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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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condition, though. thank you for being part of "the real story." i'm in today for gretchen, and harris is in for shep, and how about our own liz, who is off to have baby number two, she is counting me down right now. she looks fantastic. congratulations. >> we begin with breaking news. a dire situation unfolding right now in japan. the second violent earthquake to hit there in 24 hours and this one is stronger, at this hour, 4:00 a.m. japan time, where this is, an all-out race to dig survivors from the rubble. the quake measured a strong 7.0 magnitude, and to put that in perspective for you, this earthquake released five times as much energy as the deadly one that hit yesterday. we have been watching the news feeds from japan. reporters wearing crash helmets. even the news anchored in the studio wearing protective helmets to keep them safe from
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fall debris. calls are coming in from people trammed in houses and buildings. officials have lifted a tsunami warning so that is at least good news in all of this, but the picture so far, like what you're looking at right now, which is a rescue in motion. a lot of damage suggested and the opinion for many more victims. we'll be following the breaks news there throughout this hour. also, we're following political news today. donald trump hitting a new milestone, and we are watching as he gets set to rally supporters in new york state. brand new fox news polling showing a shakeup, and on the democrat side, the most explosive debate yet. >> wait, wait, wait. come on. >> how, hillary clinton, bernie sanders in a shoutfest, but did the voters get anything out of it all? i'll talk with "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace about a wild week in the race for the white house.
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i'm harris faulkner in for shepard myth. donald trump is gaining steam ahead of his republican rival. hitting a high for him in tea brand new fox news poll. trump has 45% of the run vote nationwide. that's well ahead of rivals ted cruz and john kashich, who are in a statistical tie. now check out the dramatic change in those numbers from a month ago. ted cruz dropped more than 10 points and you can see where those voters went. mostly to john kashich according to this. he rose eight points, double donald trump's four-point jump and right now trump is set to rally vote inside upstate new york. this is platburg, not far from the canadian border, polling showing trump has a huge lead ahead of the tuesday primary. john roberts is live for news hartford, connecticut. john? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. talk about a big lead. the real clear politics average, donald trump leads john kashich
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who is in second place, by 32 points. he is 36-points ahead of ted cruz. so you think, okay, candidate with a lead like that, you can cruise along to the primary on tuesday, but trump is taking no chances and doing rallies all over new york, all weekend long, into monday. the reason why, because under the delegate allocation rules here in the state of new york, if it goes above 50% in all 27 congressional stricts he will get all of the delegates available. all 95. last night in new york city, donald trump demonstrated the depth of his support here in new york state. i'm actually in connecticut -- next door in new york state. holding the audience transfixed last night without naming ted cruz, coming up a half hour after him, taking a big shot of cruz's statement about new york values. listen to this. >> new york values were on display for all to see in the aftermath of 9/11, a strike at the heart of our city, and our
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nation, in our darkest moments, as the city we showed the world the very, very best in terms of bravery and heart and soul. >> reporter: while trump is focusing on new york state, he is looking past new york state, which is why i am in connecticut because connecticut voters vote on the 26th, week after new york. five contests that day. trump leading in the polls in all of them. so big rally tonight in the city of hartford. >> i'll do what you're not doing for yourself. ly enough jersey and work in new york so i do that all the time. trump i understand is tipping down a rather tough path. >> reporter: he is. with the idea of the delegate selection process not being democratic and the system is rigged against him. he had an editorial today in the "wall street journal" in which he said voters were doing disenfranchise it by the system and if he is elected president
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and the leader of the party, he will work to change the system. trump also calling out ted cruz as a hypocrite for railing against the cartel in washington while at the same time exploiting every loophole that exists in the delegate selection laws. ted cruz said, more musings bay candidate who can't seem to winch here's cruz. >> 65,000 people voted in the state of colorado. donald is up happy with how heyed to the. he is entitle to the unhype. we're focused on earning votes from the people and that's why we have been winning state after state and why i believe we're going to earn a majority of the delegates, win the nomination and beat hillary clinton. >> now, there's an important thing happening in the state of wyoming tomorrow. they are picking the remaining 14 delegates to the national convention. a lot of them hear already been allocated. this is the remaining 14, ted cruz's operatives in wyoming are working hard to get delegates to pledge to support him on a second ballot at the convention
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and then all the way through the convention. this is ted cruz trying to deny donald trump a majority of delegates on a second ballot if no one becomes the nominee on the first ballot. under the rules such arm twisting is absolutely per miss -- per missable and shows how well the cruz campaign knows how to work the rules. >> the very tim trump has been pushing against. first, let's bring in jackie kucinich. let's start there since john brought us the negative news in wyoming, wed cruz doing the delegate pull, and donald trump, even though he is winning with the current system, still critical of it. >> as you said rightly, the system is working for trump right now. what he is doing is playing defense because if he doesn't get 1237 and ended up -- on the first ballot and ends up in a fight with ted cruz, and ted cruz has been playing the long game.
