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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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page. or go to and see doug brinkley's full interview. good night fromxn washington. i'm sure a a lot of people are very surprise to do learn that you guys support to do raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> now, wait a minute, wait a minute. >> some intense moments at the democratic debate last night in brooklyn. who won? talking points will answer that question. >> is there a favorite bible verse or bible story that has informed your thinking or your character through life, sir? >> an eye for an eye. you can almost say that. >> donald trump again talking religion but an eye for an eye is not a christian tenet. we'll take a look at that situation. >> crazy people. >> i'm one of them. i was told to sit down. >> also ahead, jesse watters
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at the republican gala last night talking to the establishment and to the protesters. >> break it up. break it up. >> caution, you are about to the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about the democratic party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. for generations, the o'reilly family, based in brooklyn, new york, were mostly democrats. that's because my ancestors were working people. firefighters, cops, teachers, laborers. and back then the democrats fought to get working people more money. so, it was natural for my folks to embrace that party. well now we have a different situation in america. while the democrats still promote themselves as frengsdly to working people. they often pander to big labor and extremists on the
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social front. enter hillary clinton and bernie sanders who debated last night in brooklyn. mrs. clinton came off as more presidential than senator sanders because she knows more about the world. but she did have a few rough moments. >> the question was about the transcripts of the speeches to goldman sachs. >> i haveln said, look there are certain expectations when you run for president. this is a new one. and i have said if everybody agrees to do it -- let's set the same standard for everybody, when everybody does it, okay, i will do it. >> obviously a dodge. secretary clinton does not want us to know what she said in her paid speeches to goldman sak's. period. for the record, bernie sanders never gave any speeches to fat cats so there is nothing for him to release. the phrase when everybody does it, i will, come on. if hillary clinton is going to portray herself as a
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warrior against wall street excess, and she has to tell us what she said to goldman sachs, correct? now, the other issues last night were fairly predictable. both candidates want few limits on abortion. they say that white privilege is a major problem in america. they want income redistribution. it's a litany of the liberal playbook. here was the most raucous moment and it involves the minimum wage. >> if we can raise it to 15 or seattle, let dooption it. >> suddenly. [cheers] >> suddenly. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> suddenniblely. >> thank. >> you are for 15 i don't think is quite accurate. >> secretary? >> all right. i have said from the very beginning that i supported >> of course the whole thing is absurd. yes, the minimum wage should be raised in america. no one can live on 7 bucks an hour. for those of you who say it will hurt business, some. what has to be some kind of fairness in capitalism.
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also, if the minimum wage were, say, 11 bucks an hour nationwide, that would give folks an incentive to get into the workforce, which is what we want. and you can phase it in. by 20025 for example, the minimum wage should be 15 bucks an hour in this country. but bernie sanders in particular should know the higher the minimum wage is, the fewer jobs there will be. also, prices will go up in places like cosco and wal-mart where working americans shop. sanders and the democratic party seem to forget all that you raise wages across the board, some businesses are going to cut back and prices will rise. and there is nothing bernie sanders or hillary clinton can do about it. so, in the end, the democrats are hoping to hold the other coalition of liberal americans, african-americans, hispanic americans and voters below the age of 30 who may not be as formed as they might be. no political party is
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perfect. but right now secretary clinton and senator sanders are running very far left campaigns. no question about it. and that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction, joining us from washington, kirsten powers a democrat. where am i going wrong here, ms. powers? >> well, i think you're saying that they are running a campaign that's left of the entire country. i think that's partly right. i think it's maybe -- i would say it's slightly left. i wouldn't say it's radically left of where the bulk of the country is it's very much where the democratic party is it's not surprising and i think there is a lot of talk of hillary being pulled to the left because of bernie. and i would say yes to a certain extent but also& i would say that the democratic party has become a lot more liberal. that's part of the reason. >> i think that's right. if you look at the leadership of the democratic party, there are very few moderates, nancy pelosi, harry reid, the lady in florida, wasserman schultz. >> debbie wasserman schultz,
