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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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there, tens of thousands of our u.s. troops are station net japan. we'll keep monitoring the situation there and bring you the latest pictures and the details right here on fox news. i'm in for shep. now neil. >> thank you, harris. keeping a very close high here as "your world" kicks off on what at the prominent candidates are doing in new york today. donald trump just wrapping up a go get 'em speech. ted cruz not that far away. a lot of this has to do with the building pressure ahead of what will be a do or die moment, some say for ted cruz to keep the wisconsin momentum going. donald trump just saying it could end with that in new york in four days. abbie huntsmanned a a donald trump rally in new york with the latest from his camp. >> reporter: perfect timing. the event just ended. trump just left the event. people are streaming out behind
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me. he spoke about 30 minutes. a beautiful day here. little windy, but just to give you a sense the event probably fits about 4200 people. i'm not an expert on numbers but seems like my best guess, about 1200. so certainly not to capacity. and frankly neil, as far as his rallies, it's been a really peaceful day. a few proficientses before it started. the police asked them to leave the premises. one young man was arrested after being asked multiple times to leave. for the most part it has been peaceful. i talked to the chief of police and they said they're treating this like it's a big event or concert and they were prepared if anything did happen. luckily inside nothing ended up happening. the big story, though, would say, is in this city -- a place where presidential candidates don't often come to visit so there's a real excitement today about donald trump coming here, so there are lot of families that came out to this event, parents bringing their kid, kids bringing their parents. i spoke to some earlier,
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including frank, 23 years old, brought his dad out abuse he wanted to hear trump speak. >> something like that's doesn't usually come here and a possible candidate for president, you know. pretty cool. >> he is a businessman and will get a -- going to be good. tells it like it is and is going to be good for the united states. >> i think trump is probably the best candidate that's running. mostly because he is a wild card and nobody knows what to expect from him. >> reporter: a wild card. that last man brought his two daughter here. they've been selling girl scout cookies. it's been a positive day, peaceful day. they're just excited they got to see a presidential candidate. >> thank you very much. in the meantime, the wind at donald trump's back could be the big endorsement by the new york post, saying that donald trump can win the republican nomination but neats to pivot,
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quoting, more self disciplined, less thin skinned. they always talk about donald trump being an acquired taste. we have had other counties who ran for president who war acquired tastes and didn't change their mojo very much when they became president. in other words, what you got early on is what you got in at the oval office, and with mixed success but it takes a lot for someone to completely change their basic dna, doesn't it? >> well, it certainly does. what you see in a presidential contender before he or she is president is what you see when that it person is in the white house. and we have seen that on many occasions, neil. >> you know, andrew jackson is the one president who has been most often compared to being trump-like, or shall i say trump is andrew jackson like in that he was a controversial figure, one who had been, if you heard
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it back in those days, robbed by the establishment, come storming back, and it's not exactly everyone's cup of tea. did andrew jackson ever change once he got in? >> andrew jackson was a very rough and tumble frontiersman and remained that way his whole life. he killed a man in a duel. he was an indian fighter. he was shot by future senator thomas hart benton and barely survived. when he got in the white house he would -- south carolina was threatening to not pay their taxes on imports them tariff, and when jackson heard that he threatened to send troops in and was talking about hanging someone for treason. so, jackson followed that through into his presidency. >> he was considered, in retrospect, as a president, one of our greatest. >> yes. >> i guess what i'm asking you, when we make a big deal about
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character flaws, the new york post mentioned them, others, in donald trump, could those work in his favor, that no-nonsense jacksonian style if he became president? >> it could because jackson was very much admired for his integrity and honesty and forthright speech and also useful to remember the whole federal budget was balanced but the national debt disappeared during jackson's presidency. >> i like to switch gores goresd talk -- switch gearss' one who is thought of differently when being considered for president, grover cleveland. almost too quiet, too unassuming, too goody two-shoes and the words were, too corruptible, but served two different terms so recognized as two different presidents history. the only man who did not serve the terms concurrently. having said that, how did that
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play out? those estimations of grover cleveland and his actual presidential performance? >> he was incorruptible, and he had an incredible sense of honesty and duty, and when he became president, he refused to take any bribes. refused to give anybody a special subsidy, and the end result was that he had so many vetoes, 414 vetoes, in his first term. which was more than all the previous presidents combined. >> yet there was this feeling that because he was a straight arrow, think another play on words here -- he would be a woos, a wimp and than didn't pan out. >> no. he was very hard-nosed and could be very stubborn and could not be pushed around. >> the last of our examples here, worry about calvin coolidge, assuming the presidency, that he was mr. vanilla, he was not the kind of guy that inspired a great