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he has hired people who know this game, who know what to do, and donald trump is just sort of playing catchup, why he hired paul manafort, and rick wiley. >> it's interesting about what you say, the long game. the long game, as we have always known it. now the new rules are in town and anything goes in terms of how you would campaign and get out the vote and do all of that. so maybe the long-range game is going to start to look different with donald trump. we don't know. another thought i had is what about the against all odds strategy that donald trump can also say that he had? if he gets there with 1237 no, matter what ted cruz is doing now, it doesn't matter. he said against all odd is won. >> absolutely. and also kind of puts the establishment out in the cold if donald trump is able to make that argument, which will make for a very interesting convention, and actually very divided convention. chew won't usually see.
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usually it's party about unity. >> let's talk about john kashich and ted cruz. obviously speaking of that -- leaving them out in the cold in the state of new york but as we go forward, what are your thoughts. >> john kashich is focusing on pennsylvania, where he was born and it's somewhere he can get traction with the rust, belt voters he did so will with in ohio but donald trump still leads in the poll there ted cruz is playing this delegate game. so going to get interesting. but still is very difficult for donald trump to lock this up. he has to get something like 59% of the remaining delegates. not impossible but definitely a tough task. >> he has been getting in the upper 40s of the delegates so far. kashich born in pennsylvania, all the polls leading us today that have him actually in second place behind donald trump. ted cruz, yes, doing the delegate pull across the country, but what about in these individual states? that counts for something or no? >> depends on the rules there. if they're proportional, he can
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siphon some off and he can get delegates if they're promised to someone else could be a ted cruz person, a sheep in -- wolf in sheep's clothing. >> quickly before i let you go, we saw deep in the fox news polling something that showed that donald trump, john kashich, ted cruz, hough they would do up against hillary clinton. trump pulling ahead in that, and doing nicely against her at this point. what does she have to do to end in him off and what does he have to to make sure she can't? >> she needs to beat bernie sanders first. that's step one. it is looking like she will do that in new york and looking good for her down the line. so that's her first challenge in terms of donald trump, you already heard her start attacking him and drawing a contrast between her message and his concluder and that's going to continue. >> i don't know how many people really see the fight on the left as being necessarily real because of all the super delegates. although she -- i mean, it's been interesting with bernie sanders.
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>> every time she turns her attention away from him, he keeps coming back. >> picks up another state. with donald trump in new york right now it's the potential of taking more than 50% of the delegates. interesting to see him in upstate new york. >> yep. trying to pull those voters that are -- that feel disenfranchised, that feel like the system is again them you. see them a lot where there's high unemployment and people feel like they can't get a break, and trump does well with those voters. >> hough about hillary clinton? >> that's where she worked very hard when she was senator. made promises that didn't necessarily come through. but in the past she has done well but we'll see. bernie sanders still changed the game. >> if weigert a general election and if it were trump and clinton, he suddenly puts some states in play that weren't in play for republicans necessarily. new york'ing one of them. >> i don't know. new york doesn't have a lot of minority voters and trump hasn't done will with them.
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ahead, the pictures the stories of people trapped coming in. we're following the enormous news in japan, an earthquake collapsing buildings, grass spraying. we're gathering more information and will have it for you in two minutes. stay close.