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yeah. >> these are real bomb throwers on the left. >> it's not just that. >> sure it is. >> if you look at the exit polls, and almost every single state the number of people are self-identifying as liberals is often 10 points higher than it was even in the last cycle. so, actual people who are voting are shifting much more belief system. >> i would like to seat poll on that. because whenever you have primaries, you get the motivated people coming out. >> right. >> you get the people real zealots. >> republican party. >> republican party as well. you get the zealots, independents often don't vote in the primaries. primary voting is nothing like general election. but if you are going to say that the two democrats running for president both favor pretty much abortion at any time for any reason, and they hide behind the women's health issue, but that could be a migraine headache, you know, i don't want to have the kid. my boyfriend left me. my husband left me. whatever it may be. i have got a migraine. kid is going to be born next week. >> not many people get
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abortions my grain headache. >> theoretical. when you have two candidates saying they don't want any limitations in the law place. they don't want any. that can happen. we know it happened in kansas. did that big investigation on tyrell. you know -- tiller. that's so radical and so far away from what the american people want. that's just an example. i don't think a lot of the liberal voters understand what income redistribution is. bernie sanders wants to run the economy. federal government will run it. they tell people how much they could earn. their tax rates would be crazy. and i don't think people understand. that will do you? >> i don't think the tax rates are crazy. >> under seashedz you don't think his proposals are crazy. >> sanders are out of the mainstream. i wouldn't call them crazy. >> out of the mainstream. >> hillary's are pretty much in line with what the democratic party's position is which if you want to talk what most americans support. most americans support that going back to the clinton
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era tax rates. nothing crazy or radical than that. >> if most americans support that, then why are most governors republicans and they all run on lower taxes, fiscal responsibility? it doesn't stack. >> i'm talking about federal taxes. >> that's the same money, money going to the government local, state or federal, doesn't stack. >> but going back to the clinton era tax rates is not high taxes. that's the point. >> the democratic party want income redistribution. in order to do that, you have to have taxes that are lights out. in order to give people free healthcare and free education and all of these things, you have to tax people up to here. and that's what they do in scandinavia and other countries. >> well, okay. but if you want to in scandinavia and other countries. >> that's what bernie sanders is talking about. and to some extent hillary clinton. >> they pay quite a bit in taxes, but they get a lot. and the problem here is that people pay a lot in taxes and they don't get very much for it and that's a problem. so you do actually get healthcare and free
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education and your retirement, paid for and all of these other things that we don't get. >> we don't get it because we have a different system and many, many more people. >> well, maybe we need to have a different system than. >> that's what bernie sanders is saying. bernie sanders is elected president. he would crash the economy. and it would be armageddon because businesses would just pull out of here and you know it. but hillary clinton you don't know what she wants to do because you are right. she is running left. to compete with"nçñ sanders. you know, in her past she hadn't been aró radical. now she is a semi radical. last word. >> she a moderate. >> moderate radical. >> she is a moderate moderate. >> kind of a radical. a radical on thursday. >> she is not even like a tiny bit radical. >> oh, come on. >> abortion stance alone is radical. >> well, in the democratic party, it's actually a fairly mainstream position. >> fine. >> i think, yeah. she is nod not a radical. she is a moderate. i think she is a panderer and i think she is
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pandering. she would govern as a moderate. i'm not even saying that's a good thing. i'm saying that's what shield do. >> every panda all over the world just got angry at kirsten powers. real racism, shocking violence in chicago's black precincts. media won't cover the story. we will. and, later, watters at the big republican gala last night up ahead.