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deal of confidence coming in as he did, inheriting the office. assess how that went. >> well, he also had a real sense of thrift personally. very thrifty. and he had an economy of words, of course, we know that help didn't talk much. but didn't spend much, either. he and harding managed to cut the federal budget in half, neil. >> but harding was bigger than life figure. when he died there's calvin coolidge emerged, appoint president. his dad swore him in. >> he did. his father did. >> and the rap against old cal is that he didn't have nearly the luster, the pizazz, the excitement of harding. how did it work out for him? >> it worked out well. he didn't have a lot of pizazz. one time in a radio interview he was asked if he had anything to say to his audience and all he said was, goodbye. so, he didn't speak much but he vetoed bills that needed to be
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vetoed, and these budget surpluses were incredibly valuable for the united states. he cut the federal debt under harding and coolidge was cut by almost a one-third. >> amazing. it's a good reminder. i'm so glad you came here tree mind news the past when there were concerns about a candidate, either his language, tone, temperment and they surprised them. that's not to say -- no way to guess on trump or testified cruz or this other stuff that has come up but again and again i think they had doubts about this guy, abe lincoln but that's another story. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> picture bernie sanders, you're on fire, narrowed a 20-point gap with hillary clinton to ten points in some polls, closing in fast and fewer you an outstanding debate the night before so what do you do the next day? you go to rome. i'm not going rome, new york, i'm talking rome, vatican rome. what was he thinking?
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all right. what is bernie sanders doing in rome? doesn't he know he is a few days away from a crucial primary in new york where polls show him narrowing and even narrowing more when you look nationally. look at the national gap. they're essentially tied. to fox's ed henry on what the heck is going on. >> good to see you. interesting that after the big brawl last night in brooklyn, what may be their last faves to face debade. clinton and sanders have left new york. hillary clinton on her way to california, and fundraiser with george and amal clooney, and before that she stopped at harlem at a senior center, trying to get people energized, going into tuesday's primary. bernie sanders going much fer their outside new york state, going all the way to the vatican. he did not meet with pope
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francis but was peeking a conference that gave him a chance to push his socialist polls and says he finds a kinship with how pope francis has spoken out against greeds in the economy, greed on wall street, and he is pushing what sanders calls a moral economy, but you're right, there's some risk in leaving the campaign trail just four days before this critical prime -- primary. last night the gloves finally did come off after previous debates and there was hype sanders would take clinton on. happened last night. watch. >> i question a judgment which vote for the war in iraq. >> president obama trusted my judgment to be secretary of state for the united states. i have supported the fight for 15. >> a lot of people are very surprised to learn you supported raise egg the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. wait. called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> oh, my goodness.
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they must have been crushed by that. >> after that nastiness, bernie sanders goes to the vatican, maybe clears things up after all the back and forth in all seriousness, sanders today saying he knows it's a risk to leave the campaign trail but when he got this invite, not from the pope but from the conference at the vatican to go and speak out on these issues, he said he was personally moved and could not turn that invite down. >> all right. ed henry, thank you very much. the rap against bernie sanders is that he has supporters but they're not african-american. well, not all african-americans, including this young lady who finds the thought of hillary clinton getting to the white house just as bad as any republican. take a look. >> you're into this because you say that conventional politicians have forgotten us, forgotten these causes and you include hillary clinton in that group. why? >> i think hillary clinton is
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the perfect representation of what corporate politicians stand for. she is a candidate of walmart, wall street and war. >> all right. we are still getting a lot of buzz on that interview ump want to focus on the notion that the african-american vote is a lock for hillary clinton. her views are far from typical because it is still pretty much the case that hillary clinton can rely on african-american support, almost monolith include but i want to raise it with a democratic strategist, harlen hill. this young woman was getting back to what other coo be a problem for hillary clinton. her supporter are not passionate. bernie sanders' reporters are, even the few african-americans he gets, like this young lady. what do you say? >> chev is trying tap into passion around certain issues. what she said last night about sandy hook -- last night wasn't the first time she mentioned it. it drives me pretty crazy. she has asked on multiple
1:16 pm