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right now. just yesterday we have been reporting another quake rocked the same area. killed at least nine people. injured more than 800. our trace gallagher is live on the west coast news hub. trace? >> reporter: we know buildings are burning, being evacuated. trains and buses shut down, people are trapped and missing. this is the 7.0 earthquake comes just 24 hours, these some of the first pictures coming into us or the newest. 24 hours after a 6.2 earthquake struck the very same region in the southwestern part of japan's main island. the fact, the quakes almost were on top of each other and now it appears yesterday's quake may very well have been a foreshock of today's quake, and just to clarify, 7.0 is six -- six new hampshire times bigger. so looking at the pictures, this is catastrophic. video just beginning to come in. buildings shaking, people scrambling to get to safety. what makes the quake even more
12:15 pm
dangerous is that it was very shallow, six miles deep. that means the quake wouldn't be felt over such a wide area but also means there's less earth to absorb the shock waves. picture the detects of an earthquake, you make a bed and shake out the bed sheet. the same ripple effect is happening in the land. first responders are just now starting to arrive at the hardest hit areas but the u.s. geological survey says we can expect this to be a significant disaster and that japan may need national and international response. this, bill the way, the biggest quake to hit japan since 201 when the country was hit by the massive tsunami that killed tens of thousands. for today's quake the tsunami warning has been cancelled but there could be dozens, if not thousands, of aftershock necessary coming hours and days. still no word on damages or casualties, but as we get more, harris, we'll let you know. >> i tell you, what you said about this bag foreshock is
12:16 pm
really interesting. be don't talk about that very often so when you see 6.2 as we did yesterday, people say, well good, the worst is over. but if that's a foreshock, so much worse is coming. seismometers are record something kind of event every five minutes in that part of the world, just to give people how active it is. you talk about the earthquake in 2011. it happens there with loot of regularity. a couple things i want to hit with now. there are still a lot of people in the shelters from yesterday. sure. and the first foreshock of 6.2 was followed by hundreds if not more than a thousand other foreshocks, all foreshocks, they believe the 7.0 quake today was the quake itself, and now we're feeling the aftershocks you. had eight or nine people killed yesterday, bending dry steroid in the very -- building destroyed and you have people being rushed to shelters, still
12:17 pm
searching for people from yesterday's quake and then you get hit with a quake almost on top of it, and if you look at the map you had one quake which was a strike slip quake, meanind of this, like it normally does. that means that this area is still very volatile and you could have major aftershocks in the coming hours and days. so, when they're inside these buildings, looking for trapped people, they have to be very leery of the fact that they could get another quake, another aftershock could bring down nor rubble. so a very dangerous time and as we get more pictures and informing, we'll get back to you. >> that is very important detail about just how dangerous the rescue operations are. good news that no power plant problems for the plant that is nose too far from there. trace, we'll bring you back as the news warrants. later on this hour i'll speak with chris wallace, "fox news sunday" anchor, about the republican presidential race, and next we go deeper and looker at bernie sanders gaining new
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four days until the primary here in new york. the second largest prize in the entire democrat race. hillary clinton, bernie sanders made final appeals to voters before the primary during a feisty debate. that about the nicest thing you can say. it was in brooklyn, new poll shows the race is tightening family. bernie sanders has sliced hillary clinton's lead to two points. a fox news poll last month had clinton up by 13. what is happening there? ed henry is here with more on that. ed, what are the candidates up to today? >> reporter: it's interesting because it was a feisty debate last night. both of them maybe wanting to get out of dodge. hillary clinton went to harlem, was trying to rally voters there
12:22 pm
ahead of tuesday's primary. at a senior center. enough jetting off to california, couple fundraisers over the next couple of days and a campaign event, but the fundraisers with george and amal clooney so hob knobbing with celebrities out west. while sanders is at the vatican today. he did not meet with pope francis but gave a speech where the espoused his socialist economic policies and using the example of pope francis who has spoken out against greed on wall street. clinton and sanders both speak out today. >> a couple of friends told me that people are saying to him, we know she is going to win. no, no, we can't know that. unless they show up and actually help us win. >> when i received this invitation -- i know it's taking me away from the campaign trail for a day cut when i received this information -- but when i received this information it was so moving to me, something i
12:23 pm