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief impact segment tonight. beyond shocking but in the first 100 days of this year, nearly 900 people have been shot in the city of chicago. last year 3,000 people were shot in the windy city. most of the violence generated by drug#2 gangs populated by young african-american men. >> we also have to have organized effort against gangs just in the previous organization we had an organized effort against the mob. we need to take these people
5:14 pm
on. they are often connected to big drug cartels. they are not just gangs of kids anymore. they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators. >> earlier this week at the apollo theater in harlem you called out president clinton for defending secretary clinton's use of the term super predator back in the 1990s when she supported the crime bill. why did you call him out? >> because it was a racest term and everybody knew it was a racist term. >> that is bull. that is bull. there are super predators who are black. and if sanders doesn't know that, is he not qualified for any public[#7 office. >> telling the truth is not racist but allowing the kind of violence we see in chicago is. with us now jason riley, senior fellow with the manhattan institute. challenge bernie sanders on that incredibly dishonest and stupid statement? >> what i think you see here is political pandering both clinton and sanders need the
5:15 pm
black support. something approximating. what president obama got and so they are pandering to the >> don't you think most african-americans know there are super predators among their ethnic group? don't they know it. >> everyone knows the truth. they know that cops are not the biggest threat to young black men. they know other black men are the biggest threat to young black men. everyone knows. this this is obvious. but the left is pushing a political narrative here. they want to pretend that our morgues and cemeteries are full of young black men because cops are shooting. everyone knows that is not problem. >> the bulk of the african-american community makes up 13% of the american population. so you are telling me that when they are lied to, because this is a lie. i mean, describing gang members who murder other people as super predators is accurate. it's not a racist statement. >> the leading cause of death among young black men is homicide.
5:16 pm
it's homicide it is not because cops are shooting them. everyone knows this. >> but if everyone knows it, including all of the law abiding african-americans, why don't they stop people like bernie sanders from lying about it? >> the activists want to blame it on white racism. that's their agenda. they are trying to gin up the black vote. this is what the activists want to hear. >> why are african-americans going along with it? this is what i don't understand. look, i think it's racist that the city of chicago run by uber democrat rahm emanuel is allowing this kind of violence to take place in the city year in and year out and not doing anything about it. >> a lot of black people are not going along with it but the media doesn't go and talk to those black people. we get these stories about how black people don't trust the police. bill, black people call the police more than anybody in america. that's a funny way of showing you don't trust cops
5:17 pm
bad cops should be prosecuted. let's not pretend they are the root of the problems in these neighborhoods. they are not. that's what the left wants to push politically this is never going to be solved unless african-americans rise up and demand protection. >> law abiding members. communities are not the problem. constitution in the united states cares more about black lives than cops. they put themselves in the crossfire here. >> study found the chicago police force is tougher on blacks than whites. i believe that i believe there is anus against them mentality in chicago and some other cities where not only white police officers but black police officers see these super;4 predators and there is a more
5:18 pm
it's not a conscious thing but it happens. >> black behavior. >> sometimes. but sometimes there are police officers. >> stereotype is driven by crime statistics which we don't talk about enough. who is committing the crimes? the police are targeting the communities where the crime is taking place. >> but it's not just -- >> -- that's what law abiding members of those neighborhoods want the police. >> it's not just bernie sanders, and to some extent hillary clinton has backed away from super predator that's at faulted. republican party, too. none of the republican politician also take on the chicago situation. they will take it on. illinois primary. who was in chicago demanding protection for law], abiding innocent black citizens and their children? who? what politician was there? >> you have been on the
5:19 pm
