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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 15, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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income tax. not today, the 15th. >> okay. greg and dana ate fries. >> that's it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. "special report" is up next. donald trump looks to trounce in new york while running against the gop and state rules. while the democrat candidates split town after a bruise go debate. this is "special report." with just four days to go until new york primary, all three gop candidates were stumping in the empire state today while hillary clinton and bernie sanders were thousands of miles away following a contentious debate in brooklyn last night. chief correspondent, donald
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trump is already looking ahead to that state's primary. >> good evening. a week after no the polls, donald trump is hoping by that time he will have the wind at his back. >> with the 32-vote lead. he is not letting up with about 50% of the vote in every district and take home every available delegate. >> you're going to remember this day. and you're going to remember your vote on tuesday. you're going to look back and say that's the single greatest vote i ever cast. >> if he becomes his party's leader, he will change the system of selecting a nominee. in a "wall street journal" op ed saying delegates are supposed to reflect decisions of voters. the system is being rigged by party operatives with double
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agent delegates who reject the decision of voters. as trump sporers protested the way delegates were chosen there, reince priebus said trump should focus on other things. it is up to the state to set the rules and they've done it. we need to move on from complaining. >> he also said for a man who styles himself as a warrior against the establishment, you'd think he would be demanding a vote for coloradoans. >> it is not surprising when a candidate loses 11 elections in a row. he is unhappy about it. so he complains. wyoming picks the delegates tomorrow, cruz operatives asked for the pledge that they would
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stand by cruz thick and thin. >> with the potential for a contested convention, things can change pretty quickly. alliances are made. and i wanted to make sure that our folks who support ted cruz for wyoming remain with us the entire time. polls show kasich came in second place behind trump. today in the town where teddy roosevelt was inaugurated in 1901, kasich compared himself to the legendary president. >> roosevelt rode in. he was like me. raise hell and shake everything up. >> what donald trump's complaints about the delegates selection system seem to be all about was motivating voters. if he can convince them their votes are being taken from them, the angry back lash that he creates from that may get more people on to the polls.
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>> thank you. hillary clinton is mingling with the stars in california while bernie sanders was halfway around the world today at the vatican. it is a much calmer picture than laugh night when the two got into shouting maxes as they met for a final debate just days before the primary. before jetting off to san francisco for the first of two fund-raisers, hillary clinton stopped in harlem. >> i would be very honored to earn your vote next tuesday. >> despite holding the double digit lead, clinton is trying to shake off. >> we know she's going to win. no, no, we can't know that unless they show up and actually help us win? >> bernie sanders went even further than clinton to get out of new york. traveling thousands of mile to the vatican. claiming the gamble of leaving the trail was worth it.
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>> it was so moving to me that it was something that could i simply not refuse to attend. >> both candidates may have simply been happy to get out of dodge. >> in what may be the final face to face debate. i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to $15. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait. >> if you're screaming at each other, the viewers can't hear either of you. >> a feisty the sanders. the clinton camp think he came across as angry and asked for specifics about how the speeches impacted the vote. >> we cannot come up with an example because there is no example. i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness.