could just simply not refuse to attend. >> reporter: a bit of a good morning bell to leave the campaign trail four days before the critical new york primary. clinton is trying to shake off maybe a lack of enthusiasm. some of her supporters assume she has this in the bag. you noted the fox news poll. that's nationally the race is single digits but here in new york, clinton leading by double-digits. >> i tell you last newt i was trying to counseled all the side eyes and the jabs and the shouting and all of that. >> oh, yeah, and look, they fought about wall street, predictable subjects we knew would come up, and other ones that also got firey, this one on guns for example, raised a lot of eyebrows. >> we hear a lot from senator sanders about the greed and recklessness of wall street, and i agree. we have to hold wall street accountable. >> thank you. >> what about the growed and reckless is inness from the gun manufacturers and dealers in america? >> in a rural state with no gun
12:24 pm
krul, bernie sanders said, let's ban assault weapons, not see them distributed in the united states. >> thank you, senator. >> reporter: clinton has been hit can sanders very hard on the issue of liability for the families of the victims at sandy hook, example. that something he has been on defense about, and then sanders trying to turn it around and not just talk about wall street but push back against clinton on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. watch. >> i have supported the fight for 15. i am proud to have the endorsement of most of the unions that have led the fight for 15. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> reporter: sanders pointing out that a week ago hillary clinton was here in new york, celebrating with governor cuomo on the fact that on the state level, minimum wage has been raised to $15 but that has not happened on the federal level, and clinton has not been
12:25 pm
previously pushing for that to happen. sanders has. it's one of the many very divisive issues that is sort of animating the campaign on. the right now. >> i know they will argue over debate dates and i think voters just want to hear about the issues. >> reporter: they got down to substance last night. >> annie was at the debate last night. so you can give us what it was like inside the room. >> i have to said was magnificent. just the room. it's a beautiful space, the brooklyn navyyard. it was gorgeous, and there's a lot of excitement because there hadn't been a democratic debate in a while. they have been on the trail now and a lot has happened and we have that times of democratic debate, every two or three days, and i was like, not that much has happened. in this case there's a lot to catch up on. >> one of the things that happened, and of course not here in new york, but nationally, bernie sanders has closed up but
12:26 pm
he has been in the world nor and not on tv. so that's an intriguing bit of information. >> absolutely. i think that -- this is what sanders' campaign has said all along, as people got to know who he was -- he did start in the polls at three percent, and now he has riz ton where he is neck and neck with her. but the thing is it's so late and she has such a big delegate count. >> a lot of questions have come about whether that was because he is just such a great candidate or because she is just such maybe not a great candidate. >> i think about that a lot, actually. think it's a really good question. don't know that he is that great of a candidate. in many ways he lets her slide on a lot of issues that i think dirks jeer them e-mail server scandal. >> absolutely. benghazi never comes up. the ties the foundation rarely come up. the type of things that republicans are going to go after her on, and she has not had to deal with them at all from a candidate, deal with it
12:27 pm
from the press. >> i mentioned to ed the side eyes and the jabs and all those things during the shoutfest last night. one thing is for sure. that will have some kind of an impact on voters going forward, and i'm wondering what it will do. i'm reading one in four bernie supporters say they'll never vote for hillary clinton do people come together? >> look, as contentious and caustic as the debate was last night, still don't think this is anywhere close to where the democratic party was in 2008, where there was just such visit treeol. >> that is true. when i go to toe these reals and talk to bernie supporter, a lot of them say i'm excited to vote for bernie in the primary and then i'll vote for clinton in the general. >> i asked -- want to get your perspective. among the democrats, the feeling you have been able to hear, if hillary clinton goes against a
12:28 pm
donald trump, ted cruz,on kashich. >> i mean, i think hillary's camp is pretty excited about going against cruz or going against trump. don't think -- i think maybe a little bit moyer worried about kashich. >> why? >> because he has that sort of moderate stance, and if people -- he has been a governor and he has some of -- in the same lane as she is in many ways. i think cruz of the clinton people view many of his positions as extreme, and they would kind of replay those positions again and again that might turn off a general election. donald trump is a big wild card. >> comes up with a magical nickname he says he is working on. >> i think we are all excited to see what that will be. >> they have a history together. >> see what the history looks like. the globe did a exterior on their history and it's explosive. goes back -- we saw from the -- it goes back to '95. the clintons and the trumps were forging a relationship, but i
12:29 pm