receiving end of this. when you take it on. what happens? >> i'm a racist. >> exactly. >> every time i do this, i'm branded a racist. but i don't care because the greater good it served is telling the truth about the story. >> politicians aren't known for having -- >> -- courage? does it not know? is that the word we are looking for here? >> in the political world. >> say one more thing and i will give you the last word. if you want black citizens, all right, to improve their security and economic well being, you have to tell the truth about the root causes of the problem. and truth is not being told. last word. >> and the root cause of the problem, i believe largely as you say often is the breakdown of the black family. young black men shooting each other with no sense of what it means to be a man. no fathers around. >> no supervision. >> no supervision. >> no moral guidance. >> not having the access, i think to decent schools. >> bernie sanders should apologize to hillary clinton for saying that her super
5:20 pm
she should apologize. thank you very much. please stop helping us, how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed. it's an excellent read. ted cruz, ardent conservative win over nonconservatives if he gets the republican nomination? once again talking religion. those reports after these messages.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, the odds are donald trump or ted cruz as we mentioned will represent the republican party in the presidential election. trump has been analyze to do death but ted cruz, ardent conservative still remains a mystery to some you can see that in the poll. fox news poll up against
5:24 pm
hillary clinton senator cruz ties her 44% to 45% in the margin of error. cruz loses 51-49, i cannot believe that it's true. with us to analyze is geraldo rivera and eric bolling. what do you think of that sanders number. >> i think it's right. talking to dana and geraldo and bernie goldberg thinking -- here is why i think it might be right. people don't know bernie sanders. they don't know his policy. they don't understand what democratic socialism really is if they knew him. if he got the scrutiny that trump, cruz and hillary got, he wouldn't be polling at 51%. he wouldn't be polling that number. couple that with this media lo affair they have with a guy who is the outsider who is so fun and likeable. he is going to poll high. is he not going to win. he won't get the votes. but he will poll high going into. >> do you see it that way. >> is he like a cuddly grandfather. i see it exactly that wait a minute ted cruz, floors the
5:25 pm
needle on the creepy meter. i'm sorry, i don't want to be biased against the guy⌝ but there is -- you can't define what makes someone creepy. >> i don't think is he creepy. >> well. i have got to be honest. i think is he a standard -- maybe it's because we both went to harvard. but is he a standard politician. >> what's creepy? what creeps you out about him. >> i don't see that. >> back up a second and you say that the odds are heavily in favor of either cruz or trump. that is not accurate. the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of trump. cruz is a long shot by -- he showed up in new york yesterday, bill, and i think that if you saw that audience at the g.o.p. republican gayla. i think that is a reflection of how received. >> i don't want to get too deeply into the speculation, if cruz beats trump in california. then all bets are off. and he could, that's
5:26 pm
narrowing. >> there is another poll that shows even as cruz gloms delegates in private processes. is he plummeting in terms of national popularity. >> he didn't do well in the fox news poll. three points away from trump. 41-38. new cruz is in the 20's. trump is at 45. where did that gap come from? >> i don't know. we have senator cruz on the program on monday. just a quick, you know, i'm i'm -- on the92 chicago murder thing national media not covering it you can imagine 900 people shot in the first 100 days in chicago? can you imagine that? more than afghanistan. that's the level of violence. and bernie sanders denying there are super predators who are black? and nobody calls him oni would t debate cold last night if i
5:27 pm
had been that cnn. >> that's why you are never going to be selected to be a debate moderator. >> i would have stopped it cold and said what are you talking about? >> i believe that when hillary clinton get the nomination and when she and donald trump are face to face, i think they can honestly and i hope hillary picks cory booker of new jersey her running mate. a man deeply schooled in urban reality coming as the mayor of newark and i hope that trump picks con john john kasich. two evenly matched teams a lot closer than people think. in that context you will get honesty. right now bernie sanders is kissing the ass of everybody he possibly can. >> there aren't that many mules in the country: provocative here. clinton/booker. and. >> kasich/trump. >> trump/kasich. >> trump/kasich makes a lot of sense. >> kasich said no way. >> they all say no way.