occasions for senator sanders to apologize to the parent's of the victims of sandy hook for their murder -- for the horrible tragedy that happened there. this is outrageous, she is trying to leverage the death of these young children for her own political gain, and she is doing it because she thinks -- she has done cold, hard political calculus and determined she needs to activate young primarily female voters to get oat to the poll us around certain issues and gun control is one those of issues but the takes its too far. >> i think what she was saying he is kind of loosey-goosey on the whole gun control issue and how dillant -- >> i he was very clear that he didn't think that just shop owners should be held liable and gun manufacturer should be held personally liable for what people do with guns and they shouldn't be. >> she took it to the next level. i heard you before, on this
1:17 pm
hillary clinton pursuit of the white house, she does have a big lead, but she doesn't have your support. why not? >> i'm not alone. i think that it comes down to one question, and it's trust. does she have it? can we trust her to have a steady hand in the white house? and i don't see it. when you look at -- look, scandals -- >> you seiber any -- see bernie sanders have more -- >> 70% of the people on the fox news poll thought this guy hat the temperment to be president. there's no -- >> score very high on integrity. >> very high. >> yet a lot of his supporters who would not support hillary clinton, and many hillary clinton supporters who would not support bernie sanders, though far fewer. are you worried this will accuse -- cause a serious problem in philadelphia at the convention. >> regardless if there's a problem in philadelphia or not,
1:18 pm
almost 40% of bernie sanders supporters said they will not support hillary clinton and i expect that number to grow. >> where will they go. >> either stay home or cross over. have -- >> when across over to who? >> trump. they won't vet for ted cruz. i'm going to do a test who said it. donald trump or bernie sanders, there's a lot of commonality between the two candidate believe it or not, particularly on issues of trade. i think that there's common ground that if donald trump plays his cards right he could appeal to a lot of democrats. >> this is going into i twilight zone territory. are you saying that a lot of these tell -- democrats who are dissatisfied with hillary clinton would go so far as to vote for donald trump instead? >> that is worse case scenario for her. >> would you do that? >> i would. i would. i've said it before and say it again. i'm looking at donald trump and may cast a ballot in support of him. i may even have to work to elect
1:19 pm
him. i feel that strongly about hillary clinton that she doesn't have the judgment to be president. and her record at the state department and her time as u.s. senator back up that. >> now, when you look at all these polls -- i've heard you say this before, they change -- i she would win in the one-on-one matchups and so would bernie sanders. does it surprise you thaternie sanders, an avowed socialist, would beat any of the republican candidates running for president right now? >> i think it says a lot about the current state of politics. what people don't understand is we don't care about the minute details of policy. americans care about jobs, the economy, isis, and to some degree immigration. many people on the far right. so, candidates need to talk about the issues in those terms. i said this again.
1:20 pm
i've used the people. have friends app friends graduating from college and have a quarter million dollars in debt and can't get a job. bernie sanders supporters aren't specialist. they're desperate and don't have options so they're gravitating towards him. don't the think the american electorate is socialist. >> you're angry enough, you call yourself a communist to -- >> if you're desperate enough, sure. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> there was a time in new york politics that the guy who runs the republican party, so to speak in the state, and donald trump were not even on speaking terms inch fact donald trump was forever ripping him a new one. goes back a ways. not anymore. what happened? what if told you, maybe these protests. [chanting]
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you're looking live at both candidates, i believe both candidate, addressing the troops -- ted cruz and donald trump signing autographs, still in new york. a common feature of both events. they normally have folks who want them to sign stuff and they almost always oblige if their schedules allow. but it is the battle for ticket and 895 delegates and how they will be portioned out. ed cox is joining us. i was thinking of you the last time your were on the friction that looked like existed between you and donald trump, maybe goes back other couple yours ago when donald trump was entertaining running for governor of new york, and then he was going after you as someone who looked -- who has never won anything so doesn't know how to win. that was then. this is now eye. not saying you speak glowingly of one another but the hatchet does seem to have been buried.
1:25 pm
>> wasn't much of a hatchet. i was doing the right thing and even this supporter's then state committee agreed if you want to run for governor you had to be willing to compete, and i went down to explain to him and we had dinner together hour our system worked and it was clear he just didn't want to have any competition. if you don't -- if you're not willing to compete you really don't want it, and i don't think he really wanted it in the end and i think he is happy -- >> you're right about that. he has anged things have worked out for me. carl who did run for governor, said of you that he is very much an establishment puppy, he gets his signals from washington, from the elot down there. of course, pal palatino a big backer of trump. i raise that not to embarrass you but to say that i suspect that a lot of that friction between, for want of better term, the establishment and donald trump, remains.