think he is a ward ward. >> cbs news poll that just came out, believe yesterday, might have been the day before, showed what you're talking about,on kashich against her, and he actually led the pack. fox news polling found donald trump was leading the pack against her. particularly now that he is in new york, it just shows you that polls can basically say a lot of different things. before you scoot off, though, way want to ask you about bernie sanders going vatican. economy and equality speech for 15 minutes there. rather than pick upping on where they left off last night help had her on the verbal run. >> almost surprising. reminded me of hillary clinton's decision right before the new hampshire primary to leave and go to michigan and do an event in michigan and not pay -- >> voting -- >> a big difference. she lost both michigan and new hampshire. so not sure that was a great strategy for her or for him
12:30 pm
frankly. >> did give him another platform to talk about what he is -- he really scored well on last night. so -- >> there are catholics -- new york is the third largest catholic population -- fifth -- excuse me -- in the country. connecticut has a big catholic population and voting two weeks from now, maryland. so he is -- there's -- pennsylvania, and so these states have big catholic populations so there's a reason to do it, but still issue think he is exhausted and that would be another reason. >> make a nice sleep, eight-hour flight. all right, annie. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> then there's this. our fox news polling also shows which g.o.p. code has the best chance of beating the democrat in november. might be a surprise. we'll dig deeper and show you what the polling says. i'll talk about that sun -- "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace right here on the news
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parole board will make a final decision. a judge in wisconsin refused to lower $500,000 bond for two girls who are accused of killing their classmate. this happened two years ago when the girls were 12. their parents say they can't afford the bail but the judge points out the girls already tried to run away once before. a plane made an emergency landing in charleston, west virginia, after a bird hit the windshield and cracked it. airport reps say 57 people were on the delta flight from new york to nashville. no one was hurt. news continues with harris faulkner right after this. hey!
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john kashich is the best republican candidate to defeat a democrat in november, according to a new fox news poll. according to all registered voters, and most g.o.p. voters don't agree and one of our
12:37 pm
pollsters says the disconnect is astounding. the survey shows kashich would beat hillary clinton by nine points, clinton would beat ted cruz by a point so that's a tie. she would bet donald trump by seven points but nearly two-thirds of republican voters say they think trump has the best chance of beat can her -- beating her, and is also their top choice. how do you explain that? let's ask chris wallace. "fox news sunday" anchor. >> i better come up with an answer here. i think that the republican electorate this year is very different from the general electorate and you can just see that in the fact that a lot of the so-called establishment candidates that i think going in most people thought would have the best chance of winning, we all were talking about the governors, whether it was christie or walker or jindal, or kashich, the former governors, like bush, the senators, and almost all of them have been rejected, and it's the two
12:38 pm
outsiders, the real outsider, donald trump, and then the relative outsider, senator ted cruz, somebody who certainly doesn't play the game here in washington, but the republican elooker toat likes -- electorate likes but they're very different from the general electorate. >> this whole idea of donald trump going to capitol hill and is going to do this weekly. did it for the first time this week, and he is going to be talking with those who support him in congress and those who are on the fence. it's interesting because ted cruz reportedly doesn't have a lot of friends in congress, and now you have got donald trump and his group going up there now, i know the talk has been about how to get delegates to vote, but is something else going on there? >> no. i think -- we have been talking about this pivot for months now. at some point trump was going to have to pivot from the outsider, with the shoot from the lip, the personal attacks, the insults, going to have to pivot from that
12:39 pm
and he has been very effective doing that in terms of making himself the voice of a lot of disaffected voters, millions of disaffected voters voters who ad up with politics and politicians as usual. at some point, not to say you have to be a captive of the establishment but you have to find a way to get along with them, particularly if you're going to try to get to 1237 del tellings, -- delegates can the majorout you need to be the nominee, and a general election campaign you have to get the pared huub identified behind you, and some people say trump has been way to late to get there but is starting to do that now. >> and if you look at where he is meeting, the capitol hill club, that's down the hall from the rnc, he and reince priebus have been trading barbs this week so there he is in his backyard as well. you have interviewed him and you have talked with donald trump about temperment. our fox polling is showing some indication that people are concern about that month his
12:40 pm