5:28 pm
>> paul ryan said no way about speaker and no way about vp. that's a whole different animal. okay, kasich, fine. and donald trump has said i'm going to go with a career politician. >> he has to. >> canñó we point out how important that post endorsement was? >> in new york? >> if you read into it, listen to what they said, is he a rookie, is he making rookie mistakes but we still think he is the best shot. >> moderate. >> he has this week. >> he is not -- there is not going to be mexican talk and muslim talk. >> he has hired some good people. he has become more presidential. >> is he maturing. mellowing. just like me. [ laughter ] >> all right, gentlemen. donald trump once again talking religion. an eye for an eye comes up. we'll have that story. watters at the republican gala last night. >> you are not listening to
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5:33 pm
many. so many. and penal talk an eye for an eye. you can almost say that that's not a particularly nice thing. >> with us now pastor robert jeffress who heads up the first baptist church in dallas, texas. >> eye for eyeí$ is old testament. note a christian tenet. it's turn the other cheek, right? >> that's right. nobody is going to accuse donald trump of being a bible scholar. he doesn't pretend to be one. no christian i know who is voting for him, bill, is voting for him because they believe he is the best candidate to lead bible studies in the oval office. you know this better than anyone. >> sunday school teacher. jimmy carter faithfully woman. twice married hollywood actor governor of california signed the most abortion bill in history. his wife practiced
5:34 pm
evangelicals went to ronald reagan. >> almost like donald trump, ronald reagan turned on abortion. and was very anti-abortion. and i have a letter personally written by him explaining why. fascinating. religious people, evangelicals and others, you know. will they support trump or cruz, whoever the nominee is. or is there something about either men that they might not go for? >> look. i don't believe there is going to be any kum ba yah coming together moment before the convention. but i think there has to be, bill, afterf-wm the convention or hillary clinton is going to be the next president. >> has to be. mitt romney lost some votes because he was mormon. and barack obama was reelected and we saw what happened. religious people going to go for a secular guy like trump. >> they are going for him. is he still winning a large
5:35 pm
share of the evangelical voters right now. and, look, bill, i think, you don't hear any never cruz groups or never kasich groups. but i think the greatest threat to republican victory in november is this never trump movement that is saying if trump's the nominee, we are going to stay at home and not vote and that's going to ensure hillary clinton's election. look, people doubt and i understand, bill, they may doubt donald trump's pro-life conversion let me remind you hillary clinton doesn't claim pro-life conversion. when it comes between the two i thinkt christians need to go tote polls. >> you have said that nonreligious issues are the most important for evangelicals in your opinion like security. >> yes. >> and the economy. that that's overriding. >> absolutely. >> religious beliefs this time around. >> it is. and, look, as a christian, i believe we need a spiritual revival in this country. but as my friend call thomas says, the kingdom of god is not going to come riding in on air force one.
5:36 pm
the apostle paul said pray that government would keep us safe and leave us alone to practice our faith. i think that's the best you can hope for from government. it's going to be the church and christians that bring about the spiritual renewal iy9 think we need. >> you saw trump today? >> yes. i was just with him before i came down to see you. he told me to say hello. >> sure he did. >> he did. he likes you, bill. >> what were you doing there? >> i just dropped by to say hello and to visit. >> like megyn kelly, you just showed up and said hey, how are you doing? so, you and him are pals? >> we are. i like donald trump a lot. is he a friend. i think he would be a great president. >> he is sitting there in his little tower. >> is he actually getting ready to go out and make three campaign visits this afternoon. >> all right. pastor, it's always good to see you. thank you very much. pastor has a big thing down in dallas on sunday honoring the police. which is a very worthy thing. >> back the blue. thank you. >> when we come right back, will newt gingrich go to the republican convention and what does he expect to see
5:37 pm
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i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment. the convention in cleveland is expected to be a brawl if donald trump does not come in with 1237 delegates that he needs to win the nomination outright. with us former speaker of the house newt gingrich. you know the system as well as anyone. let's assume mr. trump is not going to get 1237 he comes in 100, 200 light. if he sweeps california, he could do it he is now going to win tuesday in new york. you would agree, right we don't know if he is going to get above 50%. kasich seems to be a little momentum here. probably going to win pennsylvania. it gets to be dicey when he goats out west. so he rolls in to town. cruz rolls into to town. kasich rolls into cleveland. what happens? >> well, i think at 100, trump probably gets there if is he down 200 so if he is 1037. >> i think he has a very
5:42 pm
hard time getting there. unless can he cut a deal with kasich or rubio, there is not a big enough block of delegates. >> he doesn't have enough delegates and then it goes to individual voting after a couple of rounds, right? the establishment clearly doesn't want donald trump to run. >> right. >> do you still agree with that. >> totally. the problem they have got is they don't want cruz either. >> they are not identifying cruz. >> i don't see how you get past the two of them because my hunch is i could be wrong. if you really said to cruz we could beat crunch. trump. same thing. >> it's either cruz or trump. and then they are calculating okay. if we lose to the democrats. >> who going to do lesser damage. is that the calculation that's being made? >> i think for some people it's the calculation.