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they must have been really crushed by this. >> and clinton has another big dollar fund-raiser friday night in san francisco with the clooneys. two seats cost over $350,000. 13,000 times saddlers' average contribution of $27. yet sanders' john to the vatican was not without controversy. the democratic socialist shook hands with the leftist bolivian president who called himself america's biggest nightmare. >> environmental destruction and the weakening of the rights of workers, is far more severe today. >> sanders joining calls. he did not get a one-on-one with the pope who wants to stay out of election. meanwhile, bill clinton lashing out at sanders saying he didn't like the smearing comments. >> thank you. u.n.-led peace talks in syria
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where the delegation in hope of finding resolution to the civil war. fighting between government forces and insurgents has killed 34 fighters on both sides over the last 24 hours. in the historic city of palmyra, they will try to restore some of the art facts. the 15 was taken over last may and was recaptured in march. an iranian general is once again in violation of the travel ban. he cut short his visit to moscow a day after we report the revolutionary guard general had flown to russia to meet with russian president vladimir putin. today john kerry raised the issue with his russian counter part. according to the spokesperson. responsible for killing hundreds of americans, american trumans in iraq. fox news broke the story in
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july. in case you missed i had. rising threats, shrinking military will air again this weekend. what was supposed to be an incredible display of power turned out to be anything but. despite north korea's latest failure to get the latest missile off the ground, there may be another concern over the country's military ambitions. >> reporter: it was meant to be a day of celebration for north korea. a synchronized show of power from pyongyang to mark the 104th birthday of the founder. but official were hoping to see more than fireworks. a test launch of a new mid range missile ended in embarrassment for the country's leadership when it detonated in seconds of liftoff. >> we suspect north korea threatened on launch missiles near ec area but failed. we are monitoring the tests and
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getting ready against them. >> reporter: north korea's missile tests have failed before. last year, it disintegrated a test launch. but the country had other tests which were successes successful. and it sparked international alarm and triggering new u.n. sanctions. north korea says it is acting in response to the biggest ever join u.s. and south korean military exercises which took place in march this year. u.s. officials have repeatedly called for restrain. they said north korea should face consequences of its defiance. observers believe the country is determined to develop this new technology. and it is a does so, tensions continue on rise. british police make five
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arrests in the ongoing investigation into the terror attacks on paris and brussels. four people were arrested including a woman. a fifth was arrested at the airport. police would not elaborate on the arrests. but the man in the hat suspect is suspect of making several trips to the birmingham area last year. as the terror investigations continue, president obama said this week that we as a country are gaining on isis. >> on the ground in syria and iraq. our 66-member coalition is on the offense. we have momentum. >> joining me now, the deputy prime minister. >> thank you. >> first let's get your assessment of what this enemy looks like on the ground.
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you are fighting directly every day. >> the enemy is a brlt enemy. entrenched in iraq and syria. they have obviously as we know, taken a large piece of territory. over the last year and a half of coordinated effort, we've been able to take territory away from this enemy. and the coalition strikes have hurt this enemy's resources and its infrastructure. we cannot underestimate the ability of the enemy to continue to wreak havoc and cause damage. >> it was last time we talked. a lot of problems with red time. getting new womeapons. >> if you look at our womens capability, they are still no match for isis. isis still has much greater fire power. >> yes. they have the best of the u.s. equipment which they were able to take from the iraqi army.
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but they've also in their fight in syria, taken the best of russian weaponry that was supplied to the syrians. our weaponry that we have, still old. still outdated. in terms of ammunition. >> you're here asking for support on capitol hill. for someone at home, why is it important to give kurdistan and your government more support? >> we are in the front lines against isis. we are defending the rest of th world from this group. and we are inflicting damage to this group on a daily basis but our resources are limited. we have a major economic crises in kurdistan because of baghdad
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cutting our budget. we are housing within.8 million people that have been displaced as a result of this conflict with isis. this is causing a major strain on our resources. we are a country dependent on oil. that is going to take its toll on our ability to fight the fight that we need to fight. so we need support so we can keep our front lines from the defensive and we can keep the rest of the world safe. >> you know, after hearing the president speak, it sounds pretty good from his vantage point. there was an effort to get out of mosul. it hasn't happened. what has taken so long? >> well, yes, there has been progress against isis.
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we cannot under estimate this group. it is just not ready right now. the mosul offensive is an important offensive. it important for the safety, we need a more comprehensive plan in place. >> it sounds like the iraqi government is in a mess. you have the disbanding of the cabinet. it sounds not comfortable for the people on the outside. >> it is very frustrating. completely an unnecessary crisis that has compounded the economic crisis and all the other challenges facing the country. this is not the time to disband the cabinet. this is not what we would consider reform. but now again, we're in the
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midst of this political crisis which we as kurds are trying to play a constructive role. trying to diffuse the tensions of the different groups. to have an effective campaign, we need an effective government in iraq. >> the american people know the u.s. troops are on the ground in iraq. i don't think they know the extent they're at the front lines. there are u.s. trumaoops there. >> they are helping us coordinate the air strikes that are pounding isis positions. but ultimately, we have been tasked, this is our fight and we are in the front lines of this fight. any support we're getting is much appreciated. we need more support. we are ultimately, we are the boots on the ground in this fight against isis. >> we have some pictures of the
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kept weapons. or the alleged use of kept weapons by isis. especially in the syrian area. are you seeing this more and more? is this enemy evolving in what they're doing? >> yes. we have seen isis use kept weapons against our troops. i think this has escalated the conflict to a level. this means that we have to be careful in our preparations in gaining more territory from isis. i don't think this group is just going to keel over and die and let us walk into mosul and liberate mosul. we have to be prepared for every eventuality. >> thank you for coming in. up next, president obama wants to be your cable guy. sort of. we'll explain. first, let's hear from our fox affiliates.