supporters. you asked him about becoming presidential, and he said he will. you said when is it going to happen? i want to get your thoughts. >> well, what you're talking about, he has dug a huge hole for himself. when people are asked do they have the temperment to be president, i think only a third of the electorat say that. that's a terrible number and he has paid a price, and we have been talking about this -- not just me but a lot of interviewer with trump for months now. at what point are you obviously -- this has work to some degree but at a certain point as you become the front-runner, get closer to the nomination, as you become the potential republican nominee for president, you have to persuade people not just that you're entertaining and you're a voice for their anger but you actually could be commander in chief. people send a different message in the primary than they will in the voting booth in november and actually are choosing the next
12:41 pm
president. and trump has dug quite a hole for himself and at some point has to be able to persuade people that he is fit to be the president and the commander-in-chief of this country. >> well, if you saw him speak last night, and -- he has these policy speech that are planned ahead. people will be able to get an opportunity to make up their open minds about that and whether or not he is doing the pivot successfully. we'll get a chance to see that. chris wallace good, too see you, the. >> is. >> this weekend "fox news sunday" chris will tal bit donald trump's campaign manager, cory lewandoski. a prosecutor just decided not charge him for battery for a run-in with the reporter and the campaign hired another republican insider to help deal with the delegate system trump calls crooked and rigged. and chris will talk to the government's point many on infectious diseases on the growing concerns over the zika virus. the feds saying it's scarier than first thought. that sunday on your local fox
12:42 pm
station. check the tv listings for the time in your area. >> for the first time in decades california can play a big role for both partied. analyst says donald trump cannot clinch the nomination without doing well in california and ted cruz predicted the state will decide the republican race. it's important for democrats as well. california is the largest primary prize, and polls schober any sanders is closing in on hillary clinton nationally and in that state. wig carr is live with more on this. >> reporter: more and more looks like california could play kingmaker heading into the convention, and ted cruz is definitely taken note. that's why he was in california earlier this week, spending precious time on the trail, especially down here in southern california. pundits believe the math the state could work very well for cruz because it awards delegates by congressional district. 13 tellings to the overall state winner and then there are 53 battles for congressional
12:43 pm
districts with each district awarding three delegates. regardless of how many g.o.p. voters live in that area. >> in california, cruz has a real chance to grab enough congressional districts to stop trump from getting the overall majority, even if trump wins statewide in california. >> reporter: california is also a closed primary on the g.o.p. side and pundits think that could play in cruz's favor as well. >> as we have seen in other states trump does best in primaries where independent voters can vote in the republican primary. without that benefit in california, he might be at somewhat of a disadvantage. certainly something that could work to cruz's benefit. >> 172 delegates at stake. we'll see how it shakes out june 7th. the last day of the primary in. >> fox urgent. you may have to get closer to your screen to see what i'm
12:44 pm
looking at. this is grenada hills, california, somebody reported a mountain lion on the lose near a school. we have been catching some glimpses on it. this is somebody's sideyard, backyard, nearby kennedy high school on lockdown. know injures reported. they just hit him with a tranquilizer dart and the mountain lion has been moving slower. you see how it's slowing down there. obviously the main concern when he was not in that backyard was what -- where was he going to go? that school is nearby. now -- you see the guy with if the tranquilizer gun off to the right of the screen. you may have to step up and get coast you're -- we know he has been hit with the tranquilizer dart and now the animal is down, kind of sleeping. not moving around as much. granada hills, california, pretty scary when this thing was roaming around, but somebody, if
12:45 pm
they're home right now looking outside, wondering what is going on in the side yard, they're going to hit them again here and put that animal to rest so they can go in and get hill. we'll come right back. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. want to bring you quick up to speed on that situation. the animal, they're trying to gather hem issue has not been hurt. we don't know the condition of the mountain lion on the loose, or was a short time ago. southwest -- northwest of los angeles, this is granada hills. there's a school on lockdown. the kennedy high school is on lockdown, not far from this, while they round the animal up. it has gotten itself pinned in somebody's backyard and has been moving around. they hit him with a tranquilizer and he is falling asleep. i wanted to check back in because there were some guns pointed at the animal and we understand that is now no longer necessary to hit him with more stuff to put him out. they're going to wait. so that's the situation there and we'll move on.