1:26 pm
>> well, it's different with karl. carl and i -- he said, ed, you'll be any friend for life, after i gave him support when he got the nomination 2010. but since then he has gone this way and that way and i think he needs -- way, the bottom line is -- >> sounds like he doesn't like you now. >> actually we get along very well. and he tries -- trying to do good thinks, trial to reform the buffalo schools are both for charter schools -- >> no, no, that's another thing i'm seeing here. seeping overtures made by guys like you, establishment figures, i don't know whether it increases in a sense it could be inevitable. a new york post endorsement, others who are backing away from criticizing donald trump. i'm not saying resigning themselves to donald trump but opening themselves up to the pocket it -- possibility it will be trump. >> here's the point about carl. he has his own agenda and one thing died not like is people who supposedly represent them
1:27 pm
have their own agenda. it's not good for donald trump. and i think donald trump -- well, he has given chairman priebus a pretty rough ride so i can't say at this point -- >> do you share reince priebus' concerns that donald trump is trying to make it look like the establishment is going after him, referring to the stealing, that is trump, the colorado delegates-this signal troubles for your convention? >> two points. first of all, this is good for donald trump in that it gave him a big red alert that his campaign organization needed to be beefed up if he were to win the nomination, if he were to you've night the party at the convention, and particularly if he were going to have an effective general election campaign hitch was basically running the campaign himself. >> also reminded people -- again, you can make lemonade out of lemons and he did and made this populist argument that the parties are running in lockstep
1:28 pm
to their bosses. now, that has been a similar rap he raised in a speech today about poor bernie sanders, who doesn't get the number of delegates as he does the popular vote and this winning streak he is on but is not reflected in delegates. trying to play that's off to be, i'm the only purist out there. i am man of the people and not guys -- not like you but you know what he is saying. >> he wants to be more of the outsider than ted cruz. here was when ted cruz benefited from this so he could put ted cruz on the defensive and still play the real outsider. good politics. and he is -- this is the first time he has really been running for elective office. he came up to the line, almost got, including running for governor and for new york or two years ago, finally got in, and i'd say he has proved to have a real time, almost a genius level, the craft the message and then put it in terms that makes is stick. >> guys like you are open and
1:29 pm
amenable to donald trump. you think that the party would fall in line if it looks like donald trump gets to the convention with more than enough delegates and support would be there and everyone would be okay. >> i've been saying for several months what the post editorial board said this morning. i think he could be a very effective general election campaign. going to have to pivot to do it but one thing he wants to do is to win, and he has a lot of talent and that -- and his themes have been very general, which -- and it leaves him a lot of latitude to maneuver -- >> that was the kind of the jamming editorial in you mentioned the pivot argue but but get up to speed with how we deal with the chinese, i'm paraphrasing, but to make the point, it was an endorsement but not a rousing one. >> well, he has learn that he has lat of work to do with this organization. the way he has been dealing with
1:30 pm
issues. the political tal carry those issues if he gets his organization up to speed. >> all right. we'll watch closely. always an honor. thank you. >> pleasure to be here. >> well, the koreans had a disaster, a dud, an explosion, so much for controlling the skies, and wishing us ill. be careful about this so-called laughable dud. we said that and heard that before. active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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we didn't know it at the time. we since found out later that 24 hours ago, almost exactly to this very minute, something went very wrong with north korean missile test. the missile apparently explode only the launch pad and folks saying what a laugh it is and that north korea can't get its proverbial act together. i don't know. we want to be careful about that. jennifer griffin in washington with the latest. what do we snow? >> reporter: just moments after takeoff, sources here at the pentagon told us that north korea's attempted test of a new intermediate range ballistic missile failed spectacularly. another embarrassing set back
1:35 pm
for their north korea regime, quote, wait as firey catastrophic attempt at a lunch that was unsuccessful. that according to pentagon spokesman captain jeff davis. south korean -- satellite imagery shows the missile blew up during the launch. the rein the pentagon was concern the ballistic missile in question was capable of hitting guam and the philippines where the u.s. has bern nell and bases. north korea hoped to use the is occasion to mark the 104-inch bit day of the north korea founder, kill ill sun. -- kim ill sung. officials say this particular missile was seen on a mobile road launcher which had the pentagon concerned because it is not only mobile but capable of being cop sealed in the future. >> did they sound worried to you
1:36 pm