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a judge ordered a if i can-year-old man released from prison after prosecutors said he was wrongly convicted in the death of a 7-year-old girl. in 1957. jack will be released as he awaits a new trial. just a month after, a 17-year-old girl signed up to serve. she is the second woman in the nation to enlist in the army and commit to combat infantry units. and this is a live look in boston. a city wide moment of silence. 2:49 p.m. marking the time three years ago that the first two bombs went off during the boston player thonl. earlier the governor joined the families for a wreath laying ceremony. today's remembrance since dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death last june.
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man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. the cable box you're probably using to watch us right now is now a priority of president obama. in a rare move, the president formally backed an effort by the fcc to give you more options on
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where to get your set top box. but as correspondent kevin corke reports, some believe this is a classic case of overreach and president obama should just tune out. >> it has been tied to the provider. and you rented and consumers spend billions of dollars on this every single year. >> chances are you never thought of your cable box as a symbol of corporate power over consumers. in an interview with yahoo! finance, president obama said that's how he sees it. today using the ubiquitous box as an example, issued an executive order calling on opening up the set top box business to come paeflt u.s. consumers typically pay $231 a year to rental their cable boxes. according to one analysis, their costs have nearly tripled since 1994. while the cost of computers, televisions and mobile phones have all fallen sharply. >> the potential is for cleaner, more effective services provided. and this is just one example of
3:23 pm
what we can do all across the economy. >> the question here is whether or not we're going to do more to empower customers and give them a choice. >> the president's executive order directs 12 agencies of the federal government to look for ways. and sets in motion a 60-day clock. at the end of which agencies must report their findings. some groups call it a gross overreach. warning it can lead to higher prices. and weaken the independence of the agency charged with industry oversight. the senior executive vice president of at&t tweeted, the white house seems unconcerned with the precedent it is setting or the damage it is doing to the fcc. adding, the administration's disregard for the integrity of the rule making process is appalling. experts acknowledge the president's move might be a subtle election year nod to his party's base but could have lasting implications well beyond the presidency. >> it is unprecedented and needs
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some attention so we know where we're going with this. >> interesting, all this is unfolding within the broader contech of executive action. and as you know on monday, the supreme court is scheduled to hear more arguments in the president's deferred action immigration policies. of course, that also brought on by executive action. general motors is recalling more than a million trucks due to faulty seatbelts from 2014 and 2015 chevroleter is verdictado and pickups. the dow lost 29 today. the s&p 500 was down 2. the nasdaq dropped 8. for week, all the markets were positive. the introduce and nasdaq were
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& pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. illegal immigrants crossing the boards he are being turned back home. once they get there, the u.s. is helping them financially. it is all your money. >> arizona's border with mexico, the site of roughly half all illegal border crossings into the u.s. last year the u.s. deported about 4,500 illegals a week. 500 being sent back each week to their native el salvador. they are among the luckiest. because the agency is spending up to $50,000 a year after they arrive back. >> their home land including
3:30 pm
help them start their own business. >> so we send them back and set them up for business. it makes no sense will. >>? documents online we learned they work through an ngo which claims to help 60 salvadorans a year. it will help return migrants including deportees. this they said helps ensure their abilities are appreciated and their needs met. what about the needs of those who protect our borders? >> agencies do not have the tried and true tools they need to conduct operations. they are using radios that oftentimes they can see a border patrol station along the border and they can't talk to it. >> less than three week ago they were advertising online to hire custom and patrol officers. each for a starting salary of