12:49 pm
look at your cable bill, you pay a monthly fee just for renting the box that brings you the tv channels and according to a study by the white house persons pay on average more than $230 in cable box rem fees each year. that's actually an increase of nearly 200% over the past two decades. president obama says he has a plan to make your cable boxes not only cheaper but better, but the cable companies are already putting up a fight. ken kevin cork is live at the white house they've don't want big brother on the boxes. >> reporter: one way to put it. from their perspective less is more. less regulation, less fixed costs equals more competition and hopefully more money in your pocket. i love the graphic you showed. if you're dropping more than 200 bucks a year on a cable box, box that probably only costs a few bucks to make, that make your blood boil so the white housing tries to change that. listen to how the president described what he is trying to do in get can federal agencies to look for more ways to cut
12:50 pm
costs and havemer innovation. he talked earlier today. >> the cable or satellite box is just one example of an area where, because it's been tied to the provider, and you rent it, and consumers spend billions of dollars on this every single year there hasn't been much innovation. >> so, effectively he wants to get ail the federal agencies, 12 of them to try to do the same thing, look for ways to cut costs. >> the reaction to the plan? >> reporter: yes. pretty much like you might expect, especially from industry groups. here's what one group is saying and this is indicative of the idea that sometimes it's too much government. too much overreach. walter mccormick of u.s. telecom saying the administration's disregard for the integrity of the rulemaking process is appalling, talking about the fcc intrusion by the white house. back to you. >> kevin good, to see you. we'll be right back. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. budget cuts are talking a toll on the u.s. marines, most of them, their planes have been grounded. from 2010 to 2015 military spending fellly $130 billion. senior officials say that's hurting the military's able to respond in a crisis. jennifer griffin got an exclusive look at the home of the marines aviation force and is live at the pentagon. >> reporter: marines have always prided themselves on doing more with less, but what we heard over and over at marine air station buford and blue river it's been this bad. of the only 30 part of the jet fighters are able to fly. squadron are supposed to deploy with 14 aircraft are and leaving
12:55 pm
for combat with ten planes and pilots supposed to spend 15 hours a month in the cockpit are sometimes only flying four hours a month. >> we're an operational squadron, supposed to be flying jet is, not building them. >> are you losing guys from exhaustion? >> absolutely. there's only so much you can look a young marine in the eye, and at some point say issue want you to do one more for america and apple pie and at some point, that gets old. >> they are literally cannibalizing planes for parts. i saw a situation where a plane might be in a hangar waiting for the part and the wings and engine will be stolen by another squadron. >> so they're trying to prevent a crisis, and by any estimation becoming one. what about the older planes? >> well in one case, i saw one f-18 that was 2010ing ready to deploy that had literally flown the mission that bombed gadhafi's compound in 1986 in libya, 30 years ago. recently when they needed a part
12:56 pm
for this plane, which is now out of production, marines try to cannibalize a port from an aircraft in a museum. >> very old to be flying for an aircraft. they were designed to fly for 6,000 hours. >> national take appearing 1995 cadillac and trying to make it a ferrari, faster, more efficient, but still an old air frame so the aircraft is constantly breaking. >> reporter: budget cuts and delays in the state of the art fighter have meant that marines are trying to get the planes to fly 8,000 hours instead of 6,000, 2,000 hours longer than they were engineered to do. it was a shocking look at hour marine aviation has been. thed in the last few years. >> shocking indeed. stay close. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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1:00 pm
there, tens of thousands of our u.s. troops are station net japan. we'll keep monitoring the situation there and bring you the latest pictures and the details right here on fox news. i'm in for shep. now neil. >> thank you, harris. keeping a very close high here as "your world" kicks off on what at the prominent candidates are doing in new york today. donald trump just wrapping up a go get 'em speech. ted cruz not that far away. a lot of this has to do with the building pressure ahead of what will be a do or die moment, some say for ted cruz to keep the wisconsin momentum going. donald trump just saying it could end with that in new york in four days. abbie huntsmanned a a donald trump rally in new york with the latest from his camp. >> reporter: perfect timing. the event just ended. trump just left the event. people are streaming out


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