or look at this as a relief? >> i think it's easy to laugh today about this but they've been watching this very closely in recent days and it's not a joke. the pentagon had deployed missile defense systems to alaska and elsewhere in the event they'd have to respond to the missile test. so they were watching very closely. >> thank you very much. >> now to jennifer's point, don't laugh too much. remember what people used to say about us when we were beginningg our space program, incidents like this with the van guard rocket exploding on the launch pad. we'd see this played out and again and again and was bedeviling dwight eisenhower in his final weeks and months in office and even a young john kennedy who was trying to make his case to get us on the moon before the decade was out. such a repeated event that people, particularly the soviet union at the time, laughed at our efforts. that was then. this is now. form uss cole commander, i
1:37 pm
wonder whether we dismiss the north korean failures in this latest attempt too soon. what do you think? >> well, i think you're absolutely right. from every failure is going to come success. if nothing else, they learn what went wrong and how it went wrong so every time the north koreans do something like that's they'll continue to learn from and it continue to develop better and more lethal technology for their intercontinental ballistic missile program and we need be to mindful. >> we should also keep in mine they have had more successes than failures in the last few, young that is circling there right now, and we dismissed the possibility they could do that. so, they're maybe not as dismissive but i did want to get your take on what has been an unusual couple of weeks now with
1:38 pm
the provocative action the latest being the russians strafing this u.s. ship, coming within 100 feet in the case of one russian jet. now, john kerry said that would have been ground to shoot it down. do you think he is right? >> thank goodness john kerris not the secretary of defense. john kerry's absolutely wrong in this case. the real professionalism of the commanding officer and crew came through in this incident. having been in a similar situation, operating up in the black sea, in -- on a previous ship, we were probably monitoring everything that was going on, we knew where the aircraft war coming from and probably knew they were unarmed when they came roaring by us, so the fact that we chose not to do that, because they weren't exhibiting hostile intent. they weren't going to conduct a hostile act, which would have necessitated the rules of engagement and our being able to engage them shows the military knows what if it's doing -- >> was that a threatening act --
1:39 pm
>> saying something what was that. >> would bass that a threatening act in coming within 100 feet and. >> definitely challenging the united states. we're operating in russia's backyard and they were senderring a signal to us that if you're going to come play in our backyard, we're going to make sure you know that we can reach out and touch you. so typical for putin. he would do something like this. when it comes to actual military, we have the incidents at sea agreement, it is still in force with the russians. we negotiated it. and -- >> you know what, there's pattern -- a pattern here that the iranians testing us and the strait of hormuz, the chinese build these islands and militarizing them. something is going on. what is it? >> i'll tell you exactly what it, neil. when you have a leadership vacuum at the top in the international community, and the united states tries to assert itself under this president, nations are going to challenge us. russia, china, north korea, iran. the list goes on and on. because if we're going to lead
1:40 pm
from behind, who is going to lead out front and be willing to take freedom, push it around the world so that people can understand what a valuable commodity its? this president is up comfortable with that man tell so will continue to be challenged and eventually, and hopefully not, though, we may pay a price for it. >> commander, thank you very much good seeing you again. >> you as well. >> there is this dust' in both parties and attention focuses on the republicans has they get ready to rewrite some convention rules. now, this is a thankless task no matter who comes out on top. right? but who could benefit with any kind of convention rule changes? we look at it. you decide. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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we have a rigged system. the republican system is rigged. it's a rigged system. you look at colorado, where they're having a big march late
1:44 pm
ore something is happening put the people are angry. >> you think ted cruz is going to take hatying down? he was speaking to my buddy sean hannity and guns were blazing. here's his response. >> the constitution gives this authority to the states. that's the way it's been the entire history of the country, and i got say, it ain't rocket science. if anyone is winning on effective and competent presidential campaign they ought to be able to figure out how to actually go and win an election, a. >> that is just a teaser, but the show is tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. sean has been so showing off with these exclusive. that looks good. the republican national committee expected to soon look at some rules change proposals him that happen every four years, not unique to this time or even to the republicans. each party debates this sort of stuff every four years, but a lot of it here we're told from
1:45 pm
the republican party would be to grant more power to the individual delegates. have no idea what that means but i expect john roberts does in hartford, connecticut, where donald trump will be holding a rally. what does this mean? >> reporter: you need a bigger brain than mine to know how this shakes out and how it works. here's the bottom line. the rules committees from the republican national committee, and one of the things they're going to do is discuss what potential rule changes could be in place for this year's convention, in particular the rule change that you mentioned about giving the delegates more power comes from shelton of oregon on the rules committee, but i've been told on good authority that proposal will go nowhere, at least not next week, anyway. it will be tabled and held on to for thunder do further consideration. one thing we are likely going to see rule changes prior to the convention. that's when rule 40b, the