3:31 pm
just under $50,000. for that same amount, the government could purchase seven all terrain vehicles or seven hours of drone surveillance flight time. along the wall, a short walk from the capital, are etched the name of any number of people who would have had their own ideas about how the government could better spend $50,000. >> it would be nice to ask rob rosa jr. he was abort border patrol agen. he was looking for suspicious activity in an area that was notorious for dangerous drug smuggling. at least three illegal immigrants killed him. execution style. he was 30 years old and left behind a wife and two children. japan rocked by another powerful earthquake. barely a day after one killed nine people in the same region. the 7.3 magnitude quake hit the
3:32 pm
kumamoto area destroying homes and buckling roads. at least three people are reported dead. many more presumed trapped or missing. thursday's quake was a magnitude 6.5 and injured about 800 people, i know what the nine deaths. residents have dealt with more than 100 aftershocks. next, puerto rico's financial crisis. why should you care? a fair and balanced look on whether you could be on the hook for the island's mountain of debt. foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at it's no small task. restore fiscal order before puerto rico descends into chaos and puts the american taxpayer on the hook for its $70 billion in debt. lawmakers on capitol hill are wrangling with the plan to do just that. >> reporter: this is an island paradise. people should be flocking to
3:37 pm
puerto rico. not fleeing from it. >> reporter: with that, the california republican expressed the frustration of house conservatives are who holding up the bill to restore the crushing $70 billion debt. speaker paul ryan assembled the congress to calm fears the public will have to pay for the mess. >> my number one priority with respect to the issue is to keep the american taxpayer away from it. >> there will be no taxpayer bailouts. >> reporter: but ryan is battling not only his own conservative wing but this ad campaign funded by the central for individual >> who will bail out puerto rico? >> reporter: the financial crisis has been decades in the making. its economy nosedived after tax breaks for firms were eliminated. the high price of oil in years past caused skyrocketing costs. and excessive government salaries, xor about it ant welfare payments and you get a decaying economy.
3:38 pm
because puerto rico is a territory and not a state, its financial help is congress's constitutional duty. >> you don't get to pick and choose the part of the constitution you like. and article 4 says this is our problem. >> reporter: a problem that will not get any better with congressional inaction. >> if we don't do anything, trust me. there will be a bailout. >> reporter: the conservatives are facing a difficult choice. supporting this bill is for them to award failure. but opposition could be a humanitarian crisis and a coming to the mainland. >> let's bring in our panel now. byron york from the washington examiner, juan williams, author of we the people. charles krauthammer. juan, congrats on the book. >> thank you very much. >> this is a conundrum for both
3:39 pm
parties. how to deal with this. and liberty to the lawmakers straining to come one an answer. >> i think it is a challenge for paul ryan and his fairly young speakership. the reason it is such a challenge, he has to deal not only with democrats. and you can anticipate that there would be a difference over for example, who gets taken care of, creditors versus pensioners, the unions. but also whether or not he can deal with the base of the party. the house, the freedom party and the like who will say we're not just going on bail out people who spend wildly, don't take care of their own assets, and then expect us, the u.s. government to come in and bail them out. and we're not going to seat precedent for other localities. >> in this political environment, is it possible the get something through congress to deal with it? >> i think it is.
3:40 pm
everything juan said is the reason why republicans have to insist on a control board to be imposed on puerto rico that can impose cuts and salaries, pensions, and all the huge overspending that has been going on for so long in puerto rico. congress has done it before in the district of columbia. so you'll have fights about minimum wage, some other things. but the strength of that board that can make everybody take a hair cut. i think that could come out of this. >> this takes a little while with the "wall street journal," the piece about d.c. stalling on this bill. for policy makers, the choice isn't necessarily just restructuring the debtor simply imposing tougher oversight. it is between tackling the crisis now or facing call for more responsive help later.
