delegate hunt after suspending his campaign last month. oklahoma and louisiana say if a candidate fouls out, his delegates become unbound and if the rules committee keeps rubio off the first ballot, he loses
11:47 am
minnesota delegates as well. that's a total of 34 delegates gone from his count. matt moore is an expert on these things. he's the chairman of the republican party in south carolina which has sticky rules of its own. matt, good to see you. >> good to see you, martha. >> i remember when marco rubio decided to suspend his campaign, we talked about the fact that meant he was going to have to let go of his delegates. now he's fighting to hold on to them. is this going to work for him? >> i think the big question, what will these delegates do on second ballot if there is a second ballot? the best way to be the no, ma'am know and win a majority of delegates. senator rubio and others at the convention, i think it's possibly a good thing for them to have these delegates on the floor to support them and on committees. all of these people are very important people in our party and their voices should be heard. so he's well within his right to do it. >> all right. but in terms of i saw one letter
11:48 am
he wrote, i think it was to alaska asking to hold on to his delegates. so can he have any power over them? is it, they say no, i would imagine that's the end of the story, right. >> well, you certainly could. i think it all depends on what happens at the rnc rules committee. a lot of unanswered questions still. i can't say it enough. the easiest way to win a nominee is to win the convention. >> what about chris christie in new jersey? does it look like he can sway votes there? >> we have not heard from chris christie here in south carolina. chris christie is a good teammate for donald trucmp. i think all the candidates are working. it's important they know the rules. every fifth grade student counsel race has rules. they've been out in the public domain for 8-10 months now.
11:49 am
we'll see what happens when we head to cleveland. >> seems like you're not happy about the trump campaign complaining about the rules. >> it's a bit of a distraction from the results. i was asked to get back on the horse. win or don't, there is no try. get back on the horse, be successful and focus on a space like california. the easiest and best way to be the party's nominee is to get a party's delegates before convention. >> do you think somebody's going to have 1237 going into cleveland. >> it's hard to say. it depends on those five contests on june #7th. it looks like one candidate will be close. >> good to speak with you, sir. thank you very much. a good move by the nba. the league will be allowed to have advertisements on their uniforms. they'll look like nascar cars running around on the basketball
11:50 am
court. we'll talk about that coming up. we'll be right back after this quick break. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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meant to protect people's equality and privacy. separately the nba is the first of four major sports to now allow advertising on the jerseys. the ad patches about two and a half inches by two and a half will appear on the front left side of the jersey. the nba says the program well generate $150 million a year in advertising. half the money goes to the teams, the other half into the revenue sharing pot. teams that appear more on national television obviously will make more money. the jersey ads don't begin until the 2017-2018 season, which coincides with nike take over from adeed daz to provide nba uniform. the nba says, quoting, jersey sponsorships provide deeper engagement with partners looking to build a unique association with our teams and the additional investment will help grow the game in exciting new ways. the wnba and the world league
11:56 am
soccer already allow ads on their jerseys jerseys and some o preseason games but this is the first time of the big four they're allowing them, boom, right there. ads, coke, pepsi, you name it. >> apple by, something, whatever. trace, thank you very much. a close call when a motorcyclists runs a red light into the path of a gravel truck. oh, my. how that nail-biter ended when we come back. zulu-6-9er... clear for take off. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. that's what i'm talking about! and try new glucerna hunger smart with 15 grams of protein to help you feel full. glucerna. steady ahead.
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a lesson in this for everyone. do not run a redlight, you can't be in that big of a hurry. check the video out from china. oh, my. motorcyclists with a passenger runs the light just when a huge dump truck load with gravel came flying down the road. the truck diver swerved, tipped over on the motorcyclist, took hours to free them and rush them to the hospital. they were alive no word on their
12:00 pm
condition, though. thank you for being part of "the real story." i'm in today for gretchen, and harris is in for shep, and how about our own liz, who is off to have baby number two, she is counting me down right now. she looks fantastic. congratulations. >> we begin with breaking news. a dire situation unfolding right now in japan. the second violent earthquake to hit there in 24 hours and this one is stronger, at this hour, 4:00 a.m. japan time, where this is, an all-out race to dig survivors from the rubble. the quake measured a strong 7.0 magnitude, and to put that in perspective for you, this earthquake released five times as much energy as the deadly one that hit yesterday. we have been watching the news feeds from japan. reporters wearing crash helmets. even the news anchored in the studio wearing protective helmets to keep them safe


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