1:46 pm
infamous 40b was written into the convention rules in 201. it's when ron paul came in after gaming the delegate system to his advantage, and probably had enough support to be able to make a nominating speech and all that. the republican national committee said we don't want that to happen. going to be taking up valuable time and won't be the nominee. so the wrote in that rule 40b. may or may not stand in 2016. but there will be some changes going forward. but we woken hear about those until at least the beginning of july. >> thank you very minute. john roberts in hartford, following donald trump, who will be speaking there later tonight. mean while this whole debate and dustup over an interview, and what a liberal was saying about a government that has sailed should wake both parties up because it's gone viral, after this. show me movies with romance.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. you don't want to do that wipe it out. the government is still in the position of running in the red. so then what do we prioritize on to get back to the things you think are important? >> i shouldn't have to answer the question of how to happen the deficit the government created. i'm not a government official. i wasn't elected into office to solve these problems. i'm a tax paying citizen, a young person seeking opportunity in a system that is unable to provide it regardless of what the argument is and i say this system hag proven itself
1:51 pm
illegitimate and cannot provide basic things like education, shelter, health care. >> now that interview with darletta scruggs has bon viral and the issue here is how much government is too much government and i think the defining-for the 2016 campaign. particularly among young people. what do you prefer, more or less government? and ironically in this young woman's case, she was a great guest. she is not happy with government but she wants to see more of it. so a weird kind of thing but i said some weird stuff as well, but it's worth a discussion here about what do we want to see out of government. let's ask gen-x today.
1:52 pm
>> hold my breath. all >> don't hold my breath. all right. >> welcome. >> you're hearing all of this. you're hearing what this woman is saying. >> there's got to be a catch, right? >> it is all about spending more. others have talked about taxing the rich to pay for college or whatever. the secret is if that happens, we have to get taxed more. not just the rich.
1:53 pm
in europe where all the countries have free stuff, everyone is taxed. >> that's a great -- she expressed frustration. the parties have let people down and they're angry. that anger is palpable, right? >> it is. i understand that anger. i am very lucky that i don't have debt. i had a scholarship and as long as i went to a state school, my tuition was paid for. i don't feel like i should have to pay for other people to go to school and i don't think you should tax people. >> before you talk about more taxes, let's look at how we're spending our money. >> we are angry. that's the whole point. our generation is angry about what's going on. >> what are you angry about? >> i want america to be great again.
1:54 pm
that doesn't mean, just because you're angry, that you have to be stupid about it. it would be illogical to think you can get free education. it isn't going to happen. you think by. at aing these billionaires, a lot of the billionaires' money is not here. you're hurting the middle person. a lot of them -- >> i think we already taxed them enough. they're paying morthan their fair share of taxes and i don't think that's -- >> well, she did talk about spending cuts with the sense to work it. but it is like shell game. you pay to play.
1:55 pm
how would you feel about having this next to you on a plane? >> are you all right? >> yeah. now this is my executive producer traveling with her husband. a turkey. chasing her car. a lot of dramatic events. the turkey is freaking her out. >> he's in back of me! go this way! you're going to have to go. >> that worries me on so many levels. there is a new focus on therapy animals. this is true. i don't know if they include turkeys. allowed on planes for emotional support. how would you feel about that? >> i think it is crazy. >> the turkey thing or my
1:56 pm
producer? that's insane. you think a crying baby is bad. >> what about a dog? >> i'm okay with that. the puppies on the planes, i love it. >> they're so cute. >> i don't want to -- >> where do you want them? >> we already have a smaller seat, less leg room and now i have to deal with a person who is scared to go on a flight but still goes on a flight. >> what if they are blind and they need a seeing eye dog? >> i'm walking in with a fish tank. >> i'll go choke that chicken. they redescribeded it, texting allowed in theaters. >> do as i say. not as i do.
1:57 pm
>> are you happy about that? >> we were talking about it. we text in thesers all the time. >> really? i'm so sorry. >> auto correct. >> a lot more preview there week. see you then. ul now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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hello. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." one of new york's most popular newspapers has thrown its support behind donald trump days before the primary. they call the front-runner a potential superstar of vast promise who has the potential, the skill, the know-how, the values to live up to his campaign slogans to make america great again. some of trump's former


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