3:41 pm
the crisis in flint, michigan, serves as a timely example of how economic decline can spawn public emergencies that compel more costly sponlss. it doesn't take much imagination to sum only parallels for puerto rico. the centers for disease control and prevention warned that 20% of the island's population could contract the that zika virus this summer. the big question is how the island's economy will stanch migration to the mainland and return to growth. the reason i read all that. it is complex. and it looks like a dark situation. >> the basic idea is a simple one. is it the bond holders, the investors, or the people of puerto rico who would have to
3:42 pm
chip in by lowering their pensions? the scale of this is huge. detroit was $18 billion. here we're talking about $70 billion. i don't understand the bailout. that's not on the table now. it is quaef taking over the governance of the island. that would be the right thing to do. then decide go how much would be paid off by the two interested parties. i think they're insisting they'll have to contribute. right now it is an argument over the terms of the bankruptcy. not over a bailout. >> you made mention of that ad.
3:43 pm
here's a piece of it. >> after years of overspending, puerto rico is running out of money. who will bail them out? congress wants to change the rules to grant unprecedented, a bailout on the backs of seniors. tell congress, stop the washington bailout of puerto rico. >> a powerful ad. >> i think it is. the question is somebody has to take, what he would call a hear cut. well somebody is going to. the prospect of the u.s. government coming in. the people are investing saying there might be something there. then on the other side you have people on the democratic side who we really haven't dealt with them because of all the anxiety who are saying, why would we go forward? this includes lowering the minimum wage in puerto rico.
3:44 pm
are we in fact punishing people, not to mention insisting that we have oversight control of the fiscal appearance going forward. is that anti-democratic? so you have this, as the larger conversation takes place. >> it hasn't happened all that much. it hasn't really been a focus. today with we talk about it. a lot of them don't know the issue well vl. and they don't know. if they have it in the short run. everybody who can is moving to florida. the long term prospects look read a bad. >> it the point of that ad is the moral hazard. if you act and a, that would be
3:45 pm
expensive. i don't think in and of itself the puerto rico legislation would involve a bailout. >> next up. it's all position. plus of course it's friday. i tag for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard.
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i think the people of new york care about is not candidates bickering like children. i think what the people of new york care about is how do we bring jobs back to new york? how do we raise wages? how do we keep americans safe? and that's my focus. >> during the debate cruz talked about new york values. oh, new york values. boy, he wished he didn't say that right? that was a bad thing. and he said it with hatred toward new yorkers. >> here in new york, we feel good. we're going to get delegates, we believe out of new york. at least i hope so. >> three candidates campaigning in new york. as you take a look at the real clear politics average of recent polls, donald trump with a big lead in new york, john kasich in second, according to the recent polls. there you see ted cruz as you jump forward to pennsylvania. the following week. one of the states the following tuesday. and there you see, too, donald trump with a sizeable lead over cruz and kasich. the average of polls.
3:50 pm
it is friday. that means that we take a trip down to a place we call candidate casino. okay. byron, is this your first time in the casino. >> i believe it is. >> welcome. >> i have never been wrong yet. >> $100 in chips. who will be the nominee? >> well, i think trump is about to start a pretty good run. so i put trump at $70. i put ted cruz at 25. i put john kasich at $5çi?a i would have made kasich $1 if the rules allowed. but. >> it's a $5 table. >> as they say at the rnc the rules are the rules. i think, know, i think trump is -- first of all, he has the best path to the 1237. but he also have the better path to even close to 1237. you know a lot of people have said to me well, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. if he gets close to there within 50, 75 tellings, i think a lot of people are going to say do we blow up the convention over this? so i think trump certainly
3:51 pm
needs to get to that line, but he may not need to get all the way there on the first day of the convention. >> all right, juan? >> so, this is not my -- i can't say this is my first time in the casino. >> no. >> but i don't think there is much question donald trump is in the lead here. so i would give him 75. i put 75 down. cruz, i think had a good week to this extent. it was not in general a good woke. but his work on the second round of delegates, would they go to a second vote at the convention seems to have been effective. he seems to have lined up his people8?y have. to vote for trump on the first go around. if it comes to an open convention and a second vote, they are not at that point commit to do vote for donald trump and cruz has his people in position to take advantage. so i put 25 on cruz. >> what is clear is that trump is capitalizing on this colorado deal. and he wrote this op-ed in the "wall street journal." mr. cruz has touted the country bragging -- gone around the country, toured the country, bragging about