5:43 pm
trump both has a bigger upside and bigger downside. is he a real gamble. you can sort of measure what cruz's position will be. and where his strengths and weaknesses are you see it partly in his primaries. >> do you see cruz as a barry goldwater type candidate? a very, very ardent conservative who is not going to be able to dissuade others? >> cruz is much, much smarter, better educated, more cable as a debater. than goldwater was. and i loved berry and i was part of his movement. but, i think you tonight know how cruz would do. we do know that cruz in many ways is kind of a traditional politician. is he a hard right in some ways. is he a constitutional conservative. and is he willing to fight in the senate. but he is sort of a politician. we also know that trump has this phenomenon that is pretty hard to understand. >> but he has topped out around 40% of the republican electorate. >> 45 in the latest poll. >> 45 in the latest poll. and his unfavorables are very high. >> correct. >> you said it is a gamble.
5:44 pm
when -- are you going to go to the convention by the way? >> sure i will be there. >> you will be there. no matter what happens, it will be charges of dirty doing behind the scenes. >> probably. >> nasty. >> 1952 was really nasty between taft and eisenhower. 1976 was really tough. >> reagan and ford. >> reagan and ford. the cold water convention 'uáñ nasty because the votes. the people opposed to him hated him. hated him, i think, more than the people who disliked trump. >> i have seen trump take it down this week. >> absolutely. >> did you see him take it down. >> he was brilliant at the new york republican party. >> he was like a comedy routine. weighs talking about building a skating rink. >> he was being positive. no more of this lyin' ted stuff. >> maybe he has made the turn. >> i think he has figured out -- he has gotten as far as he is going to go as insurgent hard nosed guy. now he has got to add able to govern. >> he has got to be charming. >> yeah. >> i think he needs to watch me every night.
5:45 pm
[ laughter ] >> mr. speaker, thanks very much. watters on deck. he was at that big republican party last night talking to the poobahs and to the dem is next.
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world. last night in midtown, manhattan, some republicans paid $1,000 apiece to attend a black tie gala. outside a few hundred demonstrators yelling about donald trump and other stuff, watters waded in to both crowds. >> is this real fur? >> yes, it is. >> can i stroke it. >> of course you can.
5:49 pm
>> can i pet it? can i massage it? >> are you handling yourself tonight? >> could you not smile like that? >> how was trump's speech? >> excellent. new yorker, right to the point. no filter. >> what moved you specifically about trump's remarks? [no response] >> we had no talk about what he would do in washington. >> now we are on the way back up like the roller coaster, eh, eh, eh, eh. >> we are going to make america great again. >> again and again and again. >> yes, yes, yes! >> of all the speeches tonight, which one moved you? >> donald trump. >> tell me why? >> well, we wouldn't be standing in this ballroom if it wasn't for donald trump. he built this hotel. >> the next four or five weeks are going to be very exciting. we will bring it home. thank you. >> he has been a proven
5:50 pm
leader and a successful businessman and i think as president he would do the same thing for our country. >> trump temporary muslim ban as a muslim how do you feel about that? >> i don't think you can take a lot of that seriously. if we're going to that? >> i don't think you can take that seriously. and if we are going to make america great again. >> i would like to see him more presidential, but not necessarily president. but that's okay. >> did you catch any of kasich's speech? >> i saw all of kasich's speech and he's portraying himself as the heir to the hopeful message of reagan. >> he's a pragmatist, knows how to run a government. >> people are looking for a fair shake and when they get a promise they want to know that promise can be kept. >> what did you think of the kasich speech? >> i fell asleep. >> my husband is from ohio. >> you're not listening to kasich right now. >> i don't really care.
5:51 pm
>> what was the best speech tonight? >> trump. on the issues, i was bothered. >> what is striking about the men and women here, i think we could find a great deal of ground on policy and substance. >> cruz is inside speaking. >> not a fan. >> you couldn't make it through the whole speech? ted's going to be mad. what did you think about cruz's speech? >> dead on arrival. >> holy [ bleep ]. ♪ america, america >> so who loved you this eving? >> the dessert moved me. it was very tasty. >> the great thing here is the new york state republican committee logo in white chocolate. >> do you want to take that down for us? >> probably not the best idea. >> well, that explains it.
5:52 pm
>> what's your favorite part of "the factor?" >> i like when he has dennis miller on. >> my favorite part of "the factor"? your smiling face. >> my momma refers to bill o'reilly as her man. >> oh! >> looking for a man named o'reilly. >> i noticed you didn't put any of the proeser thes in there, because you were -- were you roughed up? >> i was trying to make the peace. there was a guy with a make america great again hat, and a black guy got in his face and he pushed him away and he throws a punch at the black guy. i was just trying to make sure my tuxedo didn't get ruffled up. >> that's the most important thing. >> why would the guy go into a hostile crowd with a trump hat? >> my theory is, he's either a plant and this was a setup. >> that's a conspiracy thing. >> or he has a death wish. >> if you like donald trump,
5:53 pm
great. but you don't want to provoke if you go in. because the guys, the protesters, they're not exactly 9:00 to 5:00 guys. they didn't just come out of goldman sachs. >> with nothing better to do than get arrested. >> these aren't main stream guys. so you're going to go in there and what do you think you're going to get? >> a punch in the face. >> then it starts. waters, was that a rental tuxedo? >> no, we got that here at fox. >> you get to keep it? >> i do. it was a clip-on bow tie, though. >> "factor tip of the day." can you admit a mistake? moments away. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks.
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the who wants to be president live show. may 7, fairfax, virginia. june 18, saturday, mohegan sun in connecticut. in september, you can see us in reno and denver. october in atlanta and biloxi, mississippi. has all the info. make dad and granddad happy guys. now the mail. >> wait minute, a conspiracy play by you, is that what i'm hearing? trump got in to ensure a hillary victory? are you certain? >> you know, i didn't know that, steve. thank you. i should have known it.
5:57 pm
>> thank you, hap. still wondering what grace slick is doing on the seal with the cow. >> what happened after those bombs hit was unbelievably gruesome, dick. i'm glad you didn't have to witness it. >> good choice, eric. and we will get it to you first. the day of release is september 13 for current members. if you re-up your remembership, you can get the book, too.
5:58 pm
>> well, excellent news, melissa. tell michael and his crew i'm very crowd of them. and very happy birthday to phyllis who lives in watertown, massachusetts, 101 years old. a lot of red sox games, phyllis. congratulations. finally tonight, "the factor" "tip of the day," can you admit your mistakes? narcissism is on the rise in america, as you know. that means some of us rarely, if ever admit to wrongdoing or making a pinheaded move. the narcissist is incapable of doing that, and if you know one, run. i received a note from michael who lives in illinois. bill, you have been outstanding covering the republican race. your analysis of donald trump has been fair and wise. i criticized you in the past, but i was wrong.
5:59 pm
it takes courage not to play favorites. thank you for the kind words, mike. i'm not rooting for anyone and you'll challenge anyone. but for you to go out of your way to admit a small mistake tells me you're a standup guy. and in america, we need as many standup guys and gals as we can get. "factor tip of the day." and that is it for us tonight. check out fox news factor website, different from and spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. brand new word, do not be roytish when writing to "the factor." next week, we've got the new york primary on tuesday. we will be live. and on monday, we've got the best analysis going in, because it will be new polling. and we hope you're here.
6:00 pm
for the rest of the week, a really good lineup. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. we hope you have a great weekend. and please remember, the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. republican front-runner donald trump going after political elites, his opponents, and the entire election system in a way we have not seen before. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. donald trump trading the podium for the pen, writing a blistering piece in "the wall street journal," that has gotten a lot of headlines, including asking the following -- let me ask america a question, how has the system been working out for you and your family? g calling for reform of the nomination process. trump coming out swinging now in a way


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