3:52 pm
his voterless victory in colorado. he mentions it now on every stop on the stump. and it's powerful. >> it is. and i think it accounts for his recovery from the trump slump, the two weeks where he made a lot of mistakes with heidi cruz and all the other stuff. and he has gone back to his theme. he found a powerful argument. he sort of has a genius for sniffing these things out and then staying with it. a very strong argument. i think it's wrong on the facts about colorado. but it's the theme of his campaign. everything is rigged, including. this so i would put 70 on him. 25 on cruz. $5 -- now, i have to explain this one wine, women, and song. because i have been told that my for rays into open otherwise -- opioids have set a bad example for the
3:53 pm
children. for the children i'm reverting to the more traditional versions. >> i'm glad you didn't get to hemlock. >> let's go to the other side of the casino, democratic side, far fewer to bet on here. but, also, some developments on this side. you have the debate last night. and then you had one of the candidates, the bernie sanders going to the vatican for this conference. and the one big image coming out of this trip is bernie sanders shaking the hand of eva morales the president of bolivia. lots of images on a.p. that's the video of that sitting next to him there. not a fan of the u.s. >> the other image you are not seeing is him with the pope. put me down with the people who think this is a crazy idea. so, we go from this debate last night where we talk -- saw basically two seniors just screaming at each other, most of the time to this. i don't think bernie has a chance. i put $90 on hillary. i put $10 on bernie just to
3:54 pm
make it a contest. >> juan, quickly, your bets. >> i think i will go 85, byron. and i will put 15 on bernie, out of respect bernie has exceeded expectations. he had a great turnout this week at the park, with i think 27,000 people. he has got the verizon strikers lined up. upset wouldn't -- i mean, it would be a surprise, but not that much. >> as usual, you guys are under selling hillary. it's $90. an the only reason there were $10 outstanding of that is if she loses, the comey primary, meaning the fbi, absence of an indictment, it's $100 on hillary. >> up next, the panel's winners and losers of the week.
3:56 pm
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duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones winners and losers. the winner is corey lewandowski. any day you are not indict sad good day. so he probably gets past this whole episode. the loser is the never trump forces. they had a fantastic couple of weeks leading up to ted cruz's victory. donald trump's loss in wisconsin. but now they have gone to a state. it's donald trump's home state. it's a really big state. a lot of delegates. and it's too expensive to even fight him there. so they have had to kind of go to ground for a few weeks. they will be back but they haven't had a good week. >> winner and loser? >> i'm going to the sports world for a moment here and say bryce harper, the 23-year-old star of the washington nationals. he hit a grand slam for his
3:59 pm
100th home run. really an incredible perform machines. he is the eighth youngest baseball player to hit 100 home runs. the loser this week, i think, and it's been a two week losing streak, ted cruz. ted cruz, whose mike went out on him during last night's speech into the new york g.o.p. dinner, the sound -- you could hear the sound of glasses clinking and all the rest. >> all right, charles. >> winner inky the octopus. sliding down a drainpipe to open water. live free or die. loser bill clinton. his wife was accused of the debate last night supporting the 1994 crime bill infamous. she said my husband. he was president. he signed it so she blamed it on him. when your wife attacks you on national tv, throws you under the bus. you are having a bad week. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. remember, rising threat, shrinking military, reairs this sunday, 8:00 and 11:00. in case you missed it first time around. and by the way, here comes greta. >> tonight, "on the record," donald trump is in connecticut. and the g.o.p. frontrunner is about to take the stage in front of a packed house of thousands of his fans. outside the connecticut convention center anti-trump protesters and they have been lining up for hours. "on the record" has live team coverage inside the event to outside the event where the protesters are waving their sign. it all kicks off inside fox news national correspondent john roberts. john? >> and this is a rare occasion, greta. where donald trump is absolutely on time here at the convention center in downtown hartford. probably 6,000 or 7,000 people jammed in here. of the police said they were expecting about 8,000. after tonight justqx three more days until p


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